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  1. Last Sunday was pretty mild, though windy; so I decided to take a hike up a mountain path that goes back all the way to colonial times. I had a lot of fun, and mostly was finding ammo until I got a good dime signal I expected a dime but was surprised to see this 1906 Barber dome. After a rinse-off at home I was astounded by the exceptional quality of this coin- just beautiful. I later found this colonial button which is the smallest button I’ve ever found. This button was 6” deep found using field 2. The equinox really hits on the tiny little items.
  2. relicmeister

    Minelab Equinox Software Update

    I did the update on a work computer, but I just started using a chromebook . Has anyone successfully updated their equinox using one of those?, or maybe I need to just run it and find out?
  3. relicmeister

    Eq Low Temp Operation

    Speaking for myself, I know my Nox can operate at much lower temperatures than I can. Expecting an unseasonably mild day here today, so I’m excited to be able to get out for a while.
  4. Peace health and good will to everyone far and wide in his name
  5. I also haven’t had enough time using the 6” coil to say one way or another if iron falsing is any worse than with the 11” coil. I do know I’ve been making enough finds in sites that the 11” coil didn’t detect to be plenty satisfied with it. I have not used the 6” coil with the original software so I can’t make that comparison. I think it’s quite possible that a mode plus settings combination will be found that mitigates any 2-way iron falsing tendencies that may be present. Maybe even one of the single frequencies?
  6. relicmeister

    New Equinox 15x12" DD Coil

    I’ve been wishy washy about whether I would get the 12x15 coil. UNTIL I started to see the early comments. Now there’s no question that I’m getting one. I’ve called around and it will take a month or so before I would get it and of course we’re now heading into the slow season as far as detecting goes. I’m glad I have the 6” for now It’s been making my favorite sites produce, though not without a tick bite just about every time I go into the woods.
  7. relicmeister

    Quick Coil Change Method For My 800

    Thanks Steve, not only a folded shaft, but a folded s-shaft. I know you said you have no real preference between straight and s-shape , but I thought I could get the equinox to be as well balanced and ergonomic as my f75. I think the s-shaft indeed makes the equinox on par with the f75.
  8. relicmeister

    Always Check Out Those Dug Targets!

    Very nice find and a lesson to us all. I’ve misidentified pewter buttons as shot miniball , and spoonstem as a square nail. Engraving can be hard to see against old tin or any old metal sheet Hold onto everything until you can carefully inspect it.
  9. I’ve used the 6” coil several times now and it’s proving to be effective in my most iron-laden sites. I found the reale about 4” deep using field 2, sens 22, iron on. Threshold, 50 tones, GB 0, recovery 6, Iron bias 2. It was hitting a solid 22. The button was found at about 6” and rang up 18-19. I am using the updated software and have no plans to go back to the original version as the new has been working well for me
  10. I just got my 6” coil, and a dedicated lower rod is on the way. To make on-site coil changes fast and easy I came up with the following system. Each lower rod and coil have the cord fastened near the bottom with just enough slack to flip the coil flat for my carry bag. Then I made the straps shown with adhesive backed Velcro from the $ store. The soft part goes around the middle rod by it’s adhesive backing. But then it extends 2” and the hard part of the Velcro goes on the sticky side of it so one side is hook Velcro and the other side is loop Velcro and then it is trimmed narrower with scissors. I have one of these on either side of the folding mechanism I installed on my box shaft. What saves time in the field is that these straps stay on during coil change and securely fasten the coil wire. Also, in my case with the folding shaft I used zip ties to make a loop in each coils cord to go where the folding mechanism is where the cord never interferes with the folding or unfolding of the shaft. I will keep the other coil in my detector bag so I can change the coil during a detecting outing it the situation warrants it. No big deal but easy enough that others may consider doing this method of strapping. A
  11. relicmeister

    6" Coil On The Way!

    Got mine on Wednesday. I was on a list for about 2 months but decided last Friday to call around and try to get lucky, which I did. With only a few minutes last night it was clear It will breath life into my pounded sites. Looking forward to the weekend!
  12. relicmeister

    Repairing Broken Ears On Search Coil

    I admire his patience but it appears that if you take there time to do the job right you will wind up with a superior repair job. I have a coil that I will fix more or less like the video shows.
  13. GOOD WORK, tn If all other possibilities I would most like to see minelab offer an 8”-10” concentric coil for the equinox., but I’m not going to hold my breath on that one.
  14. relicmeister

    Any News On The 15 Inch Noxy Coils?

    I’m still waiting for the 6” coil, but am considering the 12x15 for improved coverage on fields, which I’ve been doing more lately. I’m wondering if I might be better off getting a cheaper ( possibly used) 15” coil for the f75 for fields, and whether the nox with 12x15 would be markedly better than the f75 with 15”?
  15. relicmeister

    Rattlesnakes And Coil Bump Falsing - Nox 800

    I have experienced a very minor, very small amount of this bump falsing when the sensitivity is over 20 ( I hunt primarily in park 2, and fields 1 and 2) and I’ve always considered it more or less normal, as I’ve noticed similar on other machines. It generally only occurs when the coil bumps or taps into a rock or fallen tree branch, or if I apply pressure to the detector when the coil is resting on the ground. I shall have to keep track of how much and how often I notice it if as you say, Steve, it is not normal. Has anyone else noticed this ? I have yet to have a rattlesnake encounter or copperhead for that matter, though the latter is inevitable.