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  1. Didnt clean it up yet...I'll let you know though
  2. back to the mill again...working another small steep bank about 50 yards from the last time. This was at the base of the bank, but still about 8 inches down. I had just dug an almost surface matchbox car about a foot from it. I am thinking 1855, 56, or 57, but cant seem to make it out. First half cent at this site.
  3. Every Barber is a good one! Not common.
  4. F350, I have started some rather extreme attempts to remove metal and get below the pitting to see what can be seen on some of my really bad large cents. I'll let you know if any of them work.
  5. that large cent is a nice pull. too bad copper comes out of the ground so poorly
  6. It is a large cent, but I will try to pick at it once it soaks a bit. I think F350 is right on the type though
  7. when pinpointing on really deep targets, once i have it zeroed in on the highest strength spot, i usually glance at the TiD it is showing, then turn off pinpoint and wiggle that spot again to see how nice the tone sounds still. if I am getting iron tones still, I am listening to how quiet they are compared to the ferrous tone as many times that is now just dirt feedback. If the ferrous tones are still nice sounding, its getting dug. In the areas that have Rev war activity, I am digging the lowest high tones also for pewter buttons. Last two deep pewter buttons were small and registered only 5 and 7.
  8. I had a chance to get back to an old mill during lunch break this week. I decided to work a steep bank that was partially man-made from cutting a more gradual ramp into the hillside for the wagons to pull the grains to the top of the mill around the back of the house. Swinging on an angle like that..really weird. I like flat and level, i have decided. However...going to have to go back and keep working it. Got a pair of wheats to start, then these two. Also a thimble, but it was just brass, and homeowner took that one to clean up because she collects them. And, i must say, when I saw the quarter was a 13, and could make out a mintmark on the back.....i was about to hyperventilate until I saw it was a D. You guys in California dodged one again. Happy Hunting
  9. I am not sure i would say i "trust" turning the horseshoe off, F350. I would more say it helps me focus on the fainter high tones, and once I think it sounds good, i most often switch horseshoe back on and make sure I still think i want to dig it. When i pinpoint, i usually first swing a wide circle around it to hear if there are other targets around it that are strong enough to skew the tones I am hearing from my desired target. Sometimes the pinpoint will show a strong iron target to one side (lets say to the right). if it does, then i move to the left side of my hoped for "good" target, turn 90deg, back up a bit, and swing from further away until on the "good" target to make sure i am not just getting a ghost of that iron item. Please don't take this as surefire stuff. I have been skunked a lot of times at sites that i Know must have wonderful old stuff hiding, but I can say that working this way has helped me so much this year at finding the deeper older coins. Also...resisting the urge to go fast, and swing really slow in crowded area.
  10. if i was there...once i was in the spot where i KNEW the old farmhouse was....i would turn the all metal off for a while, so i could just focus on the quality of the quieter/deep high tones. Forget the iron until you find your nice sweet quiet multiple direction tone. I am sure when you pinpoint, those large can slaws will be screaming at you, and can pass them up. with equinox, i find that turning off the iron will let me go slower and focus on the individual high tones better. since you arent going to dig everything, might as well just try for the deepies.
  11. wow, that one crushes all the brass ones i have found.
  12. I know I moan now and then about not having access to many of the S or D mint coins here in Pennsylvania, but this spring I have been on a number of new permissions that have really added quite a bit to the type set I have been building of my dug coins. It does make me appreciate the wide range of mint years and coins in my area. Yes, coppers come out pretty ragged some times, but since they aren't getting sold, its no matter. These weren't all gotten this spring, but ill put an x next to those. x New Jersey Copper Spanish period counterfeit copper x Half cent Classic head 1809-29 Large cent Liberty Caps, including a 1795 lettered edge Large cent Draped busts Large cent Classic heads Large cent Matron heads x Large cent Braided hair Flying eagle a whole tribe of Indian cents x Two Cent Trimes Shield Nickel - no rays Liberty head nickels herd of buffalos war nickels Liberty seated half dime Liberty seated dime Barber dimes Mercurys Barber Quarter Standing Liberty Quarters Walking Liberty Halves Franklin Half Peace dollar NON-US Mints 1786 Half Reale x2 x 1801 Reale Canadian large cents Canadian Bank Tokens This is not a plug for the company or any sort of recommendation to buy stuff, but on libertycoinservice.com, they have a free PDF archive of type set documents that are really nice to summarize things if anyone is interested in type coins. happy hunting, stay hydrated out there!
  13. I agree, an exception, but I would give him his coins. My comment was more the foot down, hasn't been touched since 1800s
  14. the good part about finding 1800s and earlier coins....them folks is deceased
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