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  1. Detech 32in Concentric is now being shipped. $1299.00 Creek Detector Sales 724 446 9433 Thanks, Rege
  2. I don`t think its legal to sell or export meteorites from Australia. 🙁 You are encouraged to give them to the govt, I don`t know if they pay you for it.
  3. It is like a meteor exploded above the ground, scattering gold every where.
  4. Look up Henning nickles, no silver in them and no large mint mark either. Wish I could find one.
  5. Just more proof that gold was dropped from a passing space ship
  6. Fantastic machine, sniffs out the little ones, turn on and go. Compact, easy to use. Perfect for the smaller places. Shock proof and waterproof. First day I had mine I fell off a small ledge and flung the machine 10 feet on to rocks. ? Picked it up, rebooted and kept on detecting. Love it?
  7. Excavator is the way to go. Get a sheet of woven steel mesh with 1in or 1/2in holes, depending on the smallest fossil you want to get. Dump dirt on screen, pressure wash and pick out the fossils and arrowheads that you will get. Rake stones off, start over. You might make a screen that dumps to save time. Sounds like a great time!
  8. Stepping into this thread late, so don`t know if what I say has already been said. Take two machines, if one go es on the fritz you have a back up. If you get on a patch use the 2300 to pick up the small easy gold quickly, all gold is good, don`t waste your time looking for the Welcome Stranger. Then go back over patch with the 7000 to get the deeper stuff, learn to grid, (drag a chain) it will pay benefits and you will leave less gold. In Vic the lead shot will drive you crazy, in WA more trash free areas. OZx4 Rege
  9. Hi Paul, Thanks for identifying the coins. It must have been very exciting when you found them. Were they in any type of container or bag? Do you still have them?
  10. Hi Paul, Good to hear from you. Looks like you are in a good area with lots of history. I too would be interested in learning what those silver coins are. They look to be hammered and some are struck off center. Did you find all of them at the same time? ?
  11. Looks lik e a shot dispenser for a muzzle loading shot gun.......
  12. ? Congrats on your claim Peg! You deserve all the gold you get through your perseverance and persistence. There`s a big one under one of them rocks ?
  13. phrunt..........Thank you, that was an exceptional movie! I will call Qantas and cancel my flight.
  14. phrunt.......really would like to view the movie after seeing the trailer but says unavailable in US. Will keep searching for a copy or venue where I can watch without going to NZ, which I might have to do........
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