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  1. Just another option is the 600 special with wireless phones plus a 6” coil which together costs just under the base 800. The 6” coil is great for target rich and trashy areas.
  2. I heated mine up and bent it inward too, leaving enough room for a coat. I use a counterweight with the 11” coil but it slips in and out so it’s optional. For brief outings I don’t use it
  3. The equinox 600 would be excellent assuming gold prospecting isn’t the primary goal. It comes with Bluetooth capability but only wired phones which could prove annoying to someone just getting started. Many dealers are offering a holiday package for the 600 which includes the Bluetooth headphones. It’s a great deal.
  4. If you heat the top part of the armrest by setting the lower part in water heated in a saucepan you can bend the armrest to snugly fit your upper arm ( allowing for a coat for cold weather season) when you have it bent the way you like cool it in running cold water. I heated mine by setting it on the top of the wood stove for 10 minutes. C
  5. As well as the s-shaft was working I’ve now done the Steve H. Monopole conversion. Funny, it took only an hour start to finish, although I want to do something more permanent with the pod attachment which is now just 2 overlapping large zip ties and electrical tape. It’s strong and looks fine but I can do better- possibly with folding capability. I was surprised in attaching the lower stem. I cut most of the last rod of the monopole off with a hacksaw and the stock equinox lower rod down to 4” length, and it snugly fits together quite nicely, needing only a band of tape For the 6” coil To ke
  6. There are prismatic glasses that you can look through only to see the pod but look past to watch yourvsurroundings Do a Ebay search.
  7. Interesting. If you were to get one of those folding handle fixtures you could fold the handle And pod down Into the arm rest. Then you could slide up the middle shaft and coil for compact storage or backpacking. Be sure to post pictures of the completed mod.
  8. IMO it is a worthwhile Idea other than the lower which you can change. If you add a counterweight to the shaft end, and with the s-shaft ergonomic improvement, it will indeed swing with the feel of an f75, but lighter still. I switched out the double spring clip at the upper to middle rod exchange to a single and taped two elastic strips so when I separate the halves it keeps sort of together and the coil wire is also zip tied to each shaft in such a way as to leave just enough slack for allowing separation and reattachment neatly.
  9. Got my 2nd Equinox 600 only took usps a month got a good deal used with 6” coil included. I’m going to mount this one with 6” on CF collapsible monopole but I had also ordered the $49 s-shaft made in Ukraine. Despite crappy lower shaft it’s nice. Light as a feather with shiny black enamel. I switched the lower shaft for a better one. It separates easily into two equal halves si it fits in a small bag.
  10. My 600 has carbon fiber shaft and “ fold and go” on it to have it fold in half to 24” long and fits in a tennis racket bag turned into a backpack( I detect woods mostly and don’t want to carry the detector ). I Just slso bought the carbon fiber telescoping camera monopole that Steve H. Modded to be the shaft for his equinox. It’s made well enough that it could carry the 11” coil but for the 6” coil it would be extremely light and compact. I’m looking to get a second used 600 for this, and having either coil size ready to go is appealing. It’s worth it if I find a good deal on a used. You’re r
  11. I’m hoping to have a whole separate equinox 600 so I can have one for the 11” coil and one for the 6” coil. Not hard to find good deals on used machines. Swapping out coils can never be simple enough for me.
  12. Being a semi-Luddite I don’t know how to make a link and put it here but it’s eBay under Minelab Equinox 600/800 universal shaft and I was wrong it’s $49 plus $25 shipping. I ordered one a week ago and since decided not to use it on my 600 as one will use folded carbon fiber shaft with 11” coil and my 2nd 600 will use Steve H’s telescoping monopole with 6” coil. If you want to get in touch with me I’ll sell it to you for $55 shipped when I get it.
  13. I saw that you can get a full s-shaft replacement Kit for equinox For $75 made in Ukraine. ($25 shipping) will take few weeks to get from overseas but nice option if you want the s-shaft. Looks well made.
  14. So I stupidly sold my equinox 600 in July but was having sellers remorse. So I have another on the way modestly used and with 11” and 6” coils. I ordered and just got the same monopole and it’s quite impressive. I intend to make the conversion as well. I like a challenging project, and thanks Steve, for the great idea. I might have a couple ideas of my own. This equinox is for keeps.
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