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  1. Perhaps they have said all they can and now it is totally in the hands of First Texas. But... LE Jag did mention another video forthcoming ...
  2. My hopes were Santa was going to show up with one. Then I thought for sure by the end of January and now I feel as if it was all a dream.
  3. Hey steveg… I appreciate your earlier information on a new cuff but as you can see I tried a do-it-yourself fix. Thanks for the great CF shaft. Also... The P.O. is still looking for the missing counter weight. I guess when "it" freezes over the weight might be found. LOL Thanks Bob K
  4. Broke my Nox arm cuff the other day. I got ahold of a new one and modified it so it is now stronger than ever. I took a piece of 4 inch PVC pipe, ( just the right width! ), cut it to the width of the cuff and just below where the strap openings are. Did a little sanding to "round" off the edges and attached it with industrial 3M two face tape to the cuff. Then put the black cushion rubber on top. I have used it about 6 hours now of constant swinging and it is rock solid. $1.98 for the PVC and a little modification. We'll see how it holds up.
  5. Anybody know what the inside diameter measures on that piece? Just broke my Equinox cuff and its shaft is about 7/8 inch. I wonder if this would fit. Thanks
  6. I guess that for anyone wanting this new machine... there's nothing we can do but wait. What helps me is knowing that every day that goes by, does get me 1 day closer to an announcement from Fisher... Hopefully
  7. A friend of mine bought one of the sharp zig zag Russian rakes about a year ago. He used it a couple times and said he never realized how out of shape he was when pulling it through the sand. Also it would grab any sizeable shells and seaweed and plug up pretty fast and get quite heavy. Probably works better in a soft sand beach environment.
  8. Great finds Joe! I'm always amazed at how much gold is lost out there. Sure do love the old stuff!
  9. That's a real beauty! Must have taken some time to get it clean.
  10. I'm thinking about plan "B"... If it fails over time, how about a long nylon bolt or a couple short ones with rubber washers similar to what is being used on most of the coils now?
  11. Well... I guess we do have to leave some small gold behind for the next generation of hunters or they'll have nothing to look for! ☺️
  12. Alexandre... Your chart is very encouraging! So... In All Metal mode 10K rings will be detected along with everything else. By using some amount of discrimination, can 10K rings still be detected? Merci !
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