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  1. I posted it on Geotech just to see if anyone else has an idea.
  2. Thank you that yellow circuit board must be the key I can't really make it out but with these picks a little asking around on the right forums should do the trick.
  3. Yeah I just went out for Rays training he was talking about how new tech is the best and gives you a bit of an edge. I slumped my head and was telling him I have a TDI and gold bug 2 in 2022. He went right along saying those ar great machines as long as you learn it. The TDI could rivel a guy with a 5000. Good to know he still feels this way and its true. Its not what you buy but how you know it and how much you use it. Hell you can throw 10k at a machine never get out but a few days a month and and be trash with it or have some old TDI get out every day and know it and have several ounces like I do. Thanks Ray
  4. Thanks Paul don't apologize for being long winded at all. Any future TDI users that are looking to mod are going to need any details you can give. They would be much appreciated to me and anyone looking to do any future mods as they are lost to time now. Whenever you find those notes or just a few pics of that circuit board would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Thanks Carl I'm still trying to get a pic of a moded TDI board.
  6. Do you have a pic of the circuit board I'm trying to figure out how he did that mod?
  7. Do you happen to have any pics of that main board on the TDI I know this is an old thread but the circuit that reg used he never told anyone what he used so I can't find anyone who knows how to do this mod.
  8. I see im looking for the threshold mod and as it says above Reg never shared what circuit board was required. I had read every previous post that people are pointing to and most are related to the SL Steve thanks for that Geotech forum they have been somewhat helpful. I guess I will keep looking for someone with a mod bigbox and maybe I will get a pic of that circuit one day.
  9. Thanks guys I hunted yesterday got skunked but with the threshold way down I was able to pick up a lot of small bbs I will start hunting with it up a bit.
  10. I'm not new to prospecting or metal detectors but I am new to owning a PI machine I've used the gpz a lot but never owned a PI so now I have a Whites TDI and I'm wondering rather to turn my thershold all the way down so I only hear targets or to hunt with a threshold like I see my cousin do with his gpz 7000? Any positives or negatives. I'm not a fan of bees in my head but I will keep it if I get say better depth.
  11. I know there were a few greats in this field a while back Reg being one of them (RIP). But im looking for any info in the whites TDI mods and mabye some instructions. I have a big box I know a bit about the batery but more information would be appreciated. I really would like the stability mod or any others that you could give me. Thanks
  12. I don't have the original battery as it did not come with the detector (I got it really cheap ebay) so I don't know what the battery looks like opened up. I guess I will go with the pics you posted and try it out.
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