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  1. The CZ3D is an ancient design, and rumor has it that it has finally been discontinued. Certainly nothing I’d recommend to anyone in the 21st century. There are many models you could consider… you already own a couple. Two of the most popular are XP Deus, and Minelab Equinox. XP has just announced the new Deus 2, and Nokta/Makro is releasing a new detector in the next couple weeks. If you are going for new, may as well look at the newest.

    So sure, there are detectors you could buy. Just don’t think they will do something magically better than what you already have. Detecting technology is about small improvements at best. So use what you have, or find something else you like and buy it. The secret no matter what you do is finding good places to detect, and putting in the hours. Some people seem to spend more time buying and selling detectors than actually metal detecting. That’s fine, if that is what you want, but simply buying more metal detectors is no guarantee of success.

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  2. A huge factor in selling used and getting a good price, is own detectors with transferable warranties, and sell them with at least a few months remaining warranty. Once out of warranty, the value used drops as correlated with costs of potential repairs. For instance, a water hunter buying an out of warranty Equinox better factor in the out of pocket cost of repairing a unit that leaks. Far less concern if it has 6 months remaining factory warranty, making a used unit with remaining warranty quite a bit more valuable. Yet some people forget to even mention it. XP has a 5 year transferable warranty. The only major that does not at the moment is First Texas - Bounty Hunter, Fisher, and Teknetics are warrantied to original owner only.

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  3. There are two different Whink formulations, one based on oxalic acid (the safer), and one based on 1% HF (the more aggressive). Oxalic based will only attack rust stains, hydrofluoric based will attack silica minerals. The HF will take care of some issues the oxalic will not, but has a much higher chance of “frosting” the appearance of silica minerals with more than short exposures. Beware the safety issues - please refer to this thread for details!

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  4. Minelab has a particular genius for producing detectors that occupy distinct niches. Even if they could make just one detector that did everything the best, it would make little sense from a business perspective. They always make sure each model has its own secret sauce that justifies somebody wanting it. As of late, controlling what coils get produced seems critical to maintaining that product differentiation. 

    Despite Equinox, the CTX 3030 still sells because it does some things well an Equinox does not. Similarly, it was never their desire to produce a detector that sells for less than the GPZ 7000 that would replace it. Sheppo nailed it - the models complement each other. One does not replace the other, by full planning and intent on Minelabs part.

    That should really surprise nobody. Lots of things make more sense as regards Minelab if you take off your prospector hat, and put your business person/investor hat on instead.

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  5. Nevada is a big place, my settings vary by location, not by state. I tend to bounce between manual 10 or Auto+ depending on location and conditions (ground wet or dry). That may be hotter than I’d recommend people newer to detecting should run however. I’m used to running “noisy” whereas most people benefit from the stability gained by less aggressive settings. I can say there is not a lot of range in the 6000 sensitivity control, and running even at manual 1 still retains a surprising amount of punch.

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  6. Why promote fraud? I’ll scrub the links later today, as I see no reason to boost their Google results and send business their way. I don’t mind people posting about scams, but please don’t link to them and thereby help them. We have spammers for that. :smile:

    Edit - ok, think I got the 20 plus links scrubbed. Honestly, I’m surprised Mitchel. The minute you see LRL (long range locator) you should know that anything else said is not worth paying a minutes attention to. They advertise alongside legitimate stuff hoping the legitimacy will rub off. And Germans are no less subject to scams and fraud than anyone else. I’ve got no problem with people selling dowsing gear, as it’s honest about what it is. LRL is just dowsing dressed up with pseudo science and a price tag to match. It’s the deception employed about what these devices really are that crosses the line with me. If you want a dowsing device, just make one. Attach as many dials and meters as will make you happy. The knobs and dials don’t have to actually work, well, because they don’t actually do anything! Just be sure it looks really cool. :smile:



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    I see it this way... XP makes a better built product. Stronger shaft, coil ears, arm cuff, etc. Better warranty 5 years vs 3... The only place my equinox did better over my deus was the wet sand beaches.  I feel the deus is lighter, better balanced and actually less prone to emi over equinox.   So with that said, I sold my equinox and 2 other detectors and will be trading in my deus for the deus II.  I live just a few miles from the gulf beaches , I like simultaneous multi-frequency and fully expect XP to put out a fantastic detector.   New waterproof headphones, different ways to use the deus like using ws6 puck as the display and pairing wsa II headphones with the ws6 as a cheaper alternative.  I'm hoping they use the 9.5x5 coil mold for a new black FMF coil. 

    Now that’s not “Reasons To Hold Onto Equinox 800 In Light Of Deus 2!!” :smile: But if you primarily are a water hunter, don’t blame you at all.

    The detector actually most likely impacted here will be Tarsacci, as we are talking more dollars to dollars comparison. An Equinox 600 will hunt the salt about as well as an 800, and at under $700 slays both the Deus 2 and Tarsacci in bang for the buck, even with a 3 year warranty versus Deus 2 at 5 (Tarsacci only 18 months).

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  8. I agree Hugh, I never said they would get a majority of existing Equinox users back. My argument is simple - XP is responding to Equinox with Deus 2, including winning some existing owners, by specifically targeting weaknesses in the existing Equinox platform. That will win them back some existing Equinox owners, and I say that is by intent. The only thing to be seen is how many, but it sure won’t be zero.

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  9. On 11/3/2021 at 8:26 PM, Chase Goldman said:

    Deus II is not out there to sway existing Equinox users

    I have to disagree with that. Business is about market share, and Equinox took XP market share. Deus 2 is clearly a response to that, targeting Equinox ergo and water intrusion issues while bring multi to the table. Selling to the party faithful is nice, but competition is about competing with competitors! XP will probably bring some Equinox owners that abandoned the original Deus back into the fold. For the new buyer wanting “the best” there will be a perception that Deus 2 is just that, simply based on the higher price. People do think like that. And despite a few weirdos like me, it’s very obvious the vast majority consider wireless coils to be a good thing, as evidenced by XP pounding on that in their marketing. It’s their exclusive “edge.” The Deus 2, whether or not it matches or exceeds Equinox performance, exudes technological superiority. And I’m not betting against the performance aspect.

    This thread is about staying with Equinox (and I am!), but I think the Deus 2 is a brilliant competitive move, and Equinox sales are all but assured to take a hit, and some Equinox owners to jump ship.

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  10. 12 hours ago, Tony said:

    Gee, sorry for posting in good faith…….something I’ve done since I first joined this forum. Hard to post without somehow upsetting someone these days.

    Steve, you don’t need to go on the offensive so easily and read too much into some replies…….have a re-read of your first two sentences to my reply. I’m not attacking Garrett but somehow you made that assertion. 

    Sorry but I’m scratching my head as to why you responded to me the way you did…….not impressed at all.


    I apologize Tony. I feel like you also reacted more strongly than I think is warranted, as my intent was simply to get topic back on track and on topic. I apologize for coming off strong to you, it was not my intent, and more an unfortunate side effect of short written responses. I’d rather we chalk it up to miscommunication between people of good will, as I do value your opinions. I monitor a huge number of threads and posts, and sometimes respond too quickly without fully digesting things. I’m more than willing to admit I blow it now and then, and ask forgiveness.

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  11. 26 minutes ago, Tony said:

    My “problem” is that the gold is deep and “nuggety” and way bigger than 3 to 5 grams……a nice problem to have. The side by side tests were on undug nuggets in a small patch in hot ground. The ATX does have its place…….just no where near where I typically hunt. 

    Using the ATX in really hot ground, I just could not differentiate small gold targets from ground noise….we are talking Western Australian heavy ironstone country. The earlier SD and GP machines excel in this ground.

    So use something other than a Garrett. Nobody is trying to sell you anything. This is the Garrett Forum however, not the Minelab or QED Forum, so let’s stick to Garrett here please. We are discussing where Garrett might go with the ATX, a newer and improved ATX. Not dwelling in why the old ATX does not serve. That’s kind of the point. One would hope it could not only be put in a better package, but close that gap with Minelab. If not for you, then for others. The world is a bigger place than Western Australia, and people use these machines for more than just nugget hunting. The beach and relic market here in the U.S. may actually be bigger these days for a properly built and priced GBPI.

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  12. 1 hour ago, palzynski said:

    XP will probably release smaller coils for the Deus2 , as they have already done for the Deus1 with the 10X6 elliptical HF.

    XP listen their customers , if there is a demand for smaller coils which is logical for a multipurpose detector , they will do them ...  

    I’d expect so, but I’ll take the bird in my hand over a promise for the future. And for my purposes, they will never make truly small coils, like a NEL Snake. Wireless is inherently limiting coil options, and prohibits third party coils, even more so than with Minelab, who regularly gets beaten up for that very thing.

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  13. 5 hours ago, Tony said:

    Yes, but is the ATX circuitry competitive or on par with anything that Minelab could re-release (from the last 15 years) whenever they feel the urge or need and at price point of their choosing. I did some recent side by side tests with the ATX and my “ancient” GP3500……. And boy oh boy, did the 3500 smoke the ATX 😳

    There is nothing wrong with ATX performance, but nobody says it slays Minelabs detectors. If Minelab were to release something even better, that undercut them…. that’s better yet. Let’s create some competition. I don’t care if it is Minelab, Garrett, or anyone else, I’d just like to see somebody make a decent, affordable GBPI detector that does not weigh a ton. I’d be thrilled if Minelab repackaged an older model. Just reintroduce the SD2200v2, add built in battery and speaker, and we have a good contender.

    The ATX is better than most Minelab users give it credit for; it can and will find gold in the right hands. It handles ground and hot rocks that trouble Minelabs latest and greatest, the GPX 7000 and GPX 6000, with ease. It exceeded the models prior to the GP Extreme for small gold performance. Boost the battery power to Minelab levels is about all it would need to narrow the gap on larger gold. But again, I’m not pushing the ATX per se. I just think Garrett can build a better ATX that better competes for the intended gold prospecting market. I’d like us not to live in a world where only Minelab makes these types of detectors, and dictates whatever price they choose.


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  14. It's the same issue in the old mining pits and tailing piles here Simon, tons of deep nails, shell casings, bullets, and other stuff. Some days all you do is just dig junk all day long. But yeah, I hear what you are saying, and too much sensitivity to the smallest, and least valuable gold, could actually be an impediment in some locations. Where I'm at it's more an annoyance, and at least they are not near as deep as the nails!

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  15. What can a person say. I'm finding lots of tiny pellets my GPZ 7000 never saw. But that tells me straight up the 6000 is hitting smaller gold better. I've been finding specimen gold in areas I hunted with the 7000, too many for it just to be missed. I think the 6000 is just that much better on very small gold, including gold in quartz.

    So I guess I'll dig the pellets. :smile:

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  16. With Deus II XP is once more pushing the limits by creating, the first wireless, multi-frequency metal detector with unique features and performance. Once the coil, remote control, headphones and pinpointer are paired, they communicate with each other wirelessly and without latency using the XP patented radio protocol system. This means that the target signals generated by the search coil are quickly transmitted to the headphones without any delay, giving the DEUS II unparalleled speed and accuracy. The DEUS II performs extremely well in all terrain and conditions, both on land and at sea, thanks to FMF® (Fast Multi-Frequency) technology. Choose the Fast and simultaneous Multi-Frequency programs or between 49 single frequencies from 4 to 45 kHz.











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  17. Looks like XP delivered on my wish list except for the coil options. Looks like Equinox water hunters have a real reason to look hard at this one - 20 meters / 66 feet! No messing around there, with a huge margin of safety for the mask and snorkel crowd.

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