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  1. The tally bar is at the bottom of purchase page. The amount shown doesn't include the shipping & postage fees. That will sit in my account for the book reserved for shipping everyones books.
  2. I saw some info on google ads on youtube that backs up what you are saying, Strick. I am leaning there before the facebook. Thanks for the info.
  3. Then I ask my boss for a loan, which I may do here in a couple weeks, just to keep waiting time to a reasonable time frame. But first I need to see how the facebook and google ads do, which I am hoping to do this weekend. If worse comes to worse, then I will do the books on demand. But the way I am having them done now is web press which is better. Remember Mike I am putting money in this every week. I put a third of my pay check into the book this morning. I have learned early on to not stress too early. Things have a way of working out. Have faith and be patient.
  4. Correct. I cover all the details on the purchase page. It is a huge cost. Even big book publishers will do the common practice of preorders. Many will preorder the books before they are even finished being written. Mine is done. Just waiting on preorders. I am putting in all I can each week to help reduce it but I still have my bills every month. So as I said, the more you spread the word, all of you, as I am, the sooner we reach the goal and we get our books. This book is worth it. It will be worth the wait.
  5. 4-6 weeks after the printer receives the full amount for the printing costs. It is all in the about the book or purchase page of the website Andyy. This is why we need to get to the printing cost goal asap to keep the time to wait at a minimum. Spread the word to your friends to order a copy.
  6. I put a goal/progress notation in yellow on the purchase page of my website so people can see how we are coming along with the progress. There will be a shopping cart very soon to break down better the shipping rates for multiple book orders as well. It is being worked on now.
  7. When I got back into the Flathead Valley from detecting, I went to a gas station and saw it on the counter. I had no idea it was going to be on the front page above the fold. It blew me away. There is a link on the web page for the article now. Got seven sales from it and a book store wants to place an order for several copies now.
  8. So I have 29 books sold and soon will have another 74 accounted for (ballpark). We still have a ways to go. If you are still on the fence in regards to getting a copy, then I would like to encourage you to go ahead and place your order. The sooner we reach are target goal of 280, the sooner we will get the books back. And to all who have already ordered their book, thank you, and spread the word.
  9. Jin, your comment of detecting and a bear comes up behind you actually happened to me last year. I was detecting on a creek that dried up and I kept hearing something over behind me to my right side and 3 times I pulled the headphones off and looked back to see what it was. Never saw or heard anything, went back to detecting and I heard it again. Nothing across the creek but something moving on my side of the creek caught my eye. It was a large black bear coming towards me about 75-95 feet roughly away from me. I thought oh crap, all I have with me is my pick and rock hammer for defence. I decided to just stay put and see what happens. The bear looked over in my direction, sniffed the air and turned and went away. I'd be way more scared of snakes. I walked into a snake den in fall and one rattleing next to my left foot and almost stepped on 6-7 baby rattlesnakes. This scared the living crap right out of me. I couldn't stop shaking. Snakes bother me more.
  10. Its a concrete rake, and yes it is good for that. Thats why I encluded it inmy tools for detecting.
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