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  1. I'd say my GMX is fully set up, there will be a anti-glare screen cover added at a later date. The machine just had it's first visit to the goldfields. Started at Dunolly and Moliagul and finished at Maryborough. All within the Golden Triangle area known for nuggets. The focus of the trip was to see how it handles the varied ground conditions, hot rocks etc. Quite well. The concentric coil was used and it was able to manage hot ground by reducing sensitivity. It is too early in my learning curve to judge but first impressions were good. Attention to detail at each location helps a lot wh
  2. The final personal touch arrived in the mail from the UK. Cordura covers, instead of neoprene. I wanted durability and scratch resistance. I'll do a few modifications on the covers to make for a better fit and add the other personal touchs as well. Basic setup for 90% of the time, the only variation being either external speaker or headphone. Again headphones being the norm. The screen has the original packaging protector and now the Protector covers as well, so no scratches for a while at least.
  3. By all means boost the battery pack, pays to keep the voltage on the Tdi Sl at or just under 16 volts. My brother has just got a 3D printer and I'm just amazed at how good they are. A friends SL developed a gentle 'hum' at 16 .8 volts with a freshly charged battery pack. But no issues under 16 volts. That was enough for me to curb my enthusiasm and set the limit at just under 16 volts. I achieved this by using a smart charger which allows me to control the voltage of each of the 4 cells. Given that White's is no more, I'm looking at preserving the machines I have for as long as
  4. Does all this mean the dream of a Garrett ATX refashioned in a lighter better balanced body, perhaps resembling something like a TDI SL may become reality? We can only wait and see. I would be surprised to see another White's branded metal detector sold. White's is dead and Garrett is stronger for it.
  5. Yes the extra voltage will provide a small increase in performance over the standard battery regardless of other variables, including ground balance. So the same machine with ground balance on operating at the same location will see a small increase with the higher voltage battery. The combinations of a modified Tdi Pro and the higher output battery will combined increase depth by only a small margin. For example: the standard Pro with standard battery will detect 1 grain at 9 cm, modified pro with standard battery gets 10 cm, modified Pro with high voltage battery 11 cm. Baby steps all the wa
  6. I've spent time using the Tdi Pro machines and have noticed that they vary a lot in their performance. One day you can push gain all the way with no issues, other days three or four is as high as you can go if smooth operation is the goal. Contrast the Tdi Sl, almost always it will let you push the gain to max with rare exceptions. Push it and it is still smooth and stable. This is particularly true in urban areas where EMI is always present to some degree. In my view the Pro machines are deeper most of the time, even in bad EMI but the SL sure is one smooth operator..
  7. First test using the higher voltage battery matched with Miner John 14 x 8 mono. No issues with smoke or fire, everything works well so far. Lousy EMI today, lots of people working from home etc, Picked up 12 wifi connections on my ipad... Lots of EMI. Might retest super early in the morning. I could not get gain up very high, max was 6 with the modified Pro today and even then it was playing up. Super stable and smooth at a gain of 3... so I pushed it to 6. Ground balance was off, conductivity was in ALL and pulse delay was 10. A one grain ingot came in at 10cm, or a 1 cm increase
  8. Researching the Reidman battery pack I notice a post by Reg the Tdi Guru (RIP), where he state the higher voltage is best matched with either White's or Miner John coils. Mention was made of the resistance of Minelab compatible coils.. So I'll conduct the comparisons between the standard battery pack and the 5 cell pack with White's and Miner John coils. I'll try and keep it simple and just do an air test comparison. Coming soon.
  9. A bit late in my day for testing, but you can see the Tdi Pro factory battery is a super tight fit in the battery compartment. The red higher voltage battery is a bit smaller with more spare air inside the compartment. Again more to come in the following days, testing and parts list.
  10. Hmmm, 19.93 volts. I shouldn't be expecting anything to pop, fizz or blow up..
  11. Progressed to wiring up the plug, again using the diagram. Fiddly job but got it done. Long way from 14,8 volts.. Testing and parts list etc still to come. All the best.
  12. Wired and soldered the PCB to the cells as per diagram. Used electrical tape to cover all connections, then moved on to use the heat shrink wrap. Started with a jet lighter, bad idea. Just use a hair dryer on hot. Next time it will be a bit better, I hope.
  13. Battery tabs soldered together, everything held in place with hot glue. Next step is to connect the PCB . After that I'l take some photographs and get started on the plug and shrink wrap plastic covers.
  14. The pcb is there to regulate the voltage on the battery pack, so that it will not over charge or over discharge. When plugged into the charger designed for 5 x 18650, I believe it stops at 21.5 Volts max. PCB also regulates the charge so the cells are evenly charged. I will do a parts list and links when I do the full write up. Quick tests to see if there is a noticeable improvement in detector performance. If the first pack works I have enough parts for a spare as well, both will then belong to the modified Tdi Pro I am currently using. A modified Pro with upgraded battery pack, my idea of a
  15. A year full of distractions, so yes I kind of did forget about this project. All parts had been ordered and arrived in good time. Assembly to follow in the next few days... with photographs and a performance test on the modified Pro I still have.. I'll take it steady and do it right, get the soldering tidy and follow the plan..
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