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  1. Checking again, single section over discharge detection votage is 2.75/2.85v. Multiplye that by five give us a cut off range of 13.75 and 14.24. Tested mine came in just under 16volts cut off and max 21.5v. Single section max charge comes in between 4.18 and 4.22v, so between 20.1 and 21.1, tested at 21.5v.. There are numerous 5 x 18650 pcb's available so the link is not the only option available. Claimed specs vs tested results do differ. All the best.
  2. Melano87, link is for PCB that cuts out near 16V. Specs are in the eBay link for max for each individual battery cell and for minimum, before cut off.
  3. I just used solder, I was given some that holds very well, sorry no details. Spot weld on the tabs is superior but I used what I had on hand. Battery packs are available, Google 8 x 18650 14.8 volts packs to see if any are available in your area etc. I 'inherited' a modified TDI PRO OZ Series, it has threshold and gain mods. Not a job I would ever have entertained myself. I also had a stardard Pro before getting the modified unit. The high output battery system is used on the modified Pro, still waiting for it to blow up but it hums along quite nicely.... All the best.
  4. The ebay link is for the five cell high power battery, not a direct replacement for the eight cell White's battery pack. If your White's pack is failing, rebuild with new cells using the existing White's PCB, too easy. Take a photo or ten to record how it is wired up and have a go. Make sure to use new tech high capacity Panasonic cells if you do a rebuild. Lots of companies specializing in rebuilding battery packs with new cells. Even with White's out of the picture we still have options.
  5. 5S 15A BMS PCB Protection Board 18650 Charger Li-ion Lithium Battery Cell | eBay 21.5 volts on full charge with cut off at 16 volts. Big box Tdi, Pro etc same battery system. You can always rebuild your battery with new cells. Lots of PCB choices, just make sure the specs are the same. All the best.
  6. When in Australia I hope you find a nice chunk of gold, something that reflects the dedication you have invested in the pursuit. Looking forward to reading about you adventures. The one key item is not the type or brand of metal detector, it is a quality fly net... Best of luck down under.
  7. Not sure if it is the balance, quality black paint or intuitive dials and switches but the XL PRO is a pleasure to swing. There are lighter multifrequency alternatives, but when I'm in the mood the older White's hits the spot and brings home the goodies.. Old school yes, but that meter is accurate and she still hits deep.
  8. I still use the XL Pro, having used a 6000 series 2 in the past. The XL Pro is lighter, uses a better battery system and I suspect has more gain, more than GEB MAX mode which is not missed. The SAT mode allows better performance in mineralised ground and runs a smooth audio. I like to use SAT with a slow to medium sweep and the meter to disc. The option of disc with faster sweep speed and good depth is there when needed. The Pro has auto ground balance and runs smoothly under most conditions if you are an experienced user. Many folks prefer the older models manual ground balance. Lots of options which make for a very versatile machine. Ideal of sports grounds and open fields, in disc it loves a snappy swing and covers ground fast. You can also set it up for low and slow, again lots of control for different circumstances. Depth is very good, most of the mentioned machines match each other for depth. Ergonomics, balance and weight favour the XL Pro as does the battery tray for AA cells. That big meter is a joy to use and look at. Again performance or depth with the machines mentioned is near identical, swing what gives you the most pleasure or fun. That smooth audio hum is a thing of beauty, makes for a pleasant hunt. All the best.
  9. The last drone video was over Ballarat Hill next to Vaughan township. Wedgetail Eagles are locals, spotted a while ago so I know they live in the area. All jokes aside they are local wildlife and they do not like drones. They are protected and numbers have been increasing, I do check before flying and have had to abort flights because they are hovering about. I just keep the drone on the ground and reach for the DSLR with a telephoto lens and enjoy having them around. Beautiful big birds with a bit of attitude..
  10. Just including an updated version of an older drone video, flying over another goldfield trying to identify private and public land boundaries before swinging the detector. The hole in the hillside were on private land, so I flew over for a closer look whilst staying on the public side of the fence.. no livestock, farm house or farmer with 12g..
  11. I'm using a DJI Mavic Air, video set at Auto at 1080P 60fps with an ND filter fitted most of the time. I use an Ipad Mini mated to the controller, the Ipad serves as a digital map and satnav when out on foot away from the car. Usually in the car is a pelican style case for the drone with everything I need. Compact and versatile with decent video output it perfroms well for me. I have four battery packs for the drone and can recharge in the car, but four is plenty for a normal weekend away. Got to the stage I even do a quick fly over when picking out a spot to pitch my tent, it has found me a very nice camping location complete with a great fishing and prospecting. The day will come when these gadgets deliver pizza..
  12. GotAU I am lucky that in Victoria a lot of historical maps and information has been digitized, so is fully available to the public. Lots of information to research areas, perhaps too much at times. My method is to identify an area of interest, locate and reseach reports and maps etc. I print out a topographic map, identify private and public land. Make sure I am not on a working or active mining claim. Make sure I am permitted to prospect in the area and go from there. Google Earth research to identify points of interest within the area, followed by drone flights and putting on a pair of good boots. At all times I update my printed map using an old school pencil. Many times on my walks I spot broken pottery or glass, bricks or other bits and pieces that tell me there has been a camp, test holes and other indicators that I should start detecting. The old map I included with the Google Earth image highlights areas with reefs and shafts, granite and alluvium. Just part of a detailed process involved in narrowing down areas of interest. Finding 'shallow ground' with nuggetty gold is one thing but narrowing the search from 'excavator shallow' to 'small coil shallow' is for me the real challenge. A complex but enjoyable process, I suspect many more experienced prospectors instinctively know what ground is of interest. By instintively I mean hundreds of hours of research and hundreds more of real world experience..
  13. A lot of good information Reg, thanks. I was first drawn to the area because of the names used, Nuggetty Hills, Nuggetty Rd, Nuggetty School Rd, Nuggetty Winery... More research and I was curious to explore the area and have a look at the ground. Had a good drive around the area, including Nuggetty School Rd, flew past the small bush reserve and missed the signs. Just spent some time on Google Earth and looking at the area along the road I can see that the farmers have ploughed over worked areas but there are small patches of workings hidden to the casual observer. Not visible from the road but a lot clearer from the air. Private property mostly with the smallest patches available to the public. The glory days of gold in the ounces, I'm excited by gold by the gram, although I do like to dream of the big one. Any excuse to get me out of Melbourne for a few days. All the best.
  14. Reg, spot on as there is a patchwork of private property. Lucky we live in the digital age which means it is easy to know where the boundaries are, so no excuses for being on the wrong side of the line.. Should mention I'm more concerned about eagles than any 12g. Plan is to detect a gully from the head down into the lower parts. A drones view is great but at the end of the day I'm going to have to work my way down and huff and puff my way back up that hill.
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