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  1. Sorry to see for it looks like you were getting ready for the big one! I like the quick response from Rick and Fisher..If you still have the machine check the power cable. I noticed twice now it had like a static electricity build up? A disconnect then reconnect it clears up... Also check the volume, I had a few moments I though something had went...turned out I accidentally hit the volume...After me going thru all I seen the volume was low..So it was a false alarm.. And the AQ does run Hot! Some of the first test I ran when I was doing the battery testing...I did a temp test. Best to get to know every little detail for the AQ is like no other Animal. Different areas of the control head.. 91 degrees 131 degrees 109 degrees All temps taken within a few seconds of each at different points on the head unit
  2. Thanks TVR.... I could never get them to work on Piezo;s..I use to order my Audiosears speakers with the little guys..which they worked great on....But . I never really liked them for the would clip the tops off of some signals.. I think I've been thru every birdcage trying to get the very best audio... The headphones work great for i can hear stuff no one else can, and that's with the excalibur. And they work great on the "AQ', but I may go deaf before the end of the year if I don't do something..💀 I had to look around to find a few from the old days..
  3. Tony I'm so desperate for a small coil I'm ready to take the little 8 inch off of the barracuda and try it on the "AQ"..😬
  4. Yes.......... I would be giving up some, my guess is about 4 inch's but the amount of noise from a small coil would be so much less in the rough salt water it will make a huge difference. So you figure I get 19/20 on a nickel...it would go to 14/15..but then again we are in un-charter territory........... could be better.
  5. I was going to ask him to make me a custom one for I know he has made a few in the past. But since Fisher is moving forwards with it I will hold on that message.
  6. Wow! That is Great News..Thank You! I was in the middle of type a message to Alexander T on maybe getting a 8 or 9 inch made...I still may but I know he is a busy man, so I don't mind waiting.
  7. Skullies ...Not made for diving unfortunately, (water resistant) and maybe not the best for the faint of hearing. Honestly, I don't think the AQ needs any help on the audio...I was considering a Audio amp, like Doc's Screamer but it would do more damage then good and that was before I had my "AQ"..So I think you will be fine with the stockers. I just like pushing things to there limits.
  8. Three very short video's of the audio. First is my scoop getting to close to the "AQ" and this can be fixed by turning the audio off as soon as I move the AQ to the right and not turning it back on till I'm Pinpointing again. Second video is...I've moved the Aq to the right to get away from the scoop as I am digging but there is a target .......right there so I have to lift the AQ up to keep it from giving me a blasting signal from a shallow target. I have the same thing with the Excalibur but it's bearable..AQ the audio is intense! Third video is....common with the TDI and AQ,,, as the AQ is going into the water it makes a swooping false...(It's adjusting to the conditions) ...........twice as loud as the TDI... ...once the coil is level its fine... ..........just trying to make my hunting experience more enjoyable with the on / off switch. Also notice as I lean it on it's side which makes it smoother.
  9. It's the shallow targets that get me, and I guess you would say its a combination of the headset I use and the AQ's steroids volume. I use the same set of head phones with my excalibur and it is noisy also but not as intense. I'm very surprised no one else has had the issue of setting the coil to the side when they dig and getting blasted by a stray shallow target. I'll go thru my hunt the other day and see if I can find what I am talking about. I did consider what Cliff had mentioned, the volume adjustment but then you loose the faint signals. Give me a few hours and I'll get a video up...
  10. Yes, have to have a poly fuse. .........I like these BMS modules they have a fuel gauge plug. Just have to see how much room I have once I get all together and maybe do a add on.
  11. With the red batteries........ no...they can come out and will be put on a charger then another set dropped in... the other 4s2p yes
  12. Love the gold cross...And the old Silver came out nice!
  13. Above being said.................. the one problem I have with the "AQ" it's audio blasts when I move the detector to the side to dig and there is another shallow target under/near the coil........ I mean it is loud, and since I use the head phones I make (skullies) which the DB rating (sound level) is 15 plus over anything out there..............I get blasted if the "AQ" comes near the scoop, moving it a side to dig.... hitting another target..Or the AQ going back into the water......Not complaining, just one of my things that I've not seen anyone else talk of.... that I can fix..while I am making a battery for it. IP68, Bulgin On/Off...
  14. Yes, Know Mr Max well..Good Guy with some good video's..........I need to get back down there and pay him another visit...been several years now. And I do remember that titanium scoop, much like the starv's scoops...... it was detectable...Very nice too. I had a friend who made me two titanium scoops in 2013?. Cost me 350 dollars for two, material and water jetting..then labor. Broke one and still have the other....titanium is nice but for the cost I prefer the SS. Titanium is not something you can hook up the MillerMatic and weld, takes a very skilled Tig welder..which I am not.. Your friends Scoop, very nice work ........
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