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  1. I have to go out of town to pave a road in the Yaak. A stretch of 5.5 miles and I will be back in 2.5- 3 weeks. when i get back I should have earned enough to finish off whats left of the printing cost, as I will be making federal davis bacon wages, and 14 hrs a day 6 days a week. My company won't cover anyones rooms and I will not waste my hard earned money on hotel room fees, so I will be camping along the Yaak river road for 3 weeks. There are 25-50 Grizzlies in the Yaak so it will be hair raising each night. The Yaak is said to be the last wildest place left in the lower 48. When I got up there for the first 2 days, I could see why. My supervisor found me a nice spot to camp along the Yaak river which when I got there realized was smack dab in the middle of old gold mining tailings. There is nice bedrock along the river. There wasn't alot of good gold found in this river, so I will be leaving my detector at home. I have to pack enough food and water for three weeks as I will be the only one staying on the job site without leaving for the full 3 weeks. I got to try out the 5thops perimeter trip alarm and it works very well. I will feel better knowing that if a grizzly comes into my camp he will be tripping off 1 million scoville of Ghost Pepper powder dispersed in a giant cloud around my camp. I won't be doing any prospecting as I hear some people are geeting strange rashes from digging in the dirt and gravels up there. I know the area is covered in mica also know as vermiculite (espestos), and also Uranium is another primary mineral in the ground there. These two elements could explain the strange rashes. When I get back I will update everyone on the total reached. I have to leave in a couple hours, so if anyone on here also goes onto nuggetshooter forum please post this on there as I am still trying to pack my gear and don't have time to post any more today. thank you everyone.
  2. Oneguy is out of Thompson Falls and I am in Kalispell.
  3. Well I have $1000 coming in the mail for the book printing. That brings the total to $4050.00. And as I mentioned I will be adding to that with my paychecks. I will be getting a couple large checks starting in a couple weeks, so I should be able to drop into the fund damn close to a $1000.00 each week. Plus my wife is helping out on the Tenth. my publisher has three chapters digital file ready for Rob. I just havent recieved the email of it yet.
  4. Oneuy, you clearly have misread what I was getting at. All I was was implying was I was trying to get you out of the one district and get you to explore other good districts. Thats all. Maybe with your new camper you will do more exploring and research.
  5. Steve, thats because I have been showing him some new good ground around Helena.
  6. I agree with Gerry in regaurds to Montana being very very hot. The best areas I hunt are impossible with a vlf, but the monster is in fact capable if you reground balance often when it gets too noisy. Some areas you can't even move your coil an inch in any direction. This isn't just for a few feet or yards but 1-5 miles. You can see the black sands on the surface and if you dig down 5 inches, 10 inches, 1.5 feet, 3 feet, it is the same thing. Not tell tale signs of black sand but the dominant regolith is black sands and granodiorite.
  7. Thanks. I put my entire paycheck for last week into it. I am still trying to get ahold of my uncle to see if he can float me a loan. He has been out of town for a while now. My wife is going to contribute $2000 but she can't do that until Sept. 10. In the mean time I will just keep putting money in from my paychecks. I am hoping my publisher will have 2 or 3 chapters ready for a digital copy for Rob Allison.
  8. Here is the current update on reaching the goal. I have put another $765 into the account going to the publisher for the printing costs. This brings the total to $3065.00. I will put another $200-$300 in on friday. I am still trying to get a loan from my employer.
  9. Im trying to get it to the printed, finished, in hand stage. Thanks Fred
  10. I will get on getting something put together and come monday as I said I will talk with my employer. The ebook is not a good way to do it. But it also doesn't have the money I sunk into promoting it like this one. The ebook will be redone as a paperback after this one is printed, which ever of the two routes I go. The the ebook will go away when it is redone as a paperback.
  11. A friend of mine is doing that for a mining book and he makes between $4.50 -$6.00 a book when he is selling it for $25.00. Does that sound worth it when you have invested years to write it and pull thousands into it. For someone like amazon to reap most of the profits. I will think on this. Its time next week to talk to my employer for a loan.
  12. I will tey to put something together. I just put money into it to take it from the $1487.00 to the $1952.07. I not just relying on sales. But I will yey to get something put together.
  13. Here is the new tally of sales up to today. $1952.07. If you still haven't ordered your copy, please do so so we can reach our goal asap to get the books started on printing. Thanks everyone.
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