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  1. Thanks, everyone for your interest in my book. I will keep you all posted on the progress. The proof reader/editer is done proofing and is taking care of last bit of tidy work with page breaks and then writing the back cover info - what the book covers information wise and also about the author. She knew nothing about prospecting before proofing my book. When she finished she said "wow, what a fasinating and fun read." That was cool getting that kind of feed back. Soon the manuscript will be handed off to thw publisher to design up all the pages in a nice layout. As far as the cover I will need to wait for this blasted snow to melt. Hopefully just a couple weeks. Where I live, close to Glacier National Park in the Flathead Valley we recieved very little snow all the way up to the end of Jan., then Feb hit with enormous snow pack levels. Hopefully it will melt quickly and strip the creeks I detect down to bedrock in some new spots.
  2. I have been detecting for gold and coins since 1980 and I have been prospecting since 1980. I have been fortunate to have had many conversations with some great minds when it comes to gold, geology in relationship to gold such as Clay Lewis, who was 81 years old when he died in 2001 or 2002. He had mined for gold every single year since 1930 or 1931. He was very smart when it came to gold and was willing to share what he knew. Another old timer who shared his know how with me was George Kornec who was 83 when he died in 2016. He was even more savy when it came to gold and geology and was willing to pass down what he knew. George once went to help another miner on his claim to figureout where the gold was when someone was waiting for them and shot George in the hip with a rifle. The miner he was helping had to rush him to a hospital. He was raised at the home his dad built on his claim since the 30's which he workeduntil he died. I also had many converations and some geological field trips with Robin McCulloch who was the former Chief Mining engineer with the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology. There are a few others whom I went detecting with who were very helpful through the years. Gold prospectors by nature are inquisitive, resourceful and inventors by nature. It takes root and grows in a person when they take up the call to search for the elusive yellow metal. I learned alot from these guys and I learned alot from from trial and error. Trying new ideas that end up fruitless will help you just as much as ideas that bear fruit.
  3. Sounds good I will dig thru my photos and see what I got of me detecting. Im usually the one taking pics. I got a couple.
  4. What do you think that is in the text. The gold in the text was used from the nugget below and then manipulated in photoshop.
  5. I will be doing a full bleed photo version but didnt have time today. I appreciate every ones input. Rob Allison found that nugget. It was 13 oz. Arizona.
  6. Here are 4 early stage book cover designs. They are not finished yet by any means. Which one do you like? The outside edge of the book will be black.
  7. Exactly! Thats what I would do. Weedeater with a saw blade. Been there done that.
  8. Clowns used to be cool. Now it seems like all women no matter what age hate clowns and are scared of them. Maybe Stephen King has something to do with that. Funny.
  9. Nice finds kiwi. Is that sage brush by the hole you dug? Does New Zeland have sage brush?
  10. Well I just finished my book last night. I am so glad it is finally finished. This evening I will get it emailed to the proof reader and in a couple days it will be handed off to the publisher to get it layed out in its final page layout and design. After he is done we will know how many pages its final layout will be to determine the spine thickness so the graphic designer can finish the cover. The book ended with 227 pages, 12 chapters, 169 photos and 29,874 words. What an undertaking.
  11. Last Chance the Prospectors Field Guide to Finding More Gold. General prospecting from sluicing, geology, highbanking, detecting and dredging. I plan on revising it.
  12. Thank you Steve I will do that. Ive been working on this second book since june of 2016.
  13. Hey everyone, just putting out an update on my book I'm writing on gold detecting. The title will be "The Nugget Shooters Field Guide". I am half way through the last chapter. There are 11 chapters with over 205 pages completed already and over 26,000 words with over 160 photos. Many of the photos will have color coded arrows, lines and circles denoting key points of interest which you can apply to your given area. This book will have info that can be applied anywhere in the world. Not just the U.S.. There are photos of California, Idaho, Montana, Arizona and Australia. Geology, tips, stategies, clues to look for, recognizing prime areas to detect that you may not have thought of, plus much more to help you find more gold, consistantly as well as info on hydro-shocking your gold/quartz specimens and cleaning your gold with acid. There will be info on an applied formula that I invented to find the earliest stages of a stream system to help you find new ground that can and most likely will have nuggets along gold bearing streams or rivers. This system or theory, called the "Townes Theory", has been confirmed to work by three geologists with The Idaho Geological Society and Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology. They each asked how I came up with this and I told them it just came to me one day while I was thinking heavily about former stages of streams. This book has info that I have learned and applied since 1980 when I first started detecting for gold. It is fully up to date. In just a couple weeks or less it will be sent to the proof reader and then to be put in final appealing book layout and cover designed. When this is complete it will be sent off to South korea to be printed as a 6x9 paperback book. There will also be info in book supplied by Chris Gholson of Arizona Outback, Nuggetfinder Coils, both are already input into the book and hopefully Rob Allison of Rob's Detectors. I will keep you all informed when it is back from the printer.
  14. Thanks Lunk. How goes the gold hunting in Arizona?
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