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  1. Hey Mitchell (mn90403), since the anniversary of your finding the "Goose Egg" is coming up, (Thanksgiving Day), I hoped you wouldn't mind if I "bumped" the photo to show the good folks and anyone who might have missed it the first time around, what you were alluding to : "My 5000 and the 18" NF was a lot of fun to run. I almost got in the pounder club with a deep Arizona nugget." Amazing find indeed!
  2. Thought I would recycle a previous post from a now defunct forum showing a couple of detecting trips and the end results of getting stuck while crossing a steep and narrow creek in the Bradshaw Mts of AZ. Awhile back, a couple of friends joined me to check out a hand dug hard rock mine/prospect in central Arizona that I had recently located but not had a chance to detect. No claims records or markers could be located and it didn't appear to have been worked in years. The previous miners had crushed the ore and shoveled it onto the crude wooden ore chute that snaked down the side of the ridge to the creek below. The country rock of the prospect hole appeared to be a mushy red quartz conglomerate that looked unstable. No hard quartz lead was observed. After several minutes of examination, and detecting around a large, indignant pack rat that currently occupied the prospect, we decided to depart the area. No gold was found but in the interest of keeping morale up, we decided to drink some of the "we found gold" beer anyway. The next day, I soloed to an area where I'd previously had good luck. It had rained a few days prior to my arrival and the ground was dry on the surface, but still damp a few inches down. I got into the area OK at first, then ran into a heavily washed out cut across the road, so I turned around going back out and as I angled down to cross a steep "V" shaped creek where I'd had no problem coming in, the mushy schist bedrock crumbled and dropped my rear bumper down enough where the Pintle hitch of my military style cargo trailer buried up, causing the bumper to be high centered with no rear wheel traction. Bummer. I cleared part of the hang up with a sledge hammer and chisel but finally had to resort to a high lift jack and stacked rocks for clearance and traction. While I was gathering rocks in the creek, I noticed that part of the bank appeared to have recently eroded and collapsed, exposing a couple of large rusty, vuggy chunks of quartz which looked interesting. After I was able to get my truck unstuck and up the road a ways, I grabbed my EQUINOX 800 and went back and started detecting the stretch of the creek downstream from where I had found the rotten quartz. Most of the pieces were on a shallow compacted layer of gravel in the narrow stream bed, and a few were on top of flat rocks covered with sand and dirt. After I started finding those little dinks I forgot all about getting stuck!
  3. Anybody still hunting Franconia with results? been a lot of years since I was there. Lots of 30 & 50 cal bullets.
  4. Hello all, I am in Wickenburg AZ, visiting family for Christmas. Id like to get out of the house for a few hrs and detect. Never detected for gold before but i figure it would be fun to give it a go. I use an equinox 800. Anyhow, I dont want to end up tresspassing on someones land or claim. So anyone know of some good spots open to the public? thanks in advance beyond the FLOT
  5. Any one ever detect the gold club claims in Quartzite and maybe have some good advice , I’m planning on a couple weeks in January or February in 2023.
  6. I'm back in Meadview, Arizona and it is good to be back. My claims in Montana have treated me good with gold, but I am tired of having to dig, dig, dig to even get to the gold, and having to throw large slabs of rock out of my holes. And then having to fill these holes back in daily as stated by Forest Service. I am enjoying just walking and detecting for a change. I sold the Chuck wagon Taco and bought a 2003 Silverado 2500 to be able to pull my ATV trailer and gear and have more room to sleep in the back of the truck. At first I missed the taco but not anymore as it is nice not struggling on hills and passes. I bought this X7 tent canopy by Extreme Canopies and I am liking it alot. It is said to withstand 55-60 mph winds. Something you would not want to try with Ezup tents. This thing is heavy duty. If any of you end up in Arizona in this region, stop by and say hello and we can go swing the detectors.
  7. Hey Guys/Gals, Here in the Southwest, it's now hot (over 100+ degrees) and higher humidity due to the Summer Monsoon storms. That being said, many are still out roaming the goldfields during the early morning hours in hopes for a few gold nuggets. A friend and I are still out and about, hunting in the morning hours until the heat/humidity or the storms run us out. Spending most of the time in the gully bottoms, the bedrock can get as high as 140-150 degrees making it difficult to stay on the ground too long. This has been a weird year, we have yet to see a single Rattlesnake to date. I have seen just about everything else, lizards, small rodents, bugs and other snakes, but no Rattlesnakes to boot. I'm not sure if it's the drought or what, but normally my friend and I would run across dozens of Rattlesnakes by this time. I'm not complaining, just seems weird this year, but maybe we just have been lucky to miss them. On another note, I stumbled across this nice gold nugget a few weekends ago. We were metal detecting with the Minelab GPZ 7000's in a new area and I got this faint signal right in the center of the wash bottom. I almost didn't dig it, as I haven't found a single nugget prior to this targets, so normally I'm not going to dig deep targets right out in the center of any gulch unless I have a reason to believe there is gold. I guess I have to be happy about this one, it was well over a foot deep on bedrock. The nugget was just over 1/4 ounce in weight, nothing huge, but sure was a surprise to say the least! The nugget lead us into a new area that has potential and paid for gas (almost $6/gallon). A few other smaller gold nuggets were also found not shown. Keep in mind, hunting this time of year, make sure you hydrate well, wear light clothing, pack enough liquids, wear sunscreen, gloves, hat and snake gaitors. These are just some recommendations for all the years of searching the desert regions during the Summer. I also recommend also hunting with a friend if possible and carrying 2-way radios so you can communicate back in forth and tell your buddy when you find that big gold nugget! Wishing you all a beautiful gold nugget under that searchcoil. Keep it swinging, Rob
  8. A long time prospector in Gold Basin has passed away after a long illness. Roger D was someone I could always count on to be at Gold Basin finding gold and meteorites from 2011-16+. He knew more about it than anyone I knew. Roger was one of the founding members of WSPA and he was always willing to help me when I got started looking for things with a metal detector. I hope if you have a few stories about Roger you will share them with us. One of the things that Roger did was make signs, street signs in his business. One of the places he made signs for was the subdivided area on the North side of the railroad tracks in Franconia. It is in the Eastern part of the strewn field for the Franconia Meteorites. It seems that there were streets cut in but then a deal was made to include those areas in the wilderness. Anyway, Roger found meteorites in that area. Roger was a long time resident of Lake Havasu and there will be a memorial there on July 30. I'll miss Roger. Mitchel
  9. I read this story about Yarnell and did a search here. Strangely only two hits come up for Yarnell. I remember going there for the first time in 2010 to meet Chris Gholson and get my 5000 training. It seems so long ago now. Then came the tragic fire. There isn't much on Steve's forum about it but I know many of you have memories. Would you care to share a few here? https://www.azfamily.com/2022/06/23/yarnell-where-granite-mountain-hotshots-made-their-stand/ Mitchel
  10. So, I went on a little afternoon hunt in the Mojave Desert. I did not have much time but thought to check out a wash where I found gold before with the SDC. The ground conditions there are extremely mineralized and the wash is littered with hot rocks, mostly volcanic in nature. The 6000 did not work at all, even at the lowest sensitivity and in difficult (threshold on/off made no difference). The saturation signal was just way to high and virtually every other rock, even tiny ones, gave a target signal (both high/low or low/high responses). I hence decided to try the 7000 to see if detecting would be at all possible in these challenging ground conditions, by using the settings that the 7000 has to its disposal. My initial to go settings (HY/Normal/Gain 15/smoothing off/semi auto GB) miserably failed (as expected) with saturation/hot rock responses similar to that of the 6000. I then dialed down the settings and used HY/Difficult/Gain 9/smoothing low/auto GB/threshold volume 22, volume 6. These tamed-down conditions had a huge impact with the detector now running fairly smoothly with much reduced hot rock responses. The auto-GB/ferrite worked better (IMO) than the semi-auto GB/ferrite, something that I contribute to my believe that the auto-GB is better in adjusting to extremely hot rock littered grounds, as opposed to having a fixed X-lock. I checked after a while and I did not have a significant ferrite drift. I usually always run semi-auto but in this case the auto-GB performed slightly better and gave a more stable threshold. However, I am of course aware that semi-auto GB is generally the better choice for most cases to not have any X-drifts. Despite running the 7000 with these tamed-down conditions (or probably because of them!), I managed to pick up a clear target signal amongst all the hot rocks that turned out to be a 0.7 g picker. I was over the same spot with the 6000 before and heard absolutely nothing, due to all the saturation signals around me. To me, this is where the 7000 shines. You can either run it insanely hot (which I often do), or you can significantly alter the detector’s profile to adjust to various ground conditions, including the extreme conditions I have been in, and still find gold. This is something the 6000 clearly lacks and which is a significant advantage of the 7000. The 6000 is still my to-go detector, but if I did not have the 7000 this wash would have been nothing else than frustrating. This is a good example that more power isn’t always better and that the 7000 finds gold in all kind of different conditions, if settings are being adjusted accordingly. The last picture shows the incredible breath-taking scenery. Also, you can see that there is a lot of sand mixed in as well where detecting does not make any sense. In addition, there are also much milder patches of ground and the day before I found a similar weight nugget there with the 6000 run in auto+. This wider general area has produced very large nuggets (up to 156 oz). Oh well, perhaps next weekend. ? GC
  11. Caught and killed. Mohave County sheriff just informed me this guy was responsible for the burglarly at my place in Gold Basin, he got in a shootout with a neighbor on another burglary. According to the deputy I just spoke with apparantly he was involved in 35+ burlaries and there in the Dolan/Gold Basin area at least 3 or 4 more people/safehouses involved in the ring as well. They recovered so much stolen stuff it filled a large warehouse, and they still have more. A prospector came up to my land this winter and told me their buddy just had their drywasher stolen in the 30 minutes they walked back to their pickup for a sandwich. Virtually every one of those houses off Gregg's Hideout and Rubicon road has been hit too, when you start talking to them. It's epidemic levels of thievery out there and the sheriff is not inclined to spend time curbing it from my experience with them. Be aware out there, it looks peaceful but there exists an underbelly of meth fueled scumbaggery, and it's getting more brazen. Anyways, just wanted to give an update as this case is now closed. There were 2 other parties involved in seperate phases which the sheriff has been presented evidence against and who he is monitoring, but this guy here and his buddies are who stole most of my stuff by the sound of it. I can say now that they picked all my locks and so are experienced crooks (4 supposedly hard to pick padlocks and a hitch lock), not cut, and they work the Gold Basin area as they got into my property by offroading during the night, a way that requires knowledge of the area. They are/were quite experienced thieves and some are still free and out there. They appear to drive around and stake newly arrived property out, then hit it when they think people aren't looking or are gone (or at night time).
  12. Greetings everyone. I'm new to the forum here. Living in Bagdad AZ, I've spent some time detecting the surrounding hills and washes of the Eureka District. Although the district is primarily a base metal area (Cu/Mo) there are a number of small inactive mines scattered around the outskirts of the district. Researching online, I can see that some of these mines were relatively small scale gold producers most likely operating prior to WW2. Present day there area good many private claims scattered about the general area and in the area encompassing Zannerapolis (also primarily base metal) district and over toward Burro Creek. As I've not had very good success detecting in this area, I'm just wondering what other forum users experience has been with the area? I will add that I've had better success detecting over in the Bradshaws, finding enough gold to pay for my gpx 5000. So in general, is the district and surrounding area good for detecting...opinions?
  13. Im headed down to Lake Havasu for a week on vacation with my wife, daughter, and grandson. I was hoping to sneak away and use my Gold Pro for at least one day or two. I's it possible to find a spot with any gold in it at all thats not claimed? I would sure like to spend a little time with my 10 year old grandson out detecting. Can anyone help me out with a little info as to should I take my detector or am I wasting my time.
  14. I took the two 10 year olds for a ride up toward Oatman to scratch a burrow but and they had a good time, before we got back down to I-40 we took a walk looking for rocks. I found what appear to be 2 sponge and one small petrified wood. The boys both had their pockets full of what they thought were nice rocks LOL: so it was a great day. Tomorrow I might head south of Lake Hacasu and take a look around for rocks, fossils, petrified wood or anything else interesting. I sure envy those living in this area, its an awesome area. I decided to just leave the Gold Pro at the house rather than spend days of our vacation doing claim research, but we are still having a great time. If anyone has any advice for me as to where these two boys could find a fossil, geode, petrified wood or just some pretty rocks within an hour or two from Lake Havasu, I would sure love any suggestion's you would be willing to share with me. Thanks
  15. Hello everyone. Long time prospector (30+ years) but new to this forum. I'm an expert in the water but having a frustrating time in the desert. I just invested in a GM1000 and looking for advice using it at Gold Basin. I live in Kingman and always looking for buddies/groups to search with too. Thank you in advance.
  16. It's been almost a year since I had a chance to get out and detect. Last year a forum member (incidentally one of the most gold getting-est people I've ever met and also a great detector operator) gave me a rare opportunity to check out some historically productive Arizona land. This trip I've been exploring more thoroughly and enjoying some quiet and solitude in a place that gets few visitors these days, and finding some gold while I'm at it. It's a bit of a trip in, a side by side is the only way I can get my dog there as it's too far for him to walk. This thing is a real steel pack mule, and I'm amazed at how smooth of a ride these Fox shocks give over rough terrain and rocks. Love this thing and it fits in the back of my truck like an ATV. I got the idea from reading one of Condor's posts about his RZR and thought - hmm that is the way to go for the desert. I'm not usually one for try to find patterns in rocks, old Spanish carvings, etc but this one caught my eye enough to make me think.."ehhhhh, maybe?". Sometimes you just really gotta write "4" in stone I guess. Or maybe it's natural, who knows. Speaking of patterns, sometimes when you set out with an idea to start looking for ancient exhumed paleo river channels on mountain tops, you start seeing them everywhere. And like Spanish carvings, sometimes you gotta wonder it's really what you are seeing or not. In this case, I think it is though and this is a water worn remnant boulder from an old stream or river channel. Testing soils and gravels with my XRF shows a number of potential "fingerprint" elements in common, and I believe that among a few other elements, the original source rock of the gravels was anomalous in cobalt. I've also noted anomalous cobalt readings in many quartz veins in the area and as distant as 10 miles away, so I believe it may be likely the gravels (and probably gold) also came from ancestral mountains in the immediate area and of similar age to the existing rocks, and not distant or now eroded away sources of different composition than what still exists here currently. The nuggets also have all the hallmarks of once being in such a paleo channel in my opinion. Striations showing movement, well rounded surfaces. Whatever the mechanism, they have clearly moved a lot. This one was an inverted low-high signal on the 6000 and came in at 3.8 grams. This gold is quite dense and sluggy. My XRF shows almost all Au and Fe so significant Au enrichment at surface has occured and silver is entirely depleted, also common with nuggets which find their ways into watercourses and travel some distances. In this case I think that distance is probably less than 5 miles though. The ground here is what some people would consider hot for the US. Or at least "medium" on the Taco Bell sauce packet scale. It's definitely very impregnated with iron oxides. However, I seem to have no troubles keeping the 6000 running hot and in Normal here with the 11" mono. However, I've just been running in the auto settings and letting GeoSense do it's thing, so I need to try the manual modes a bit more. I am definitely noticing that either the hotter soil, or GeoSense, or both are causing a bit of a depth reduction for what I'd expect of targets of similar size in milder soil. I got another low-high here, this one ended up being 2.something grams. These two are the only ones I took pictures of, I hadn't planned on posting anything at first so I wasn't really concentrating on documentation, but instead paying attention to exploring and observing the area for patterns and oddities. This is - I think - a javelina lower jawbone. You can see the gnarly canines and whatever that tooth up front is called. They've always steered clear of me in the past, but I sometimes wonder if I might piss one off by accident and get a tooth to the calf. I don't think I've ever heard of it happening though. Anyways, 24 nuggets for the 7 days ranging from 0.046 grams to 3.8 grams. Another went missing when I pulled them out of the ultrasonic cleaner and it stuck to my finger via surface tension and fell who knows where, it was the smallest and I think it was almost sub 0.04 grams. Aside from the EMI issues, I'm loving the 6000. It's my go-to machine and the one I am going to take everywhere with me when I don't need outright depth. For depth, I still keep my 7000 with the larger X Coils and honestly nothing can compete with that setup still when looking for deep lunkers or working small areas/patches. But I love the 6000 so far, the weight and deployment speed, Geosense, the no-threshold mode built in, it's just close to the perfect exploration/prospecting machine in my eyes. When I'm exploring I don't want to think about maximizing this or that setting, I want to pay attention to environment and make enough finds to know where I need to bring the big gun (7000) in later. I hope Coiltek, NF, or X Coils makes a little shooter coil. Something like 6x9 sounds about right. Assuming that tiny coil wouldn't make the 6000 too overly hypersensitive to soils. Though I can work around it, the EMI thing really is a let down though. It's even worse here in Arizona then when I used it in Nevada last year. Great exploration machine! Just one glaring flaw though, kinda like getting a badass Vette brand new from the factory with a rod knock. It's like, yeah ok I guess I can kinda ignore it but it'd be so much better working properly. And, it really seems like something that the manufacturer should address.
  17. After a 6 year break I decided to start metal detecting for nuggets again. Background: I used to live in Temecula, CA and used to go to the Dale Mining District as well as the El Paso mountains. Back then, I started by taking a metal detecting prospecting field trip taught by Michael Greyshock. I used a Gold Bug Pro with the DP coil at that time and it was pretty tough with the iron stone in the Dale Mining District. I later purchased a Garret ATX but only used it a few times and sold it for a variety of reasons. It had great electronics but in a terrible package. Also the falsing when bumping against anything would drive me nuts. Anyway after 4 years of prospecting I got tired of digging trash and spending lonely nights in the dessert, so I gave it up. I retired last year when I turned 60 and my wife and I moved from Scal to Mesquite, NV. I recently purchased a SDC 2300 and thought I would give it a try again. I still have the Gold Bug Pro with all 3 coils also. Gold Basin is about a 3 hour drive and I plan to go there tuesday and return on thursday. I use "Backcountry Navigator" on my tablet for maps and gps navigation. I looked up the currently active claims on "thediggings.com" website and see they are pretty much clustered in the middle of the basin area. It would be handy to have a gpx or kmz overlay map file of the active claims that I could load on my tablet but I don't know if something like that exists. I prefer to detect on BLM land instead of claims and I don't mind getting remote and hiking. This will be my first trip to GB and any pointers or advice would be appreciated. I drive a brown 2010 Toyota Tundra double cab 4x4 long bed, with a color matched camper shell and NV plates, in case any of you are in GB on the same days and would like to say Hi. Regards, Ceril
  18. The Florida Clan wanted to come for a visit and try some of that Arizona Sweet Tea. Haven’t seen them all in a group for close to 30 years. But, Robin’s and I trip started on Halloween Day from our home in Reno to Laughlin, NV. That’s about as far as I can drive in a day! We cut through Searchlight, NV and passed a couple washes I’d like to revisit. Next morning we cut out to Wickenburg, AZ for a visit with Friends that just moved there a few months back. Mike & Yvonne formally from Rural Oregon made the move to Wickenburg for the love of Team Roping and the Hunt for gold. Didn’t take Mike long to find a Welcome to Arizona Patch which currently is close to a 2-oz patch! (Below in my hand are the fat ones). Mike took me when we arrived to their home for a short swing! It was a hill side small drainage wash that feed into the big wash. I explored the patch and several nearby spots in the Reno Summer like temperature of 87 degrees. I was roasting when I noticed a Cholla stuck to my Boot which I removed with 2 rocks with a dozen or more of its spears stuck deep into the leather! Well 1/4 mile more and they worked their way thru the leather and now poking my foot! We had to leave with no tools to remove needles. Well off to my Folks and a week of fun with my Family traveling the sights from the Grand Canyon, Sedona and Tombstone. Heading back we stopped at Mike & Yvonne’s again for a longer hunt and then hit the local Rodeo grounds for dinner and some cold beers. Again, it was more than warm for this Northern Nevada guy. We seen some likely hills with some colors we liked. I was 3 gullies over (1/2 mile). I just worked up the side hill wash to the top of the hill and swung over to the next wash to work down it and repeat. I heard Mike say, hey the old timers worked this one! Sure enough old dry wash piles. I was up at the head of the wash and he was midway swing up. I pulled a dink nugget out and then Mike got on a string of nuggets. Sure there was some trash, but there’s 9 little nuggets the old timers left us! We know there is more to find at this spot, but water was getting real low and cold beer was at the Rodeo Grounds. Off we went leaving the new patch to catch it’s breath after a 30 minute beating. There’s still plenty of ground to explore in this old placer area(s) of Morristown! What a great Vacation and yes, we are home to nice and cool Reno ?. Until the Next Hunt LuckyLundy
  19. I bought a house in meadview about 4 years ago. Every couple months when I go there I try to get over to gold basin to do some detecting or drywashing. It took me a couple years to find my first nugget out there and its been a couple of years since then and I havent found another. I swing an SDC and I've read people have done pretty good out there with that model. I find plenty of lead and boot tacks a inch or two down but not much deeper than that. What settings are people using out there? How deep down are people finding the gold? Would I be better off with a different model that can go deeper? I'm not very confident in my abilities since I learned this machine on my own and have only found 2 pieces in the 4 years and dozens of times I've used it. Any advice would be appreciated.
  20. This is an interesting little story about Mineral Park, Arizona. It tells about a geologist who was told to find ore or be fired. There is a bit of history about fine gold recovery also. https://kdminer.com/news/2021/feb/06/mohave-county-geology-concentrate/
  21. Hello Everyone, First, wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New year, it's less than a week away. I haven't been out much, nor doing any videos. I figured I probably need to toss something on my YouTube Channel before I lost all my Subscribers.... LOL This spot a friend and I have been working on and off for over a year. It's a dry wash bottom and we are placering it. We are removing the large boulders and gravel and trying to work the bedrock for nuggets. In some spots we have attempted to vacuum up the gravels on bedrock and dry wash them, but to be honest the results were not hot. Sometimes when you're into large gold nuggets, you don't have a ton of fine gold. I'm not honestly sure if it was to do with the particular mining district and geology, but over the years we never found a lot of fine gold or small flakes/pickers to make it worth all the effort of Dry washing. It's seems more productive for the time we have to work it, to just expose as much bedrock as possible and metal detect it very well. We normally use the GPZ 7000 or GPX 5000 as the primary detectors to cover the bedrock, but will pass back over the same areas much slower with the Minelab Gold Monster 1000. That being said, we normally don't miss much, as the small gold is just not there and the Gold Monster really don't clean up much. Well enough of the chit chat, here is the video. Hope you enjoy, if so, Subscribe to our YouTube Channel after watching to follow us. P.S. Nugget ended up being just shy of 1/4 ounce. Very dense, sluggy nugget gold is this area.
  22. Want part of the Beehive? https://www.forbes.com/sites/reginacole/2020/11/24/want-to-own-a-gold-mine-a-legendary-one-is-for-sale/?sh=4ff3f0eb6168
  23. I am on my phone so I can't figure out how to paste this, but a friend just forwarded a missing person report to me. A prospector went missing. He was just found dead, I believe with a gunshot. 2 other prospectors have been arrested for murder and are in custody, they both are prospecters and stayed in Gold Basin. I will try to post the police information when I get to a normal computer. Please delete this Steve if not appropriate. I am only posting because the murder was right in Gold Basin and victim and accused are all prospectors. The area is not what it once was and people need to use caution out there these days. this is now 2 murders in a tiny area and then of course the lethal shootout between the leader of the thievery gang that hit me, and a neighbor during a botched robbery.
  24. Hey everyone... Now weather is getting much better, I got a chance to visit a place I havent been to in a while. Franconia, AZ meteorite strewn field. I met up Saturday morning with a buddy Greg. Greg ended up getting the large complete crusted Chondrite and large iron meteorite on the right, I found the smaller 3 chondrites and irons on the left.... Franconia's always a fun place to visit. A lot of large basalt (hot rocks), .50 cal bullets, .30 cal bullets, wire, ect out there, but after an hour or 2 of adjusting my hearing to the tones, you start to hear the differences between trash and meteorites, ok not 100 % of the time, but Id say over 50% ?... Dont know about everyone else, but no matter what place I go to new or old, I have to get the good ol hearing adjusted again to the environments, be it gold, meteorites, coins, relics, ect..... See ya in the field, Dave
  25. Do you want to watch some 'no nonsense' nugget detecting? Wade does it again.
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