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  1. Has Minelab not given dealers a price list yet? What are the accessory prices for the 6K? They are delivering around the world (except the U.S.) so somebody must have accessory pricing. Or it’s out there and I’ve been too busy to find it. A lot of people are not going to buy until after they know the accessory pricing, and decide it’s acceptable.
  2. I had an add-on for the forum that put nice color identifiers on ads, to separate wanted ads from for sale ads, etc. unfortunately, I have found over time that every time the forum software updates, people who make the add ins also have to update them. If not, they eventually break. Like those phone apps you buy... that later disappear. Well, this one broke, and I decided it’s time to give up on the add on stuff and stay plain vanilla. There are some color tags left over on the old ads, which will fade away as ads are deleted or updated. Anyway, not a huge deal, but when you do titles now
  3. Well, maybe I’m doing this all wrong. I’m basically copying the brand name forums that were implemented on other forums in the past. But that assumes enough Garrett fans to warrant a Garrett forum, or Tarsacci forum, or whatever. Maybe there are other ways. I could just meld all the brand forums into the Comparisions forum, and simplify the tags system to denote brand. Then people just discuss whatever detectors they want any way they want, including brand comparisons. Or I could pull the rule off here, but then what’s the point? It’s just another comparison forum by another name. Basically a
  4. Sometimes I think you guys think we are trying to sell you on detectors when we are merely discussing them. Apex is not my first choice in a detector, as I still consider it a mid-range product. That does not mean there is not a place for the detector, or people who would not love it. But in general you guys striving for absolute best splitting hairs performance, just take a pass and quit worrying about it. I keep struggling to find a way to discuss detectors that nobody claims are the absolute best, without it turning into “it’s not the best so it’s no good”. These forums tend to be very
  5. People miss the point of training. It’s not about learning controls. It’s about learning where to look for gold, and hearing what it sounds like. Nugget detecting is a game of whispers in more ways than one, and getting in-person tips in the field is invaluable, as in potential years of wasted effort saved. You made a very wise decision.
  6. Excellent report! There were teething pains with Apex, and this combined with ten minute test experts made for a rough introduction. I wish people would actually make good faith attempts to really use detectors before rushing to YouTube to trash them, but getting eyeballs is more important than accuracy apparently. I’ve found the machine to be better than some early reports, and it’s nice to see confirmation from you. I’ve got a new Ripper coil, but have not had it out yet. Maybe tomorrow. The Iron Audio is not identical to the all metal option offered on other models. I wish it was. It h
  7. If you have enough money for all that it does not matter what detector you get, because it will be purely about having fun. I get the impression you have never prospected for gold with a metal detector. You’ll never make as much money with detectors as you are making now, not even close. May never turn so much as a pennies profit actually, once all expenses, like travel, are included. If you want waterproof right now ATX is about the only new with warranty option. As far as GPZ vs GPX 6000, just get whichever appeals most to you. It will make little difference which one you get as far as
  8. No. I do not see the 6000 as a relic machine. It performs almost identically to GPZ but is even hotter on tiny stuff, including tiny ferrous. The tone tells are identical to prior GPX however as far as high and low tones, high being weak signal (small or low conductive and low being strong signal (large or high conductor). But it costs more than a GPX 5000, so I’m not really seeing it. I’d get a GPX 5000 first for relics if it were me.
  9. You really do not understand a thing. The 6000 has not dropped at all in my estimation, and for some reason you seem intent on mischaracterizing my statements. I’ll chalk it up to translation confusion, but frankly I have no idea why you are here. You only showed up here for the 6000 threads it appears, apparently for no other reason but to enlighten us with your lack of interest.
  10. I wonder if Gerry, Rob, or other dealers here, are seeing similar interest? I get the impression people here are far more hesitant., whereas some Oz dealers have dozens of people wait listed. Looks like we are well and truly past “peak nugget detecting interest” here in the U.S. I have expected nugget hunting to hit a wall at some point here, as limited access to ever poorer locations, eventually just makes it too hard for newbies. The detector is not the problem, places to hunt gold is the problem. If people like Gerry can’t give people clear, easy answers, on where to hunt gold with suc
  11. So far I've always been wrong on the high price thing. Even the Africans find the money to buy GPZ 7000 detectors by the van load, while I thought a detector would never sell well at that price level. But there is a saturation point in any market, and the GPZ 7000 probably hooked most of the U.S. market for a very high price gold machine. And those that are left - except for the GPZ 7000 the GPX 6000 is the most expensive detector Minelab ever made. At some point that is not sustainable. If they had competition it would have long since been over, but for now only Minelab competes with Minelab.
  12. In general responses are like GPZ, but GeoSense takes the edge off salt, so maybe roots also. I’m honestly not sure as it’s not an issue normally where I hunt, but I did run into it a lot in Arizona with the GPZ. Good question.
  13. Like I said, when did you guys start taking silly pills? Do I come off as that draconian? All I ask for adult conversation, and due consideration for the feelings when on brand specific forums. That's all. It's not what people say, it's how they act. Are you the Ford guy taking a dump on the Chevy forum? If not, don't worry. Anyway, looks like a revamp of the very short lived TMD-101 (did you even notice it?), refashioning it more into a nugget detector by boosting the frequency from 14 kHz to the Gold Kruzer 61 kHz. The display is kind of neat for simple ferrous/non-ferrous digging.
  14. You can mention names - lets not get silly. If you do not like Nokta/Makro product, this is not your forum, and if the idea is to criticize in depth we have a forum specifically for that. I do not see why the concept of manufacturer forums is so difficult. They are fan club forums for the fans, to discuss their favorite brand without getting trolled by people who favor other brands. Imagine this is the Chevy Forum. A Ford owner shows up and says Chevy sucks, buy Ford. That's the kind of stuff we are avoiding. The idea is to reduce conflict, that's all, not to be draconian and forbid words
  15. No, I made my living as a marketer, and a very good one. The type that comes up with catchy names and pops buttons off shirts. The kind you pay for opinions like I expressed. The one thing more fun for me than talking detectors is talking business. I love the engineers, but I’m not one. If I could be called anything, it would be “serial entrepreneur”. The reason I get so upset with detector companies is I do know business, and it’s painful watching a lot of what goes on. Some of this stuff is so laughably amateur hour I just have to shake my head.
  16. Gold, hot rocks, and other targets give the same hi and lo tones as I’d expect with a GPX or GPZ detector. Small targets hi tone, big targets lo tone.
  17. A DD coil has a transmit half, and a receiver half, and having one side appear more sensitive is not unheard of in a DD coil. And I’d take it all with a huge grain of salt. Only half the people in videos seem to know what they are doing, so it’s a real crap shoot as to what’s worth watching. I don’t actually watch any of them, as it’s usually too painful. Seriously, as much bad info comes from videos as good.
  18. That’s more a coin hunting thing. If I get a target, I work it with the coil only long enough to decide to dig. This is middle of nowhere, so I over-dig my holes. The goal is simple - make the target move, and don’t screw around about it. So I just gouge up enough ground that I’m sure I’m on the target, though maybe not for depth. Small nuggets it’s just “scoop, scoop” and nugget is in the pile. I’ll use the forward winding crossover point as a pinpointer to decide where in pile nugget is, may knock it all over, or spread out, with my foot first. Eyeball where I think the little bit is, and if
  19. “Steve , JP and Nenad, As you have tested the 6000 at length, when you used the 17" coil on the 6000, did any of you by chance compare it next to the Z with a similar sized coil ? If so what was the depth difference if any ? I did not Could a BT speaker be paired with the 6000? Yes Cheers Marty”
  20. In low mineral ground deactivating the ground balance on a TDI gets it closer to GPX performance. I’d definitely wait to see if the GPX 6000 even works on a wet salt beach. I’m told it will balance to wet salt with the DD coil, but that’s all I’m going on. You’d be limited to that one coil, and that DD compares to a TDI running a 12” mono or dual field coil on the beach - good question.
  21. There is a 0.2 V difference, large capacity difference. Minelab Rechargeable Li-Ion battery for GPX 6000 part# 0311-0065 Rated 7.2V 5833 mAh 42 Wh Input 12V 1.0A Minelab Rechargeable Li-Ion battery for GPX 5000 part# 3011-0227 Rated 7.4V 9200 mAh 68 Wh Input 12V 1.0A GPZ 7000 = 7.2V, 72Wh CTX 3030 = 7.2V, 34Wh
  22. If you want a hard case, I ordered this Plano 36" case ($79) and it is just barely big enough. It works as is, but I will take a little foam out of the top foam in the areas directly over the body and batteries. You could buy a larger case than this, but do not go any smaller. packed and ready for four days detecting
  23. OK, here are coil part numbers, added to 6K Parts & Accessories page 11" mono coil 2003-0095 (scuff cover 2004-0125) 14" DD coil 2003-0096 (scuff cover 2004-0126) 17" mono coil 2003-0097 (scuff cover 2004-0127)
  24. ....... is that they lack any Geosense! Sorry, could not resist, just having too much fun with this.
  25. More power is required, usb based stuff is not enough. It might run off a GPX 5000 battery output but how to make connection.......?
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