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  1. I'm tempted by the eBay one above just because it looks ok and is easy to get. I'm sure it would do well enough for me to just give it a go a few times. This has all the makings of something I think is a good idea, like hunting micro jewelry, but which after a couple tries I decide I have better things to do with my time. Only way to really know is give it a go. Who knows, maybe I'll sell all my detectors and just be that crazy old guy raking the beach.
  2. APEX TESTING July 6, 2020: KG and Ringy's first video in a series of tests and tips on the new Garrett APEX metal detector. KG finds big silver! Dual volume controls are featured.
  3. This thread has too much good stuff to leave in the classifieds, so I moved it here. previous threads: https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/2544-coolest-rake-ever/ https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/11582-raking-for-gold-on-the-beach-and-in-the-water/
  4. It’s possible, if you post what it is you are trying to confirm. Dimensions of what?
  5. A non-ground balancing PI detector like White’s Surf Dual relies on the operator swinging the coil at a level height over the ground, while the auto tuning threshold acts to keep audio variations in line. It’s all about coil control, and on bad ground you have to slow up and work more carefully. Increasing the pulse delay and lowering sensitivity are also part of dealing with bad ground, but the real secret is coil control.
  6. That nails it, and only time will tell if the components used are up to the long term task. So far, hand built, carefully tested detectors, and a roughly 10% failure rate.
  7. I guess I’m one of those amateur tourists then. Yes, I want a detector to have an external speaker. When in dead silent desert with snakes, or completely silent woods with bears... I prefer to hear what’s going on around me. And I don’t need headphones in the first place when it’s quiet, and the nearest person is miles away. No testing needed. I learned a long time ago with Minelab, that when a new model comes out, I just need to get one and go detecting!
  8. I’m sure I will. I don’t think it’s a matter of luck. I carefully maintain my gear, and do things like use nylocks, etc. You could definitely say I am the kind of person that babies their gear. When I dig, I work and wiggle instead of power forcing it. I’m fine with the size also. If I’d wanted bigger I’d have got it, but having used this size scoop in the past I find I get the majority of my targets on the first scoop. Excellent report, a good counterpoint and warning to those who are rougher on their gear than I am - thank you!
  9. I guess you have the distinction of being the first failure serious enough to warrant a return to HQ. That sucks, as it looks like you are doing well.
  10. More to the point, they already made the investment and make the machine. The Excalibur, possibly the most popular dive rated detector sold. In my opinion detectors rated to ten feet are basically wading detectors, sufficient for some light duty underwater use on a recreational basis. If a person wants more than that, they should be looking at units rated to 100 feet or more. Will those be cutting edge electronics? No. It is indeed a very limited niche market, and you basically have the Garrett Sea Hunter, Fisher 1280 and CZ21, and Excalibur to choose from, now that the White’s Surf PI is out of production. All older units, meant to serve the need of those wanting genuine dive type detectors. Even they will leak, but not as soon and in far fewer numbers then machines rated for ten feet. I doubt any new machine from Minelab will be rated for more than ten feet, and will not replace the Excalibur. It will probably be the Minelab “dive detector” for another ten or twenty years. The Fisher 1280X has been in continuous production since 1985, over 35 years now.
  11. Minelab would tell you to buy an Excalibur. Machines rated for ten feet are not serious contenders for commercial type work, which is the category you are in.
  12. You got it backwards. The Minelab 2021 fiscal year starts in July 2020. The clock is ticking.
  13. Yes, fixes were applied as issues arose, and a GMX would have all of those. I'd not touch a used first year MX Sport with a ten foot pole.
  14. Seems like a piece of pipe cut lengthwise and a sleeve/washer would do the trick. I'm fine with hardwood myself, like hickory sledgehammer handles.
  15. I agree Jim. I was on the other hand specifically answering the GMX question. I've got three White's detectors right now and am not losing sleep over any of them.
  16. Well, here is a real world scenario. I have a area that obviously has old stuff, but lots of junk that is probably hiding some good stuff. I'd like to just go in and dig everything. I'm thinking a small coil would be best on the first go for easier pinpointing and recovery. Then when the area goes quiet, come back with the big coil and go for the deep stuff.
  17. If Minelab pulled this off and actually did it right, I think a new name would be in order - the Minelab Ultimate!
  18. I agree about the small holes. And honestly, I don’t think price equates to durability. This thing is built like a tank. Heavy duty stainless, all one piece with only welding back and top. The handle support is overbuilt if anything. I think it will prove to be a very durable scoop. Not to mention you can buy two of these and still have money leftover compared to the more expensive models.
  19. Minelab has five key products under development. It should be a pretty good bet that with the CTX 3030 being so old it does not even appear on the timeline below, that a product refresh is in the works. We also all know Multi-IQ was a big success. And one thing I know about Minelab, is the V2 version of anything is the one to die for. They usually come out with something totally new as proof of concept, and then the next version or two refines that into everything it really can be. The main question I have is the hardware. Will the new model still use the existing CTX housing? It’s a little heavy, but well balanced, and does allow for much more battery capacity. Or do they use the Equinox design? Hard to imagine in an upscale model, so I’d kind of doubt that. Something brand new, with the best features of CTX, but lighter weight? A new design would help keep the price down, which is a key now if you really want a best seller. New Minelab Ultimate The most requested thing in Equinox is more target range, so mating a CTX type display with Multi-IQ would seem a bit of a no-brainer. All I know is that if a Minelab can successfully put the best of CTX and Equinox together in a single detector, something that would make owners of either of those detectors want one, it could be another major home run for Minelab. And yes, it is the next detector that I personally am waiting for, now that I finally got an Impulse in my hands. Well, and whatever follows the GPZ 7000. Impulse plus CTX replacement plus GPZ follow up is what I’m shooting for as my future personal lineup.
  20. The thing is, they would have nothing to lose. White’s does not sell software, they sell hardware, and this would drive hardware sales. It would never happen with the old White’s, but I’m going to hold just a flicker of hope somebody buys White’s, and has a more open mind as regards such things.
  21. The Deus was designed for Euro style field detecting, and the Orx is obviously just a subset of the Deus, aimed at gold prospectors. Due to the fact that good targets with either machine can read as anything non-ferrous, they both are basically beep-dig detectors. The best made in my opinion, if your goal is simply to extract non-ferrous items out of dense ferrous trash. Due to exactly what Jeff mentions they have not however found as much favor with U.S. park hunters. I’m not saying people can’t and do not use them for that. It’s just that digging a minimum amount of holes based on accurate target id at depth is important, people tend to go multifrequency. A lot of people therefore would love to see a multifrequency detector from XP. European Detectors Versus U.S. Style Detectors On Target Masking
  22. The replacement video is on the XP website today. I’d totally say you have no idea what XP has figured out or not, and that if what you speculate were true they’d pull the video. http://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/metal-detector/videos-05-deus-battery-kit/
  23. A mixed blessing for sure. The main complaint with a lot of underwater detectors is lack of volume. Not an issue with AQ! While wading and using Tones I am running the volume all the way down at minimum.
  24. Yeah, the DFX is well behaved for a reason. It’s no powerhouse. I’ve found the V3i on the other hand to pull up a good target id at depth as well as anything I have used. The V3i for what it is really is an incredible detector, if you are into settings and customization options. If you can’t program a VCR and don’t read manuals, not so much. When I got the V3i the future was revealed to me as clear as a bell. Electronics as a rule gets smaller and more powerful. V3i was the first true multifrequency with true single frequency options, unlike the DFX with the workarounds employed. The V3i also innovated with integrated wireless. It clearly represented the future of detecting. White’s unfortunately never had the vision to see what the original Vision represented. Obviously the same could be done in a lighter weight package with a simplified interface. I started lobbying for such a machine from the moment I got the Vision/V3i. My idea for a V4 was not an enhanced V3i, but a V3i in a pod with a simplified interface. About a year before the Equinox was introduced I met with Carl Moreland, a key person in getting the V3i to market, and once again described what I thought people really wanted. Multifrequency, plus the ability to choose single frequency, in a light weight detector with a simplified interface. Carl was no longer with White’s at that time, having moved to First Texas. He never got a hint however from me that somebody had listened, and I had a working prototype at home. We all know now what became of that - one of the best selling detectors ever made. White’s had it all first with the V3i, the full recipe. All they had to do was take the proven concept, and bring the design forward into the 21st century. White’s basically showed Minelab what needed to be done, and so Minelab did it instead of White’s. White’s not following up on the V3i will go down as one of the greatest missed opportunities in detecting ever. If you want to learn about metal detecting and how metal detectors work, getting a V3i, reading the manual, using the detector, and reading the manual again, is a college course in metal detecting. The detector is basically a programmable build-your-own-detector kit. You can customize everything. The color screen and customization options for the screen alone could fill a book. The V3i never reached its full potential in my opinion due to the ability to save and exchange programs being deleted from the original game plan. If people had the ability to save programs and trade them on the internet, a programming sub-culture would have developed around the machine. You would have seen some amazing interface customizations. As it developed unfortunately, the only way to trade programs was to fill out a page of settings for somebody, that they could then key in on their V3i. It’s just too much work, and so people focused only on what needed to be employed in the way of tuning to get the job done. If we could export and import programs, there would be a huge library by now, with some pretty crazy stuff. If I could have one wish from White’s or whoever takes over, it would be that they open source everything available on the V3i, so it could be hacked, and program exchange capability possibly added by some intrepid programmer. The machine could have an amazing life still if they just had faith in the magic of open source. Maybe an impossible dream, but it can’t hurt to dream. I really do think the V3i is special and that there will never again be anything like it. Due to that belief, and the fact a lot of great V3i information has been getting lost, particularly at Findmall and the official White’s forum, both of which had meltdowns which lost old threads, I’m going to start a V3i sub-forum here for V3i nerds. Maybe it will just end up being me posting to myself, but this is one part of the White’s legacy that deserves to live on, and I’m going to do my own little part to see that it happens.
  25. I’m glad it sounds like you might be able to get your issue with the 24K addressed Jim. The problem is not whether Whites wants to do warranty or not. The problem, with the factory closed, is parts supply. The number one issue with the MX Sport/GMX housing was pods that cracked and battery compartments that broke. Given these are a new series, and the obvious fact now that White’s was suffering, how deep is the stock of repair parts? You can’t repair a cracked pod if the parts run out. Same thing with bad coils. They are generally replaced, not repaired. Is there a big stock of 6” concentric and 4x6 coils to draw on? I very much doubt it. More likely after a little time passes owners of some of these newer models will find that if parts are needed they are just out of luck. Old models like the MXT, perhaps not so much. That could change if somebody buys White’s and gets back into production while assuming warranty obligations. Even that you never know. Fisher used to have lifetime warranties. When they went under and First Texas bought them, the first thing they did was stop honoring the old warranties. Given the options from companies that are going concerns, there is no way I’d buy a new White’s right now and just assume the warranty is not going to be an issue. I’d at the least be expecting a serious clearance discount price, but bottom line right now is if I personally wanted a new full warranty detector, I’m not interested in a Whites right now any more than I’m interested in a Tesoro.
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