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  1. I've seen people talk about this Mike, but haven't heard from anybody that's actually tried it. Sure hope you do some tests, and post the results. Jim
  2. Gotta like that, Mike. I'm going to try that this summer. Some places I hunt, it wouldn't work, but I think most spots I could get by with GB off using that 4 x 6. I'm starting to think buying that little coil was a good thing. I'm also wondering if that could be done with the Coiltek 6" round coil? Jim
  3. Good luck, Mike. Hope that rig knocks 'em dead! Jim
  4. Many thanks, Steve! I hadn't considered the location being detected. As usual with you, that makes perfect sense. I'm still hunting for elusive spots that haven't been previously detected, so your previous philosophy carries the same weight with me. That's probably why I so readily noticed the change...LOL. It stood out like an outhouse in the fog! Jim
  5. LOL...Steve, you said that backwards, no offense intended. What you meant, and have said before is use a VLF where you can, and a PI where you have to. Jim
  6. I'm going to really enjoy seeing the results of that test, Mike. Hurry up!...LOL Jim
  7. I was surprised myself, Steve. Found it on Ebay last summer...Brand new. As I recall, it cost me $50. (sometimes you get lucky...ha!) Has a nice, sharp signal on the 1 grain bar at 2 1/2" Mine is identical to the bottom pic on Karelian's post. Jim
  8. That Sadie is a great coil, Mike. My SL is definitely louder than yours, with that Sadie and the 1 grain bar really looking forward to the in-the-ground tests!. Also the results with that 4 x6. Would you believe I also have a 31/4" x 6 1/4" Razorback for mine? I'm guessing those are the actual dimensions of what you're calling a 4 x 6? I have yet to try it. Jim
  9. My SL is much more like the signal you're getting from the Pro's. Same 1 grain bar. It does soften a little with the MJ 8 x 12, however. I was trying mine indoors, and that makes the threshold noisier. Which coils were you using, Mike? Jim
  10. Good video. Nice to hear those differences, at last. First time I've heard the threshold on the Big box units. JIm
  11. That would be a really interesting comparison, Karelian. Ill be looking forward to seeing that, especially regarding the performance on small gold. Jim
  12. Karelian, the added battery voltage isn't the only mod on mine. I've changed the filtering capacitors on the sweep speed filter, as suggested by Reg Sniff and also did Reg's second suggested mod of removing capacitor C56 and the diodes D20 and D21, and installing the jumper across the legs of D21. That second mod is now done by the factory on newer TDI SL'. I'd bet my unit will run pretty close to the big box units. Steve, I'd like to have a TDI Pro, and do all the Reg Sniff mods to it, along with a 5-cell battery pack. I'd bet that would be a pretty decent machine. But I'm pretty happy with my modded SL, right now. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a TDI, or TDI Pro, or a Garrett ATX to mod, but won't pay a lot to get one. Too many new detector models coming out to pay a high price for a used one. Jim
  13. I wish there was somebody near me, with a big box TDI. I would really like to see how my modded SL, running on 16v, stacks up on identical targets in the ground. Jim,
  14. One thing I was surprised by, in my tests, was the large difference between air tests, and ground tests, when comparing coils. With my SL, the 12DF was always the hottest coil in air tests, even on gold as small as 1 grain. But when I tested that coil on small targets in the ground, it performed poorly. Also, when comparing the NF Sadie with the Whites 7.5DF, the Sadie was clearly better in air tests, but testing in the ground showed much less, or almost no difference between them. One thing I learned in all that is to never use an air test as the deciding factor for detector, or accessory coil purchases. Jim
  15. What wre you using as targets, Joe. Some more info on your test would be helpful. Jim
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