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  1. I LOVE that outfit man LOVE IT ! I gotta get this stuff done to mine I just scanned over real quick as to get out there ping’n so I’ll talk later but yeah love that camo !
  2. The back of your finger nail will seat it good carefully not to hard
  3. Ok I put this on fast and sloppy just to see if it’s gonna do the job and if I like it I’ll know tomorrow if it’s gonna pass quality control! LOL
  4. OK , I got my EQ800 out and cleaned it today wishing I had a cover to protect the head ….. my mind is ALWAYS thinking and paying attention to detail ( I’m a tool and die guy so you can imagine the struggle sometimes with perfection LOL ) SOO I came up with this , PRESS-N-SEAL cling wrap ! You can apply it like a screen protector and it wouldn’t leave a residue when you take it off and it’s thicker fir dig protection ( I need that bad apparently…… ) and guess what ? I think one application will last a good while and you can probably get hundreds out of a 5$ role …! COOL OR WHAT !! ( my arm is hurting from trying to pat my own back LOL . Pics of the final outcome soon. I’m thinking I’ll just poke a hole for every hole that’s for the speaker apply it , ( I think just your thumb rolling over it like your taking a finger print impression will work for good clear seal - I’ll find out soon ! Ps I don’t proof read all the time so if something sounds stupid read between the lines .
  5. How y’all doing? I appreciate you working with me and I know this question is going to start a frenzy or the opposite in reaction of here we go again probably but I gotta ask - -I been detecting for several years but haven’t got as serious as I’m about to ! - I’ll be hunting in Kentucky dirt and around the natural lake beach’s in like creek sand not beach sand ( locals call them beach’s but it’s just creek sand in abundance by the lake shore for people to swim and dream of the real beach LOL. - I plan on spending around 6-800$ give or take a little. - what’s the best detector I can buy to concentrate on lost gold and silver jewelry….. if I have to pick one let it be gold . I want to concentrate on finding lost gold jewelry. Period. If there are other coin snd relic options on it then I’ll use them probably but I stress gold jewelry lost in the Kentucky ground. Can we decide on one that’s best for that ? Again thank you very much I appreciate yalls time and I will be an avid member for videos and stories. Just saying your comments are taken seriously. Thanks again
  6. Well I been out several times now with the ML-EQ800 and I’ll say this …….. I GIT’N IT ! , im git’n it …. That said - I got couple questions. Does this hold true ( first pic ) it seems it is for the most part- I can see now getting use to it that on good clear pings this is right . I haven’t found any gold or silver jewelry yet but SO FAR it seems I bout got the coins down! I’m getting to where I can call them now all except for the nickels . ON EVERY QUARTER AND PENNY I dig I’m waiting for it to be a big nice gold and diamond ring tho ! I’m pretty sure thats the range they for the most part fall into . Seems on Park1 between 19 and 25 maybe 28 I’ll get the pennies and quarts ( flat quarters I think may be higher ) ok so what y’all think the question I had goes with the first pick the second pic is yesterday morning’s learning session #2 pic and today’s finds was the same except I had less trash and more quarters and dimes )
  7. Thanks for the reply guys - well it just seems the one I had 15 yrs ago was more quality and seemed I never had any problems- that said I gave the benefit of the doubt and been out with it a few more times . I THINK , it was me …….. I’ve had better luck with it but I will say this - the 12$ ( copy ) beats it on small gold like ear rings ( very small ) the cheap one I got seems to be a pretty nice one actually - although I been using the Garrett I’m saving the cheap one for back up . Idk I’ll probably just go on with it lol maybe they are just smarter than I am now uh days ! Lol
  8. Well I got a new pro pointer and it’s acting like this - - just like it should work - the “I’m getting closer” only goes to about 1/2 the speed it should when literally touching the target . - won’t do anything - won’t stop hardly. - had me digging to China for no reason at all . ( even after a re-tune ) that said , my friend pointed out the fact that the cereal number inside by the battery is not there - only a cereal number on the back ( wondering if it’s a B- quality pro pointer ? Any help I appreciate it ! OH and I bought it to be knew off eBay and it did come in the box sealed in plastic so IDK🤦‍♂️
  9. Pinger

    Pinger Here

    Hey man , THANK YOU ALL ! I REALLY appreciate the time and effort to help me out with yalls knowledge that hopefully I’ll soon have I’m learning, learned a lot ( thanks to minelab’s simple and easy to understand instructions ! ) in the past couple days ! THAT SAID , I made a choice and acted on it and picked up my new NOX 800 ! See there I’m already talking like a minelab specialist ! LOLOL . I’m working right now on a great test field to really have a lot of examples! So I’m going to finish that and take my mental nots on sounds then discriminate just a little THEN IM HITTING THE LOCAL FAIR GROUNDS in which we just had our fair so maybe I can go find some lost gold ! I’ll keep y’all posted and maybe a couple videos IF I feel like making a fool of myself as I’m not one to do the whole video Facebook stuff I think it’s silly as much crap that’s on there but each their own and I have no problems with it as long as a good man keeps striving to be a good man ! ( or girl LOL ) . Thank again y’all ide hang around but I gotta go do some testing and some careful discrimination ! Later , talk to y’all tonight or tomorrow!
  10. Pinger

    Pinger Here

    Ok well I got my sights on an equinox 800 a part time dealer has in Cincinnati so shew man I hate to spend that much but I’m thinking it can most definitely pay itself off time and again not to mention that cache you may run into to make the books , but heck no matter what dust and pull tabs are in my near future LOL! I appreciate your time and y’all have a good one I’m sure I’ll be talking to ya .
  11. I made topic in wrong place so I just deleted it sorry
  12. Pinger

    Pinger Here

    I appreciate yalls time ! I’m thinking around 800-900$ is what I’m gonna spend but of course if I can get by cheaper then I will - I’m finding a lot about gold detectors but it seems they are talking about gold nuggets and not so much as jewelry - are they the same when detecting ? I’m guessing not because low karats are mixed metals - - when I say the beaches around here in Ky I’m talking about hmmm how to explain- not our Gulf of Mexico beaches I’m talking about course like rocky lake sand like in creeks. Does that make sense ? Does it make a difference? Are the two different sands alike in metal detecting ? I know I’m asking a lot and I don’t want to aggravate anybody trust me I’m only trying to find the best lost gold jewelry detector I can get for mostly Kentucky landscape . I been metal detecting for several years but I’m only just trying to get serious with them her lately and I really need someone by my side saying-( now see there ! Hear the difference there ? See that ? That’s what your looking for , dig that ! ) I’m not dumb I’m a tool and die maker / certified machinist with what I like to think of having a level head LOL so if any of that info helps maybe I can set my sights on one I’m ready to buy or trade . I have a Fisher F44 like new with the DD coil and the Garrett pro pointer and stuff . Ide like to sell that and maybe buy something more suited for lost jewelry. Thanks alot people I appreciate your input !
  13. How ya doing y’all I’m from Ky and it’s simple ( I think I know where this is going to go but I’ll say it ) I’m looking for the best scrap GOLD detector for hunting for jewelry lost around old lake beaches and parks. Any help with that would be absolutely great ! Thanks y’all I appreciate it already !
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