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  1. Because you will like it so much you will want the Deus, I keep getting amazed at the ORX in that it can go over hunted out sites and start finding things, in my experiance this is the best detector i have ever used . and rather than not buying the regular Deus its just the contrary i did buy the Deus and am liking them both i stopped at the 30,s hunted out shack and in 15 minuts found the shown targets , and I am like scratching my head , Dindint i got over this very spot ? what the ?"" if i sell the orx its not because i dont like it its becuase i need money but i had a choice to bring the orx or the regular deus . i chose the ORX because i have more experiance with it and am new to the big Deus . but i am really impressed with them both
  2. Today i did some testing with the ORX and the HF 9" coil in 13.3 KHZ on an 8" dime a 6" dime and a 7" penny in ground , and experimented and kept changing things and observing and found i got the best hit on the targets at coin fast with a reaction of 2.5, and 13.3 KHZ 80 gain, the 80 gain was because higher in this mineralized sand chokes the signal well after all that testing i got up to the hill of many nails and started swinging, i dug several flat irons and cut nails , but then i got a nice two way signal and dug down a solid 7" and up comes a VF 1882 indian head penny . the soil hear is kind to copper but i was just thrilled the ORX really came thru even as a coin hunter in fact this is the 1st coin off this hill with any detector
  3. Just got the HF 9 so i took it out for its 1st run on the hill of nails , this has been pounded till nothing sounds off but this combo maniged to pull two targets out in about 10 Minutes and the 1st one had 3 nails in the hole . The rivit washer really suprized me becuase it came in so clear in the one spot i always detect. I can only say this thing really can find the leftovers that nothing els can find Now i dug a few false cut nails but it was giving off the iron sound mixed in . but that ting you see that was a solid 14" deep and it was making a sound like a silver coin makes and repeatable . i was about to stop digging because i knew no silver coin would be that deep as 7" is about max for this 54KHZ if you really listen , but then i hit the ring . not a bad coil at all
  4. Working with the ORX in Gold 1 . Using 27.6 KHZ and came up with a setting that hears the Nickle without cracking but gives the iron away . as iron . The Reactivity is on 2.5, the IAR on 3 and sens on 90, all targets buried at 5" --NO.1 Nickel, NO.2 rusty bottle cap, NO .3 flat iron about the size of a U,S quarter, NO .4 a bent cut nail.
  5. Took the ORX out in the gravle road after it rained. wanted to try my copper nugget setting and look for copper . I have found copper nuggets in this gravle before but was using the Racer in all metal , and i was digging alot of iron. the 1st picture is of the nuggets i found in the past in this road, the one went thru the crusher and got made square, you can see another still in the rock , (looks like green stone) any way today i used the copper setting 10.5Khz 85 gain ,2.5 reaction. and 3 on the I.A.R- and i was going along and on every iron target it would break or give a low . one suface bottle cap gave its low off the edge and a deeper one gave a break, i was pretty much sure it was iron so i dug it and it was a rusty bottle cap . but then came this short consistant rather quite signal , with no breaking so started digging down in the hard gravle and at 5" a copper penny , I was really amazed the setting was working , and some time later another soft short signal and down at 6" up comes a small piece of copper pipe, so i was happy with the findings I dug or was fooled by no iron but the copper was Identifiable , But i did find a strip of aluminum , but thats O,K as long as it was not iron .BTW i was using the 9" x 35 coil
  6. Hey guys. I guess there a ton of you who gold prospect here on this forum. But for those who coin shoot in parks and around old houses I made a video yesterday on how to deal with steel bottle caps with the ORX. I am using the HF coil. But you can get similar results with the X35 and your highest frequency offset. Anyways here it is and I hope some one can get something out of it.
  7. Hear in Minnesota we have a gravle road, and it has copper nuggets in it and agates,so i have been looking for them with my detectors, I figured the TDI would be great at this but found out its not because the setting that are good for silver are good for iron , but i nver thousght the ORX would actually exell at this in Gold 1 I have a test garden of a 6 targets all buried at 6" deep the 1st is a 14 k ring , then a smashed aluminum bottle cap , then a cladd quarter, then a fresh bottle cap , and last a 1.5"x1.5" barrel strap flat iron now in disc its hard to tell the difrence between the barrel strap and the silver quarter , very hard its the one target that most mimics the quarter . so i put the machine in Gold 1 and started playing around with the settings and this is what works so far the best 11-12khz reactivity of 2.5 and I.A.R at 4 its able to break on the barrel strap iron and the bottle cap and not on the quarter or the smashed aluminum bottle cap . even on the shallow bottle cap on the surface if the coil is on the edge it will give a low signal , the 14 k ring sorry to say starts sounding like a badd target . but hay its working on the quarter good . so i took it to the gravle road where i have two buried copper nugets and a 6" dime and a bottle cap and i used the same setting exept had to lower the IAR setting to 3 and got good results again , all the copper came thru with an unbroken signal , but the bottle cap and iron was breaking , so its kinda funny the Gold mode is also a high conductor mode and good at it
  8. I am not talking about coin deep but i Heard that the x35 coils have a boost mode in the 3.7Khz to 4.4khz does it work on the ORX ? and if so how is it ?
  9. took the ORX to cut nail hill , and if it didnt suprize me . it found a Old rimfire shell casing amongst the iron that the Equinox missed with the 6" coil i was using coin deep and got a nice mid tone amognst the iron and the shell came up so it really has proved itself , and i dont even know how to use it yet . the build quality is very good , yes its light , it could not get my 10" deep dime in any frequincy but it handled the 8" dime with a diggable signal no VDI the 6" dime got VDI, my dirt has some iron in it but i think i have alot to learn , but it really does do good in the nails , Kinda like it
  10. I did a little trading and have an orx coming with the x35 coil. I picked this up to partner with the Equinox 800.
  11. I like this setting it gets good depth on my silver dimes and still does good on nickles and is exelent on seperation coin fast 8.1Khz disc at 4.5 , Iron volume on 2.5 sweep speed, 9" x35 coil
  12. Just ordered a new ORX with the X 35 coil , box comes says on outside all parts inside, I open it up and everything is in but the battery and cord that goes into the lower shaft. I see batterys for sale but no one sells the cord that you have to string thrue that ataches to the battery. what to do
  13. I stopped for a bit of detecting after work and set up my Orx which I have in a backpack. I have 2 Orx set-ups which means two WSAudio headphones and two Mi6 pinpointers, and I had the PP paired to the other Orx so I had to remove the Mi6 currently paired to the remote and pair the one I had on me. So having done that I turned the pp on to locate a target. At this time the remote went to the pinpointer screen and then started just beeping strangely and not working. I turned off the pinpointer but the remote stayed on the pinpointer screen beeping. I tried turning off the remote power but it would not power down - it said Turn Off Turn Off but holding the power button would not turn it off but It would just Go back to the pinpoint screen. Nothing was working to turn it off and stop the beeping but eventually pressing the top right arrow button got it out of pinpoint mode and I was then able to power down. When I turned it back on everything was back to normal and I was able to detect. Anyone’s guess as to what the problem was, but if it happens again I’m going to contact XP service center ( does anyone have the phone and email for them in case I need to contact them?). Has any Orx or Deus user had a similar thing happen? Glad I have 2 machines in case one goes out for service Enjoy the Independence Day weekend HH
  14. I went hunting this evening with a friend who was using his Equinox while I was trying out the orx. Yikes!! The orx doesn't like being near the Equinox at all. Is there something I can do besides turn my sensitivity down. That seemed to work but I was hoping there was another option. Thanks!
  15. I decided to hit a hammered colonial site where the last several times there with the Nox 800 no significant non-ferrous items were found. Every couple trips I might find a cuff button. So was running the ORX with 9” round hf coin in coin fast 28khz, but switching to coin deep at 54 kHz., reactivity 3, sensitivity 94. Found 1792-1812 period American naval button ( undetermined variety as yet). With 13 5-pointed stars and Philadelphia back mark.Also found cuff link, outside of large 2-pc ball button. Thesewere all found within 45 minutes, and other targets were going to be found for sure. I’m totally impressed with the machine. So much so that last night I ordered a 9” XP X35 coil, because folks? The XP ORX is a keeper with a long future. Deepest target ( squarenail ) at 1 1/2. Punpointer lengths. (15”-16”)
  16. So, I have an area in the Colorado Rockies that I am trying to successfully detect with the GMT 24K. The main issue here is tons of magnetite and I mean tons. Imagine a regular sized plastic sandwich bag with a 2" thick sandwich sized amount of dirt inside it instead of a sandwich. I brought a couple of bags full of dirt like this home from an area that appears to be a drainage ditch that was at the end of a sluice run in a hydraulicked area. I got almost 1 cup full of varying from speck to marble sized magnetite by panning out that bag of dirt, so about 1/3 of the dirt was magnetite. So far, I have detected this long trench with a GMT 24k and an XP ORX with 9"HF coil. The 24K shows 8 segments of mineralization and a phase reading of 85 in Ground Scan mode. The ORX ground balances at 88 with the mineralization bar full. The GMT 24k overloads at sensitivity 4, VSAT maximum in VCO audio and no iron cancel. The ORX does not overload but I have to constantly ground balance, with sensitivy on 70, reactivity on 2.5 and Disc IAR 2, frequency 50. Getting any kind of zip zip signal in this sea of double beep boings is proving difficult. As I said, I brought some dirt home to test. I figured with all of the advanced settings on the GMT 24K I should be able to find something that works. I took one of the bags outside and laid it flat on a plastic 24"x12" Igloo cooler. With the 24K, 6.5" concentric or 10X5" DD coils in VCO Zip audio mode, sensitivity 3, VSAT maximum, threshold 2, XGB auto, I got various amounts of ground noise and plenty of medium to loud double beep boings while bobbing the coil or swinging over the bag. Just what I expected. If I ground balanced and locked XGB when pumping the coil it almost silenced the magnetite and I could swing over the bag with much quieter, little responses but still clearly magnetite boings. If I then pressed the Iron Cancel button (iron cancel discrimination was set on the numeral 2 not 2 bars so no bars were showing) the magnetite was virtually silent. I switched to beep audio and still virtually silent with just a faint threshold response, meaning that instead of a high tone or low tone there was a faint, medium tone, 2 way threshold target tone apart from the reference threshold, I guess. I took a .2 gram flat nugget and placed it under the corner of the bag of dirt and reset the settings to what I started with, VCO zip tone, XGB auto, no Iron Cancel and carefully ground scanned over the area of the bag that the nugget was not under to let the XGB system reset. Sweeping the nugget a few times I got mostly boing magnetite signals with a very faint hard to distinguish zip sound. I pressed Iron Cancel (still set on number 2, also tried 1 with the same result, no disc bars showing) and got virtually nothing, with no zip zip responses of any kind. I locked the quietest XGB setting, with the lock button, no Iron Cancel and VCO audio. I got a nice zip zip with a little magnetite boing. I pressed Iron Cancel and literally got no signal of any kind, complete silence during sweeps. I thought WTH, and pressed the beep mode button for high and low tone pitch audio. I did not get a high tone or a low tone but I did get a very clear 2 way medium tone threshold response with a very quiet background except for the actual threshold tone.............? I removed the nugget and swept over the bag again with the same settings and got only a very faint medium pitched threshold?? tone occasional response. So, hunting this area in VCO audio, XGB locked, Iron Cancel off, sens. on 3, VSAT maxed, might work but I would be digging a lot of magnetite. Hunting in Beep mode with Iron Cancel On and listening for that medium whatever it is tone might work too.......? There is no mention of this medium toned, what I am calling threshold tone response in the manual anywhere. I used to hear something like this on my MX5 using multi tone modes with the threshold set on low when I encountered a target that was just past the range of normal detection audio or numerical target ID detection. The MX5 let me know something was there. I am not sure what this tone is called or if it is the same thing that is happening on the 24K. Personally I like it if I can depend on it........... Any comments would be greatly appreciated. By the way, I ran the ORX and Equinox over the same target scenario. The ORX in Gold 1 with a little tweaking could hit the nugget but only with sensitivity turned way down (60 -70) in order to quiet the magnetite responses down enough to hear the target. Frequency 50 kHz, GB 88, Sensitivity 60 to 70, Reactivity 2.5 Disc IAR 1 or 2, Iron Volume off, Threshold 4, tons of ground balancing required just to hear a clear zip, zip. The Equinox 800, 6" coil Gold 1 multi, -9 rejected, GB 1, sensitivity 15, threshold 10, recovery speed 4 to 6, FE 0, had no problem giving a beautiful zip, zip on the .2 gram nugget with minimal ground noise............Hum! Jeff
  17. Two videos.... gardansolyn Published on Jan 7, 2019 The ORX metal detector from XP is an easy to use machine which can locate targets at impressive depths. Deep coins and artefacts can not hide from this machine as this video demonstrates. The MI-6 pinpointer compliments the ORX very well it saves a lot of time when location deep targets. and.... gardansolyn Published on Jan 28, 2019 XP ORX top tips - How to get the very best out of your metal detector. This video shows some top tips which may help to enhance depth and find those deep coins. Follow Gary in the field digging some live targets and see how this metal detector performs.
  18. Does anyone know if there is a numbers to target vdi chart anywhere for the xp orx? I test mine with different targets but would like to see a chart confirming numbers.
  19. Long time Deus user, but I am pretty convinced XP did something to juice Gold Mode on Orx vs. Deus' Gold Field and it is my preferred mode for relic hunting, recently. I like the 9" HF coil and hunt at 14 or 30 khz, typically. Have not had problems hitting all kinds of silver, brass, and lead in moderately to high mineralized soil at various depths and junk target densities. The one touch instant GB grab and pop up TID and Iron Probability meters enhance the user interface over Deus too. ORX finds over the last couple months pictured below:
  20. Does anyone use the X35 coil on the ORX? Any opinion on it compared to the HF coils? I got smoked today by a friend. He was using the 11 inch legacy coil (with the Deus) while I was using the 9 inch elliptical coil with the ORX. I realize coil size was a factor but he was getting tones on objects that I couldn't even pick up. We were running the same frequency, reactivity, etc, just to compare. Any thoughts?
  21. OK, let's talk XP ORX. This is an offshoot of the XP DEUS that is set up more specifically for gold prospectors, though it does still retain some basic coin, jewelry, and relic features. Everything nugget hunting has been moved front and center, with other features pushed to the background. The XP Orx features the two new high frequency (HF) coils as one of the two options at time of purchase - either the 9.5" x 5" HF coil or 9" round HF coil. The new X35 coils offer three lower frequency coil options compatible with the Orx. The older black low frequency (LF) coils are not compatible with the Orx. XP ORX metal detector for gold prospecting and more The Orx like the Deus is a selectable frequency detector. You can choose from one of several frequencies depending on the coil you are using. The frequency is dependent on the coil. The ORX high frequency coils give you a choice of three operating frequencies which cover most detection needs. The optional X35 coils have five frequency options. All primary frequencies have numerous offsets available to help alleviate electrical interference, but these shifts are so small as to make no performance difference. Ignore the statements about 21 frequencies and 35 frequencies as marketing games. The round 9’’ coil runs at 15 kHz, 30 kHz and 50 kHz. The elliptical coil has a higher top end frequency 15 kHz, 30 kHz and 80 kHz. The optional X35 coils run at a lower range of 4 kHz, 8 kHz, 12 kHz, 17 kHz and 25 kHz. XP ORX coil options and specifications For those familiar with the XP Deus there are some key differences. The rod / shaft assembly has been remade out of injection molded plastic, eliminating the aluminum and rubber grip. This both lowers the cost of the rod assembly as one of the more expensive parts of the Orx to manufacture plus reduces the weight even more. The Deus is the lightest high end detector made and this shaves even more grams. The Orx rod and coil only weighs 770 grams or 1.7 lbs if you put the controller in your pocket. Another big difference is in the wireless headphones. All controls have been removed except power and volume. This means that unlike the Deus you must have the controller with you if you want to make any tuning changes at all. Other wireless headphones options are not listed in the accessory list in the ORX User Guide (see image at bottom of this post) and so I can only conclude that the other XP wireless headphone options are not compatible with the Orx. I have used the Deus HF elliptical coil and there is no reason to think the performance of this coil is any different using the Orx controller instead of the Deus controller. The coil itself is the detector after all and the coils are the same whether used on a Deus or an Orx. The only difference is in how the functionality is accessed and what features are available. The Orx controller as has been noted earlier is set up for gold prospectors first and foremost. Click images for larger versions.... XP Orx controller and basic functions XP Orx basic screen functions displayed The Orx does not display target id information until a target is found. Then a pop-up screen appears, showing the target id number and a variable "iron probability" meter. XP ORX target id and iron probability meter The long story short is I have used the XP Deus with elliptical high frequency coil and I believe performance here will be identical. And as far as I am concerned the Deus HF coils are right up there with the best high frequency gold prospecting options out there. I am not a hair splitter, so from my perspective there are quite a few good detectors in this category. Rather than try and determine what finds gold better than the others I tend to focus more on big picture aspects to determine the machine I prefer over others. Things like weight or how waterproof a detector is can sort things out fast, and personal preference issues like feel on arm and how the audio sounds make a big difference to me. This is just my opinion but the appeal of the XP Orx is the very lightweight and very compact design. There is no other option as light on the arm except perhaps the for the Fisher Gold Bug 2 if you hip mount the control box. Then you are attached to the rod assembly by the coil cable. Not a huge deal, but the Orx being wireless gets rid of the possibility of that cable hanging up in brush. On the other hand the Orx is priced a little high compared to the other gold prospecting competition. This is not a problem per se as long as you get all the features you need or want. However, if it was I and I wanted to make this detector to compete as a gold prospector I would have made sure the Orx could lay claim to being at least as good at gold prospecting as the Deus and it would be best if the Orx actually could be said to be the better gold prospecting option compared to the Deus at least. Yet when you dig in it seems XP limited not just the coin hunting features but also some prospecting features. The big standout is no ground tracking on the Orx. Now I am not a huge fan of ground tracking but when you need it you tend to really need it, and for XP to leave tracking off the Orx when it is included on the Deus seems like a particularly poor choice since this is a detector intended for dealing with extreme ground conditions. Tracking comes at a cost normally, but it can be a huge aid in highly variable ground. I can live without it, but given the cost of the Orx as compared to the competition this feature should be included. The other items I am not sure of is ferrous handling. The ferrous tone break appears to be preset and not adjustable on the Orx though you can change the pitch of the ferrous tone. Instead of an adjustable tone break XP appears to be relying more on the iron probability meter for making decisions regarding whether to dig ferrous or not. I may be missing something but I don't think at this time that you get to choose where the dividing line is on what reports audibly as ferrous and what reports audibly as non-ferrous. Consider the jury out here on this question until more information is found. Most people don't care about it anyway, and it may that the Orx reliance on adjusting the IAR (Iron Amplitude Rejection) serves well enough that adjusting the breakpoint is not required. I am not really making any determinations here but I am just trying to lay out some details in hope it will help people make their own decisions. I have plenty of detectors that will detect small gold as well as the Deus or Orx so for me personally the thing that keeps me coming back to the XP machines is the crazy compact and lightweight design. Yet in looking over the features and price I personally lean more towards the Deus instead of the Orx. It seems to me XP is being stingy with features given the price and for just a little more money a Deus can eliminate questions about whether those features would be missed or not. If I had to buy right now I would be more inclined to get a Deus with 9" X35 coil. The top end frequency there of 27 kHz should do just fine on small gold and I would get features missing in the Orx. If I really needed extra high frequency hots I could add a high frequency coil as an option later. More to the point, XP is saying this is a lower price option to the Deus. Technically that is true of most Deus models, but as of V5 XP has added enough capability to the WS4 module that the $799 Deus Starter Package actually offers the Orx competition at an even lower price. In that regard XP sort of shot themselves in the foot by upgrading the WS4. Anyway, that's just a few thoughts from me on the Orx versus the Deus. I won't even attempt to get into the Orx versus all the competition other than to offer this chart below giving a big picture comparison. Given that the Orx is aimed at gold prospectors, and given how there is almost no mention of the detector on the prospecting forums I am very curious to hear people's thoughts on this model. Is XP doing the right thing here for prospectors? Or is it a swing and miss? Opinions? XP ORX Information Page XP ORX User Guide Over 30 khz (LF) gold prospecting metal detectors 1/2019
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