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  1. I bought these to just give them a try. I really like the way they talk to you. The noise canceling feature is cool (I don't know how it works but it does) but makes it harder to hear your pin pointer so I rarely use it. They are very affordable which is why I tried them. I noticed they would make a really static like sound sometimes and was concerned but have since found out there's just bad junk in the ground causing it. Anyways for $25 I bought another pair for back up. Oh, they pair up way better than my original headphones. I turn on the machine and when its gone through start up I turn these on..you hear power on then it either says pairing then connected or just connected and power off when you shut them down. Also disconnected if you get to far away from your machine or shut down the machine and leave the headphones on. To me they sound good.
  2. GB, I couldn't remember the id#'s on the love token but it's mostly 19's and 20's....it's pretty thin. I've seen those tokens both ways and some have a hole in them. I'm not sure when the hotel went out of business but I did see an 1884 date when it was open. I'll try and find out some more info about it. We're in the old part of town and the sheriff's dept. bought three old houses and had them removed for an expansion. This stuff came from the house across the street from where I got the other tokens. I have one more token that came from this yard that's soaking. I can't make out all the writing on it yet...hopefully it will clean up but I have my doubts about it. Good luck and HH! Tom
  3. I'm pretty sure it's a dime with the engraving on it. There is a building on the square that's supposed to be haunted....not sure if it's the same one...lol
  4. Another trade token and what I think is a love token. It's the same size as a dime and the reeds match up. Here's a pic of the hotel.
  5. Yes they cleaned up very nice....a little mineral oil and a tooth pick. They both came in right on 21 which is a zinc penny number and they weren't real deep...sometime it pays off to dig those zinc numbers.
  6. Wow!! That 1877 Indian is like the key coin! Awesome find! Congratulations!!!
  7. GB, It's just a dodge token to the right of the halves. It's a 1928 Canadian quarter beside the Washington's. Yep, all Indians. It was considerably less than 2018 but a lot less hunting time (wife had a bout with cancer. They got it early and she's doing fine. Thank the Lord!!) The 92 s & o barber's were really neat to find. Looking for the 92 plain now..lol Both halves the standing liberty a barber some mercs ,several Indians one silver ring and a bunch of wheaties came from a side walk strip. We drove to a town with an old fair ground. Got permission to look at some of it...one merc and a few wheaties...a little disappointing. Light bulb goes off and we went to the sidewalks leading into it. The parkway's were really wide and obviously over looked. It was an awesome time. I had a three shield nickel hunt in a local park with a friend and his wife who came down from Springfield. That was crazy. (Four so far from that park.) Didn't get a lot of civil war stuff but I did get some. I'm diggin it md group on face book. I posted four Indians and five wheaties from today's hunt. Already had three for the month one was an 1864 fatty. My second copper nickel Indian(first with a readable date). That was cool. Feb. Has been good for Indians but only one silver(merc) I haven't found a seated coin for three years...I've been in some good places cause I've watched some friends get them...who knows it could happen tomorrow. lol Good luck and HH!!! Tom
  8. That Sounds like a plan. I'm retired so my schedule is pretty flexible.
  9. Here's some of the 2019 finds... still loving the nox.
  10. I've heard several guys comment that the Vanquish has a more solid id on targets than the Equinox. Isn't that what you would expect from a machine running half the number of segments. I'm certainly no expert but that just seems to make sense to me. With 25 on the Vanquish and 50 on the Equinox. I suspect even less jumping on the 440 & 340. You just simply have a larger area to drop the signal into which given the opportunity might cover more segments if they were available. Just thinking out loud...🤔😁
  11. Congrats!! Bet you were doin some smilin! 😁
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