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  1. I sent my modified TDI to Carl Moreland who is "Geotech", to dissect it and do a schematic. I guess you missed my post.
  2. All, I got in touch with Carl and I am mailing it to him this afternoon. Looking good! snakejim
  3. I'm thinking of sending it to "Geotech" (Carl Moreland), and see if he can dissect it and draw up the schematic. He worked for or still works for Fisher and has a forum (Geotech). I'm trying to contact him. Jim
  4. I took those photos with an old out dated digital camera. I have better photos on my cell phone. I will see if I can load them onto my computer.
  5. I'm not very good with computers and my camera sucks. I hope this worked. It looks like Reg added a small board with a diode or 2 and a resistor. I'm not sure what else he did. Best wishes! Jim
  6. I have an original Pulse Scan TDI that Reg did mods on for me. I will take it apart and take photos of the boards asap. I 'll try to post them soon. Jim
  7. In 54 years of detecting, I tried to think of and list all the detectors I have used. Wow! What a change has happened in all those years. I have used nearly every one of these that you mention and then some. Thanks Aureous for bringing back those memories of days past! snakejim
  8. There are 3 other 2 box style detectors around besides the Fisher: The White's TM808, the Discovery TF-900, and the Garrett GTI2500 with Depth Multiplier. https://www.metaldetector.com/whites-tm-808-metal-detector http://www.cnnn.com/discovery/tf900.html Actually, any good detector with a large coil should work if it's not too deep and you run all metal mode. Good luck! Jim
  9. I have one with the high frequency elliptical coil. I love the light weight and compact size. I hunt mostly small gold nuggets in really bad ground and use #2 Fine Gold mode. It works well for me! Jim Here's Steve opinion from his guide on Gold detectors: XP ORX ($599, 14, 28, 56, 80 kHz) - The XP ORX emphasizes gold prospecting and coin detecting in the promotional material. The XP ORX appears to be a version of the "Africa only" Depar DPR 600 made for sales in Europe, the U.S., and elsewhere. The ORX has been refined from that early effort by the addition of the ability to use the new X35 coils. Steve's Opinion - The XP ORX went through some teething pains with coils before settling into its final role as XPs gold nugget detector. I think the ORX is a great little nugget hunter personally (I love the compact design), but it seems to be overlooked my most serious prospectors, and getting more attention as a low cost alternative to the XP Deus for coin and relic detecting. The new lower price makes the ORX a serious contender, a big step up in capability from the Fisher 19 kHz models above, and a little less money than the Garrett 24K below. Personally, this is the only detector that I personally would consider as an alternative to the 24K.
  10. Use TX to transmit to the headphones. Rx is the receive mode.
  11. Yes, you can use a Bluetooth Transmitter with Bluetooth Headphones. B1 and B2 are boost modes for faint signals when hunting for the smallest bits of gold.
  12. They shouldn't fall out. Something is broken or missing.
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