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  1. There are few aftermarket coils made for gold detectors. Notice there are none for the GB2, GM24K, Equinox, or the older Whites Goldmaster series, though there were a very few for the GM's back in the day. These are all VLF's. The Pi's are a whole 'nuther story. Jim
  2. The problem with both Ni-cad, and NiMH batteries is that the nominal voltage is 1.2, not 1.5 like carbon and alkaline batteries. So, if you use them, and can only get 8 batteries in the pack, the nominal voltage of the pack is less than 12v. That definitely robs you of depth in the TDI's. You can charge the Ni-cads and NiMH's to a slightly higher voltage (1.37v), but they drop to the 1.2v pretty quickly. Jim
  3. I had the same issue with my 6 x 10. Put up with it for more than a year. Whites ended up replacing it with a new coil. The problem was at the top right on the coil. Any pressure exerted there caused falsing. So, when swinging to the right, any contact with anything caused the junction of the rod.coil to put downward pressure at that spot, and I got a false signal. Same thing happened with anything bumping the bottom of the coil, especially on the right bottom. Whites let me keep the bad coil. Eventually I'll get around to making a "bridge" to span the bad spot, with new mounting ears, and can
  4. Guys, my Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (R.I.P.), Max, got lame while hunting chukars. I left him in the camper, and took my shorthair, Annie, out to hunt. I didn't realize Max could see us out the little window above the bed. When we got back, and I was about 50 yards away, I noticed the view in that little window was simply all yellow. When I opened the camper door I realized Max, in his frustration and jealousy, had completely shredded every cushion in the camper. The yellow I saw was all the foam rubber that had been covered with the upholstery. After that I never refused to take Max again...
  5. Four 18650's and one 1.5v AA will add up to a max voltage, at full charge, of 18.3, and will stand a good chance of blowing the 16volt caps in the power supply. I strongly advise you not do that. Jim
  6. Good job, Karelian! Kinda wish I could find a cheap original version and do the same. jim
  7. I have used a Viet Nam era Alice pack for decades. I started with a Jansport frame, but it had a mishap (don't ask), and I recently changed to a Molle frame. That Molle is the best setup I've ever used. Totally adjustable, and fits like a second skin....just awesome. Jim
  8. I liked Hawthorne, Tom. Lots of great desert/mountain country, and Walker Lake right there. (the "sink" for the Walker River). Reasonable occasional driving distance to Reno, and even shorter to Minden/Gardnerville. One of my younger brothers lived most of his adult life at Smith Valley, which isn't far. Jim
  9. By the way....Chris and I spent a night in Hawthorne...must have been 10 years ago. They had closed the Army base, and that place was like a ghost town. I mean NOTHING was going on. We were the only customers in the restaurant, and the only people at the motel. It was eerie. I could probably have bought a house really cheap. I haven't been through there since, and have no idea what it's like now. Jim
  10. Bets of luck, Tom! My wife doesn't like detecting either, though she enjoys rock hounding. Jim
  11. Whites was a privately held company. The owner is old. The next generation either was incapable, or unwilling, to take over the company. So, when things got tight, the owner bailed out. I don't see a thing wrong with that, from my perspective. I did the same with my business about 25 years ago, though I did start another. Jim
  12. I'm going to miss him. He seemed a genuinely decent guy, and made some really good contributions to the forum. Jim
  13. Seems to me, as I recall, this happened once before with them. Maybe late paying their bill? Jim
  14. I can't take credit for that, Steve. Somebody on another forum sent it to me when I posed the same question. Wish I could give him credit. Jim
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