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  1. These guys make it look easy. Wish I had the ideal water location and all the time I needed to get into it, but for me it’s the occasional slow shallow stream I will detect with my new water kit on my Orx. Need to get a real scoop though. I think wAter detecting will always be awkward until you do it on a regular basis and you get your technique honed in.
  2. I totally agree, bigtim. The simplicity of the Orx- without giving up on high performance plus the lightness are why think it’s so great. Tomorrow I will have the WS4 headphones so I can also have the Deus tone and preset programs when I want them. Will see how hunting by audio alone compares with the visual ID display of the Orx.
  3. Hi George, Never even thought of that. I have the Orx and I’ve considered Trying to find a Deus remote, but figured too many settings. I remember you saying on Mike Haer’s podcast that the Deus is great but too many button presses which is what you liked about the Orx. And the headphone would be less convenient to use than the remote is so what does the Deus lite give you over the Orx? I have been wearing the Orx remote an my wrist, so swinging the Orx is as easy as it could be. Your endorsement of the Orx was the main reason I got one. Now I have 2 and 4 coils.
  4. Chase You’re right about not switching around components. Pretty sure You’re also right that the already paired unit hadn’t fully unpaired before attempting to pair the other one as I’ve since done it at home to the other remote and it takes several seconds for it to go back to the detect screen. I already had labels on the remote and headphones that are paired together, and now the pinpointers are labeled as well so there won’t be any mixing. Getting another Orx wasn’t necessary, but wanted to add the elliptical hf coil and I got a phenomenal deal on the second machine. Thanks for the service provider info.
  5. I stopped for a bit of detecting after work and set up my Orx which I have in a backpack. I have 2 Orx set-ups which means two WSAudio headphones and two Mi6 pinpointers, and I had the PP paired to the other Orx so I had to remove the Mi6 currently paired to the remote and pair the one I had on me. So having done that I turned the pp on to locate a target. At this time the remote went to the pinpointer screen and then started just beeping strangely and not working. I turned off the pinpointer but the remote stayed on the pinpointer screen beeping. I tried turning off the remote power but it would not power down - it said Turn Off Turn Off but holding the power button would not turn it off but It would just Go back to the pinpoint screen. Nothing was working to turn it off and stop the beeping but eventually pressing the top right arrow button got it out of pinpoint mode and I was then able to power down. When I turned it back on everything was back to normal and I was able to detect. Anyone’s guess as to what the problem was, but if it happens again I’m going to contact XP service center ( does anyone have the phone and email for them in case I need to contact them?). Has any Orx or Deus user had a similar thing happen? Glad I have 2 machines in case one goes out for service Enjoy the Independence Day weekend HH
  6. This looks like a good one, Gold Hound. Be sure to post your impressions of it when it’s done and tried out
  7. That’s a novel approach you took, Steve, and it came out fantastic. What a bummer to run over your machine, but it took a flinging and still kept swinging!!! Impressive. I like the telescoping shaft but went with a folding arrangement early on. It has its benefits as well as its drawbacks. I recently upgraded the shaft sections with Steve’s carbon fiber. I screwed a lead weight ( a colonial relic) on The threaded end cap which helps when I’m using the 11” coil, but remove when I’m using the 6”. Good luck with the new shaft
  8. Thank You, RickUK, I’m always happy when I find a barrel tap- I’ve found about 4 in the 8 years I’ve been detecting- usually they are brass but this one looks like lead- pewter. Very dense. I suspect the spur to be late 18th -early 19th century - no way to tell if military, although I’ve found enough Rev. War and 1812 military items in the vicinity that it is very possible. I have found both British and American in the area which had a fair amount of troop movements And minor encampments.
  9. Thanks GB. no idea what it is it’s thin and fragile so likely From a lid to a jar. I have to look harder at it to ascertain what it says around the edge. If I figure it out I’ll post it.
  10. Weather has been awesome. Stopped at new site on way home from work for brief hunts and both Saturday and Sunday between family time and usual chores like mowing the lawn. I’m quite efficient at cleaning up my finds and putting them in my display and almost never post before I do. Among my favorites shown is the spur ( my first ) the brass sash buckle which may be 18th century military, the big toy car, the big iron spoon and model T door handle.
  11. Good choice. I have a Nox 600 and Two XP Orx’s. I have all the coils except the biggest. The Nox and Orx compliment each other well. My preference for the Orx is bc I hunt wooded areas with a lot of slopes trees and large boulders and the Orx is more maneuverable. Also bc of coils. What would even things up would be a 9” round or 10”x 7” elliptical coil for the equinox- but that might never happen. Orx is close to perfect machine. All I’d add is a multi- tone option. Be sure to post your impressions after you’ve given it a try or two
  12. Thanks for all the great tips and explanations. I’m using different coils and frequencies and trying to see what helps most. I can very often tell then I’m on big iron, but Still get fooled by many targets that I would swear are high Conducting- non ferrous. I don’t wish to avoid all iron cause I like preserving and displaying the Medium sized better ones. The more targets I dig, the less often I’ll be fooled too
  13. I use the Orx and primarily in coin fast mode. when at cellar holes And iron infested sites I get fooled all the time with great signals from big iron. What are some of the ways to avoid digging so much? Obviously big targets will give the echo signal and you can sometimes get an idea of size but what else can you look for or do?
  14. Whether it works or fails I can appreciate the thought and effort you put into your project. Possibility of failure isThe cost of innovation. Hope it all works out for you.
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