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  1. I hunt with guys that also use the Equinox all the time. All we do is noise cancel when we get close and that seems to work fine. We oft times hunt very close together checking each others signals and so on. You might have to put the coil behind you or off to one side when checking signals but it's not anything to be to concerned about. Good luck and have fun hunting with your friend.
  2. The Equinox certainly does have a tell on lead!! Like he said he doesn't mind so long as he knows what it's saying. Thanks for posting that video Steve!
  3. Congrats on the finds! I would have to think there's more around there to. Good luck and HH!
  4. I think that pretty well says it. It's not an Equinox and never was supposed to be. It's a new minelab entry level machine with the main thing that made the Equinox special....multi IQ. The ability of a machine to see coins others miss. Not necessarily deeper just better vision. It Will be very interesting to see it in action when it gets in the public's hands and goes through their test gardens. Segments and notching...25 segments on the 540...50 on the Equinox. So a segment will be more than 1 number. On the 540 perhaps it's 2 compared to the Equinox's 1 Deep? I expect respectable but it may be deep or the depth could varry depending on the model. It's not an Equinox. For people wanting into a fun hobby without breaking the bank and swing a machine with multi IQ. I think it could be an awesome little machine. But only time will tell!!! HH!! Tom Minelab Vanquish metal detector Minelab Vanquish 340 / 440 / 540 Technical Specifications
  5. I just bought these after my charging port quit working on the stock headphones. They meet all the specs...I think..lol I'll get them tomorrow.
  6. Congrats on the Indian!! Looks like you are getting along nicely with your 800 . Keep it up! Looking forward to seeing you get into the 1800's! 😁
  7. I've never hunted the beach so I don't know anything about that. I think you made the right move when it sounded good both ways and you dug it up. Good luck and HH!!
  8. In the town I live there was a civil war battle/skirmish...depends on who you talk to. It started approx 7 miles north of town that morning crossed over a creek, a branch and a river then thru town before ending up on the SE parts of town at dark. We still have two parks that both had fighting take place in them. We are able to hunt the parks but with that said they are littered with pop tabs, beaver tails,ect. and have been hunted like most parks to death. Hunting with an Etrac in the past you got a tell by the ferrous number while looking for lead. We need all the info we can get. What we have discovered with the Equinox is the numbers will jump around on lead...a lot. The pull tabs will lock on solid but the especially smaller roundballs will hit both ways and sound good but the numbers will not lock down. My son just got his Equinox 800 yesterday and we did a short hunt in one of the parks. I just got a good hit when he arrived and he was able to listen to it before we dig it and out came a nice round ball. I ended up with 3 more but smaller ones. He called me earlier this evening with his first relic find with the Equinox. Just as before he said numbers all over but good sound both ways and out came a nice round ball. I was wondering if you guys had any similar experience with yours. I've dug quite a few round balls so far and you can just about guarantee when you're going to dig lead. A tell is a tell to me no matter how it works. Whether the ferrous number is a little lower or the numbers jump.around, I like it. The Equinox definitely has a "tell" for lead. Here's some of the lead I've dug the last few hunts in one of the parks. Good luck and HH! Still pk1 recovery7 iron bias 3
  9. Thanks strick! I plan on just leaving all my finds to the kids/grandkids someday....they may sell them but it won't matter to me then.lol
  10. Out last night and got a nice 1892 S barber dime. Pk1, 5 tone, recovery 7, iron bias 3.
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