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  1. I have one I use on my eTrac when the occasional need arises. It's a great coil, lightweight, and has a place in my arsenal when needed which is not very often. I can say that it has got me a couple deep thin barber dimes that were on edge in the 9-10" range that I doubt a smaller coil would have got...but who really knows? I can't personally say I got any real increase in depth over the stock 11" Minelab coil but still believe the Ultimate snagged those on edge deepies. If you relic hunt that Tejon coupled with the Ultimate should be a depth monster(?).....no opinion on the ATP. I think it's a great coil WHEN NEEDED...……...jmo
  2. Reese.... just placed my order. Looking forward to the book, good luck and congrats on the project!!!!!!!
  3. Had fun and it's a start!!!! No ticks this trip unlike last trip and weather was GREAT!!!!!
  4. Maybe this can help you decide? If nothing else a vlf is much cheaper than a PI and to be really complete you should eventually have one of each???? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcL04ZHki6Q
  5. There's some detectable yellow over there...we just didn't find the hot spot....YET! Had fun, we got LOTS of ground to snoop, and met some truly fine folks!!!!!! Next time....!!!!
  6. Hey Cabin....did you get up to the Depot site yet???? OP...Nice Walker...one of my favorites!!!
  7. Try it and see what happens? I personally don't think the eTrac is the best iron machine out there. BUT it can be setup to do a pretty fair job in trashy iron sites. Multi conductive fries my brain after just a few hrs in a real trashy park type site. 2TF is a very easy and effective way to hunt....imo. Let us know how it goes? If it works for you(?) and you're a coin shooter mainly I'll share a disc pattern I use with 2TF for coins (I know I said NO disc and I meant it for your test)….. Keep us posted and thanks for taking the time to do these tests!!!!!!!
  8. I commented on your other comparison vid regarding the eTrac and iron and I'll mention it again here. I'm no expert with the eTrac by any means but the only way I've had good success with the eTrac in iron is to use absolutely no disc and run 2-tone ferrous. The slight drawback with 2TF is the "break" between high and low tone at the 17 line is fixed on the ferrous side. You can avoid the 17 line "fixed" by trying 4-tone ferrous which breaks the 4 tones into 4 separate break points (I personally haven't used it but it'll allow you pick up some of those higher ferrous #'s deepies that come in above the "fixed" 17 line on 2TF. 2TF/open screen/6" coil is the simplest and best in iron that I have found that works FOR ME when I used to hunt with the eTrac. Low tone=iron....high tone non-ferrous....high tone "chirp" amongst low tone= possible non-ferrous next to iron.....dig! One little high tone "chirp" will stop you in your tracks then work the signal from all angles looking for good #'s and some consistency(?) then make final decision. You'll have to use your screen #'s to help determine whether to dig or not. Or you could do high tone=dig, low tone=walk..... LOOSE any/all disc! , on deepies when that eTrac nulls you are S.O.L. Try it and see if 2TF (NO DISC) works a little better for you? Not saying the best or better than...but better by eTrac standards??? jmo's
  9. Yeah....seeing the old hand stackings around from back in the day always makes my back hurt and I start sweating just thinking about how hard they worked. I would not have made a very good "old timer".....lol Nice gold guys!!!!!
  10. I wonder how the eTrac would have done with an open screen and Two-Tone Ferrous??????
  11. Don't try and dig or scrape with it (like I do with my black Garrett...lol) and you'll be fine...….
  12. I have one and probably shouldn't comment as I've only used 2 PP's now, The original black Garrett and now the Pro-35. I should ad that for the small nuggets I normally find the "divide & conquer" method works best for me. Myself and Goldseeker did a sensitivity test between the Garrett Carret and the 35 and the 35 was a tad more sensitive on some small nuggs by maybe a 1/2 in. The really small bits both PP's had to touch or almost touch the end of PP and half the time neither would sound off on the smallest bits. The 35 also does weird go crazy stuff and I needed to shut it off and turn back on (retune maybe?). That bugged me, the go crazy stuff. Like mentioned...PP's for my small gold really doesn't help me much but I do still pack it and get by with the 35. What I mainly use it for now is when I'm chasing that loud banging signal you know might possibly be a large chunk of iron and you've worked your butt off getting closer to it....then the Ferrous/non-ferrous function of the 35 comes in real handy and could save you some digging if indeed an iron target or nail. If I was back coinshooting I'd be ok with the 35 but most likely prefer the old Garrett? For nuggets I really have no real need for any PP?.....jmo
  13. I went and copied your pick holder sheath today for my Apex and it also works well for my Estwing rock pic and all I can say is PERFECT!!! Thanks for that!!!!
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