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  1. After a soak and some light cleaning with a soft bristle toothbrush and toothpaste.
  2. After a few outings of only digging trash, this week I got my first coin. A 1948 wheat penny, still needs some cleaning to determine if there is a mint mark. I was only able to determine what the penny was when I first dug it out of a creek, it's almost impossible to tell what it is in the picture. This was also my first water dig and only a few feet from the shore. The penny was in the same hole as an old ray-o-vac C battery and some rusty nails.
  3. Ordered a Vanquish 440 yesterday from Kellyco, should arrive at my house tomorrow. Thank you all for your help and advice.
  4. I heard from a whites dealer that the whites factory is closing. This dealer is closing down once his inventory is depleted.
  5. Thank you, I appreciate your opinion. I was looking at the 540 because I figured bigger is better when it came to the coil. I also liked that it is back-lit but I don't forsee myself doing a lot of low light detecting. I like the thought of rechargeable batteries coming with the unit too, so maybe the 440 is the way I should go.
  6. I did use the Whites on a freshwater beach off of Lake Huron, but kept getting signals due to the rebar in the concrete that was unfortunately under sections of the sand.
  7. Thank you, I've been seriously leaning towards the Vanquish due to price and the fact that my coworker loves his CTX. The reason I was interested in the Ace series was simply due to price, I know little to nothing about the Garrett detectors.
  8. I do find it enjoyable already, even if all I've dug is junk. I even already have permission to detect on a farm that has been around since the early 1800s, and could have had some civil war activity on it. I can't wait to get the time to go there and see if I can find some goodies.
  9. My coworker has recently gotten me interested in detecting. I've already been to two of his sites with him and he has loaned me his old Whites 6000 coinmaster. He even allowed me to borrow it on my vacation to Michigan recently. So far I haven't found any treasures but I'm already looking into buying my first detector. I'm 35 and currently in Pennsylvania. Currently don't have much time to detect between having a two year old and work but I'm trying to get out there more.
  10. Hi everyone, first post. I'm currently new to metal detecting and I am using a loaned Whites 6000b coinmaster. I haven't dug anything but junk so far but I'm considering buying my first detector. My coworker has a Minelab CTX 3030 and I don't imagine I'll buy something that expensive as a beginner. I was looking at the Minelab Vanquish 540 or the Garrett Ace 400. I know very little about the different detectors but not looking to spend over $500 on my first. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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