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  1. Both my wild gold and my bullion gold make me feel secure as far as inflation and any financial woes on the horizon, that warm fuzzy feeling. With that said tho.... if the financial shit really hits the fan then food and ammo, fishing poles, firewood, etc. will be more important? Love my gold but in a total meltdown if I can't eat it, drink it, or smoke it....what's it really worth? Gold makes a very pretty paperweight...... jmo
  2. My 6 has been working as it should and last hunt a few days ago the wind was blowing so I broke out the corded Sennhauser phones and finished off the day cleaning up on some re-hunts I've re-re-hunted many times. After about 1.5hrs with the phones I "thought" maybe the 6 ran smoother with less emi issues I normally experience in my area??? Today was all cleanup again but today I used the phones for my entire hunt. All the talk here on the forum about emi possibly related to the speaker seems to be spot on. My 6 has never run quite this stable...ever and I didn't even do any noise cancels or re-sets today, not a one. Oh yeah....that 6 is definitely the "Super 6 Vaccume" and my last few cleanup work hunts has produced quite a few grams of "bonus" gold missed the first few go-rounds. I'm impressed.... PS...almost forgot.. Had some emi today from aircraft while using the phones but not anywhere near as annoying as when using the speaker and I was able to work right through the airplane emi..... Thanks again everybody for the info and tips....they definitely help!!!!! Keep on diggin....!!!!!!
  3. I had some self inflicted issues with my 6 awhile back but thanks to the forum members and some advice it's now working as it should. My areas are trashy and emi can get real annoying so I don't use it much but it's always with me when I stumble onto a less trashy area. The issues I had were solved from advice got here and were loose coil wire and also a factory re-set. My coil wire was LOOSE as hell at power box. Today I dug 10 real tiny bits and working hard for them. Took a lunch break and realized I needed to do something different so I thought about an area I'd pounded with the Monster several times digging/raking and couldn't remember if I'd followed the spot up with the 6 or not? What the hell...I'll hit it again with the 6 as what I'd been doing wasn't going all that well today. The 6 ran pretty smooth (for a change) and I popped 5 more nicer nuggs so the 6 really added to the 10 previous smallest of bits. Today I was loving the wild sensitive 6 and quite impressed on depth on small nuggs. So sorry you guys are having issues....if nothing else check that coil cable at the box, it seemingly tightens first few threads...BUT then you need to push cable in a little further...tighten nut some more, and possibly one more time. Thanks to whomever told me about that as my cable was really loose.....that and a re-set fixed mine right up!!!!! Oh yeah...59 nuggs with the 6 so far and I rarely use it......
  4. Enjoyed coin shooting for 26yrs focusing on older coins and for living in the youngest area(s) of the U.S. I've dug a pretty fair collection of Morgans, seated, barber, mercs, LC, IH's, V's, buffies, etc. etc. It finally got to where I hated trips to the city, people calling cops, sirens, traffic, people asking questions, people cussing you, dogs barking, etc. that I burned out on it. Always been a loner avoiding the crowd and my hobbies have been solitary things like trapping, shed hunting, trail cams (trapping without the hard work, blood and guts), cutting wood, hiking into the back country, etc. Always wanted to chase gold but never had the opportunity until recently when a guy said he was a prospector and would take me up to his claim and show me around, etc. Digging, sluicing, classifying, panning was fun until the fucking Forest Service came along and told me ALL the stuff I couldn't do and that pissed me off and I said to self...that's it I'm going to use a detector from now on....and damn glad I switched so in the end the FS actually helped me with their crap....lol that's my story......
  5. Hmmmm I thought it sounded exactly the opposite? Low high low...almost responded a few days ago but I have little time on my 6 so decided to wait until the experts have spoken..... I'll take another listen
  6. Got a little carried away posting my dinks lately. This season has been busy trying to add #'s to get some weight with the little stuff. All season until now has been smoke, fires, closures, helicopters, bugs and hot weather so when all that finally came to an end I got a little carried away tooting my own horn and posting as everything last couple of weeks has been absolutely perfect here. Sorry I got a little carried away. Today I found my biggest piece so far this season. Piece has some quarts in it and weighed in at 7.000g and total was 7.683g today. I'll hold off on the pics until end of season unless I snag any nicer pieces.... Thanks everyone for the likes and comments and good luck out there....!!!!!!
  7. Will do Jim.... LOVE that valley down there. When I was looking for a place down there I was really big into shed hunting and my guess is that area would beat the hell outta the thick brushy steep country here. Was curious if the wind mill crap ever got going in the valley? If so (?) I'm glad the house deal fell thru... take care!
  8. Another COLD but beautiful day on the hill. Don't use the 6 much as most my spots are too trashy but used it today all day long on a cleaner re-hunt spot. 54 noogies so far with the 6. Outside of battling aircraft emi, etc. I was once again quite impressed at the depth on small bits I turned up today! Man oh man was it COLD this morn...days are numbered so get out there if/while you can....and good luck!!! 10/3.560g
  9. little bit nicer stuff today.... 5 with the 6 and 6 with the Monster, 8.201g
  10. stick with your Bug and learn it well. Maybe save the rest of your dough for scoops & a decent pick-axe, if you don't have them already. If you must have a PI go used. BTW....I have an sdc 2300 I'll part with that's still under warranty....
  11. Fridays hunt including the tiny specimen. 3.3 grams/50 bits. Beautiful fall day today, couldn't be better..... Hope tomorrow is as nice!!!!
  12. Todays results (thurs.)..........
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