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  1. I think the plastic bag I received mine in was a little padded. It looked fine and has worked fine as well. But just like the rest of you guys I was a little surprised that it was not in a more protective box. My main concern was where the coil wire came out of the coil and it was fine. Good luck!! Oh, I'm really liking mine and even tho the 11" does separate very well I believe the 5x10 is better. The shape alone makes it better at working a signal. However when I get into a large area and knowing the 11" is a little deeper and it separates good too I just can't not use it.lol
  2. Few more finds today with the 5x10. The buffalo was the deepest...didn't measure it but it was down there. I dug out two nails from the same hole before I got the nickel...was just about to give up but the pin pointer said something a little deeper and there is was. Getting a little more confidence in its ability to sort and still get respectable depth.
  3. Another silver, a ring and a few wheaties but nothing deep. Somebody else had hunted the old church not long ago as we could see where they had dug. It was nice of them to leave us a few coins. My buddy got a buff and V nickels with a wheatie. He started with the 11" but put his 6" on after a bit. There was lots of iron.
  4. I almost always wiggle off the target unless its a deeper target and them I'll use the pin point to verify the location is where it's supposed to be.
  5. I was playing around last night doing air tests with the 5x10. I told you in an earlier post about the wheat penny I dug around 8" and it did tell me it was there. That was ok but the signal was very weak and that bothered me. I run 7 on my recovery speed pretty much all the time and have no problem digging coins 10" with the 11"coil. What I found with the 5x10 is that it likes a recovery speed of 5 and that increased the depth right at 2" more. A 4 recovery speed didn't help and actually I don't think was as good as 5 which seemed to be the best. I got a barber quarter with it last night but
  6. Badger-NH, I'm giving my 6" coil to my son. He's only got the 11" so this will give him a small coil when he needs one. It's going to take some time using the 5x10 before I get to know it and what it can or can't do but first impressions are good. I think you're right about it replacing the 6" at least for me it will or I should say it has.lol
  7. Yes, I really like it. I did get to dig one deeper wheatie (probably only 8")so that was ok. The lighter weight was nice. I like the length, I was able to move along fine. We all knew it would separate good. It'll just take time to give it a better evaluation but for now I'm happy I have it. Just my thoughts from today's hunt. Thanks, Tom .
  8. Good luck Dan! Hope it hits some of those deeper keepers. Tom
  9. To late to wait mine will be here Mon. I don't mind being a guinea pig. 😁
  10. Bought one yesterday. Already have my tracking number so hopefully next week I'll have some info. on performance. At least here in SW Mo. soil. My soil isn't the best or worst so the depths I get are in between the extremes.
  11. Wow!! The boiling water and the right sized tin to snap it on to then ran cold water on it and its perfect. Thanks for the idea!
  12. Haven't tried anything yet. Those sound like good ideas. Was hoping someone had already had success in making it wider and would share how they did it. Thanks for the ideas!
  13. Does anyone have any advice on how to make the arm cuff wider. I don't remember the orx being this tight. I don't have large forearms so I know there's guys having the same problem. Thanks!
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