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  1. Gmaxx Bumped the reactivity up to 2 and iron volume to 1 while still comparing readings with the xy screen in the deep mode. Still learning. Today's deus finds.
  2. Thanks for the advice. Right now I'm using the two programs to check signals to see how the tones and lines corelate with each other. I think having that extra info and so easily available (hit the plus in deep hit the minus back in gmaxx) could really help out. I've already found out bottle caps are easy to leave with the xy screen and hopefully I'll pick up those tonal warnings someday. I'm having fun playing with the Deus and finding stuff too!
  3. Thanks Chase. I picked up used 9 and 11" original lf coils. I may at some time pick up one of the newer (hf or x35) coils but right now I'm happy with the lf coils. I played with the Equinox and the Deus to check recovery speeds. I hunt with the Equinox at 7 recovery speed 99% of the time. The G-Maxx program seemed really close to the same and I usually don't listen to the iron unless I feel a need to check the target. I've just started but right now I'm liking G Maxx and the deep with xy screen to check targets. I always dig a lot of signals with a new machine so I can actually see wha
  4. I was showing my orx and deus lite to a friend and he wanted to buy the orx so I sold it and bought the deus controller. He loves the orx (so did I) and now I'm really liking the deus. I've been using 5-G-MAXX and checking each target with 6-DEEP (xy screen)to see the correlation between the two on targets. It takes very little effort to switch back and forth and I think I'm starting to see the difference between good targets and bad ones.(after a LOT of digging) I say lot of digging but I've only been out with it twice. Anyways, after hitting the signal I knew it wasn't a coin bu
  5. We had been finding some minnie balls at a location but today it had something else show up. It was a first for me.
  6. I have bought the trond transmitter that Chase referred to and got some aukey ear buds that Dan told me about and by adjusting the volume they will work. I haven't paired my ml80's back up and tried adjusting the volume but they would not work. Paired fine but the sound was not right.
  7. Don't we already have the ability with four different inland modes to make each one a user profile and the one we use the most the actual user profile button so you don't have to run thru the sequence of modes each time you use it. I used field1 (changed settings to mimic pk1) along with my pk1 user profile which gives me three different setups out of pk1. Each one tweeked to make it do what I wanted. The 800 is an awesome machine!
  8. I just ordered the trond from Amazon. This unit will be mainly for my son. I like the orx and now he'll have this to play with when we're not using our 800's. I just got my first civil war relics with the orx Mon. a 54 sharps and a round ball. They came from the battle here in 1861.
  9. Sorry, I should have been more detailed with my question. Here's what I have currently using ear buds. I think the Trond that Chase mentioned its what I'm looking for. I just like being able to see the numbers.
  10. I just put together a deus lite and I'm needing some input on what works good to set up wireless headphones with it. Thanks!
  11. All good!! Amazing what pushing the right button will do...Thanks Chase! 😁
  12. Oh goodness! It's awful to get old..well it does have a few draw backs but anyways Chase I zoomed in on the manual and it sure does say hold 2 sec. on the menu button NOT the minus button..🙄oops! Thanks so much for your input!
  13. Is it not possible to adjust the reactivity with the ws4's?In the manual it says hold the minus button for 2 sec and the disc will flash, then you can adjust reactivity. If I hold the minus down it just goes into hyper mode lowering the disc. Is there something I'm doing wrong or...don't know or understand. Thanks!
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