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  1. I kinda figured my Monster was maybe about a 10" machine for the most part? It's good to know that when I get the coil over a 28 lb nuggie @ 18" it won't be missed....!!!!!
  2. good luck with the book Reese. I'll see ya come spring if this below zero crap ever ends......
  3. I find the little bits of gold are more of a challenge so every time I come across a bigger piece like in your pic I re-bury it so the newer detector guys can have some fun and excitement with an easy find! All joking aside...IMPRESSIVE!!!!!
  4. I totally agree Gerry! It's all about the memory of finding something that's just hard to find? I have a few of my personal favorites that are worth a bunch TO ME over my 27 years tecting but it's the least "valuable" one I probably treasure the most as I NEVER thought I'd dig one EVER out west and in a very young and small town? I dug an 1842 Large Cent in good shape. Other notable favorites are Morgan Dollars (1879s,1921), Seated Half (1853), and a 1937d "3-legged" buffy. Got seated's, V's, buffs, barbers, IH's, mercs, rosies, and coffee cans full of wheats & coppers, etc. I may part with the common silvers and pennies but doubt I could ever part with the Morgans, seated half or the LC.... Those coins bring back the memories any time I look at them and that (imo) can't be bought with $....???? Good post....thanks!!!!
  5. Glad you got it....!!!! Can't tell you how close I came to calling on that one!
  6. I don't need another Monster but for that price I'd likely jump on that unless some high tax crap like Idaho or Washington? Would you know if they have a few or just the one? If you might give up the info on where...please pm me? Thanx (I think you'd outta jump on that one)…..jmo
  7. Looking at all the tiny bits all you folks have posted is very impressive and reminds me of amazing these gold detectors really are! Glad the old timers didn't have them....lol Thanks for the pics all, something to look at and talk about to help get thru the winter duldrums.!!!! Gotta plow and shovel again tomorrow...…..
  8. Well Mr. Lunk…. I'd truly wish I was down there in the sunny warmth swinging rather than shoveling and plowing!! Thanks for the pics and good luck down there!!!!!! But then again, my couch is getting a good workout this winter...…..and I'm kinda OK with that too!...lol PS...my oldest Merc(s) would be 4 maybe 5 (?) of the 1916's but none the coveted 1916 D (sigh)……..
  9. Well I don't find big gold so I went with the teenies…..lol Come on guys....it's winter time lets see some itsy bitsies….??
  10. OK...I'm bored as the snow keeps piling up!!! I remember reading a thread on one of these forums, which I can't remember which one, but somebody posted some very small bits he'd gotten with I believe a Gold Monster(?). Anyways....one of the replies posted was from a person who couldn't and wouldn't believe a detector could find gold that tiny. Soooo.... just for fun lets see some pics of your smallest bits and what detector you got them with??? Mine below were got with the Monster.....
  11. I mostly read forums and read/post on a few. What I noticed here on this forum over most the others is what I perceive as maybe a tad higher quality info over some of the others.....jmo Not to discount the others as I like them also. keep up the great work everybody....it's much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I can't speak for Steve but it sure sounds like he was doing what I call "clad stabbing"....Quick easy shallow coins. "IF" you chase the older coins in beat to death parks you'll find them DEEP. Ain't gonna get anything done with a probe or screwdriver without making a hell of a mess of the turf. I've been in these shovel debates before and agree "the perception of a shovel is bad...no doubt". The reality is I can cut a much better, faster and cleaner plug with the lesche shovel than I can with the handheld lesche….much less a screwdriver (great for shallow stuff)…… I've been confronted in parks before and once I demonstrate how I cut a plug and put it back, then ask if they can see any of my other holes, that usually quiets them right up...… But then again...there's idiots out there that'll ruin it no matter what they use? Shovels look bad agreed....but boy do they do a nice clean quick job on the deepies……...jmho
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