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  1. I have used a Viet Nam era Alice pack for decades. I started with a Jansport frame, but it had a mishap (don't ask), and I recently changed to a Molle frame. That Molle is the best setup I've ever used. Totally adjustable, and fits like a second skin....just awesome. Jim
  2. I liked Hawthorne, Tom. Lots of great desert/mountain country, and Walker Lake right there. (the "sink" for the Walker River). Reasonable occasional driving distance to Reno, and even shorter to Minden/Gardnerville. One of my younger brothers lived most of his adult life at Smith Valley, which isn't far. Jim
  3. By the way....Chris and I spent a night in Hawthorne...must have been 10 years ago. They had closed the Army base, and that place was like a ghost town. I mean NOTHING was going on. We were the only customers in the restaurant, and the only people at the motel. It was eerie. I could probably have bought a house really cheap. I haven't been through there since, and have no idea what it's like now. Jim
  4. Bets of luck, Tom! My wife doesn't like detecting either, though she enjoys rock hounding. Jim
  5. Whites was a privately held company. The owner is old. The next generation either was incapable, or unwilling, to take over the company. So, when things got tight, the owner bailed out. I don't see a thing wrong with that, from my perspective. I did the same with my business about 25 years ago, though I did start another. Jim
  6. I'm going to miss him. He seemed a genuinely decent guy, and made some really good contributions to the forum. Jim
  7. Seems to me, as I recall, this happened once before with them. Maybe late paying their bill? Jim
  8. I can't take credit for that, Steve. Somebody on another forum sent it to me when I posed the same question. Wish I could give him credit. Jim
  9. Flak, it was over 99 here today.....that's almost unheardof. Combine that with the 4500' elevation, and I can't stand to even be outside. Can't imagine what it's like for you guys down south. Jim
  10. Seeing that video of Whites really brings home what a tiny company they actually were. Makes their accomplishments even more impressive, too. Jim
  11. That's a pretty interesting detector. if I didn't already have a TM808 with Cave Mode I'd probably buy one. Both operate at around 7khz. Whites at 6.59, and Garrett at 7.62. No display with the Whites, but a much cheaper price. Whites website says they're now out of stock on the TM808. Jim
  12. No wonder i couldn't find it. I didn't realize it was an accessory for the GTI2500. Would have been nice to know that. I'm curious about the frequency the 2500 operates at. Couldn't find that spec in the catalog listing. Jim
  13. I just wanted a quick look at the specs....didn't want to sit here for 5 minutes, with my slow 'net connection, while the entire catalog downloads. Seems kinda stupid they don't have it on the website with the rest of their detectors. Jim
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