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  1. Super nice finds! I would love to know what the hammered coin is. Thanks for posting the video!
  2. I agree. My coin finds have increased now that I am using the Equinox. Found a 1909 barber quarter and 3 pennies Thursday at a site that normally doesn't gives up coins. I have found the ID's are rock solid on coins and other round targets. I am also finding targets at greater depth.
  3. Fantastic! Keep us posted on your next hunt results at that location.
  4. Super nice finds. I am surprised that I don't dig more percussion caps on some of my sites.
  5. Fantastic finds. I wished that the Equinox was around back in my younger days when I used to live in Georgia and would go gold panning.
  6. That is so true but my brother dug three in about an hour earlier this year. He is the luckiest at finding half dimes!
  7. I also like the adjustability of the Equinox 800. Especially the ability of changing the tones, the number of tones, volumes, and tone breaks. If XP would upgrade the ORX to allow the manipulation of the tones it would help those of us with heading problems.
  8. The Equinox 800 in my opinion has the edge over the ORX in depth and definitely in ID readings. I usually start with my 800 and will occasionally switch to the ORX when my arm needs a rest. Keep in mind that the ORX has a 9" coil. The ORX has the edge on just about every other machine when it comes to weight and ergonomics. The Equinox in one of it's multi-frequency modes is very accurate at ID'ing at depth. I found that the Gold 1 mode on the ORX is a good relic mode if there is not much trash. It hits hard and seems to hit deeper, though you have to ground balance frequently.
  9. Thanks for the very interesting videos. I am surprised at the Deus growling on the small round balls.
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