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  1. So I'm debating trading my v3i towards a Equinox 800, or a Xp ORX, I am torn about it because the v3i is a good machine just challenging to get setup Everytime I go to a new site, I occasionally hunt beaches so that's why I was considering the equinox to have a machine that could cover all my hunting grounds in one. And a orx because it intrigues me. I would like to hear your argument for and against the trades and tear into it. In the end I'll make a decision I just want to hear what you guys think!
  2. Nice coin, was it very deep and what was the ID number you got on it? Just curious!
  3. I gotta say that the orx seems to actually be a decently deep detector, while marketed as a gold machine it certainly seems to not have issues as a general purpose machine.
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