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  1. That's a Great chunk of Plat! i recognize the Yellow VW Bus..
  2. Could be it for Feb......#24 for the year, 14k Cigar band.......And a Barber Dime......no date
  3. Two hunts, taking advantage of the lower tides. First hunt 2 hours, water very rough, got gold and left. Too rough for me. Day two 5 hours, almost turned around and left due to rough waters. Winds 23 mph NE winds, but decided to hunt in a protected area. Not as bad as it looked and after 3 hours I got two gold rings back to back. Crazy I was digging just about all targets, came across strange sounding null when I checked the target in Disc, after three scoops it sounded great but was still deeper. Got it out of the hole into the sifter..Gold ring more then 18 inchs down. 7.85 grams 14k..1921 class ring.........I check the rim of the hole, another target but junk. So really I started digging the target that was on the rim and did not realize I had dug it already and then heard the gold ring..which made it extra deep. Second gold was less then a foot away from the first, not as deep..maybe 12 inch's...10k..4 gram signet. Both rings were stained bad form being in the Bay waters many years. Gold Rings #21 #22 #23 for 2020
  4. Amen to that, Many times I could have swore my excalibur was hitting 18 "plus" inch's on a target .....but I was humbled once I took the time to measure with my scoop, and this is out in the water where every thing seems deeper. My rule of thumb now is take 4 inch's off what I thinking it was at that moment.
  5. Me, I would hold till June, the "AQ" should be out by then (I would hope). I to was thinking TDI BH but at this point I really need something that is a step above what's out there now. Too me I see short comings in both the TDI BH and the "AQ" but also see several things that stand out on the "AQ" that I think will make it the better choice....Good Luck on your decision...☠️
  6. X-2! Very cool relics of the war also....☠️
  7. That's a Beautiful Gold Cross! Very Popular I've noticed to sell, would bring way more then melt. A Keeper it would be for me..Very NIce!
  8. Thank You. Rarely do I sell but it did sale some to pay for the ski and boat. Also I do send in my Silver every year. That covers the gas for travel and the repairs needed to the gear. It did take me a few years to get use to hunting older beach's, so much different then modern beach's. Most of the beach's here closed in the late 60's early 70's so the treasure has had plenty of time to hide.
  9. Good stuff Dew! Love the indian! Be interesting to see how you do with the "AQ" ......also ..........if you have a improvement over the MDT... So you use the MDT all the time now? I guess the fact it has discrimination the Excalibur and Nox would not be needed. And it seems to be deeper.. Me.....I don't see the "AQ" getting anymore gold then the Excalibur here because the Excalibur will be the one that I do reconn with and evaluate if I need the "AQ" at that spot. Going to be a lot of time spent nailing the right combo and I think that will be the determining factor in my end of year totals.
  10. Thank You Kac for the research! Out today for two hours, nice lower tide, Different beach...First target of the day..14k Amber stone ring. Not many targets dug, had a drysuit issue. Small leak...Cut the day short.
  11. Thanks PPP!... Over the past 6 years I've been very blessed to find one beach each year that gives up 40 to 50 gold rings, then they continue to give but only a few gold here and there. I'm constantly watching them for cuts or openings................. 2019 I found my yearly beach in July, it gave up 38 gold in 15 hunts...then it slowed. Just about then I found two other spots, that had given me several gold previous years had opened again. So those three spots have been giving up the treasure since last July. We have many beach's here in the Bay, most were small and now 98% of them are closed.....I research and find the old beach's, check them out, some give, some give later, some never. I can't wait to get my hands on the "AQ". The excalibur will always be my main machine but after I learn a beach's habits and target history the "AQ" will be the one that pulls the deeper gold and hoping the deeper smaller gold the excalibur can't. It will be a dig all machine for me.
  12. Thank you.........I don't think its a dog tag, more of a ID tag.? What you think? Rarely, do I take the time to track people down, if I find dog tags I have one friend that loves to return stuff. He's on me all of the time about this so much easier to hand it to him...
  13. Yes the Bay with it's saltwater and other pollutants eat away at them. Very Correct on the 2 letter message, figured everyone would get a laugh out of that one.. Baltimore transit token, It was one of the best ways to get to these beach's in the day. I'm wondering if you lost your token, if you were able to get home? For I'm sure they did not sell the tokens at the beach's. Before my time but I do have a friend I can ask, I need to go visit him. 92 years old and has so many great stories.
  14. Amazing what a week of the wrong direction winds can do. Keeping tides very high and pushing sand in...Not Good. But luck was with me the last two hunts and I was able to get into a small section out in the middle of no where and dig some treasures. Four Gold rings and eight silvers.
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