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  1. pretty safe to say if you are able to pick those out, you work well with that detector, sheesh.
  2. He gives her the Nox and maybe she starts staying out late....coming home with dirty fingernails and all...just keep her with the AT, sir.
  3. 75% of the silver halves i get from the bags is the 40% type.. depends, normally quantity is somewhere from 2 to a dozen in there. yes..most are cupro-nickel.
  4. Sorry GB, I re-read after your questions...i was pretty lousy on explanation. Here is clarification. 1. When a customer has their coins rejected, they might try re-running the rejects through, but at whatever point they give up, many take the reject coins to the teller line and have them counted manually and added to the deposit amount. The Teller puts them in their own cash drawer for the time being. Some tellers are on the lookout for their own silver collection, some couldnt care less, etc. Some just leave them separate if asked. 1a. you mentioned junk like "Bobby pins
  5. another note on the bank interactions... It costs the bank money to send in their coins. They go to clearing houses, not the Fed. If you ask, your bank might be willing to sell you the filled bags of coins. Mine does, and it is WAY higher percentage of finding silver in those bags, than coins you would buy in rolls or boxes from your bank, which have already been run through multiple machines, kicking out most of the silver. Your best bet is bags of Halves, or nickels to get silver. Halves are the largest coins on the chute, and are not affected by weight...anything bigger than small
  6. Steve, Top large cent looks like matron head, so 1816 to 1839, lower one looks like coronet so 1839 to 57
  7. putting this here, because not sure where it fits best.... I have a huge bag of lousy shape coins I want to clean up...or rather have my kids clean up. I want to get some sort of tumbler that is sturdy and won't wear out with a lot of use. Anyone have specific models/brands they like, or models to stay away from? Thanks.
  8. ok Jeff, So I grabbed a screwdriver with a skinny shaft, ground the end down so it is nice and round on the point, and went probing last night in a baseball outfield. i know, it is steel and not brass..oh well. even though the shaft is about 9 inches, it was obvious with as thin a shaft as the one i picked, there was no way in this dry dirt I would ever get down to 7 or 8 inches of depth. Do you use thicker and longer shaft screwdrivers/probes for when it is dry? how often do you snap them off? i set the Nox to only 15 as I wasnt going to be digging deep targets anyway. yes, th
  9. how were the tones on those various items....cleaner on the round ones, or couldnt tell a difference until you dug them up? Did you get fooled much by iron, and how much junk did you dig to get those? Thanks.
  10. Calabash, I am curious what was behind your decision to use something other than Equinox for that hunt? site specific reason, past experiences, etc?
  11. flat out awesome! I have yet to get a half older than 1917. perfect way for you to break into 1800s.
  12. Jeff, Thanks for your explanation. gonna go borrow my wife's rings, bury them and get used to the sound
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