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  1. The GPX6000 sounds like a winning formula, performance matched to light weight and good balance.. Tony I'm keen for people to buy a load of them, in a year or two I will be looking at the used market. Sometimes it pays to take a step back and let the dust settle. Time is on our side, more information, accessories etc I will make a better educated purchase when the time is right. All the best.
  2. There is no numeric answer, we set the gain to match the ground conditions, the hotter the ground the less gain.. In hot ground a gain of 3 or 4 is decent for the first Tdi machines and the Tdi Pro. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you need to have maximum gain to get results. A smooth and stable machine is usually the best bet, even if it comes at the expense of having to search at a lower gain. When ground balancing do it with a lower gain at first and then experiment with the gain to see how high you can go without making the machine unstable. Every time you adjust the gain, repeat th
  3. Just a bit of information on the Vaughan area as shown on old and new maps. The drone footage was over Ballarat Hill with the maps showing the same area.
  4. The Porcupine Ridge Rd area is reputed to have produced some larger gold. Surprisingly little historical information compared to other areas. A very interesting area full of promise still. Lots of bullets on the hillside above the river, rabbits still hopping around. Met a very large brown snake who didn't stop to say hello, thank goodness.. I'll be spending some more time in the area. The mineral water at the spring tasted awful.. not going back for seconds. Ballarat Hill is quite distinct and even more so from the air. Pity the larger portion being on private property. Took me a while
  5. I've got all my fingers, like to keep it that way... a healthy respect for those high rpm propellers. The Mavic is so stable that hand launches and retrievals are almost routine with some operators, I'm not there yet..
  6. I'm using a DJI Mavic Air, mated to an ipad with the controller. I carry four spare batteries and spares etc Everything fits into a smallish Pelican style carry case to keep dirt and dust away. Because I always fly within visual range as per rules.. I sometimes use a spotter with binoculars, safe range out to 1 km, often much less. I use mining records and maps to find locations of interest. Google earth narrows it down a bit also. Finally once I have arrived on the goldfield the drone allows me to fine focus my attention on specific locations. I print out a hard copy mini map of areas I inten
  7. The importance of using a good quality metal detector suitable for prospecting has been widely explored in great detail. The introduction of the GPX 6000 highlights the gains in technology and thank goodness, ergonomics. Weight and Balance, at last. Matched by performance and cutting edge technology.. The one fact remains that at the end of the day the key is to get the coil over the gold. Some truly magnificent gold that has been found, could have been detected by any half decent prospecting machine. Still we should invest in quality and the new Minelab sounds superb. We need to utilize ever
  8. They say the devil is in the detail. If you are handy with an soldering iron and have young eyes then it does not really matter which style of pug you go for. The big chunky ones have the plus and minus connectors labels on them, are much easier to connect and for anyone with arthritis or poor eyes are recommended. Small and finicky vs large and practical, my opinions and experiences only...
  9. I've been using my brothers smart charger with this power pack, had to replace the dedicated chargers connector which plugs into the male 2.1mm plug. A faulty female plug needs to be replaced, still waiting for the post man.. When the charger arrived it came with a male 2.1mm plug, which I swapped over for the female connector, which worked great for a couple times and then failed. Maybe I was a bit rough or it was too delicate, not complaining about a part that cost one dollar.. Ordered a different brand female plug, looks a bit more robust.. just like to get the parts right before fina
  10. Love these orange packs. I bought two back in 2017 for my Tdi Sl. Now use them in the Xl Pro and MXT. So three years without any problems. Yes it is a very good idea to use quality protected cells, good 18650 cells are an investment and cannot be recommended highly enough. Shaves a bit of weight off as well compared to alkaline batteries. The voltage is not too high and there is enough power to go for days on end with the VLF machines. The ability to swap out for fresh cells in the field is an added bonus when using the Tdi Sl.. You are on a winner.. All the best.
  11. I tend to play it safe with my machines, but the modified Tdi Pro has been the exception. I've pushed that baby hard, like driving a rental.. Since it was already modified I just wanted to see how much the higher voltage battery could push things. Baby steps all the way, just that bit extra depth every time. The Tdi Pro just hits hard all the way, maximum performance until the PCB kicks in at 16 volts. I agree Tony that it is not worth pushing safety margins for a few extra centimeters, plan on enjoying my machines for some time yet. Who knows a few years from now I might cast an eye on a se
  12. Results of the battery endurance test. No surprises here, I've used the battery enough to know that a full charge will see you to 4 hours. From 21.5 volts to 16 volts is 4 hours. Today I used the speaker and started at a lower voltage, just over three hours and twenty minutes runtime. The PCB will cut the power at 16 volts so you cannot overly discharge the cells. No warning the machine just turns OFF. That is a good thing. Started at 19.53 volts, an hour later 18.47 volts. An hour later 17.74 volts , an hour later 16.76 volts and twenty minutes later it cut out at 15.97 volts. Three hour
  13. Now that White's is gone, pays to nurse the machines. I keep the SL machines well under 16 volts, just peace of mind. My standard Tdi Pro had standard battery packs that are 16.8 volts hot off the charger, no problems there. The modified Tdi Pro is the machine that gets the hotter 5 x 18650 battery pack, in for a penny in for a pound.. Hot off the charger it has 21.5 volts if I let it. I use a timer and try and keep it at 20 volts max or just a bit under. Just started a discharge experiment, battery was in the machine for a month after being charged to 20 volts. Starting voltag
  14. Just finished my second attempt at the heat shrink wrap. This time I used a hair dryer, perfect for this material. Stay away from flame lighters etc. Just wanted it simple and tidy. Perfect fit no issues. Kept the battery in the machine for over a month, naughty but I wanted to check for parasitic drain. None found. Next job was to run the machine until the battery was run down and then recharge. Then repeat a few times.. Again so far no issues found. Setup seems to work well. The heat shrink wrap was new to me, once I worked out that a hair dryer is best I was comfortable with the
  15. Sorry for the delay, it's been a distracting year or so. Will complete testing the Tdi Pro modified with the upgraded battery, as soon as it stops raining... in the goldfields with targets in the ground. I'll include the parts list etc. The modified pro with that 18 x 6 mono coil has performed very well on the beach, punches deep and covers lots of ground. The modified unit is going soon but I'm keeping the standard machine. Apparently 'she who must be obeyed' just noticed there are two Tdi Pro machines and is on the warpath.. I just need to give it a final run on the goldfields. Som
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