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  1. I buried a 3.7 grams 14k Gold ring at 14" in the sand at a beach on a lake. The ground is mild. I went over the sand with 0 disc to make sure it was clean. Setting were sensitivity 96, recovery 2 and disc at 7. I went over the ring with 3 tone, 4 tone and gold 1. 3 tone & 4 tone hit it very good. I was surprised 3 tone hit good. Gold 1 was a very soft hit. All the frequencies 14 khz to 54 khz hit it. This spring I'll be hunting in the water with it.
  2. Just got a XP ORX with the 9x5 HF coil and the coil battery won't charge. The control battery charged up fine but when i try to charge the coil battery the light on the coil blinks every three seconds like it is charged when it is only 30 % charged. The light never stayed on continually like it says in the manual when i first hooked it up and yes i have it hooked up the right way. Thanks, Jim
  3. Been using the Simplex with the SP 24 for a year now and have done really well with it, especially in trashy areas. Just won an xp orx which came with the hf elliptical coil and I just ordered a 9 inch x 35 coil. Detected a couple of places with the orx and it doesn’t seem to separate out the trash that is close to a coin like the Simplex. I’m wondering if the x35 coil I’m getting can be setup to do as well as the simplex in trashy areas. Thank, Jim
  4. Looking for some user settings for coins and jewelry in parks and any tweaks in the two gold settings for small nuggets in mineralized ground. Thanks, Jim.
  5. I posted this on another site, but would like to hear more opinions. Like the title says, which is better for general coin /jewelry hunting in Parks, Ballfields, Playgrounds, School yards, etc., Deus or ORX? I know that the main problem with either is probably all the aluminum trash found today in those kinds of sites, and that most hunters probably wouldn't choose either one for that activity. Don't really want to hear about other, "better", units for hunting those sites, just which would be best between these two? Anxious to hear the opinions, and how you came to that conclusion...
  6. The battery for the coil is fully charged. I entered the coil number that's on top of the coil in slot 1. I validated it and no connection on the controller. No frequencies. I went thru the process several times and no connection. Any help with this? Thanks, Rick
  7. The XP Orx has been taking quite a bit of heat on this XP detector forum lately. Indirectly, the same can be said for the XP Deus. All I want to say here is that no one detector can do it all the best in all detecting situations. All VLF detectors including the Deus and the Orx are a compromise between speed and depth, accurate numerical target ID and accurate tone ID, simultaneous multi frequency and single or selectable single frequency, waterproof or not, great ergonomics and ergonomics better suited for a bionic human. Personally, I would not go on a relic hunt without a Deus or Orx. The same goes for a gold prospecting trip. I know some people (I am not yet one of them) that are absolute masters with a Deus in aluminum trashed parks when coin and jewelry hunting. All in all, one of these two XP detectors are tools I will never be totally without. I have struggled with them, had some of my best and worst detecting experiences with them, sold several of them saying "never again" only to buy another after realizing what I was missing.......... Using them in the best ways that suit my hunting style and for my hunting situations, while knowing and accepting their great qualities and limitations has been the key to making them work for me when I need them the most.
  8. i was using coin fast 8.4 khz 2.5 sweep - disc of 45 and was doing good . but then came along a big event in the spot i was hunting, i figured it would have lot of new coins, Boy was i wrong. but this time i used a new program, and to my amazement the ground came alive with old targets. this is the new program using the ORX and the X-35 coal it is coin deep - 72 gain- 10.5khz- 2.5 sweep speed- and disc at 45. it just lit up the ground i had been over it loves dimes , of which i found 18 of them and it loves nickles. but for some reason the 10.5 khz likes nickles better and dimes . still digging the tabs and slaw but not much small foils , give the program a try if you like you may be amazed as well
  9. Wondering if it is possible to link a different set of headphones than the WSA wireless OEM’s to the ORX .
  10. Test Garrett ATX on 0.1 gram Gold 24K under IRON STONE.... I think it's a really good result ... ATX shows its qualities .. Setings :DISC3/SENSITIVITY 9/TRESHOLD12/VOLUME13-MAX/... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another video shows the measurement of the IRON STONE Mineralization value using the XP ORX detector ... as well as a magnet test. Iron Stone ...can easily fill in the highest level of the ORX mineralization indicator..and the magnet test confirms ....the high iron content... Iron stone is too hard a test for ORX ... which even after completion GB.... gives a false signal to this iron stone ... if you want to eliminate the false signal you have to reduce the sensitivity of ORX to 50 ..
  11. wanted to get out and try my park settings with the ORX. The settings are the following ( gain 56- Disc 45- coinfast- 8.4khz- X-35 coil , and the one thing i did not dig is small foil. I got fooled by the iron strap thingand one bottle cap . and its amazing how deep you can still hit those tabs and coins. but with a faint signal so i am very happy with the setti
  12. Hi guys, I just posted about finding a pocket spill of IHP's with the Orx in the coin and relic section. Please check it out.
  13. I tried running my Orx on the wet sand today and could not get it to quiet down, it was very chatty. I tried coin fast and gold 1. I had to run "Salt" mode but every time I tried to ground balance the machine would scream just like in Gary's video and a id number would come up. No matter how many times I tried, it kept doing it. I tried different programs and settings and just couldn't quiet it down completely. I eventually got it as quiet as possible using "relic" settings I think someone posted on this forum. It was Gold 1, freq called for 27.6 KHZ but it would only go to 24.5 or something like that. React at 2.5, IAR at 3, sens 90. I gave up on trying to ground balance it. Very time consuming and frustrating to say the least. Sorry this was so long.
  14. Was giving the Orx a run today and came across a jump signal 40's and an occasional low 70's. Iron probability was 0 and I knew it was trash but dug it out of curiosity. It turned out to be the bottom of an old tinned can that is all rusted. When I layed the can end flat out the Orx could not detect it in any of the coin modes and it would sound off in the gold modes but give no number. Tested the can end when i got back home. AT Pro gave a solid grunt and low numbers, Multi Kruzer was spot on with iron sound also. The Tejon also was able to crackle when disc one set on the iron line. I kept the Orx coin modes and first 2 gold modes stock settings including disc at 7. Not sure why the Orx can't see the can end. Bottom line is if I am running in a disc mode and come across a piece like this I could easily miss a good target below as it may be a masking problem. Has anyone else noticed this?
  15. I'm a little confused about a couple settings on my Orx. I do not see "Threshold" anywhere in my menu. I also do not see Disc IAR, unless that is the same as Disc.
  16. I wanted to set up the ORX for shallow park hunting. so i chose the coin fast program.and used a low 56 sensitivity , and set the disc at 45 to make a low tone on small foil, and the reaction was on 2.5 and at that setting i could still get a good signal on a 6" dime and on pull tabs7" now the small foil can be picked up at 4and 5 " but makes a low so i did one more test i took the small foil,which is flat not crumpled ,set a penny under a cup turned upside down, and put the foil on top . in fact two pieces of small foil about the size of a quarter covering the penny 3.5" under and i got a mid tone and not a low , If the penny was removed i got a low . so the ORX can get thru small foils and at least give a mid tone thru the small foils and that for just shallow park hunting. and i was using the 8.4 khz for the test as it is less responsive to foils, but still hits on tabs and nickles good .so i can find rings
  17. Does anyone know what the IP rating is for the Orx control box?
  18. While hunting the property of an old house with my new Orx, I noticed a few times that I received a sound that seemed decent but the ID screen never came up. I even tried scanning my trowel to kind of "reset" the reading but it still didn't come up for the target. Does the screen not come up when the detector is rejecting a target? Is there a way to tell the detector to show that screen?
  19. I’d have to say the Orx has been a successful venture for XP. But what comes next? Their R&D must be working on a next generation detector, so what direction do you think they will go? An incremental change in existing technology or a whole new direction? I haven’t a clue but I’m interested in what others think might be coming in the future, although right now I’m sure their focus is on getting their stock replenished after COVID
  20. Trying to update my Orx and the update is not on their site. Curious if they did anything to improve the ID's? Getting copper pennies in low 90's and quarters at 96? The chart says much different ranges than that.
  21. I really enjoy the orx and all it's attributes. for me it is a no nonsense detector with excellent recovery speed and separation, a very clean and clear audio, selectable frequency and wireless everything. add to cart an update that would provide 4 tones and iron volume. oh yes it has great ergonomics too. thank you XP.
  22. I stopped for a bit of detecting after work and set up my Orx which I have in a backpack. I have 2 Orx set-ups which means two WSAudio headphones and two Mi6 pinpointers, and I had the PP paired to the other Orx so I had to remove the Mi6 currently paired to the remote and pair the one I had on me. So having done that I turned the pp on to locate a target. At this time the remote went to the pinpointer screen and then started just beeping strangely and not working. I turned off the pinpointer but the remote stayed on the pinpointer screen beeping. I tried turning off the remote power but it would not power down - it said Turn Off Turn Off but holding the power button would not turn it off but It would just Go back to the pinpoint screen. Nothing was working to turn it off and stop the beeping but eventually pressing the top right arrow button got it out of pinpoint mode and I was then able to power down. When I turned it back on everything was back to normal and I was able to detect. Anyone’s guess as to what the problem was, but if it happens again I’m going to contact XP service center ( does anyone have the phone and email for them in case I need to contact them?). Has any Orx or Deus user had a similar thing happen? Glad I have 2 machines in case one goes out for service Enjoy the Independence Day weekend HH
  23. Maybe this should be in the Detector Prospector section but wanted to keep the XP section alive. I was in Las Vegas last weekend and decided to swing over to the Gold Basin area and do a little metal detecting. There were 3 of us and we didn't find much. But we did manage to find some gold and meteorites. The ORX is turning out to be a pretty good machine. Not as deep on the really small stuff, like a Gold Monster would pick up but it's not far behind.
  24. Te dejo algunas imágenes del fin de semana de detección en la cordillera de los Andes, salieron unas pepitas de oro ”I leave you some images of the weekend of detection in the Andes mountain range, some gold nuggets came out”
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