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  1. I believe metal detecting is something you want to do what your closest to being that beach , parks or mountains for nugget hunting. Nugget hunting is veryy tough if you dont know exactlly where to be looking.. I just find nugget hunting very difficult just cause of the fact how large and shallow the gold needs to be. Where you might be walking over the gold in a lots occasion. The size of gold and geology helps some prospectors around the world while the chances of others being veryy low..
  2. A addictive person in gold need gold to calm his addiction... Metal detecting might not be easiest way to calm that.. but it sure would be fun to come up with a patch of gold no one know of
  3. Hii goldhound.. i have been amazed by your videos. Wish you could make some new ones without being noticed where you might be making them from..
  4. Those are made of wood and most likely used to flip rocks.. very useful.
  5. Is this a hybrid of a shovel and a pick ? Looks like they welded the front end of a shovel to the pick ..
  6. I have been playing with GPS essentials APP and it does a lot for me .. saves downloaded maps.. tracks. Marks waypoint with images.. And the best is free if you alreadys have a phone ..
  7. Thats a for sure thing .. with theories that played out in the field with the gold finds.
  8. Yeah.. they was getting good gold eventually someone would had wanted to track them down. This is a reason no one really want to be uploading videos.
  9. Wonder how could they scam others .. the channel goes as GoldHoundNuggetRecovery. The videos for sure was educational and entertaining..
  10. I have seen a couple guys head to the mountains in austrailia and was finding gold on youtube .. but it been like 4 years since they post..
  11. Ill try where the river have gave good gold and try up in the hills.. if known gold have been present then the hills might have gold also i guess.. Most montain terrain have shallow bedrock or a false bedrock or clay pipe .. well in most gold bearing areas around here.. One good thing to beat the skunk if you dont find nothing in the hills .. expose bedrock in the rivers might be overlooked by the oldtimers .
  12. I onced had a coil that was working just like that but it had a water leakage and when it dried up it worked back to normal .. but he must of tried other coils since he has a GPX also i guess ..
  13. Could it be fame or a secret weapon ? .. Wonder what's all the deal about !!
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