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  1. $1645 last I seen..... sold most all my silver a month ago along with 2 ozt. gold @ 1545.....glad I only sold 2 ozt and get a warm fuzzy feeling hanging on to the rest of my stash.... In paper terms gold has been my best investment over and above interest, dividends and stock trades.....Go GOLD!
  2. nothing wrong with 5 itty bitties… I'll dig those all day long if and when I can find em...they're fun, and they avoid the dreaded skunk! HATE the skunk.....
  3. Thanks for the story and pics! Helps a guy in cold country get thru winter dreaming of warmer weather, gold, and some sun!
  4. What I wouldn't give to detect open easy flat ground like that....!!!! One of these days...……. Beautiful pics.....
  5. how do these sob's always find my secret spots.....??????
  6. Yes..... Tesoro Golden sabre II..... used for 22yrs as 1st detector (dug 7300+ coins within first 7 months then quit counting) Minelab eTrac.... used for 4 seasons has paid for itself if I throw in the 4 gold rings also dug Minelab Gold Monster also paid for itself 1 season (barely)…. Still working on paying for gas, extra do-dads, coils, camper trailer, etc. etc.....lol Enjoyment...PRICELESS!!!!!! Forgot to mention the 2 that I didn't get paid for: Tesoro Tejon.... I was upgrading from my 22yr old Golden Sabre II and the Tejon did give me the depth I wanted but in the course of digging only 65 coins with it I got tired of digging 8-10" for some junk due to lack of information? After following many forums I noticed all the eTrac forums had all the good old coins posted much higher than all the other forums so I made the switch over to Minelab eTrac and then trash to treasure flip-flopped 180 degrees and the old coins really showed up! Adios to the Tejon and Tesoro... Minelab GPX5000.... Kinda knew I wouldn't care for it just because of the weight but tried one anyway. Used it on a couple hunts for a total of approx. 12 hrs. Hated the weight, hated wearing headphones, hated all the damned cords getting hung up in the brush, hated that harness, hated adjusting bungee going uphill or down, not much for discrimination. Then digging 2 junk targets about 18-20" deep once I said to self..."I'll bet that took over an hour to dig 2 targets?" so I went back to PU to check time and right at 1 hr. Sold the GPX imeadiately at $400 loss. If I hunted ground that wasn't so steep, brushy, and loaded with blowdown(s) I'd have kept it. I will say it sure did quiet down the hot rocks...I miss that! jmo
  7. Hope everyone has a truly GOLDEN year...!!!!!!
  8. You ain't the only cat guy here and now that we are being politically correct and standing up for cat rights (in a dog world) I'll just have to post 2 of my girls (got 3 cats, no dogs) to balance things out on this dog biased thread!.....lol
  9. His name is Quadzilla…!!!!! He has 4-wheel drive (locker), hauls in all my stuff, plows my driveway, don't have to feed him when not in use, he never barks, never runs deer, never strays, and will last forever as long as I take care of him. 19yrs now and no signs of slowing down or letting up....
  10. Gerry.... would you post the vid of that huge potatoe you found with the bug....???? That was fun to watch! tia
  11. Glad you said that.... I surely meant no ill intent or disrespect in my earlier comment, just speaking truth...imo
  12. that seatie is a sweetie!!!!!! Found seated half and 6-7 seated dimes but the quarter still managed to elude me to this day. Pretty much quit coin shootin last 2-3 yrs......
  13. The recovery was quite painful to watch (you'll get better at it) but in the end you got it....and a nice one at that!!!!!!! he's got friends...go get em!!!😉
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