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  1. Nice week of beach vacation swinging the AQ. Saw one other person detecting. He had an older Garret Ace and was using a garden hoe to dig. When I walked towards him to say hello, he pulled a mask over his face and turned away, so I turned and went on my own way. Had one resort where I got interference when detecting in front of it. Found one frequency setting that was a little better. Turned sensitivity down to 3 and could hunt the wet sand. Delay and ATS settings did not appear to make any difference. On our last day of the vacation there was a nice cut in the water that ran half a block
  2. he is in production // finally .. I find it amazing that your dealer does not speak a French seller already takes pre-orders without delivery date .... price announce France / Europe 2490 euros 2020 Edit: The Impulse AQ has been revealed - see details here
  3. Walked down to the local watering hole; brackish water bay tributary, pretty well cleared out over the years but a bit trashy with bits of iron. Ran delay 7, sensitivity 7, threshold 4, volume 8, ATS 6.5, reject 6; mostly all metal but some tones and mute to check targets. Initial reaction is that it is a little easier to hear the edge modulation with the 8 inch than with the big coil. I walked away from several targets that were very pronounced double tones then had a more subtle edge that I told myself to walk away … but dig to verify. That was the little fish hook. The odd shaped washe
  4. Didn't get out this past week since I was under the weather. Started out with the detector being really unstable. Water got into the coil connector. Blew the water out of the connector and tightened the back-shell and everything was good to go. I also have noticed when I'm in shallow water she's a little noisy and a lot of falsing (water way below the connector). She's pretty stable when completely covered. I do run my machine hot in all metal. One old beach I hunt always has sand piled in to the one side. No sand movement in this area other than more accumulation. For years I said t
  5. I've been using the 8 inch coil exclusively in the salt water for about 18 hours now. It is definitely quieter than the 12.5 inch. I am running with a delay around 8 or 8.5 and today 9 because of some bigger swells coming in right up against the shore. Played around with some higher delay settings and things quiet down even more. If walking parallel to shore in the water, there is still some "noise" when sweeping from the shallows to deeper water as can be expected. Coming back from deeper to shallow...all is quiet. Coil sweep speed and height control still play a key part in keeping the thre
  6. Really liking the audio information of this detector. If anyone wants to look around there's a great video on the reactivity that shows what it will do. Seeing this showed me how differently the machine is responding well to elongated targets if you change your sweep direction, "feel" around and listen for the double tone or anything that is not centered. For a pulse I dig very little with this detector. While there are certainly hoop earrings, crosses and other targets that would probably sound similar, overall the potential is there to really develop some accuracy. I also like how it "
  7. This is an update on the lower shaft that snapped into two pieces on a Sunday morning wet sand hunt on April 25. I list events in a timeline. Sunday April 25 about 10:00 AM the lower shaft broken into two pieces after 30-45 minutes of detecting in the wet beach surf. Monday April 26 in the morning I emailed First Texas with pictures of the broken shaft and received a RA from FT and shipped it back to FT Monday afternoon April 26. I posted a message on the Impulse AQ Facebook page pictures of the broken shaft an received a reply from Russ Balbriona that said “Hello Joe- Russ from Fi
  8. Hunted a few hours with a good friend today. Half of the hunt was in All Metal and the other half in Tones Mode. I dug everything today trying to learn the machine. Those Corona caps became predictable in Tones Mode. All Metal seems to run a bit more stable and punches really deep. I originally thought the piece of a bracelet I recovered was junk until the 10K stamp was pointed out. No sign of the rest of it in the area, but Ill take it. HH Mike
  9. With thanks to PPP, here is the new official Fisher Impulse AQ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FisherLabs-Impulse-AQ-Metal-detector-101853481468095/ And phrunt found this: https://fisher-impulse.com/ Registrant: Organization: FIRST TEXAS PRODUCT Presumably we will see the first full announcement information on the Facebook page since that is how things seem to be done these days. Interesting there has been no mention on the main Fisher company Facebook page or the regular Fisher Labs website.
  10. I have sent an e-mail to Felix at FT with these pictures. Hopefully they just send me a new rod ASAP. This is what happens when you hunt wet sand and California surf. Or it could just have been a poor quality made rod. Hoping for that latter as the wet sand California surf is the only place I have to use the Impulse AQ and don't want to have to worry about this again.
  11. Just received my AQ last week. First two hunts at a worked out beach scored some really deep silver and some old coins. Most hunters can't find a target at this beach, just ask OBN everybody hates this place. Then I tried another heavily hunted beach today for the third hunt. Scored two 14K rings and a crusty 10K pendant. I thought the pendant was a mini sinker at first. Today's Gold was very deep and the AQ hit solid on them. I'd still be there if the battery didn't die. I don't believe my Excal would have found them today. I love my AQ HH Mike
  12. Had an awesome month using the Fisher AQ on the low tide wet sand slopes. Ran the AQ mostly in "tone" mode but did spend some time in "all metal" when trash targets were not too bad..All I can say is that I love this machine! My trusty Sov. GT is starting to collect dust now and the AQ has become my go to detector and the GT my "just in case" back up. I started out April with a very crusty 10k class ring. Soaked it in CLR over night and removed all the crust, here's the kicker though, as I was sitting on my couch looking through my loop at the ring trying to figure out the date on the cla
  13. A reference collection of threads about the Fisher Impulse AQ, grouped into rough categories. Fisher Impulse AQ Limited Launch & Buyers Disclosure Fisher Impulse AQ Ltd Owner's Manual Official Impulse AQ Limited Color Flyer Official Facebook & Website Links Fisher Impulse AQ Ltd Data & Reviews Fisher Impulse AQ Data & Reviews Fisher Impulse Gold Data & Reviews Genuine Fisher AQ Ltd Spare Battery Part Number & Price Fisher Impulse AQ Rod Length Measurements Impulse AQ Rod Extension False Signals From Coil Connector
  14. I am not worried about depth with the Impulse AQ. Rest assured it delivers the goods there, and in some sandy areas it goes deeper than you really want to dig. I hate that stuff where the hole ends up wider than it is deep. Anyway, for my initial runs I wanted to use the AQ as intended - to hunt ring type targets. The AQ has two basic types of discrimination. First, the all metal "shaping" discrimination familiar to PI hunters and some VLF all metal hunters. You use various audio "tells" to pick and choose targets. The classic being the elongated target "double blip" often used to identif
  15. It appears Fisher has shipped at least one AQ Limited off to Australia.
  16. Here is a very short video, I don't have much time right now. But I would make you more videos with all the targets in the wet sand and on the wet sand for see the differences. I start with the hair pin in ALL METAL. All ferrous targets are recognizable in ALL METAL mode
  17. I just got a call and a text from Fisher. They stated that I was next in line for the Impulse. I'm in the process of moving further from the Gulf of Mexico, so I told him I was going to pass. Next guy in line should be getting a call in the next day or two.
  18. Fisher contacted me for a purchase of an AQ and was offering the 8" coil. I passed on the AQ since I already have two. Anyone purchased the 8" and what is your opinion?
  19. Went out to 2 different beaches for a mix of GPX and AQ hunting. Tony repaired my headphones for the AQ and also made me a spare set , along with 2 short cables, so I could zip tie the short cable to the machine, and so I would not break the M8 connector. The short cable also converts the M8 to an M12, a more robust connector going to the headphones. So, for the first AQ hunt in a while, I chose my “spot” to see if I could find any low conductors where the GPX had previously run the 18” DD coil. I did not find any coins in that area, but did find little bits of melted copper and lead. So, I ve
  20. Got a couple gold rings this week. One small 10k, .8 grams in black sand 1 scoop down using volcanic mode. Ring was broken on one side and I finished the break while cleaning. The other 14k, 5.6 grams in beach cobble about 8” down using all metal.
  21. I think of those places which have been frequented for centuries and centuries and which are often overloaded with iron. we necessarily leave good things there because of the masking, could the AQ pass through this iron in a certain way? if so, what would that be for gold and low conductor? we lost a sestertius or a silver denario I suppose? Since it is not in europe can anyone try these sites? alexander? the jag?
  22. I just watched the FB live program on Treasure Talk. The new AQ will be released this summer, will have a depth rating of 10', an accessory 8" coil, and will cost $2,800 - $3,500! Bill Fisher Impulse AQ Data & Reviews
  23. I am interested in this only from the standpoint that if it is a technical and financial success, accounting for it's niche application, it might enable a land-based gold and/or relic focused PI of a similar form factor to be spun off. I am looking for something that performs like a GPX (with similar iron rejection, ground balancing, and mineralized soil timings) but with the ergonomics of the AQ. The QED almost fits the bill but is a no go without iron rejection.
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