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  1. Congratulations on finding that ring. What a thrill that must have been as it was lost for so long. Sure would like to have seen the reactions of the family and you!
  2. Wow Joe! That’s an insane amount of money to ship two end caps. We all know how pricey it is to ship a detector within the US. Can’t imagine the cost across the pond.
  3. That's some pretty gold for sure! I've been sidelined for about a month (doctors orders) but all clear now to hunt until my arm falls off and turn the AQ onto some gold!
  4. Alexandre. It sounds like the new world version has some great improvements over the limited. Thanks for the update!
  5. Here's my view... I have an AQ also. It has been in for repair and returned to me. I received the email from FT offering me another. At first I thought it was some kind of spam. Then I figured maybe that was FT's way of notifying me that another AQ, or battery, or 8 inch coil was now available. I thought nothing more of it and didn't respond back to them. As long as they don't notify me about my car warranty, I'm not bothered at all.
  6. You've got the bridge, but I sold all the ocean front property in Arizona a long time ago. You can check it out... there's none there. 😁
  7. I have found gold rings at ankle depth all the way out to my chin. But like Steve said... they do get scattered further out. My biggest gold chain was found in about 5 feet of water just about at my chin depth.
  8. When I set my AQ volume to 0 ...there is no sound. When increasing to 1 a target is heard. As you keep increasing the volume it increases as it should. The maximum is 9+. At this point it is very loud. I would say with a quiet ambient surrounding, 4 or 5 is pleasant to the ears. I'm a little deaf, (too much time at the trap range) so a 7 / preset is roughly what I use. Wind and crashing waves a little more. The threshold also has its own separate volume.
  9. I would like to know approximately how much of a lower delay I could run the 8" in salt water. I know there are many variables with water temperature and amount of salinity in a given body of water but just a rough approximation. I can run about a 10-10.5 in calm water now with the 12.5" but with bigger swells its hard to do.
  10. Nice find on all those bottles! The Kilmer's is pretty cool. I always like how they put a kidney on the front panel. That was the only reason I bought my first metal detector back in the '70's was to find old bottle dumps. Dig it all till they're gone. Might find a nice poison bottle in the mix.
  11. Sorry to hear that cudamark. My AQ was in for repair for quite awhile but it is back in my hands now. Fisher told me they replaced the complete electronics. I had a little surgery the day after I received the AQ and that has kept me away from hunting, but am just getting back into the swing of things again. I have a total of 8 hours on the wet sand with it and all is well. Good luck!
  12. That must have been the best thing to see. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Sure is nice seeing those nuggets, but what really got me drooling was just seeing that nice broken bedrock. Well done!
  14. What a great spot you found. I would grid it at different angles and dig every questionable target too! Good luck the next time around! Nice score on the gold and you have a great assortment of machines to leave nothing behind.
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