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White's Sierra Gold Trac User Guide 621-0545

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    • By devilsrenegade
      I wanted to share some pics of my completed goldmaster 4b detector shaft swap. It was fairly easy and l was happy with the results. I think someone could do the same thing with the gmt if they wanted .

    • By Nevada1616
      Well I got my new GMT today! I had to try it out. I only had about an hour of daylight. I was around an old tailing pile. Lots of trash. I didn't even get my headphones yet but it was quiet where I was at. I'm happy with my first outing. I found one 22 casing, one small piece looks like a rock sticks to a magnet, and one mangled piece of lead. The lead can write as you can see in the pic. Again no real finds but I'm happy in .the one hour I had. I can't wait till I get to really try it out.

    • By beardog
      I am wondering if the Nugget Buster headphones would be compatible with my GMT? I see they have an ohm rating of 150. My GMT has a suggested ohm rating of "at least 60" ohms.
      With the 1/4 inch jack, would these work for me?
    • By Robert F
      Hi All, I have just started getting interested in gold prospecting and I have been thinking about getting a detector. I live in Anchorage, AK and was curious if there is anybody around here that could provide some field training for using a gold detector. I have been thinking about getting a White's GMT or Fisher Gold Bug 2. I am leaning towards the GMT right now.
    • By auminesweeper
      G'day All
      I have just been Testing the GND readings On My MXT and My GMT and naturally they don't Match??
      Anyway the MXT read 84 to 85, But the thing that has me Thinking Is with the GMT If I have the 6x10 Long Scan coil on it I get a reading of 65, but If I put the Twin D Coil on it I get A Reading of 78, So If DD's are meant to be Better In Hot Ground, Then why does the Concentric give A Lower Ground Phase Reading Than The DD,
      I am starting to think that Concentric Coils are just as Good In Hot Ground BUT ??? because they are more sensitive that they pick up More Noise, And the fact that they are more Sensitive they Give A Truer Ground Reading??
      I know that the 6X10 Long Scan see's things that you would normally find with the Little Shooter Coil, Which is another reason why the GB 2 Is So Hot on Tiny Gold.
      But It is those GND Readings that are making me think this way.
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