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  1. Part of this fine DP forum is sharing finds, stories and MD'ing knowledge. So now you get your chance to help others and yourself. On a recent post started by GB, I was helping educate some of the people asking questions about certain finds at a Volleyball Court. I then realized it might as well be it's own thread, so here it is. We (most of us) are stuck indoors right now, so what better thing to do, than self educate on your favorite hobby and the results will help you for the rest of you MD'ing carrier. I have 3 tasks for all of you who want to learn more about your detector, your own capabilities and your very important pinpointer, all in the attempt to find the elusive Diamond Stud Earring. #1. Try to find your wife/girlfriend gold diamond stud earring with your detector. Be sure to tape it to a plastic poker chip 1st so you don't lose it. Many detectors (even some in the $2500 and or price range) will miss most of them. It might take some adjusting, but eventually some of your units might get it. Listen to the signal width, see what it reads on the ID screen and notice how far off the ground your coil is (better have proper coil control) and then the target is no longer registering. Once you teach yourself the capabilities of your detector, it will help you down the road at the beaches, volleyball courts and tot lots where some of these sparklers get lost. #2. Use your very important pinpointer to find the diamond stud. If you have different models of pointers, test each to see which one perform best/worst. This will help you down the road knowing which pinpointers are useless (for this task). #3. Post your results. That's right, even you newbie hunters get you be an expert this time, because you actually took the test and not only learned from it, but are helping others who may not have access to a diamond stud. I've found my share of gold diamond stud earrings in years past, but it took many attempts before I got it right. What's nice, is when you get a call to find it and there is a reward. On 3 of my diamond stud finds, I was the 2nd person with a detector to look for it. One of those rewards was $500, so knowing my detector and what is the best pointer for the task, sure helped. Why did the others not find the stud? They never practiced to find out how it responds to their detector or pointer. Don't just assume it will beep like a coin or ring or even foil. I look forward to reading your results and hoping you'll realize the importance of detecting knowledge you just taught yourself.
  2. Hi, I'm new to this forum and fairly new to metal detecting. I currently have a bounty hunter tracker 4, and I'm definitely looking to upgrade. I had my eyes set on the minelab equinox 800. Upon further research I sort of realized that the 600 is only really lacking the 20 and 40 kilohertz frequencies. Obviously the 800 also has many more options as far as settings go. My question is is the 800 simply a better machine for gold prospecting? and will a 600 perform just as well at finding gold jewelry? I'm not particularly into gold prospecting in the traditional sense but I do like Urban prospecting 4 jewelry. Will the 20 and 40 kilohertz frequencies be of any benefit in hunting for jewelry? Or will the 600 do just as well for the $400 less? I'm a poor man so if I can get a quality machine out of the 600 I'm all for it, but if the 800 is that much better then I'll fork over the $400 I guess LOL
  3. Went out for a couple hours on Sunday night (looks like daytime, but the lights were on on the field) to the local football field where there have been other goodies found. This is the third time out with a gold ring in the pouch on the way home. I really like how the 15" covers the ground and sings out on rings. This is 10K with a single diamond. Running Park 1, 18 sensitivity, ground balanced, all metal, 50 tones, and 0 iron bias. This rang in a strong 9 and 10. I knew it was a good possibility when I stopped to dig it based on the solid numbers and the tone.
  4. Finally made it to an old park I figured was hunted out. As usual, there is no such thing. This park has a sandy volleyball court which aerial photos indicated is over 50 years old. Other than the (wooden, yay!) posts that the net is attached to there are no impediments. Any advice on approach (e.g. coil choice, ground balance tricks, target depths to expect, target tones, TID's to accentuate/ignore) would be appreciated.
  5. I have been keeping an eye on the weather forecast for the last week and it paid off. I found one beach with some nice sand movement and I hunted there for five days. I managed to dig 5 gold, a few silvers and $70.92 in clad. The diamond chips on the two rings are real and all rings are 14k. One of the 14k is plum gold and another is 14kpc (pc= platinum coated). Good luck out there and happy hunting.
  6. Yesterday I managed to get out to the beach and keep my social distance from the others and most of the targets. There has not been much sand movement except to deposit and sand in my Southern California beaches. I was at the black sand line and got a 15 and hoped it would be better than just the couple of pennies I had found and it was. It is like a thin silver wire ring. I haven't gotten one quite like it before. I was pretty much done with the beach soon after that find and on my way out I detected near a lifeguard station. The station had been place up on a mound and a dozer had been used to scrape up the sand. That made the surface I was detecting about 1 ft below normal. I got a dime signal with the Nox 800 and I kept digging and digging until I was down a foot. Out pops this silver band that weighs just 1.86g. The other items are just a collection of recent finds and still some others are just to show unsorted containers from trips in the most recent past. The hand is there to give it scale! haha
  7. So, last night was not four in a row night for gold. You can't win them all. Nevertheless, I detected a different spot on the football field. I have found the blue-tipped bullets before, but they were really the hot ticket last night. They came in a tight 16-17, so they are a must-dig. Same settings as my other posts. The 15" coil is able to get the small stuff as shown in one of the picks. There is part of a "Diamond" stud earring that sang to me as a solid 8-9. Crazy that it was able to pick that up as I'm swinging away at a recovery speed 7 to cover a lot of ground before the lights go off on the field. Not much for change, only a little over $3. Lots of nickels, however.
  8. Yesterday's gold ring was found on the second dig of the day. Today's was literally the first dig of the day. It was in the grassy area where people sit and eat concession food by the fields I hunt around home. It was a 10-11 on the display, and I was using the same settings as yesterday. It is 14K.
  9. Was out this afternoon on this "chilly" Florida day (65°) for 2 1/2 hours to a soccer field with the 15" coil. I was running park one. My second signal of the day was a strong 11 and was golden in color. It was basically on the surface of the sandy soil. I thought it was junk, but it went in the "special" zippered section of the Garrett finds pouch. I moved on and hit another two rings in an overgrown volleyball court right next to the field and a little over $5 in change. The black ring is stainless, the silver looking one is junk, and the gold one is 10K. It was very hard to see the markings even with an inverted pair of binoculars when I got home. It has been a long time since I made it out, but this helped make up for it. It was fun to get out.
  10. I hunt almost every day year round for 2 to 3 hours when the weather isn't below 25F or above 100F. It's good exercise, my dog gets to go too, and I get to detect!!!! I change up the pattern sometimes but 90% of the time I am hunting for coins and jewelry with my Equinox 600 with 11" coil or my Fisher F19 with Detech Ultimate 13" coil. Usually my Nox is in Park 1 or Park 2 discriminating -9 to +4 and my F19 is in disc mode, iron volume 11, tone break at 55, discrimination 35. Today, like most days I was concentrating on the pull tab, ring tab/beaver tail, zinc penny range looking for gold jewelry. That's roughly +6 to +23 on the Nox and 50 to 80 on the F19. If I am feeling pretty good I will dig anything in that range. I live in suburban Denver so no shovels, only screwdriver coin popping. It is really hot and dry here at the moment too, so I was only willing to dig shallow surface to 4" targets today so I wouldn't destroy the turf in the park I was going to. I was planning to dig lots of pull tabs, ring tabs, beaver tails and zinc pennies. If I dug a nickel, copper penny, dime or quarter in the mean time: Great! That definitely happened. I skipped over a few pull tabs/ring tabs and dug 41. Dug 11 pennies. So roughly 50 possible gold targets in 1 hour and 30 minutes. Amazingly enough before I recovered the 8 gram 14K gold ring ($240 melt value ?) the first thing in the hole was a beaver tail. It was actually on my screw driver - perfect bull's eye. I was NOT thinking "#$%%^^ another tab! I did what I usually do and rechecked the hole with my handheld pinpointer. The original target ID on my F19 with the Ultimate coil (thank you phrunt for constantly recommending it!) was a really steady 70 to 72 at 2 inches, so I was a little surprised with the beaver tail ring tab. Usually the numbers jump a little more just because of all the varying surfaces on the target when the beaver tail is still attached to the pull ring. So, I wasn't surprised that there was a second target (I was thinking maybe a zinc penny) but I was really happy that my remembering and practicing three important things payed off with a great ring. I don't find gold rings every time I hunt. I do find rings (junk and bling) at least 3 times a week along with earrings, chains, pendants etc. Some are gold or silver, most are bling. I would say that the ratio I experience between trash and jewelry is about 50 to 1. This hunt was right in line with that ratio. DIG PULL TABS/BEAVER TAILS DIG ZINC PENNIES RECHECK THE HOLE FOR OTHER TARGETS Jeff
  11. I am so impressed with the Trash Density feature on my Etrac. Coping from the manual, emphasis mine: In Low setting, E-Trac locks onto the strongest signal target during detection and the detector displays the most stable Target ID. In High setting, E-Trac searches for the best accepted target signal during detection and then displays the most stable Target ID. I love this feature on my Etrac. Instead of blanking out all the time I'm only hearing whats inside my accepted pattern. I attribute my latest gold chain find wholly to this feature as the nulls were masking it on my first circuit. Went back through with Trash Density High and no nulls and the little 11-01 low tone peeped. Couldn't even pinpoint it without removing all the surrounding trash, which included a wire coat hanger. I was very impressed. That little 11-01 peep turned out to be 26" of .585 gold chain. I got to go back with the 8" coil and see what I missed. HH Mike
  12. This post is mainly directed to UK field detecting where we have had social open air gatherings since Medieval times and on fields littered with coke. I used these settings yesterday and I was hopeful of finding at least one gold necklace / chain but alas none, better luck next time. As most of us know it is almost impossible to find a fine gold chain with any metal detector and as it is a long story why but mainly due to Eddy Currents and the metal detector rejecting coke which fits into the same frequency range as thin and fine gold and as here in the UK we find our permission fields littered with coke which mostly emanates from the days of steam engines powering farm equipment and the spreading of night soil as a crop fertilizer and which was collected from house middens and where the ashes from the household coal fires was used to cover the stinking human excrement, these ashes contained large cinders which survive for donkeys years in the soil and give off wonderful signals for metal detectors. This information on how to adjust the Tone Breaks to enhance the chances of finding gold chains during field detecting is only applicable to the Minelab Equinox 800 as it has the advanced settings capability. To alter the "Tone Breaks" it involves making changes to three "Target Tone Dependencies" which are "Number Of Target Tones", "Target Pitch" & "Target Volume". Here is my effort to change the settings to cover the frequency conductive range to give off a signal from thin gold chains in the discrimination zones, at present the default Discrimination zone is -9 to +2 and it is the Zero to +2 segment where gold chains show. So first of all select either "Field 1 or 2" your choice. Then go to "Target Tone" choose 5 tones. Then go to "Tone Breaks" and set the 5 tones as thus T1 = -9 to 0, T2 = 1 to 2, T3 = 3 to 28, T4 = 29 to 38, T5 = 39 to 40. Then go back to "Tone Volume" and set tone segments to T1 = 1, T2 = 15, T3 = 25, T4 = 25, T5 = 15. Then go to "Tone Pitch" and set the tone segments to T1 = 1, T2 = 15, T3 = 25, T4 = 20, T5 = 16. To move from from one tone segment to the next segment use the "Accept / Reject" button ( \//x ). These settings are working for me but then again they may not be every-bodies cup of tea.
  13. With the kids away at school once again, I had the itch to go out. I went to the ball diamond where I have found a silver ring and a class ring. My Garrett carrot was sounding off when I turned it in, so I decided to go back home and get my backup. (Turns out the battery was toast even though I just changed it the last time I was out.) I had sensitivity turned down to about 15 and was running in Park 1 using 50 tones. Recovery speed was at 7 and the horseshoe was engaged. After 5 digs, I got a very consistent 15. It sounded different from the countless other 15's I have dug that were pulltabs. Perhaps fuller in sound would be a way to explain it. Anyway, about 2 inches down was my ticket for the excuse train to be done sweating for the night. I left 10 minutes after starting knowing that this was going to be hard to top before dark. The side stones are diamonds according to my tester. The middle stones have a more purple hue to them when light is passed through. Any ideas on the stones would be appreciated. It looks like it would be very heavy ring, but the portion that holds the stones is hollowed out quite well. I invited my brother-in-law, but he was busy. I made sure to send a few picks so he will want to go out next time.
  14. Hunted an old transient camp along the river yesterday that I have been eyeballing for quite a while. It paid off after about 10 min. with this 925 eagle pendant. Found the usual brass cartridges, bullets and some modern clad also. I used my vintage tesoro bandido umax, garrett pro find pinpointer and homemade prospector pick. The pendant was found a couple feet from where I parked the bike by the tree.
  15. How can I find gold rings better with my Spectra V3.. if I dug every Target that sounded like a ring or said it was a ring I would dig Millions I'm just confused and would like to narrow it down better does anybody have any pointers
  16. Hit a park that used to be an estate then run by Nuns for many years then turned over to the town as a park. There is approx. 10 acres or so and most of it over grown so I figured I would hit some of the area that has been flattened down by the winter before it grows back in. Surprisingly there is tons of stuff there and doesn't seem to have been detected on. In just a few passes in a small area I found a really old remnants of a button with no marks, handful of pocket change, 18k gold earing .037oz and this old dime in pretty descent shape. New stuff dropped is probably from people sledding down the hill side.
  17. Sorry for not being on DP much and giving love to you posters, but my travels have been many. Early last week I tried a new park and was able to get the usually handful of common clad coins. Also was a fair amount of cheaper jewelry (I need to test the diamond ear ring) recovered. With the amount of coins and jewelry I have a feeling there has to be a couple pieces of gold in the park. It will take time, but I know I'll succeed at getting the Au. Photos of the cheap stuff...which means I am getting closer to the good. BTW, this was a 2 1/2 hr hunt.
  18. Found my first ring with Eq 800. Still learning the machine. Any hints on fresh water hunting?
  19. Finally had some time to get out. I hit a local football field for two days, about 2 hours each day. I was using the stock coil on the Equinox 800. It was in Park 1, 7 recovery, 50 tone, and ground balanced. The chain, found on day 2, rang up a solid 17, much like many of the aluminum bits on the field. The clasp is iron, but the rest is .925. At first I thought it was junk because of some rusty looking areas on the chain, but when it was cleaned off at home, a smile came to my face. The first day I dug a hole with a solid 11. Out popped a junk earring. There was something else in the hole according to the pinpointer, so I kept at it. The second target was another earring with what appeared to be silver and maybe diamonds. I tested it at home, and my tester said they were diamonds. However, my local jeweler gave me the bad news that they were not. It was a silver earring though.
  20. This 14kt gold band was found with a whites Mx7 in the coin & jewelry mode, with 4 gain and 6x10 inch coil. This ring hit a solid 22. Wt. 4.1grams.
  21. Found this in my yard messing around with my detector. Never said it was valuable.
  22. What's your prettiest ring find from 2018. Mine's a toss up so I'll show 3 & let you decide. Be sure to also show your favorite 2018 ring recovery. A) 14K Yellow Gold with Aquamarine center stone wrapped in Emeralds. B) White Gold wedding ring set with Diamonds C) Large 13.3 Platinum with 2 Rubies & 1+ carat Diamond.
  23. You either have the right metal detector for micro jewelry detecting or you don't. I hunt gold jewelry on land. It is my desired target. I focus on it to the near exclusion of all else. I hunt for hot spots and when I find them I prep them for efficient recovery of new losses. It is what I like to do. And I find pretty small jewelry. Too small to even take good pictures of with my current camera. So I thought I was doing pretty good. Maybe using the term 'Micro' was splitting hairs. I had asked Tom Dankowski what to use for a Micro Jewelry test piece. He replied back that a 10k White Gold 4 or 6 prong stud earring capable of holding, what? a 1/4 or 1/2 caret stone would be a recommended test object. So I went searching for something and finally obtain something at the right price off of ebay; 3mm solid 10k white gold 4 prong stud earring. Silicone backing. So its just the earring stud itself with a topaz stone in it. Pretty tiny. Smaller than I thought it would be when I ordered it. Ok. The Gold Bug Pro is a proven prospecting unit, and my G2+ is nothing more than a Gold Bug Pro on a different rod set up. I've seen the pictures of the small gold pickers it can find. So surely it will hit this earring no problem, Rght? Well, I put the 5" DD on it, and start bench testing. All metal gets a hit on it out to about 1-1/2" if the prong end of the earring is facing it. Horizontal and Vertical orientation presentations are much less. In Disc, I can get a signal about an 1" away with the prong facing the coil and the other orientations are about 1/2" with mostly non-ferrous responses. That is at maxed out sensitivity. Wow. I thought it would be better than that. I have a V3 with a 22kHz single frequency option with a hot gold program on it that will hit it good, too. Right? Well I put the 4x6 DD on the V3, load up my hot little gold program and start my test. Hey, I'm getting something, thinking positive...better depth than the gold bug, oh...wait....its picking up my hand. So I transfer the earring stud to a ruler and try again. This time no response. Or at least no usable response. Did some tweaking to the program and still no thing. Wow. Got to try some programming changes and see if I can at least equal the G2. Not done yet......what about the Omega 8500. No. Not a chance of every finding one these little earrings with that. Put it up. Still not done yet....what about the F75LTD? Lets give it a try. I put the little football concentric on it, maxed it out and frequency shifted for stability and give it a try. WOW. In both JE and Boost mode it did better than the G2. The G2 audio wasn't that strong but the F75 audio was great in all orientations. And I was getting at least an 1" in the vertical and horizontal orientations and about a 1-1/3" with the prongs facing the coil. And it was giving mostly non-ferrous TID. This reminded me again of what a top notch detector the F75 is and will always be. Wow. Just Wow. I ended up sitting there thinking about how much time I have wasted at some sites thinking that if 'any' gold was there I would have gotten it. I got over it a day or so later as reality set in and reminded me that hunting really small jewelry has its own little focus and that I need not worry about unless I'm specifically hunting for it. But that if I'm going to hunt for it I need to equipment myself for it. And that is the back story to my pre-order of the Makro Gold Kruzer. HH Mike
  24. I went out this afternoon on the beach in 20 mph winds and about 58 degrees so it was going to feel nippy. This trip I put on the right jacket. It is one that I found in the surf a few years ago. It is a Port Authority jacket made in Vietnam. It's kinda like a ski jacket but wow, I was not bothered at all. Normally I have about 3-4 layers and can still feel the wind blowing through! On to the hunt, I found the chain as a result of seeing another detectorist closing in in front of me and I wanted to go back the way I came. I had just dug a coin and about 5 feet away I got a 2 on my 800 in beach 1 at 23 sensitivity. I swung on it a couple of times because this is normally junk on my beaches but I was in the right area to dig most everything so I did. I saw the glitter in the scoop and of course I had to hide it from my fellow detectorist so he wouldn't come over and share my potential patch. haha Later I put it down on the sand and I got a reading of 6. Funny thing is that it didn't chirp like some targets. It was just a solid signal. (It is a combination of .575 and .375 gold and weighs 4.8 grams.) About an hour later on my way back not more than a couple hundred feet from the chain I got a 21. It was solid and full sounding. It wasn't quite like the pennies which chatter sometimes and go from 15 to 22. I somewhat expected a penny but it is .925 silver. It is missing the stone that was mounted on the top but silver is silver! (It weighs 2.7 grams.) I would have liked more for 3 hours of detecting but there were no swells to move more sand. Mitchel
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