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  1. I do that ALL the time....lol It's to the point now where IDGAF and just go. I've also walked into the bathroom and just mindlessly look around wondering why I came in here? I wear dentures so don't brush teeth, wasn't going to bathe, so what else would I be doing in the bathroom????? lets see...hmmm, maybe to pee...lol
  2. So this morn I jump in the PU, batteries, coffee, coffee cup, gold vile, lunch, smokes, lighter, glasses, full tank...all good to go! Get 3/4 of the way to my diggings and realize I'm still wearing my f'n slippers! Almost turned around but thought WTF lets give it a shot?...lol. Pulled it off and dig 10-12 (?) itty bitties but it sure wasn't smooth going. If you have dementia creeping in don't forget to check your footwear BEFORE you leave the shack.....
  3. If anybody is interested.... Just got off Provident Metals site and also Golden State Mint site. Appears provident now has plenty 1ozt. coins but Golden State is still only filling previous orders on the 1ozt. coins...didn't check anything other than the 1ozt. coins.....
  4. Ditto.... I think of Australia as flat to gentle ground, poisonous snakes, and a bunch of F'n pesky flies... Thanks for showing me there's much more to your country! Beautiful.....
  5. The story on the battery... The old cougar is apparently getting dementia, and few other issues...lol Being a creature of habit at the end of the digging day once I come off the hill I stop and pour a big cup of coffee. By the time I get home the cup is empty and before I get out of the PU my gold vile, cigarette case, lighter, and battery from the Monster go into the cup then head into the shack. This time I didn't finish all the coffee and dementia me soaked that battery in half a cup of coffee and ruined it. One of the MANY little things I'm noticing about getting old. Used to be a time where you had to get up real early in the morning to trick the old cougar...not any more...... That's the straight poop, raining today all day (we need it), so I'll only lose a couple days. Thanks once again and appreciate the fast action Gerry....
  6. JMO .... I look at physical gold as a long term thing to hedge and preserve wealth. Really don't pay much attention to manipulated short term price fluctuations, etc. I do watch the "price" as it generally shows me how worthless my "backed by faith" paper dollars really are. But like Steve said, in a real pinch you can't eat the stuff...lol just my thoughts....
  7. Lanny..... I noticed on my AA pack that the contacts on the pack were same place as battery but just a little different? I'm thinking that may be the reason the AA pack didn't fit quite right? If you do try yours check the pack contacts and compare to the battery contacts? Hope you're killing the au up there.....
  8. All I can say is my bullion cost average is $1160/ozt. The gold has done exactly what it's expected to do over time...inflation hedge and preservation of wealth. Also a comment on what Clay Diggins posted on dealers paying a premium OVER spot, that's also what I saw last I checked. I buy Canadian Maple Leafs from Provident Metals and see that most all the 1ozt coins from most the sources are currently out of stock? Also sometimes buy from Golden State Mint and their supply is down, and they mint the stuff! Been 4-5 weeks since I checked but it appears more demand than supply as far as us retail buyers...????
  9. Fiat will work until it quits working... and it will. When...who knows?
  10. agreed... if things get REAL ugly what's important will be guns, ammo, firewood and food.
  11. I dug out my AA holder and loaded it up and it just didn't quite fit "right" and the cam-lock battery door didn't want to seat just right? Double checked everything a few times it just didn't fit quite right? Machine would turn on then quit. Anyways...new batt on the way. Lost without my Monster, should be back in biz Fri. or Sat.
  12. Debated on posting the following but it's the truth so here goes. Long story but I managed to ruin the battery on my Monster (my fault) and need one ASAP! So I called Gerry and left a message on the answering machine. Immediately after the call I also shoot an email stating the same. Maybe 10-15min after I shot the email the phone rings and some guy says "it's on it's way out tomorrow". So then I know it's Gerry...lol Anyways...just a little pump and with out a doubt that is the fastest service/transaction I've EVER gotten anywhere, no shit!. So thanks Gerry, appreciate the super fast service.....
  13. Lanny is Canuk.... He mines over in BC and I'm sure he'll be able to add to the subject if/when he reads the post...????
  14. pesky little bastard pellets.... sounds familiar lol. Hatters teeny weeny nuggies are huge compared to what I've been digging all season. My pesky little bastard nuggets are about the size of Simons' pesky little bastard pellets! LMAO! Nice gold Hatter......
  15. pesky little bastard pellets...OUCH! Tuff sleddin....
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