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  1. Thinking about the sweep speed. it would be nice, on the SL, to have a small bit of circuitry to allow the filtering to be adjusted on the fly. Something to allow the capacitance in the filter to be changed...even a 3 -position switch would be great. I'm going to be thinking about that this winter....which, according to the weatherman, is going to start this afternoon. Supposed to be 16 in the morning, with light snow on the ground. Jim
  2. I didn't realize you wrote that, Steve. But I am glad a I did the sweep speed mod to mine. I have to sweep a bit faster, but that's no big deal. I prefer that to having to sweep really slow to detect the small stuff. It's possible the C56 & diode mod helps in that regard...making the SL more sensitive. Jim
  3. Note they said the Auto-Tune was "slow motion". That means if you swing it too fast, the A-T can't keep up. I think that may be what Reg Sniff's sweep speed mod was designed to cure. I also noticed in the video how slow they were swinging. I can see that in a patch, but you wouldn't cover much ground in general searching. Jim
  4. I had no idea that the TDI had that. The threshold on mine rises as the battery voltage declines, so I have to keep turning it down. But, it's relatively flat other than that. Just never thought about it. Also, the ad I swa for the new Whites TDI showed, and said, it had an 8 x14 DF. Apparently that ad was wrong. Jim
  5. What is the "Auto-tune" Mode, Steve? Never heard of that. Jim
  6. They said the problem was "off site". I assume that means the server they were connected to, or one farther down the line, puked. All the data on Whites was saved. Jim
  7. Bear in mind, Chuck, that the electronics cost is really low. I doubt the components cost Whites more than $100. All you have left is the box, shaft, and labor. The real cost is in the engineering. I imagine they're still making money at the new price, even including the coils. Also, where are you getting your info on how many tan machines have sold? They obviously sold enough to run out of the MJFM coils. Jim
  8. Came up an hour or so ago. http://forums.whiteselectronics.com/ Jim
  9. I'd be really surprised if that coil isn't offered for sale at some point. Jim
  10. Can't upgrade the TDI's via software, like the 'Nox. I don't think they've ever offered changes to the circuitry. Jim
  11. The term 'Q' is an electronics thing. I have some background in that, but that said, I don't have full understanding. I do know you can increase the 'Q' of a coil, which is a good, thing, by increasing the number of turns in the windings. But coming up with a new coil for an existing detector requires all the coil values to match the older coils. So, requires some engineering to get it right. Inductance, DC resistance, etc. IMHO I can't see Whites claiming higher "Q" value if it didn't exist. That would make them outright crooks. I just don't believe that. Without one of the coils to disect, there's no way to know for sure. I imagine we'll find out, in due course. So, to take my mind off detectors, I'm heading for Yellowstone Park Sunday to get in a few days of late season fly fishing for spawning browns. Yee Haa! Jim
  12. Well, they've never before made a DF as an elliptical, nor have they ever had a 14" DF. It's also possible they have modified this particular coil in some way. The thing that bothers me about all this, and I'm not backing Whites here, is why is the "tone" of threads about Whites always so negative? Minelab screws up and everybody makes excuses for them...like leaking, and wobbly shafts, etc. But Whites are jumped on for every little thing. That patent is from 2009....still has almost 10 years to run. The idea was good enough that Reg Sniff came up with the folded mono to try and get around it. Lets give Whites a little credit. And their latest patent is from 2018, though on a different idea. They're still coming up with new ideas.That 2018 patent is for an auto-nulling circuit to improve the balance between the transmit and receive coils in VLF's. I have no idea, but it may be in use in the GM24K. Jim
  13. The patent number is US7994789B1. Look it up on Google Patents. Jim
  14. Don't think so. Whites ad says it is a Dual Field coil. They also say it's patented. The Folded coil idea can't be patented...it's in the public domain. Whites has the patent on the Dual Field design. Jim
  15. Chuck, I have a buddy in Florida who is a tech for the Navy. His wife bought him one of the tan Special Edition models back in June. He took it apart and found that it had the diode mod done to it, but not the SS mod. It was made in 2018. Jim
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