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  1. I wanted to but my phone was dead and my wife would have worried ? I went today in the snow and found a button and a musketball but that was it.
  2. The Connecticut Colonial copper coin was from 1787. I had never found one before and I'm actually from Connecticut originally and I found two in one day I can't believe it. The other coin I believe is a georgius triumpho from 1783 or around that time. It is really hard to detect in my town because the ground is all sand and even modern coins can be found down 8-inches or so so all the old stuff is really deep unless you go to a plowed field. I found six coppers in this cornfield last year and they're going to build up on it in a few days so it's nice that the bulldozers helped me uncover some more before it was gone.
  3. Thanks a bunch! I caught it in the Mohawk River in Clifton Park, NY.
  4. It was quite an afternoon. After school I planted some shrubs, painted some chairs, and replaced our central air filters. I was waiting for the bulldozers to leave one of the last cornfields in town so I could save some history before it was lost forever to another housing development. The workers were still there so I fished the river for a while and caught my biggest walleye ever on my fly rod. I then headed back to dig with only a half an hour of light left and I started finding treasures right away. I metal detected in the dark for an hour or two and came away with four coins and 6 buttons. It is important to try to make everyday count. If anybody knows what type of coins they are I would much appreciate to know ?
  5. Fabulous story and finds Steve! I definitely want to experience treasure hunting over there as well. I want to catch an Atlantic Salmon as well when I'm there too ?
  6. I switch between field 2 and park 2. For home sites, parks, and fields. Recently I did well in a cow pasture next to a 1700's cellar hole by switching to park 2. I had been getting a lot of iron falsing in field 2 and when I switched over to park 2 I got a nice high pitched tone with the nox 600 and it turned out to be the 2 reale I posted earlier. I had hit that area the previous year and perhaps even that day. I checked it with field 2 and it sounded off great but for moderately-fast sweeping a field park 2 is worth trying out. I also tried a frequency of 5 around a home with lots of interference and around other detectors and it can be much more stable but I haven't found it to be that deep compared to multi-iq.
  7. Those are some fantastic finds! I run field 2 most of the time myself.
  8. Fabulous finds and way to go on buying your friend a detector.
  9. Thanks everyone for reaching out. I went out again today and brought my buddy. He found his first Fugio cent.
  10. I heard some bad news that my Dad had died so I took some bereavement time and headed home to take care of things. I needed some alone time so I went out for an hour and found the 2 Reale and an old copper. Dad must have been smiling as well when I pulled the coins out.
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