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  1. Did the thick patena layer cause the signal to be some what weak or iffy? Some of the gold at a region I hunt has a calcium or hard clay build up that is cream to orangish cream color and often causes the gold to be hard to get a signal on. It kind of masks it.
  2. It is always a sad day when a great mind in our gold hunting community has passed away. It is a loss to all across the globe. You are very right Chris about a loss of knowledge and secrets with each one of these legends passing. I never met him, but it's a loss. I felt this loss when my two old timer miner friends, George Kornec and Clay Lewis passed.
  3. Here is a promotional image and logo my graphic artist came up with for the book and the website. Does anyone think that logo would look good on a hat? Black wool blend with a sandwhich bill. That is with a color cord around the bill edge. Im thinking gold and white stitching.
  4. Thank you Steve, Jim and everyone your input is much appreciated.
  5. Andyy I am already putting together my thoughts for the third book. I want to delve deeper into the methods of the old times and their workings. This will include recognizing clues to determin what type of method they used. Some workings it is obvious. But other workings leave you scratching your head, saying what went on here. Some areas you have to wonder how did they find this spot. There is alot of information that has been lost over time with so many knowledgable old timers passing. I talk heavily on clues in my book. The next one will be the same. There are clues in the tailing piles all should learn as well on the hillsides and streams, wet or dry. There are also clues by learning what your particular area once looked like at various points in geological time. Did you know most of the middle part of Canada, most of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, and all of the great plains states, stretching to Alabama and Mississippi, half of Mexico and half of central america were under a shallow sea called the Cretacious Seaway. These events have left their marks, that I believe can help us find more gold deposits or patches.
  6. Northeast, as of for the time being, I will not be doing an ebook. I will ship to anywhere in the world. Payment method will be through paypal. I was advised to stick with this method only by the company designing my website. There is info that will benefit people anywhere. Even africa.
  7. The misspelling of my last name on the spine has already been corrected.
  8. Let me know if this is more readable Nugget Shooter Cover Concept.pdf
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