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  1. I'm an Aussie that saw about this story posted on the main Australian forum I frequent, my Avatar name is the same there. I have been reading it with a keen interest, and enjoying the departure from my normal life, to another's life and circumstances past. I really value a good story, and this has been a great adventure!
  2. Think "Candling eggs", link below. I forgot to say you need to take the picture in a darkened room, so the light comes from the item (rock), you dont need glass if the hole in the box is just tight on the rock's base. Maybe a cardboard roll tube (toilet roll tube) could be used at the end of a torch to hold the rock and use a box to sit the torch through the top to hold the torch, dark room and take the picture. The idea is to confine the light source to only the base of the rock. I'm sure you will work it out.
  3. Card board box, hole in top, piece of glass or clear plastic sheet on top, rock on top of that over the hole, light source inside box. Keep the hole in the top of the box about the size of the rock. Snap pic's. You are welcome 😇
  4. Hi Peoples, just looking around and spotted madtuna. On a few other forums but not intensely. My daughter Kato may spring a few chats occasionally.
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