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Found 11 results

  1. As usual, no BS from Gigmaster. Excellent problem/diagnosis video showing where Gig's Equinox detectors all leaked and making a correlation between the similar charging port on the Manticore.........
  2. They may have done a fantastic job “wrapping everything up” as he says (1:20) other than the coil cable of course… 🤣 Sorry, it was just to easy. Minelab sure does a release event different than say a US automaker where they have a bunch of vehicles for the media and users to drive around, close doors, kick tires, go on extended trips etc… How sad Minelab, you could have built some test gardens and really had a good show of this, had a few Nox’s and 3030’s there for your customers to swing and compare over targets, but in typical “that’s right, we’re Minelab” fashion we just have to hold it up in the air and look annoyed when they ask us questions….. Minelab has forgotten who pays their bills, they’re no longer hungry for your business gentlemen (and ladies)!!!!!! If I hadn’t chosen to leave them before, the arrogance and lack of “give a damn” in this video would have cinched that deal… disgraceful. Toyota just introduced a new Tundra, they took people on a two day event…. (Video below), PS Minelab engineering, I’ve tossed in a “How to talk to your customers like you care” video below as a bonus … the Tesla Cyber Truck release event took everyone around on a drive etc, Minelab just looks at the customers like they’re peasants begging for bread, then tossing a 3 minute video on Facebook as their product release, pathetic, a real disservice to everyone who worked on that product, from R&D to the forklift driver loading the finished product onto the trucks. Coming from a country where you’ll be lopped off at the knees if you “tall poppy”, they sure think they poop ice cream.. Garrett, you’ve already proven you listen and care, and probably don’t need to however, this is a moment in time where you could put on a dealer/customer event the exact opposite of this fiasco Minelab did, do some gardens, etc have Steve, Gerry there etc, the engineers actually answering questions and REALLY blow this Axiom release into a new Galaxy and show Minelab how it’s done….. I'm involved in Victron Energy equipment and they just did a traveling roadshow…. Do one, prep up a small class C RV and travel America with all your machines so all the customers can experience the excitement we felt the week of the Axiom release… the “GARRETT’S BACK IN THE GOLD” tour. https://www.victronenergy.com/blog/2021/07/13/victrons-massive-north-america-training-tour/ DO IT!!! Show the world American manufactures still have it. Regardless, Garrett, Steve (and Gerry for test and input) thank you for your input into the Axiom, this company (Minelab) needs to be taken down a few rungs… what arrogance!!! The engineer below looks like he’s in a hostage video. Full video… if you call 3 minutes a ‘full’ video. Confirmation of chipped coils. https://www.facebook.com/MinelabMetalDetectors/videos/1972595979605361/ How it could have been done…. I’ll show you what impression that video left me with (and made me want to have another shower, I feel dirty after watching that ‘event’).
  3. I was browsing my Facebook newsfeed when this little gem popped up from the Minelab page…
  4. Every video that I have seen so far just skimmed over Goldfield mode. I would like to know if it’s on par with the Nox or better. This would be huge for people detecting small dinky gold (or nugs) in trash infested areas especially with target trace. What do people think? Anybody hear anything different?
  5. As old as I am, I am nearly new to gold field prospecting. I am helping an even older friend re-establish some claims he had 40 years ago in the Northern High Sierras of California. The claim in question has copper, and iron, sulfides next to each other - with free milling micron gold. We have only opened up a short length of the ore body for examination at this time. But, I want to detect along the strike, and hope to find out if there are any gold stringer veins, small pockets of larger than micron gold, or any aspect of significance near the surface. Nothing stands out visually at this time. There is a fair to large amount of iron sulfides in the ore body. The area has had little in the way of hydraulic action from run off. But what the heck, a little exploration never hurt anybody. So - my question is: Minelab is coming out with the Manticore in 2-3 months and it has a Gold Field feature. I wonder if this will work as well, or better, than the Gold Monster 1000 in our location? If any one has knowledge of the comparison, of knows of, or hears of, a review of the Manticore Gold Field mode vs the Gold Monster 1000 I would really appreciate hearing from you. There's also an area of ancient river bed, on the side of a hill, that I would like to explore with a detector. I will be purchasing one, or the other, depending on which will be more capable in our location. Thank you.
  6. Would like to establish this as an unofficial Specs and Features Thread to supplement the below "official" features list with additional information gleaned from videos of the prototype units and verbal utterances from ML reps. Please cite your source of information. Prefer this not to be a thread for discussion, debate, or speculation. Just the facts as we know them. MANTICORE High Power Metal Detector Our most powerful detector yet, Manticore finds targets faster, more clearly, and in even the most challenging environments. With impressive capabilities and technologies, nothing will go undetected. More effective than even the most high-end models in the market, Manticore brings power, precision and accuracy to detecting in a way that wasn’t previously possible. MULTI IQ+: Minelab’s revolutionary technology has 50% more power than traditional models and is the highest-powered simultaneous multi-frequency machine on the market. FAST RESPONSE: Identify your targets quickly and confidently to efficiently sort between trash and treasure with exceptional target separation performance. POWERFUL 2D ID MAP: Identify your targets with greater visual and audible target insights. ENHANCED DISCRIMINATION: Exceptionally accurate target ID allows you to accept or reject finds quickly and confidently. WIRELESS AUDIO: Clearly detect with audio controls set specifically for you in order to identify targets confidently, reduce noise and identify trash. ULTIMATE SEARCH MODES: Over 10+ preset search modes allow you to set the stage for success, with the ability to customize up to 10 unique modes tailored to your specific needs. UNRIVALLED CONSTRUCTION & WATERPROOF: Powerful yet lightweight, Manticore weighs only 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs.) and includes a three-piece, compact Carbon-Fibre shaft system. Waterproof up to 16 ft (5 m). INTUITIVE CONTROL: The large LCD panel allows for easy viewing and clear navigation control. BOOSTED EMI IMMUNITY: In challenging environments, improved EMI rejection uses higher sensitivity to isolate targets. CHOICE OF COILS: Comes with the M11 (11" Round Double-D coil) and choose from M8 (8"x5.5" Elliptical Double-D) and M15 (15"x12" Elliptical Double-D) coils. LIGHTING & VIBRATION: Detect even when the sun goes down with features such as Control Box Flashlight, Display Backlight with Auto Adjust, Backlit Keypad and Handgrip Vibration. CLEAR AUDIO: Built in external speaker allows for crystal-clear audio and comes with Low Latency Wireless Headphones. BUILT TO LAST: A three-year warranty with software upgrade capability allows detection far into the future. Link to Minelab Manticore Product Page: https://www.minelab.com/usa/metal-detectors/manticore Excerpts from the Quick Start Guide: Some feature Highlights: 4-way menu navigation Location Keyed mode designations (e.g., All Terrain, Beach, Goldfield) with multiple variants of each mode. 5 for All Terrain, 4 for Beach, and 1 for Goldfield equals a total of ten Multi-IQ+ modes. Standard Equinox Single Frequency Selections - 5, 10, 15, 20, and 40 khz (no 4 khz that was added to Equinox in a subsequent update), but unclear whether these choices are mode specific like on the Equinox, they appear to be independent of mode. Confirmation of 2 Digit/2D Target ID, Target Trace, and what appears to be customizable 2D discrimination patterns. "Ferrous Limits" feature which looks like a more sophisticated version of Equinox's "Iron Bias" but goes to 2D target trace disc (wraps around non-ferrous conductive range). Multiple audio selections appear to be fully customizable across modes including normal, enhanced, and "continuous pitch" VCO-like audio (i.e., you are not locked-in to mode-specific audio types like difference between Goldfield and Non-Gold mode audio). Noise Cancel is quick, hopefully it is also effective. Also has a "Continuous Auto" noise cancel feature. Battery has a minimum 9 hour run time and takes 7 hours to charge full from empty.
  7. The Minelab engineer in the videos mentions a couple of times that the Manticore has "50% more power, electric, going to the coil".. Will this, together with more advanced signal processing, make a difference in how deep the beast will punch? Is it really as simple as: more power = a stronger electromagnetic field = greater depth.. And if this really does make such a difference, then why haven't other manufactures cottoned on to this?
  8. We don't have much information about either of these detectors for the beach as of yet so we'll be pulling out an answer. Which way are you leaning? I have a choice, but I'll wait for a few answers before I disclose my logic.
  9. Here are some screen grabs. Note that the handle is not the round post of the Equinox. Note also that the pod case is much thicker in back. Finally, consider that the main area for potential water entry with Equinox was via the battery in handle, and then into the pod. If the battery could be moved into the case, like with Deus 2, then the unit would have better waterproof integrity. Also, the handle would be able to be properly oblong instead of round. All I know for sure though is that handle looks to be far more comfortable than the Nox grip.
  10. Grab your popcorn, drink and get your armchair ready. Minelab is building up for their new release. Enquiring minds want to know!
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