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  1. Got in 4 hours Tuesday AM, started out with rough water but by 11 am things were calming down. Took me about 30 minutes of messing with the controls before I got it to run stable and under control, then I slowly adjusted the setting as the water calmed. Started out with the settings ....delay 11.5 (15) Sensitivity 6, ATS 8, All metal , volume I ran high the whole time with the threshold just audible.. ( The settings that really seem to calm the AQ in rough water is the delay and ATS ) And by end of day I cut the delay down to 11, sensitivity 4, ATS 6, all metal, volume 9, and threshold 4/5 jus
  2. This could happen to you!! Long slow romantic walk on the beach this morning. Almost 3 hours in it's time to change the battery. I take the battery off the detector to make the swap and look at it and holy cow the thing is bulbous! I suspect this is what happens when you don't practice safe charging. I was just thinking about the recent threads on the beautiful batteries OBN is making and thinking I don't need to get one, I've got two perfectly good batteries. I'm going to rethink that. HELP OBN! Tim
  3. This is my "field expedient" really low budget Connector Protector. My original plan was to simple add a piece of 3/4" pvc to the end of the shaft to protect that frail looking little connector in case a fall. That done I thought if I add a 90* elbow and a "tee" them it sorta kinda protects the battery also. If you decide to try this, the only little trick is the 3/4" pvc doesn't quite fit over the end of the detector shaft. You need to make sure the black end cap that has the connector is flush (may require a tiny bit of sanding). you need to heat your piece of 3/4" pvc with a heat gu
  4. Just a short note on Joe’s “shorty” AQ battery. It fits well under the cuff and balance was not noticeably effected from the lighter than stock battery. Run time for me in “tone mode” was 6 hours 20 minutes. It is my understanding that in all metal it is approximately one hour less. The M12 (CTX) phones connector was a welcomed change and the power cable with a small loop and ninety degree connector also worked well. Get one of his battery set ups and avoid changing batteries in mid hunt, while they are available. I believe he has other set ups with even longer run times. Knocked it out of the
  5. Finally I was able to get to a beach after their season ended. I used the AQ in all metal and mute modes. I could not use the tone mode since I was way too close to the Acela high speed train. Most of the trains that run that rail don't affect my pulse machines too much, but when the Acela hits the rails, it's a no go for any machine. The AQ handled it a bit better than my GPX does. But you still have to hear the interference and at times you just can't hunt. I hunted for 5 1/2 hours with the AQ (2 3/4 hrs per each battery). The low tide was exceptionally "high" at +0.9. This did not allow m
  6. Small gold ring from Last Friday using the AQ....Got 2 more gold Saturday but they were at a different beach and the excalibur. I'll post them later this week. Hit a bump in the road Sunday night, had to take a family member to the hospital ..she was in for few days and came home today... Thank God..all went very well. I was out twice last week with the shorty battery and it is now packed up and ready to go a few rounds with my friend Carolina...Give him a week with it and see what he has to say...I want his confirmation on the run time of 5 hours and 30 minutes and see if I need to make
  7. I have been following the pulse induction developments at Fisher Labs since January 2015. Things heated up in January 2018 with the Manta prototype that later became the Impulse AQ. I followed and posted every tidbit I could find about this detector from 2018 on, with much of it coming from Rick Kempf. Why my interest? Simple. I have a history of some pretty serious PI beach detecting. I've used every ground balancing beach detector made... though that's not saying much since there have only been a few. It has been my perception that this is still one of the most under-served, undeveloped
  8. Last four spins with AQ. Mostly tone mode since I am looking for recent drops. All knee to ankle deep. Volume 8, sensitivity 5, ATS 8.5, reject 4. delay 9. A few targets in all metal were same settings except ATS was 6. Cant stop the bobbie pins. No double ping. Chains are junk. Some junk rings but most gold. Class ring has no name. Good luck everybody. On a side note, I can’t thank Rick and Eva enough for all their help. Top of the line crew they are! I should add, all the coins come in as a iron grunt. I like the anticipation of a 18k 15 gram coming up in my scoop!!! There is very little ir
  9. According to the Fisher Impulse AQ facebook site,there is 99% done with the machine.After some reports from AQ limited owners,you see peoblem with battery,cable connectors,noisy coil in the salt water,high temp on the control box,short shaft,,,,,,,,,,and I assume these all problems sums up the remaining of 1% left??how can it be? Has anyone any guess when the final unit is available to buy worldwide?
  10. I was wondering if there any more AQ being made i put my name on a list and was wondering where they are in production last I herd they where at 8 i think i hope they produce the machine for the people on there list and take care of them
  11. There are lots of notes on this thread about changes that are being made in the next version of the Impulse AQ. Key items: Battery system replaced entirely with four drop in 18650 rechargeable Li-Ion batteries Depth rating to be increased Lower rod made longer to accommodate taller users Headphone connection being relocated to back of pod An 8” accessory coil is in the works Refer to the thread above for details.
  12. I have been following this machine for a couple of years now and seem to be getting some good information on the "Limited" machines from the current owners, however some of the information is somewhat vague. Joe Beachnut has given good info and videos of his hunting and I'm grateful for those videos, however he is in the bay. I have seen one owner's post that has had problems with stability with the machine in saltwater. There was also one reply saying there were two machines elsewhere with the same stability issues in the water. So, how many users/owners are using the AQ in the saltwater
  13. ***Please note that the videos are maybe not completely upload*** This is to demonstrate the normal behaviour of the AQ when its coil is swinging under sea water. Note that the average salinity of sea water around the world (with a few higher or lower exceptions) is between 34 to 36 ppt Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_bodies_of_water_by_salinity Here the IMPULSE AQ LIMITED IN SURF PART 1 --> 7us pulse delay SALINITY 36 grs per liter (PSU) This is the link to a video taken during such tests. There was no reaction of the AQ while balancing the
  14. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Fisher.IMPULSE.AQ.Metal.detector Extracted and translated from there: What to plan for before buying the future Impulse AQ from Fisher: an appointment with his banker.(In the process a small gift for Madam, to pass the pill) a subscription to the gym, because if you are not used to digging holes of 40 cm or more, it will be useful. (Not to mention the filling, just as physical sometimes) to be done in good conditions, a suitable digging tool, sifting shovel, sand scoop, call it what you want, it must be part of the adventure
  15. You hear all the ime from different sources that Minelab is releasing a PI beach machine next year.If that is true then it is best for Fisher to release the AQ as soon as possible before Minelab.With the popularity and high quality machines Minelab introduces,it's become then another step back for Fisher selling AQ.What do you think guys?
  16. First off, I want to point out that what I am about to describe is not uncommon with high power detectors that have a coil that can be disconnected. The only way to really eliminate the problem is to hard wire the coil, which is another reason for why this option is chosen by so many manufacturers of underwater metal detectors. The White's TDI Beachhunter is a good example. The problem has its root in coil capacitance and the high voltages involved, and the difficulty of getting good shielding using a removable connector. If the Impulse AQ is submerged halfway, so that the water level is
  17. Before I stuck gold. Today was the day I was finally able to get out after getting the AQ back from FT. This was my fourth time getting out and a total of 12hrs before I could get the monkey off my back. It was an early morning low tide hunt but well worth it. I hunted all metal for a while and then tones. I was going from the wet till about knee deep. The AQ was noisy (during each swing) in both settings, running 7-8uS. Even adjusting ATS, swing speed and keeping the coil leveled didn’t help much. I ran sensitivity from 4-6 trying to keep it quiet. I hope to get out again tomorrow to a dif
  18. I pitched a royal fit to get a spare battery with my AQ Ltd, and it helped get an official retail price formulated, which I gladly paid. Fisher Impulse AQ Limited spare NiMH battery, part# PI-BATPK-NIMH $199.00 Fisher Impulse AQ NiMH battery Fisher Impulse AQ NiMH battery
  19. Posting for a "AQ" owner who would like to remain anonymous for now. Hunts on the East coast of the USA. Saltwater.......First time out with his new machine. Got a 14k today. Ran smooth except in front of one area that has a lot of emi. Keep the coil under water there not bad at all. I could run 7 u's no problem but preferred 9. Battery lasted 3 hrs 5 mins. All metal and Tones mods used.7 nickels 8 pennies 2 ear rings 1 Bobbie pin 1 swivel 1 paper clip 1/2 spoon some brass 1 14k 1 tiny tiny brass piece of fish hook 7 u's two full scoops deep so I say 10 to 12 inches. 3 caps fooled me.
  20. Does not like heavy surf must be calm or your in for a long ride Images Happy Trails jimpugh
  21. Dug every signal no matter if I thought it was good or bad. Tone mode. Quarter's grunt, dimes a mid tone, pennies mid tone, nickels high tone, hair pins high tone and some double tone. Sparkler high tone, clippers high wide tone, piece steel? high tone, double tone, brass screw high tone, medallion high tone. Two targets to deep in the wash to retrieve. His words, It's going to be awhile before I set this one down. "I think" we have another AQ Lover...😍
  22. New Fisher Impulse AQ pulse induction metal detector Ive listened to a lot of hunters scoff at the simple basic skills I promote in my books. However as these machines become more powerful—with more telling audio and more heavily processed signal—the more important these basics become. The Fisher Impulse AQ is a good example of this. The only way to describe this detector is to say that it’s “a beast” very deep and powerful—on a par with any not-gold -specific pulse out there (SD / GPX/Z Series). I also own a waterproof TDI Pro and the AQ’s performance characteristics resembles this machi
  23. Same here! I was pleasantly surprised to see this thread, Jim Pugh's thread and Clive's first gold thread and wondering why I had not seen them before.
  24. Figuratively speaking that is. Gold for sure, but, if I had actually struck it, it would probably split in two. Only 1.6 grams of 14K, but, I'll take it. Still not in love with this machine. Pin pointing is still vague, bottle caps sound great and seem like they're the size of a hubcap, and hairpins are driving me crazy! I just can't coax a double blip out of them, and can only get a reject tone with a max setting. I'm actually having a much easier time finding coins with it. The most disappointing thing so far is the lack of deep good targets. The main reason I got it was to find deep gold in
  25. The Impulse AQ will come with an external NiMH battery good for 3.5 hours. Spare waterproof extras may be costly. I am certain one of the first thing some of us will do will be to make cheap non-submersible versions, and probably extra life hip mounted versions. This would be really great if we ever got an 8” coil. Battery on hip... super light swing! The battery cable that comes with the AQ is way too short to use for a hip mount, so the other job is sourcing the connectors and making longer cables. Lithium Ion will be an obvious home brew alternative to the NiMH, which was a late change by F
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