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  1. A long time White's user I have not yet had to take a machine in for repair. So far so good. They seem to soldier on, I do nurse them but it helps they were well built from the start. The question of warranty and repair was considered when I ordered my GMX, a gamble perhaps but given my experience with White's not a big one. Perhaps the real issue is one of trust. They may be down and out but White's has over the decades earned my trust. White's reputation for quality products supported by repair and service is second to none. They have nominated a repair centre and by all indications continue to do the right thing by their customers. Again, they will be missed. Read a lot of reviews on the 24k and also on the MX Sport. Watched videos of White's people dropping and abusing the MX Sport to demonstrate the build quality and durability. Issues with the MX Sport seemed to be progressively sorted out. As Steve mentioned most issues were resolved well before the GMX was released. The 24K seemed right from the start. So this hybrid machine, the GMX should last for some time. It will be a crevicing detector and will see mud and dirt, very cold mountain water but I do not envisage it being used underwater. Not because of the machine but because of the users aversion to ice water.. unless there is a hot sauna ready and waiting. Only questions that remained in my mind were not quality or durability, just weight and balance. Weight is no more than an MXT and balance with the smaller coils provided should be fine. Did note some thought the MX Sport was a bit nose heavy, hence my concerns. The only parts I ordered were coil covers and a spare battery holder.. In the future I see a multi frequency machine, waterproof, light and durable. It will replace a number of my machines and it will probably be a MInelab Equinox or its successor.. I enjoy my White's but I'm not blind to the future and not afraid to embrace it. All the best.
  2. Anderson makes a weight that attaches to the coil to fix the floating issue. Around $35 US, on fleabay. Was thinking of something similar for my 12" duel field coil used on the beach with the Tdi Pro up to knee deep.
  3. Remembered the older Whites PI beach machines had the weighted 950 coil. Spotted this one from an old expired fleabay add. Seller was in Florida and asking $100. Old add, but it helps to know what you want. Whites PI Surfmaster Diver 950 coil. Others would know more than me about this coil, zero buoyancy??
  4. phrunt, Australia and New Zealand are closing in on that 'travel bubble'. So in the not too distant future there will be opportunities to get on a plane and do some Aussie style detecting. If you drop into Victoria I'll give you a chance to swing a collection of White's machines. In Victoria we are going to be the last state to open up, the boys out West are almost good to go now. The luck of the draw when you are fighting something microscopic and too small to shoot.. Given your enviable arsenal of machines you are certainly well equipped to do the Oz tour. I know I'm going to go extra hard and hit the goldfields in both the West and East of Victoria as soon as possible. A new machine is just the right excuse to go hunting when things settle down a bit. When times are tough and people are feeling the pain it can be the best time to buy stuff. The time was right and it was already on my shopping list. Puts the dollars into the economy when its needed. My GMX is a micro dot in the scheme of things, one sold machine for a US seller, work for the couriers and other folk in the supply chain. I've got six weeks of lockdown, time to do research and get ready. A couple months waiting for the new machine works out great in my timeline. Last package from the USA took nearly three months using priority air mail, but I got it.. I'm going to do a write up on the GMX when it arrives. Take it out into the goldfields and put it to work. Ordered covers for both coils and a spare battery holder, it's going to be working for me for many years. That 6x4 DD and flat bottom 6" are my idea of perfection using this machine with the conditions I encounter here in Victoria. First trip will be to Dunolly to 'Christen' the machine in the area around the Welcome Stranger monument. I haven't personally seen a VLF machine used there in years, I know they are out there though. Let's see if the GMX finds some of the smaller gold they may have missed. A new machine, possibly the last of the White's. Something to get excited about and to enjoy the anticipation of its arrival for the next few weeks/months.. All the best. Karelian
  5. A 24k with the same coils makes more sense, considering balance and weight. But the GMX come with the headphones and this package has the two coils I want the most for use in Australia. So the GMX won the coin toss. The GMX simply won because of that 6x4 DD coil, the added durability and waterproof capacity are great, but the lighter 24k has a lot of appeal. Goes to price and coil selection. The Minelab Equinox 800 with the smaller 6 inch coil, water proof, local support etc was a real competitor. The Equinox or its successor may later replace my Explorer Se Pro and Musketeer Advantage. This White's package with two coils and the headphones beat the local competition on local prices. So the GMX looks as if it will be my last new White's machine. Given the local lockdowns and restrictions in Melbourne Australia, I have not managed to dent my holiday/party budget. So that money instead goes to the GMX purchase. I'll be brewing my own coffee and baking my own muffins for a while yet, saving in the process... Santa came early this year.. All the best, take care and be kind to yourself and others.
  6. If the machine starts overloading when you turn it on, first check your batteries are fully charged. Second make sure the Threshold is set well counter clockwise in the silent zone. So have Threshold silent when you turn it on and only after turning it on set the threshold level. The Tdi Sl can briefly overload when first turned on if the threshold is already set from previous use. Depends on the settings and coil being used. I find this 'bark' unpleasant so now make sure the threshold is well off before turning my machine on, then reset it after a few seconds. If this fails, try a different coil. At the end of the day you need to have confidence in your machine and that it is working correctly. Finally make sure you are outdoors when checking the machine and well away from hot EMI areas. All the best.
  7. One reason I use protective covers on my machines when on the beach and when the elements flex their muscle. I did invest in Theosaurus covers and Protectors for all my machines, the Tdi Pro has a set of covers but usually gets the chest mount treatment to keep it out of the dirt. That Tdi Pulse Scan looks as if it has seen a full days work, wow Alaska is even more interesting to me after seeing that image.. I'll take Australia's fine red dust over Alaska's mud any day, we have flies you have mosquitoes.. All the best.
  8. There is still something I like about switches and dials.. fast and intuitive. Must admit I'm a fan. I'll enjoy using White's metal detectors for some time more. No longer cutting edge but still fun to play with.. especially when you know how to get the most out of them, push their limits and still bring home the goodies. Quality USA made metal detectors, great pity. Good luck to all the White's employees and the best to you all in these difficult times.
  9. Gotta love those chunks.. Only 500 meters deep... a bigger search coil just isn't going to cut it. '
  10. All the bits and pieces have finally arrived so the high voltage Tdi Pro battery pack is in the works. Circuit, heat shrink wrap, soldering iron etc, 5 x Panasonic cells, dedicated recharger completes the picture. This battery project is the final chapter in my Tdi Pro modified units evolution. Something to keep me busy on a rainy day.. All the best.
  11. Spotted this on the Prospecting Australia site, full credit to XLOOX and Old Hand for this, a simple and reversible fix to fine tuning the ground balance. Functional mod that when set up correctly can make hot ground much less of a hassle with the Tdi Sl. All the best. Full details on the White's page of Prospecting Australia. Again well done XLOOX and Old Hand. Folks love to mod..
  12. Detech 8 inch mono for the GPX works very well on the Tdi Pro and Tdi Sl. Excellent performance, very sturdy and well built coil. Yes it mounts on a GPX lower rod that fits well on the White's upper. Water proof but I'm not sure how deep it is rated. At wading depth and on land it is a superb coil. If I only had one coil on my Tdi machines it would be the Whites Super Pulse 220, Detech 8 inch mono for beach use, or the Nugget Finder Sadie for prospecting. All the best.
  13. So what would I dream White's would add and change on the Tdi Sl. Interesting to see what direction others would like White's to go in. Not asking them to reinvent the whole system, just significant tweeks to breath new life into the Tdi machines. 1.Keep the light weight body. A well balanced detector that is super light and easy to swing all day. 2. Replace the mounting setup, like the old Tdi Pro, please use screws so I can hip mount the detector quickly and easily. 3. Keep using the same battery system, just upgrade to a 16 volt rechargeable, or 4 x 18650 system. Extra voltage matched with upgraded components etc Push the boundaries.. 4. Retain the compatibility with MInelab coilts etc. 5. Upgrade the ground balance please, fine and course.. or a ten turn.... makes a big difference. 6. Yes I admit this sounds like a Tdi Pro in a smaller, lighter and better balanced rig. Only dreaming but far from impossible. Nothing mentioned here that has not been done by owners in the past as modifications of existing White's machines. I can live without hipmount on such a light and well balanced machine, I've already pushed the battery system to max, at 16 volts. I'll keep a lazy eye out for a solution to the ground balance knob, I've seen a two tier knob etc. Just dreaming.
  14. I traded a small coil for the Jimmy Sierra Tdi Chest Harness, not using it but I'm heading in that direction for beach hunting in the 'wet zone'. Not safe to put the machine down so it makes good sense. Very hard to find new, impossible maybe, but there are a few floating around, mostly unused. Like almost everything else I use, I'll be looking at modifying it and doing a few custom additions. Not overly complex, simple design actually and easily replicated. All the best.
  15. When looking at the White's rechargeable factory packs you cannot but be dissapointed. Barely adequate for stock Vlf machines and completely inadequate for the Tdi Sl. We are forced to go elsewhere in search of voltage and depth. I quickly tried the Rnb battery pack, it has three 18650 cells, max voltage is about 12.5. Great for my White's Vlf machines, not the Tdi Sl. Moved on to try the disposable lithium cells, good voltage and decent improvement in performance. Cost was and is an issue. Tried the 3 x 18650 Ukranian orange pack. Same as the RnB, just a lot cheaper. Use your own cells and charger. Great and used on all my White's VLF machines now. Finally ended up converting a battery tray and going with the 4 x 18650 rig. Loving it. End of the road.
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