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  1. Good week for me including my best day so far. Hunted wed, thurs, and today. Today I got my smallest and thinnest piece with the Monster. The nice "patch" ended as fast as it started but I sure had fun for 2 hrs of my 4.5 hr hunt!!!! You guys have a good weekend....!!!!! Wed. (4).....Thurs. (11),...Fri. (2)…...
  2. oneguy

    Back To My Little Hot Spot

    Always impressed with your skills at sniffing out the itty bitties!!!!! My skunk streak ended yesterday and today I had my best day to date....I'll post em up later. Keep em coming!!!!!
  3. oneguy

    First Virginia Picker With Gold Monster

    Good job and nice pics!!!!!!! As far as "first gold with detector is the hardest" goes..... Been the exact opposite for me, got off to a great start in the beginning and steadily going downhill with 30 hunts in as of today (another skunk)….. Just saying
  4. oneguy

    The Gold Monster Shines Again

    You'd better slow down a bit and let that poor old Monster cool off!!!!!! Gonna head off here shortly for more dredge pile hunting and tomorrow a new area I've never been..... Good work on all those nugs and thanks for the pics!!!!
  5. oneguy

    Newbie Question

    That's about the biggest hurdle you're gonna face! Most gold or decent gold areas are very well spoken for already. It's even tougher to find out where the claims are at EXACTLY as half of em aren't marked well, etc. The website mylandmatters.org will give you some great tools and info on claims in the area you seek but still you have to do the legwork, etc. to find out EXACTLY where the boundries, who owns what, etc. etc. It's not easy....ask any and all locals for info and maybe even permissions, etc. good luck......
  6. oneguy

    Doing The Monster Mash

    Nice pics, gold and the write up Kiwi...…!!!!! I got skunked again today after 6 hrs......maybe tomorrow?
  7. oneguy

    Detecting Old Claim In Alaska

    NICE....!!!!! Let me guess....???? Not Florida....sooooo maaaybeeee…. Idaho????? Better than my spot, I got skunked again today on gold.....but I killed it in the lead, shell casing, square nail, and a couple modern pull tab dept.!!!!!
  8. oneguy

    Detecting Old Claim In Alaska

    No offense at all Kiwi but I get the impression you've never been around Grizzlies? Blackies are one thing (and they have their moments also) but Grizz can be a different ballgame. Used to cut timber in AK on Chicagof Is. (grizz) and had one experience (didn't go bad) here in Mt. Actually had two scary ordeals just with Blackies here in Mt. but they also turned out ok with no shots fired. What I do is pack a .41 mag (warm fuzzy feeling) and also a pocket air horn. When I get in tight/thick brush I give a few toots on the horn to let any bears know I'm coming. Haven't had a bear incident in years...as long as you make plenty of noise and don't surprise them. Generally they hear you coming making noise and leave before you ever see one. Unfortunately that grizz may/or may not move on hearing you coming? I think the last thing anyone wants to do is have any incident with Grizz….much less have to shoot? They can be unpredictable and if it comes to you or him...I completely understand a decision to shoot (and that's if you even have time to draw your weapon)….. jmho
  9. oneguy

    Found A Little Guy Today......

    Hey thanx guys!!!! I'd been getting a little frustrated lately so this little guy helped with that. When I left the house I'd forgot my little nugget vile but thought "well I never find anything anymore so who needs it?" and continued on to my spot. Found the redemption noogie right at the end of my hunt, stuck it in my lip, headed for the truck and got about 150yds within sight of the pickup. Then I stumbled on a rock and down I went and accidently spit the noogie out onto the ground...oh shit!!!! Took about 10 min. but I managed re-find it with the Monster....wheeeeew...close one....lol
  10. Been about a month since I've found any but this little guy gave me some redemption...finally!!!!! Supposed to rain hard all weekend so I aborted a trip. Don't get too wet Reese and good luck over there!!!!!
  11. oneguy

    Rye Patch Nugget Shoot Sep 15, 2018

    Thanks....!!!! Little far for me to travel but it sounds like it could be a fun outing!!!!!!
  12. oneguy

    Rye Patch Nugget Shoot Sep 15, 2018

    Where is this Rye Patch you guys are always speaking of? Possibly north of Winnemucca area???? Just curious...no plans to swoop on all your gold...…. TIA...…..
  13. Like Steve said...."an individual decision". Depends on what you're after and the amount of time you have to chase whatever you're after??? I hunt old coins in public areas. I've hunted out the 2 tiny burgs near me to the best of MY abilites so the last few years when I used to coinshoot I drove 220mi RT to the big city. So take 4.5hrs of driving time off a hunt and that takes it's toll on the whole hunt? So depending on where I hunted, etc. would dictate how I would attack. Parks I like to focus a lot on old nickels because they fall right in with beaver tails/trash so many don't chase nickels so there always seems to be a lot of old buffs & V's to be had? In parks, outside of nickels, I also only dig deeper higher tones like copper/silver and leave the zinc and shallow coins for the others. I might lose a few IH by not digging zinc but I'm against the clock. Curb strips have little modern trash and few beaver tails so I tend to dig any nickel type signal and even a few zincs hoping for an IH and dig about all good repeatables? To me it's all about allocating and managing my hunt time which is dictated by travel time, hunt time and the location(s) I hunt. Bottom line....If I'm digging zinc and modern shallow coins I'm NOT digging the older coins I prefer?...….
  14. oneguy


    Your expertise shows...good job!!!