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  1. foreverteachable

    My Mom Is A Natural!

    I hear you there. I started off with a White's classic ID and one day I used my buddies idx Pro and I found 2 old coppers in a field that had been hit several times before. The wild thing is I've hit the same area with a DFX, Troy Shadow X5, and recently with my Equinox and she comes up right off the bat and finds that on the first hole it was awesome you just never know.
  2. foreverteachable

    My Mom Is A Natural!

    Wow that is awesome. I've only found one that was in halfway decent shape and not as good as this one so I never really look them up to see if they were valuable or not. Thanks for the info that's amazing and she's tickled pink she wants to keep doing it which is just fine with me 🙂
  3. foreverteachable

    My Mom Is A Natural!

    I got to spend the day with my mom and after visiting friends and family we decided to hit one of my detecting spots because she was interested in finding some treasure. I have hit the spot several times with various other detectors. I'd given her the Fisher F-22 and put it in coin mode to make it easier. Wouldn't you know out of the first hole she digs a 278 year old coin. I couldn't believe it since I've never found anything there older than the 1920s 🙂 needless to say I still have a grin on my face.
  4. foreverteachable

    Which Mode? And Why?

    Thanks for sharing Belgy! I never mind sharing settings I'm reluctant to share spots though LOL but I remember being part of the DFX only Forum on fine Mall and that machine was so quirky you needed to share as many settings as you could to get it to work at Optimum levels . I found a lot of great stuff with it but I'll tell you one thing the Equinox is much easier and I'm finding more stuff 🙂 Have a great day and weekend.
  5. foreverteachable

    White's 24K & A Gold Specimen Find

    Great job! Man I yearn to find some gold nuggets or ore like that someday. I'll just add it to my bucket list and make sure I check it off one of these days 🙂
  6. but man it sure was nice to dig in the dirt and talk to people in the neighborhood that I was detecting. It was all so really nice to find my first Indian Head pennies in a while that were in great shape and I got to keep 🙂 I detected with my Equinox 600 for a while and then switched over to my AT Pro with a small coil. The Minelab didn't miss much but it did miss the very unique pin. If anybody has any information on it it would be really cool. Thanks for looking and have a great day.
  7. foreverteachable

    What A Start To The Summer!

    Here they are all cleaned up.
  8. foreverteachable

    What A Start To The Summer!

    Thanks Jackpine! I plan on going out tomorrow to look for more 🙂
  9. foreverteachable

    What A Start To The Summer!

    Thanks a bunch Gerry!
  10. I had a chance to detect an area that I was eyeing for a while but wanted to make sure it was public and knocked on a couple doors and all was well I found a coin on edge at 6 in and also my second Seated dime this year with the equinox. I also found 3 Old nickels that I have to clean up. When I was leaving I went over to check out a coin that I saw laying on top of the ground I thought maybe somebody was throwing pennies out since I had found a few modern Pennies on top of the ground and I'm closer inspection I realized it was a Buffalo Head Nickel :-)Life is good I hope you all get out soon and find some treasure.
  11. foreverteachable

    On Display

    Thanks guys, here are some of the buttons on display that I traded to my buddy Donnie for decoys he carves. We would just give each other stuff but it's fun to trade LOL. I also included the Eagle plate in the top left of the second picture that I wish I had in the display. I sold it at a time I was being pressed to get a second job. At the same time I would rather detect in my spare time so I sold it to purchase books for college.
  12. foreverteachable

    On Display

    All of them but the 2 shoe buckles in the bottom right, my buddy Donnie dug and gave me them for the collection, I trade finds with him for decoys he carves and we sometimes trade finds for finds.
  13. foreverteachable

    A Little Sunshine Found While Audio Testing.....

    Way to go! Great find!