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  1. This is an addendum to the post I made about Metal Detecting For Gold In Finland. I thought it would be good to put my money where my mouth is and show what the Garrett 24K can do on a scrape and detect operation. For details on the procedure see that thread. The long story short is I used the 24K with 6" concentric coil to carefully work through material an inch or two at a time, with the goal of missing as little as is humanly possible. Condor and I found some real nice specimen gold a couple years ago. I have been sure our PI detectors left some tiny bits behind and have been wanting to go back with a hot VLF ever since. Wanting to write this up finally provided the impetus for me to do so. This is the work site. The 24K was running default settings with volume at Boost 2 and Sensitivity 7 out of 9. I ground balanced an average of the ground and a couple small hot rocks and found sensitivity 7 to work best with the hot rocks, any more making it harder to discern them for what they are. I kept the ground balance locked once I got it where I wanted it. As I had it set the rocks gave a negative "boing-boing" response while gold gave the standard "zip-zip" response. I removed the surface rubble and detected, finding a couple small bits. Then a few hours of scrape the surface down an inch or two, followed by careful detecting of the surface and the removed soil. The 24K 6" coil combo is basically immune to knock sensitivity, so I actually used the coil as a rake to smooth and push the dirt down the hill. The gold seems confined to a certain horizon in the bank and gave out once I got down a little deeper than where Condor and I had left off. The two smallest bits both weighed in at 0.050 grams and once cleaned up the total weight was 1.662 grams for the fourteen little specimens found. The largest was 0.25 gram. The only other thing I wanted to mention was I was surprised at how well the 6" coil on 24K identified the gold as non-ferrous. Ferrous items just bang repeatedly at the far left of the meter. Tiny bits of gold do jump around a lot, even reading ferrous now and then, but the bottom line is if you get any non-ferrous readings dig it. Only ignore targets that never come off a ferrous indication in multiple sweeps. Even the smallest bits here gave reliable non-ferrous readings, boosting my faith in this detector quite a bit for work in ferrous trash. Anyway, fun little outing, and demonstrates how gold can be found without ever moving off a small location... of course providing the gold is there to find!
  2. WOWOWOWOWOW they've made the 6" Concentric coil. I'm so glad they're including coil covers, the covers are just impossible to get in NZ otherwise, and importing a coil cover from the USA costs what you guys pay for the coil πŸ™‚ I guess they felt the other sizes were not going to be good sellers, but in reality that Concentric is the must have coil for 24k owners. This is great news, thanks Garrett.
  3. Well I finally was able to pick up the final coil I was searching for, for my Garrett 24K, the 4x6 and man it is tiny compared to the 14x8 which is currently mounted to my 24K
  4. Hi all, Love my 24k but i have noticed that both the 10x5dd and the 6inch concentric are bump sensitive. When the ground balance numbers are in the 40's, lightly taping the coils on the ground causes feed back, mostly on the right hand side of both coils. When the ground balance is in the 70's their is no bump sensitivity. The 10x5 has been replaced once already. Also have had the detector replaced. Surly i couldn't have had 3 faulty coils or two faulty detectors. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
  5. I am new to gold prospecting and nugget hunting and just recently purchased a new Goldmaster 24k. To learn more about this endeavor I have been reading as much as possible on this and other forums. I have read comments on this forum that one advantage of the VLF detector is its ability to discriminate between gold and junk in areas of past or historic mining activity. And I have also read that the conductivity of gold will vary depending upon its purity. At the risk of sounding dumb and having missed the obvious, my question is this: How do I use the VLF to discriminate, find gold and avoid the trash in a trashy area that may have iron scrap, bird shot, empty 22 shell casings, aluminum foil and other modern and old trash? Thank you to all of you in advance for your patience and help.
  6. hi all as some of you know i just picked up a garrett 24 k from rick n mi (smoking deal thanks rick) i took it out to a very beat up area & gave it a run ,, the 24 k garrett runs super smooth.. ez to operate ..hot vlf gold detector ... just like steve said .. i like the balance & operation of the unit ..a real pleasure to hunt with . i would love to tell you how much gold it found but alas it was not to be today .. but... it did find 12 targets in this worked out area.. i have had every gold detector you could imagine in this spot.. so finding 12 targets was a big deal.. im finding the garrett 24 k a great machine ./smooth threshold & very few hot rocks. area has lots of basalt .. fyi for anyone wondering about the garrett 24 k its a winner . ill be hunting more with it at gold basin in the near future.. πŸ˜ƒ
  7. Given the improvements in target separation in the 900 and the already proven Equinox ability on small gold, what are the reasons to own a 24k over a 900 for purely nugget hunting? The 24k has an edge on price, but when you include an extra coil and wireless headset that gap is pretty much closed. There are the obvious differences such as frequency, ability to configure the machine, waterproofing, etc, but when the machines are out in the field with all this thrown in a blender is there still a reason to go with the less featured 24k? Is the 24k performing better in more soil types? Do people see more depth given similar coil sizes? Thanks in advance for all your thoughts.
  8. Which detector/coil combo makes the best gold (nugget) hunting unit----the Nokta Legend with LG24 & LG15 (9.5X6" & 6" DD coils)----or the Garrett 24K with 10X5" DD & 6" concentric coils?-----Thanks
  9. Sorry guys, been away. So, was chasing and chasing a coil cover for my Garrett 24k. Could not get one anywhere im the world. Ok, they are finally here in Australia. You have got to be kidding me! Buy, pay for shipping im getting one for $68! What an insult! A bit of plastic! This was a cheap one, some wanted here to sell and send one for $80. Utter crap. I have one on the way but seriously this price. Rip off.
  10. took delivery of a new Garret 24 K today purchased from Gerry very quick delivery 2 days I am curious though as to why a brand new Garret 24 K has a battery cover that says Whites on it though LOL, just thought it was odd so I received a whites/Garrets 24K LOL at least the battery cover is black, have a six inch coil coming from Gerry for it also, put it together and charging the included rechargeable batteries as I type really looking forward to getting out with this 24K first impressions what I see so far I like, when you set it down it doesn't fall over, which is a big plus after using the GM1000 will add some more once I get out in the area I detect Thanks Gerry for the great service
  11. Hi guys. I have a 24k Garrett. I do like it. But I have before I got it and still now, read about how it has virtually no knock sensitivity. This is how mine is here in Australia Victoria. I have of course the supplied 10 eliptical and also got from the US the 6" concentric. This is how mine goes. In quiet ground, phase numbers under say 50, it is knock sensitive. Anything the coil touches makes a noise. No way can I run it on the ground. But, above, especially 60 upwards, it has near no knock sensitivity. I can use it amongst bush, shrubs, rocks and get very very minimal knock sensitivity. Also in that type of area I can hit the stem and hear near nothing. But in the lower ground phase areas, below 50, I can hit the stem and hear it ping like a signal. Thats with the 10" DD. But with the Concentric, anywhere is the same! Low numbers, high numbers, no diff. I can run it on the ground, knock stuff and its the same. Has anyone else using this detector found this same thing? It works better with the DD in hot ground and runs better. Red clay in Vic it cruises, even ground that older VLFs couldn't handle this does with the DD. Its like reverse from the older ones. But some places the 6 struggles and I really want to use the DD it pings off on everything even grass! Thoughts, experiences, ideas?
  12. in the Garrett forum snakejim asked: "an you plug in a Bluetooth transmitter into the Garret 24K to allow to use Bluetooth headphones instead of using the supplied corded headphones ???" I have the same question for the Whites 24K? I would assume that the answer is yes, but just thought I would ask any how just in case there was a difference. Thanks to all for your responses.
  13. Called Garrett this morning with the issue I am having on the 24 K cam locks falling apart, Garrett is sending me new stems with cam locks plus extra cam locks, since I told them I was not comfortable having to take the control pod off to replace the S part of the stem on a new detector that the wires run through that part of the stem , they already put the parts in the mail and should be here in a few days, that's pretty good customer service, in my book Seems Garrett is going to be a great company to deal with in warranty service Thank you Garrett, for the outstanding service spoke to Mary there
  14. Can you plug in a Bluetooth transmitter into the Garret 24K to allow to use Bluetooth headphones instead of using the supplied corded headphones ??? Also in the volume setting there is a B1 and a B2 volume setting are those two settings used to boost weaker signals or is there another purpose of the B1 and B2 volume settings just trying to learn the 24 K functions have watched Mr H videos on Garrett site but he never went into the B1 and B2 settings on the volume controls thanks for any and all replies
  15. I've wanted the 24k since Whites released it, it was all too hard to get with Whites and their very limited worldwide distribution, Garrett is making that easier and has a much larger distribution network around the world so the 24k is becoming more accessible now than it was. I had this one sent from the USA to get it quickly as the New Zealand dealer isn't likely to have any until next year, although I think that'll change when they start getting people asking for them πŸ™‚ I was pleased to see it came with rechargeable batteries to get me up and running fast, a good brand too being Duracell AA NiMH. So a few photos.... starting with the box. Whites fans will be pleased to see all the references to Whites on the box. That looks like Steve's scoop to me πŸ™‚ And the box contents The charger and car adapter, lighter socket to USB adapter and also a power socket with various countries that is like a phone charger really, it just converts the AC to DC 5v 2.1 amp USB power, so you can use any USB charging adapter that can output the 2 amp's to charge your batteries. The charger will also charge on a common 1 amp USB port, it's just going to be slower. Very handy as I can charge the batteries in my Caravan or anywhere really with USB charging. The charger can also charge AAA batteries as well as the AA's required for the 24k, quite handy. The 12v alligator clips charger to lighter socket is very good quality too, nice thick cables and inline fuse. Even the little lighter socket to USB is a good quality product, came in a little package showing it's got a 2 year warranty. It's made by Aukey and has 2 x 2.4amp USB ports on it for fast charging. The charger has Micro USB and USB-C support, so you can use your phone charging cable if you've got one of the many Android phones using Micro USB and forget to bring your Garrett supplied cable. This is the batteries inside the mounting box that slides up into the back of the 24k. They're easy enough to put in there. The battery box has a nice Whites logo on it. You'll see I've already used the little plug they supply to cover over the headphone socket, Good to keep the dust and weather out and I'll likely leave it in there forever. The speaker on the 24k is excellent, nice loud volume so I see little need for headphones unless I'm next to a loud river or something detecting. The screen's nice and big, easy on the eye, every icon and bit of writing is oversized, quite good for people that need glasses I would guess. The buttons are nice and easy to use and you'll note they left the Whites logo on there. The coil's nice, I haven't weighed it yet but it feels light as a feather, and the detector is very well balanced with the batteries under the arm cuff, I've never used one of the Whites detectors with the box under the arm cuff, but I'm seeing how nice the balance is with this style detector. Garrett also supplied little feet to stick onto the bottom of the box so you're not resting the plastic box directly onto the ground, quite a good idea as I generally hunt in very rocky areas. One thing I noticed almost straight away as you don't have to put effort in when you put it down to prevent it from falling over, it naturally wants to sit upright. πŸ™‚ And the back of the control pod, again another Whites logo I think they've done a good job paying homage to Whites, while also putting their own touches on it, a very impressive detector. Now for the meat and potatoes, I took it down behind my house to the river and fired it up, I had no idea what I was doing as I'd only used it for a few minutes but I took a couple of videos comparing how it was operating compared to my Equinox with the Coiltek 10x5" Nox Coil. Take these videos with a grain of salt, I've spent 5 minutes using the Garrett 24k but I found it very easy to use and understand, it can just be a turn on and go detector by the look of it. It handled the ground well, and I was very happy with the sensitivity of it, I absolutely can not wait to get the smaller coils for it, especially the concentric coil. I had put the Coiltek 5x10" Nox coil on the Equinox so it was more like comparing apples with apples and tested both detectors on a small #9 lead pellet. The 24k certainly had the edge on air test depth. The ground performance seems excellent too, I love how quiet it runs, the threshold is very smooth, it's also interesting you can run it right next to the Nox with no interference for either detector, both run fine right next to each other. The build quality of the Garrett seems excellent, the shaft nice and solid and nothing feels flimsy. In this video I take both for a little walk around showing how they handle this difficult ground that's covered in hot rocks. The 24k was completely free of knock sensitivity, something I'm going to find very beneficial with the areas I hunt being rocky. Both detectors have their settings maxed out, the Equinox is on 25 gain. Now I've got to get the batteries charged up so I can use it properly, at least they had enough charge in them from the factory for me to take it for a test run. We are in a 2 week Covid lockdown at the moment, we are expected to come out of the worst of it on Wednesday so hopefully I can go find some nuggets with the 24k soon, judging by my first impressions of it I am sure I will be able to achieve that quite quickly.
  16. Has anyone had problem with slight bumps on the 10” coil false firing? I turned the sensitivity down, but it still does it. It seems that the coil wasn’t filled with anything to stabilize the windings or internal wires. With the scuff cover off, the bottom seems hollow and flimsy feeling.
  17. I decided to start another thread. I have an opportunity to purchase a barely used GMX Sport with two coils (still has the original Noni batteries). I also have the Legend. I want to hunt for nuggets around in the streams here in Oregon. What would be the advantages if any, of the GMX over the Legend? Any other comments would be welcome. Thanks! Walt
  18. I use the Gold Kruzer relic and jewelry hunting and it can be a noisy detector. I am thinking the 24k could replace it and the Gold Kruzer could take a break. The 24k is quite an incredible detector. It runs quiet.. The Gold Kruzer can drive me crazy sometimes. I want to know if the 24k would work as a relic hunter. I know it is nugget detector and is extremely sensitive to very tiny targets. With the Gold Kruzer I set it to disc out nails and dig targets above foil when relic hunting to eliminate those tiny targets. I assume the 24k can do this too. Am I right? I like using a nugget detector for relic and gold jewelry hunting plus my other detectors. The Gold Kruzer has incredible separation and I assume the 24k does too. I also use: Equinox 800, Legend, Xp Orx, Gold Kruzer, Vaquaro and Tejon.
  19. I'm sure there are only a few individuals that can answer the question in the topic header with technical detail (which I'm very interested in), but I'm also interested in the observations of those that have owned both the White's 24K and the Garrett 24K
  20. A rare bird so far. Here is my 24K with the second hand 4" x 6" DD coil from a GMX. Presumably White's will make these with 24K style decals at some point instead of GMX decals. I'm half tempted to peel the decal off but my better sense tells me I may sell it someday and then I'll wish the decal was still on it. We'll see. But the good news for me is I now officially have all four coils for the 24K. I have asked forum member Jim McCullough to let us know when he gets these coils in stock. White's Goldmaster 24K with 4" x 6" DD search coil 8" x 14" DD, 6" x 10" DD, 6.5" round concentric, and 4" x 6" DD search coils for 24K and GMX
  21. There is a creek nearby to me that is gold bearing, in fact it's the first place I found nuggets with a detector finding over 2 grams with 6 nuggets on my first venture up the creek. the creek is on a mountainside and it's a public fossicking area which means anyone can go and detect or sluice in it, its set aside by the government for public use. This means it's been done by many people but people miss gold, and new gold gets washed down it during flooding events. The problem I've always had with the creek is the bottom surface of it especially the bedrock is difficult for detectors, they have trouble ground balancing on it, the GM1000 reacts quite badly to it and the many hot rocks in the creek so you spend your day looking at it's screen and gold probability meter trying to work out if one of the thousands of signal you've got are likely to be a bit of gold. The Equinox wasn't much better in all metal it was going off all the time with -8 and -9 and random jumps up to 12 and 13 on the VDI's and you couldn't ground balance it away. The other problem was the GM struggled with it's slow ground tracking and going in and out of the shallow water detecting the creek kept throwing it out and when the coil transitioned from the air to the water the GM screamed, this made it very difficult to detect very shallow water with a rocky bottom as the coil kept having to go in and out of the water. The Nox was a bit better for this and did react going in and out of the water but not near as badly as the GM1000. It is a shame I don't have video of the GM and Nox behaviour in this creek but I'll get some next time I'm nearby and add it to this thread so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. The Garrett 24k really surprised me, it was able to ground balance out the bedrock easily, it didn't hardly respond at all to any of the hot rocks in the creek once it was balanced, there was only a couple of types of hot rocks that would set it off, I was utterly surprised how well it worked. It made a small transition noise when it went from air to water similar to the other detectors, but nowhere near as severe as the Gold Monster and it wasn't at all distracting and handled the shallow water transitions perfectly fine, it wasn't a problem at all. I love the 24k's ability to lock the ground balance, this is something the Gold Monster is missing and it's something that's just so vital in a situation like at this creek. It's something the Monster would really benefit from having. This was the same creek a couple of years ago I found a very old Chinese coin I suspected a Gold Miner lost, the coin is far older than the habitation of NZ though so it was likely something he/she wore around their neck on a string and it broke. This is the Chinese coin, unfortunately it was broken, I suspect this is why it was lost. It was found under a small waterfall. Now, back to the 24k, I was so happy with it's performance but unfortunately I didn't find any gold on the day, the creek is very wild and it was too difficult to get far up it due to trees falling down over the creek and when the slope increases it's difficult to bypass the creek by going up the sides as they get very steep, so I was limited to detecting the very lower area of the creek which is the bit that's detected the most due to easier access. I'm going to have to work out a way to get higher up the creek without following the creek up but it's very dense steep forest either side of it. This is the lower end of the creek where I was able to detect before it gets steep. And the video if it working well, I was so pleased as the 24k is going to open up opportunities, this is probably why Nugget Hunter NZ who found the massive nugget in a creek a few years ago on the West Coast of NZ raved out the Whites 24k, as I'd imagine the creeks he was detecting had similar bedrock and hot rocks to this creek. Having absolutely no bump sensitivity with the 24k coils is a massive bonus detecting a creek like this, both the Equinox and the Gold Monster have bump sensitivity, the 24k I'm running with the sensitivity maxed out and nothing, no bump sensitivity at all, fantastic.
  22. My first impressions of ... Garrett Goldmaster 24K is a very stable and yet fully powerful detector on a 6x10 "coil ... It can also be issued ..on 3 low - conductivity targets on my test field .. a piece of 0.05 gram gold stored at 10cm, a small 14mm silver earring at a depth of 20cm and a 14mm silver hammered coin placed at 23cm..in mild terrain ... Goldmaster on sensitivity 10. .and at low, and medium SAT can detect them nicely ... and I like deep VDI target identification .... in this test. Tests were done on discrimination and on audio 2 tone ... such very deep signals .... you already have in the identification of VDI 95 -99... What really interested me in this test is that the detector retains the same range on such mild terrain as in the air test ... Airtest 0.1gram of gold is at 10.5 cm ,,, at 14 mm hammered it is 22-23 cm ... at discrimination and 2 tone audio .. Now mineralization .. At Sensitivity 7 ... it is stable even at strong mineralization of the "golden forest" with a value of 6 bar F3o4 / magnetite .. But I will make more comparisons on various mineralized terrains..strength magnetite, hematite and various minerals ... such as Tesinite, Hematite type quartz from Pirenenei and iron stone ... Now VDI identification ... Identification of VDI Goldmaster 24k ... is very well and interestingly done ... 1.on VDI 50-60 you can identify very low conductive gold objects such as very small open gold earrings, 3mm stud earrings ,, at level 60 -70 other slightly gold low conductive objects .. ,,,, 2. on VDI 70-80 you can already identify some medium-sized old low-conductivity bronze objects ...., such as a Roman buckle .., or parts of it ... 3. VDI 80-88 .... will be a zone of low and medium conductive silver and gold hammered coins ,, as well as more modern coins based on nickel alloys ... 4 .. VDI ..90-99 ... is a zone of very many silver and copper coins .... highly conductive coins .. I am satisfied with the fact that the Goldmaster 24K on the 6X10 "DD coil can correctly identify in the zone of non-ferrous targets VDI 99 ... a 42mm -28 gram large silver ..high conductivity coin ..- 1.Thaler 1870 M-T ... which is a coin the similar size of 1 silver dollar ...
  23. Are GMX and 24K coils interchangeable? A buddy of mine is looking for a 6 inch GMXcoil but they are getting rare and expensive used compared to the 24K Coils.
  24. The weight is about the same as a T2se. Is the balance of a 24k similar to the T2se?
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