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  1. Good question. Perhaps one of the testers will check that out.
  2. Hey Chase, just a thought. The iron filter being set at eight may not be the max they could have made it but where they thought would be optimal in most hunting scenarios. Basically, the update was a you can cut it back(iron filter) and fine tune it(stability) but you can’t make it more update. I don’t think anyone was wanting more anyway. I’m glad we can adjust it but I’m very happy with the finds I’m getting now. Watching the testers videos will give me a good starting point to go from if I get into some heavy iron patches. I’m just trying to figure out why I haven’t bought another one for a backup. I’ve sold both my other machines. lol
  3. Yes, hopefully it’s just an oversight. You wouldn’t think a water proof machine would have that written like that in the warranty.
  4. Deus2 warranty. Hmmm I hope I don’t get any water ingress…appears it’s not covered under the warranty. Maybe I need that explained better.
  5. Very nice hunt! Congratulations on the old wheat and v-nickel. It’s a great feeling finding something you’ve never found before. You’re doing what you need to do to learn a machine and that’s dig a lot of targets to see what it’s saying. Good job!
  6. I use lavender oil spray on our dog all the time and on me when I go into the woods. It’s a little more expensive but it seems to work very well and there are no toxic chemicals. One of God’s natural repellents for ticks and fleas.
  7. Nice relic day! The watch fob is cool. They’re fun to find.
  8. I like the nine and the thirteen combo till at some point (age/health) the thirteen gets to heavy for me. In my soil the thirteen although maybe only a couple inches is deeper. No air tests just the finds on deeper coins found in the wild. Two inches is paramount in some locations between finding nothing or having a fun day.
  9. I got my Deus2 with the nine inch. I had the nine and thirteen x-35’s for my deus1. I’ll probably pick up the D2 thirteen at some point. I had no problem swinging the large coil so that combo worked well for me.
  10. Aaron, thanks for the video. My D2 is supposed to be here Sat. I was wondering when I watched the results of the nickel under the bottle cap. The tarasacci didn’t change much and the D2 didn’t get it at all. After you lowered the bc reject the d2 started hitting it. I noticed you mentioned the ferrous meter in the caption on the d2. I’m assuming it was giving a non ferrous reading? Also I was wondering what the d2 would do at the setting of bc1 with out the nickel there. Just curious. Thanks again for taking the time to do the tests and sharing the video. HH, Tom
  11. Congrats on getting into the 1800’s and with a barber no less! You have some nice finds as well.
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