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  1. You did indeed Jason, and credit where credit is due. I'm just finally catching up to you!
  2. Nice finds! Your little gold pendant matches a gold bracelet I found in Hawaii back in 2014
  3. The FCC website has a Confidentiality Letter that requests the user manual and photos not be revealed until October 19: "We are requesting the commission to grant short-term confidentiality request on the following attachments until 19 October 2020. External Photos, Internal Photos, Test Setup Photos, User Manual" So in theory by October 19th we could have photos and a user manual available for download. However, the website has availability notes now appended to those document listings, and they are calling for a December 18, 2020 release of the information. When I started this
  4. Certainly could be an issues with the coil - not uncommon with the V. Can’t hurt to make sure the coil type is properly set.... “Loop Selection allows you to tell V3i which loop you are currently using. V3i will use this to adjust target depth readings to compensate for loop size. If you are using an aftermarket loop, select the factory loop that is closest in size.“ As far as I know that setting only affects the depth reading, but like I said, it can’t hurt. V3i Factory Reset
  5. https://codan.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/FINAL-INVESTOR-PRESENTATION-20-Aug-20.pdf Metal detector sales up 30% (Recreational 11%, Gold Prospecting 42%) - Africa is the largest market by far (due to gold prospecting detectors) - New gold prospecting model coming GPX 6000 - X-Terra and Safari discontinued - Thirty million invested in Engineering / R&D. No wonder the competition can't keep up! I found it interesting that even with the new Vanquish and Equinox, sales growth is heavily weighted to the gold prospecting models, illust
  6. From Minelab 2020 Full Year Report: Minelab GPX Series - NEW RELEASE FY21 - New GPX detector
  7. X-Coil makes aftermarket coils for the GPZ and Nugget Finder has one in the works.
  8. It is not a reprimand. As I explained, people who are first time posters promoting companies and sales with links are almost 100% of the time spammers. It would not have been an issue had your first posts not been promotional in nature. I'm sorry you got caught up in all that, but you have no idea just how much of this stuff I have to deal with. I've got a great success rate, but am only human and screw up now and then.
  9. You do, and I rescinded the ban because you indicated you would stop. I’m questioning that decision after your last post and the parts I deleted. People here know how to shop. I don’t mind known, longer term members here passing on info about the deals. I do it myself sometimes. Until you have reached that point please refrain mentioning company names and prices etc. and stick to detecting and detector finds. Thanks.
  10. Probably silver, for sure if stamped .925. And probably not a diamond. Nice find regardless!
  11. Most people here seem to have outfitted with other headphones before Patriot put theirs out. That’s what happened to me at least.
  12. Deteknix first appeared about five years ago. Then, as Jeff notes, Deteknix was caught lifting technology from First Texas. They then promptly changed their name to Quest in hopes people might forget and leave that in the past. I have not forgotten however, and have not added them to the database as a result. Quest 40 Report
  13. Google Search Click the link. You can see past versions of the board are different. The 2010 version is marked “Rev 3” in the upper left corner. Your board lacks that moniker, and has no doubt changed more than once in the last decade, which as in Rev 3 even in 2010. Interesting FT "19 kHz Models" Modification
  14. It’s meaningless marketing fluff. First Texas constantly tweaks machines as new components arrive, and it’s quite possible those two ancient “processors” have been replaced with a single modern component.
  15. Yeah, the marketing folks mentioned this early on. More is better, you know.
  16. There were quite a few sold before the name change, first Vision, then V3, then V3i. Units were shipping when Garrett made a fuss about having the rights to “Treasure Vision”, and the change was made. My Vision with Bigfoot coil... White’s V3i Information & Review
  17. Always nice to see finds measured in ounces or pounds Troy instead of grams! Great score Chris, I’m sure you worked hard for it. 👍🏻
  18. This is a video that Garrett has done in response to some of the user videos made about the new Apex. It’s possible this was posted before and I missed it... been busy lately! “Iron targets can “mask” or change the Target ID of adjacent good treasure targets. Two examples of target masking are presented, along with a demonstration of successfully scanning coins mixed into a row of nails. Although the presence of iron can change a target’s ID, this video shows how easy the Garrett Apex can pick out the treasures in such trashy detecting environments.”
  19. Well, although still listed on the Minelab website, most legitimate dealers are showing the GPX 4500 as out of stock. There are many still for sale, but I have to think the odds are high they are counterfeit at this point unless being sold by a very trustworthy source. Buyer beware. How To Verify A Minelab Is Genuine
  20. Ganes Creek is a large commercial mine that has been in operation for about 100 years, and still continues today. It was open to the public for metal detecting for ten years, the last in 2012. More details here, but if you have any more questions please start another thread to ask them, as I do not want to hijack this thread. There are more stories about Ganes Creek at Steve’s Mining Journal.
  21. Not a meteorite so moved thread to Rocks & Minerals forum.
  22. I should not laugh but the thought of Minelab responding directly to information requests and explanations, not to mention requests for accessory coils, seems to be a fantasy many of us have these days. Ever since the new marketing crew in Chicago took over a couple years ago, the engineering videos and Treasure Talk blogs all came to a halt. There was a email survey Minelab sent out this spring asking people what kind of information and videos people want to see, but so far nothing has come of it.
  23. Same depth and sensitivity if outfitted with the same coils, but I’d take the Pro for the Ground Grab button, plus the seven tones option. MXT Info & Review Steve with MXT and 6.85 ounce gold specimen found with it at Ganes Creek, Alaska in 2002
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