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    Metal Detecting... Primarily Water Hunting, Gold Prospecting, OLD Bottles
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    Equinox 800. Hand held sluice box, classifiers and pans.

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  1. At least it didn't attack you when you poked it with the hot needle! 😆
  2. Yes... To steer you to buy one of their dedicated gold machines. At least for me as a nugget hunter I would have a dedicated gold detector. I have used a VLF solely for finding the leftover bits and wire gold in a known gold patch.
  3. Thanks for sharing that great story with all of us. I've been to Alaska once but couldn't hunt for gold. Your story was entertaining, factual and a fun read. The Axiom is looking to be a wise choice when it comes to the hot rocks and finding small gold.
  4. Thinking about the Manticore name, I wonder if Minelab is kicking a little dirt in the face of Fisher? Wasn't the original Impulse AQ Limited named "Manta" and a lot of the guys afterwards were referring to it as the "Beast"? I'm really curious if this new machine has salt balance?
  5. I sent these pictures to the owner who was surprised and promised me another one. Never received it.
  6. I purchased a coil ear stiffener for the Equinox from Doodads and after a few months' time it broke. I sent a nice email to Don with a picture of the broken stiffener. He said... "I sure will take care of you with the warranty." I never received another replacement even after sending a couple more emails several weeks apart politely asking if it was going to be sent... Yes or No?. No reply from him. It's not the money but the poor business practice. End of story and future Doodad purchases.
  7. Congratulations on breaking that looong gold ring drought!
  8. Nice score on the gold. You dug a lot of targets for it but it's always worthwhile. I've never found or seen a pet crematory tag. 👏
  9. Congrats on a nice-looking nugget. Really like the bits of quartz still in it.
  10. Congratulations on the end of a long journey and the beginning of the next.
  11. It's been a good story so far. Looking forward to some more entertainment.
  12. Nice looking ring! You certainly earned it.
  13. Never saw that coming especially being bit on the face. Poor Jack, what a lousy way to go. I knew a guy in Arizona that was bit between the thumb and forefinger when he was lifting some pieces of plywood from the ground. The doctors did a debridement of the wound where they had to cut out all the dead flesh. He healed but the flesh never did grow back but at least he didn't end up like poor old Jack.
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