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  1. I’d have to say the Orx has been a successful venture for XP. But what comes next? Their R&D must be working on a next generation detector, so what direction do you think they will go? An incremental change in existing technology or a whole new direction? I haven’t a clue but I’m interested in what others think might be coming in the future, although right now I’m sure their focus is on getting their stock replenished after COVID
  2. I agree with you, village. Negative comments on the Orx are about as common as hens teeth.
  3. I’ll look forward to your comments very much, Chase
  4. Not going to expect my 10x5 until maybe mid May if not later, due to the large pre order backlog- especially on the 10x5. At least I can watch for user reports and either look forward to getting it or cancel in unlikely event the reports are not very good
  5. Hope you can figure it out. Need to do something like a reboot- power down and restart. If remote won’t turn off try plugging in the charger see if that stops it. sometimes it will take a long time to return to coil mode when you turn off the Mi6. I don’t pair mine up to the remote anymore, mainly cause I want my detector on even when I’m using the Mi6 so I can run the coil over the plug or hole if the pp doesn’t pick up the target on the first try. I’d pair it up if the detector didn’t turn off during pp use but it’s not made for that
  6. After seeing back orders could take 6-8 weeks I contacted my dealer where I have mine preordered for an update, hoping to find out something particular to my order status. All I got was confirmation that it could be as long as 6-8 weeks. That’s disappointing but as I’ve been waiting a couple years fii is r an intermediate size coil, a couple months or less isn’t forever- and maybe I’ll get surprised. I’m not exactly hurting for MD equipment after all. The 5x10 will replace the 6” on my collapsible 600, and I have the 11” on my other 600 with foldable carbon fiber shaft. I hate switching o
  7. I switched from adding weight to a bungee tether attached to the arm cuff strap. It seems to pull the coil directly up the axis of the shaft as compared to attaching it to the handle. But alternatively I have a weight that can be pressed into the shaft end, but I prefer not adding weight.
  8. Where I preordered anticipated ship date is March 28. Has anyone’s been shipped yet?, Does anyone have reliable information? I’m only impatient when I’m waiting for something, lol
  9. Hi Rick, Looks nice. I bought one of those too. Very lightweight and nice- except for the cheap lower rod part. I had my 2nd Nox w/ 6” coil mounted on this shaft. Was nice, but I then went to the carbon fiber monopole that Steve H. First tried. I might use it for my other Nox w/11” coil, but not sure. good luck with it.
  10. Initially I wasn’t planning to get the elliptical coil 5x10 because I have my 600 with the 11” coil, and my other 600 with the 6” coil. But then I began thinking ( uh oh) I go out armed with only one detector at a time, and when it’s with the 6” coil, I’m limited to the iron infested home site areas and disinclined to venture beyond with the tiny footprint of the 6” coil. But with the 5x10 elliptical, I can hit the iron infested area and also meander beyond because I don’t feel like I’m painting a wall with a tiny paint brush. so I have mine pre ordered due to ship in jabout a week.
  11. Just jumped onto the Coiltek 10” X 5” elliptical I Hi Pre-order train. I have two equinox 600’s One has the 11” coil and the other has the 6” round and it’s on the telescoping carbon fiber shaft. It’s a laser at Separating higher conductors from dense iron, but the extremely limited ground coverage gets old quick. I think The new elliptical will be an awesome coil on the Nox Really looking forward to it
  12. Hi kac balance IS more important than weight, i agree with you there. And I have that option whic is an old hose nozzle topped with a chunk of colonial lead covered in black tape and when pressed into shaft end sticks out 4” and perfectly offsets the 11” coil my simple bungee is just an option and I can use either one I just wanted to show others that the arm cuff strap improves the lift angle compared to where folks usually attach it, which induces wrist strain I might use a combination of counterweight and bungee tether when I use the 13 x 11 coil I just ordered for
  13. pictures of my anti gravity sling for countering nose heaviness.
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