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  1. In my limited experience and areas, I find hydraulic areas have less trash than the river bottoms where the dredges operated....
  2. Stumbled onto this interesting article form another site...... Not sure where to post this but Steve can relocate it where he see's fit? https://www.westcoastplacer.com/paleochannel-hunting-guide/
  3. Another good transaction here on Detector prospector...thanks Steve. Thanks again Lonnie, enjoy the silver......
  4. Just a wild guess on my part....but maybe to increase sales?????? Looks to me like the 6000 might be kinda like an SDC on steroids? What's not to like about simplicity, lighter weight, better ergonomics, no cords, etc. Price alone will keep most the "un-sophisticated" or those folks not as serious about the hobby away but if someone wants to jump towards the upper end with a more simple machine and dive right in, I think Minelab probably has a winner here? I'm old, tired, time is limited and like simplicity and don't care or have time to learn every different timing(s), filters, settin
  5. Here's a real good example from Bills' video of why I believe I save recovery time by marking targets and chasing them down with the Monster. Check out the vid and especially the first half.... Harquahala Mountain Gold Nugget Hunt Feb. 2021 - YouTube Thanks Bill S. for all your great vids......... (love those warm desert vids, snowing here again)
  6. I got my markers today...reason it took so long was they came from the UK and same reason I thought the answering machine message sounded foreign....lol. Product is everything I thought it would be and I'll most likely half or maybe quarter the discs? Sorry for badmouthing the co.
  7. Just wanted to let you guys know that I deleted a link on my "Marking Targets" post. I'm having trouble with the company where I ordered my colored discs. Haven't received order yet, no tracking #, emailed twice now and response to 2nd email (sent today) was "we'll get back 7-10 days", called phone # and got a recording from a foreigner I couldn't understand telling me to email. I just hope none of you have ordered from them.....beware and so sorry. Getting that bad feeling....I'll update if/when I actually do receive my order?
  8. Almost seems like you just haven't been able to get the coil over some gold? Can't find it if it's not there. Only thing I can add is do your noise cancel, ground balance, sens on 3-4 (if threshold remains stable), coil as close to soil as possible and nice slow even 3-4 second coil sweep from side to side, dig any/all change in threshold tone. Persistance, patience, tenacity and get that coil over some gold!!!!!.......(it'll happen) good luck
  9. All I can say is my dream is to hunt ground like the guy using the Monster in above pic Steve posted.....YES!!!!!!!
  10. Like the above post, I just wear phones and soldier on. One area Reese T put me on near the top of Continental Divide in MT. is full of dead lodgepole pine, both standing and blowdown everywhere. That area is a PITA to hunt because of all the blowdown and the wind blows a lot there. That area is the only time I've cut a hunt short because of wind and went back to the safety of the camper trailer parked in the valley in a huge gravel pit. The area is 200mi from home, I'm alone, and nobody knows I'm there and the fear of a blowdown hitting you is very high when the wind blows, and it seems to
  11. Chris... Done it that way myself but on a smaller scale so to speak? Start with SDC and locate a target, quick 2" scrape to help with the follow up chase with the Goldmonster..... BUT, I've also had some trouble locating the scrape(s) a few times also. So now it's find target, scrape a few inches, toss disc on ground, once I locate 10 targets, go fetch the Monster and run em down picking up disc as I go along and putting them back in the pouch. Wash, rinse, repeat on the next 10. I'm the laziest of the lazies! I really think it cuts down on my recovery time overall by basically chasing/P
  12. Not me.... Been at it for 29yrs, 2 Tesoro (sold), 3 Minelab (soon to be a 4th Minelab)...........
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