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  1. Goldseeker5000

    Nugget Mesh Size

    What exactly are you trying to prove? If it is trying to categorize your total amount of gold into a neat little pigeon hole governed by size = common consistant weight, then that is not possible. Determining how much gold someone has or the size it can be detect, is not ruled by size. It is ruled by weight because gold is so malible. It can be expanded or condensed by forces of nature. You can take 4 different nuggets each weighing 1 gram but all four are different screen sizes because of each nuggets shape. But they are each still 1 gram. This is common sense as gold has always been as long as man has used gold as a commodity that weight not size accurately determines its volume and value.
  2. Goldseeker5000

    New Gold Monster Headphones Coming Out

    I just spoke with Ronnie today and asked him if they were going to be made or not. He said he is having a problem with his business partner and that it may be a long time before the issue gets resolved. When he gets the business dispute settled with his business partner, he will let me know if they will be going ahead with the production of the headphones or not. When I hear back from him, I will let everyone know on this forum and Bill southern's forum. However, it may be a long time.
  3. Goldseeker5000

    User Name Update

    Hey Steve, how do I update my user name. I went to my profile and edit but nothing came up in regards to user name editing.
  4. Goldseeker5000

    Sd 2100 Sick ?

    Hey devilsrenegade, where are you in Montana? Im in kalispell. I may know the person who sold it to you if he hunts Libby Creek. Whats his name?
  5. Goldseeker5000

    Minelab GPX 5000

    I am very impressed with the 5000. Even more so than the 4000 I used to have. It compliments the Gold Monster 1000 perfectly.
  6. Goldseeker5000

    Monster Head Phones

    Detector Pro made a model for the gold monster. Very nice well made headphones with a 1/8" jack. Givve Ronnie a call at Detector Pro.
  7. Goldseeker5000

    A Little GPZ Gold

    Steve, that is some very nice gold congrats. Your comment about a single lone nugget in a given area makes me smile and shake my head as there are areas like that in Montana. The largest gold nugget ever found in Montana was unearthed by Ed Rissen in the 1800's in Deadwood Gulch. He was digging a ditch to carry water to Snowshoe Gulch when he dugit up. It was a 27 pound solid gold nugget. Everyone abandoned what they were doing to focus on Deadwood Gulch but no other gold was ever found there. It really makes one wonder how in the world did it get there and not have any golden friends with it.
  8. Goldseeker5000

    Summer Goodies!

    Great gold Lanny! What was the total weight? I wish I could get my Son interested in gold detecting. Heck, even my wife for that matter. Neither one of them understand all of the benefits those of us who hunt nuggets receives from gold detecting. Especially the memories and family bonding.
  9. Goldseeker5000

    What Detector Did You Buy In 2018 And Why?

    I bought a GPX 5000 and a profind 35. I used to have a 4000 but had to sell it. I loved that detector. The 5000 is impressing me. Ilike the versatility of the 5000. It will compliment the monster completely. Discrimination works flawlessly. Have no interest in ever upgrading to the 7000. It has no smaller coils, no discrimination and in open ground it might be great but the places I hunt it is worthless. The 5000 will excel in these locations. Had to send in my profind 35, no sound. Got my replacement and it works great with no issues.
  10. Goldseeker5000

    Another E-mountain Bike Adventure

    Are atv's not allowed in that area?
  11. Goldseeker5000

    Found A New Spot! And What A Spot It Is!

    Yah i found a tiny 1.4 gn piece at another undisclosed location and Andy found a little dink in an old timers pile in the middle of a thick grove of saplings at top of a mountain. All three pieces were found in different locations about 4.5 miles away from each other.
  12. I went to a new spot with a buddy of mine and decided to try a couple new locations I have been to once before. Wow what a great location. Top secret for sure. I missed this nugget by roughly a foot and my buddy Andy hit on it. We were both using Gold Monsters. It was only a couple inches down under an ancient cobble.
  13. Goldseeker5000

    Find Of The Month

    Good for you Simon on finding the ring. Especially in an area that large. Daunting task for sure. Way to stay focused and perseveir . Congrats.
  14. Goldseeker5000

    Happy Camp Jade

    I don't know if you know how to test if it is lesser jade or the good stuff but in that area there are both. Take a knife and scratch the rock with the tip of the knife. If it scratches the rock and leaves a white line then it is jadite (lesser jade). If when you scratch the rock and it leaves metal on the rock, which will look like you wrote on it with a #2 pencil then it is the good stuff. It leaves metal on the rock because it is harder than the knife blade. I was there for a month prospecting in febuary of 2009 and detected around indian creek. I will take some pics of the jade I found this weekend but I had one around 10 -15 lbs and was dark green with much darker green inclusions and I found another on the klamath river which is about the same size and weight but is sea foam green with dark green inclusions. Both specimens left the metal on the rock all around the boulders.
  15. Goldseeker5000

    Monster Weekend

    That new hot spot looks alot like the same hydraulic digs. Nice gold Lunk.