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  1. There might be reasons for you to be upset at Minelab, but let’s stick with real ones. There was never any plan for the GPX 6000 to be backwards compatible with other coils. New coils are inherent to the design. Minelab never made that promise, so can’t have reneged on it. Anything you read to that effect was speculation by somebody else, but not Minelab officially. That said, I think a GPX 5000 stuffed in a 6000 case, with a better rod, and compatibility with the old GPX coils, is a fine idea. Call it the GPX 5500. Priced under the Axiom by $1000, it would not only undercut Axiom, but offer owners of older Minelabs a clear and affordable upgrade path, leveraged by a large base of existing coils. I’d probably get one myself. Put it in the CTX case so it’s submersible, and I would 100% be on board! Not a bit of which will be in this presentation, which will be all about coin and relic detectors.
  2. Well, here we are, Dec 1, clock ticking until 1:30 Pacific Standard Time. Actually the 2nd in half the world, so shows where the focus is with this, if Minelab is going to slight everyone in Oz as not being worthy. "No, no silly blokes, we meant Dec 1 in the US" But then they go and confuze us dumb yanks with their backwards dating system 1-12-22. Or maybe they really did mean January 12 and the joke is on us! THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2022 AT 1:30 PM PST Good Things Come In Twos Facebook Live P.S. Yes those are 2s not Zs, Minelab logo turned on edge to be a 2. People sure are desperate for a Z replacement.
  3. I have seen various posts mentioning "sources" in the last few years, talking about how a GPZ 8000 is coming. All I can say is all the quoted sources did not know, and still do not know what is actually going on. Those that know will not talk, and those that talk do not know. Me, I'm not holding my breath.
  4. Boosting volume across the board to hear faint signals better can contribute to more hearing loss, if the loud targets are now too loud. Headphones with a volume limiter or a separate booster with the same feature can help prevent that.
  5. The Axiom is not a replacement for the ATX, which is still in production. This is a new dry land gold prospecting detector. An ATX upgrade or replacement may happen someday, but nothing soon that I know about. The Axiom weighs slightly less than the GPX 6000. Both balance perfectly with their 11" mono coils, and both are nose heavy with larger coils. They both have a grip that is comfortable to me. I have tried to decide which feels better on my arm, and it is so close I cannot really say one is better than the other in that regard. Job well done by both companies.
  6. Any decent stick on screen protector will work, just cut to fit. I use a pack of old Kindle screen protectors. The pack was used on my last half dozen new machines, and plenty left still. The main thing is make that first thing you do out of the box. Peel off the thin protective cover that comes on the screen with the new detector, and immediately apply your permanent one. Slip over covers can collect grit, and actually abrade the screen with use. This is therefor a good idea regardless, or maybe because, you use an optional slide over cover.
  7. FYI giving anyone, including eBay, your account number so they can deposit money to it puts you at no more risk than all the checks you have ever written. Every check has the same account info printed right on the bottom. It’s easy to get account numbers, always has been. It’s easy to deposit money to somebodies account. The reverse is not true. You can’t just take money out of an account just because you have the account number.
  8. There is an ATX audio mode that is identical to the ATX, and a new VCO mode, more similar to what Minelab users are used to. The iron disc sound is improved from the ATX, a more positive grunt than before. More videos here https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/19438-axiom-instructional-video-training-series/
  9. The Axiom is basically a more powerful ATX with more user control over that power, in a lighter, but not submersible package. The accessory coils are half the price, and there are more of them. For anyone not wanting to get in the water it is a significant upgrade from the ATX. For water use, the current Axiom coils are too buoyant ever for wading, so the ATX is better suited for anything to do with being in the water. That may change if we get some neutral buoyancy wading coils for the Axiom, but for now, that's the way it is.
  10. Why, why, why? I'm just offering the best guidance I can on what to expect from the detector. Ask Debbie the rest.
  11. Thanks Ron, much better. Click or double click for largest version:
  12. I agree with the last few posts, and that seems like a good place to stop. I was very involved in the political aspects of things in Alaska, and a got a lot done by aligning with larger mining interests through the Alaska Miners Association. People down south avoid the big organizations, and that is a mistake. We formed a small mining committee in the AMA made up of members like myself, and by being part of the larger organization, we had the ear of the people that mattered. These efforts to go it alone will come to naught, as small miners alone suffer from all the problems already noted. You either align with power where it is, or are shut out. It's that simple.
  13. With Felix gone……. Hopefully Fisher is fair with out of warranty repairs. The design of the detector is such that it has had, and will continue to have, a high incidence of failures. The epoxy filled case also is hard, if not impossible, to service, and we know the parts supply is extremely limited. Not a good picture for the long run and the main reason I sold mine.
  14. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2022/11/29/minerals-never-seen-earth-somalia-meteorite/10797611002/
  15. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2022/11/29/minerals-never-seen-earth-somalia-meteorite/10797611002/
  16. in gold nugget land… White’s Coinmaster 5 Supreme - first ground balancing detector Garrett Ground Hog - 15 kHz circuit that started the electronic gold rush White’s Goldmaster II - first genuine high frequency gold nugget detector at 50 kHz Fisher Gold Bug 2 - still sets the standard today for small gold VLFs Minelab GT16000 - first ground tracking detector Minelab SD2000 - first dual channel ground balancing gold nugget PI White’s MXT - first genuine “do it all” detector that really did well on gold nuggets Minelab SD 2200 - first ground tracking nugget PI Minelab GPX series - first digital backend and Lithium Ion battery in a nugget PI Minelab GPX 7000 - first ZVT based model Minelab Equinox 800 - takes what MXT did to the next level Minelab GPX 6000 - first high power lighter weight model with integrated battery and speaker
  17. Really guys, it’s that hard to figure out? It’s been said many times, at least by me, that detectors are just tools. So the pictures are pictures of the tool kit. I actually like the top graphic a lot, as it really highlights why the GPX 6000 does so well for many people. Gets right to the point better than the star chart. Anyway, does anyone have or can point to a high resolution copy of the pics? I’d like one for my files. It’s just a matter of picking the right tool for the job.
  18. It’s right there….. Detect Modes: (Customisable) All-Terrain (5), Beach (4), Goldfield (1) But this detector is clearly not targeting the gold prospecting market. If anything, the effort is aimed at improving the silver turf hunting and water hunting aspects more than anything else. Other than the improvements for trash handling, mostly in the area of the target display and ferrous id, then I would not expect upgrading from an Equinox to a Manticore to make any real difference when it comes to gold prospecting. That’s the number one reason you are not seeing me jumping up and down going “oh wow.” There is a lot here for me to like, mostly the expanded target id range, for better jewelry detecting. I’ll no doubt probably end up with a Manticore sooner or later. But it simply is not a pressing thing, if gold prospecting is the main idea. And that’s what it’s mostly all about for me. Tons of places in the U.S. with mild soils and gold. Almost any gold in slate, shale, graywacke, sediment based bedrock locales is low mineral, including vast swaths of my old stomping grounds in Alaska. I would not want to bet yet that PI detectors have ever found more gold even in California than VLFs. You guys late to the game have no idea just how much gold the first guys hitting the ground with VLFs got. Ounce a day was just a norm, as VLFs scarfed up the easy gold and the biggest gold, while ignoring lots of junk. It’s only now in later days that’s this mythology of PI superiority has gotten so entrenched, because of the extra power needed to get what’s left. But back in the 90s VLF was just killing it, with finds that put us to shame these days. It’s not about the detector so much as being first on the ground, and they were there first. There are still people doing very well with VLFs, but they tend to lay low.
  19. Very nice, I'd say you did quite well. And I really appreciate the picture of the trash digs. It not only shows you really earned the gold, but tells the newbies that yes, you have to work at it, and dig lots of holes that don't have gold in them. Good stuff, thanks!
  20. Nice gold and nice photos! And good to see gold nuggets found with a VLF for a change.
  21. Lighter and more ergonomic, yes. Discrimination, no. Less expensive
  22. No, what I meant was a dry land gold prospecting detector would likely not be submersible, and only good for no more than wading. Of course it would work on the dry beach also, if it would work wading in the water at that same beach.
  23. Well, Axiom is shipping, but it still sells for too much to make my under 4 lb, under $2K ground balancing PI a reality. With word from Carl that Fisher is still in the game with a possible Impulse Gold, it's now up to Fisher, or more likely, Nokta/Makro, to finally get it done. Been over 5 years since I made the challenge, and if anything with the TDI gone, it seems we are going backwards. I'll fudge the 4 lbs as being "close enough" with the Axiom at 4.2 lbs, but the price is still twice as much as I'd like to see. You have a 4 lb robust proven mechanical design just waiting to have a GBPI circuit stuffed in it. Why reinvent the wheel? Just saying. So come on Nokta/Makro, it's your game to win!
  24. The AQ has ground balance preset to act as a sort of discrimination control, so you have preset ground balance. That makes it pretty useless in hot rocks especially. I thought I could make it work in milder Nevada soils, and it was a total no go. The Gold model will have an adjustable ground balance as the most important factor. The good news there is it should also still work at the beach, though maybe only for wading. For me it was always the preferred option, a PI that could be used anywhere, as opposed to one that can only be used at the beach.
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