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  1. I use a Xtar VC4 to charge 4 x 18650 at the same time. It has a usb connector so I can use it at home, in the car, or plug into my folding solar panel when off grid. There are many quality chargers that will recharge aaa/aa/18650 etc the VC4 is only one of many.
  2. It must be said, that big 12 inch duel field coil does suffer in hot ground. Parts of Western Australia are almost like being on an iron stone plate, that hot. In some parts of the state the ground looks like something from Mars... For those using the Tdi Sl, in my experience the hotter the ground then the smaller the coil. Large Duel Field coils suffer more so swap out for a smaller coil, quietest being a mono. Much easier to ground balance and it runs smoother and quieter. Part of the difficulty can be attributed to the single turn ground balance knob.. ten turn would be most welcome. The ability to switch into Low conductivity also makes for quieter operation, at a cost.
  3. Whitbey in theory the Tdi Beach Hunter should to some extent operate like a Tdi Sl mounted with the 12 inch Duel Field coil with conductivity in ALL. Having said that, it means in theory it should work reasonably well on the goldfields. I have used the 12 inch Duel Field coil on the Victorian goldfields on a Tdi Sl, took a bit of time to get the ground balance 'just' right, there was a degree of 'ground noise' that had to be endured. Due mainly to the size and character of the coil compared to a smaller mono for example. With my experience on the SL with this coil I conclude by stating it will be more work to ground balance and operate but it is still fully functional despite being a bit noisy. Since the coil wasn't hardwired I did swap out for a smaller mono which was easier to ground balance, ran smoother and was more stable. As Tony state the machine may well be pushing its limits if the ground becomes very hot and you would be better served by other machines. Until you actually try it the question remains. You are not the only one asking this question, particularly in the USA were the soil conditions are perhaps less severe than those encountered by me in Victoria Australia or by Tony in Western Australia. The ability to take your beach machine into the goldfields is a bonus, perhaps into the rivers and steams in those areas.. certainly an area worthy of exploration. All the best.
  4. I remember this was part of the video on the DVD that came with the Tdi Pro here in Australia. Just noticed it today on the 'tube'., looks like Jimmy was doing OK back then as well. Hope he goes well past 100, swinging all the way. Poor Digger Bob sounded a bit ill near the end.... nasty cough.. Like the Jimmy chest mount for the control box, makes sense on the beach and hilly country. I'll have to try mine out now after watching this video.
  5. Spot on, the price is half what was charged locally in Australia for the original packs that came with the machines.. So buy this pack that is ready to go, or buy new cells and 'open up' the old packs and swap over for new higher capacity cells then re apply new heat shrink plastic etc. The pack I'm looking to build has 5 in series for higher voltage but less run time. Lot of Tdi Pro users in Australia would be well served by this battery Tony, well spotted.
  6. Tony the Tdi Sl uses the same battery pack as the Xl Pro, Mxt etc.. The Tdi Pro uses a 8 x 18650 battery pack, 14.8 volts. It is actually roughly 16.8 volts fresh off the charger. The Reidman 5 cell pack comes in at 21 volts fresh off the charger and runs at 18 + most of the time. Anyone with experience with the Reidman battery for the Pro, please let us know what to expect.. no smoke coming out of the machine? Some of us are looking to update or refurbish our Pro battery packs. I'll probably replace the cells with newer higher capacity cells in my older Whites battery pack after this. But I'll start with the 'Reidman Replica' and then see where I go from there. Tony the images show how the battery connects with the Tdi Pro, nice and tight. Heat shrink battery wrap is the key here. You can see how it plugs in.. All the best.
  7. Despite a valiant attempt with a Dremel tool, a five cell removable battery holder will not fit in the Tdi Pro. That few extra millimetres taken up by the battery holders betrays the concept, it is a dead duck folks. Four removable cells is easy, five has me defeated. The idea of leaving the battery door open and using an 'external' battery doesn't sit well with me. I like to do these things properly so I will invest a little bit of time and effort. Gave it some consideration and decided to go the full 'Reidman' style battery pack instead. Heat shrink wrap, circuit, and dedicated charger. This means quality Panasonic cells combined with cheap Chinese sourced charger and circuit. Given the realities of the global health crisis, there will be some delays. I have not given up, just upgraded from a quick and simple test to a full battery build project. An electronics technician and family member tells me it's all too easy, hope so. Including all five Panasonic cells, circuit and charger it should come in at $100 Australian Dollars or $70 US. All the best.
  8. Jim in Idaho, I am sure 'Reidman' did a five cell battery pack for the Tdi Pro going back a few years now. I'll just do the simple version with a five cell holder, nothing fancy. Works well for me to be able to remove the batteries and swap out in the field and better for the cells since I use a quality smart charger. I can used protected 18650 cells, don't have to worry about over charge or discharge.. Yes I will have to do another comparison test, the extra voltage demands it. Again I think the combination of a modified machine with the higher voltage battery pack is about all I can think of when it comes to maximise depth potential.
  9. I'll complete 'playing' with the Tdi Pro modified unit by making a five cell battery holder. I've used the standard 8 cell White's battery and I have made a 'emergency' four cell battery holder. I will expand to the five cell holder and give it a go. Not the first to do this so I'm not too worried about damaging the machine. Should be around 21v hot off the charger and give an honest 18 plus volts most of the time. Just plan to combine a two cell and three cell holder into a single five cell unit, pretty simple. Just an expansion of the earlier 4 cell holder. The Tdi Sl likes a little extra voltage so I'm keen to see how the Pro works with a bit extra.. A modified Pro with upgraded battery voltage, about as far as I can go with this machine I think..
  10. The standard Pro machine with the Sadie coil with quick ground balance on video, then switch to Low and finally the Digger 14 x 8 in All and Low. Just shows that sometimes ground noises cannot be eliminated, just managed... All the best.
  11. The location used for this comparison between the two Pro's is German Gully near Fryerstown in Victoria. The ground is very hot, has been worked and surfaced in areas. Produced nuggets, iron stone and hot rocks in quantity. Ground moisture is very low, very very dry. Test results were only done with the Sadie coil, I have included old results done years ago at a different location with the standard Pro. Soil moisture during the 'old test' were much higher, I am thinking that and the different locations explain the different results. Old test, 1 grain gold ingot 6cm, half gram gold coin 21cm, gold half sovereign 27cm. Standard 1 grain gold ingot 9cm, half gram gold coin 16cm, gold half sovereign 21cm. Modified 1 grain gold ingot 11cm, half gram gold coin 17cm, gold half sovereign 21cm. So the modified unit has a small gold advantage, smoother threshold , all else being equal.. Video to follow shortly.
  12. Due to time restraints and excellent prospecting weather, I only compared the two pro's with the Sadie coil mounted. I did use both with the Digger 14 x 8 and the Nuggeteer 18 x 6 also, but not for testing, just looking for gold.. The location of the tests is shallow ground heavy in ironstone and hotrocks. Beautiful colour quartz and lots of red earth.. Both machines were stable, ground balanced well and suffered equally. The Sadie coil was stable but transmitted a bit of ground noise on both machines, both were good in ALL conductivity but excellent in LOW. No differences here. The big Digger coil was very good in All conductivity and superb in Low, much quieter than the Sadie coil on this location. The previous gain advantage the modified machine enjoyed on the beach and in air tests, did not show up in ground tests. Both machines managed gain around five or six, no clear differences here.. Again threshold was smoother on the modified machine, apart from this they operated in the same fashion and behaved the same out in the field. More information and videos to follow shortly..
  13. It must be said that you can run the Tdi Sl with ground balance 'OFF' when using the small Tdi 6x4 coil. I tried it in a very quartz infused open cut, worked very well. Tried again in an area with iron stone and hot rocks, no joy since it is very noisy and picks up all the hot rocks etc but ground balance was easy and once set up she ran very quiet and smooth in this location. I will upload a link later since I did shoot a bit of video with the SL without ground balance, then with ground balance etc. One location pictured shows the Sl on a log in an area cleared by fire..
  14. Dug the coil out of storage, mounted it on the Tdi Sl and all is good to go. Just feels weightless mounted on the Tdi Sl, this rig is super light and well balanced. The lighter battery pack helps also. I could swing this thing all day. Also looking forward to heading out into the goldfields, all has been organised for early in the new week. All the best.
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