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  1. Well I don't think better customer service is even possible. Last weekend my Equinox 800 suddenly would not charge. After concluding it had to go in I left a message at the repair center in Illinois. Monday morning they returned my call and issued an RMA and it shipped out on Tuesday m. On Wednesday late afternoon I got an email from Minelab that they received the unit and would contact me after it's looked at. Less than 24 hours later I get another email that my 800 is in shipment but no details. I replied asking what they found as the problem. Minutes later they replied that faulty units or parts are evaluated in Australia, but that the unit would not charge with a known good charger, and that changing the Lithium Ion battery also did not fix the no charge problem. So I replied again " am I to understand you have shipped a new control pod?," and moments later they replied " that is correct" Tracking says it will arrive on Tuesday. First class customer service, Minelab!
  2. relicmeister

    Equinox 800 Suddenly Not Charging

    They didn't say what they would do but they said to just send in the handle with battery inside and touchpad. I suppose they could send a new detector but then I'd have to return the rest, and mine is modified with s-shaft and folding gadget and I absolutely intend to keep it. These mods make it ultra portable and give it about the same ergonomics as my f75 only lighter. I love it! Doesn't even have any wobble issues. I will for sure ask them what they believe the problem was and relate that on this thread.
  3. relicmeister

    Equinox 800 Suddenly Not Charging

    Got my RMA this morning, sending in the touchpad, and handle/ battery and they say turnaround time( whether fix or replaced) about a week😋 I'll be using my f75 with 10"x5" dd coil until I get my 800 back. I've been doing well with the f75 with this coil. Im also now on a wait list for a 6" equinox coil. How can I not get one?
  4. relicmeister

    Equinox 800 Suddenly Not Charging

    Thanks for your thoughts about this. I am using a Belkin F8J052 2.1 amp power adapter single USB port Input 100-240V AC 0.5A 50-60 HZ. Output D.C. 5V 2.1A I used the detector today for 3 hours at a farm site with no problems. Still 2 bars on battery. Tried to charge again but no dice. No reply from Minelab yet via email or phone
  5. relicmeister

    Equinox 800 Suddenly Not Charging

    Fine with me, but I kind of still consider mine a new nox. 100 light hours in prime conditions, and meticulous about how I treat her. Anxious to talk to the service department which is in PA where I am ( not that it matters)
  6. relicmeister

    The Award For The Worst GPS Goes Too......

    That gps should find its way back to wherever it came from for a refund! Imbusefbto my simple Harmon foretrex 400.
  7. So I went to top off the charge in my nox 800 and after connecting the magnetic cable I saw that the charging indicator light wasn't on or flashing. So I brushed off potential debris that might be keeping the cable from making connection and tried again. Same thing. I checked on my wm08 module and it started charging. I tried my other cable and same thing also. I checked the contacts and surfaces on the cable and the detector and looks fine, just not working. So I did a factory reset- that didn't fix it either. Has this happened to anyone? Am I missing something? I've already emailed customer service i last had 2 of 3 bars on my charge level so I'm leaving it connected to the charger overnight and will check if it's still 2 bars. Quite an annoying situation, but it is the first issue I've had with it to date.
  8. relicmeister

    It's All I Need

    Now that I've had enough hours use with my 800 I can relate to and agree with your comments, Mark. Now I know when I take it to a site I've not been to lately due to sparseness of targets, that I can count on making new (and surprising) finds
  9. relicmeister

    Ear Bud Suggestions

    While not waterproof or noise cancelling, what I settled on and what I find to be ideal for me is koss side firing (wired) earbuds ( worn like headphones) ;connected to the wm08 module that I wear close-fit around my neck via 1/4" wide braided elastic ( Walmart sewing dept). The earbuds are only $11 or so but at 32 ohm they have good sound, and I can still hear my surroundings which to me is important. Most importantly, they are so comfortable to wear I have actually forgotten I'm wearing them. They are perfect for those hot summer days.
  10. After using my F-pulse for a couple months, I just can't seem to get through a couple of successive detecting outings without some annoying issue. The issues I have had lately are 1. Unit will make semmingly random loud beeps while using inside a hole and I've wondered if it is the alarm it makes when you forget to turn it off. 2. Unit will beep slowly all the while when seeking a target in a hole. I havnt tried a retune while touching bare ground enough to see if it's a fix. 3. It seems to freeze up about once per time out with it, so that's as annoying as changing batteries with each use. All considered, I'm about ready to put it up on eBay. I'm just not accustomed to so many issues as compared to the Garrett carrot, pp11 or original pp.
  11. relicmeister

    Which Mode? And Why?

    Before I go out detecting I browse through the forums for comments that look useful , or for something new I might want to try. I'll go out with a plan to start with one mode and settings and spend most of that detecting session with it. Sometimes I will alternate at a given spot between two different modes and noting which seems to be doing better. Then, following the detecting session, I usually browse the forums again for comments others made about using those modes in similar detecting environments. It's all about trial and error, observing and noting results and preferences and reading what others are posting I'm not that big on watching videos, but I'm sure that's useful too
  12. Nice catch,cdv an important lesson learned here.
  13. relicmeister

    Equinox Ergonomics - The Challenge

    Most if not all of my criticisms of the equinox, including the ergos, really are more related to my obsessive nature, and not errors of design. After I added the folding modification, I for a time used it with the shaft in a "6:35"position, which mimicks to an extent the ergonomics of an s-shaft. I did conclude the swing felt a little better than straight, but not that much so, and I'm back to the regular straight position.( however, if I find myself wearing certain hiking boots with metal eyelets, I will use the "6:35" position to keep from falsing on my shoes with the closer in swing of the straight shaft. If I do get tired I have the simple bungee /hook setup shown to give an essentially weightless swing.
  14. relicmeister

    6"x10" Coil For Minelab Equinox

    I like the size and shape of a 6"x10" less eccentric than the 5x10 and keep more depth. All I can say is the equinox is worthy of a large assortment of coils, and that includes a 10" concentric. In my opinion they will all sell good, and ultimately there will be a very large number of equinoxes out there so a good business move by Minelab to offer such an assortment.
  15. About my expectation at $179. And I bet the 15" will cost $279. Any guess how much the wm08 costs?