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  1. actually, thats a lot of work. Just take one to a coin show, and toss it when no one is looking into the crowd...see how long it takes to sort that out !
  2. Take them to a field a known detecting competitor uses, bury them, and film his heart attack when he digs them.
  3. in the nasty clay prevalent in so much of the ground around where I detect....copper coins don't usually come out looking too great. Sunday I got out to a new permission very near my house that I have been trying to locate the owner for almost 2 years and just made contact 2 weeks ago. The grass is crazy high (2-3 ft), so detecting was limited to areas under the trees and bushes. Still managed what is probably my best grade Indian Head. It still needs some more dirt picked out, but taking my time with this one. Going to ask permission to take my mower over there if I get time to go again. Happy Hunting!
  4. the wheat cent offset from center that high a percentage is indeed fairly rare, but due to having the normal copper corrosion, wont be worth much. If you had more than the 19, it could potentially have more value, but the year/mint would have had to already be a key date for a dug one to be worth much. A couple coin dealers in my area assure me no copper coin I dig would be of any interest to them. no large cents? -NO. How about a 1793 large cent?-NO. How about a 1793 Chain reverse large cent?-Oh, bring that one in and Ill buy it, they always say ?
  5. GOOD GOLLY I have dug a lot of those...now I have to save them too, since they are musical instrument parts, lol. Thanks for the question and the answer !!
  6. if anyone has ideas, i would appreciate your knowledge or guesses. I am pretty sure it isnt plated, but it doesnt ID like a sterling ring would on my detector. Thanks for your help
  7. Hiyas...I recently dug a part of a pewter flatware. I have never seen a makers mark or other identifying mark on flatware that I have dug before. Putting it under my scope, and fooling around a lot with lighting directions, this is about the best it is going to get. Any one have access to pewter manufacturer information? I am stumped so far. The bottom is METAL, the top left looks like a B or S to me, and the right side I believe is NTA
  8. Lol, Steve ! The issue here in PA is...if you wait for it to get warm, it will get warm, but rain or be 100% humidity. If you wait for the ground to dry out, you will get a drought. If you wait for cooler weather, it drops to 0. So, if you think the detector wont break...you just have to go when you can. I have had the VGG out surrounded by a zipped plastic bag multiple times already due to rain....the advantage there is no reason whatsoever to look at it since there is no screen.
  9. Bryan, I'm a bit impatient....so I got out my dremel tool and the softest wire brush I had for it...sure shined up the practice nickels....gonna take more practice, though, lol...
  10. Since Steve is looking for more pictures... I did get out Saturday afternoon. Temps said 30 deg, so figured it was a good day to see how my Vista Gold Gain likes colder weather. I have been addicted to using it since trading for it in August, in any site that is not too infested with modern aluminum. The part of the field I was hunting is usually very wet, and hence, freezes very solid...its kind of like frozen mud...once you disturb it...gets messy. The frozen solid layer 2 weeks ago was only about 2 inches...Saturday it was about 5 inches. A brief plug for anyone looking for a new shovel. I have had my Lesche 38 ground shark d-handle for more than 3 years now. It is indestructible. It was taking 3 or 4 jumps per cut to get through the ice layer...then I basically pried using my weight to get the plug up. The targets were mostly below the frozen stuff, so actually pinpointing and retrieving targets once the plug was out...pretty easy. This spot produces its share of buttons...didnt disappoint this time, either. VGG just nails the small stuff as easily as the larger items. The oval is a cufflink, it has a running fox on it...ozzie and I have both gotten multiple of these at this spot now, and I have multiples of the other ladies buttons from other hunts there as well. The object just to the left of the spoon....It is a cast item, as it has a seam. It is a decorative item, as it has two flowers on it. I will post other pictures if I can manage to get it cleaned up any better. Temps have been so low the last 4 days...no shot at detecting now unless it warms up for a week or two...i shall hope.
  11. Steve, as one of the folks who is in frozen land at this time.... Run the contests whenever you wish. Its your stuff. If I can't be happy for some other lady/gent who had a cool find...sad day indeed.
  12. Bryan, Nice work on the Vs. I love finding them. What are you using to get rid of the red?
  13. An app I use is Evernote...it lets me put as many spreadsheets, pictures, etc into it from PC, tablet, phone, anything...then have access to it on any of the others, even offline without signal, as long as I have synched it prior to losing service. There are payment choices for it, but the standard free version handles anything you would need.
  14. There is a beach volleyball court near my place. About a month ago, on my way home from another site, it was empty. I had my super six coil on at the time, so I did a walk through the court...not being overly slow or thorough, but more trying to get a feel for the ground balance, how high I could have gain and sensitivity, etc. Found the standard couple coins, but did get two stud earrings. One silver stud with CZ, the other just plated with glass. Not bad, I thought. Here is pic for size. Then, last week, I was going past it again, this time with VGG again, but with the stock 11" pitbull coil. I decided to run it again, and go slower, and listen for deeper items, because it has multiple layers of deep sand. I was thinking deep coins. the only notable item I got was this stone with small setting. Tone was clean and strong. It was only 3 or 4 inches down, but pretty cool. Basically told me unless I am concerned with too many targets under the coil at one time, no reason to take the larger coil off.
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