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  1. Unless ML filed for patent protection in the US, they would have no protection in the US. From what I learned chasing my patent, you must file in every country where you want patent protection. In most cases, it's not worth the hassle and cost to pursue patents elsewhere for Americans, unless you have pretty decent worldwide marketing. But for other countries the US is a BIG market, so is worth the effort. Jim
  2. LOL...yup. Though it would have to be a deal....my wife has decided I need to do some urban renewal of the house this winter.....the wages of sin are death...LOL Too much prospecting. Jim
  3. I'd still like to build your version of the ATX, Steve. So far, I've been unable to find one cheap enough to use. But I haven't given up hope. Jim
  4. I'd like to see them make a new version of the GB2. Same frequency, but with new electronics. Jim
  5. I don't worry about lions, much. Most of the places I prospect they're always around. I even quit carrying a firearm. I do carry a large, very sharp knife.....don't want to go down without a fight...LOL. If a big cat gets that close to me, I'm toast regardless of the weapon carried anyway. Jim
  6. What a great haul of gold. I'll bet that was fun! Jim
  7. Hey Clark, we got over there in that area I've been looking at, and you know. That's where I found the copper nuggets, and old cartridge, but farther up the canyon. We'll be going back next year, for sure. We found some diggings that are well-hidden, and looked like nobody had found them in a while. The other locale, below the tailings, had been hit lately...many uncovered dig holes, so we looked elsewhere. Went all the way over to Patterson poking around. Jim
  8. Ha...it was darned sure warm enough, Steve. 66-71 in the afternoons. The week before it had been single-digits at home, so we took flannel shirts....big mistake....LOL Jim
  9. LOL...that's all true, for sure. I live in a desert, and have always preferred the desert, and desert-edge mountains as the place to spend my outdoor time. Dave and I are not at all disappointed. We had a great time, and that's what really counts. The looking is what's fun, and the challenge. Jim
  10. My old friend, Dave , and I spent 8 days in Nevada last 2 weeks. Found no gold, but did find a new area to explore. Gives us a decent place to Iook forward to this winter. I found a .44 Henry rimfire cartridge, my first, and two copper nuggets, my second and third. Dave found several round balls of various calibers, and of course, many spent bullets. We also found some really fresh lion tracks well out from the mountains on the valley floor about 40 miles west of Winnemucca. That was pretty interesting, as the tracks were made in dust, and were nearly perfect. Had to be made the night before. Probably a young cat trying to locate a decent place to set up a territory. Not much big game around, but lots of wild horses. Jim
  11. I know, for a fact, that the Special Edition has the second Reg Sniff mod from the factory. But, I was also told so do all the SL's made since 2015, so they would both be the same. Notice he did not say they were the same as the older units. Jim
  12. My buddy, Dave, and I are headed to the Winnemucca area Friday. First chance to use the modified SL for gold. Also taking the GM24K, and Dave will be using his Equinox 800. I've done a lot of research on the area since our June trip, and hopefully it will pay off with more gold. We may stay a couple of weeks, depending on the weather. Jim
  13. Hey Tony, congrats on a great find! Love hearing those stories on the deep finds with the TDI's, and Beach Hunter versions. Jim
  14. I'm over 70. I'd rather have a shorter-lived detector, with greater ability, than a longer-lived unit with less ability. I'm going on 4 years with my 16v battery pack. Jim
  15. I think the deer population is taking a serious hit from the wolves, Mike. I see it everywhere I go in the mountains...less and less deer sign. Currently 26* here at 11:00am. North wind at about 15mph, and clear Jim
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