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  1. Suprisingly enough they are VERY tasty...!!!! Imo best description I can give is a cross between venison and pork, a white meat, and about the same texture as a porkchop...? They are not really that big, usually 100-125lb range, big cat 150lbs+ Here's some good pics from a few winters ago off one of my trail cams. If you want more cat pics I got tons, just not sure if Steve wants the stuff on this forum....
  2. Gonna call it for the season. These are the last little bits I could work out on a location cleanup before the rain came today. Already driven through a dusting of snow and it's getting cold with short days....that time of year. Ended up with 8ozt. and count was 484 pieces for the season. Had a blast. Thanks to everybody for the comments and likes, etc.!!!!!
  3. Forgot to mention that I've also somehow managed to lose a rake over near Helena and have been back a couple times since hunting and also trying to find that rake.... GONE....lol Couple weeks ago I'd found a 12 grammer and a couple tiddlers. I decided it was about lunch time and also time to admire the big 12 grammer. So while I'm eating a sandwich and looking into my vile at the 12'er I notice a small piece of wood or brush along with my gold in the vile so I blow out the debris, finish my sandwich and proceed to hunt some more. 10-15 min later I find another tiddler and reach for the
  4. Phrunt... You own every detector ever made?...lol Gotcha...(couldn't resist a poke...lol)
  5. I'm loving my new-to-me ill handling boat anchor with cardboard in between the batteries SDC so it'll be with me for a long time....lol Like to learn the one(s) I use to the best of my abilities before any switch ups.....jmo
  6. Weather here has just been too damn nice to call the season over just yet. Managed to get out this week on Tues. and Wed. and scrounged up 2 pieces on Tues. and 15 on Wed. Supposed to be another nice week ahead after rain this weekend? Hopefully a few more hunts before I call it....
  7. LMAO.... yeah, I've lost a few falling axes when I was falling. Tried florescent paint and that's good for about 2 days...lol
  8. Yeah....I've left my pick half way down the mtn next to a dig and had to abort the location once I got there that I'd intended to hunt that day. I surely wasn't gonna hike up the mtn twice so found my pick and went to a plan B.... Been nugget shooting 3 seasons now and have found 1 scoop and 2 Estwing rock hammers so far..... and lost one el cheapo pick my first season.... Nice gold you got there....!!!!!
  9. Nice hunt/gold and pics! One of these days I'll get down there. I wouldn't know how to act on flat ground with very little brush...it'd be heaven!
  10. Nothing special but the weather is GREAT right now so I got out and was able to get a few tiddlers this week. Got skunked on Monday, Thurs. I stumbled onto this little patch for 24 bits. Then today (Fri.) I was gonna hammer the new found patch and dug my butt off and only got 2 TINY bits...then lost one of them!....lol Anyways...good to get out and I'll take them if I can find them!
  11. Nice stuff!!!!! I hope you enjoy your retirement as much as I do mine.....
  12. I get out twice a week on average. Got skunked today... Tomorrow it'll be out cutting firewood (another type of gold). Weather here fantastic today!!!!!
  13. Thanks everyone for the comments!!! I'll be talking about this season for many years...."yeah I remember back in 2020"...lol Doubt it'll ever happen again as things just kinda came together this season, but that's what keeps us going...... Thanks again and good luck out there......
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