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    Blackfoot, Idaho
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    Prospecting, machining, equipment design/build, predator hunting, flyfishing
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    Whites GM24K, GMT, TDI-SL, DFX. Homebuilt mineral jigs/with auto-feeder, for gems. Designer & inventor & operator of patented "Sweep Jig' (US10159988 B1), Polaris 4 x4 ATV

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  1. The truth of the matter in all this, sadly, is you only have the legal rights you have the financial means to defend. That's the real world we live in. Jim
  2. LOL...I couldn't afford the fuel to drive that around the block. Jim
  3. I now have the Oregon Coot, and a 4 wheel steer model I bought in Utah. have the tranny reconditioned with bearings and seals, for the Oregon unit. Also tore down the Utah unit. Will go through the tranny, and worm boxes. Currently working on the frozen steering kingpins. By spring, I plan on having the Utah Coot painted, and everything gone through mechanically. Hoping the Coot will be a "Hoot" next prospecting season....LOL Jim
  4. Probably. You might be able to run higher gain with the DD. Jim
  5. My understanding was that before the GMT, the Goldmasters were tuned to work with the concentric coils. Those "red", or "green" 6 x 10's were, I believe, concentrics. Where the ground allowed, they were very good. They even made the GMT better, in some instances. I've never used mine with a DD 6x10, though I found a great 2lb chunk of copper with it, using the 8x14DD. Jim
  6. The V-SAT's a great machine. I've got a GM2 and a GM3, and the 3 is still one of my favorite detectors. The 6 x 10 is good...all you really need, but the smaller coils would be better where the ground is hotter, as they "see" a smaller patch of soil, and thus mineralization. I've owned a GMT, and now own a 24K, but still don't feel handicapped using the GM3. The smaller coils also find use where the brush is heavy, or working around larger rocks in rough country. Jim
  7. Sad to hear this. A real loss to his family, and the detector community. My condolences to his family and personal friends. Jim
  8. Paul, please don't lose that added board. It would be nice if an engineer could figure out what that circuit is. Jim
  9. Best thing is just buy an SL, do whatever of Reg's mods that weren't done at the factory, build a 16v battery pack, and that SL will equal the original TDI easily, with a very smooth threshold. Jim
  10. I put vernier dials on my SL. Made a HUGE difference in setting fine Ground Balance, and Threshold. I used to sell them, but am far too busy to monkey with them right now. Here's a link to the dials I used. If you want numbers, you have to make a disc, with numbers, to go on them. https://mgs4u.com/product/vernier-reduction-drive-14-inch-to-14-inch/ Jim
  11. Are those subs insulated at all, Caleb? I'd imagine they are, or it would take a ton of battery power to keep it even moderately warm inside. Jim
  12. The big box tdi stability mod required some additional circuitry (small circuit board) that is probably no longer available. I don't think Reg ever disclosed exactly what that circuit was. Jim
  13. There's a huge one a bit north of me. The highest peaks in Idaho are on the rim of it. It's estimated to be 1,000 -500 ma. The Beaverhead crater. It was discovered late, too. Abstract The Beaverhead impact structure in southwestern Montana and eastern Idaho is an allochthonous* fragment of a large impact structure (~100-km diameter) that was transported some distance eastward during the Cretaceous Sevier orogeny. It is the first tectonic fragment of a large impact structure identified in the geologic record. The present evidence for impact consists of shatter cones, pseudotachylites and planar deformation features in quartz. The age of the impact is not well contrained but is estimated to be Neoproterozoic to Cambrian (1,000-500Ma). * allochthonous – found in a place other than where they and their constituents were formed
  14. Yup, does to me. Maybe that one coil has lower resistance than the SL circuit requires. That would allow more current to flow, raising the heat. That's good for you. It means you can charge your pack to 16v and enjoy the benefits, using the other coils. Good deal! I've found the Sadie, and 7 1/2DF to be very near equals. Actually slightly prefer the DF, but wouldn't feel handicapped with nothing but the Sadie in tight quarters. Jim
  15. I ended up selling my MJ 5x9., Jeff. I just didn't think it was very good. I much prefer the DF 71/2, or 8 x 6 Sadie. I do like the MJ 8 x 12, however. Sorry to hear your detector gets hot with the 16v battery. it does make a difference. Jim
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