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  1. Yes... I see a lot of pull tabs in your hunt but for me the final gold reward makes it all worthwhile. Until aluminum can be rejected we will all have to dig it.
  2. Wow Joe! That certainly shows how you are adapting to the AQ. Your trash to good finds ratio is amazing.
  3. Very nice addition. I like the 45 angle. It should help a lot with accidental bumps. And the additional run time is outstanding. A big thank you to Joe for helping us out.
  4. Hey Dewey yes it's me Bob! So I guess the cat's out of the bag. Can't hide anything from you! Thanks for the nice words about how I hunt. I am on Joe's list for a battery. I hunted for a few hours this morning with the Nox fully submerged. No gold and no leaks. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
  5. When my pod broke in the water and pulled apart, Dewcon was about 100 yards away from me. I thought maybe he but some voodoo spell on my machine so I couldn’t find the gold. 😆 But... as it turned out, the plastic was severely cracked and broken where the bolts screwed in and corrosion was evident in the metal screw holes. Minelab replaced it under warranty. If they weren’t going to replace it I was going to build up epoxy around the cracked areas and I think that would have strengthened those areas and done the trick.
  6. It is a good thing to see Garrett take hold of Whites legacy and keep their name alive. Just what will develop... we can only wait and see.
  7. Nice gold finds! Congrats on the half of bracelet. The other half is there waiting for you!
  8. You sure did a lot of digging! And it was all worth it too! Congrats on the gold!
  9. Nice assortment of finds! That gold ring sure is special with all the hallmarks inside. I like It!
  10. Nice video Joe! The pinpoint mode is really the way to go. It certainly punches deeper and is not as noisy as Disc especially in the salt water.
  11. CCadrin. Your results sound just just like mine. Just wasn’t sure about the ExCal in pinpoint in the water. I also enjoy a threshold for that is what I’m accustomed to over many years and it isn’t as chattery as the Nox
  12. It sure does! And when the cover fills with water and sand particles it's even heavier.
  13. Nice story and great looking nuggets! Love the chevron gold. Only been to NV once to hunt and luck had it that I found 4 nuggets on the first day I got there. What did I find over the next 2 days...nothing. LOL Would like to go back again!
  14. You dug plenty of targets. The odds of hitting a gold ring are certainly in your favor.
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