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  1. Folks. I have plenty of hours on MMK now, but have a beach vacation coming up shortly. For those of you who have put time in on the salt water wet sand and shallow water, can you give settings with experiences? freq, mode(if not beach) etc.
  2. I haven't been able to find much time to detect since getting my Kruzer..I got about an hour and a half on Saturday of free time, so grabbed it. It was raining, so I said, no problem, its waterproof! It rained most of the time I was out. Everything worked fine. Instead of using the wireless headphones though, I used the adapter, and just grabbed a pair of old ear buds. Since I was running in two tone with the small coil, and digging anything but iron, they worked well enough. I have to say...having wireless for a couple months....wireless is the best ! It was kindof heartbreaking to be tethered. I am tempted to find some really huge hat I can wear over the wireless phones for the next trip in the rain. The rubber handle grip is also nice for the wet stuff...mud and dirt dont get absorbed by the handle...just wipes off at the end of the hunt. My only issue, was in the heavier rainfall periods, it was a challenge to read the screen menus. Since I am still new with the Kruzer (maybe 20 hunts), I am still playing with frequency, switching 2tone to Gen, etc quite often to check how targets sound before digging. I was planning to cut out an ipad screen protector, then put rainx on it before I go out in the rain again. Any other ideas? Thanks.
  3. rod-pa

    Out With The Makro Multi Kruzer

    Terry, Can you elaborate on the 5khz helping? I have been unable so far to determine much of a difference...are you hearing more, less, or just different in 5 vs both or just the 19khz?
  4. rod-pa

    Dug A Nice 1820 Large Cent Today

    nice one, that you can still see the rim all the way around like that. Good Pull, George
  5. rod-pa

    Why Dig Nickels?

    Steve, A couple reasons.. I have a coin type set that I have worked at purchasing over the years, and also a coin type set that I am filling out with dug coins. It is rewarding to dig the tougher ones, although I probably have no shot at some of the oldest silver, but the dug book isnt missing too many any more. When I am out in the farm fields with few targets, everything gets dug except hot rocks and the lowest of iron...it is amazing how many times nickel area numbers turn out to be partial pewter spoons, and other farmer dropped stuff. I love trying to research them..if I stay to high numbers/tones, I would never get most of that. It is sometimes a bit mentally challenging to dig even lower numbers, knowing that to get a 3 cent nickel or 1 dollar gold at depth...have to do it. More importantly, my young daugher loves to help me "clean'" the old coins i get, so most nickles, being in such lousy shape anyway, give her the ammunition she needs to happily work on them while keeping the more delicate IndianHead cents for me.
  6. So far, I can say I like it a lot. I love the Gen/ all metal mode. It has a really nice steady hum and even with volume not too high, can hear as I get near to anything quite nicely. I really like how most iron items really stay at 04 or 03...i snagged a really cool old iron tool that was quite deep by measuring its size, and noting the higher than normal numbers for nail, etc. Yesterday I had it in 5k Gen, sensitivity to 95. Open field with a ton of hot rocks. I was very relieved when I heard that nice "boing" sound like the F75 gives when going over them. I was surprised at the small items I got without being in high frequency from messages on the boards. I really enjoy the tones in Gen..was very easy to tell both coins I encountered by the very clean hits all directions. It is a little nose heavy, but I am going to work on extending the back under my shoulder to offset the torque. I am hoping to get into some bad soil next week and see how it performs there, but so far am extremely happy.
  7. rod-pa

    First Hunt

    i think your "lid" is a horse bridle or equipment decorative rosette. I have found quite a few.
  8. rod-pa

    Do You Want An Equinox Like Right Now?

    called the Cabelas near me early this morning...they didnt have it :(
  9. rod-pa

    Makro Kruzer Closeup Photos

    Cal, I know it is a bit early for this...but any degradation of the battery life yet since you have been charging them?
  10. a bag of quarters is 500.00 here. had 104 silver qtrs, this time. It was actually the grandma that ran them through, this time. I had a sad false alarm one trip. The teller said, HEY, I been waitin for you. I have 1100 silver dollars I have to get rid of.....then showed me. They were Eisenhowers....oh well.
  11. I know, this doesnt fit a topic here...find a bank near you that still has a coin counter...inquire as to when they empty their half dollar bags. Some banks empty them each month. Some empty them only when full, which is fairly rare. The coin counters don't reject halves for weight, which means the 40% and 90% silvers will be mixed with regulars. MOST banks will also not mind selling the full bag to a customer, since it costs the bank nothing to do so, and costs them to send the bags to a coin servicer. If you get a bag of halves with silver, buy the other bags emptied at that time. A few weeks back I got pretty lucky on the halves, so bought a quarters and a dimes bag...expensive, but this time worked out nicely. Ground here is frozen solid...have to do something !! HH
  12. thanks guys for the words and help. It does amaze me sometimes...the house these buttons were in burned down probably at least 140 years ago due to it disappearing from an 1875 or so map, but being present in an 1840s map. That those things are still even identifiable is incredible, in an actively farmed field for that long. I have a small box of multiple un-identified items from that field that are so intriguing... thx again. I enjoy this site.
  13. rod-pa

    A Unique Accidental Coin Find

    every Barber is a good one !!