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  1. It was a good site, once. Mainly directed at Canada, but much good, general info on gold mining and prospecting. Lots of info on gold geology, etc. They also had an extensive library of DIY plans and ideas for building your own equipment. The heyday was when gold prices were fairly high. The site sort of slowly died as the price declined from the highs of 2011, and then stayed relatively stable. That's the nature of the interest in gold prospecting/mining. Jim
  2. I hear you, Steve. I know nothing of what happened. For all we know, he might have tried to sell it. I also don't know about the visitor traffic levels. I just know the number of posts, and information available, had severely declined the last 4 years. I imagine people visited, found little of interest, and moved on. I've been checking in there at least twice/day for years, but rarely posted because there was little to respond to, and not much I found interesting. Most of the really knowledgeable people, who enjoyed sharing their know-how with others, quit the site years back, at least IMHO. Jim
  3. The amount of traffic has steadily declined over the last 4 years, or so. I've been amazed it was still going. Not at all surprised if it closed. Jim
  4. Many thanks, Mark, but bear in mind that I'm the guy that initially wired my BMS wrong...LOL Jim
  5. The board protects against over-charging, short circuits, and over-discharging, as well as keeping the 4 cells in balance. I use a buck converter, with adjustable max voltage and current, as my charger. By adjusting the max voltage I can use it on both 3-cell, and 4-cell battery packs. I usually limit the charge to 16.0v on the 4-cell I use in the TDI-SL. Jim
  6. The old Concentric coils were very good. I bought one to use with my GMT, and where I could run it, it outdid the DD easily on tiny stuff. I've still got a GM 2, and GM3 as m y backup units. Really like that GM3, though they're a little noisy while adjusting the gain, and GB. I think the 3 is better than my GMT. Jim
  7. Looks good! I did mine with the same layout, but added a charger port at the end away from the original contacts, and added a battery management board in the center, and hot melted the batteries in place. I just remove the pack to recharge, plugging the charger into it, and install my backup while the dead one is recharging. There's enough room for all that in the case, using the thin cover. Lots of wires though...LOL. You did a nice, clean job on yours. You'll like that added voltage. Jim
  8. Mostly just making things nicer, Clark. Had the kitchen cabinets redone, and added some rock to the wall behind the woodstove. Some new laminate flooring is in the plan, along with new paint. Winter has gone by fast. I'm, also building a new drive for my shaker table It's modeled on the Wilfley mechanism, with "on the fly" adjustment of speed and stroke length. Also added a solar panel and controller to the camper, so I don't have to mess with the generator to keep the power on. I imagine our first multi-day trip will be down in northeast Nevada. I'm hoping in the second half of April....we'll see. The snow is about gone here, below 5,000, but no way you'd get into the mountains yet....at least another month to do that.Jim
  9. Good looking deck, Clark! I've been doing interior remodeling this winter, and am really looking forward to some nice weather, and a prospecting trip, myself. Jim
  10. I guess I didn't see a specific reference to new, Jeff. Sorry about that! Jim
  11. Good topic, Steve! I nominate the old White's GoldMaster series for great value in nugget detectors. Cheap on the used market, and very capable if you don't mind doing manual ground balance. Jim
  12. Got mine today, and already read it. very good book, with lots of nugget-hunting insights. Well worth the wait, and price. I'm going to keep re-reading it, too. I want to cement all that info into my mind. Jim
  13. I've seen people talk about this Mike, but haven't heard from anybody that's actually tried it. Sure hope you do some tests, and post the results. Jim
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