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  1. No it happened several months ago, last summer while watering piles of dirt pulled out of many, many trenches for water, sewer, storm drain and electrical pipes at a 63 unit RV park my company was constructing. The backfill guy didn't like me using the side sprayers to water the piles for mixing, to get proper compaction so he wanted me to use the 2" water hose. I would stand on the hose with one foot and brace it with the other leg to take weight of hose off of my shoulders. I had no idea doing that to protect my bad shoulder would cause another limb to wear out. Watering the piles the way he wanted it done required being on that hose for 8-10 hrs a day over a few months. He was not adept at mixing the dirt with the side sprayers which was faster and more efficient.
  2. I am pretty bummed, as I am Sidelined with achilles tendonosis, and am on workman's comp. I can't work and I can't go detecting til some time in August, if physical therapy heals it up in 6-8 weeks. If it doesn't, then I have to get it operated on to have skar tissue cut off and tendon reenforced. If that happens I will be out another 6-12 weeks with more physical therapy. I hope physical therapy does the trick this first go-around. This last trip out detecting had me in such pain that I had to use my pick as a cane, and could only take foot long strides.
  3. Hydrofluoric acid will disolve quartz. It probably won't when put into wink as the potency is diluted, but you still should reduce the time you leave it in it. I have worked with hydrofluoric acid and I came about an inch from getting it on my arm. At that close call, I swore I would never use it again. I was disolving quartz and arsenopyrite (arsenic) off of a specimen. The stuff I used was a mix of hydrofluoric and nitric acid. Hydrofluoric acid will disolve glass as well as quartz. I have a chapter on this in my book, The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide. Muratic acid won't change the texture of the quartz specimen but will strip all coloration out of it. Manganese, iron etc... It will turn rose quartz snow white.
  4. I soak mine in a container of muratic acid for 3-7 days and then into baking soda/water solution for 6-14 days depending on how coarse they are or if there is quartz attached with tiny fissures, cracks or pockets all over it. This is to nuetralize the acid completely.
  5. I'll check it out on my land matters. For some reason I have a hard time getting into lr2000. Must be put together by gov web designer. Hahaha.
  6. It is funny you said that about charlatan. That is exactly what came to mind after he left. It pisses me off, out of stater's keep coming up here claiming up all the really good ground or buying it up.
  7. The weekend was a nice one. Weather was good. Saturday after I got second camp spot set up, I went detecting, no gold. Sunday I got camp broke down before I went detecting and after it was broke down and I was waiting for my 5000 battery to finish charging, some guy came walking out of the woods asking questions and saying he was trying to find claim boundaries. I said the guy who had this claim lost it and there are no signs up anywhere. He said someone keeps taking them down. I said, I haven't seen signs up for a year or more. This guy turned out to be from Gold Rush Expiditions. And he aquired this claim for a guy out of Louisiana. I was disappointed as this was going to be the spot I was going to work and camp for the four months. They allowed me to finish out the day detecting and then I had to stay off it down the road. So I need to postpone the four month quest untin I scout out a new location that will yield gold, by detecting. I did find two small nuggets, and aquired 6 ticks crawling on me. Lol. They are bad up there this spring. No sign of that Grizzly. Trip alarm for bear protection worked great. I accidentally set it off twice, coming back into camp. Sunday was fist time I got to use the 9x14 nugget finder advantage coil. It was very nice at first. Very stable and quiet. Then I heard strange worbling noise like interference so I did a noise cancel again and then it started falsing every time the coil touched anything. Anyone ever had this issue with the 9x14 advantage coil?
  8. Thanks Link and everyone else. I'm up there right now. Breaking down camp and moving the rest of the way up the mountain to my target spot. This weekend will be spent going into the contact zones and looking for the clues to put me into the spot to start detecting. I got up here at dark last night and it snowed so I camped at the base of the gulch. Snow is now melted off down at this level. Up higher , I am sure there will still be some til later this morning. Froze my ass off last night. Didn't expect that one. Lol.
  9. Sounds good. If you book a field training I will make sure you come away from it with really good knowledge and helpful strategies. You will be learning some things that are not in my current book but will be in the next book
  10. True. I was blown away when my wife brought this idea up when we talked. We worked out finances so I can do this but some bills I still need to cover for us. This was her idea. Her encouragement.I am putting together a type of discount for the book for a short period of time or maybe a gift when ordering my book on my website. I will keep everyone posted.
  11. Yes. I will be getting a signal booster to increase my signal at camp. I should be able to sit at camp and do my work on the laptop. There is another spot 1 mile down the road where signal is good, where I can get email, post pics and do everything online each evening. I will be just 6-7 miles from a post office as well so books will be sent out as the orders come in.
  12. I have decided to go full bore persuing my passion for gold and Writing. July 1 I will be my last day at my full time job. I have decided to go up to my favorite spot in the mountains of Montana and persue detecting for gold, working on my third book, starting the fourth book which I will be writing at same time as third book. I will be up on the mountain for 4 months camping at the spot I will be hunting. I will be keeping a daily journal of everything that takes place in this 4 month period. This is the fourth book which will be called A Quest For Gold. It will be an account of the 4 month long do or die, make it or brake it gold hunting adventure. My goal is two grams a day or two oz. a month. This amount will equal my wages from my full time job. My job has become the equivalent of a cancerous tumor sucking the life out of me and my wife and I talked about it. I don't want any regrets at the end of my life or when I can't get out to hunt any more down the road. I will be filming everything that takes place and I will be uploading it to YouTube videos documenting the entire 4 month adventure I will also be doing videos on detecting & geology in mountainous regions with a heavy emphasis on detecting gold skarnes there. I will be pursuing promoting the book, and I will have cell service up there, so I will be able to get orders filled for The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide as they come in. I will give weekly updates on here for the gold I find. I will be giving gold detecting & geology field training up there, so if anyone is interested, email me or call me. My contact info is on my website on contact page. Price will be $250 for a 5 hour course. There will be alot to learn so it will be worth every penny. Any comments, go ahead and ask.
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