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  1. Congrats Dan, that's a very nice haul!! How are you liking the ctx? One of the guys in the club has that combo (ctx,nox). He's got some cool finds with both. Anyways great treasure hunting trip! Tom
  2. Maiden voyage with the coil ear repair. All went well with no problems at all. I really think the fiberglass has made them much stronger and will really be disappointed if they don't last from now on. Thanks!
  3. F350Platinum, All I can account for is the type soil we have here in this area. I have found plenty of coins with the 11" coil at the 10" plus depth. Took a few videos and actually sent one to a friend of live digs when I was pretty confident I had a deep coin. The 5X10 is very respectable and as I stated in an earlier post I've been using it exclusively since the 11" went down. When you get to the edge of detection depth you just know. I was very pleased with the 5X10 and I dug one wheatie and one merc that were just over 9" but the signal was such most people wouldn't dig it but it sounded like a deep coin to me and a very easy target to miss. I just knew I was pushing the edge of the detection depth on that coil. But it did tell me they were there. Because of past experience with the 11" I know for sure it's a little deeper perhaps close to two inches on penny dime size targets. I'll be going back over that area with the 11" in a few weeks hoping to find a few more deeper coins. Both great coils and the only two I've kept out of the three minelab and 5x10 coiltek that I've used. Nothing wrong with the 6" or 15" Minelab I'm just content with the 11" and 5X10 coils. I gave my son the 6" and he really likes it for yards as I did. The 5x10 has replaced it for me. The 15" is probably a touch deeper than the 11" but the weight although not terrible was just more than I wanted to swing. I'm just happy to have ole#11 back in service...hopefully for many more years. Ears hoping!๐Ÿ˜ HH! Tom
  4. It took over three years for mine to break but it finally did. I have never used it in the water. I haven't babied the coil either...it's been in bean and corn stubble many times. It's hard to hunt those places without banging it around some. I probably should have got one of those ear supports a long time ago but was thinking "why, mines fine"...ooops! My thinking now would be get one before something goes wrong. I get the disappointment and it is but also not a very expensive insurance policy either.
  5. F350Platinum, I like the way that works. May end up with one of those ear supports before is all over. I have thought it was kinda good that the ear broke on my 11" because it forced me to use the 5x10 all the time. Since then I have gained confidence in it. So in that regard it was a good thing it broke.๐Ÿค” Having said that I'll also say I'm very happy to have the 11" back up and going. I like both coils but as it should the 11" has a little more depth. Tom
  6. Ready for some treasure hunting. Fingers crossed but very optimistic.๐Ÿ˜
  7. Rich, I went ahead and did the other side. The shaft fit after I did the first side but I don't think it would have if I would have done all the inside part of the other ear so I left it off where the shaft sets. Anyways, it sure made those ears pretty rigid. I'm thinking it might work.. Tom
  8. That's what I was going to do and still may before it's all over. If I just went ahead and did that now I wouldn't have to worry at all. I just kinda want to test my work.๐Ÿ˜ Thanks for the sound advice.
  9. I tried it on a plastic picnic fork first without the extra layer of epoxy. I could not break the fork. It broke at both ends of the fiberglass but I could not break the fiberglass over the fork part and it was just on one side. I didn't use pliers just my hands. I fiberglassed both sides of the ear. You might be right about it not holding but I'm going to give it a go. I couldn't believe what it did to the fork as far as strength. That's when I decided to try it on the ear. Perhaps I should go ahead and get the extra support bracket. I figure if it doesn't hold that's my next option....I just want to see what happens..lol
  10. I was actually going to put one on after I repaired it but it seems to be way stronger now so I'm just gonna try it out. I'll for sure let ya know how it holds up.
  11. Well, after over 3 yrs my 11" coil broke an ear. Here are pics of my attempt to make it stronger than new.๐Ÿ™‚ Put the fiber glass on with super glue then a layer of epoxy over that. I'm not sure it needed the epoxy but it smoothed it out. Little black paint coming.
  12. Just wanted to throw this in the mix because I do it sometimes. I like the notch feature on the deus when I'm in a trashy or aluminum littered park. I may or may not leave in nickels and I usually don't leave in zinc pennies. It will find silver rings but I'm mostly just coin hunting. I can't remember if the orx has that notch set up like the deus has. I like the deus over the orx for the ability to do more things with the settings. It gives me more options to do what I want and I like that.๐Ÿ˜
  13. I always run my sensitivity as high as possible. I'm usually out of town hunting but have had to turn it down several time well below what I would prefer. I'm sorry but I couldn't say one or the other was more prone to emi. I never really noticed and have never just switched coils to see if there was a difference. I'm certainly no expert but I believe the vdi on a good target mixed with iron or ?? will be off no matter what detector. To many factors to say this or that but you're right about digging those 21's and being surprised by silver. The friend I was hunting with got a barber dime at that same hunt. He said it hit 21. He pulled the plug and his pin pointer quickly locked onto a nail in the hole. A quick scan of the plug and ลตa'la numbers jumped up and out came the barber. I've had the same thing happen in the past and it just so happens was on a barber dime as well.
  14. F350, finding the right spot to test the coils is sometimes hard to do. I haven't hunted the place I got the coins I posted with the 11" coil yet as I have to do a repair on one of the ears. (After over 3 years one finally broke). I've been using the 5x10 exclusively. Unless there are some coins there a little deeper and not to deep (lol) I won't find anything else either with the 11" if they aren't there and they won't count unless the 5x11 doesn't see them. I think I'll take some flags with me when I go back and use the 11", mark targets I feel pretty confident are deep coins and check them with the 5x10 before digging. The only thing I change when switching coils is the recovery speed. 5 on the 5x10 and 7 on the 11". I used to play around with the settings and modes more but honestly for the last couple years I've settled in and just listen close. Anyways I'll be sure and post here with results after I've gone back. Tom I do want to say one more thing in regards to changing things up. I have been trying to use 4khz and a slower recovery speed some. Because the sounds from targets are different enough that I'm not confident in what I'm hearing I've been reluctant to stick with it till I learn what it's saying. I'm pretty happy now...maybe someday I'll stick with a different set up๐Ÿค” but that means digging a ton of targets again to learn what it's saying. ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜‚
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