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  1. I agree, an exception, but I would give him his coins. My comment was more the foot down, hasn't been touched since 1800s
  2. the good part about finding 1800s and earlier coins....them folks is deceased
  3. I can admit to starting any given detecting outing in southeast PA where I live, with the hope of seeing silver in the bottom of a deep hole. It does happen often enough. It is fairly common to find really old copper coins, but in our wet and clay soil...usually comes out pretty toasty so causes both satisfaction and an aw shucks. I have a hard time getting excited about searching through pull tabs for shallow jewelry, although most of my nieces and my daughter proudly wear rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and even a toe ring that I gave them. They will always check out the one displa
  4. thanks, i obviously missed that...note to self to not read before coffee
  5. Can anyone identify for me the case in the third picture? I dig all kinds and sizes of them. Thanks
  6. I went out to an old farmhouse with ozzie today. Located on a ridge, made for strong wind and a cold cold rain. A lot of the soil around the house seemed like modern, terribly junk laden fill...pull tabs and broken bolts at 8 inches, etc. Equinox at 24 sense, disc off, recovery 3. Down to my last half hour and feeling a bit bummed....finally had a soft soft but repeatable high tone. Pinpoint could barely get it...low grunts mixed in, but everything was so faint it had to be dug. Dug a full shovel length plug. Pinpointer was fully in the hole and buzzing in center....Great s
  7. yes, well you get all the "S" mint and "CC" mint drops.
  8. Tom, the soil you hunt in...i am so jealous. copper gets eaten up in my clay.
  9. I have a copy of the Whitman Encyclopedia of Colonial and Early American Coins. a bunch of pages on the known varieties of the New Jersey Copper. I got these pics from an auction site for this particular variety. It is a Maris 48 - G. The number is the obverse, and the G is the reverse, each for 1787, and they are the only ones that match the particulars on my coin. Pretty cool how it works, and identifies the date 100%.
  10. Tom_in_CA, you beat me to 1787 !. but no matter. Hunting an old site on lunch break today. Since the original log cabin was torn down in about 1807, everything here is pretty old, and deep. I had sens at 24, all metal. any high tones get mixed with grunts because of the depth...and tons of nails. got this about halfway through my break. I got to cross another coin off the bucket list today, rough shape though it is. Annyway, here is the New Jersey Copper....although the date isnt readable for sure...it"looks" like two tops of 7s where the date should be, so I'm gonna go with t
  11. Wow, Tom. that 2 Reale is awesome and in better condition than a lot of dug silver as thin as those.
  12. that is an awesome dig!! might drive to VA just to have you rub my Nox coils.
  13. found the token, or at least i cannot see a difference between it and the lettering on the one i dug.
  14. No Tom, I do not have patience. I have to chop things up into very manageable mental sizes....around this tree....around that side of old foundation, etc, or i see large areas and feel the need to detect it all as fast as possible.
  15. I do vary the recovery setting sometimes. When I am looking for deep targets in the trash, I swing really really slow, in the belief/hope/feeling I am reaching deeper, keeping recovery as slow as I can. I will also switch to pinpoint mode and cast a wider ring around a questionable target to map the targets close to it, getting pictures of size and depth of the area around my target. Helps most when I have a nice one-way, when I can tell there is a large iron off to the opposite side. Have gotten nice one way items that way.
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