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  1. Would you like to learn how to take your nugget detecting to an exciting and rewarding new level? In 'The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide', author and experienced prospector Reese Townes shows you how to increase your gold recovery with a metal detector through his tips on detecting strategies, what to look for in the field to recognize gold geology and identify gold deposits, and how to expand productive areas to detect by applying his new Townes' Theory. Other topics include modern nugget detectors and prospecting equipment, safety while detecting and camping, how to hunt old mine workings, cl
  2. Hey everyone! I recently managed to get my website launched that is dealing primarily with providing LIDAR to prospectors and detectorists. I will say after taking almost a month to build i appreciated what Steve does here now even more!. The website is directed at LIDAR for prospectors and detectorists, but my eventual goal is for it to be the go to source for prospecting research as well, this is because i am slowly adding to the Document Library that i been building there, and over the coming months i will be adding all the various prospecting and mining related documents th
  3. Anyone know of any info on this mine in Storey Co. NV. I have access to it by the claim current claim holder and im trying to find out any history from someone who may know. I have heard there was some placer found there at some point in time.
  4. I'm proud to announce my new book on the Anfibio Multi. Had this detector in at some of the worst most iron infested truck grove sites around last year and did really well--wanted to share some of the things that have worked well for me. cjc Successful Treasure Hunting with the Nokta / Makro Anfibio Multi Clive James Clynick is the author of some 25 detecting “how-to” books and numerous articles. In this detailed and informative book he shares his 40 years of experience and instructs you on how to become a more accurate and successful treasure hunter with the Notka / Makro Anfib
  5. Here is a free copy of the July 2020 ICMJ Prospecting & Mining Journal. Some good articles, and the price is right for those who would like to check out what the magazine has to offer. https://www.icmj.com/sample-issue/202007-Jul2020-sample/offline/download.pdf
  6. Companies are less enthused these days about spending a lot of money on color print catalogs. It costs a lot, and no way to update when something changes. Cases of them printed at great cost often end up in a dumpster, wasting money and trees. Fisher has not printed anything up in awhile, and the last catalog I had was from 2016. Anyway, I managed to locate a Fisher 2018 metal detector catalog, which appears to be the most up-to-date one done. You can download it at the link, but the only change I see from the 2016 catalog is the addition of the F-Pulse pinpointer. Nice brochure thou
  7. Version 060518 Rev. 5


    Fisher 2018 full color catalog, 5.2 MB pdf file, 16 pages First Texas (Fisher) Forum
  8. Curious about thoughts on the Andy book and the Clive books(3) on the Equinox. Are any of them preferred over the others or more useful? Does one writer communicate or convey the information better than the other? I’m personally looking for something to expand on the manual and add some field context to the settings/modes and maybe a bit of less basic detecting technique or skills and tips. I have a 600 so also hoping the book is not too biased to the 800. The Minelab Equinox 600 800 Metal Detector Hand book The Minelab Equinox: “From Beginner to Advanced” Skill Buil
  9. Been a big fan of BillandLinda prospecting site but it seems to be down. Anyone know what's happening? http://www.billandlindaprospecting.com/index.html Paystreak
  10. Many of us find jewelry and then search online to see who made it or what a mark means. This helpful site, Heritage Auctions, lists several tools to help establish the value of our finds. https://jewelry.ha.com/ref/designer-marks.zx What databases do you use? Mitchel
  11. For those of you more inclined to viewing instead of reading, Chris Ralph has put together an impressive collection of videos here. He is working hard at it adding a new video every week. Chris is very knowledgeable on various aspects of prospecting and mining with in-depth knowledge on geology. Take a few minutes and check it out. Also check out Chris’ book, Fists Full of Gold
  12. Family Treasure Hunting: A Beginner's Guide by Charles Garrett 2.39 MB Understanding Treasure Signs and Symbols by Charles Garrett 9.24 MB The Sport of Coin Hunting with a Metal Detector by Charles Garrett 7.21 MB How to Search Sand and Surf: Treasure Recovery at the Beach by Charles Garrett 5.44 MB Introduction To Metal Detecting In Europe by Charles Garrett 8.38 MB How to Find GOLD: Metal Detecting and Panning by Charles Garrett and Roy Lagal 6.2 MB More free books and articles here
  13. Recently had a run in from an miserable @#$% when I was detecting along some shoreline as he has water front access and is blocking people from passing by. Normally I would have made a stink and told him to pound sand but the area he has is garbage. Anyways here is a good read on water access for the public for those interested. https://www.theinertia.com/environment/what-are-your-real-rights-to-access-of-beaches-and-public-waterways/
  14. https://dirtdigestmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Emailing-ddjuly2020.pdf I stumbled onto this well written (67 page current issue) online magazine. I don't know if this was meant to take the place of the now defunct hardcopy Lost Treasure and Western and Eastern Treasures but I actually find it better written than some of the late issues of those. It appears non-partisan (manufacturer-wise). Included is an interview with a field tester of the Garrett Apex although it seems to be similar to the YouTube videos by other Garrett 'homers' (this interview is of Gypsy Jewels -- wonde
  15. I have not even scratched the surface of this website link. All kinds of diverse articles and photos from all over the country. There are many photos of legends in the prospecting world. I tripped over this site years ago, forgot about it, and then found it again yesterday while doing research. Check it out at http://www.billandlindaprospecting.com/
  16. Ok, have recently read an article in another forum about fine tuning the equinox in the field. It was basically listening while in different recovery and iron bias settings to hear the best sound and using that setting. Many times , if you go on site, you end up changing between modes and then have to retune again, and that can be intense . I believe that if you sense what your detector is telling you, and then you can make adjustments on the fly. I am wondering if you do the same, and utilize one particular program as a basis to work with? With all of the horsepower and knowledge on this
  17. Let's place all the reviews of the book here if we could. Also let's feel free to list the State you are in. Let the reviews pile up.
  18. Hey everyone just wanted to see how everyone who bought my book, is liking it? I am on Facebook and Instagram. reesetownesgoldseeker5000. I have started a thing on my Instagram page called Gold Detecting Food For Thought. Got people following it worldwide. I hope some of you are able to get out and find some gold. Luckily, Montana, isn't cracking down on people like in other states and Australia. Our governor is encouraging people to get out, camp and recreate. Just don't congregate. The weather has been keeping me from getting out. I will be getting out next weekend for the first hunt of this
  19. I see way too many new hunters who hope to find some gold but think it’s the first thing they are going to find..sorry bad news–its not In most conditions, random digging is not going to do much for you. While its good to dig a lot of targets, the key is to continually work on your selectivity. By all means the way to get used to the target sounds of your detector is to to dig but along with this learning over time it’s important to be able to recognize some various basic target types. In the picture we have a nice array: too big–(cigarette pack), elongated: (Allan keys, glasses arm and
  20. Lately I've been trying to figure out how to gain new permissions during these trying times were in. I don't want to knock on doors, but I would like to be ahead of the game once this problem passes. The other day I got lucky and noticed a truck pulled over to the side of the road and stopped to see if he needed assistance , turns out it was a local property owner who was out running his dog, due to being cooped up in the house. We started to talk and I realized he was from a particular 10 acre property I wanted to hunt. So I asked him if I could hunt his property and he said yes. I usuall
  21. Morning all. It's been an interesting few years for me with a change of jobs and two new family additions. After "scratching the itch" HARD last year I realized that with two young kids it's best to cool off on spending days and weeks in the bush away from the family. I still go on trips and find gold, it's just become more special and less of an every month deal. Which makes research extra-important! In reading up on specific gold districts in certain areas, there are two main categories: High-producing, well-known districts that have been worked from about the 1850's to 1930's, wi
  22. Research is a lot better now, because when you run across an interesting piece of info you can take a picture and you have that forever... Libraries and old old history books with maps in them are goldmines..Check them out, take photos and you can research areas that you find that pertain to your interests... Case in point I found a very interesting map with a lot of potential nugget hunting and possibly some coin shooting spots, I wrote this info down thinking I could find these places on modern maps I already had.. Well I discovered that new maps have new names and the old info doesn't exis
  23. 2/ The Anfibio’s Strengths: Audio Every Nokta / Makro detector I try seems to have better, cleaner, more informative audio than the last. The Anfibio is also what would be termed a “high bias” detector in that when you learn to listen for extension in the response--you can become very accurate. This sharp, clean audio lets you hear a real lot of detail about what is under the coil. There are several U.K. “YouTube” videos out of hunters placing nails right on top of coins and still being able to detect the coin with the Anfibio. This is a great demo of just what this machine’s fast proces
  24. Just received a text from Reese Townes informing me that he has received a shipment of his book and will be signing them tonight and will begin shipping them tomorrow, which is great news for those of us that have prepaid!
  25. I always wondered how did the old time miners in the USA from 1799-1900 approx, learn what rocks had gold values after the placers were worked out? There were few books, no color photos/no internet on the subject or mining schools, so where did they get the info, school of hard knocks? After all, it is not just quartz that can have gold....there is greenstone, limonite, red clays, pyrites, sulfides, and many others that I only know about because of internet tips /books/videos from Chris Ralph,Jeff Williams, Steve H, and others. Maybe word of mouth was a BIG factor in the old da
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