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  1. Detector Mods

    Anybody had modifications done to GPX 4500 by "Detector Mods"? reviews appreciated, wondering if it's worth the $2200.00.
  2. Libby Creek MT

    Panner...I do not have a dredge although I also like dredging, what are you referring to about Black Hills for a week?
  3. Libby Creek MT

    Looking for first hand info about Libby Creek in MT.. I am not interested in the public panning area, but looking for information about claims of GPAA and NWMGP, or other possibilities. I am mostly interested in detector prospecting but also enjoy highbanking. Does anyone know what folks find in the way of nuggets? Also size of claims, access, area camping opportunities for small RV's. Any and all information would be appreciated. I am considering joining a club if that is my only option to access claims but would like to get some feedback from anyone who has worked the area. I have gotten info from Steve along with lots of other Montana stuff, but would like to hear from people that have been there. Libby is my closest gold patch and I wouldn't have to plan a weekend every time I want to swing my detector.
  4. Akau Pay-to-mine Operation At Nome, Alaska

    The addition of the new claims sound interesting, I don't know if one of them is the one Old Mugsy visited with Augie, but sounds like that was a great spot, sounded like neat trip just getting there. Just kidding about the "old" thing, actually I turn 60 today and can't even believe it, in my mind I am still 25 years old. The Four wheeler thing is not really a "must", as Betty says, there is lots of ground within walking distance and certainly you don't need one if you are into highbanking or dredging, (by the way dredging sounds like a great idea I love to do that). If that was what I was concentrating on I would not get one. Also I am sure you can just get a ride to an area you want to work. If you are seriously detecting and want to check out as much territory as possible, then you would want to rent one. Also as I stated previously, there is a lot of cool trails and roads to explore if even just to look at scenery and wildlife. If you get one it could expand your experience exponentially. We took a ride up Anvil Mt. and over the ridge there was a heard of Muskox laying in a patch of snow, very cool!
  5. Akau Pay-to-mine Operation At Nome, Alaska

    I visited AKAU last summer, spent two weeks at the camp, and was joined by Keith, an OLD prospecting partner of mine. I spent a lot of time previously at Moore Creek and Ganes Creek, before they both shut down to "pay to mime" operations. Currently AKAU is probably your best bet for this type of Alaska experience. Of course I had a great time as usual, as I love to go to these type of places to play in the dirt, have fun with what is usually a great bunch of people, not have to bathe, and have the opportunity to detect on rich ground and maybe find some good gold. I was hesitant about the advertised split of the gold, but decided to give it a try anyway. I don't know if they still do the split because it no longer says that on their website. Turns out I didn't have to split but one nugget because I didn't luck into any big gold. The camp owners are very nice people, very accommodating, and very busy servicing their clients while also working on expanding and improving the operation. Some things seemed a little disorganized when I was there, however, with a little time I am sure they will get things fine tuned. They are building some real nice cabins but also have some old ATCO trailers with rooms that we stayed in. I think these type of trips are a little spendy for me, and also here you want to consider the additional cost of the four wheeler rental which is a MUST. There is a lot of property to prospect and a lot of roads and trails to explore. Without the transportation you are severely limited. You can even go for a ride to Nome to look around or shop, this is nice compared to more remote mines, you can even have cold pop and beer there, how cool! About the gold,,,,there is lots around, you just have to find it. tons of old mine workings of various methods to prospect. As with all of these trips, the people that were more experienced, with good equipment, worked harder, and the lucky, find more gold than others. As Steve always says, you can't go there expecting to get rich, or find enough to pay for your trip,,,but you might. I was amazed at how clean a some of the tailing piles were compared to Moore Creek, Augie dozed a couple to the ground over several days with not much of anything found, but there are hundreds more to try. I just happened to stop at a spot where we discovered a small patch of I think virgin ground and all of us found several small nuggets there. A word of advice is to bring your Minelabs, but also a good small gold machine. Augie is also very knowledgeable about the area and history and so can answer all your questions, and might even take you for a tour if you ask. Betty, Tony, and the crew were great people, good cooks, and fun to talk to. In summation, I think it's a good but improving operation, expensive, good gold if you can find it, lots of fun, historically interesting, scenic, with decent wildlife around....give it a try if this is something you enjoy doing.
  6. NW Montana Gold?

    Thanks for sharing the info, looks like plenty to get me started. Unfortunately nothing in my back yard, I should have moved a bit south a bit!
  7. NW Montana Gold?

    Recently moved to the Kalispell area, does anyone know anything about historical mining in this area, prospecting clubs, etc?