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    Gravel grinding on my bike. Ham radio and anything outdoors.
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    Fisher CZ-5 and an Equinox 800 on order

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  1. Welcome to the forum Nicole. You will find a wealth of information in this forum from both members and documents that are archived. The welcomes you have received so far pretty much sums up this hobby/sport/form of exercise/passion/addiction. Just last night when I got home from detecting my wife asked "Who are you"? She asked me that all in fun...I think.🤣🤣
  2. I appreciate Dilek jumping in here and I didn't mean to begin a thread of controversy or debate. I just speak from the heart and I am always honest. "Desperation" is a word I shouldn't have used. At the same time, I guess I just don't have the stomach for "high level marketing". It just reminds me too much of all of the negativity in this world and throw in nearly 2 years of Covid-19 and I let my emotions get the best of me. I wasn't ever mad at NM, just getting as far away as I could from them due to what I saw in their video as negativity. Dilek if you see this I want to say I APPRECIATE you jumping in and telling us your side of the story. That is a rare thing in today's world and I am beyond impressed. By the way, we have talked before and you are the only person at such a high level in a company that has ever responded to me in an email and I'm 60 years old. NM does listen to it's customers and that is something I became temporarily blinded too but my eyes are now again wide open. I'm not running back to NM after seeing your posts Dilek but I am definitely walking back to NM at a brisk pace. Too darn old to run. Lol By the way Dilek my name is Steve too. I just need to get as smart as the owner of this forum. 😁
  3. Just my 2 cents since I'm new to this forum but not new to metal detecting. I joined this forum to get a good feel of today's machines. I have made my decision on my new machine and couldn't be more excited. I can honestly say this forum is definitely where the experts hang out and I feel blessed to be a part of this forum. I got sucked into the hype NM had laid out before announcing their new MD. I tuned in to the live feed and watched the introduction where other machines were bashed as inferior/junk. Initially after seeing that, it had no effect on me until I thought about it a few days. Then it hit me. NM is now stooping to the low level of politics here in the United States. Instead of presenting the Legend on it's strengths, NM is trying to instill into everyone's head that every other MD out there is fake and here is some mud slinging to go with it. That is when I decided I'm not going to drink the NM Kool-aid......I'm out. I gave up on politics in the USA many years ago. My stomach is too old and having one coronary artery stent is more than enough. I just hope NM doesn't continue down the path of bad mouthing other products/company's. If they do, this will only reinforce that NM concedes that their MD's aren't anything new and possibly not up to other companies standards.....2 year warranty. Instead of NM getting up to other company's standards, it is obvious NM is trying to drag other company's down to their level of marketing strategy. When a company is threatened, especially financially, they immediately go on the attack due to desperation. Sad day overall for NM. They lost a potential customer with me. I hope Dilek learns from her error in judgment. I love her energy and excitement but leave the bashing and mud slinging to American politics. Our governments approval ratings speak for themselves.
  4. Just like the college sports transfer portal, I too have decided to change my mind.😁 I was set on buying the new NM Legend. Instead I visited a local MD dealer today and had a chance to test drive the dealers Equinox 800. The Equinox 800 checked every box and then some. It will get me where I want to be in metal detecting. The dealer was pretty impressed on how I was able to navigate through the controllers menus and settings. It is on order and will be here next week. Now for the "goodies" getting thrown in for free. Both editions of Andy Sabisch's Handbooks on the Equinox 600/800, a Minelab Hat (I love hats), and any magazine, current or past editions that are in stock. And there are a lot in stock. Excited is an understatement.
  5. Tonight while metal detecting at a local sports complex I found this. This find is no doubt one of my best ever. Now I just need to track down the owner. This pendant came from a small town. I hope this increases my odds finding it's owner. Hopefully I can make someone's Christmas just that much more special this year. I was able to clean it up pretty good. From the depth I dug it, I'm guessing it has been lost for at least 5 years.
  6. Nokta Makro makes their new MD known in 3 hours. Pretty excited to see what will be unveiled. Today's unveiling will finally let me decide which NM detector to buy first. Then second, then third, etc. Just like my ham radio hobby. You just can't stop at 1 radio. 😁
  7. Hearing Steve on a podcast convinced me this is a forum to join and not just lurk like I do others. The best treasure I have been finding lately is just being outdoors. Oh yeah throw in $5 dollars in clad and an ankle bracelet last Sunday...lot of fun. No gold (at least nuggets) here in Kansas so I don't have to worry about that fever. Hopefully the manufacturer's are going to woo us off our feet with SMF. My CZ-5 already operates at 5 and 15. Let's hope the manufacturer's encore performance of this technology was worth the wait. I think it will be.
  8. Oh yeah I couldn't live without my pinpointer. It's an old White's. Work's great. No doubt the Equinox (both flavors) are excellent machines. I'm not rich by any stretch but when it does come to my next detector I'm not going to skimp. The headaches and misery aren't worth it at 60 years old. I'm pretty excited to see what Nokta Macro is going to unveil on the 19th. I know their target is on the Equinox series but how they can attempt to unseat such a popular metal detector will be interesting
  9. I mainly hit areas where people frequent and I have access to abandoned industrial sites that are owned by my current employer. Some have been demolished and some still stand. I have worked for my employer for 42 years so I have excellent knowledge of these sites history. One of these sites is from the 1920's and includes a lake that is still utilized today for recreation.
  10. I just signed up and have been in and out of metal detecting for years. I still wield the Fisher CZ-5 but am looking for another metal detector that can do things better than my "coin zapper". I saw this forum and quickly realized this is where the experts reside. Hello everyone
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