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  1. Normally I use USPS but they had stopped all deliveries to some countries during that time.... the endcaps would have cost about 35 dollars...to the land downunder. I remember one time I shipped GG head phones over night to Shizuoka Prefecture Japan .....someone in great need ..it was FEDX 285.oo. And it ended up being 2 day shipping time. He did getting several Plat...and killer golds. Him to me.. Still keeping up with you on the ring count, just. Good to have some friendly competition brother.
  2. I'm not sure why but I can tell you once you start shipping over seas and specially Downunder, Australia... if something goes wrong with the detector it cost a fortune to ship. Fisher is very good at paying shipping both ways on warranty issues......I've shipped stuff to Australia before, detectors, parts and the shipping is insane. Example ... 150 USD dollars to ship two endcap...Then add in import duties. To much risk and cost. Once they get service setup in Euro and other places I can see service being easier to the other side of the world.. All of this is me guessing also.
  3. That's a Great site, have almost every 18650 I've ever seen.. And Great details on each.
  4. Nice time out on the treasure ark! Flat bottom you can get up in the shallow's. Kool Baltimore bottles also, I've heard of those names before, long gone but not to far from me.
  5. The machine to have would be the TDI Pro in that box...SEA GHOST has really done some nice mods over the last 2 years.
  6. Lots of old swim spots on the rivers in Illinois from what I hear. I'm not sure if your near Tom Hiluxyota but I really enjoy his river hunt video's.
  7. Very nice setup and it is in your back yard...👍...You can really learn a lot about a detector doing testing and playing with the settings in a test garden ...... Good Luck! I've had a swing arm (air) test bed for many years. Although not as nice as yours I've learned so much about my machines and target responses. My favorite testing has been head phones and how to get the most out of them, audio wise.
  8. Best production headphones I've ever used....., So much I recommended to Fisher they sell them as aftermarket headphones.. they are that good. Blows away every aftermarket and private set made for use at the beach and diving. Thank You Alexandre !! And for the details above...On the New World Version Impulse "AQ"
  9. The door is open as far as I know for the Limited version, I would contact them ASAP. I know of three who ordered/purchased last week. Arturo Barrientos.................... service-fisherlab@fisherlab.com We have more of the Fisher Impulse now available. If interested to purchase please let me know. The pricing is below. IMPULSE-AQ-NIMH $1,499 PI-BATPK-NIMH $199.00 *Only if you want more than 1 battery pack 8COILPI-AQ-PK $299 Regards, ARTURO BARRIENTOS Sales Support First Texas Pr
  10. I've tested, No performance gain due to the small amount cut off....18 inches a VLF and if I remember correct a subject over on (Findmall) Technology forum many years ago ....... Only gain I have found ....... less chance of the cable moving or exposure to the conditions, with I have tried several different things, one was running the coil cable thru the shaft.. .. and exact length needed. (both pictured) I love going thru and reading the old Findmall post with Eric, Wire Chief, Mr Bill, Reg...etc.. The capacitance and the resistance of the coil cable has to be taken into cons
  11. I won't be making them for sales. Just me playing around. The Excalibur battery pictured ran for 4 days straight (106 hours) but it runs Hot, (4 18650 Samsung 3500mAh 16.8) which I am afraid might not be good on some days or machines. So Another one with 26650 batteries is planned but lower voltage. Steve sent me his extra EBL 5000mAh, so a 3 cell will be next but with the big batteries, 12.6 volts.
  12. Looks like a great time out! Mini tsunami, know them well in the Northern part of the Bay, I've heard down in the lower part of the bay the subs coming thru really throw a good one.
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