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  1. Clive .....I have to say I find the Excalibur in All Metal easier to determine the shape, size, and depth of the target. I think part of the reason is the excalibur has a much softer audio. The "AQ"s audio is on steroid's and one must use great coil control to be able to define the shape and size of the target. Depth seems to be a little easier but really can take time to adjust to if your use to other All Metal machines. I do a few scoops then check the target, Oooo it's the next scoop..and Bam its deeper, then every scoop it getting louder and louder..2 scoops later and hard to believe it's
  2. Looks like a good time out learning the "AQ". I've yet to get in a wetsand hunt with it other then all of the testing I did early on. I would like to try it up at ship wreck beach in Delaware someday.
  3. That's a great chunk of Gold!! And good to see the "AQ" is back on the hunt!
  4. Thank you! And Best to you on your adventures! Thanks River rat! Thanks Cuniagau! And Good to see the "AQ" in the front lines! I'll be out next week, which machine I take will be based on the water level. Thank you Sir! No silver rings, they get ate up bad, and most just fall a part. Keep on Hammering! Going to be a slow year for me... Thanks to everyone for the Kind words, Be Safe!
  5. Thanks You! Really it's not bad at all, I hate being wet and cold, one thing for sure... either of those and I would not be out during the winter. Market on old class rings...Just the melt value. Most are not in the best condition.
  6. Happy New Years to you RR! That's a good outing with the new machine! And sounds like it punches deep. Not much worse then car issues. I have one right now with my Honda, battery light just came on the last trip out. Years ago I would had no problem putting a new alternator on but seems the older I get the less I want to mess with that stuff. Now to set up a appointment I can't imagine having the transmission going out. 😬
  7. Enjoyed the story, amazing the scent travels 8 miles! Something about a wood fire, seems to awaken something inside of me? Had the fireplace changed over to gas a few years ago, just not the same. One of my first homes had a wood stove, loved it until we had a chimney fire. The pipe was triple wall and that baby was cherry red and sound like a jet engine. Luck had it the house never burnt down but lesson learned. Stop burning pine.
  8. First out for the year, found a spot that has cuts that are over my head. I know how they got there but best I hold on that for now. One thing for sure targets are every where, on the top shelf, down the slope, and in the bottom. Just have to wait for a better tide so I can hunt the whole bottom and not worry about sliding down the slope. Most targets are shallow. First gold was maybe 12 inch's? Going to be interesting to see how long this spots stays intact-ed. I knew something was up and one reason I took the Excalibur for I had no clue on what I would be walking into. I am debating on takin
  9. Amen to that, been say that for years....And the AQ is the machine. I've got spots like that the Excalibur may hit 6 to 8 inch's, I've noticed the AQ hits much deeper.. more like 12 to 14...tough digging thru shells and clay. Both machines in AM.
  10. Yes it does, that was the only short coming. If you set it against the wall it leans on the battery. I did have another design but to complicated to be around saltwater. After a few months it failed due to my fault.
  11. Another "AQ" Lover! And a beauty of a ring to prove it! Two scoops and gold..Love it! You cracked me up with the "Another fan of the Big Battery" Heck, I'm a fan of my own on the big battery. I made a small one I used a few times but the big one seems to really gives me peace of mind?
  12. Got all supplies ordered, most will be here this week. Only hold up is the acrylic rod...maybe by the weekend. I do have enough rod to do a couple batteries so I will make sure I get yours ready ASAP. You wanted the M-8 connector? 11 hour battery or the 5.5 hour? I've miss placed my list so I need to go thru my emails and messages to gather the details on everyone that asked. Another Great hunt Also! And good to see another AQ Lover!
  13. Treasure like that sure gets the blood flowing! Then the memory of the hang...Wow! Don't get much better!
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