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  1. Fri. hunt and one of my better hunts this season. 28 bits for a whopping 2.1g.....lol But I'm having fun grinding em out, one bit at a time!!!!!
  2. Not sure if your post was in response to mine? Just to be clear regarding my above post... The choice to pre-order and pay in full was my decision entirely and I stand by the decision, not worried my dealer won't deliver, or the money already spent. Like the rest of us, was hoping for an earlier release? Now we see it's a waiting game......
  3. Depends on where you live. Season here starts around 1st of May and snow starts in October and starts sticking in November. It appears so far that half the season will be over before the 6 shows up.... so yes timing does somewhat matter to some of us, especially when your out $5+ g's.....????
  4. Got one paid for. Biggest fear is the body is starting to go FAST (legs mostly) and by the time the 6 arrives it may be too late? Heading out shortly to further explore a new to me drainage I stumbled into a couple days ago where I scared up 7 smalls....hopefully the rain will hold off today?
  5. Heels are nice but she'll never be allowed along into my spots unless she's also rockin' garterbelt & stockings along with the heels...!!!
  6. When I glanced at that first pic I thought I'd just seen the first daytime pic of the latest lunar landing and was scanning the background looking for the capsule....???? Now you've proven there IS gold on the moon....!!!!!!
  7. side of a mountain on private ground.
  8. Mr. Gerry.... Contest is pretty damned decent of you to offer this up!!!!! Had a beautiful day for me today and scared up 11 little bits. Left em dirty to try and prove I didn't rob the nugg jugg and cheat....lol So if I read the rules right I get 2 shots in the barrel? Anyways....this will be my only entry as I'm gonna stay on the couch for the rest of the holiday. Everybody have a good one and get out there if you can!!!!!
  9. or to southern dealers with northern customers.........lol
  10. First 100 bits so far. They are coming slow and small this season so far but having fun!
  11. Ditto.... Wind came up today while using the sdc with it's lousy speaker so I had to park it (no headphones with me as I hate using them) and had to bust out my beloved Monster.....!!!!
  12. Come on Minelab...... "Make America Great Again!" and get us our 6's...!!!!!!!
  13. No offense but that aluminum, weightless, blunt toothed, plastic reinforced handled rake you got might not hold up or work well for you out in the brush. Might not make it thru the day even? JMO and please let us know how it works out when you return from your trip? Good luck out there......
  14. Here's my setup.... not claiming it's the hot setup or anything but that magnet isn't going anywhere, very strong!
  15. Now that I think more about it, I use the sdc to locate targets then almost always chase target down with the Monster. Small roots up 2" I use a saw in swiss army knife to cut, big roots work around as best as I can and I'm sure the Monster saw the target also....I just couldn't find the little bastards and walked away after spending so much time trying to locate? I'll chalk it up to operator error on my part.......
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