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  1. Rick, are you saying set the tone break to 1 or just use 1 tone. Thanks, Tom
  2. It's not too bad when you're only hunting with one machine. It's easier to remember how to do what when you want to change something. The more I use it the easier it is to navigate thru the different settings. You certainly do have a lot of options to play with for sure.
  3. JCR, I’ve done the Legend just like I did the Equinox. I’ve found some settings that work well here and don’t make adjustments too often. park mode, M1, G disc pattern, recovery speed 3, 60 tones with the tone break at 7, iron filter 8, audio gain 1, ground balance 0 unless needed and sensitivity 28 + or - as needed. I do have different programs saved to use when I’m trying to do certain things. I’m very happy with my settings. Pretty simple. I’ve just concentrated on learning the sounds that these settings make in relationship to the targets in the ground. Tom
  4. Rich, I had good luck with mine as well although I never submerged it. Rain was the worst it saw. I don’t have any Knowledge at all about trading in an out of warranty head unit. Sorry.
  5. Not sure where Gigmaster came up with the idea but it certainly revealed where it was leaking at. Cudos to him for that. It sure seems odd that some have cracks and some don’t. Who knows. What it does do is give you a place to keep an eye on. So, what do ya do if you see cracks besides the obvious don’t submerge it. Seems it should be a warranty issue if you still have any left.
  6. They fit good and the buttons line right up with the cover. Got from detector warehouse.
  7. Legend with 11” and a Legend with the 6” for a back up. Only two machines I own. Although, I have thought about picking up a used Deus to play with some. You know one of those deals you can’t say no to… they get me every time… Well, almost. lol
  8. Jeff, enjoyed reading the post. Thanks for giving us a really unbiased review and explaining the reasons for your decision. HH! Tom
  9. Not yet, but I just picked up another Legend. Going with the six on one and stock on the other. If we ever get any rain I’ll let ya know how they compare.
  10. One of the parks I hunt has emi but not always. Some days in the past I just had to leave others it wasn’t there at all. The city power plant isn’t far away and I always wondered if it was the culprit.
  11. Our last computer loaded both the updates on both our machines. The one I have now wouldn’t. I saw no valid port so many times I was.. lol, anyways took it to the guy I got it from and he installed a different driver for the USB ports and boom, loaded right up. My son when I told him I was having trouble did his at his house. Computers can be frustrating for sure. Sorry you had trouble, glad it’s installed. I thought I heard that “whew finally” all the way here in swmo. lol
  12. Should be fine. Just trying to run old saved programs with out doing the factory default reset was the problem.
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