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  1. Well recovery is going good, no pain ever since they switched me to 600mg ibuprofen and 2mg Hyro-Morphon. This second one is also called I think delatid or something like that. I guess it is a morphine in pill form 2mg. I like this stuff for keeping pain away and It is allowing me to sleep soundly. I fell once on the ramp once when one of the crutches went over the edge of the ramp. My own damn fault for thinking I had it so figured out that I could go up it a little faster and more confidently. I quickly learned my lesson. Slow and steady. Crutch placement is everything to keep from going dow
  2. That black light is pretty cool. Where can I get one? It that thing will make a scorpion glow like that, then I wonder if it will make a rattlesnake glow and stand out in neon as well. Could be useful aside from obvious uses for rocks. This has me thinking intently.
  3. Nerve block wore off yesterday late morning. Yesterday evening was a doozy with pain. Felt like laying my ankle on a wood chopping block and getting hit with 8lb Sledge hammer on foot, ankle, tendon and calf. And then for good measure pounding a railroad spike in between tendon and bone of ankle. Took awhile to get pain under control but now it's not to bad. Providing I stay a little ahead of schedule on pain med doses. I will be sleeping and living in garage for 6 weeks. Got an oversized cot out there. It's been quite comfy and cozy out there. Can't climb stairs yet so that is why I'm in gar
  4. I'm out of surgery and home. Feeling no pain. Good drugs for pain. In addition to fixing tendon my surgeon took part of a long muscle or tendon going to the big toe and he moved it and attached it to heel bone and calf muscle to increase strength of Achilles tendon. Amazing what they can do. Apparently I am not very adept and graceful at walking with Crutches. Lol
  5. Going into surgery in two hours. I have to say, I'm quite nervous about it. Then 6 month recovery. Hopefully soon after that I can go detecting for gold.
  6. I have to chuckle at this topic as I am very guilty of this unpleasant situation as each year goes by since about 2009. I typically loose my scoop. One time I was out hunting with Oneguy and I found a scoop, and I thought cool, I got a spare. Well within 30 minutes I had lost my favorite scoop, the one that comes with the Gold Monster. I tried to back track my route, but I was unsuccessful at finding it, so I used the one I found, which I didn't like too much as it had riffles in it. Well the next trip out hunting with Oneguy and he said he found a scoop and asked me didn't you loose a scoop l
  7. Funny you should say that about the hip. Since I have been limping bad for a year or better, I started getting severe pain in my left hip, the Tendonosis is on the right foot area. The doctor said it is over compensation pain because when I walk with a limp my left leg becomes shorter, due to limping. He said once I am walking normal without a limp, long enough, it will go away. 6 month recovery, if I have no complications with any kind of infections.
  8. Yep, October 13. I was told by my doctor's assistant that they will also be taking part of a muscle in my calf and transferring it down by the middle of the tendon. I have no idea why, perhaps for additional strength for the tendon. I don't know. But yah, just waiting for Tue the 13th of this month. I was told that I won't be starting physical therapy until 6 weeks after surgery.
  9. Congrats Oneguy. You did very well this year. That is a well earned haul. Impressive.
  10. So my workman's comp claim finally got approved Monday morning and I am getting my Achilles tendon operated on Oct. 13. The surgeon will carve off scar tissue on the tendon where it is tearing and then go inside the tendon and scoop out where the tendon is deseased. Then he will reenforce the tendon with heavy thread holding the upper and lower portion of the tendon together which will always stay in the tendon. 4-6 month recovery. It sure will be nice to walk without pain next year. And detect.
  11. Skookum, the shorter the distance it has to travel and gentler slopes the more it will keep a tighter path. The gold will have less likelyhood to hit obstructions and change course, thus widening the fan. Something else to consider as Jim has mentioned,the geological formations in the crust, various types of hydro-thermal gold deposits do happen at deeper depths. However with metasomatism, the replacement of one rock type with that of another through hot mineral Rich magmatic fluids, gases, and other fluids such as highly mineralized hot waters cause the deposit to become brittle speeding up t
  12. Pick up a pack of orange survyer flags and cut half of the wire off of each one to help save on weight. Detect in a circular radius moving outward, increasing the size of the radius. Overlap your swing and pay attention to all signals. When you hit on a piece of gold put a flag marker in the ground. From there detect in a circular direction again or perhaps on surveillance just a 3/4 circular radius is needed until you hit on the next nugget. Put the next flag in the ground. Repeat this process and you will start to see a line and the direction you should be detecting in. Remember, that regoli
  13. Yah Allen, I'm talking about Murray Idaho. Cougar Gulch. Right close to town.
  14. That drift mine looks a heck of alot like the mine a ways up in Cougar Gulch. If that is the case, you won't find anything in there Allen. I spent more than two hours in there detecting with the Gold Monster and my friend was using an SDC 2300. However, my other friend who was with us found a one ounce specimen, mainly gold. Large thick globs of gold to be exact, the year before. If it is in Cougar, then the gold is very much visible and it is both fed from veins the old timers cleaned out and an tertiary river channel. I found where it is still feeding it as I found the gravels on the saddle
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