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  1. Ya know guys, I was a little concerned about my warranty right after Whites made their announcement, because when I called I got sent elsewhere. I stayed concerned until Paul at Centreville told me he'd act as my go-between to the factory until my warranty issue was resolved. This again proved the wisdom of not hiding from your creditors when you're in business. I was given that advice decades ago when I started my own business. I never forgot it. Your customers will put up with far more than you would imagine, assuming you maintain contact with them. When communication fails, people ALWAYS assume you're trying to screw them. A good lesson in business management. And a warranty is the same as a credit to your customer. When you owe the customer a warranty, the customer is your creditor until that warranty expires. Jim
  2. My answer wasn't based on the GMX, Steve. That's why I rarely answer hypothetical questions. I know zip about the GMX, or any other "waterproof" detectors. Don't use 'em. You are correct about the lack of parts. I'm concerned about that with my coil issue. On the other hand, I've done so well with the used Whites detectors I've bought that I don't worry about failures very much. But, that's my choice. No way I would tell anybody else which detector to buy. I try hard to avoid those discussions. Jim
  3. I generally don't answer hypothetical questions, but if what you're really asking is "do I trust Whites to take care of their warranty issues?" yes I do. And were I in the market, I'd buy one of their remaining detectors. Jim
  4. Sure, but not criminal. if they failed to live up to the warranty, you could take them to court. Of course, it would be a "losing money" proposition, given what attorneys charge...LOL I think they still have a lot of unsold inventory. If word got out that the warranty was no good, it would really devalue that inventory. but mostly, I think they're doing the warranty work because they're decent people. It's the culture of the company, and always has been. That's the saddest thing about the closing....we lose that great culture. Jim
  5. Hey Jon, Hope all has been going well. I'm so busy with projects I don't know if I'm coming, or going...LOL. I do have some shaker table plans available. I got the Wilfley-copy of the driver finished, and have a video of it operating, but not connected to a table. I'm waiting on another machinist who is working on an aluminum table design which will use my driver. Jim
  6. I was using Sawyers, but the last gallon I bought was labeled Farm Gard. Cost me $80. For .5% solution, for clothes, you mix it 5 1/2oz/gallon of water. So, that gallon I bought will make about 23 gallons, or $3.50/gallon, or less than a dollar/quart. if you buy the premixed sawyers, at Walmart, it's about $13.00/quart. I think that gallon I bought was around a 10% solution. Jim
  7. Got a message while I was out of touch in Nevada. Holly? said they were reopening their Oregon repair center for 3 or 4 weeks. She said they'd take care of my GM24K problem, under warranty. Best news I've had since Tuesday Morning...LOL Jim
  8. I just got home from a 3 day Nevada trip. Went back down to the drywash where I found the multi-oz nuggets in June. Boy, was I in for a surprise. The 6 x 10 coil on my GM24K is bad, and I really wanted at least a 10" coil, so hauled out the old GM3. It rewarded me with a multi-pound hunk of copper....or at least it's got copper in it. Same grayish metal clear through. Weighs just over a kilogram. I sent the bigger nugget I found in June to an assay lab. Should, know what the metal is in a couple of weeks. This nugget, along with another golfball-sized nugget were found about 100 yards up the wash from the last one I found in June. This morning I covered the area carefully with the 6" coil on the GM3, but found zero gold, or other nuggets. I think this one is close to it's origins. I can't see something this hefty moving very far in a relatively dry climate. I need to go back and do some digging, but just can't manage it in this heat. Going to have to wait for late fall. Jim
  9. .5% is the correct dosage for clothing. I buy Permethrin concentrate by the gallon, and mix it myself. Jim
  10. First mod is easy. Second mod is difficult only because the components, and board soldering pads, are REALLY tiny. Jim
  11. Another thing that would enter Ken's thinking on this is "who will take over the company when I'm retired, or dead?". Maybe he didn 't see a line of succession into the future. like his dad did. Jim
  12. Well, I figured out where my coil has the problem. It falses when any pressure is applied to the top, just to the right of the right mounting ear. So when it hits anything on the right side, the rod flexes the ear to the right, pushing down on the top surface. Also when the bottom on the right hits anything, that results in the ear pushing down on the top, and it falses from that. Without the rod mounted, and provided nothing impacts it, it works fine. That means, if Whites don't come through, I can figure out a work-around for this....might be ugly, however 🙂 Jim
  13. And, to ice the cake, Centreville does not repair coils. If I can't get a replacement from Whites, I'm going to have to try and fix it myself. No way I'd go back to my local dealer. He gave me a REALLY good deal on this machine, with both coils, because I'm a military vet. I can hardly repay that by demanding some money back. Jim
  14. The good thing is I started early... My warranty is good through September. The bad thing is I started late... This coil was bad from the getgo, and I didn't want to be a finicky customer, so tried to live with it. I should have complained right at the start. No good deed goes unpunished, as they say. Jim
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