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  1. I’d have to say the Orx has been a successful venture for XP. But what comes next? Their R&D must be working on a next generation detector, so what direction do you think they will go? An incremental change in existing technology or a whole new direction? I haven’t a clue but I’m interested in what others think might be coming in the future, although right now I’m sure their focus is on getting their stock replenished after COVID
  2. I really enjoy the orx and all it's attributes. for me it is a no nonsense detector with excellent recovery speed and separation, a very clean and clear audio, selectable frequency and wireless everything. add to cart an update that would provide 4 tones and iron volume. oh yes it has great ergonomics too. thank you XP.
  3. I stopped for a bit of detecting after work and set up my Orx which I have in a backpack. I have 2 Orx set-ups which means two WSAudio headphones and two Mi6 pinpointers, and I had the PP paired to the other Orx so I had to remove the Mi6 currently paired to the remote and pair the one I had on me. So having done that I turned the pp on to locate a target. At this time the remote went to the pinpointer screen and then started just beeping strangely and not working. I turned off the pinpointer but the remote stayed on the pinpointer screen beeping. I tried turning off the remote power but
  4. Maybe this should be in the Detector Prospector section but wanted to keep the XP section alive. I was in Las Vegas last weekend and decided to swing over to the Gold Basin area and do a little metal detecting. There were 3 of us and we didn't find much. But we did manage to find some gold and meteorites. The ORX is turning out to be a pretty good machine. Not as deep on the really small stuff, like a Gold Monster would pick up but it's not far behind.
  5. Te dejo algunas imágenes del fin de semana de detección en la cordillera de los Andes, salieron unas pepitas de oro ”I leave you some images of the weekend of detection in the Andes mountain range, some gold nuggets came out”
  6. Activity rather slow here so thought I’d ask about options and suggestions on detecting for jewelry with the Orx. May have asked about settings in jewelry hunting topic also. I hunt woods mostly but want to start going places that have better chances of finding jewelry.
  7. im planning to actively hunt for jewelry over the next year. I have an equinox 600 and XP Orx. The Orx has 9” X35 and 9” hf coils. I wondering if anyone can recommend settings / programs for jewelry hunting? thanks
  8. I used the: Equinox 800 w/ 6" coil Park 2, Sensitivity 23, 2 tone, Iron Bias f2 0, Recovery 4 Xp Orx w/ 9" hf coil, 4 tone, Sensitivity 96, recovery 2 Gold Kruzer 4x7.5 coil, Deep mode, Sensitivity 80 I wanted to see how well these detectors did in no emi area at a low mineral sandy beach with a 0.89 gram 14k gold ring buried at a measured 9". I was very impressed with the results. The Equinox 800 w/ 6" coil and the XP Opx w/ 9" hf coil hit all the way around with the coil lifted 3"-4". The Gold Kruzer w/ 4x7.5 coil hit it one way w/ coil raised 2"-3". The other w
  9. I have been forcing my self to use my Deus more here lately. I am finding that I like the Deus very much. For the most part I am using Gold Maxx and deus fast. I have a custom deep program I use as well. What I am getting at is i am not really using as many of the programs and settings. I fiddle between 2 for the most part and some times 3. And that is Deus fast and either gold Maxx or the deep Custom one I made. I have been thinking of selling either my Deus remote set up and keeping the ORX or selling the ORX remote set up. I like the ORX for the large easy to see screen and
  10. I know this is a dead horse on many fronts and is highly variable and dependent upon soil conditions, metal condition, etc. But I will once again try to gain some insight. So here goes! 1) What ID range have you found gold rings to fall into on the ORX?(50-59 for instance) 2) Is there a particular ID range that nothing but junk appears to huddle into? (0-45 for instance) I know it is difficult and a dodgy question of sorts but I've never found anything good below the 60's, as it mostly appears to be can slaw, iron, or foil fragments. Another zone of junk seems to be in the 70's.
  11. I went to a friend's house and detected his front yard with my ORX. House was from the 50's. Found some old clad and a few wheat cents and some other odd and end stuff. After a while I did not get any more coin signals. There is the odd and end junk left but no more coins with the ORX. I took my Deus over there the other day just to cherry pick for coins. Did not find one. Not even a zinc penny. I think that is pretty impressive. Just wanted to share with you guys.
  12. i HAVE been using the Hot program in full tones, with the HF coil and 28khz , I have been amazed at how good it is at telling iron from non iron , and tells me more about the iron in the ground , like is it round iron flat iron and really good at telling me how big the iron is . I took it to iron hill and its finding 22 slugs, shot shels, brass, right now i would have to say its my favorite, i do check it with the deep , program. the deep seems like the Equnox to me prone to false on cut nails. but so far the hot has been hot and good and hot
  13. Ok so according to the manual of he deus with the white HF coil the target ID normalization is fixed on and supposedly it will not give you the option of turning it off. So yesterday in my test bed on my zinc penny I noticed in 14 khz the ID was 72 to 76. When I bumped over to another frequency of 31 khz and went back over the zinc penny the ID jumped about 10 segments to 86-88. I thought the id Norm was supposed to be fixed on the HF coils???? Am I doing something wrong here?
  14. Does anyone use the X35 coil on the ORX? Any opinion on it compared to the HF coils? I got smoked today by a friend. He was using the 11 inch legacy coil (with the Deus) while I was using the 9 inch elliptical coil with the ORX. I realize coil size was a factor but he was getting tones on objects that I couldn't even pick up. We were running the same frequency, reactivity, etc, just to compare. Any thoughts?
  15. I am not talking about coin deep but i Heard that the x35 coils have a boost mode in the 3.7Khz to 4.4khz does it work on the ORX ? and if so how is it ?
  16. Because you will like it so much you will want the Deus, I keep getting amazed at the ORX in that it can go over hunted out sites and start finding things, in my experiance this is the best detector i have ever used . and rather than not buying the regular Deus its just the contrary i did buy the Deus and am liking them both i stopped at the 30,s hunted out shack and in 15 minuts found the shown targets , and I am like scratching my head , Dindint i got over this very spot ? what the ?"" if i sell the orx its not because i dont like it its becuase i need money but i had a choice to brin
  17. Today i did some testing with the ORX and the HF 9" coil in 13.3 KHZ on an 8" dime a 6" dime and a 7" penny in ground , and experimented and kept changing things and observing and found i got the best hit on the targets at coin fast with a reaction of 2.5, and 13.3 KHZ 80 gain, the 80 gain was because higher in this mineralized sand chokes the signal well after all that testing i got up to the hill of many nails and started swinging, i dug several flat irons and cut nails , but then i got a nice two way signal and dug down a solid 7" and up comes a VF 1882 indian head penny . the soil hear
  18. Just got the HF 9 so i took it out for its 1st run on the hill of nails , this has been pounded till nothing sounds off but this combo maniged to pull two targets out in about 10 Minutes and the 1st one had 3 nails in the hole . The rivit washer really suprized me becuase it came in so clear in the one spot i always detect. I can only say this thing really can find the leftovers that nothing els can find Now i dug a few false cut nails but it was giving off the iron sound mixed in . but that ting you see that was a solid 14" deep and it was making a sound like a silver coin makes and repeata
  19. Working with the ORX in Gold 1 . Using 27.6 KHZ and came up with a setting that hears the Nickle without cracking but gives the iron away . as iron . The Reactivity is on 2.5, the IAR on 3 and sens on 90, all targets buried at 5" --NO.1 Nickel, NO.2 rusty bottle cap, NO .3 flat iron about the size of a U,S quarter, NO .4 a bent cut nail.
  20. Took the ORX out in the gravle road after it rained. wanted to try my copper nugget setting and look for copper . I have found copper nuggets in this gravle before but was using the Racer in all metal , and i was digging alot of iron. the 1st picture is of the nuggets i found in the past in this road, the one went thru the crusher and got made square, you can see another still in the rock , (looks like green stone) any way today i used the copper setting 10.5Khz 85 gain ,2.5 reaction. and 3 on the I.A.R- and i was going along and on every iron target it would break or give a low . one sufa
  21. Hey guys. I guess there a ton of you who gold prospect here on this forum. But for those who coin shoot in parks and around old houses I made a video yesterday on how to deal with steel bottle caps with the ORX. I am using the HF coil. But you can get similar results with the X35 and your highest frequency offset. Anyways here it is and I hope some one can get something out of it.
  22. Hear in Minnesota we have a gravle road, and it has copper nuggets in it and agates,so i have been looking for them with my detectors, I figured the TDI would be great at this but found out its not because the setting that are good for silver are good for iron , but i nver thousght the ORX would actually exell at this in Gold 1 I have a test garden of a 6 targets all buried at 6" deep the 1st is a 14 k ring , then a smashed aluminum bottle cap , then a cladd quarter, then a fresh bottle cap , and last a 1.5"x1.5" barrel strap flat iron now in disc its hard to tell the difrence between the
  23. took the ORX to cut nail hill , and if it didnt suprize me . it found a Old rimfire shell casing amongst the iron that the Equinox missed with the 6" coil i was using coin deep and got a nice mid tone amognst the iron and the shell came up so it really has proved itself , and i dont even know how to use it yet . the build quality is very good , yes its light , it could not get my 10" deep dime in any frequincy but it handled the 8" dime with a diggable signal no VDI the 6" dime got VDI, my dirt has some iron in it but i think i have alot to learn , but it really does do good in the nails
  24. I did a little trading and have an orx coming with the x35 coil. I picked this up to partner with the Equinox 800.
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