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  1. I took my son down to a beach between rain showers today. When we got there I saw the beach was favorable for a hunt so when I took him home I turned around and went back. Well, not exactly. I went back and I forgot my scoop and rain coat so I had to go back again! There weren't a lot of targets but I did get a couple of quarters and some indicators but I couldn't really find a pattern/line. I knew I didn't have much time and I was a bit impatient with my 800/15 so I stepped up the pace and said I only want 'good' targets on my way to a beach area that has given me good success in the
  2. My buddy, and member of this forum FlySAR has been providing ring finding service for years in the Portland Metro Area. As I learned many ropes from him, I became the RingFinder rep for the Olympia WA area before my move to Houston. Below is the link to a video posted by the Oregonian On-line newspaper on one of his ring finds. I hope you enjoy the ending as much as I did... Congrats Del, I'm humbled and honored to call you my friend.
  3. This is my first. No one to my knowledge has found one of these. Seems to be more for sleep patterns. $299.... so it’s pricy too. Ouraring.com is the site if u want to check them out. Going to cost me $59 to buy a charger if I want to keep this novelty. Many of the fitness watches are cheaper... but aren’t this waterproof. Down loaded the app but it appears the battery is down on it... or at least I hope. 1 scoop so pretty shallow .... came in loud like a TI ring. Ceramic so it’s light as a feather.
  4. Now, wouldn't it be nice to find something like this! https://www.thevintagenews.com/2021/02/17/medieval-3/
  5. Had a first today...not a bucket list item, however. As I was grabbing the Equinox handle after being on the ground for a dig, I felt something like oatmeal between my glove and handle. Hmm, strange. A quick glance reassured me that it was indeed poo. Thankfully, it was not the worst I have ever smelt and there was plenty of Spanish moss to wipe with.🤪 After that park was enjoyed, I hit another park that has a small pond and tennis courts. Wasn't sure there was going to be anything there, but nothing ventured... Besides many quarters at that place (24 for the day), there was a good s
  6. Out today to a local soccer complex that I have detected before. I believe it may have been an auto junkyard because there are tons of signals that sound amazing. It's only after I start digging to the earth's core that I realize it is not a silver coin, but rather a large piece of aluminum trim or car door handle, etc. Nevertheless, I had two signals that were actually good, solid high-tones with repeatable numbers. The 50¢ piece was a 33 id. I thought for sure it was going to be a silver ring, but the coin isn't bad either as I don't find many of those anymore. The next high tone that c
  7. I went out this afternoon on the beach in 20 mph winds and about 58 degrees so it was going to feel nippy. This trip I put on the right jacket. It is one that I found in the surf a few years ago. It is a Port Authority jacket made in Vietnam. It's kinda like a ski jacket but wow, I was not bothered at all. Normally I have about 3-4 layers and can still feel the wind blowing through! On to the hunt, I found the chain as a result of seeing another detectorist closing in in front of me and I wanted to go back the way I came. I had just dug a coin and about 5 feet away I got a 2 on my 8
  8. Late this afternoon I snuck in a beach hunt. It was very disappointing in the beginning. The conditions were just great with a low tide but there was nothing much down low. I began following the advice I gave Adam about Zig Zagging and it was only producing odd targets. Sometimes the beach just doesn't have much to give you I began to say. When I reached one of my good beaches after about a mile walk and the conditions weren't right it was time to return on the high side. This I did and I worked my way into a few coins rather than just trash and by now I had 3 cheap rings which I wou
  9. I'm sorry for this silence but I've been out a lot of time, busy at work with deliveries... Months ago I was in a sort of "bubble", unable to take a smart choice on my next instrument for the future... Thanks to some angels here, I found the way to see the light again and the shine too some days ago... I just wanna say here that I wish Happy new year to all of You and a brotherly hug from Italy. Skull
  10. I bought a Nokta Makro Pulse Dive, but I won't snorkel, I need to buy goggles and snorkel, what else? I have no experience, but I am willing to work hard to learn, only by using Pulse Dive can I avoid crowds, and that is, what kind of bag to use in the water to reduce drag to collect!
  11. We had a blow over the weekend and I was there. A huge cut was formed at the beach. I had new personal bests in total rings (10 for a day), gold rings (5) and quarters (64). I took a break to eat during the evening so I have two 'sessions' at the same beach. It was good enough to return with my sore back. It was a target rich environment. The total for all change was $24.03 which is also a personal high for change. I have found $20 bills on the beach in the past. These are the rings by session. More after I went back and the tide went out a bit than th
  12. I finished my channel's intro footage, squeezing some of the last finds in less than two minutes... Hope you enjoy the atmosphere 🙃. Will be difficult to keep it updated constantly with all the work I'm next to start on dryland for water sessions improvement, but keep an eye on my diary now and then🔥 https://youtu.be/1kyGlM9-_do
  13. ⁉️ Which one is better? Has anyone done a comparison test between the two coils for a jewelry hunt in the water? (freshwater or land) Both are able to use the same frequency. 28 kHz is very good for detecting gold. When I hunt in the water it is a very useful feature of target ID normalization. On the of LF coil, this was a big advantage. I set the gold range, so I only dug out the signals that belong to it. The HF 9" coil is great, but when I increase the frequency the VDI changes, getting higher and higher. The upper range will become narrower. This makes it difficult to decid
  14. I consider myself freshwater gold jewelry hunter with a focus on gold chains. I have used Tesoro Stingray II models for the past 20 something years and have decided to purchase either an Equinox 800, a Makro Gold Kruzer, or maybe one of the Multi's. I prefer the first 2 models because of their high frequencies but not having used either, I don't know if 40 or 61 khz. offer any significant advantages over a machine running in the 12-20 khz. range. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter. I tend to keep my detectors for a while so reliability/durability is somewhat of a cons
  15. I don't have words to describe what the last couple months have been. I just know that finally I hitted this morning one ring over a wine red clay, after two days In a new spot, freediving with heck of rough water yesterday and quitted for real unacceptable danger. I fighted against the monkey since last August end and finally won this morning... I don't care the weight and the numbers, I just want to enjoy the shine again as a therapy. I hug You all.
  16. In my last thread I posted about finding half of a Cartier bracelet. I searched and searched on multiple hunts for the matching half but couldn't find it. However, in my efforts to find the rest of the bracelet I did stumble upon a few other good finds. The top/middle ring really had me thinking that I had hit the jackpot. It looked so beautiful and had markings on the inside of it. About an hour after I found it I took a closer look and saw the "ALE" stamp which I learned here means it was a Pandora- still a hundred dollar ring but not the incredible find I thought it was. The 2 silver
  17. I'm having a bout of lack of confidence in my MK. My second 11'' coil today started to act just like my old one. (CRAP)... Short story - Went over an area and hit a high 90's number and broken signal. My buddy with the 800 went over it and dug two silver quarters a 1929 and a 1942. So here's my question to all, Do I get a Nox 800???? I mostly coin and relic hunt, with a beach maybe twice a year. So I want the good the bad and the ugly. honest and true answers on performance, warranty and coil choices. I'm not a big fan of the tones, but I might be able to forgive that for a more stable runnin
  18. Long story short, I don't even know what machine I was using when I pulled it out from the bottom, but maybe months after, half an hour ago I was checking my Ctx for tomorrow hunt and testing some targets from my garbage/crusty/horrible coins can....When I passed it over the coil the numbers were all but obvious to be silver...So a 12.24 was lightning under my eyes and decided to give it a go for a steel wool run... I still need to clean well the Inside part of this oldie to the point I can barely see some engraving like a date or something... For now, I'm smiling like a child with a
  19. Saturday we started out at 9AM, when i got home it was almost 5AM!🤣 Was fun!😄 We went to the Salt River to see if we could pull some gold, well, we both found a gold ring!😁 I'm not the type of beach hunter, but to me, it's not a big challenge... it's like hunting on very mineralized areas.🤷‍♂️ When we got there, I tuned my Nox: Beach 1 5 Tones ( so that my brother-in-law could hear the low tones). F2 at 8 23 Sens ( to run it stable, he doesn't have experience). Discrimination from 14 to 40 ( all the -numbers ferrous opened)
  20. Very strange, as hot as it’s been, there was very little to be found at the lake last Monday morning. Usually there’s at least a lot of clad. Very seldom ever do I see any other hunters there either. I’m going to experiment w a couple new settings next time. I normally won’t post unless I find something good however I hate filming for nothing...🥴 Thanks! Aaron
  21. I live in Southern California and we have many beaches where you can detect all night long. If you have never done a night hunt I highly recommend them. Now is a good time to go out because the moon is nearly full. Most of my hunt last night I turned off my light and just enjoyed the clear skies, stars, planets and moon. The comet is long gone when I get out at midnight but the moon is directly above. I watched it set several hours later. One of the reasons I went out was because I read a surf report that said waves had come from a direction that makes one of my beaches 'come alive'
  22. It happen... Anytime I check the wind radar hours before to go wet and I see something similar, the dreaming child in me wake up and high hopes follows the wind arrows. In some days even in Europe we will see the effect of this hurricane even if highly reduced in the force. Sunday afternoon I've seen an underrated profile by the TV and YouTube live for the weather. Right now, knowing well what that colours means I think someone near Orlando is living really a nightmare. (With great respect for all those on the Florida East coast and I hope all of You are safe and closed at
  23. A few weeks ago, inspired by some threads in the jewelry forum, I started shifting my focus from cherry picking coins, to digging possible jewelry signals using the Equinox 800. I actually started finding some, as shown in the first picture below. I was becoming a little frustrated, as (with the exception of one tiny silver ring), all I was finding was “crap” jewelry. That changed this morning. It’s been getting wicked hot here in Montana, so I’ve been out in the parks early. I was in one of the main city parks this morning (A park I’ve pulled a ton of coins out of, including
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