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  1. Lacky, sounds to me like you might do well to find someplace where there is not a high level of emi and junk targets. Maybe a wooded area? I would stay away from high trash areas in the beginning if possible. I spend most of my time in the woods which by me had occupation since colonial times, but rarely am I in an area of high trash- though there are occasional areas of high iron concentration. Most of the time my equinox runs quiet, at least until I go above 22 sensitivity. Another idea would be a field Don’t let frustration get to you, with every target you dig you are building a mental database that will help you in subsequent targets Good luck with your new Equinox and keep posting your results
  2. As primarily a relic hunter, I favor field 2, sens 18-20 in heavy iron rarely exceed 22 except in fields. Thresh 7, iron on low volume, 50 tones, GB 0, recov 5-6, IB 1-2. Alternative to park 2, I run park 2 or field 1
  3. I USE the wm-08 module with lightweight headphones most of the time. But I keep a wired pair plugged in on the machine which I sometimes use but are there as backup. If I turn the wm-08 on the sound goes to it, even though the wired ones remain plugged in. If I do not turn the wireless unit on, the sound just comes out of the wired phones.
  4. My first modification was a folding mechanism ( available on ebay as “ fold and go” metal detector modification. This worked well to enable me to fit it in a backpack for hikes, but in actually adding about 5 ounces of weight, it didn’t help ergonomics. Having seen a post here where a member replaced the upper shaft with a Whites s-shaft, I did the same with mine, and now am very pleased with the swing ergonomics. The weight with the 11” coil is 3 lbs 7 oz, including the folding unit. I also lowered the handle by 1 1/2” improving the balance greatly. Both of these mods were not difficult to do, and cost about $70 in parts. It compares well with my f75 in swing ease.
  5. The dirt in my area varies a lot and I’ve dug toasted large cents near this one. My finest was dug a few miles away but in a field. It’s an 1802
  6. Anytime I want to detect a spot that has given up great finds in the past but now they’re very few and far between, I know the equinox with the 6” coil makes more finds possible. It happens over and over.
  7. If enough ask minelab maybe they’ll do it. I’d Love a 10” x6” elliptical myself.
  8. Thanks. The 6” may be worth getting even if they introduce a 9” coil ( and I hope they do but I’m not holding my breath) I’m doubting that i would have made this fond with a 9” coil only cause I went over this ground with my xterra with 9” coil and Safari with 6”x8” coil.
  9. Was nice enough in the high 30s to look for a spot to dig that wasn’t snow covered, and I wound up at a creek side cellar hole that was pretty clear of snow. I decided to work the side wall to a bridge that used to cross the creek years ago. Not long into it I got a choppy high signal reached into the high 20s. As it was the same from every direction I New I had a high conductor mixed with iron. I had been over this ground many times with several detectors but until I used the equinox with the 6” coil I never hit on this. The pictures reveal a really fine condition 1817 large cent with a nice green patina on it and lots of fine details. One of the nicest large cents I’ve ever found for sure. Went home with a smile on my face
  10. Thanks Reviza the fold I’d from Dans metal detecting products on eBay and it’s not hard to install. I believe I did mine before he offered the nox “model’ later, in response to a post in this forum, I bought the whites s-shaft from serious detecting, and replaced my whole upper shaft with the s-shaft although I did have to use a shim which was easy. It’s very strong with zero wobble and with the addition of a 1/2 lb. weight under the armrest to improve balance, it handles about as nicely with the 11” coil as my f75 which is the gold standard of easy swinging detectors. I’m insanely happy with it
  11. Last Sunday was pretty mild, though windy; so I decided to take a hike up a mountain path that goes back all the way to colonial times. I had a lot of fun, and mostly was finding ammo until I got a good dime signal I expected a dime but was surprised to see this 1906 Barber dome. After a rinse-off at home I was astounded by the exceptional quality of this coin- just beautiful. I later found this colonial button which is the smallest button I’ve ever found. This button was 6” deep found using field 2. The equinox really hits on the tiny little items.
  12. I did the update on a work computer, but I just started using a chromebook . Has anyone successfully updated their equinox using one of those?, or maybe I need to just run it and find out?
  13. Speaking for myself, I know my Nox can operate at much lower temperatures than I can. Expecting an unseasonably mild day here today, so I’m excited to be able to get out for a while.
  14. I also haven’t had enough time using the 6” coil to say one way or another if iron falsing is any worse than with the 11” coil. I do know I’ve been making enough finds in sites that the 11” coil didn’t detect to be plenty satisfied with it. I have not used the 6” coil with the original software so I can’t make that comparison. I think it’s quite possible that a mode plus settings combination will be found that mitigates any 2-way iron falsing tendencies that may be present. Maybe even one of the single frequencies?
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