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  1. I sold my Nox 800 after I got my ORX but I reconsidered going Nox-free and bought the equinox 600 w/ 6” coil package. So now these are my main detectors. As a relic hunter I think these two make a good pair. I’ve had more experience on the equinox but while I have made some great finds in highly detected spots, I need more experience on the ORX avoid the wide array of junk targets that give a good consistent high tone.
  2. It always amazes me how ingenious the Chinese can be at ripping off the intellectual property of successful companies. I’m so glad the USA is taking them on the frauds. China hasn’t come up with anything original since the firecracker! 😮
  3. The after market charge clips are fine, but I greatly improved mine ( which being new is likely the new xp design) by using zip ties to fasten the jaws of a small pair of pliers to the clip handles and then wrapped electrical tape around it. The leverage afforded by the plier makes attaching the clip very simple. I too struggled with my clip and came up with this simple fix.
  4. Those are nice. I attached a pair of small pliers on my charge clip and that’s made it bearable.
  5. Manny, that’s awesome. The ORX is the real deal. Hope I get to try some gold prospecting sometime. Hope you keep getting the gold!
  6. Well I successfully paired the new phones which are called OneAudio A 61 work as well as the factory supplied ones they automatically paired-up after turning everything off and then on again. They are definitely aptx LL i have ave to wholeheartedly recommend the to anyone who needs a pair. At Amazon, they are $49.00 but there’s an instant discount of 60 percent, so I paid $22 for these. Can you go wrong? I don’t think so😆
  7. I bought a pair of Mpow Bluetooth 4.2 w/ aptx LL and they paired up ok but even though the buds are described as aptx LL they were not, no + after the BT symbol and I could hear the lag. So those go back and I have coming today a pair of BT headphones that have same specs as the minelab ones but cheaper ( not miccus or trond but Onesound. ) will see later if these pair ok and work ok
  8. What I like is coming up with simple solutions yourself ( like colonel dans) not every thing has to be purchased, although for some it’s easier to just order something somebody was motivated enough to offer as a hobbyist/ entrepreneur. My solution was a 1/2” diameter silicone tube that wraps around the handle and is held by an 8” long zip tie. Many easy solutions for this
  9. I ordered one but canceled it. It didn’t stop there, however, because I went and ordered it all over again. So, I think 🤔 I’m getting one. Call me fickle
  10. I think a 8.5” round coil (dd or concentric) would be excellent and I’d certainly get one unless overpriced. I think most would agree that 9” is perfect for all around use. 11” is too big for all conditions.
  11. That’s awesome, Chuck. I got to believe, however, that as the sales really start to mount, there might come a time when the service center could get overwhelmed, resulting in longer wait times and a hit on their reputation as a responsive eager to please customer service department. Their excellent build quality should avoid nuisance problems such as the wobbly shafts that the early equinoxes had We will see The simplex + I have on preorder will me my first foray into the Nokta-Makro world Really looking forward to it!
  12. I think it’s defective. I returned mine and got a new one which is perfect. Remember, when charged it will periodically blink when in sleep mode. The defective one wasn’t doing that either, although it did work. If I were you I’d contact the seller and get a replacement. Good luck
  13. BeachHunter, These are not your run of the mill coils, they are really excellent, and the price just dropped about $85.
  14. I certainly agree with all of that. Can’t say much for my timing, though. I paid full price for everything. I did take advantage of the summer special free Mi6, and I got the hf elliptical coil for $375 barely used free shipping. Only after ordering that did I see the ad for the new packages and lower price platform. No regrets though.
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