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  1. Slightly used. Comes with 3 coils. Here is Steve's report on it. This one comes with what you see in Steve's article. $600 shipped to lower 48 states. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/1365-my-whites-sierra-pulse-pro-whites-spp/#comments
  2. Go for it! There might be a kid that would like to get into metal detecting. A great loaner for a beginner!
  3. One reason was that the Gold Strike did not have a threshold that we were used to having. We listened for the whispers or faint changes in the threshold to find the dinks.
  4. What a great day for you and the pup! Thanks for sharing your story!
  5. I killed 2 large western diamondback rattlers in my back yard in the last week or so. Last one nearly nailed my dog.
  6. At the bottom of the last page is the ad for the 24k, and where it says "New" coming soon (Garrett Goldmaster 24k). Left click on that and it takes you to the Garrett web page for the 24k detector. Go down the page until you find the videos. Our buddy Steve H. did them!
  7. I bought this:https://detectorsupply.com/products/rnb-innovations-td-6200-lithium-ion-battery-pack/
  8. Steve, have a great trip! Best wishes to you! RSJ
  9. Like Jeff, I am also a big fan of Nokta/Makro detectors. Where I hunt nuggets, the Gold Racer is what seems to be my best choice along with the GM1000. The ground is terrible and littered with hot and cold rocks. Most VLF detectors are so noisy they drive me nuts. Pulse works great but most of the gold is so small pulse can't see them. Large nuggets are few and far between.
  10. If anyone wants to stake a claim in New Mexico, I have been doing it for over 20 years. I usually don't charge a thing. I enjoy doing it.
  11. I am not impressed with the BLM MLRS at all. The maps don't work properly. Also, I sent in a Quitclaim Deed for a transfer of interest in ownership on a claim on Feb.3, 2021. The new owner's name was added to the claim, but the sellers name is still there. I can't use the MLRS to correct this and the BLM says be patient, we will fix it. They haven't yet.
  12. Steve, I have the Fisher Factory repair manuals for the Motherlode 660 and the original Gold Bug. I did repairs and mods on a few of the Gold Bugs for friends. Even built a water proof one in a 1280x box. The tuning of the coils is covered in the manuals and a Ferrite sample was provided. You can have them if you want them. Best wishes! snakejim
  13. Lanyard? We ain't got no Lanyard. We don't have to show you no stinkin Lanyards! LOL It would be in my way. Just use a pouch or stick it in a pocket. I hunt nuggets mostly and use a scoop instead of a pin pointer.
  14. The BLM can be up to 90 days behind what is actually claimed. Check with BLM first. Then go to your County Clerk's office and check for claims located in the last 90 days in the area you are interested in. You have 90 days to notify BLM of your new claim.
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