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  1. I really needed the Equinox on a collapsible shaft so that I can put it in my backpack or stow it on the Rokon for riding cross country. I already had the Golden Mask shaft that I had modified for the Deus, so I started tinkering. The original Equinox shaft has a smaller diameter than the Golden Mask, so the shaft mounts will not mate up directly. I took the dremel tool and relieved the areas around the screw holes just enough to get the Nox handle brain/screen section to snug up to the Mask shaft. I removed the original Mask handle and fitted the Nox in the same location. (Mask handle is
  2. I have one of the first runs of the equinox. Got on a wait list with a dealer and got mine in April or May of 2018 (please correct me if I’m wrong on this, but I think I’ve had my nox for 3 years now). I had a slight case of the shaft wobble issue and ended up getting an Anderson carbon fiber upper and lower rods. When Steve first came out with his rods I inquired about getting just the upper from him mostly for the cam lock, but also for the balance pod. We sent some messages back and forth and realized that the Anderson lower rod was a slightly larger diameter and wasn’t compatible with
  3. Since I put the 15 inch coil on my 800, I’ve noticed the balance is now NOSE HEAVY....is there a fix to balance it out...ie not be so NOSE HEAVY....??
  4. I’m fairly sure the production model next to appear will not be digital. For me, I am quite satisfied with the limited and Joes battery with a M12 phone jack. I have several mods already on one of my machines. For those who hunt the water, sand and grit can play havoc with that cam lock. Either it is hell to get loose or hell to get tight. Here is my solution below. Good luck everybody.
  5. Hi All,has anyone purchased these on EBay,ordered one and took 20 days to arrive from the Ukraine to NewZealand,Quality appears to be excellent except for the armcup so fabricated a new assembly in alloy to add a bit of bling and welded in a shelf to take a power bank which is held in by a couple of rubber bands. The balance is now a lot better with the 10” coil.
  6. Where are folks buying these? Best value? So far I have seen: Individually for like a buck or so each A pack of random Minelab stuff that includes a couple washers The Detect-Ed washers that come in two thicknesses (most common search) Are those the only options? Does someone sell a pack of just the Minelab washers? I’m looking to buy a couple things from various sources and wanted to change mine out and have some spares. Thanks
  7. For those that have extra coils, do you just get an extra lower shaft? Or would it make sense to have lower and a middle shaft as well so that length can already be set and you have all of your coil wraps already there? I also thought about a second full shaft and using one of those 3D printed pod quick connects but they don’t seem durable and it adds to the cost of for the extra convenience... Thanks
  8. I'm looking for a Tesoro "S" rod upper for a Lobo ST. Or a good straight shaft so I could be able to carry the box at the back under arm cuff like White's design.
  9. has anybody purchased "doc's new arm cup accessory" for the vanquish? was curious if it fits properly.i bought one and will get it soon.hoping it will improve the side to side "slop" encountered from time to time on the factory issued "strap"..seems well built and is attractive looking. (h.h.!) j.t.
  10. Apologize if this was already posted some where. Link posted below: Tele-Knox Detecting Innovations Equinox S-Stem Telescopic Carbon Stem
  11. Snagged an upper shaft from Gerry, picked up a carbon lower shaft for the Nokta Makro machines and put the rest of my Seahunter parts on it. Little lighter, no wobble and nice comfy grip. Balance is just slightly nose heavy which should be perfect in the water as the larger coil would like to rise.
  12. Fabricated this Nox arm muff after finding the stock flimsy one felt very uncomfortable after my Anfibio. Used the Anfibio as a pattern and its now a lot more comfortable and the xtra weight has helped the balance.
  13. And it really is amazing, a genuine innovation by XP that others have copied, but none better than the original. Many owners probably own an XP as much for this collapsing rod system as anything else. Just slide it down and pop in your pack. Here is a new video from Gary going into more detail....
  14. I know there's a long and old thread discussing this topic and other Equinox ergonomics but I decided not to bury this post there. In the last few months I've had some minor issues with the elbow on my swing arm ("tennis elbow" according to my doctor) but worse, recently I've been having wrist pain on the same arm. I don't know if the latter is related to detecting but it reminded me of the above linked discussion (and others) about S- vs. straight-shafts. I don't know if the mod I now describe is new. (After 2 years in the users' hands I would have thought not, but don't recall it on this
  15. I converted my GBP (Clone) to a telescopic carbon handle version. I used an carbon monopod for Camers (Rollei Citey traveller Mono bought for 20€). The grip, coil holder and arm rest parts were designed in Fusion 360. I made the display flippable (first of all to make the screws work). Now it fits in every rucksack. I'll upload the STL files to ThingyVerse next week.
  16. In the thread about possible design improvements for the Equinox series, I said the breakdown of the three-piece shaft could be improved. It currently has two reasonably short upper parts, and one excessively long lower rod. To improve packing, the upper rods need to be a bit longer, and the lower rod shortened. Having done this exercise on my Fisher F75 shaft, I turned my design ideas to the Eqx. The upper rod obviously has the 'height', due to the control pod and lower stand, and this limits the compactness to 28cm / 11" in that direction. This is slightly larger than the coil, which
  17. Hi there The first design Armrest for Minelab Vanquish. 3D print, Material PETG
  18. I want everyone to know about the great service & advice I have received from Steve's Detector Rods! Yes there are other replacement rod companies out there but I can tell you that "steveg" stands by his product 100%. I had an issue with one of his older shafts. The bolt started to rust. As soon as Steve found out, he ordered a higher grade stainless and sent me one free of charge! On my couter-weighted Equinox shaft, I dropped it and busted the counter-weight off and Steve as soon as I contacted Steve about purchasing a replacement, he sent it out that day! He is very eas
  19. My arms are long and skinny. I have a good amount of slop when swinging that I would like to improve. Even with a jacket! I see some folks use padding on the cuff. Would like to see or get some ideas to try. I know there is an option out there off the shelf but was looking for a DIY idea where I could customize to my arm if possible. Thanks.
  20. Hi, just though this was worth sharing as it turned out so well. A number of things happened to bring this together - the biggest one being having just bought an Equinox my neighbours changing their curtains for blinds. I ended up with 3x6ft lengths of wood curtain pole. I also (long story) smashed my right hand up some years ago in a bike crash - straight stem won't work for me. I had read the threads (various threads on straight vs S) and puzzled over the alloy pipe bending method. But then I already have a Mars universal shaft and took a closer look at this. After reading the thread on
  21. I decided to see if I could balance out the Nox without too much time or $ involved. So far I'm at $7 and we'll see if this will even pan out. First, I moved my control box forward 11/2" moved my armrest forward as far as possible and added some ballast at the very back. I used 9 3/4" washers, with a piece of 3/4 round stock in the center as a bushing. I ran a 1/4" hole thru the bushing and mounted it in the last armrest hole. I'll see if the extra weight is worth trying to balance the machine just a little bit more tomorrow when I take it for spin.
  22. Today I went to shorten the rod by one notch to put the coil closer to my feet for water hunting. I have been hunting, both in and out of the water with a length more suited to wet sand sweeping. It was very difficult to get the locking mechanism loosened up so I could slide the rod. Same issue I've had before with similar locking mechanisms when used in salt water; particularly with fine sediment in the water. Please change to a different type of locking mechanism. The one in the first picture is the AQ, and I do not like it since it is already freezing up and took a lot of work to
  23. The first aftermarket shaft I got for my Equinox was a Golden mask telescoping shaft. The early version took a lot of crude adapting to make work. Later versions had custom adapters made for a more finished product. I also ended up getting a TeleNox telescoping rod. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/6247-equinox-golden-mask-shaft-conversion/ https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/8628-new-minelab-micronox/ https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/10299-tele-nox-rods/ https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/10716-aftermarket-shafts-for-i
  24. I am one of those people who have always found the armrest of the Garrett Ace and AT models to be just a hair short for my liking. This would include what I’m seeing on the new Ace Apex. Years ago a guy was making and selling an item called the Garrett Gizmo, a machined metal extension for the armrest. It not only made the armrest longer but acted as a counterweight making the detectors less nose heavy. Unfortunately he must of machined up a limited number, as there are no recent internet references that I can find. It seems to have disappeared. Does anyone know where to get one of these
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