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  1. Hey everyone! I recently managed to get my website launched that is dealing primarily with providing LIDAR to prospectors and detectorists. I will say after taking almost a month to build i appreciated what Steve does here now even more!. The website is directed at LIDAR for prospectors and detectorists, but my eventual goal is for it to be the go to source for prospecting research as well, this is because i am slowly adding to the Document Library that i been building there, and over the coming months i will be adding all the various prospecting and mining related documents th
  2. While looking at this online book I saw a sketch of the San Bernardino meteorite. The report was published in 1883!
  3. Hello, my father lives in SW Utah and I would love to take him nugget shooting somewhere. He is 100% disabled from Vietnam and he can use the shovel as a cane for a while and I am usually his “digger” and pinpointer guy 🙂 So I was hoping for some info on where I he and I could go nugget hunting, with my Orx in either Az or southern Utah, Nv. So we can plan a trip together (researching and reading will give him something to do) 🙂 He doesn’t have many years left where he can even get around on his own, so any input would be great, thanks in advance
  4. When metal detecting, whether you are gold prospecting, relic hunting, or water hunting; it is easy to get discouraged. However, it’s important to know that you can better your results in metal detecting if you explore some of these best practices. I prefer to call it Smart Hunting! Find a Metal Detecting Location with Google Earth Use Google Earth to search your local area for new potential spots. Start off by branching out from where you live. Sometimes there are fields hidden in woods that you can’t see from a major street or road. Keep your eye out for clear stretches of land. Yo
  5. Does anyone on here know how to navigate the new BLM MLRS claims database, and how to navigate and utilize the features on the map program? It is supposed to be alot easier than LR2000 which is gone now. Perhaps a video on here would be good for everyone. It is still confusing.
  6. I believe one of the best books available for the small scale miner and prospector is Fists Full Of Gold by Chris Ralph. 362 pages of chock full of information on gold prospecting, small scale mining, and metal detecting. It really is worth a spot on your bookshelf or better yet in front of your nose. Check it out at my new information page Chris Ralph's Fists Full Of Gold
  7. A few months ago I suggested I was keen to get a copy of Reese's 'Nugget Shooter's Field Guide' but the shipping to Australia was a killer. Fellow forum member Chuck (aka Ridge Runner) took it upon himself to purchase a copy, reached out for my address and posted it to me. What followed was a comical travel itinerary of Chicago to Japan to Chicago to Sydney (actually in Australia!! 🤣) to Chicago to San Antonio to Chicago to Japan...and then for about the last 3 weeks...nothing 😳 I was starting to think that maybe it had travelled one leg too far and it had really lost its way.
  8. As I continue my research into bucket dredge tailings areas I am trying to find maps showing at least the general locations of these tailings as they occur in various states. After many hours of internet research I have found environmental reports, state park reports, and scientific studies on individual sites. I have also found an old report for the state of Oregon with a page size map. However I have not yet found a comprehensive map of at least the general location of all dredge tailings for any of the individual western states (other than Oregon). Nor have I found a comprehensive map o
  9. I’ve been curious about using the Bureau of Land Management’s MLRS site https://mlrs.blm.gov/s/ to figure out where to go detect on open lands in heavily claimed areas, and I’ve noticed that it does show some “active claims” on the maps highlighted with red crosshatching, but it doesn’t show “active claims” in other areas at all. It’s strange because the map key includes a code for active load and active placer claims, in addition to closed ones. I’ve heard that it’s because BLM hasn’t caught up on the records yet, but does anyone know why otherwise? I hope it becomes available because tha
  10. Just wondering what metal detecting destination might be on everyone's wish list (Either where you have always wanted to go, or where you would love to go again... or maybe both). For coins and relics, my bucket list destination would be England.. exact location to be determined by more research. I would love to return to Alaska... only this time armed with my detector... I was on business last time and didn't have the opportunity to detect. How about yours? ~Tim
  11. I have a friend in Shirley, Arkansas that says there is no gold over there. Anyone know different?
  12. I'm proud to announce my new book on the Anfibio Multi. Had this detector in at some of the worst most iron infested truck grove sites around last year and did really well--wanted to share some of the things that have worked well for me. cjc Successful Treasure Hunting with the Nokta / Makro Anfibio Multi Clive James Clynick is the author of some 25 detecting “how-to” books and numerous articles. In this detailed and informative book he shares his 40 years of experience and instructs you on how to become a more accurate and successful treasure hunter with the Notka / Makro Anfib
  13. Hello all, I recently saw someone state that they didn't fully understand why they sometimes get the urge to buy a certain detector! And for one reason or another, fail to pull the trigger, or asking the question of why not! I, like many here, have questioned why i would want to purchase; and have purchased, what would "technically" be an "inferior" detector! If there is such a thing; they all find stuff!! I think the reason's are as numerous as one can imagine! So i won't bore everyone with what i think their reasons are! I can only speak for myself! Probably m
  14. https://ucla.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEqduyupj0vGd3S0_52FsbHTbPjYr0sZQUj Meeting Registration Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Microsoft (Outlook) Topic UCLA Meteorite Gallery Lecture Series Description Title: Clocks in Rocks: How to date a solar system Lecturer: Dr. Sara Russell; Natural History Museum, London Our solar system was born over four and a half billion years ago, from a cloud of dust and ga
  15. I know they exist because i I found a 1.3 grain piece south of buffalo panning. I heard of a 1.6 gram piece found with dredge in the Finger lakes region.I talked to a geologist in Buffalo who was sifting glacier material in a certain spot and found a nugget big enough to have in his wallet.He did not have it with him at the time because he was just walking his dog.I did find a .5 grain piece with my AT gold checking all the material that was around my pan from all the cracks we had cleaned.I would have not got it if i did not have my machine since there was to much sand blocking it f
  16. https://dirtdigestmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Emailing-ddjuly2020.pdf I stumbled onto this well written (67 page current issue) online magazine. I don't know if this was meant to take the place of the now defunct hardcopy Lost Treasure and Western and Eastern Treasures but I actually find it better written than some of the late issues of those. It appears non-partisan (manufacturer-wise). Included is an interview with a field tester of the Garrett Apex although it seems to be similar to the YouTube videos by other Garrett 'homers' (this interview is of Gypsy Jewels -- wonde
  17. Because I am new to the nugget hunting experience, to use an analogy, I have decided to start building my fishing rod so that I can learn to fish and then find a lake in which to fish and, hopefully eventually find a fishing hole. To this end I continue to read the various threads on this and other forums. On this forum I have found several threads discussing popular nugget hunting books and Steve Herschbach’s list of free books in pdf format. To provide a starting point in the learning process I have constructed a list of (gold) nugget hunting references, as shown below. I recognize that
  18. I have read numerous comments on this forum about nugget patches. In several comments the Rye Patch, Nevada area was referenced. In the book "The Complete, Unabridged Zip Zip" by Larry Sallee, in chapter two he comments "...most of the better known patches are getting hit pretty hard." As a beginner, is there a place (or reference) where I might find location information on these "better known patches" (maps, text description, etc.)? I have tried to read many of the comments on this forum regarding nugget patches but have not yet found an answer to my question. Did I miss something? I ce
  19. An interesting area because it was first discovered when large gold specimens were found on the surface. An outcrop was soon identified as the source, named Matrix Reef. It is located on the Berlin Goldfields, on a hill. A number of rich gullies run off the hill. No 0, No 1, No2, No 3 gullies, all rich and nuggety. Lots of detailed information available with a simple Google search. Again located in Australia in the state of Victoria.
  20. This long article details a possible treasure on the Oregon coast. https://magazine.atavist.com/the-ghost-hunter-galleon-shipwreck-oregon-goonies-philippines
  21. Clearly for someones entertainment only, very poor quality so no copyright breaches intended. Life is too short so jump in a couple minutes, about 2.30 . What a tease... https://youtu.be/j2xUmj2tOWI
  22. Would you like to learn how to take your nugget detecting to an exciting and rewarding new level? In 'The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide', author and experienced prospector Reese Townes shows you how to increase your gold recovery with a metal detector through his tips on detecting strategies, what to look for in the field to recognize gold geology and identify gold deposits, and how to expand productive areas to detect by applying his new Townes' Theory. Other topics include modern nugget detectors and prospecting equipment, safety while detecting and camping, how to hunt old mine workings, cl
  23. My research starts with mining reports and articles. Internet searches and downloads which all help a lot. At the end of the day I need to get out of my chair, get in the car and have a look. Google earth images only go so far. A classic example is the Illabrook area in Victoria, Australia. Outside the Golden Triangle, outside of the packaged map books on offer. The areas has deep lead mines but also shallow alluvial flats, hill tops and gullies. My interest was focused on the Bulldog Diggings Historical Area. I don't always start off by swinging a detector, sometimes the aim is to s
  24. Anyone know of any info on this mine in Storey Co. NV. I have access to it by the claim current claim holder and im trying to find out any history from someone who may know. I have heard there was some placer found there at some point in time.
  25. Here is a free copy of the July 2020 ICMJ Prospecting & Mining Journal. Some good articles, and the price is right for those who would like to check out what the magazine has to offer. https://www.icmj.com/sample-issue/202007-Jul2020-sample/offline/download.pdf
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