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  1. groundscanner

    Field 2 And Ground Noise Help

    Though my brother and I was wondering if we had the machines "tuned" properly, we couldn't complain about the results. The site has been hammered for over 30 years and we have started to think of it as being depleted of relics (at least with our older detectors). The last couple of hunts with the older detectors yielded very few finds. Altogether we found 17 minie balls, 1 button back, a ball button, an eagle button, a knapsack hook, a pocket knife, and a silver thimble (with the equinoxes). It was the best collection of relics recovered from the site in ages. 😁 MT
  2. Fantastic!! I would be happy just finding something 200 years old . I can't imagine how much fun it would be to find something that old.
  3. groundscanner

    Field 2 And Ground Noise Help

    Thanks to you all for your helpful information.
  4. groundscanner

    Field 2 And Ground Noise Help

    Thanks. I will give it a try.
  5. groundscanner

    Field 2 And Ground Noise Help

    Thanks Bryan!!
  6. groundscanner

    Field 2 And Ground Noise Help

    Thanks Chase. We will give your kind suggestions a try. MT
  7. groundscanner

    XP Orx Top Tips For Digging Deep Targets

    LOL - I keep working my way to lighter and louder detectors. I need to figure out a way to pair my hearing aids to the detectors. I told my son that one day I will be limited to watching him detect.
  8. groundscanner

    XP Orx Top Tips For Digging Deep Targets

    I sold my AT pro (too heavy) and my F70 (didn't push enough volume for my poor hearing) and got the ORX as my "backup" detector. Even at 2.9 lbs I still have to use a swingy thing to support the Nox if I am going to swing it all day. I have always wanted an XP but couldn't bring myself to spend the money for a new Deus and I didn't want to buy one that was used and possibly get one with issues.
  9. groundscanner

    Field 2 And Ground Noise Help

    I am running an 800 and my brother a 600. My brother was running his 600 as follows: Recovery 2 and was using 5 tones (as I was also), very thing else was factory settings. My brother was also getting falsing on the ends of his swing. We started off running hot because the site has been hammered for 30 years and we were hoping to find deep missed targets. After about of hour we reduced back down to a sensitivity setting of 20. I also rebalanced several times during the hunt. My solution was just to turn off the iron (horseshoe) and not hear all of the discriminated tones. The soil is Loess and I have no idea as to its mineralization, but I am getting a XP ORX in this week and I will then be able to check. Thanks for the long and helpful comment. MT
  10. My brother and I are having issues with Field 2 and what is apparently ground noise (constant low level grunting). So much so that I have to find a clean spot for ground balancing in Field 1 and then switch to Field 2 to balance. I am assuming that our soil here in Mississippi is mild. On our last hunt I was running sensitivity of 20, Iron Bias 0, and a recovery speed of 3. The site is not overload with trash and iron. In "all metal" we are getting constant grunting. Switching to Field 1 clears the background noise up and allows us to hear just the iron. Is there anything we can do to reduce the ground noise in Field 2? Thanks!!
  11. groundscanner

    XP Orx Top Tips For Digging Deep Targets

    My brother and I have just each ordered one. With my tennis elbow I am really looking forward to a super lightweight detector. I can't wait to try out the 9" coil at the farm (large amounts of iron). I think it will be a great companion detector to the Equinox 800 that I have. I would give my eyeteeth for a 9" coil for the Nox.
  12. groundscanner

    The Nox, Part 2

    Great finds! I love seeing these old military items.
  13. groundscanner

    2 Confederate Button Kindsa Day...

    Very nice!
  14. groundscanner

    Flat Buttons And War Of 1812

    Wonderful video!! I love finding those flat buttons also.