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    Have over 20 years of experience dredging for gold, mostly in California's mother lode area. Lead a mostly self sufficient lifestyle.
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    Out of the various metal detectors that I've used, the gold bug 2 is my favorite

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  1. Hello to all, I am currently using a goldbug 2. On the creek in the Yuba River drainage where I am using it, there is a lot of exposed bedrock, or alternating gravel and bedrock. I am finding that the bedrock ground balances far different from the gravels. This is a bit of a problem for me, since when I ground balance to the bedrock, any of the gravel sounds off loudly. When I ground balance to the gravels, then pass the coil over bedrock, the detector goes null, or quiet. Seems this contrast is giving me a lot of false positive reads. I have found a fair amount of flakes and small pickers, but feel that I may be missing good targets, since the bedrock and gravels ground balance so so differently. Any suggestions on how to deal with this would be much appreciated. Jeffree
  2. Thank you, Steve. I'm happy to be back to visiting this site, after dealing with some of life's curveballs. Would you know if Doc still has a charger for my older minelab gp extreme?
  3. Thank all of you for the greetings and warm welcome. Am back after dealing with some of life's curve balls. My gold bug 2 has led me to find some nice clinkers and flakes, but nothing too exciting yet, in a creek that is walking distance from my house. Am excited to get back out and find some more......
  4. I have an older Minelab GP Extreme. After a theft at my place, I found that it's battery charger was missing. Does anyone know where I can get another battery charger for it?
  5. Hello, just found this site and joined. Am just another somewhat humble metal detectin' pilgrim.
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