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  1. I purchased a coil ear stiffener for the Equinox from Doodads and after a few months' time it broke. I sent a nice email to Don with a picture of the broken stiffener. He said... "I sure will take care of you with the warranty." I never received another replacement even after sending a couple more emails several weeks apart politely asking if it was going to be sent... Yes or No?. No reply from him. It's not the money but the poor business practice. End of story and future Doodad purchases.
  2. Congratulations on breaking that looong gold ring drought!
  3. Nice score on the gold. You dug a lot of targets for it but it's always worthwhile. I've never found or seen a pet crematory tag. 👏
  4. Congrats on a nice-looking nugget. Really like the bits of quartz still in it.
  5. Congratulations on the end of a long journey and the beginning of the next.
  6. It's been a good story so far. Looking forward to some more entertainment.
  7. Nice looking ring! You certainly earned it.
  8. Never saw that coming especially being bit on the face. Poor Jack, what a lousy way to go. I knew a guy in Arizona that was bit between the thumb and forefinger when he was lifting some pieces of plywood from the ground. The doctors did a debridement of the wound where they had to cut out all the dead flesh. He healed but the flesh never did grow back but at least he didn't end up like poor old Jack.
  9. I have to laugh at the phrase given to a certain TV celebrity.... "Mining Legend Dave Turin". I guess in TV land, you don't have to mine too long to become a legend??
  10. A couple observations... Jed described in great detail many of the events of the day in his daily journal including the weighs every day. I can't recall much talk about dividing up the gold with each other, or anyone going to their hiding spots over the long course of the Summer with their loot, especially when there were hooligans and carnivores in the area. Also...I can't recall how many claims Jed had? It seems they prospected and mined quite some distance, at times (2,000 feet) from their initial claim. If this area was so well known and talked about in the mining circles, you would think that many parcels were claimed by someone making it hard to prospect for new ground?
  11. Just finished reading the journal up to this point. It's fun to relive a lot of the events of that time. I can relate to a lot of it. Thanks for taking the time to share all of it with us!
  12. I always ground balance when gold nugget hunting and prefer mine to be a bit on the increase / positive side. The first tiny nugget I ever found happened when I was ground balancing. As I was bobbing the coil up and down the audio response was a definite positive that I couldn't balance out. I was trying to GB right on top of a little nugget.
  13. I would expect coins and not a gold ring if I were hunting that spot. You never know what's there. Nice going!
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