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  1. i hope to get out this weekend with it hooked to my sdc so well see how it does by itself and with the treasure screamer plugged in.
  2. i was at the pleasonton gpaa gold show yesterday and got my hands on a pro-sonic. there price is $269 and they said they shipped them out to all the vendors on friday so everyone that wants one should be able to get one shortly.
  3. I'm not sure, there different types of metal nuggets I found at a lake that is low right now and usually cant metal detect. I was hoping for a way to id them. I'll have to do some research for that area to see if there's any natural material around or if the metal is from someone's boat engine just blew up.
  4. thanks for all the feedback. I figured it would be hard to identify since even just waiving the items around gave me different id's.
  5. i've been looking all around for a target id chart for raw metals for my x-terra 705. all i've been able to find is ones listing coins and when i try to look up what material the coins are to cross reference them, they all seem to be made primarily of copper. if anyone have suggestions what these might be or another target id chart out there i would appreciate it.