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  1. I found it humorous that you say always carry dog spray... I hunted a "dog beach" once. You know.... where owners can let their pooches off leash and run and chase on the beach. I saw lots of owners throwing balls and sticks into the water as I checked out the beach so I figured maybe a ring or two had been tossed into the water while doing this. So early one morning I'm in my wetsuit chest deep with headphones on and every now and then a dog would take notice of and bark at me. All fine and dandy until a big brute of a dog crashes into the water barking and snarling and was coming my way. The owner is standing on the beach just watching his dog get closer and closer. I yelled at the owner to call his dog and only after I lifted my scoop to smack the dog if I had to... the owner called him back. Rude and inconsiderate people out there. Should have carried dog spray. 😁
  2. I'm still running the 1.7.5. I am most interested in overall depth in wet salt and saltwater and don't mind digging bottle caps. Is there any depth benefit in the 2.0 update? I was led to believe there isn't. Thanks!
  3. Hello Joe. If I were you I wouldn’t want to see anyone in my honey holes with any kind of machine. 😆 Many of us know about your great success in finding the old and forgotten swimming areas. I’m sure there’s a lot of people who would just love to find out where you hunt. You sure encourage a lot of us and if the AQ lives up to its name I’ll bet you’ll dig up some great finds in your hunted out areas.
  4. If the machine works as well as proclaimed, I would rather be one of the few on the beaches that I frequent to have one. Not walk onto the beach at 6AM and see 5 other people swinging the same detector as we are seeing in many places. Now FT on the other hand might think differently about that! LOL
  5. Hopefully with a product such as the AQ... Quality Control will be on the top of their list, especially if coil windings are done by hand.
  6. I was sluicing back in the late 80's and still have my Keene sluice which looks a lot like yours in the picture. After a while I changed out the carpet and replaced it all with 100% miners moss. Originally I was worried about fine gold falling to the bottom of the moss and loosing it on the slick aluminum. But it never happened as it would get caught up pretty quickly in the remaining moss. I did find pickers and a lot of them never made it into the moss but got held up on the beginning lip / edge of it. I also classified all my dirt first to get rid of the bigger rocks.
  7. Nice cross and chain. I have hound a few small gold crosses with my Nox. Nothing too deep, only a few inches. I'm in Florida too!
  8. Perhaps they have said all they can and now it is totally in the hands of First Texas. But... LE Jag did mention another video forthcoming ...
  9. My hopes were Santa was going to show up with one. Then I thought for sure by the end of January and now I feel as if it was all a dream.
  10. Hey steveg… I appreciate your earlier information on a new cuff but as you can see I tried a do-it-yourself fix. Thanks for the great CF shaft. Also... The P.O. is still looking for the missing counter weight. I guess when "it" freezes over the weight might be found. LOL Thanks Bob K
  11. Broke my Nox arm cuff the other day. I got ahold of a new one and modified it so it is now stronger than ever. I took a piece of 4 inch PVC pipe, ( just the right width! ), cut it to the width of the cuff and just below where the strap openings are. Did a little sanding to "round" off the edges and attached it with industrial 3M two face tape to the cuff. Then put the black cushion rubber on top. I have used it about 6 hours now of constant swinging and it is rock solid. $1.98 for the PVC and a little modification. We'll see how it holds up.
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