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  1. Good luck Tim! I think I'll challenge our club members with a similar goal in some of our parks.
  2. Started around 83 bought a bounty hunter outlaw at a catalog return store. Used the tr mode until I figured out how the vlf worked. Then I started finding coins. First silver a 1913 barber dime. Upgraded to a whites 6000 di pro, Eagle ll sl, Spectrum xlt. I also took time off but have been back for about ten years now and have tried twelve different detectors before settling on the Equinox and Deus. Since I retired in 2017 I hunt quite often.😁
  3. ColonelDan, that's great and that's what you would think/hope should happen. I may just be over thinking it and as many have stated there are so many things coming into play that could make a difference. Thanks for the replies. It's probably nothing to be concerned about. Tom
  4. We would hold the coils away from each other when checking. We hunt close together a lot and if there is a problem with another machine hitting the noise cancel seems to take care of it. At the last hunt there were five of us hunting in close proximity of each other with 800's and I did have to noise cancel once. It's just something I wondered about. Not everyone else's machine has failed to acknowledge the target but I can think of a couple of them that certainly did. Who knows...the idea of it being the coil could hold some merit..🤔
  5. That's the reason I'm keeping mine some were set up the same and others weren't. Still I didn't think the targets were anything special. Actually didn't say anything but in the back of my mind I was sure thinking. You know, wondering why they weren't hitting the target. Anyways I don't see mine going anywhere. lol
  6. The reason I ask is because a number of the guys in our club have 800's. When we go on hunts there have been times I'll hit a target and they'll want to listen to it. Many times they don't hear it or maybe just barely with theirs My machine is just out of warranty now and I'm reluctant to get a different one for that reason. I've heard stories about machines being hotter than others or...just maybe better? Any thoughts on this? Thanks!
  7. Equinox 800 mostly 90+% Vanquish 540 played with a while Orx played with a while Deus still playing with when I'm not using the 800
  8. If minelab doesn't come out with one soon I will seriously consider giving the Garrett set up a go.
  9. I've been wanting this coil every since I purchased the Equinox. I'll let ya know when I get it what the verdict is. 😁
  10. I use the fe set at 3 and that's what I've done for more than two years now. It works for me and don't feel a need to change.
  11. I just read about the possibility of an elliptical coil coming out and that sounds great!! What I think would be the number two thing for me would be a pinpointer that paired with my headphones. That and being very light are what I really like about the deus. I know some of you don't use the sound on your pinpointer but for me the paired mi6 has spoiled me. Everytime now when I use the 800 with my trx I'm wishing the sound was coming thru my headphones. I know just personal preference but I love it. HH, Tom
  12. There would still be the charity donation for the winner. I wasn't very clear on that. Contest ends last day of the month. Find must be posted before midnight of the last day in your particular time zone. You get three likes to be used between the 1st thru 3rd of the following month. You wouldn't want to vote before all entries were posted. A five member committee selected by Steve in case of a tie to vote for the winner. Runners up and honorable mentions could have more than one recipient in case of a tie but only one number one. One entry, one category(your best find of the month) one winner
  13. I've seen some really cool finds from a lot of the guys on here. Perhaps a runner up each month and an honorable mention. Three possibilities. No prize for them. Just the recognition of a really good find with a record kept. If I would happen to land in any of those spots.I would think it an honor. It sounds like fun however it works out.
  14. CPT, I got it edited to say Mexican. I had it as Mexican in the first part of the post just never really thought about it being different but you're right they are. Thanks!
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