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  1. Waohh, this results are very impressive, especially for the 1 gram ring ! For Comparison : AQ : 1,35g (10k gold) -> 18" (45 cm) TDI : 2,9g (14k gold) -> 15" (38 cm) and "only" 12" (30 cm) without the battery mod.
  2. thank you for your great work ! A highly interesting study. Note that, on the beach, the black sand in non volcanic regions are mostly composed by standard silice and limestone (light brown). The black matter which surrounds the grains is mostly organic (like mud). So, it’s the organic matter that causes the color. The upper part of the sand is often clear because washed and here, the only real problem is the conductivity of salt water. When the sand is hardened, it's due to the high manganese and iron oxyde content (called alios).
  3. Damned ! No chance to see a Fisher Bipolar PI detector on the market until 2032. ...Indeed, my father just sent me the White's US patent 20110316541A1 You can read it at this link (pdf file) : https://patents.google.com/patent/US20110316541A1/en (...) Consecutive truncated half sines of current are of opposite polarity as efficiency is enhanced by the bipolar resonance proceeding past the peak of current, providing bipolar waves allowing for earth magnetic field cancellation with as little as one sample of both polarities during the pulse mode sampling time following the tr
  4. Hello Guys, I'm new on this forum and like Alexandre Tartar, I live in north of France. I was a young prospector in the 90's and asked my father (electronic engineer with good knowledge in magnetic field theory) to build a PI to hunt the beaches. So we have made, in a few months, an home-made PI metal detector 25 years ago, based on the technology of the old White's Surfmaster PI (mono coil). I remember the use of FETs (Field Effects Transistors to make 200 volts pulses). It worked, but unfortunately, my father was afraid by a so powerful magnetic fields and has continued his researc
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