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  1. This is not an upgrade situation for present owners , only a request on behalf of future purchasers .I find that the “dog ears “stand does not do the job .The machine almost always falls over ,normally towards me .I like my machine to sit upright when I place it down on the ground .To my mind the dog ears need to be wider apart to prevent this from happening .
  2. I do not care for the Velcro style coil cable straps that every manufacturer gives you to secure you coil cable so I did a search and found something different to secure my coil cable to the detector shaft and they work great https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09SZ4L4LR/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
  3. I know this topic has come up here a few times and there are some of us out there who prefer an S shaft. We have debated the benefits of the straight vs S shaft, counter balancing, offered Frankenstein solutions, discussed the limited available options. When Steve announced he was working on an S shaft option for Equinox, and mentioned he was looking for testers, I jumped at the chance to try this out. I provided Steve my thoughts on the prototype I received from another tester in Florida, exchanged a few messages. Great guy to work with. I believe the prototype shaft was only getting one small tweak so I immediately placed my order. Couldn’t wait to get my production version! A few days later, Steve had my S shaft built and in the mail. Behold the Equinox S shaft from Steve’s Detector Rods! I opted for black red color and no counterweight but I believe he is offering that option on this shaft same as on the straight shafts. I’d also like to thank Steve for listening to us and now offering this beautifully executed solution! Some pictures for your enjoyment below.
  4. to market a nox kit with the control box and a small coil that fits the dues stem as d2 s will be unavalble for some time ,will they go for it ?
  5. Every detector I buy the first thing I do is make a stand for it. I just don’t like a detector falling over every time I sit it down. I make all my stand’s out of hot water PVC .
  6. Sometime last fall, I was reading an interesting ongoing debate about S-Shafts vs Straight Shafts. My older detectors both have S-shafts and my Equinox has a straight. Since I have used my Nox way more than the other two detectors, I really didn't have any frame of reference to get into that debate. I did notice that the stock shaft of the Nox did feel nose heavy with the 11 inch coil and more so with the 12x15 inch coil. I swung the 11" most of the time and after the first year it was beginning to cause arm and shoulder pain when using more than a few hours. I'm sure that has as much to do with my aging 67 year old arms as it does with the shaft, but I was not about to give up detecting over a little arm pain. So I began searching for alternatives to help keep me going. I looked at and tried a couple of harness and bungie type devices, and while they do help, I didn't like to being spider-webbed to my detector and having to fiddle with disconnecting everytime I wanted to lay it down. Enter the Carbon Fiber Shaft. I started looking at carbon fiber shafts because they were lighter than the stock ML shaft, so I thought, "lighter is better, right?". I waded through many brands that were offered through various online venues and settled on one I found that looked good. To be fair, it was a nicely made shaft and lighter than the stock shaft, but it did nothing to relieve the nose heaviness or the arm pain. So the search continued. After joining the DetectorProspector forum, I came across a thread about counter balances for the Nox shaft and Steve's Detector Rods. While adding weight to the shaft seemed a little counter intuitive to me, I contacted SteveG and he explained in great detail the science of balance, fulcrums, and weight distibution as it applies to metal detecting. Not only was he very knowlegable, he listen to my ideas and concerns as well and worked to reach a good solution taylored to my size, arm length, and swing style and he even made it in a 3-piece travel shaft so I could pack it in my suitcase. Needless to say the counter balance worked perfectly, no more pain with the large coils. As my arms seemed to have strengthened a bit since I can detect more with no pain, I only use the counter weight with the 12x15 inch coil now. Enter the Carbon Fiber S-Shaft. When SteveG announced he was looking for beta-testers for his new S-Shaft design, I threw my hat in the ring out of curiosity more than anything. I am perfectly happy with the travel shaft he made for me and am using it as my main shaft, but I wanted to compare a straight and S-shaft directly to see what the differences were for myself. I figured I had no chance of getting one to test but I was pleasantly surprised when a brand new beta shaft showed up at my door at the end of December. I had to wait a week for the snow to clear a bit to begin my week of testing. The first thing I noticed was it was about an ounce and a half lighter than the stock shaft and my travel shaft. The prototype S-Shaft weighed 8.5 ounces (240g) without control pod, cuff, and coil, and with the pod, cuff, and 11 inch coil mounted weighs 2.8 pounds (1277g) total. The ML shaft weighs 10 ounces (283.5g) without accessories, and with pod, cuff, and 11 inch coil mounted weighs 2.9 pounds (1320g). So the S-Shaft saves about 1.5 ounces (42.5g) in weight. The first coil I tried on the S-shaft was the 6 inch coil and it was ridiculously light. It was like swing a pencil on the end of the shaft with so much control I could have written my name in the sand with it, except I was on grass. I then moved to the 10x5 inch coil and while I've been using the 10x5 for a year on my straight shaft and love it, I noticed more precise control with the S-shaft. Is it game changing control with the S-Shaft? I think that is in the arm of the beholder, but for me it was noticible enough to warrant ordering one for myself. The real surprise for me was when I mounted the 11 inch coil. I didn't expect it to do any better than the straight shaft, but again, the S-shaft seemed to be more responsive to my arm movements with the 11" and I worked with it for 5 hours continously with no arm fatigue, again adding to my decision to order one. The 12x15 inch coil was responsive as well, but after a few hours, I was missing that counter weight as my arm began to ache a bit, so I like the big coil on my straight shaft with the counter weight. SteveH described the differences between straight and s-shafts in more detail which reflects what I found in my tests. SteveG works tirelessly to make sure his customers get what they need and want. I can't recommend him and his shafts enough. Are they the ultimate shaft? That's for you to decide, but for me they are. 😎
  7. I like the idea and 3d printed implementation. Would like to see a profile for the XP shaft.
  8. I just ordered my wife a Vanquish 540. I am hoping it's a step up from her old Whites Classic ID she has been hunting with. I saw that some people have converted their Vanquish and other detectors to a straight shaft. I have never used a straight shaft before so I was wondering what the advantage is and has anyone converted their Vanquish to a straight shaft. Thanks for any comments.
  9. Guys, I just wanted to share with you my new three-piece GM shaft, custom made by "Steve's Detector Rods". Absolutely superb craftmanship with perfect fit and easy assembly. Ideal for backpacking and traveling (longest piece is just 24 inch). The rod is super light (much lighter than the stock rod) but yet very sturdy. The clamps are high quality, something I would love to see on the 6000.... I am very happy with it and can highly recommend it. Steve is also a super nice guy, one of the few guys left who you would say is a true craftsman. http://www.stevesdetectorrods.com/ GC
  10. hello i need to shorten my equinox shaft unfortunately the original shaft of the nox only shortens 1 meter i need something to go down as 50cm or 70 cm do you guys know any aftermarket shafts for equinox ?
  11. I have had a 600 for over a year now. There is much to like about the detector; however, the ergonomics are something of a problem. Unlike all my other detectors, I must use the Equinox arm strap, otherwise my arm will not stay within the arm cuff while swinging the detector. My original plan was to try to turn the middle rod into an S rod. I wasn't sure I could do this with just bending, or, if it would be smarter to attach a separate S section either mechanically, via welding, or even via epoxy. Since then, I have acquired two additional middle rods, one for each coil. This would now mean three times the work if I alter the middle rod. The other day I was looking at my AKA Signum MFD. It has the older style plastic housing. Rather than being a straight rod, or an S rod, it is more of a V setup. This got me thinking that if I bend the upper rod of the Equinox so that the arm cuff is higher, (similar to a hockey stick) this may solve the ergonomic problem, or, at least let me get rid of the arm strap. Has anyone tried bending their Equinox shaft? Will a simple conduit bender be sufficient to do the job?
  12. Hey all! I just wanted to let everyone know that I now offer complete, carbon-fiber shafts (which can also be counterweighted if you desire) for the Gold Monster 1000. I'll attach a picture of a completed one, assembled with the unit, below. Additionally, I also have begun offering lower rods for the GPX 4500/4800/5000, and now the 6000 (and of course lower rods for the CTX 3030, and complete shafts for the Equinox). Finally, I also offer custom shafts for the Excalibur series, also with a couple of pictures, below. Thanks all!
  13. Hey Guys, Since the Hipstick was created I have been selling them. However, the last time I talked with Chris Porter, I thought he mentioned he was not making nor selling them. Does anyone know where some of my customers can get the newer Hipstick 2.0, I'm completely out and struggling to get a hold of anyone that is making or carrying them now. Any help would be appreciated - rob@robsdetectors.com Hope you all had a Happy New Year. Rob
  14. looking at a mod with the nox remote is it posssible ? by removng the handle??
  15. I'm not sure how I rated this, I don't have a Youtube channel and don't make videos, in fact I'm a relative noob with less than 2 years on the Nox, but Steve was nice enough to send me a protoype of his new S-Shaft for the Equinox to beta test. I must say it's pretty nice. It weighs in 1 ounce lighter than the bare stock shaft without coil, cuff, and control pod installed. So far I've tested it with the 6" and 10x5" coils and it feels really nice and responsive, but I'm not doing a full review until testing is done. I still have to run the 11" and 12x15" coils. He said I could post a photo so here ya go. I was doing a 5 hour test today when some college-age youngsters were sledding nearby and one of them came up to me and told me her friend had lost his ring in the snow and asked me if I could help find it. So the field test turned into a rescue mission.
  16. Hi all, (I apologize in advance if there is already post(s) re this. I haven't been able to find one.) I live on a rocky island in New England (the shale at its end has been traced to west Africa). As such, damage to equipment is expected. That being said, I'm hoping to find a shaft for my Nox 800 that routes cables from the coil internally. Obviously, if there are multiple options, the lighter the better so long as the shaft is durable. I could have sworn that I had come across at least one carbon fiber shaft that fir the bill when I first bought my Equinox ~1½ years back, but can't find them. Any help and guidance towards shaft(s) that fit the durable witj internally routed cable will be extremely appreciated. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this post and advise me, Kurt
  17. stumbled onto a thread all about adjustable rods for the EQ800 that inspired me to search for an adjustable for the Monster. Had no luck searching this forum and also the interweb, all I came up with was Doc's rod which doesn't interest me for my needs. need something like the stock Minelab rod on the 6000 or very similar? Any ideas or links....? Thanks!
  18. I have no problem with coil twisting and I am using the 17” now. I think people who are having a problem are not tightening down hard enough. The shafts are carbon fiber you’re not going to break them tighten the clamp as tight as it can possibly get. If you’re just weakly tightening it down then you are going to have some twist. Quite honestly if you wanted to drill a hole and put a pin in yourself it would not be a big deal but I think it defeats the purpose when you want to tighten up the cord by giving it a twist before engaging the locks. So far I’m satisfied with it. Keep this in mind to if you think you can actually tighten it to the point where you’re going to break it it’s under warranty for three years! But if you drill the hole it’s probably not under warranty anymore.
  19. Before I got a Sovereign and Equinox my go to detector was the Explorer 2. It is a little heavy for a 3-4 hour Beach hunt. This mod made it a little lighter. I also switched the 11" Smart coil to the NeL Superfly coil. I had an old Anderson shaft that was not being used with an Outside Diameter of .875 . You will be using parts from the stock shaft. Be Aware doing this mod will render the stock shaft useless. Use a heat gun to remove the lower portion of stock shaft, then use a hack saw and cut the upper stock shaft cam lock off. You will need to determine the length you will need for your swing. Same for the carbon shaft. Use Epoxy to glue the lower portion to the carbon fiber shaft.
  20. Hi there The first design Armrest for Minelab Vanquish. 3D print, Material PETG
  21. Final Modified Version of my Excalibur. Was able to silence the machine in rough waters by removing all of the knobs except one which ..and it is sealed from the saltwater by a o-ring and custom easy, fine tune knob. Stability is very good close to shore where water is smacking the control pod and the coil wire... I do need to get a shorter Allen set screw for the sealed on/off threshold knob I made...but for now the allen is coated with aquaseal and the internal shaft on the pot has a plastic cover to break contact with the SS knob shaft. Not real happy about the toggle on the handle which is used to go between PP and disc. But I had a bad batch of the IP68 yellow momentary push buttons ..... had two fail on me.... I was right in the middle of a good hunt and had one go out on me..so I pulled it out and chopped it off to finish the hunt., got home and made more changes to the excal. Hopefully in the future they can get better quality switches. And special Thanks to Steve detector rods for rushing a few of the cam locks for the lower shaft..., so much easier adjusting the coil for the hunt, which is a very important part of coil control and Pin pointing the target..... Picture of the hunt I was in the middle of and the yellow IP68 button went on me.. I can not stand to hunt in disc, which was the mod it was stuck in..chop-chop and all was good..
  22. steveg has outdone himself again, and produced a "tall man rod" for the GPX 6000, that adds 5" length to the length of the stock rod. At 5'11" I find the stock lower rod to be just long enough, so this will be great for the taller people out there. Details here
  23. I have to share this with you. Steve has flawless, magnificent and unmatched complete carbon fiber shafts for Minelab Equinox. Check it out.
  24. Hi, does anyone tried this config for diving with the Nox? Is just the original stem only with the lower part of the rod. Is a little bit long, but I think it should work!
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