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  1. Thanks Joe, I think all the odd ball ones came from yards in town. The majority have come from old schools or church’s. A couple come to mind. One gave me nineteen and another gave me and my hunting partner over twenty total. (that was on several trips to each location) I think a lot of the earlier hunters were looking mostly for silver and the Indians were over looked. Who knows? Plus and maybe the most important we kept going back.
  2. Thanks! I’m not sure what they call themselves🤔 but I reckon Tome2sons is the chief. 😁
  3. Cal, I sometimes think about who stuck that 1889 penny into that machine. Was it a little boy or girl. Perhaps maybe a dad taking a souvenir home. Who knows? They were both found in yards here in town. Tom
  4. This is my dug Indian heading Penny collection. It’s been a long hunt and still going but I sure like finding them. Especially the really nice green ones! All in the book are my wild finds except the two flying eagle cents. It makes my day when I find one that I don’t have yet but that doesn’t happen to much any more. I have a few special ones lol like the 1/4 Indian, the shot Indian, the earring or necklace Indian the railroad track Indian and two world’s fair Indians. It’s a fun hobby! Gotta love those Indians! 😀 HH and thanks for looking. Tom
  5. Rick we’re kinda silly here sometimes. That was a wet snow and it really collected on the coil so that hunt didn’t last much more than an hour. The ground hadn’t froze yet so digging wasn’t a problem. The coldest I’ve detected was 19 degrees and the wind was blowing like crazy. There were three of us. The ground did have a small layer frozen that day but we were finding some old coins and relics. lol I will say on that particular day the my machine did start to act funny after a while out there. It must have been time to quit. lol
  6. Congrats on a really cool find! Continued good hunting this year.
  7. Cal, I’ve had mine for a while and at first I was a little worried about the depth I have since figured out it’s very respectable although not as deep as the 11”. I run my 11” almost all the time on 7 recovery speed. What I’ve found is that the 5x10 likes 5 recovery speed to still get the separation and depth that I’m looking for. Yes , I’m glad I have it and use it a lot but I also still use the eleven. The location, ground conditions and all that kind stuff dictate which coil goes on. Cal, I think you’re going in with a real sense of what to expect from the replies given and I believe it will accomplish what you’re wanting to use it for. Good luck! HH! Tom
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