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  1. I’ve been poked by a few of those rusty needles too. I wear a pouch with two different pockets and those go in the trash side. Every once in awhile those needles go right through the pouch and hit the leg. Not fun. Now I try to bend them over into a U shape and they don’t tend to jab you.
  2. Joe. That story sure scared the heck out of a lot of us. So glad to hear you are going to be OK and my best wishes and prayers to you. Bob
  3. That chain sure looks good to me and with a 1 sounding off I’ll bet it’s gold.
  4. Some of those surfers are wearing the gift or an inheritance of a grandparent. They would never take them off so they wear them in the water. Just this past year I heard numerous stories of lost jewelry that fits this exact scenario. I zig zag the wet slope looking for any line of targets then start gridding. Towel lines are obvious depositories but with a lot of hunters too.
  5. It’s always a pleasure to see those old rings Joe. And as always, I’m amazed at what still lies under the water. Well done 👏
  6. Nice first find! Glad the new earphones are working out. After FT replaced my original earphones my AQ worked perfectly until the glitch with the volume knob. Now waiting for the repair and anxious to get it back in my hands!
  7. Yep. I agree this is normal. The AQ is a nice machine to operate. I didn’t think there was much of an issue with black sand especially on the Florida west coast.
  8. Nice rings of gold! As for the falsing, it happens to me also, but predominately when swinging from the wet to the surf. I figure there is more of a salt concentration as you approach the water causing the reaction. Better to hunt parallel to the water if possible or turn the delay higher. I have stopped a lot of falsing by stopping my swing for a brief second and then starting again. As soon as you hear the increase in sound, stop for a brief instant until it quiets down and start again. It seems to work well especially if in the water. When the swells come in and the machine starts to react
  9. Nice try about keeping me off the beach😆 but I have another machine all charged up and ready to go. I did hunt in the water yesterday and as soon as I stepped off the beach it was up to my chest and cold. 61 degree water and a 3 mm wetsuit with additional 3mm top and my hands got numb. Need gloves now. Deep trough but not much in it.
  10. The volume control has not been working properly for awhile. Same amount of volume was heard on approximately the 2 through 8 position. Crackling static sound when turning it and now it is on loud as soon as the machine is turned on and slowly dies down in pitch until an object is detected and then continues loud again and then gradually goes down.
  11. I’ve been using the AQ exclusively since I’ve had it and already am missing it’s performance. I’m hoping I won’t have to wait a month again to get it back. If so then I would think FT should take care of us on the end term of our warranty by extending it accordingly. It’s the proper thing to do.
  12. Well... I never was able to try it on the other coast. The volume knob acted up so bad before I left, that it was game over for the AQ. All I could get was a loud sound that would slowly drift lower and then would get loud again. I'm now waiting for a response from an email I sent to FT.
  13. Well done Compass! And a nice video too. I'll never say that something is the find of a lifetime. There's always something bigger or better just around the corner. Years ago I found a 5 ounce nugget. Everyone said "That's the find of a lifetime!". I thought... bummer... I've hit the pinnacle already, now what lies ahead? About 5 years later I found another nugget 3 times as big. True hunters never throw in the towel! Congrats on a great year! Hope to see more.
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