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  1. Those are some fine finds, Chase. I never had or used a Deus, but the simplicity of the Orx appealed to me a lot and the lower price enticed me to get one. I’m extremely satisfied with it, and it is quite complimentary to my Equinox 600. With the hi frequency 9” coil at 31 kHz using coin fast mostly, I’ve picked up a good number of finds in places that I thought Were pretty much cleared out. I’m interested in using the gold modes for relic hunting but have yet to try it in any serious way. I never use the pinpoint mode -you simply don’t need it.
  2. I had a Nox 800 with a folding shaft and I switched my middle shaft to a whites s-shaft. It was really ergonomic. I sold that one and now I have a Nox 600 with a folding straight shaft. The folding unit has detent locks every 18 degrees so it is possible to offset the lower and upper shaft ( angling the lower section up) so that it puts the coil out farther and about the same as an s-shaft. It looks a bit odd but the feel is identical to an s-shaft. I use it straight most of the time, but sometimes I will use the offset and the effect is quite obvious. The fold modification is not hard and costs about $50 to do.
  3. Here’s a few pictures of my folding 600 and my Makro backpack. I don’t know how to do a link in my phone but you will find the folding unit on eBay at dans treasure products search on Fold and go metal detector modification. I wasn’t aware that the telescoping ( to about 20” length via kits available on eBay) are lighter than stock, and as I said the unit is 5 oz and you will cut a section out of the middle shaft about 2 oz removed so you will add about 3 oz-not significant. And there is zero flexure or slack although I’m 5’7” and haven’t tried it extended as it would be for someone 6’2”. I found the install to be very easy. My equinox is 25” folded but as I said all I do is unfold -I don’t mess with shaft length. Anyone seeking a good backpack should consider the Makro, it’s large and very well made.
  4. I often hike the woods to get to old home sites, so I carry my detector and gear in a backpack. Rather than disassembling and reassembling every time it’s much better to have something that allows you to collapse or fold the detector so that it will fit in the backpack, and also take less time to get ready to use or pack up. Of the two types-telescoping shafts, and folding shafts, I think the folding is better. First, it costs less, about $50 for the part. Second, it takes one motion while depressing a button to get ready for use whereas both ends of the telescoping have to be unlocked positioned and locked again. Also with folded, the height is always maintained- not so with telescoping. The folding unit adds about 5 oz of weight to the lower mid section, but is not significant. As for strength, I’ve not noticed any slack or wobble at all. I only bring this up for those who want a collapsing detector to show there is an option other than the telescoping ones advertised. And also to say I think the folding style is in my opinion better. What do you think?
  5. I also have the equinox 600 and XP Orx as my main (and only) detectors, which I use for relic hunting. More and more I see hunters liking the Nox /Orx pair having found that they compliment one another quite well.
  6. I sold my Nox 800 after I got my ORX but I reconsidered going Nox-free and bought the equinox 600 w/ 6” coil package. So now these are my main detectors. As a relic hunter I think these two make a good pair. I’ve had more experience on the equinox but while I have made some great finds in highly detected spots, I need more experience on the ORX avoid the wide array of junk targets that give a good consistent high tone.
  7. It always amazes me how ingenious the Chinese can be at ripping off the intellectual property of successful companies. I’m so glad the USA is taking them on the frauds. China hasn’t come up with anything original since the firecracker! 😮
  8. The after market charge clips are fine, but I greatly improved mine ( which being new is likely the new xp design) by using zip ties to fasten the jaws of a small pair of pliers to the clip handles and then wrapped electrical tape around it. The leverage afforded by the plier makes attaching the clip very simple. I too struggled with my clip and came up with this simple fix.
  9. Those are nice. I attached a pair of small pliers on my charge clip and that’s made it bearable.
  10. Manny, that’s awesome. The ORX is the real deal. Hope I get to try some gold prospecting sometime. Hope you keep getting the gold!
  11. Well I successfully paired the new phones which are called OneAudio A 61 work as well as the factory supplied ones they automatically paired-up after turning everything off and then on again. They are definitely aptx LL i have ave to wholeheartedly recommend the to anyone who needs a pair. At Amazon, they are $49.00 but there’s an instant discount of 60 percent, so I paid $22 for these. Can you go wrong? I don’t think so😆
  12. I bought a pair of Mpow Bluetooth 4.2 w/ aptx LL and they paired up ok but even though the buds are described as aptx LL they were not, no + after the BT symbol and I could hear the lag. So those go back and I have coming today a pair of BT headphones that have same specs as the minelab ones but cheaper ( not miccus or trond but Onesound. ) will see later if these pair ok and work ok
  13. What I like is coming up with simple solutions yourself ( like colonel dans) not every thing has to be purchased, although for some it’s easier to just order something somebody was motivated enough to offer as a hobbyist/ entrepreneur. My solution was a 1/2” diameter silicone tube that wraps around the handle and is held by an 8” long zip tie. Many easy solutions for this
  14. I ordered one but canceled it. It didn’t stop there, however, because I went and ordered it all over again. So, I think 🤔 I’m getting one. Call me fickle
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