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  1. Newly re-conditioned original Wilfley brand gold recovery table. Runs smooth and quiet. I bought this as a basket case in early February fort somehting to keep me busy during the winter months. Has all the on-the-fly adjustments these tables are famous for, including speed, stroke length, and table tilt. Re-conditioning included a new deck, with frame, and rebuild of 2 bearings in drive unit, as well as stripping and repainting, with high-quality primer. Also, all new bolts and hardware, and new water control/feedbox. No shipping. Unit overall length is about 6'. Table length is 40" +/-. If
  2. Many thanks, Locator! That's apparently exactly what's going on. I hadn't picked up on that. I'm going to try that, and see what happens. Thanks again, Jim
  3. You don't need an expensive "smart" charger. You can buy a buck converter on Ebay, that allows setting the max charge voltage, for about $30.00. I've been using mine for several years. I can use it for both my 16volt 4-cell packs, and my 3 cell 12volt pack. I can use it for any pack from 1.5v to 30v. https://www.ebay.com/itm/DROK-DC-3-5V-15V-to-DC-0-6V-30V-Buck-Boost-Converter-5v-to-3v-12v-24v-2A-15W/333937403216?hash=item4dc0386550:g:aCgAAOSwjRlgYAxb Jim
  4. I used Reed labs last summer. I was happy with the price and service. REED LABORATORIES 3355 Lincoln St. Carlsbad, CA 92008 760-720-0427
  5. That's correct. Another part of this story is that your battery pack will last longer (more charge/discharge cycles) if you don't charge to the max voltage. I use a buck converter to charge my packs. That converter allows me to set the max voltage I charge to. That adjustability also allows me to use the charger to charge both 3-cell and 4-cell packs. In the case of my TDI SL, I like to limit the charge to 16.0 volts. That both protects the detector, and increases the pack life. I get about 4 hours of use, but with both packs I'm good for an entire day. Jim
  6. It depends on the number of cells. 14.4 volts is the nominal voltage for a 4-cell pack. max voltage for that pack is 16.8. The nominal voltage for a 3-cell pack is 11.1. Max voltage for that pack is 12.6. Using a charger for a 4-cell pack to charge a 3-cell pack is NOT a good idea. Jim
  7. Really Nice! Welcome to the forum. They're much nicer than anything I've found. Jim
  8. For the most part, you can only discriminate ferrous from non-ferrous. You'll have to dig all the shell casings, and birdshot, and pulltabs if you want to find the nuggets. I usually dig everything when nugget hunting, as using discrimination will cost you some sensitivity. Each person has their own view on discrimination, however. Sometimes the site your detecting has so much iron junk, you simply have to use it. Jim
  9. There are few aftermarket coils made for gold detectors. Notice there are none for the GB2, GM24K, Equinox, or the older Whites Goldmaster series, though there were a very few for the GM's back in the day. These are all VLF's. The Pi's are a whole 'nuther story. Jim
  10. The problem with both Ni-cad, and NiMH batteries is that the nominal voltage is 1.2, not 1.5 like carbon and alkaline batteries. So, if you use them, and can only get 8 batteries in the pack, the nominal voltage of the pack is less than 12v. That definitely robs you of depth in the TDI's. You can charge the Ni-cads and NiMH's to a slightly higher voltage (1.37v), but they drop to the 1.2v pretty quickly. Jim
  11. I had the same issue with my 6 x 10. Put up with it for more than a year. Whites ended up replacing it with a new coil. The problem was at the top right on the coil. Any pressure exerted there caused falsing. So, when swinging to the right, any contact with anything caused the junction of the rod.coil to put downward pressure at that spot, and I got a false signal. Same thing happened with anything bumping the bottom of the coil, especially on the right bottom. Whites let me keep the bad coil. Eventually I'll get around to making a "bridge" to span the bad spot, with new mounting ears, and can
  12. Guys, my Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (R.I.P.), Max, got lame while hunting chukars. I left him in the camper, and took my shorthair, Annie, out to hunt. I didn't realize Max could see us out the little window above the bed. When we got back, and I was about 50 yards away, I noticed the view in that little window was simply all yellow. When I opened the camper door I realized Max, in his frustration and jealousy, had completely shredded every cushion in the camper. The yellow I saw was all the foam rubber that had been covered with the upholstery. After that I never refused to take Max again...
  13. Four 18650's and one 1.5v AA will add up to a max voltage, at full charge, of 18.3, and will stand a good chance of blowing the 16volt caps in the power supply. I strongly advise you not do that. Jim
  14. Good job, Karelian! Kinda wish I could find a cheap original version and do the same. jim
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