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  1. I have had other issues with the 6000. I feel they really took to heart everyone's complaints about the weight of the detectors and with the 6000 being so light I think they designed some things with thin and narrow tolerances and with lighter plastics. I think a problem with these lighter plastics is they are brittle. A screw worked loose inside the control box and I took the speaker plate off and found the noise flopping around inside. I put the screw back in and tightened it down. I aligned the tab ears into their slots for the hinge and gentle swung it down to begin threading the screw tight and snap!!! One of the tab ears broke off with very light pressure, as I closed the speaker cover. It has been replaced since this. Every time I pick up my 5000 to hunt with, I exhale with delight at how tuff, robust, solid and what a joy it is to hunt with. I don't mind too much that you are tethered to it with cords. The thing is smooth, stable, solid and a joy to hunt with. I am hunting an area now where the magnetite rocks are causing such a huge problem as they are everywhere and I have dug some sweet mellow tones only to find out they are all magnetite rocks. Some have been the size of dinner plates. My next couple days out detecting, the 6000 is staying at camp and I will be hunting with the 5000 and Evo coils.
  2. The rod twist is annoying to me. I have to adjust it many times a day. There is one good point to it though on the flip side. I have been side hilling or going down a slope a few times and lost my traction and slipped and fell. When my arm and detector end up hitting the ground, the shaft being loose, I feel keeps things from breaking, like near the coil/ shaft ears. I have to re align the shaft and coil every time I take a fall.
  3. You know, I really wish Minelab would make a pinpointer geared specifically for the gold nugget hunters that is ajustable with sensitivity but has the ability to hit tiny pieces of gold and hit them deeper than all other pinpointers. Maybe have a clear tone difference to alert you of wether it is iron trash or non ferrous. The two tones on the profind 35 are to close to really differentiate between them. Maybe a setting for deep mode and interchangeable tips with the standard tip and a tip that is a 2x3 tip. I hope Minelab reads this. I know some that will carry around the nox or monster shortened up to pinpoint the targets, but what a pain in the ass that is. Just saying.
  4. Welcome to the club Phrunt🎧. JP is right on the money about the six. Both parts.
  5. I lost my headphones for the 6000 a few weeks ago and don't have a clue what I did with them moving from one camp location to another 200 yards away. I bought the Avantree Torus and with the earbuds in it seems better than the headphones that came with it.
  6. Thanks guys, spread the word if you will. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your comments and support.
  7. Reed's Prospecting Supplies is now carrying "The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide". They just confirmed the shipment of my books just arrived and they are getting them put on the shelf. If you are in Australia or New Zealand give Reed's Prospecting a call to get your copy. This first shipment quantity is only ten books so they will go quick.
  8. Nice to know that geof_junk, my luck, I would miss a small spine and it would get stuck in the roof of my mouth 😆. I always wondered if Australia had cactus. Prickly Pear in Australia?!, man, that stuff is everywhere.
  9. Got one nugget today and I paid a painful price for it. Pulled dirt out and off of the bedrock where the nugget was resting and pulled the dirt back with my hands right into prickly pear. Damn that hurt. Went in around a quarter inch and a little piece broke off inside my finger. Then after that I moved my pick to my left side and put the same hand in another prickly pear to my left side. I really hate prickly pear. Yesterday one went right through my knee pads and got me.
  10. Got some more nuggets recently, I think my total so far for this new area is around 38. Got another 6 yesterday for 1.14 grams. This area is very similar to Gold Basin and Meadview, geologically speaking. Applying what I did in Gold Basin and Meadview is working out here very well. Both places have alluvial/ ditrital fans descending to the east, volcanic activity in the immediate area, caliche in some of the washes, geologic upheaval separating the gold field east to west, shallow nuggets and thousands of washes. Though I think some of the washes in Radersburg area are in fact old timer diggings, perhaps from the Chinese. In Gold Basin and Meadview the rock type holding alot of nuggets is Greenstone and here in Radersburg it is also another greenish volcanic rock type, though not greenstone. This rock is Andesite which is a greyish color ranging to a greenish grey with larger darker inclusions inside. It is an igneous extrusive layed down with lava flows and this rock is trapping alot of the gold. Another interesting observation is myself and the large hard rock mine owner here both believe the placer gold and the hard rock gold are not accociated with each other, but infact two different deposits. One interesting fact with Radersburg is there is Skarn deposits in Radersburg. Not sure yet if these skarns are iron skarns, copper skarns or gold skarns, but this will increase the likelihood of larger detectable gold. Both areas have cactus, which so far in my opinion the Prickly Pear cactus is by far, worse to deal with in Radersburg than the Choya cactus and Cats Claw of Gold Basin and Meadview. This stuff is everywhere and it hides within the prairie grass and soil very well. No matter how careful you are, it will get you at least one or two times every day. I am developing a healthy respect and fear of this nasty cactus.
  11. Condor, I am having the same problem with the photos uploading sideways. Really annoying!
  12. Does anyone know if Nugget Finder is going to be approved to make coils for the 6000 yet? I know alot of people who have had repeated problems with coiltek coils, and the one Coiltek coil I bought for the 705, gave up the ghost just after a year and kept reading an error when put onto the 705. Once bitten twice shy, especially when I am hearing the stories of so many others with defective coils from Coiltek. Depending on what sizes come out, I might give them another chance, but a coil from NF is what I am waiting for for the 6000.
  13. I got another 6 nuggets today and 1 yesterday. I have been here a week today and I have 30 nuggets. A much better ratio of nuggets per time put in detecting than Arizona.
  14. Valens, The tent doesn't require tie downs up higher. It has a 10' tall center pole. It can handle 55mph winds. I know this for a fact. I have heard it can handle 65-70. I don't want to find out My stove pipe seemed like it was close to toppling over from the wind. That would have been bad as I had a fire going at the time. Got tie wire to anchor ⚓ it down as well. Mn90403, the guy was hiding his gun to his side while chambering a round, I could see it, barely, then pointed it back behind his truck for me to see I guess, then he stood by his passenger door looking nervous and kept turning around in circles pretending he didn't see me. I had stopped detecting and just stood there starring at him. I wasn't going to keep detecting with him standing roughly 50 yards from me, in the open. Allen from Allen's Prospecting channel said he know who that is and that he is shady and a little nuts. He said he has pulled that with people before.
  15. Well I had a couple really good days 8 on one day and today I got 15.
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