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  1. Good job Mark! From what I've found so far is the 6" coil will probably pic out some more targets but the 11" coil doesn't miss much.. lol. But for certain the 6" is one to have. It's super easy to find targets with it. My son and I were hunting a really trashy yard. He found a target that he really had to work for with his Etrac (8"sun ray coil) and had me come over and see if I could hit it. The Equinox saw it right off. First time over the target and bam there it was. We both removed or head phones and he showed me how he had to really work the target to find it. I swung over it several times with the Equinox and when he saw how easy it was to find he said I'm getting one of those. Lol. When you wiggle do you wiggle off the target? I call it hunting off the front of the coil. I rarely use pin point unless it's deep... no need to using that method. Sounds like the Equinox is treating you right. HH! Tom
  2. Thanks GB, nothing special on dates so far. I got an 82 Indian that will go in the book and one of the merc's I didn't have yet. The quarter was a 29d which happened to be the year my dad was born so that was cool. Ya just never know what the rest of the year will unfold but I'm hoping my luck continues. Our winter here in SW Mo. wasn't bad at all so I was able to get out quite a bit. Tom
  3. This year is starting off pretty good for me. Nine v- nickels, only one buffalo. 25 Indians, one 1866 2 cent piece. That war nickel is the high number one(I'm proud of it.. lol) I'm feeling pretty good about the silver. Three rings and quite a few coins. Still hunting pk1 iron bias 3 recovery 7 and 5 tones. My user profile is set up for trashy areas the same way in pk1 but it's got stuff notched out and depending on the location it may get tweaked (more notched out) lol.
  4. Sorry for your loss. I hope my son has a similar experience after I'm gone. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Thanks Steve! Finding that nickel was pretty special to me. I read about them but really never dreamed of finding one.
  6. I don't know if the mint makes the planchet or they have a company make them. But either way it's obvious there are variances in the mix. Which just makes our hobby a little more interesting.
  7. Well, after reading about the high number war nickels I finally got one at an old fairground in Kansas. Hits a solid 21.I was sure surprised to see a nickel in the hole. It's a 1943 s.
  8. Looks like you guys had a really fun hunt!! Saaweeeet!!!😁
  9. I got all these buttons last year except one and about a fourth of the lead. I don't relic hunt to much but sure like finding it when I do.
  10. Thanks Tim, one of these days you'll get to retire and be able to do more hunting. Then the finds will add up pretty quick! Tom
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