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  1. I just wanted to pose a question to all DP user's. Who is your detecting Hero, mentor or person who gave you the detecting/prospecting interest???? or you just plain admired for the dedication and promotion of the hobby. This can be anyone who influenced or inspired you to do what we all enjoy so much. Please share your stories about these people for all of us to enjoy. We do not want their legacy to be forgotten!! I would like to start with Jack Gifford of Tesoro, For actualizing Tesoro detectors. His life and endevors are what we all strive to accomplish. A truly great person in so many way
  2. Long story short, I don't even know what machine I was using when I pulled it out from the bottom, but maybe months after, half an hour ago I was checking my Ctx for tomorrow hunt and testing some targets from my garbage/crusty/horrible coins can....When I passed it over the coil the numbers were all but obvious to be silver...So a 12.24 was lightning under my eyes and decided to give it a go for a steel wool run... I still need to clean well the Inside part of this oldie to the point I can barely see some engraving like a date or something... For now, I'm smiling like a child with a
  3. I finished my channel's intro footage, squeezing some of the last finds in less than two minutes... Hope you enjoy the atmosphere 🙃. Will be difficult to keep it updated constantly with all the work I'm next to start on dryland for water sessions improvement, but keep an eye on my diary now and then🔥 https://youtu.be/1kyGlM9-_do
  4. Saturday we started out at 9AM, when i got home it was almost 5AM!🤣 Was fun!😄 We went to the Salt River to see if we could pull some gold, well, we both found a gold ring!😁 I'm not the type of beach hunter, but to me, it's not a big challenge... it's like hunting on very mineralized areas.🤷‍♂️ When we got there, I tuned my Nox: Beach 1 5 Tones ( so that my brother-in-law could hear the low tones). F2 at 8 23 Sens ( to run it stable, he doesn't have experience). Discrimination from 14 to 40 ( all the -numbers ferrous opened)
  5. Very strange, as hot as it’s been, there was very little to be found at the lake last Monday morning. Usually there’s at least a lot of clad. Very seldom ever do I see any other hunters there either. I’m going to experiment w a couple new settings next time. I normally won’t post unless I find something good however I hate filming for nothing...🥴 Thanks! Aaron
  6. I live in Southern California and we have many beaches where you can detect all night long. If you have never done a night hunt I highly recommend them. Now is a good time to go out because the moon is nearly full. Most of my hunt last night I turned off my light and just enjoyed the clear skies, stars, planets and moon. The comet is long gone when I get out at midnight but the moon is directly above. I watched it set several hours later. One of the reasons I went out was because I read a surf report that said waves had come from a direction that makes one of my beaches 'come alive'
  7. It happen... Anytime I check the wind radar hours before to go wet and I see something similar, the dreaming child in me wake up and high hopes follows the wind arrows. In some days even in Europe we will see the effect of this hurricane even if highly reduced in the force. Sunday afternoon I've seen an underrated profile by the TV and YouTube live for the weather. Right now, knowing well what that colours means I think someone near Orlando is living really a nightmare. (With great respect for all those on the Florida East coast and I hope all of You are safe and closed at
  8. A few weeks ago, inspired by some threads in the jewelry forum, I started shifting my focus from cherry picking coins, to digging possible jewelry signals using the Equinox 800. I actually started finding some, as shown in the first picture below. I was becoming a little frustrated, as (with the exception of one tiny silver ring), all I was finding was “crap” jewelry. That changed this morning. It’s been getting wicked hot here in Montana, so I’ve been out in the parks early. I was in one of the main city parks this morning (A park I’ve pulled a ton of coins out of, including
  9. Last week, I had two days to hunt in the morning and no more than 4 total hours in the water, before people came to swim around me. Summer is the time when I hate the most questions and how much time is lost when people crowd the shore. In my area it seems an insane habit to ask beyond the limit of decency ... Not that I am full of words and patience in this case. However, without high expectations, I was in the usual super drained place by I don't know how many other hunters and with some method, I slowly hunted a relatively small area. I have done this because the almost total absence
  10. For me I have 7 gold rings that were all found with the Nox in the water. There were 5 in lake Ontario and 2 in the Finger lakes. I have a streak of 4 days in a row in the big lake with 2 in one day.
  11. Took my new chain rake and my Equinox 800 for an all day lake hunt and spent around 10 hours in the water. During the first couple of hours I pulled the rake and found my first gold chain although it is low carat according to my acid test. Using the rake is not only physically demanding, it is boring IMO. At least when metal detecting you are always finding something even if it is trash. With the rake I can pull it 10-20 times and....nothing. It kind of wears you down- not only physically but mentally. I still need to play with it some more to dial in the weighting and technique but it won't b
  12. Fun family week in North Myrtle Beach. Detecting started with a lot of soft sand and 4 second wave intervals. Monday had hard rip currents but waves were at 6 seconds; I wanted an 8 inch coil (that I don't have) for reduced pull in the water and not the 10 inch. The hard rip tide did strip a lot of sand off the bottom and the rest of the week there was a couple mile long sand bar out a little ways and a harder bottom cut between the sand bar and the beach. Should have been great conditions in the cut, but it turned out to be a fishing sinkers and sunglasses finding week. I did get one lit
  13. Recent last couple of weeks metal detecting lakes out here near OKC. Using the XP DEUS.
  14. I have found 7,and a friend found 1 1/2. They are about 2 grams .To get these targets location is everything.6 hit like a nickel and the other under a nickel. hit.
  15. There are few things a water hunter needs to be happy when doing his work... A good bottom condition and a well prepared machine to do the job. Many times I found good stuff but really struggling with a coil larger than 10". Vlf or pulse, will depend for the most by the environment type, but talking about coils, there's no comparison for a diver with an 8".Not only saltwater is a reduced problem with it, but between rocks, between waves,between any other thing, I still prefer to use a smaller coil. I'm in love with the AQ performance, for what I can see in multiple videos J
  16. It is summer and to stay till late with friends and childs drinking and roasting meat in the evening is a pleasure without doubts... After few hours however it is also time to go in the beach, in a hurry, early, before people start to fill the water and the search area... So even this morning, after a long stop due to some bad waves, I was trying to do my best and luckily I hitted a promising spot... I'm that kind of hunter that never trust all can be picked up, so even if I pulled last pieces from here when most of competition was already done for this area, I tried again, ano
  17. Fun day at the lake, no gold this time but found a few old coins and 8.7 gram James Avery silver ring and a thing silver ring w stones. I wasn’t sure on the video the hallmarks were pretty small. Thanks, Aaron
  18. That brings me to another question. If you take the natural response of a single frequency machine, would a gold machine like the Gold Racer be better in high aluminum trash areas for cherry picking out gold? I am sure general coin shooting would be trickier as you start to lose the gamut on the higher conductors. Here is the ID scale on the Makro Gold Racer @ 56khz. I have a stupid thought in my head that I maybe able to use that to cherry pick some parks here that are just blankets of aluminum. I have sniped out the easy copper and silver but the can slaw is brutal.
  19. I tested this just smaller then half inch earring that has a post about the size of a staple and a tiny mount for the small stone first with GMX and 6'' coil and it would hit it with a small sound in all angles .The Emi would effect this target at certain times and you would notice it with the broken signals sometime then a much stronger hit after where I could lift the coil and still get it good.Tough targets on the edge of detecting depth are very fragile when it comes to a signal in high EMI areas.
  20. I asked Joe how many gold rings he has found and he told me near 800! That is an incredible number in my book. It gave me pause to think about some of my local 'legendary' local beach detectorists. I have not met one. His name is Walker. I have met another one Tim Tidd and he told me about other local legends. Over on the nugget forum we have several 'legends' contribute to the discussions there. One is Reg Wilson among several others. Here is a link to a project Reg is working on to preserve the memories. So, who are the LEGENDS of the Beach? What are some stories you ca
  21. I got out once again today to try and build up my pain tolerance so when I get a deep machine. I hunted a few hours and managed about a dollar in clad plus two wheats and buffalo. I also found a silver ring and this moon brooch/earring. I don’t know if it’s plated or what since I have never seen these markings. Thanks for looking and happy hunting.
  22. I took my wife, and two young boys to the river for a couple hours this morning. I figured I'd bring my Detector, and get a couple hours of hunting in while the kids played. I have been hunting the rivers all week long. I possibly put in close to 30 hours, with very little success. I am learning the machine with each swing though. I was hunting in Park 2, knee deep in the water, a spillway at my back, and open river in front of me, with a strong current. My settings were default, except the Iron Bias was switched to F2 giving it a value of 6 automatically. I went with 50 tones, and p
  23. This video also demonstrates that both low conductors are in the same exact VDI range.
  24. I squeezed in few minutes a 4 hours session of today... Enjoy with me the two rings I found...
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