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  1. The Jackery 1000 with 2 100w solar panels will run all what I have to charge. It has 3 ac ports, 3 or 4 USB ports, a 12v port and a USB quick charge port.
  2. Well said Jerry. This Friday marks the first day of living out of my Tacoma full time traveling back and forth from Montana/Idaho to NV/AZ hunting gold and filming life living Overland style. I no longer have the drive to stay on the rat wheel and paying rent and keeping up with bills that come with a permanent roof over your head. I've always been in situations of wanting to be camped up in the mountains longer and longer periods of time, so now going full time overlanding hunting gold feels like I am coming home to what and where I was always ment to be and doing. All these ideas we all share on here make our stints out hunting gold more enjoyable for all with mobile versions of permanent creature comforts. Let the wandering begin. Reminds me of Robert Service's poem "The Prospector" - From the Tundras of the north to the Mesas of the south....
  3. I've decided I am getting a Jackery 1000 with the solar panels. It will be the best method for me to charge my detector batteries. I'll be able to run my ICECO VL60 fridge/freezer 24/7 plus charge three batteries at the same time and never have to pay for power again.
  4. I'm not sure yet. I will be calling them tomorrow and asking these questions and more. I have a 95 Taco
  5. I have been curious about this myself. My Tacoma won't charge from the cigarette lighter socket without the truck running as well. I am trying to figure out if I should get a gas generator or a gas/propane generator or a solar generator. I am leaning away from the solar an more towards a regular generator with one or two deep cycle batteries as I will need to charge three detectors, GoPro/Canon batteries, computer, 2 phones, and a portable dual zone fridge/freezer. I will be living out of my Tacoma all this winter and next spring and Summer. I am not savy to all this electrical/ power consumption stuff. I am looking at two thousand watt generator. I want to get away from running my Tacoma in order to charge my detectors.
  6. Valens L, is yours pretty quiet? Do you have a test nugget to test it on? Or a lead sinker. If it is overly quiet after noise cancel and ground balanced and not registering target tones then it has a problem. That is what mine did.
  7. I did have suspicion about the 6000 back in Jan thereabouts based upon issues I have heard about with the 7000. Overall the 7000 has proven to be a great detector. Heavy, limited-expensive coils, but it did have issues with some units, more often than I care to hear about. When I heard early on what the 6 can do, I thought I should give it a chance. What I was again of happening, happened with the detector I received. I am looking forward to swinging it and seeing for myself, it's strengths.
  8. You know Adam, you really remind me of Bedrock Bob on Bill's forum.💩♻️. How about we just keep this thread on topic. The issues with the 6000!
  9. Beginners! Beginners! We are not beginners! Jennifer is not a beginner, I am not a beginner. What a smug thing to say. Others got defective 6000's that are not beginners. I've been detecting for gold since 1980.🤬
  10. Gerry, there is nothing funny about people on here getting defective products. Sure the 6000 has advantages, and I will appreciate those advantages in a couple weeks. Remember the detector and coil sales I sent your way. I am still waiting for the $100 credit you promised in 2018. How much is the 17" coil? Surely you would apply that credit to that coil. Right?
  11. So some of you know that my 6000 arrived defective right out of the box and that I sent it back to be replaced the morning after I got it. Well the new replacement arrived yesterday and the detector works as I assume it should. Well, at least it will sound off on a nugget, so I assume it is working properly. I have the 14" DD on to test that out. When I picked up the 11" to pull it out of it's plastic bag, I noticed something odd on the top of the coil. There was a crescent shaped crack in the coil. What in the world is going on with Minelab and their quality control.?!! People spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on their detectors, you would think they would be more strict and precise with their quality control procedures. I sent the 11" coil back to be replaced, this morning at 9 am. It is possible it could have happened in shipping, however the inner box and shipping box were in great condition. No smashed areas anywhere on the boxes. Anyone else want to chime in about their particular Minelab detector defect. If Minelab is reading this, you have alot of people out there spending alot of money on your detectors because they are the best-Hands down, but it seems like since the sdc2300 came out the quality control is going down hill. I understand some defects can get by or crop up over a little bit of use, but this is not good.
  12. My 6 will be here this coming Wednesday. They made sure it is working properly before they sent it to me. The Detector Center are good folks.
  13. It's entirely possible something is wrong with it. Mine was defective right out of the box. Sent it back the next morning after it arrived. I was told they have some new ones in box's they would send one back to me now they don't have any left due to defective ones coming in. Now they are telling me they will get my replacement sent out as soon as more come in. Who knows when that will be, a few days, weeks or months. Especially with how things are going with shipping.
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