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  1. I am always on the hunt for a bargain. What I really wanted was a Nugget Finder Evo but I settled for a cheaper used Coiltek 9" Elite. It seems to work well with the Tdi Pro but I'll reserve judgement until I've used it on the goldfields in hot ground. It will be interesting to see how it compared with the Sadie and Detech 8" mono. All the best, more to come soon.
  2. An MXT E Series, excellent machine and a bit of a Jack of all trades. Pretty sure Captain Kidd left a bit of treasure in New Jersey? An interesting part of the world with a rich history. All the best.
  3. The combination of fires destroying the business and White's departure would seem to indicate that the coils will not go back into production. Used examples on Ebay are your best option.
  4. I like to use the Tdi Pro with smaller coils, a Sadie running with delay at 10 and conductivity in the all setting. If hot rocks and the ground prove a real problem then I may switch conductivity to Low. If i have a larger coil mounted then I will still use the same settings and logic. If I know there are monsters lurking in the depths I may be tempted to use a slightly larger coil and increase delay to 12.5 or even 15 whilst staying with conductivity in ALL. The hole will shift as you change the ground balance setting. Changing conductivity alters the ground balance point, moving the hole... The Tdi machines have limitations, but we do have room to play with our settings within those limitations. My Tdi loves the beach and it is there that it does its best work but I persist in also using it on the goldfields. The goldfields have seen generations of Minelab machines cleaning up, for me to have half a chance I tend to work around the edges of proven ground. Get into the thick nasty vegetation, think outside of the box. Study the history, areas rushed but forced out by drought and lack of water. Patchy areas that frustrated early prospectors but are ideal for electronic prospectors. If I find gold I go over the ground with the VLF 24K, then the Tdi Pro with smaller and larger coils. I use a fire rake to clean rubbish out of holes so I can get the coil closer to the ground. Going over proven ground with different machines or coils or settings is a way of leaving less gold behind. My idea of a large coil is the 12" Tdi mono, the Miner John Digger 14x8 mono and the largest coil i use the Detech 15x10 mono. The Digger coil being my favourite. Pays to remember that whilst technology plays its part, it does not replace attitude, technique, research and planning. I cannot but admire the advances that technology has made and the performance of the latest PI machines. Love my Tdi but the day will come when it is left hanging on the wall...
  5. Yes the Razorback coil was tested and the results are charted in the opening page of this thread. I thought it did very well as the test results show. The weight and balance are well complimented by the performance. The shaft connection is at the back making for a very long reach under bushes etc. It is also quite a thin coil so this adds to the appeal. Almost Sadie performance with less weight and a thinner profile. One of Miner John's best in my opinion.
  6. Closer image of the Razorback coil a 10 x 6 mono that is super light and performs well. Matched to a Tdi Sl this coil makes for a feather weight rig with superb balance.
  7. When choosing test targets I make sure everything could be replicated, so no nuggets where used. I should have included images of the 1 grain ingot and half gram gold coin. Pictures make things clearer.
  8. When using the Tdi SL or SPP, for maximum sensitivity remember to slow down the sweep speed. When first starting at a new location I always use the 1 grain ingot to fine tune the setting. Once the machine is setup for the location I can focus on coil control and sweep speed until muscle memory takes over. All the best.
  9. Checking again, single section over discharge detection votage is 2.75/2.85v. Multiplye that by five give us a cut off range of 13.75 and 14.24. Tested mine came in just under 16volts cut off and max 21.5v. Single section max charge comes in between 4.18 and 4.22v, so between 20.1 and 21.1, tested at 21.5v.. There are numerous 5 x 18650 pcb's available so the link is not the only option available. Claimed specs vs tested results do differ. All the best.
  10. Melano87, link is for PCB that cuts out near 16V. Specs are in the eBay link for max for each individual battery cell and for minimum, before cut off.
  11. I just used solder, I was given some that holds very well, sorry no details. Spot weld on the tabs is superior but I used what I had on hand. Battery packs are available, Google 8 x 18650 14.8 volts packs to see if any are available in your area etc. I 'inherited' a modified TDI PRO OZ Series, it has threshold and gain mods. Not a job I would ever have entertained myself. I also had a stardard Pro before getting the modified unit. The high output battery system is used on the modified Pro, still waiting for it to blow up but it hums along quite nicely.... All the best.
  12. The ebay link is for the five cell high power battery, not a direct replacement for the eight cell White's battery pack. If your White's pack is failing, rebuild with new cells using the existing White's PCB, too easy. Take a photo or ten to record how it is wired up and have a go. Make sure to use new tech high capacity Panasonic cells if you do a rebuild. Lots of companies specializing in rebuilding battery packs with new cells. Even with White's out of the picture we still have options.
  13. 5S 15A BMS PCB Protection Board 18650 Charger Li-ion Lithium Battery Cell | eBay 21.5 volts on full charge with cut off at 16 volts. Big box Tdi, Pro etc same battery system. You can always rebuild your battery with new cells. Lots of PCB choices, just make sure the specs are the same. All the best.
  14. When in Australia I hope you find a nice chunk of gold, something that reflects the dedication you have invested in the pursuit. Looking forward to reading about you adventures. The one key item is not the type or brand of metal detector, it is a quality fly net... Best of luck down under.
  15. Not sure if it is the balance, quality black paint or intuitive dials and switches but the XL PRO is a pleasure to swing. There are lighter multifrequency alternatives, but when I'm in the mood the older White's hits the spot and brings home the goodies.. Old school yes, but that meter is accurate and she still hits deep.
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