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  1. It’s just a picture - gold and aluminum ranges overlap, period. It just depends how you want to draw the lines in size/mass. If the aluminum is like gum wrapper foil, and the jewelry has more mass, sure it reads different. But there is white gold that will rest like the gum wrapper, and larger aluminum that will read like the small gold jewelry.

    This comes up with every new detector, but it’s simple physics folks, and no detector based on current tech will change that.

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  2. I don’t care about getting higher frequencies, I just want the 5.5”x9.5” Deus 2 coil for better separation and working in tight locations. 40 kHz is just fine on gold, as evidenced by Equinox, because multi adds extra punch in gold, or at least Multi-IQ does. I’d not argue an ORX or Deus 1 might be the better solution for the gold prospector, but I’d not write the Deus 2 off either. I’m not anyway, as I fully intend to put it to use gold prospecting. Well, sort of…. if I can put my GPX 6000 down long enough to give it a spin. :smile:


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  3. 16 hours ago, PhaseTech said:

    Really? The 4500 picks them up in Enhance where Fine Gold doesn't? 

    Can’t swear to that, but for me Fine Gold was the ultimate hot rock killer, while still doing well on most gold. Was the SDC not based in the Fine Gold timing for that reason? But hey, I’m not picky, give us a GPX 4000/4500/4800/5000 in a CTX box, I’ll buy one. :smile:

  4. It works for what it is made for - situations where salt response or EMI are so bad, that it then outperforms the mono coils. I personally have found few situations where those issues are extreme enough that I can’t do fine with the mono however, so for me it will be a rarely used coil.

    It does seem to me that the DD coil is the answer to the question, “is it EMI, or is my detector just going nuts?” If putting the DD coil on eliminates the issue, it’s EMI. If the problem stays the same, maybe a problem with the machine?

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  5. Maybe somebody commented on this already, but I've not read the whole 8 pages - sorry. :smile:

    It seems to me there are two different things going on here. For a person who does not have a multi, specifically an Equinox, the Legend offers an alternative that may be as good or even better, at a lower price. Certainly a chance it is better waterproofed, and NM would be crazy to have messed that up, after all the guff Minelab gets over it.

    But what about people who already have an Equinox? Except for the possibility of better waterproof integrity, the Legend seems a side step at best. The Deus 2 on the other hand, looks more like a possible upgrade over an Equinox, one that combines what is best in the Deus and Equinox in one machine.

    Long story short that's why I have a Deus 2 on order. As an Equinox owner, I'm not seeing enough difference in what I have already to really be attracted to the Legend. If anything it is too much like Equinox, down to the straight shaft, when I'd prefer an S rod.

    Anyway, just my take on it. The Legend will no doubt be of huge interest to new buyers, but for us Nox owners, I think less so, with Deus 2 offering more the idea of an upgrade from what we already have.

    XP Deus 2 Owner's Manual just released

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  6. 37 minutes ago, phrunt said:

    I still haven't worked out if I prefer my 4500 or 5000, the more ratty old model 4500 just seems to have an edge but it might be in my head.

    The big difference is when you get into an area with hot rocks a GPX 4500 just can't handle, and a GPX 5000 Fine Gold setting just makes them go away. If it were not for those rocks, and that one setting, a 4500 would do me fine. If you don't have them where you hunt, you'd never know. Unfortunately, it's my biggest problems with both the GPZ 7000 and GPX 6000, and why I'm still looking for that "other PI." Luckily I can just hunt other places rather than get a GPX 5000 or an ATX, both of which solve the problem. I just want a GPX 5000 or ATX in a nice package.... too much to ask?

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  7. 40 minutes ago, Jeff McClendon said:

    A GPX 4000/4500/5000 in the GPX 6000/CTX3030 type form factor that still used all of the current 5 pin coils...........that would cost over $2000 US for sure.

    I would pay $3999 US for that detector in a heart beat, however.

    I might also, a GPX 5000 in a CTX body was my original thought back in 2012, that ended up being the GPZ instead. But I’m going to keep on beating the drum for a reasonably priced step up from a great VLF. I’m saying Equinox 800 at $949, what’s the reasonable spread to step up to a PI? I admit $2000 is a tough bar to hurdle, but have to set a goal, right? $2500 maybe, or even $2999. I simply think a lot of people are priced out of the PI market and would like to see that change. Frankly, I’ll pay top dollar for whatever I want, but I’m a huge advocate for more power at lower prices. I rebel at these sky high price tags, if not for me, then some guy with a tight budget who can only dream of spending that kind of money on a detector.

    If Minelab does not fill the gap, somebody will. It’s only a matter of time. Really a shame about QED, it has the ingredients, just failing in execution. If Nokta/Makro has nothing better going, they should buy it, and build it right. If nothing else, once NM gets the multi put to bed, a PI will be the next obvious step. But I’ve not given up yet even on Fisher or Garrett, as they both need something in this category also.

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    2 hours ago, PhaseTech said:

    So how about a GPX4000 (limited feature set) style machine in a high impact lightweight plastic case, carbon fibre shaft, a small lithium battery built in, but still with the 5-pin socket if you want to plug in an external battery, and a nice lightweight coil in the 6000 11" coil housing. If priced right would it sell? 

    The only detector I am actively in the market for is a PI that comes as close to my 4 lb $2000 machine as possible, while being more powerful than a TDI. Fisher Impulse Gold, Garrett LTX, Nokta/Makro Fable (long rumored PI), or a properly packaged GPX 4000/4500/4800/5000 variant are all welcome at the table. :smile: 

    A GPX 5000 with built in battery, speaker, but closer to 4 lbs, get rid of LCD menu and stripped to only button/switch controls like GP 3500 would be great. We would have to argue over a few of the controls in light of later GPX functions, but a simplified control access with fewer options would be preferable. Like the soil (timing) switch, if I could pick three from the 5000, it would be Sharp, Fine Gold, and Salt to replace Normal, Sensitive, and Salt. Between the Soil and Boost switches a great set of timings could be offered. Going full time tracking would eliminate a couple switches, but leaving it as is might win fans also. If room was needed for a speaker though, the buttons and switches could be consolidated to half, all on front panel, with just speaker and power/volume control on rear panel. And charging port for built in battery.

    Right now the 4000/4500/4800/5000 series is the best, most stable, most versatile alternative to the GPX 6000/GPZ7000, and they better handle hot rocks and ground that bother these newer models. I’d get a GPX 5000 again in a heartbeat, were it not for my not wanting to go back to the harness and external battery. So yeah, hook me up Nenad! :smile:


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  9. The biggest problem I saw with the Gold Strike was it signaled loudly on hot rocks. All targets are dual signal, non-ferrous in one direction, hot rocks and ferrous in the other. You could hear the audio difference with the hot rocks, but you could not disc them out. If in a bad spot, it was multiple signals per sweep, and you had to catch the tone reversal to know you had a good target. Very tiring mentally. With the Gold Bug 2, you just engage the iron disc switch, that same set of targets just went away. No such ability with Gold Strike, and so a step backwards there, as well as less sensitive to small gold, heavier, and more expensive. Other than that it was great. :smile:



    16 hours ago, phrunt said:

    What that says to me is the Multi Frequency technology Nokta have must be decent, they're getting rid of their other detectors because of it.  As we all predicted having multi frequency will make their single frequency detectors obsolete, funny that isn't it? 🙂

    Yeah, kind of says it all, keep the dedicated specialty machine (Gold Kruzer), but weed out most of the rest, as Legend will consolidate the lineup. Too bad about the Kruzer S rods going away though, I wish Legend was on that rod instead, or even in the balanced Anfibio box. I’m not a fan of any of the cell phone on a stick designs as I think S rods better serve light detectors, and straight rods heavy detectors. 

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  11. 50 minutes ago, CPT_GhostLight said:

    I for one have no intention of debating anyone. I apologize to all parties if my post of Nov. 19th offended anyone. I was going through some stuff and I'm sure it colored my posts around that time. I am better now and hopefully back to normal and I am going to keep an open mind about the Legend and everything else that comes along. Whether I buy it or not, I hope it does well as more good detectors being offered to the hobby is a good thing for all involved. 😎

    I’m glad things are looking up. And it’s no big deal, just me being anal trying to keep walls around various forums and what they are intended for. :smile:

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  12. First thing I did was put a GPX shaft on mine, thread about it here on the forum. Do check the entire thread as it mentions multiple options, like a telescoping rod I also put mine on. That was my favorite over the GPX rod as it shortened down to nothing.

    Minelab really should have put a normal rod in the box for sales outside Africa. The broomstick idea might have been fine for there, but it is not what people expect in first world countries.




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  13. 12 hours ago, JCR said:

    Not a bad buy. even has 3 or 4 extra batteries.

    Five extra batteries for a total of six. Too many really, I had them for other reasons, but don’t need them now, so tossing them in. Good machine, but making room for Deus 2, which has the extra bells and whistles I crave. The MDT is pretty sparse when it comes to things like tone settings.

  14. If you have huge beaches or fields that stretch for miles, hard to beat a steveg balanced Equinox with 15x12 coil. I don’t see a Deus replacing this….


    Nor do I see a Deus 2 replacing this telescoping Equinox with 6” coil for light weight compactness and ability to work in tight quarters. Also a decent deep seeking discriminating pinpointer for use with a PI detector.

    2 lbs 10 oz x 20” long

    I do like the idea of a S rod Deus 2 with 9” round coil as an alternative to a stock rod 11” coil Equinox as a general hunting detector, parks, relics, whatever. I like a 9” round, something I can’t get for an Equinox. And I prefer an S rod in detectors that weigh under 4 lbs

    Obviously for me coils and rods matter as much as other factors, as in my opinion performance gets rather hair splitting these days if you compare two detectors with identical coils. But how does a Deus 2 really compete in situations when an oversized coil is called for, when there is not one made for the machine, and you’d hate the balance if there were? Overall, Equinox is simply more versatile, and coil and rod options have a lot to do with that.

    But if I want an Equinox with a great S rod and 9” round coil, I guess I’d call that a Deus 2. :smile:


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