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  1. I received my AQ yesterday afternoon. I put the battery on charger and about an hour later it was fully charged. After some scrambling around to get out of my apartment I hit the beach on an incoming tide. I went to an area where I had seen beach PI holes before and decided to give it a try. As you can see it was not a productive location except for the eCig cartridges which I got 3 of them. They were deep and the sound was high. I started out in everything preset as the Quick Start suggests. I didn't know what it was going to sound like but it is a higher pitch than I normally list
  2. So the tides were decent enough on my days off to try again for some gold with the AQ or GPX. Since my beaches will not relent with the sanding in, I decided to try another strategy. Day one was split between the AQ for low tide and the GPX for deep silver. With the beach heavily sanded at low tide, all I could do was get some junk jewelry with the AQ. The GPX scored 3 silvers using the monster 18"DD Detech coil. It must have been a sight watching this guy struggle with that coil while holding a side stick and a big spade shovel 😄 The GPX wins that day. But... Day two was raining, so the GPX l
  3. Hi! I think it would be greate if we can in someway have weekly(monthly) report regarding progress of AQ production line fresh from El-paso.In that way Fisher can keep the enthusiast of future buyers up high when they show things happening and we get the info about the progress of the production of the final AQ machine.
  4. Hello have you seen this video ? Lot of iron ... I don't understand English very well, but I have the impression that he says that there is no variation in the audio. and that there is no double beep on the bobbie pin .it is sold to find under iron, but I see it only finds iron. 🤔
  5. Sorry for the delay in putting my experiences on paper, I received my AQ 8-7-20. I have lived in Oregon now for the last three years. Coming from California I was use to un-ending tourists, vacationers, locals streaming to the beaches all year long. Here in Oregon I now have to live with the fact that many of my close, local beaches are just not popular with "In the water" type of beach goers. These beaches do not have the throngs of people lying a towel out and sunning themselves all day long. Most are lucky to get a few hours of towel sitting and then start looking for a wind break to h
  6. It took me 4 short hunts to finally run the battery down. Total run time was approximately 11 hours and 35 minutes. That sure beat the 3 1/2 from the factory battery. I ran about 95% of the time in AM and only switched to Tone or Mute to check targets. Running mostly presets on the other settings. The audio of certain targets is starting to become inbedded in my brain now. Nickels are easy to recognize now.
  7. Low water at the local hole today. Low enough that I had wet sand to do some testing with. I can call fish hooks well in the wet sand in all metal ... but not well in the water where I don't have the same ability to change coil speed like over the wet sand. Got lots of lead today, not too many fish hooks other than those attached to rigs with lead or with brass swivels. A couple of deep nickles, one really deep spark plug and one junk child's ring. Was chest deep over a target that sounded really good ... and the battery died. Didn't pack the second one because I had to take care of some other
  8. One layer rubberized and an outer layer of "Flex Seal". First trial in fresh water with just the rubberized seemed to mute the mid-depth interference. Made the noise easier to tune out--not such sharp reports from waves passing. Would like to hear back on some salt trials. cjc
  9. Well, here I sit - recovering from some minor surgery - the sitting part made more difficult - no more details available.... Today I had Fisher ship the 25th AQ LTD. If I had any idea why it is so infernally slow of them to ship the darned things, I probably couldn’t share the details....but the fact that they give me no useful information about such things means that I am spared the decision on what to disclose. Mostly folks who have them are learning what they are good for and the consensus is - I think - that like any other detector - they are not good for EVERYTHING. Happily, the
  10. Tides were decent this past week, so I took 2 days to hunt 2 different beaches with the AQ. While the tide was high, I would detect with the GPX 5000 or the Equinox 800, so I could conserve battery time for the AQ. These finds pictured are all found with the AQ. First beach was disappointing, as the low tide did not expose any rocks or clay. This beach just doesn't want me to hunt the good areas 😄 Beach two was better hunt with all day rain to keep the gawkers away. This hunt was interesting, and I was able to shed some light on how the AQ will perform for my style of beach hunting. Both day'
  11. Got my BBB (Beachnut Big Battery) 11 hour (est) run time battery today. Hope to give it a spin tomorrow. This should help me from having to backpack extra gear around for 3 1/2 hours or until the first battery quits me. I opted for the standard headphone connector to keep things simpler. The standard FT hearphones seem to sufficient at this point. Although I have been reading a lot on some of the threads about adapting other headphone for the AQ. That may be something I need to address down the road but not for now. I am just now starting to discern one target from another and don't
  12. Actually Fisher phones are some of the most copied Headphones ever made the oneS that come with the AQ are actually better than Gray ghost in my opinion .....I designed the Timberwolfs and Hurricanes....the drivers piezo that my friend Beechnut uses I used back in the early 90’s onmypersonal Cuda and one very similar on the production Baracuda ....the only difference in the land phones fisher sold had a clipper circuit built into them to protect youR hearing which a lot of copiers including me left out and just used a variable resistor pot on each ear to dial them in ......I have not pul
  13. There are lots of notes on this thread about changes that are being made in the next version of the Impulse AQ. Key items: Battery system replaced entirely with four drop in 18650 rechargeable Li-Ion batteries Depth rating to be increased Lower rod made longer to accommodate taller users Headphone connection being relocated to back of pod An 8” accessory coil is in the works Refer to the thread above for details.
  14. What are you AQ guys/gals using to protect your coil bottoms with?, marine epoxy? By the way what does a new replacement coil cost? GaryC/Oregon Coast
  15. I was wondering what features in the new Impulse Gold detector you nugget detectorists would like to see in this new machine to make you buy? For myself the lightweight part is very important, I would also like to see solid coils for ease of use in uneven terrain, and I would like to see gpz type performance on surface grain size gold and would like to see gpz type performance on 1-2 gram nuggets at depth. Not real concerned about deep large nuggets. Auto ground balance would be a huge plus too. Perhaps the 7 usec timing will be enough to produce gpz type performance on grain size and gram si
  16. Version V2 101120


    Fisher Impulse AQ Ltd Owner's Manual, 3.49 MB pdf file, 36 pages Fisher Impulse AQ Ltd Data & Reviews First Texas (Fisher) Forum
  17. I had a chance to hit a beach for about 6 hours, so I loaded up and headed out. Not a very low tide, so I decided to try and run the Fisher Impulse AQ in all metal mode and see what turned up. I started with what little wet sand I had, and then went dry sand to purge the beach of trash. I wanted to see how the machine would handle a 7us delay, all metal, ATS at 0, sensitivity from 4-7, threshold barely heard, and noise cancelled best at 7 or 7.5 position. Disc was set to 4 when I checked some targets in tone and mute modes. I was not expecting any gold since this area is still sanded in heavil
  18. Been waiting for fresh drop season to slow down a bit before taking the Fisher AQ out for it's maiden hunt. Some big surf hit a spot and exposed some black sand under decent looking cuts so figured it would be a good time to try it out. Started out in all-metal under suggested stock settings. Unfortunately there was quite a bit of iron bits around. Decided to give the "Tone" mode a try, about 15 mins later I hit a high pitch sound at the lower slope, 2 scoops down and I had my 1st AQ gold, 3.6 grams of 14k! I like the Tone mode a lot, I can foresee how it's going to be a useful setting when tr
  19. Hunted mostly in tone mode. Set up reject with a small paper clip. Delay 7.5, Reject 6, ATS 7, Sensitivity 7, Threshold 4, Volume max. I did not play much with ATS. I am in brackish water in a pretty well protected environment so the water was flat. Did have a boat go by and the AQ was not affected by the 6 inch or so wake that washed over with the detector fully submerged and coil on the bottom. The threshold did have a little bit of warble from the boat. Changing freq did not seem to help. When the guy shut the engine down at his dock, the little bit of warble went away. I'm thinking hi
  20. I have to qualify that title, 90% of the bottle caps were found in the dry sand along with one plated ring. This is not a dry sand coin shooting machine...but I knew that going into it. Lots to learn yet on the machine, wanted to do some testing against the MDT today but unfortunately, the battery died prior to us testing. Most of the water hunting was done in All Metal, 10,5us due to choppy water, sensitivity was just under 4. Gold ring #2 for the AQ 10k, 2.15 grams with CZ's. No doubt in my mind that any other water machine would have got this one IF you got your coil over it.
  21. A buddy of mine received his Fisher AQ Impulse last week. We have been anxiously waiting to try the machine at our freshwater beaches where old bath houses once stood and black sand is abundant. Mike hit the water this morning and did really well at a beach that three of us have pounded over and over with Excaliburs in all metal mode and with White's TDI Beach Hunters. This thing really woke up that beach. Congrats to Fisher for hitting it out of the park with AQ Impulse! I can't wait to get mine and join Mike in the fun. The majority of the stuff Mike found were heard from the top, inclu
  22. Water levels were pretty good today. I hit an older area that gave me a ring a few years back. Set knobs to presets except volume (full); threshold was at 4 and hunted all metal. A thanks again to Clive, the edges are easier to hear than previous hunt, but I don't think I'm anywhere near as tuned in yet as I got with the HHPulse. Got some old pull tabs, brass screws, other junk. I focused on faint targets; and this thing is deep. On one of the pennies, I started digging at belly deep and when I got it out, water was breaching the top of the chest waders when I stood on the scoop to s
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