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  1. I think the Nox has changed that, I've not found a gold stud in 6 years now, that's just about how long they have been out. The Nox has helped everyone of my friends who use them, now as far as gold rings being pretty easy, must be the location for everyone of them have been complaining about there gold ring count for years. I am not a Nox lover but anyone asking me where to start.. I'm going to tell them the Nox.
  2. Great story on using both machines. Be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out and will enjoy seeing. I love this time of year, tides start going crazy low.
  3. Very true, I have aerial shots of all the beaches I hunt all the way back to 1952, most have the same patterns they did back then.. unless some changes were made or allowed by man.
  4. X-2 Buddy. I'll be thinking of you as I walk out in the 20 degree North winds and into the 40 degree waters. I got to say my setup I was using during the accident was warm as hunting the water in the summer. I'm going to need to figure something out. Out today, my once a week hunt. We had some strong winds this past week, I was excited about getting out but after 4 hours.. Not much to show. One thing about the bay I've noticed the last 3 years, the best days are the lowtiders, and with natural / normal actions of the bay, seem to be the best for cutting out areas and opening spots for hunting. Hard winds just cover all up . After 7 solid years of Chesapeake bay hunting you figure I could tell how all things affect this place....
  5. Good to see the compass pointed in the direction of Gold! Love the chain! Lots of nice treasure ..
  6. Several factors, stuck in the dead man float position because of the drysuit .....took water in the lungs, about 700 foot out in 5 foot of water, tried to paddy in ... Got tangled up in my tethered gear. Scoop, sifter, detector, 40F water coming in my neck seal thru a bleeder tube. Feet more buoyant and head less, luckily I was able to pull the sifter under my shoulders and head. When paddling in I kept going in circles, tried pushing myself with the scoop.. circles. So the best after 15 minutes, stay calm.. Yell help ever 10 seconds. Not the first time happened, stepped in one of my holes and had a tumble in close to shore, about 3 feet of water. Was able to spin around and get control.. happens at 1 min 40 seconds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYAnQDeMqWo I now carry these items all the time. A Coast Guard Beacon and Manual inflate Life jacket.
  7. Congrads on the 14k, It's tough finding gold on land. Great save! In my 14 years of detecting. Never found one on land.
  8. Thanks You! I'm stunned also and kind of thinking this is to good to be true. But when things do settle down, then the next round will be to take the AQ in.. One of the crazies digs I have had so far, most rings are about 3 scoops deep, guess 12 to 15 inches? I dug a pig of a gold ring, almost right on the surface..(1 scoop) I am still trying to figure out are they moving, or are they being uncovered?
  9. Thank You! Funny I never tell anyone the right place where I am finding the gold. So I talking to this old hunter and telling him I hunting beach (A) and finding several class rings.. about half way thru he said, We never found many at beach (A) but we use to find a lot at Beach (X) all the time.... Oppps .. I never confessed he was right but it did confirm what I had heard before. This beach I was told... if it was sanded in they would take the Jetboat and go up and down it a few times to find gold.. Not uncommon for them to walk out with more then 7 gold rings a hunt. The way I see it I am getting the crumbs.
  10. Thank You! Yes, every beach I have hunted in the Bay has been dredged, hammered during the 80's and early 90's but then they set for years as the land was sold to developer's, mostly homes and town houses. ... then a few, marina's. Most now are impossible to get to unless from the water.. Over the last 10 years I have collected stories and pictures on everyone of them, from the internet, old hunters and old people that still live near by. some of the stories are unreal on the amount of gold that they use to find. BUT time has passed, things were covered, moved around and hard to believe.. they all are still giving it up.. My favorite saying is... One door closes, and another opens. You just have to be there when it happens. Good Luck to you Okara also!
  11. Thank you! A small Dremel SS brush for the deeper details, then Mothers Mag wheel polish. Best stuff I have ever seen, I've used since I was into motorcycles..in the 70's.
  12. Thank You! This beach is noted for its class rings, must have been the place to hang when you were young. Most of the rings are dated from the 1950's down to 1936.
  13. I'll have to go thru my old post, story is rather long. Quickly, I am Very Blessed to be Alive.
  14. Thank You! Yes, On the extension of the arm. I really connect with the Excalibur as I am setting the threshold. Almost we become one? The AQ is a little different, the connection is there but I can't seem to tame it? It is so beastly it really requires so much more coil control. I do have a new addition to it so I am hoping that will help. The drysuit from the great fall got cut up when they pulled me out of the water. I did save a few things off of it. Luckily I had 3 drysuits, now down to 2.. I need to put a new zipper in the one and neck seal. I do have to figure out some way to keep my feet warm once the water hits the 40's.. and below. Thinking some kind of electric sox's? Had them before but never really liked them. I saved the boots from the accident but they are totally unsafe unless I am hunting with some one. They did keep my feet toasty but if you lift one foot up you can feel them wanting to go to the surface, Very buoyant.
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