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  1. I’m fairly sure the production model next to appear will not be digital. For me, I am quite satisfied with the limited and Joes battery with a M12 phone jack. I have several mods already on one of my machines. For those who hunt the water, sand and grit can play havoc with that cam lock. Either it is hell to get loose or hell to get tight. Here is my solution below. Good luck everybody.
  2. First off, I want to point out that what I am about to describe is not uncommon with high power detectors that have a coil that can be disconnected. The only way to really eliminate the problem is to hard wire the coil, which is another reason for why this option is chosen by so many manufacturers of underwater metal detectors. The White's TDI Beachhunter is a good example. The problem has its root in coil capacitance and the high voltages involved, and the difficulty of getting good shielding using a removable connector. If the Impulse AQ is submerged halfway, so that the water level is
  3. Here is a very short video, I don't have much time right now. But I would make you more videos with all the targets in the wet sand and on the wet sand for see the differences. I start with the hair pin in ALL METAL. All ferrous targets are recognizable in ALL METAL mode
  4. Hi guys! Finally 2021 arrived and we are still waiting for the AQ.It would be nice if someone could confirm if the release date for the final product is still in April as i heared before? I found a link for a pre-order of the final unit at a UK website(Joe Allen) but they have removed it.That was a bit strange.Any report on the 8 coil and even price which Joe do right now would be interesting as well.any comments?
  5. I just watched the FB live program on Treasure Talk. The new AQ will be released this summer, will have a depth rating of 10', an accessory 8" coil, and will cost $2,800 - $3,500! Bill Fisher Impulse AQ Data & Reviews
  6. If it comes with waterproof headphones, why would I want those? I'll probably want to go wireless. Even if I did decide to go in the water, why can't I use what I have or choose what I want?
  7. Ring # 5 with the AQ. This ring was at least 12" in the packed mud and it has been down there for a very long time. It was barely auditable. The ring did not have any gold markings but tested as 14k. I would NOT have hit this with the NOX. I was running the machine hot. Settings were: Sensitivity=7, Delay=8, ATS=5, ALL METAL. I went slower than usual to keep the chatter down for the setting above. The location is where I have found rings in the past
  8. Not to be a "Debbie Downer" but be careful what you wish for. My AQ has been at FT for repair since they received it on January 4th of this year. Almost 2 months now. I would have thought that FT would be more responsive and obligatory to those who got the Limited and needed repair.
  9. My question is in the description. Does the AQ see all gold as low conductors. I have some big 18K and some mid sized 22K rings that give high numerical numbers on my Whites MX7 and from memory a high tone on my CZ21 (no longer have). I also recall a high tone on a pure gold nugget on a gold chain with the CZ21. I understand that golds conductivity diminishes as more alloys are added to the mix. Will these bigger and higher karat gold rings be “low conductors” ? And finally......how does the AQ see platinum rings. I’d hate to miss any of the items described above. Thanks for
  10. I may have fell out of my tree again because here’s something I just don’t understand. You got a Limited AQ selling for 1500 and here come summer you have another AQ that will be selling for over a thousand more than the Limited. The word Limited is just referring to the number of detectors made on that run and as we’ve been told that number was 100 . What I’d like to know is the Limited ones also limited in brains as one would have to think that justifies the new AQ such a increase in price that goes with it . If it’s face is one only a mother could love with a bunch o
  11. Can owners of the limited tell us to what extent you intervene on the settings? it looks like most of it is all metal. so for example in a standard hunt do you often touch the sensitivity, the ats and delay? when? and why ?
  12. I met up with a local forum member at 1 of my secret spots he has never been to. Conditions were bad , heavily sanded in. We were down in the wet , no mineralization to speak of , hard sand the first 3" then gravel mixture. The hole filled in fast. Keep in mind , my EDC for 30 years has been a PI. Also I used this for only 15 MINUTES. Here is what I found : I buried a small size 4 ladies 14k , 2 gram diamond ring about 12" in the hole and filled it. Myself being tall , the shaft was fully extended. Immediately I knew it was not long enough and it had a bit of a wobble. Did not feel steady
  13. I am looking for a loaner to test...I will pay shipping both ways and take care of your machine.https://youtu.be/8prRYNWJ7xU
  14. Had a chance to get 2 beach hunts in with the GPX and AQ and was pleasantly surprised that the conditions at this beach had changed for the better. It was going to be a 50/50 split between both machines, so that I could get the benefits of both machines technologies. Started out great with the AQ, but unfortunately the headphones started making a loud clicking noise. I figured out the thin wire had finally given out. Then it completely stopped working. The conditions were perfect for trying out the AQ in Tone mode, since there was almost no trash, or small iron left in this spot. So high tone
  15. I was wondering if anyone has ordered anything from this company before. I'm assuming my headphones dies on the AQ, so I wanted to get the cable and have someone build me a new set of headphones. This company has the 5 pin M8 connector needed for the AQ I think. It also has the ones that are "L" shaped which would look to be a better way to have the cable come out of the battery. The video shown sounds promising and the price seems extremely reasonable. Let me know what you think. Will it work? https://www.automationdirect.com/videos/video?videoToPlay=gV0yX9qSAds
  16. It's been a while since I had a chance to get out with the AQ. Finally, a semi good low tide at a beach where you can walk out a long ways during a good low tide. I've been itching to try the AQ at this beach. I only had about 2 hours of very low tide to work with in the furthest away section, so I concentrated on the lowest areas. I also had my maiden voyage with my new scoop - the XTREME Surf-Master X3 with the carbon fiber handle. On this beach you either have packed rocks, packed shells or that stagnant, clay like, dark sand (smells good too 😂). The scoop had no issues with any of that. I
  17. Did a quick hunt the other day and dug only coins. This has to do with the "training" that Canadian coins have given me. In a way they are a "median" target--part non-ferrous and part steel. What this means is that they have characteristics of both. So with a clean processing pulse like the AQ--you have a narrow signal (imagine a tube carrying the response up) with some wide or maybe irregular characteristics. Point being that they make good "trainers" teaching you to look for even poor examples of a narrow response. Then when you hear some clean gold...unmistakable. Foils and tabs will
  18. Did the last few hours of daylight on the day of arrival with the Excal to check the beach, got one of the .50 cal shells a .50 cal point, a quarter, dime and penny; the rest of the week was all AQ. Did pretty well identifying iron. Spent nearly the entire time in all metal mode. On the open wet sand, it is easier to identify iron by walking around it and sweeping from all directions; something that is difficult if not impossible to do in the water. There were a few pieces of iron that fooled me. They are in the one picture towards the bottom, near center. Got a new style wedding band, no mark
  19. Low water at the local hole today. Low enough that I had wet sand to do some testing with. I can call fish hooks well in the wet sand in all metal ... but not well in the water where I don't have the same ability to change coil speed like over the wet sand. Got lots of lead today, not too many fish hooks other than those attached to rigs with lead or with brass swivels. A couple of deep nickles, one really deep spark plug and one junk child's ring. Was chest deep over a target that sounded really good ... and the battery died. Didn't pack the second one because I had to take care of some other
  20. Gold rings number 2 and 3 today with Fisher AQ. The smaller ring was down at least 8 inches and the bigger ring was down at least 10 inches. Very faint signals and could have walked right over them. The rings were found in wet sand. This was my seventh outing with the new detector. Still struggling with some falsing. Any advice would be appreciated. Mostly from a left to right swing. I do take extra precaution to make sure I am not arcing the swing. On a fully charge battery I can run pretty hot and it will be quiet. About an hour into the hunt I need
  21. Does anyone have a picture of an AQ just slipped out of the box before it is taken off the 'board?' I need to send mine back and I want to repack it the way it came to me and I didn't take a picture.
  22. I see the limited AQ for sale over seas now on Joan Allen detectors. $1377.00 cheaper than I paid.
  23. Water is starting to get chilly. 46 Tuesday. I was good for 2 hours and 44 minutes but ran out of time and feet were starting to get chilled. Two gold rings and 5 Silvers. Rare the AQ hits silver but the machine never fails to Amaze me...Hopefully be able to slip out next week, time to switch over to the heavy duty drysuit. AQ settings, in the water hunting, about chest deep, Brackish water...Stock coil...All Metal only....Sensitivity 8.....ATS 5......Volume 9.......Delay 11.....Threshold around 5, very low. Digging deep targets only...only iron was 2 pieces of crab pot. One I knew but d
  24. My first time out all I got was 2.5 hours before the red flashing low batter light started to flash and sound off. My second hunt was 2 hours went I called it quits due to weather. I then did batter check at the end of the hunt, the light was yellow assuming I had less than 30 minutes. left. So my second hunt would have lasted no more than 2.5 hours. Here are my setting: Volume 8, sensitivity 5 to 6, threshold 3-4, ATS 8, reject 6, mode was TONE, delay frequency 7.5 for an hour and 8 for an hour. I know the lower the delay frequency the more battery drain. When I charge,
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