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  1. So glad to hear from the Aussie end though we are long out of a whites repairs with Dean and Goldsearch Dunolly Victoria gone. But l am partial to whites detectors (still chasing an old Seirra super pulse). Best of luck with their future endevours...
  2. Your vigilance is respected by all mate,thanks. Sadly due to Covid it has been a year of lock down here in Victoria Australia so nothing to post as we havent been and still aren't allowed out to travel, even detecting local parks is out. As soon as this has passed l will start posting as l want to chase up an Whies SPP detector for my grandson and those that have them over here wint part with them so 1 out of the States will probably be my only option. Hi to all and keep up this great site! Thanks Steve. Lennie.
  3. Hello Steve and all associated with this.my name is Lennie Anderson from Australia and l have followed your posts for years. As this has been in the making for so long l am glad to read Fisher has finally been able to get some out there in the water .l did contact you years ago as l have been an admirer and stalwart supporter The King of pulse induction Eric Foster and still have my old 30 yr old Beach comber scan built by Eric and yes it has discrimination but also loss of depth when in use but underwater it can be quite hard digging 3 ft holes that continuosly cave in (haha and frustrating t
  4. Hi steve and members, can the coils from the gold bug series be used on the go ldstrike, thanks all for your imput. lennie-downunder.
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