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  1. I casually found this video and the results are actually confusing me...A lot🤐. Nothing to say for most of the programs but look what a difference on gold signals when in diving/beach and beach sens 😬. Not to mention the higher vdi reading (twice) when in mono 17Khz... Please, can someone explain what I'm seeing?
  2. Here's a few pics of last years finds. All were found in public places, mainly parks in Texas. I did hunt 1 school and 1 baseball field. My specialty is, hard hit, given up on places. I love the challenge of finding what was left behind. I use the Nox 800 and have it set up to cherry pick copper and silver 90% of the time. If I get into a really old place or around water, I'll open it up a bit. I use my tones as a discrimination , I run wide open . Total silver coin take was 117 and a 287 wheaties, total silver finds 144. Not sure how much clad I found, I cashed it in 3 different times during the year. I'm going on my 4th year with the Nox and have done very well relic, coin and water hunting during that time. Here's my settings. Park 1 Iron Bias F2-0 Ground balance 0 Recovery speed 3 2 tones... pitch on -9 to 17 at 3 from 18 and up at 25 Tone break at 18, unless in older places or around water. No discrimination Sensitivity as high as the site allows. Coil scrubbing the ground and a slow sweep. I know what a lot of people are thinking, just think of all the stuff you left behind. I was having to drive 1 to 2 hours one way to get to some of these places. I have to maximize my time because of the time factor.
  3. This has been said many times, but there is nothing like seeing it. I can’t tell the difference between those particular two, in any orientation, either by sound or ID (on Vanquish 440). Are there any tricks of the trade to increase the chance of differentiating the right-size gold ring from a modern beer can pull tab?
  4. Today I´m preparing for tomorrow dive in my usual and devastated gulf spot... After the shaft accident with the new toy the last week, Ive been captured by a stupid doubt... What about the use of a single frequency on the Ctx ? I know, this thing isn´t possible due to the kind of machine with an FBS range continuously at work, but somewhere I found a text related to the noise cancel channel and the different frequency in use... So In these years, I think the succesful use of a frequency among 15 and 20 Khz in salty environment it is not a secret anymore but what about this particular machine stated at 1 to 100Khz? So tomorrow morning I want to try all of the 11 channels and manual settings for sensitivity and noise cancel, adding the ground/coin separation that for sure is the more stable giving a less jumpy target ID... Feel free to laugh at this post but I feel like a child again...
  5. So today's hunt was not at a beach, but at a place that I should have been hunting all along! I thought I missed my opportunity (kind of did) to hunt a very old drained pond. I could not find a place to park, so I kept putting it off. That was in the fall of 2020. They said the dam repairs would be done by January 2021, so I forgot all about it. Last week, I have a client that needed a scrap electronics recycling pick up, so I drove to his new house which just happens to abut the pond. Now this pond is HUGE and a lot of people have been pounding it for a year (at least 30 people that I heard of. Many nice coins and rings have come out of there, including Seated coins. Oh well. So I asked if I could park in his yard and go down to the pond and he said - anytime. Now because it has been dry for over a year, except with a small river flowing down the middle, lots of vegetation has sprung up and makes it impossible to hunt. It's very boggy in about 90% of the pond now. The side I am on is not the popular side that has been used for a couple of centuries, but I figured I would start there and maybe return some other time. Also being cold, some of the desirable area froze solid. I brought the Equinox and the GPX 5000 for this hunt, and decided on the GPX even though I would be in areas with a lot of iron ( I assumed). I was amazed that the iron rejected extremely well and most of the iron I dug was out of curiosity. This was a 4 hour hunt and I had to dumb the GPX down sensitivity wise in order to not go nuts. Targets were everywhere. This was going to be a low conductor hunt because of all the iron, as my primary goal was finding gold! I knew there would be a lot of lead, but I did not take into account the sheer number of small pieces of aluminum that I would encounter. I worked non stop and got a lesson on trashy pond hunting. I'm glad I did it and glad that I found a little bit of gold, silver and even a very crumbling Indian cent. Man o man, do humans pollute!!!! 🤬 I will be back if the weather doesn't freeze over everything soon. I'm glad I had a chance to detect it after all. 🙂
  6. Saw gigmaster mentioning this again and got curious.... ?? (I found a friend's lost engagement ring once , a good day on the hunt .outside in the winter snow+ice. LOL but she sure was happy !! and yes I was using that old Micronta.) So I started to check it out....It seems like a legit operation... (The fee for a listing is $65 a year) https://theringfinders.com Saw a couple of mentions here on a search . Anybody actually a member or have other experience with ringfinders ? Other comments ?
  7. Last week I hunted the wet sand of some local beaches for the first time in about a month. I wanted to go earlier in the month but just had too many other things going on. When I got to the beach I was surprised to see that a lot of beach erosion had taken place and was afraid that I was too late to take advantage. Sure enough, targets were few and far between below most of the cuts but I did find 2 areas where I was making some deeper finds with some regularity. I was finding more trash than I expected with the TDI and hunting in a steady rain which tired me out sooner than usual. I also think I was out of shape from not hunting much the previous month. I did manage to find a few silver rings and silver earring before taking a break to warm up with some hot soup for lunch. I decided to swap detectors because of the trash and continued where I left off with my Excalibur. The very first signal I got in "all metal" rang out in a solid mid-tone when I switched to "discriminate". I scooped out some wet sand and kicked it off to the side and saw a quarter-sized disc with that unmistakable yellow gold color laying on top of the mound! (7.5 grams of 14K) I didn't make nearly as many good finds in 2021 as I did the year before but Mother Nature had a lot to do with that. I am still grateful for the little treasure I did find and for the health, time and resources to be able to enjoy this hobby of ours. Wishing you all the best in 2022!
  8. First gold ring with PulseDive I’ve spent the last month extending my search underwater.. I’ve been using two small pony bottles which give me about 50 bars of air (the reserve of a 12 litre tank).. This lasts me about 20 minutes at 4-5 metres and to refill the little tanks takes about two hours with a small 12 volts scuba compressor (it overheats quickly even with a large fan on it).. This might sound like a waste of time and in many ways it is.. That’s why I’m saving up for a PotraHookah, which will give me 4 hours at a maximum of 10 metres, with a 4 hour battery recharge time (small lithium battery).. I’ve already found a lot of coins and even more bottle tops and other crap, that’s the beauty of a dig it all detector.. The ring was buried about 1’’ deep and gave off a weak signal which I nearly ignored as just more crap.. I guess I still have to put in a bit more time on the PulseDive to get in tune with it.. I don’t really mind learning the nuances of another detector as it’s a great pleasure to be back underwater, this time to combine two interests.. I’ve been scuba diving since 1986 when I got my FAUI diving licence and a PADI instructor since 1996.. I stopped logging hours underwater at 3500 hours, and that was about a decade ago.. The PulseDIve has turned out to be a great detector, especially with the 8” coil.. I just wish they made an even bigger coil for it.. I’ve thought about the Seahunter with a 14x10” coil but if I’m going to save up for a PortaHookha that’ll be a long way in the future, as they cost AU$ 1400.. In the meantime I’m sure the PulseDive will prove value for money, if only in terms of sheer enjoyment!
  9. Celebrity alert. I had an opportunity to meet Gary Drayton when I was detecting on a beach, here in Fort Lauderdale, on Friday, 17 December 2021. He was there giving lessons to a gentleman, and was very gracious and nice when I interrupted him – telling him I knew who he was. We spoke for five minutes about a few things of interest such as his show, The TDI Beach Hunter that I was carrying and a few other tidbits. If you want to see the interview it's on my YouTube channel. If you want the link just ask. – – Brittany.
  10. A friend took me out on his boat Friday in search of Gold and Silver at a spot that is very hard to get too. Fours hours and all I had was several silvers but I could smell the gold.. It was close...just never found it.... Saturday I forced myself to get out of bed and go in search of that yellow stuff again (alone this time). Different beach...Water was calm.. and the tides were not the best but being what they were it forced me to hunt in the right spot. Not a lot of targets but got into a little area I could feel it again, then about 16 inches down, out came a 12 gram 10k gold. Hunted for a while longer, then as I was walking in, "out of the blue" I got another signal. Out came a 5.8 gram X10k. Old stamp.. Final total (both hunts) 7 hours,... 2 10k golds, 13 Silvers. I've had a very "Blessed" week, 5 gold rings total (30.58 grams of gold) , 24 Silver coins..in 4 hunts, about 16 hours. Three different beaches. Winds and Tides are off this week, then that crazy day light savings time is coming.😒 Both John and I had a good time, and interesting, I had a chance to see how well the Nox 800 with stock coil did against my 10 inch coil Stealth Excalibur. In short, I have nothing to worry about from the Nox's. No doubt the best machine to have on fresh drop beaches, but when the targets are very deep, I'm not even sure the 15 inch coil on the Nox would help. Wish I could get back to the one spot, the AQ would kill that place I believe, Here...when you digging a lot of silver.. the gold is right there with it. It was just to deep for the Excalibur at the first spot. Good Luck to everyone out there and Be Safe!
  11. I got a gold testing kit and tested the gold chain. It’s a fake. Talk about a letdown 😪. Found this today in the grass at a Park. I was using my Equinox 800. This is the best thing that I have ever found metal detecting. It weighs 43.5 grams and is marked 18K.
  12. Rang in a solid 28, so I had a good idea it was going to be a ring. The field has a TON of trash that rings up in the 20's... mostly buried aluminum can pieces and random car parts. There are large power lines that cause interference with the wireless module which causes it to drop out a lot if I am walking in a certain direction. If I turn around, the issue goes away. Equinox 15", all metal, Park 1, 7 recovery
  13. While at a local park, this rang in a 31 on the Equinox in Park 1, so I knew it was either a silver ring or a couple quarters stacked. Anyone able to identify the maker's mark or tell me anything about it? Thanks for the help! I believe this is the first silver ring the Coiltek has found.
  14. Back to a spot I've been working the last few weeks. This trip it gave up a couple more golds, 10k 1935 Class ring and a 14k wedding band. Then 3 silver crusty coins and one "P" nickel.. (which I do not count as silver)........ I was able to Opened the brass compact, Very surprised to see a 1911 Barber dime and a ticket inside. The dime is as detailed as the day it was lost, saved by what ever was in the compact stamped " Woodward and Lothrop " The ticket does have some faint writing, can't make it out other then some numbers. Going to be interesting, I was able to mark off this location with a stray crab pot. See if it worked the next trip back. Winds and tides are going to be crazy for several days, so I'll be surprised if all is where I left it. This beach has one little Hot area, I've tried using land markers but it still takes me a hour or more to find it since it is so small and I am a ways off shore. The spot sure holds the right targets and they can only be heard if your moving slow. I had planned on taking the Fisher "AQ", never worked out, one side of "My skullies"' headphones was acting up so I ended up using the Excalibur. Hope to get back out after the 8th, can't wait!
  15. Hi everyone, I wanted to start a new thread so I could update everyone. As you know I lost a gold ring in 1981 and have been hunting for it for 40 years, here go’s. I went out Friday night and Saturday night until 10:00 pm and continued my grid search and marked promising signals with wooden stakes. I went back to the yard Sunday and began digging what I had marked with no luck, it was all junk. As I got further and further out into the yard the targets got fewer and fewer and I couldn’t imagine the ring could be that far away so After about 3 hours of searching I moved back up to where I had always thought I had lost the ring, up near the fence. I spent another hour or so digging the few questionable signals that were left and this time using mainly the vanquish and pinpointing with the Tesoro because I have a hard time pinpointing on vanquish. I scanned over a spot I had crossed over literally hundreds of times and I got a faint signal of an 8 on the vanquish and occasionally jumping to 9, I circled it and it was faint but solid 8 and the depth gauge had all the segments filled, it was very deep. I used the pinpoint and dug and come up with nothing, I scanned the hole and still had that faint signal so I got the Tesoro and used pinpoint but heard nothing. I decided to dig a little deeper and still didn’t find anything, scanned again with vanquish and still had the signal so I Got the Tesoro and put it in all metal and was able to run sensitivity maxed out. Next I scraped off some dirt off the top so I could get the Tesoro a little deeper into the ground and started scanning and I got a faint/whisper on pinpoint. While I was pinpointing I noticed this time the pinpoint seemed 2-3 inches North of the hole I was digging. I plunged the digger back in the hole and pulled out a shovel or two of dirt and looked in the hole and saw nothing. I pushed the pinpointer into the hole and immediately it sounded off. Now before I go further I want to say that this had happend literally hundreds of times before, maybe only a few times Had they been this deep. I stuck my hand down in the hole and grabbed a handful of dirt and when I pulled it out I saw it....for the first in 40 years I laid eyes on the ring that had twirled off my finger so long ago. I can not describe feeling. From the day I lost that ring it never left my mind, everytime I stepped in that yard I wondered where that ring was for 40 years. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I probably dug 300-500 holes off and on over the years starting back in 1992/93with a Garret freedom two plus, then on to the Tesoro silver then on to the ML vanquish. Why was I unable to find until now? I believe I have a better understanding now after finding it. When I started back in 92 I didn’t have very much knowledge and was digging anything that fell between iron and pull tab. Next at some point my mom had dug up a small row of dirt and planted monkey grass right thru where the ring was so I had at least for the last 5 years when I went out there I could not detect there because of the grass, I thought about this maybe 6 months ago and ran over the monkey grass and it all died out, this allowed me to search on top of it. I believe though the number one reason I could not find it is because of what you guys call “iron masking”...I had swung coil over this exact spot literally hundreds of times and dug trash out of it and within inches of it several times, I think I finally cleared out enough for the ring to come through, it is actually much smaller than I remember and a minor miracle I was able to find it at all. i want to thank everyone that replied because I did everything you guys said but the number one thing was everyone gave me hope, I was literally fearing that I would never find this ring but the reply’s gave me hope. As you can see from the pics the ring probably wouldn’t get me 20 bucks at a pawn shop but it is priceless to me, my grandfather was born in 1915 and this was his childhood ring and now I don’t have to live with the regret that I Lost it or wonder the rest of my life what happend to it. One more thing, when I lost the ring I mentally logged in my mind where it fell off and vowed to never forget it and find it one day...after 40 years it was exactly where I thought it always was....right where if fell of 40 years ago. I’m not exactly sure how but the ring was probably 9-10 inches deep. Enjoy the pics.
  16. Guys I lost a ring in 1981 in a very specific spot in my parents yard when I was 14. I bought a Garret freedom two in about 92 and could never find it. I bought a Tesoro silver about 5 years ago and still couldn’t find it so I thought I needed a detector with a digital readout so I bought a Minelab vanquish. The area I lost the ring in is probably no bigger than 15x25 feet and I have taken probably 150 items out of the ground in that small area nails, screws,, nuts, bolts, coins, tinfoil etc...My parents passed and the house is going up for sale this Thursday. With the Tesoro I usually would set the disc at the iron and then thumb the knob to just pass pull tab and anything that got choppy or disappeared From foil to tab I dug. I bought the Minelab and have used jewelry mode and dug anything that registered 0-25 I dug and to no avail. A lot of times I will get a signal and the signal might be 15 then -3 or minus 4 and I have dug all of those. I have dug so much that their is literally nothing left that gives a clean signal, I am literally now in all metal mode and trying to dig everything, I even called a guy from ringfinders and he said he probably couldn’t find it and didn’t want to look for it. I was a skinny 14 year old when in lost it so it’s. Its not a huge ring but it was big enough to have the letter “R” engraved on the front, I guess it’s called a signet ring. Can anyone on here give me any suggestions as I am not that experienced using metal detectors. The ring is purely sentimental value having been my grandfathers, then my fathers and then mine. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have also searched further out into the yard thinking possibly the mower had flung it out in the yard but still nothing. Help please.
  17. For First I wanna Say Hi to all of You here... I've been far for quite a long time due to mandatory work sessions in the "other Life". The pandemic pushed hard on my little beach business and to pay Bills and keep my little daughter I started again with people transportation in the end of August. Today I was finally out for a day off walking on the beach and Also found a "promising spot to get the job done"... But the tone of this post Is more related to a new beach machine I'm dreaming to own for Christmas. So I Ask to You, my fellows beach Hunters...What Will You buy considering a Ctx, an Excal and a TDI Beachunter already owned? Cause the First Is a sniper discriminator but not that Deep like a Nox...(And not properly waterproof both of them) The second Is maybe the unstoppable pleasure Toy for a diver like me, but blind on chains and thin stuff... The third of my guns already drowned and reanimated a couple times, Will be my pulse last option to never remain without a machine in case of the 3rd world war... So...What's next?
  18. It's weird how your luck can change week by week.. Last week started off great with a gold ring and finished even greater with a diamond bracelet.. But so far this week it's been nothing at all.. except a 5 cent piece and a load of bottle tops, pull-tabs and aluminium foil etc.. But this is not what makes it weird, the weird thing is that this week comes at the end of the school holidays and a long-weekend public holiday.. It's been a long time since there's been so many people on the island, you couldn't wish for a bigger crowd.. And yet, nothing.. 😬
  19. Hunted a fresh drop beach Tuesday, now that they are open all day. Tides were low and water was calm. I was able to get into a area where no one had been and got a 14k wedding band. The other two (10k white golds) were closer to shore, no doubt recent drops... (One scoop) When I dug the first, I said gold but never seen a mark and figured it was junk.. until I got to my car and seen both stamped 10k.. The place was hammered good but there were areas still un-hunted after being open a week.
  20. I went out tonight to a local football field with the exclusive goal of digging a gold chain. Before going out, I looked on this forum to see what numbers I should be looking for. I came across this (thanks 😊) and used the +4-5 range as my target numbers. I know gold chains can come in other numbers, but I had about an hour to detect. While all the numbers in that range turned out to be aluminum, I ran across a solid 9 and had to dig. While it is not a chain, it's the next best thing. I scanned around the pendant, but all the +1-4 targets were foil and aluminum. I always use Park 1, but tonight for kicks, I used Park 2. Not sure it made the difference, but I have been over that area with Park 1 in the past. Park 2, 7 recovery, 17 sensitivity, all metal, 15" coil
  21. I made topic in wrong place so I just deleted it sorry
  22. How y’all doing? I appreciate you working with me and I know this question is going to start a frenzy or the opposite in reaction of here we go again probably but I gotta ask - -I been detecting for several years but haven’t got as serious as I’m about to ! - I’ll be hunting in Kentucky dirt and around the natural lake beach’s in like creek sand not beach sand ( locals call them beach’s but it’s just creek sand in abundance by the lake shore for people to swim and dream of the real beach LOL. - I plan on spending around 6-800$ give or take a little. - what’s the best detector I can buy to concentrate on lost gold and silver jewelry….. if I have to pick one let it be gold . I want to concentrate on finding lost gold jewelry. Period. If there are other coin snd relic options on it then I’ll use them probably but I stress gold jewelry lost in the Kentucky ground. Can we decide on one that’s best for that ? Again thank you very much I appreciate yalls time and I will be an avid member for videos and stories. Just saying your comments are taken seriously. Thanks again
  23. Out with my buddy Mike in rough waters the other day. Eight silvers and One Old gold marked ... "Sept 29-99" Silvers in bad condition due to being submersed in the bay for many years. Being able to hunt "IN" rough water with a silent running machine allowed me to pull very faints targets normally not heard unless the water is flat. Conditions were 16 to 18 mph winds, choppy water. No falsing while swinging and no noise with the water slapping the machine at any level. I did notice after a few hours hunting I was getting a little noise at the end of my swing (right).. but realized it was from me getting sloppy with my swing. Coil control can really affect the performance. Mike and I over the years have talked and shared ideas on how to improve the xcal ........... this idea finally came to light...Stealth Xcalibur More changes are planned, working on another coil for it right now.
  24. This morning was the first time in 6 weeks that I’ve had a chance to hunt my local beaches at Alma Bay and Horseshoe Bay.. I didn’t bring a detector with me to Canberra where I was helping out after my old man had a hip replacement.. Being away from the island has turned out great as for the first time in years I dug everything.. At these beaches I usually disregard low target IDs on the Nox800, anything below 13-14 nearly always results in pull-tabs, bottle tops or bits of foil (or 5 cents).. I got into the very bad habit of switching to ‘coin mode’, where I look for low 20s to shoot 1 and 2 dollar coins (50 cents usually reads 17 and 20 cents reads 16).. But the sheer joy of getting back into it made me dig every target.. I’m both very happy I did and kicking myself for not always doing so.. At Horseshoe Bay I found a chunky gold necklace (585 hallmark) and at Alma Bay a little gold ring (375) with little purple stones (maybe amethyst?).. And a fist full of dollars.. It’s really made me wonder what else I’ve left behind.. The necklace rang in at 3-4 and the ring at 11, both were just below the surface in wet sand.. It felt as if they were waiting for me to find them, since I’ve been away we’ve had the Easter holidays and 2 public-holiday long weekends.. These are usually good times of the year to get out early in the morning to hit those beaches, and the island's other beach hunters know it too.. But I haven't been so lucky with the bling bling in a long time, it’s definitely back to digging all targets..
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