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  1. Yes havingstl the idea was to use 6 inch concentric or mono coils, all the same size as far as possible. The GMX and Tdi coils are flat profile and the older Eclipse 5.3 and Black MaX 5.3 are fat or chunky with dead air. Watched the White's video with different machines but also different coils, didn't want to make the same mistake... Loving the Gmx flat profile concentric, a real must have. All the best.
  2. Just a quick air test on the machines, didn't record any video due to the weather. Later when things settle down I'll shoot a video but for now some preliminary air tests. All machines on max gain except Tdi Pro at 5.. Sunray Gold Pro headphones used on all machines, windy and neighbours kid practicing drums.. Tdi Pro standard machine with normal battery, Tdi Sl running 14.4 volts. XL Pro, MXT and GMX running alkaline battery packs, tested at 12.5 volts. Windy, noisy, lots of EMI. 2.5 cm equals an inch. Tdi Pro 1 grain 11cm, half gram gold coin 25cm, half Sovereign 35cm Tdi Sl
  3. Air quality in Melbourne Australia is very good today, fresh and high velocity from Antarctica. Great weather for testing the GMX, but because I want to do a comparison video I'll have to wait. All camera gear and other machines cannot handle the rain and hail . These are probably my most used coils on the Vlf machines, they are great and if the ground will let me I will keep them on the machine. Super hot on small gold and great until things get too noisy and I swap out for a small DD. Simply comparing all the 6 inch concentrics on the XL Pro, MXT and GMX. Tdi Pro and Tdi SL thrown i
  4. Issue of connecting wireless audio has been made much simpler with a cable that connects the MX Sport / Gmx Sport headphone outlet to micro USB, spotted on Fleabay.. One cable from the machine into the wireless transmitter. Not made for the Z link but it uses the identical micro usb connection, should be fully compatible. No more spaghetti.. back to waiting for the postman. Quest MX Sport adapter cable...
  5. Yep wireless audio is a winner, a few parts and some time with wire cutters and a soldering iron will sort it all out nicely. Yes phrunt the only place I could find the GMX was on Ebay, I didn't hesitate. The Global Shipping Program seems pretty quick compared to regular post. All customs and duties organised and paid for, no hidden headaches or costs. When considering the purchase I remembered a creek in Victoria that was crevice heaven when I was a kid. Same creek almost dries out during summer with a few deep water holes full of trout. The idea of the GMX working that creek meant
  6. Spaghetti is the best description, but it works. I can see myself buying more connectors so that I can do modifications and make this more elegant and funtional. Just one cable from the detector into the transmitter. Another project... All the best.
  7. The design is good but I don't like it when a detector falls on its side, it was OK as standard but I wanted better than OK.. Now it will be upright regardless of the terrain. Z link makes good sense on this machine. Flat Concentric is a winner for sure, coil clips a nice addition. All together a nice package with the two coils and headphones.
  8. Took just under 4 weeks to arrive, tested and working fine. Took me all of one minute to decide to put a proper folding stand on it. I can see the Z LInk wireless system being used on dry land, with the headphone socket up front and plenty of room to fit the transmitter etc. So far so good, hits those small bits real hard. Weight and balance with batteries installed is very good. Something positive for a change and I'll be very keen to get out and do some prospecting when circumstances allow.. All the best.
  9. There are some nasty AA cells that are best avoided, feed you machine a decent quality battery. I use long life alkalines and in a VLF they are fine for days. Ten year shelf life and made in Germany, very price competitive.. no compromise on quality. Only thing is I make sure I test each AA before feeding it into the battery tray, only takes one dud to spoil your day. A little bit of prep goes a long way.. no short cuts with batteries.
  10. Thanks, ROD I'll give it a go when the PCB goes back into the Tdi Sl later in the year. Looks like the only trim pot we can work on ourselves. The source of the problem? Perhaps the solution.. Good info so thanks again.
  11. Just give me another ten years of trouble free operation with my XL PRO and I'll be happy.. everything else is negotiable, replaceable..
  12. Took a photo with my new DSLR and zoomed in on the image to examine the old Tdi Sl PCB close up. The only part that appears to be adjustable is circled. It is close to smooth/sense and ground balance. If this is out then it may be the problem? I like a puzzle..
  13. A friend traded me an old Tdi Sl for my old Canon DSLR with a couple lenses. The camera was old but still worked well and perhaps worth a couple hundred at most, so I threw in a telephoto lens and we had a deal. I got a dead or dying Tdi Sl in exchange. The machine would power on etc everything seems to work except it will not ground balance and sensitivity was way down to almost nothing. Ok so not dead but way out of sorts at least. The previous owner has moved on after having done something to the machine. Yes he had opened it up and poked about and tried to make adjustments or something to
  14. So which coil handled the conditions best, the 6x4 DD or the 6 concentric ? 👍
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