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  1. foreverteachable

    Why Do Coin Dealers And Jewelers....?

    Thanks for sharing the interesting info. I like the policy of mining companies having to purchase bonds for the cleanup. I just did some research and found that companies are required in the U.S as well to buy bonds or to pay a percentage of the cost of clean up, up front. Quebec require 70% of the cost of cleanup, up front.
  2. foreverteachable

    First Ever

    Cool find Mark!
  3. That is on heck of a find! Congratulations!
  4. foreverteachable

    It Paid Off To Knock On A Few Doors

    Thanks so much Alluminati!
  5. foreverteachable

    My Kit + Finds So Far - Around 6 Weeks Use

    Awesome finds Andy! I post alot as well and have fun doing it, keep it up and enjoy!
  6. 😂 I hadn't looked at it that way Tom that's awesome thanks
  7. For the longest time since I purchased my first metal detector in 1997 I've been either using my pockets or those cheap pouches that come when you buy a new metal detector. Today I bought a couple $10 pouches and used my wading belt for fly fishing. A tool belt will probably work just as good but I have my tool belt full of all the stuff that I need and I didn't feel like emptying them out 🙂 I also bought a dandelion tool to help me dig around some of those deep targets and not ruin them. I also put a folding saw on order with a 7-inch blade because sometimes you run into a root. It is tough when you know it's a really good find and can't get to it or worse yet, put a gash in an 1875 IH that was in mint shape. Believe it or not I've had to walk away not having the proper tools and not made it back. I also put some extra dry paper towels in a plastic bag and paper towels soaked with vegetable oil in another bag the preserve relics. I have an old retainer case for good finds and also a couple Airborne containers for coins. You can separate the coins with bits of paper towel if you want. It would be cool to see what other people use for their detecting tools. I think I'm only missing a spray bottle of distilled water. Feel free to post pics or share what works for you.
  8. foreverteachable

    First Gold With 6" Equinox Coil

    Great finds. Any gold bits are amazing. I live in NY and any gold nuggets or bits are more of a legend than reality. Glad that new coil is treating you right and I think I might save up for one. I've been putting all my clad in a jar and some paper if I have extra on pay day.
  9. foreverteachable

    Instant Or Delayed Gratification?

    They should be everywhere but I got mine through kellyco. Minelab offers the discount and it's up to the dealers to honor it or not
  10. foreverteachable

    Instant Or Delayed Gratification?

    I like my 600 and they both are offered at a discount this year if you are a veteran.
  11. Thanks a bunch GB! I know you weren't looking for the exact spot and I don't share it anyways so no worries but I have no problem giving some tips because people have helped me along the way and if it helps speed up the learning curve and find you some silver I'm happy. I was at a public park and hit the sledding hill on the inclined part not at the top and was using low disc. Field 2 on the Equinox 600. I was actually trying to find nickles which read 12-13, and dug several pull tabs and also botyle caps trying to find gold, and buttons.
  12. I had to pick my wife off at the airport and it's a trip I usually dread but I decided to plan ahead. I threw my metal detector and fishing rod in the car and a lot of water and hit a couple spots along the way or at least in the area. I got my most pieces of silver ever in a single outing and had fun exploring some new water and ground.
  13. foreverteachable

    I Found A Good One Today :-)

    Thanks a bunch Mac! It would be an amazing book to have all the pictures detailing the anticipation and excitement.
  14. foreverteachable

    I Found A Good One Today :-)

    I feel for you Phrunt. I appreciate you pointing that out as well because sometimes I'll find stuff that I consider trash but I need to keep in mind that it is treasure as well because it's so old. I have been blessed to visit the lake Taupo area and fish for some big brown trout up in the mountains and people back here in the states wish they could live in New Zealand for the big trout. I guess we all have our trade-offs 😉 if you're ever over visiting New York or New England let me know I'll bring you out and we'll find some old stuff. We have an extra room too if you wanted to stay overnight.
  15. foreverteachable

    Found My 3rd Half Dollar Ever Today!

    I hear you there strick this is definitely my best season ever and it's so nice to have the bug again. I started in 1997 bought a metal detector with my tax refund from Uncle Sam after I got out of the Marines. I had a blast detecting for quite a few years but then it seemed like I wasn't finding much. I also got into fly fishing so that took up my time. After getting the equinox I don't know if it's the machine or just the time in my life but I sure am happy to start finding stuff again and more than I've ever found before LOL