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  1. JP, that has got to be tough knowing what you may well know about it, but not being allowed to devulge what you know.
  2. Rob, great video. Stuff like this is what my books are all about. Looking for the clues, piecing together these clues and developing a picture of what was done years ago by the old timers. I believe learning as many of the clues is absolutely crucial to finding gold consistently with a detector. Keep up your awesome videos. Maybe when I get down to Arizona this next fall we can team up for some of these videos for all of our fellow nugget hunters.
  3. Hey amitchla, did you try rewinding the cable with less stress on the plug? If so did it help?
  4. Just letting everyone overseas in Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania,Canada and everywhere else outside of the states know that I got the shipping rates corrected for The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide, and reduced. Even the rates for ordering in quantity is way less.
  5. Yet another reason I will stay with the 5000. Any of the Gpx series for that matter except the 6000. What good is spending $8,000, $9,000 ,or $10,000 for a detector if it is so easily damaged. I have heard so many horror stories about the 7000 that I will never invest in one. I am sure this will also be the case with the 6000 when it gets released. The 4500, 4800 and 5000 just might be the last of the well made Minelab gold machines.
  6. I'm not overly impressed to part with my gpx5000. I like detectors to have ability to fine tune for various conditions, not overly simplistic such as the monster. Don't get me wrong, I love my monster but I do wish it was more adjustable for different conditions. As for me, I will take the versatility of the 5000 with this beast.lol
  7. Get healed up Norm, you have more gold out there to find.
  8. Your welcome Peg. I have even more exciting strategies, tips and clue seeking info in my book I am writing on now. In it there will be info on detecting ground sluiced areas, dry-land dredge workings, and detecting gold Skarns. This next book will have between 250-350 photos with detailed captions. I still have a couple years of writing to do on it. It will be called "Strategic Gold Detecting - The Art & Science Of Gold Nugget Exploration & Recovery
  9. Yes it will. It is very easy. Just type in 4 in quantity box. It will give you the total then hit check out or whatever it says then it will as for address and it will move to next part. It is fast and easy.
  10. It is registered at just a hair under 1 lb. I would love to find cheaper shipping to Australia and New Zealand. I had a guy from Turkey that wanted to get a book. Same shipping price range. $150-$160
  11. Nice job Lunk, your finds are helping me get through this recovery period with my Achilles tendon. Lol. Keep them coming.
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