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  1. He did some work for me a couple of years ago. I have his phone number and tried to call him a while back, but he didn't answer the phone.
  2. I have an early TDI and It can use the MInelab coils. IF I buy it, i can check them both; one against the other with the same coil.
  3. What's it worth for a GP Extreme like new? A friend has one like new with 3 coils, 8"mono, 11DD, and 18"DD. Has a Hard case with it. He wants $600. Is it worth it? Thanks! Rattlesnake Jim
  4. Back say 20 to 30 years ago, it was common practice to leave a coin where we found a nugget with our detector.
  5. You might try this one, and it won't break the bank. https://www.detectorprospector.com/metal-detector-database/whites-tm-808-r38/ Download the manual to see how it works. It will not detect single coins, rings, small items, etc.
  6. Devilsrenegade, I have a friend there in Polson. It must not be too far away. Allthough it's a big lake? Best wishes and best of luck to you! snakejim
  7. Back in the early 1980's I repaired a Fisher Gemini Detector for Letha Guthrie. I also sold her group another detector. She was Doc Noss' stepdaughter(Ova Noss' daughter) and lived in Clovis New Mexico. They were trying to get congress or had just got an approval from congress to get into White sands missile range to look for Doc's treasure cave on Victorio Peak. A very interesting Lady and story.
  8. Yes, it's possible; but, unless you have a good knowledge of Geology and Minerals it will be like looking for a needle in a haystack. You will spend a lot of time and find nothing. If you want to find Gold, it's best to try and find what the old timers missed. Research the past Gold producing areas near you, and go from there.
  9. Here's one I used about 10 years ago when I was working/sampling some old mine dumps.
  10. JW thanks for the outstanding photos and story. Love your bikes. snakejim
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