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  1. I am considering to build my own battery pack for GP3000. I plan to eliminate the Coiltek Battery/Regulator unit. It appears the OEM battery supplies 6V and the Coiltek Battery/Regulator recommends 6.7V for GP series. I can choose to use Lithium-Ion battery cell at 3.2V with two in series producing 6.4V or choose Lithium-Polymer battery cell at 3.7V with two in series producing 7.4V. My question/concern is that a fully charged Lithium-Polymer cell can reach 4.2V so twice that is 8.4V so is that too much voltage to supply directly to the GP3000? I assume the GP3000 has an internal regulator for the incoming battery supply.
  2. I have a GPX6k that I have had good success with over the last few years. I have found several patches that yielded in the range of 8 to 15 nuggets each with biggest ones at 1.7g and 2.5g. I have considered going back to these patches and start layering off the surface to gain more depth but that sounds like a lot of work. I have also considered getting the 17x13 coil for the 6k to gain more depth but the reported depth gain appears to be only about 1 inch over the stock 11 coil if that is true. Another option I am considering is to purchase an older Minelab PI and combine it with the best coil for depth, so that I can use it to go over patches (that I have cleaned out using the 6k) to find larger (3-5g and larger) nuggets at depths deeper than the 6k is capable of. So just to be clear I want a machine that is dedicated/configured for increased (at least 3+ inches deeper than 6k) depth on larger gold, has a stable threshold and the ability to handle ground mineralization and hot rocks better than the 6k. It does not need to be an all around machine that can also find smaller shallow gold since I have the 6k for that, but if it can then that would be a bonus. I want to limit my budget to a max of $1500. After some research and input from friends I have been advised to consider the following models: SD2200D - Reported to be one of the deepest machines Minelab has made. Apparently the extra depth is due to the detector power supply being unregulated and the full voltage from the battery is available to the coil. Are Lithium battery packs, either commercial or home made, adaptable to this machine? On an unregulated machine I would think that a lithium battery would be preferred. At the same time I read that using mono coils on this detector is not practical because they generate too much ground noise and to use DD coils instead. A DD coil cuts the width of the coil in half with an associated loss of depth so I am confused how this machine can be deep when only using DD coils unless very large DD coils are recommended. I would like to limit max coil size to between 15-18" round. I would prefer to limit cost to between $600 and $900 on such an old machine in case it dies and the faulty component is no longer available. I have the skills to troubleshoot to the component level and make repairs on older "through hole" technology PCB's as long as the components are marked and available. What is the best coil for depth on this machine? GP3000, 3500 - I dont know much about these machines and if they would meet my requirements for depth, stability, etc. Would this be a better choice than the SD2200D? What is the best coil for depth on this machine? GPX4500, 4800, 5000 - A GPX4800 or 5000 with a NF 15" round evo mono coil (or similar) looks to be the best and the most expensive option. I might have to look for a long time to get a below market value price on one. Please advise, regards, Ceril
  3. Going through some of my boxes and cleaning up the back rooms of the shop, I find some interesting items on occasion. Here’s a wall hanger of a coil if even been one. This is a genuine Minelab 18” round coil for the early SD-2000 and I think maybe the SD-2100? If I’m not mistaken, it’s nickname was the Trash Can Lid? My question to those who have been around Minelab longer than I, have you used one and was it any good? As the photos show, this is a pretty crude hand made coil and the waves must have been for extra strength, I’m not sure. I think I heard someone asking for a used 18” coil a while back, but I’m thinking this one could be older than what you want? I’ll make a heck of a deal if you’re still interested and sell it for whatever the cost of shipping is. As you can see in the pics, it looks as if it was sitting in the desert for a while and seems to have some dried up sea gull/bird crap on it (no charge). No I have not tested it. What’s amazing about this coil is that it’s actually pretty lite in weight. I’d love to hear from folks who used it and or if you have pics of Success with this coil. Certainly a wall hanger with Minelab and probably 30+ yrs old, but if you know please chime in? Anyone else have any old Minelab Wall Hangers collecting sea gull chit?
  4. I have a GP3500 with a broken plastic shaft on the manual tune potentiometer. Does anyone here know where to find a replacement? Also do the tuning knobs have removable caps to access the retaining screws like the GPX series? Thanks.
  5. Hey, Are Minelab SD 2200D Super Detector’s worth much these days?
  6. I have been searching for a video on tweaking the settings on a GP Extreme. I believe it was a Jack Lange video. It was specifically for the Extreme. Explained the settings to use to maximize the machine to find gold. A prospecting friend of mine had it and I've since lost contact with him. It was in VHS and hoping to find it in DVD.
  7. Hello to all i have my eyes on a SD2200D are the eve coils compatible with the SD ,or it needs to be modified in Ballarat,i dont think anyone will modify them in the UK 🙂 Also the last one i saw going on th eBay of thieves went for 295 british pounds how much will you pay max??? Thanks for your input RR
  8. Hey ya'll, what's the best 4500 settings using an NF 25 mono for large, deep nuggets. Thank you in advance.
  9. was offered a GP 3500 in really nice condition coil did not have a scratch on it and neither did anything else, by a woman in the area I currently live it only had one coil a battery that is probably no longer working and a carry bag price was $500 but she seemed really negotiable on price was told her husband purchased it like 10 years ago he got sick and did not get to use it much she told me he paid like $700 when he purchased it back then said he purchase used never thought to take photos of it or serial number but got to thinking about it and going back and making a offer so in every ones opinion what would the value of a GP3500 be I do not want to cheat the lady but dont want to get taken either and I do not want to purchase if it was stolen either so is there a way to check that also thanks for reading
  10. I have an old sd220d that I bought at a very good price a few years back..I powered it up when I first got it, but have never used it as we don't have much gold here in Alabama.My question is, can the sd2200d be used to detect for coins similar to the TDI? Thanks
  11. Hey guys. I've had a gp extreme for years, but never used it much, as I'm mainly a relic guy. But landed a permission last year, and stumbled on a real nice patch. This is Northern Cali...soil is rocky clay, not too bad, I run a Deus and Monster without too much trouble, except areas of hot rock. Anyway, been using the stock 11 inch coil, and getting nuggets to 2 dmt,down to around 12 inches. I'm ready to buy a 17x13 Evo coil,to see whats deeper..but here's my question...it's on a hilltop by a river canyon. Side I'm working, is uninhabitable. Directly across river, is subdivision, houses less than a mile, as the crow flies. I'm worried about EMI. I know if you flip that switch on the Extreme, it turns off half the windings in the DD coil. If I do so, would that be a good test, to see if a Mono coil will work here? I don't want to spend $500 on something, that won't be able to use here. Btw, I did pickup someone's cell phone or ham radio once before, lol.
  12. Right now I have 2 stock SD 2100 v2s that I just picked up. stock machines with factory 11" coils(DD according to manual). Will be trying to put them to use in some areas of my home state of Alaska (I do have a GB 2 & GM 2 for VLF friendly areas & conditions) but also hope to use one when we visit family in the Prescott AZ area. May be able to talk my wife into using one but most likely scinario is a primary machine & a backup machine. Right now I am looking at the Docs Gold Screamer kit with Lithium batteries. Also thinking an 8" Mono coil would be a good start for extra coils. Make sense? Recomendations? Would be interested in gently used if someone has one.
  13. Hey guys a quick question. I live in Alaska and most of the gold in my area is smaller. I have an original GB2 & GM2 I can use for that. I have no PI machine and would like to occasionaly hunt in AZ when I visit family in Prescott, & maybe hunt some other areas of AK. I dont want to spend a lot for a machine I will use only occassionaly. Is the SD 2200 stil a good machine? If so whats a fair price for one. One just popped up local for $1000 but not sure it's a bargain...
  14. I have an older Minelab GP Extreme. After a theft at my place, I found that it's battery charger was missing. Does anyone know where I can get another battery charger for it?
  15. Is there much value to Minelab's SD2000 any longer?
  16. is there much difference between a GP extreme and the GP 3500 ?. I would like it to look for coins and if possible also for the beach
  17. Version 4901-0053 Rev 1.1


    Minelab GP 3500 Instruction Manual, 3.55 MB pdf file, 53 pages Minelab GP 3500 Data & Reviews Minelab Metal Detector Forum
  18. Version 4901-0036 Rev 1.2


    Minelab GP Extreme User's Manual, 2.22 MB pdf file, 61 pages Minelab Metal Detector Forum
  19. I took a Fatshark battery pack that holds two 18650 li-ion cells and fed it into a buck converter adjusted to 6.86V output and used it to power my GP Extreme. I'm testing out a (TDI) Beach Hog coil at the beach. I have a Barrie Johnson Nuggettfinder MKII that has its own speaker/amp as well as speaker/phones volume controls. The buck converter has less than a volt dropout so it has a reasonable life of about an hour and a half. I did run into a problem though - if the coil got too near my scoop the detector overloaded. Something, the audio amp, the detector, I don't know which, overloaded and went into a low frequency oscillation. I thought I had fried the detector inputs but I shut everything down, waited a bit, and repowered and everything was fine. I can't duplicate the issue using an input signal from a signal generator into the Nuggettfinder - which has me scared now. It happened twice in the latter part of the battery life so maybe this is a factor? Is the GP Extreme designed to take overloads from large metal or is it at risk of frying? I bought mine with fried inputs and fixed it - don't want to do that again. I may move to a buck boost converter, put a 2S battery management circuit on the pack, and use larger 26650 cells which would keep the voltage stable and last longer.
  20. Took the plunge and sold a ring and bought a SD2200 with a few coils. Just for a bit of fun alongside my Equinox 800. Any ideas how I can go about salt-proofing the control box? I'd like to be able to access the buttons and knobs if I can. Thanks
  21. G'day, just new to this forum. Wondering everyones opinions on a 2200D for beach detecting on dry or eroded sand banks? I have a few spots in mind which a pulse induction machine would be handy on spots my mates CTX can't reach. Of course I'd have to waterproof the machine but as a general machine for depth would it handle alright on these areas? Anyone here use the machine for beaches regularly? It'll be my first pulse machine, I'm a long-time user of the Equinox 600 and 800. Cost isn't an issue, I'm just getting bored and limited in parks. I found one at a decent price with a few DD coils. Would I just be wasting my time and money? The spot I have in mind is a long strip of beach where I've found a bit of silver and military relics in the past, and I know of someone who's found a half sov and someone else who's found a cartwheel penny there . I've looked in to a Whites TDI machine but seems like no one here sells them 😞 Cheers!
  22. As the title says. I would like to discuss the current status 3500 brings compared to its digital Brothers 4000,4500, 4800, 5000. I am sure that we all enjoy and appreciate the older Tech, but does it have an equal footing against the new generation. Simply put can it hold its own against a 4500 or 5000. I don't except it to equal to say the 5000, does it give said units a run for there money, as the saying goes. I think we all pretty much know that the newest Gadget or Gizmo doesn't always equate to True massive Performance differences in the field. Example being the 4500 against the 5000. The differences are so minimal in true real world Performance that one could easily justify not going to a 5000. This is the type meaning I am asking. Such as fine gold, how low can it go lol. Deep gold, how deep and how big does it need to pick it up at that depth. We have a lot of great swingers on this forum, always willing to discuss these conversations. Perhaps this might help others in the long run. Things to consider 3500 has been discontinued. But so was the 4500 to a certain extent at a certain point in time, no longer the case of course. Did the 3500 excel at a certain thing? Kind of like the gold bug analog unit that finds specks of gold. There by still relevant in today's Tech.
  23. So today I decided to take my old SD2200D coupled to my 17x10 coiltek mini ufo coil up a local creek that I has been very heavily detected. I also took along my Fisher gold bug with its 5 inch coil. My plan was to walk right up this creek detecting with the SD on the way up and then the gold bug on the way down. We have not had any decent flooding for a looooong time so any exposed bedrock has seen multiple coils by now. My plan was to target deeper areas with the Sd and then try to find some missed crumbs with the gold bug. So long story short I got a 0.6g and a 1.2g piece. Both were on the edge of bedrock areas where deeper gravels start. Having not had the sd and it's selection of large coils that long I was surprised at the comparatively small pieces it was able to detect.(when compared to the massive coil). I ran out of time to use the gold bug much but I've used it a lot in this area before so wasn't expecting much. Thanks for looking!
  24. The Herald/Sun Sep 1995 If you can't read the scan Right Click the second image and Open in new window Reg this is the Scan that you wan't to see.
  25. The Minelab SD2200D was the first Minelab PI model I really used a lot. I tripped over this old photo from 2000 of me and my SD2200D taken by Jeff Reed. I am pointing at the location where I found a nice 8 pennyweight (20 pennyweight per ounce) nugget. This was high in the Wrangell Mountains of Alaska. Steve's points to where nugget was found
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