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  1. Could it be a new coil option? Something like a 5” round or 3x6 elliptical? I doubt that would inspire a get ready tease video, though.
  2. I have similarly made great finds with the same arrangement as yours and not just tiny non ferrous, although they turn up also. I never considered the elliptical for fields cause of the smaller sweep footprint, but I’m going to rethink this given your experience. Nice finds.
  3. Depending on price might get for my new f19. Has the 10”x5” so this would be a second coil for the open spaces and fields. Will watch for its release Is there an actual weight available yet? it’s a 9” x12” or 12x12 ?
  4. I’m curious about what this new machine will offer. Kind of expecting a simplex with SMF. Not committed to getting until I see reviews from trusted users , and not NM sponsored you tubers. I’ve been thoroughly spoiled by XP Deus / Orx lightness and portability with great performance. I wonder if XP could just add SMF as an upgrade program on existing Deus? Without the need to put it into a new package. Even if it was an upgrade you have to pay for to get. ?
  5. I too had the XP Deus/Orx and equinox 600 combo i sold the Nox cause I needed the money and was aggravated about the unavailability of the 10x 5 coil. I like the equinox but the Orx/ Deus Lite suits my needs better. As for the 13x 11 coil, thought about getting one but decided the 11” is big enough considering I dont detect too many fields and wide open spaces. I hope you do well with it
  6. I like it and I’m using it with the SP 24 which stays on the machine. The stock rod is for the 11” coil so I can use it, although if I need the big coil, I’ll use the Nox. a situation could come up where I need it.
  7. I find that the iron probability bar is a very useful feature and it is pretty reliable too. I’m just now wondering how and if it varies when you pass over a target from multiple directions. Anyway interrogation of a iffy target consists of audio response, target ID and iron probability bar with passes from several directions.
  8. I really like my Orx and I have 3 coils for it - 11” x35 9” x35 Nd 5.5”x9” hf elliptical. Cover all the needs. For quasi-Deus function I have the WS4 and attached the controller puck to my finds pouch with a coiled headphone coil and small headphones zip tied to my hat. This way I can access the Deus basic programs and have the added tone options, and be able to see target ID’s.
  9. I thought that too when I got it, but not an issue. I carry mine in a tennis racket bag with added straps to make a backpack. It holds up to 3 coils although I usually leave the extras in another bag in the car and choose. Also holds a Predator Raptor with a D-handle I added. Makes a great mini shovel I can use anywhere. As for the WS4 pod I attached it to my dig pouch so I can see TID and run a short coiled cord to lightweight headphones. So it’s essentially wireless.
  10. My current detector lineup consists of my Orx, Deus Lite, my Equinox 600 and , due to long delays in the Coiltek 10x5 , I cancelled my preorder, added $100 and ordered a Simplex + WhP pkg with the added SP 24 coil. I’ll keep this as long as I like it and if the N/M SMF comes in as a big winner, the plan will be to sell the Nox 600 and the Simplex to pay for the new one, which I’m expecting to cost $700/900
  11. Never did the hand to coil wave so never got good at it. Start with pinpointer you can’t really stop unless you just want to do it , or your only pp runs dead and you have no choice.
  12. This is my best. From mid 1700 homesite. It’s solid gold , open type and Germany is engraved. found in New Jersey. Amazing in ground all of America’s existence and I recovered it without a scratch.
  13. Something I’d like to see is an improved pinpoint button which is fast on/ off or only works while the button is depressed. Currently, it takes a long press to activate the pinpoint function. I rarely use pinpoint because it’s not efficient enough. The best pinpoint ever is the T2 and F75 trigger type. Nothing comes close that I’m aware of anyway
  14. I always use and have several. I like XP6 and prefer the pitch vs pulse audio dont like them paired as I want the detector active in case I’m not detecting the target in the hole right away. In target rich spots I don’t even turn it off but hold it in pit of my arm between targets.
  15. The son of my wife’s Besty just bought an uber historical house on an Uber historic 4-acre piece of land in Connecticut. I won’t mention the town yet but it checks every possible box for detecting dream House built 1734, an acre of home front. Plowed field adjacent, and woods on one side. Documented history took place there. I have to wait till he’s settled so early July. I’ll take the time to research and plan. The owner wants to do some detecting with me otherwise the deal is I can keep what I find - but split any high value find if any. anything historically important will be donated to the historical society. we will go for weekends as it’s couple hours away. I’ll be using the Orx and Deus lite with all coils plus the Equinox with 11” and ( by then )10” x 5” coiltek CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!
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