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  1. Thanx for the info. I’ll give them a try. You’re probably right, they won’t work properly. lot to learn about this stuff
  2. I believe the pinpoint function on a metal detector is a really nice feature. when you’re in a park and you want to dig as small a hole as possible(people watch that sort of thing), it gives you a starting point. Since the Nox sees things very deep it’s nice to be able to start a dig and feel relatively confident(along with your hand held pinpointer) that it’s where the Nox says it is.If you’re on a beach, a backhoe will work just fine. High tide will cover the hole. We in the deserts of the Great Southwest don’t have that luxury. We try to cover holes so there is very little trace. I d
  3. I just paired my Raycon E55 earbuds to my 800. They seem to be ok. I’ll try them in the field tomorrow and see if they will hold. I’ll let everyone know how it goes. thanx for the info everyone.
  4. Sounds like several people have the issue. I’ll try what I used to with the At-pro. Make sure I turn on the pinpoint away from the target. thanx
  5. Sometimes the pinpoint audio on my 800 is very low. It will recover after pinpoint button is pushed again. Is this normal? Also is there a trick to pairing earbuds to the unit. Thanx. Danny
  6. Thank you for the reply. I tried to write a program in Park 1. before I started to write it, I FP it. Now, I’m getting some chatter when I turn it on. I’ve FP’d it and still get chatter. thought I might have messed up the FP. Danny
  7. Is it possible to inadvertently program the Nox 800 over the Factory Preset(FP) mode.
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