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  1. best scoop out there is the one that comes with the Goldmonster.....nice and pointed with a flat spot and does as good as any on bedrock cracks. I've heard, but don't know myself, that Minelab does NOT sell the scoop seperately? JMHO.....
  2. I belong to a club that has 10-12 claims open to members. Pretty well beat to death on the 3 I've been to but have found a couple nuggies. Only $20/yr and worth it to always have a "plan B" or backup location if all else fails....imo
  3. Gonna take me awhile longer before I catch up with Gold Hound. Todays hunt was 6 bits for .9 gram....lmao!
  4. Sa-weet…!!!! My only seated half was also an 1853 in a little better shape. Great find and you'll enjoy the memory, as I do mine, for many years....!!!! PS...I usually ding my good finds too....lmao! 😉
  5. sure am liking mine so far....it has it's place along with the Monster and both have my needs pretty well covered imo….. Robs cardboard battery fix has worked well for me also...Thanks Rob for the fix and the great transaction!!!!
  6. I use S.O.S. pads..... let us know how it works for you?
  7. just take a small container (plastic vitamin jar is what I use)….put the nickels and Dawn dish soap/water in and shake em up....rinse them off good then just add enough vinegar to cover coins and add a little salt (doesn't take much) and shake em all up then rinse. Cleans em up pretty good and they'll go thru the coinstar or spend em…. One thing I didn't mention above is I separate my copper pennies from the zinc pennies also....Usually just use Dawn on the coppers and the zinc ones I do the vinegar/salt thing...… Not gonna go into the chemical stuff as I rarely use it and each coin is different in condition(s) so it's too hard to try and explain with any accuracy???? Steel wool should take care of 95% of your needs on nickels.....sorry
  8. DO NOT USE lemon juice, catsup, vinegar, etc. on OLD nickels... it REALLY brings out the pitting!!!!! First off, your DUG nickels will have envirenmental damage as they just don't holdup well in the ground like silver and chances are they have no real numismatic value because of that unless a major key date so don't worry about cleaning dug nickels. Chances are they ain't worth squat over 5 cents. On NICKELS ONLY take some steel wool and scrub the piss outta them. Usually the steel wool is all you need but sometimes I'll take it a little further and also use an abrasive like Comet or Bon Ami on a nickel depending on condition. Lots of nickels are almost too far gone and heavily pitted to justify any further attempts to clean...they're shot, period. The steel wool scrub will allow you to see actually how bad, pitted wise, the nickel is. The 1892 above was only cleaned with steel wool....the 1910 was NOT cleaned with steel wool because I saw no damage, pitting wise, and I didn't want to chance damaging a good condition coin so I just rubbed it by hand with Bon Ami to clean off the brown....but this is the ONLY nickel I've cleaned that WASN"T scrubbed with steel wool first. DO NOT use the wool on war nickels or any silver coin or penny. I use other methods for silver and copper coins. If you have a bunch of modern nickels then you can use the vinegar/salt method and throw then all together and shake em up. Always clean coin types separately....pennies with only pennies, clad with clad, nickels with nickels...never mix em up. Certain coins I use chemicals on if the above doesn't work but rarely and I won't go into that now. Always remember that once you start to clean a coin you can't unclean...so be careful not to take it too far. Here's my last season of cleaned "keeper" nickels from my coin shooting days 5 years ago. You can see a lot of pitting on many of those but some cleaned up nicely...imo????
  9. Thanks for the words guys.....!!!!! I had to post this V after your "best looking so far".... The 1892 is about average or a little better looking after cleanup than the usual dug, turd brown, highly pitted, V's or Buff's...imo. But this V is by far the BEST looking dug V that I've ever popped and it was another turd brown V before I cleaned it up....but talk about good condition and cleaned up well. it was found in a pile of needles under a Spruce tree and somehow avoided all the usual pitting when dug from the dirt. PS.... been a member of the V club for many yrs and dug a few
  10. Popped a V-nickel out while detecting tailings pile for gold. It cleaned up pretty good for a dug V. When I used to coin-shoot V's were my favorite to dig for some reason? This is my 2nd V from this area while looking for nuggs….. I'll take it...lol
  11. Yeah, they are out! Been out detecting tailings 5 times now in open areas instead of beating the brush because of the ticks and still picked 4 ticks off me so far....lol. No gold yet but did pop an 1892 V nickel I'll clean up and post later. For some reason V nickels are my favorite coin to dig even though V's and Buffies usually come out of the ground in ruff shape...….
  12. gotta get up pretty early in the morning to trick the ol' cougar.....!!!!!
  13. 2 thumbs up on the book Reese...……..👍
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