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  1. Thanks Mike, I saw ATV tracks so I assume my buggy could do it, but once i saw that 30ft stretch of "V" shaped dirt road i was skeptical lol. I have a white 2020 Honda Pioneer 700, 2 seater version. I probably will take the buggy back there because if that black Polaris i saw up on that hill way back there can get up there i'm sure my buggy can do the same. For the life of me i still haven't found a way that Polaris got back up there. Very interesting though why he was back up there. I feel this needs investigation lol
  2. Expedition #10 Scouting old road SE of Queen Valley, AZ 90F Hello friends! I hope everyone is doing well 🙂 Went scouting on October 10th to see if this old road can handle the Buggy. I'm guessing it can't. Let me know what you guys think. I apologize for the crappy video(s) I'm pretty much a one man show, the girlfriend is incompatible with the hills 🙂
  3. I'm curious what application would one use a 4x6 coil? Bedrock? That seems a bit too small.
  4. Expedition #9 RRPC claim, Range Bull #1 Morristown, AZ 77F
  5. Hey everyone, i'm curious to what this ore (rock) is. It's whitish/grey with some silver tones all over it, it glistens in the sun pretty amazingly and seems to be made of sheets of maybe silicone? it breaks pretty easily.
  6. it's just the 20kHz and 40KHz while in the gold mode(s)
  7. I was noticing "coil whine" coming from the control box. I'm sure it's normal but was wondering does anyone else hear this? very high pitched squeal or whine, very faint. I also have a GM1000 and I don't hear it on that one. Edit: Interesting! Seems to be more prevalent when using Multi.
  8. Thanks flakmagnet, Yeah cant wait 🙂 Today's Expedition was called off because the Buggy's battery was too low. I haven't used it for four weeks and it cranked five times than the battery seemed like it was dead. It's on the slow charger now and we're going to attempt the trip again on Saturday.
  9. HI MannyScoot sorry took so long to reply. Not yet 🙂 I'm heading out tomorrow to a club claim north of Lake Pleasant, it's a ATV only claim and will take about 18 miles heading north in the buggy to get to it. RRPC claim, Map 14, RR-Humbug. I'll report back...
  10. Indeed. I keep forgetting there's one on the pick 🙂
  11. Expedition #8 - RRPC, Golden Nickel It's a rough video but we're still learning 🙂
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