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  1. One of the things that pushed me into the water, spiders, ground hornets and ticks. And the dag ticks are so small now...
  2. I got some cheap brushes, and two part epoxy, slow dry 24 hours. Scuffed up the bottom of the coil, wiped it down good. Mixed up a small amount of the epoxy. Brushed it on, let it set about 3 hours, then brushed more on.. let that dry a while then loaded it up, pouring it on... if it gets stiff you can heat it up with a heat gun. Flowed out real nice. I do the same with my Excalibur coils. See if I can find a few pictures.
  3. Little test I do to check the excalibur DD coils, (Using a audiosears 2463 element/speaker to hear the send field) as one can see the send field is stronger near the rear of the coil instead of the tip. I'm not sure if this means the rear of the coil can pick up deeper signals but I've always felt I was getting better depth using this area once I had a faint signal. In the real world the after burner adds about 4 inches to the depth, Unfortunately to Hot for some saltwater areas.
  4. Here is the video promised. Not the best but gives a idea of what not to do........... First....Overload, motorboating audio, when in the garage (And will not detect anything). Than once outside near the back of my SUV ..lots of EMI...(will detect but very noisy)......than I lay it in the yard, (away from all) and it does take a second to calm down but works fine. And detects metal. So the surrounding are a major factor when you first fire up the beast. Turn your volume up so to hear the AQ
  5. Got many video's of this, fine tuning is the secret with the AQ...just a 1/20 of a inch adjustment can affect how well it works. Best to set yourself up a test rig and see what affects what...See if I can find a video without giving to much away..
  6. You have a picture of your head phones, the cup design is a major factor. I hunt in the water with winds of 30mph, and I have gel pads to help with the wind noise. I've tried to use the fur on the ear cups,...kind a helped, used hoodie, little better. But the best is a low profile ear cups and gel pads, than work in the direction that the wind is blocked on one side. You turn a certain way you can get away with this, wrong direction you can't hear nothing. At the ocean there is the pounding surf, nothing can help that... I am a true believer in headphones, I'm not sure how the 6000 works but for me it's a matter of hearing the faintest of targets in All metal, as a water hunter, blocking the ambient noise is one of the most important things. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/menus/av/headsetx_ear.html
  7. I'll see if I can do a short video on the wacko mod.. I found any place there is a large piece of metal, or another machine is near that is on..... it does it, over loaded... My first one I got from Rick does it also. I would take it to the beach, and turn it on while it was next to my car.. wacko.. Best to hold it in the air away from everything and turn it on.. works fine then.. I'll do that video Thursday, should be easy to recreate.
  8. That's a Nice run Clive!! That color never gets old seeing it! I still love my AQ's, Not for every spot but once you do find them.... it's like a turkey shoot. I am with Carolina, I would say my deepest was in the 17/18 inch range. Side note, it really hammers the smaller gold best, 1 gram to 6. Last gold measured/found with the AQ was a 1.6 gram, if I remember correct.. at 15 inches. I do remember also I got one that was 20 plus inches, but after checking the rim of the hole there was another smaller gold pendant. So I don't think the deeper gold would have been found without hearing the first. How does the AQ compare to the TDI Pro.. that would be a good battle. The Pro and the AQ, both Monsters in my eyes as PI's. I did do a compare of the TDI Beach hunter with the 14.8 volt upgrade.. the AQ had it by 3 to 4 inches on targets, easily. I sure miss getting out with the AQ, hope to be back at it come July.
  9. I guess the battery was never used. Everyone that bought one was sent instructions that you have to pull the M-8 fitting off of the AQ and turn it around. Not sure which battery you got but I made 2 diff.. a 5.5 hour and a 11 hour one. Full charged should be around 16 plus volts..16.4 to 16.8 O and I made one 8 hour battery, that one is pictured below on the far right..TVR got it On the wacko, that is possibly a overload. If you have any large pieces of metal under or near the coil it will go into the motor boat sound also other machines that are on when you turn the AQ on will cause the same.. So you have to turn it off and set it somewhere it is clean then turn it on...
  10. I had two batteries that had a issue with the positive pin turning green, from saltwater getting in. I'm not sure if the fitting was tight enough or had failed. One was a customers and one was mine. See if I can find a picture. Since then I just wrap and use,... then unwrap to charge. Feel good.. just waiting for my a health issue to be taken care of.. Hope to get wet by July if all goes well. Hope your getting all back to normal. Getting old sure has it good and bad's.
  11. Only one I cover is the power cable / HP. Even on the batteries I made. I guess it would be a precaution to do the coil cable connector.
  12. The Whites DF PI is another which has the drop out of the threshold on edge of the detection field targets. Those that have described it to me as a blank out of the threshold. I called it the inverted signal, but I never liked the DF..way to noisy threshold. The Minelab Excalibur in All metal with a very low threshold will rarely have the inverted signal but if it does happen it's only on the swing left, on deep targets. Sometime times on deep targets I will get the grainy mix of a signal. It's like a very long faint (strain) of the target trying to break thru the threshold. There is no shape to it. Most deep targets will give that disruption of the threshold, where the faint target does have a faint ramp up....... then back down to the normal threshold. A Great set of head phones is very important when using the excalibur, without them your missing deep gold and silver. I'm not a NOx user but I seen Terry Shannon talk about the drop out on the Nox...see if I can find that video. Go to 7 minute in the video they start talking about the blank out, he calls it a hiccup.
  13. Minelab Excalibur. Been Very Blessed that I have connected with this machine which has netted me over 100 grand in Gold in 8 years. The added benefit has been health wise, lots of walking and fresh air.
  14. I must be a lazy hunter. I like turning the machine on and hunting. I'm reading about all of these adjustments to all the new machines.. I may as well be blind for I have no clue.
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