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    Prospecting, machining, equipment design/build, predator hunting, flyfishing
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    Whites GM24K, GMT, TDI-SL, DFX. Homebuilt mineral jigs/with auto-feeder, for gems. Designer & inventor & operator of patented "Sweep Jig' (US10159988 B1), Polaris 4 x4 ATV

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  1. I'm thinking, Gil, that a switch for the hi-gain might be a nice feature. Jim
  2. Both D20 and 21 are three-lead diodes. The jumper only goes across 2 of the 3 connections on diode D21. It goes across the bottom 2 connections in the pic, as shown. Also, everybody interested in this mod should understand these are very tiny components. They require a magnifying light, and good soldering skills, with a decent quality soldering station. At least IMHO...LOL I was a radar tech in the Air Force, and doing this mod taxed my skills. I've done 2 of Reg's mods to my 2013 unit, and I recommend them. At some point in then future I'm going to do the jumper across Test Points 2 and 31, too. I wasn't aware of that until Gilbert's post, so a shoutout to him, and a thumbs-up Jim
  3. Bear in mind that on SL's made since 2015 have D20, and D21 removed, and the jumper across the correct 2 legs of D21. This was a factory mod. if you want to perfor4m this mod on your pre-2015 model here's a pic showing which legs the jumper goes across on D21. It also shows D20, and C56, which can be removed. Jim
  4. Many thanks, Carl. I'm not going to get into it that deep. I thought of raising the wattage of R9 because I've a read a complaint that it was getting hot with the raised battery voltage. I haven't seen it in mine, but thought it might start showing up if I went to 21 volts, as in a 5-cell pack. Jim
  5. Carl, I've run mine as high as 16.8 without problems, but now limit the voltage to 16.0, just to be safe. But, I've been thinking of a 5 cell battery pack limited to 20v. Might have to raise the wattage of R9 to dissipate any additional heat. Jim
  6. Boosted packs help, but everybody should be aware that Carl, the TDI SL designer, has stated that the SL will tolerate voltages to 22 volts, but if you're running above 20, you should swap some capacitors for higher voltage-rated caps. The SL does tolerate higher voltages than the standard TDI series, however. Jim
  7. I made a 24" coil for my TDI SL. Works great! Jim
  8. I've never been stranded, in the more than 50 years I've spent in the outdoors. Closest I came was a 3/4 ton Ford 4x4 that had a rebuilt starter fail. I also made the rookie mistake of parking it facing uphill against a wall of brush...REALLY dumb! So, I rolled it backwards until the two track leveled out. Then I had to use the Rokon to pull it around and down to a sloped section of road. All this while alone, I might add. Then I had to use the Rokon to get it rolling, drop the Rokon, unhook the rope, and jump in the cab to get it in gear. Took several tries to sort it all out, but finally got the truck started, the Rokon loaded, and back to the camper. At 72, I doubt I could do that now....LOL
  9. I don't have to worry about it. If the Dodge ever pukes, I'll spend my money finding, repairing, and driving another one of the same year. I will never own, or buy a new outdoor vehicle, unless the morons currently in charge force me to. Jim
  10. Some of these new-fangled automobile electronics were NOT designed for outdoorsmen...LOL Jim
  11. I didn't suggest leaving them in the vehicle....dohhh. But, hide them nearby. Jim
  12. Yup...Carl doesn't owe anybody an apology. he's an extremely valuable resource for everybody in this hobby and industry. He's been a great value to me, for sure. Jim
  13. Never, never, never carry your keys away from your vehicle. A basic rule for all serious outdoor people. The keys accomplish nothing without the vehicle, so why carry them away from it? Jim
  14. No windmills I'm aware of, Scott. Haven't been up there this year, however. Leadore's pretty sleepy...LOL Most of the ranch land there is owned by Karl Tyler. He was raised there, but went into the auto business, and made several fortunes. Started out washing cars at a dealership. He's a good guy, and serious hunter. I think he still has the Chevy dealership at Missoula. He's really tried to help the Leadore area. I've got a friend with a gold operation just over Bannock Pass from Leadore. He's on Jeff Davis Creek. Jim
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