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  1. We here cook ALWAYS and sometimes find wild Yam out in the woods. But we normaly take raw food with very little process food. Plaintains , green banana or yuca for dinner or breakfast And rice and beans or saldines or herring. Eatting a whole lot of process food will only get you sick and make you weak.. Cooking and eatting out in the bush is part of keeping healthy and taking a break from whatever you are doing in the day. So enjoy it !!
  2. Things we be amazed by today is old technology for the future.. And things scientist are discovering have been there already for thousands of years in our bible. Science is that point where human feel in need to figure out how humans came to life and came up with the silly Evolution theory.
  3. Science is what humans wants us to believe about life.. in a Human possible way. . This is why i dont listen to science because i could make my own point about things without the need of someone in a website telling me his point of view. Just cause there isnt any valuable informacion and many people wanting to use maps and put gold and all sort of things to increase there chances. I could for a fact be eye blinded. And a piece of gold be burried and walk over it and the rods will cross right where the gold was burried. Now i cant tell you out in the field 100 % what is causing the rods to cross just cause of the fact as you could see they are used to find different kinds of resourses. Even probably a water vein, some kind of mineralized ground or a burried water pipe. These are energy that happends behind the naked eye that we cant see but feel it when in use of the rods. I would be dredging and i like to use the rods to get a feel of what its telling me and see how i could use it as for my advantage. But again im still learning and still not being ignorante to the fact it amaze me a cheap piece of equipment supply me with such data.
  4. I have heard of lots of findings here with rods..and there is no way someone could say it doesnt work. Unless you expecting a false sense of reality of its capabilitly. Just like i know many who swore there detectores could locate Deep gold deposit with their metal detector. I see no reason of comparing it to some metal detector that cost 1000s and 1000s of dollares. By far if people read the forum or others sites there is something behind them for a fact. Now everyone need to try it out for their self and see how they could use it effectly for there own. No need to be ignorant and then bashing something you didnt even tested it for a month straight. You buy a metal detector and spend years trying to find gold and many havent found their first piece. Does that mean that the metal detectors dont work ? Just need to test and test and learn what creates its effect and try to use it for your own mining experience.
  5. I have tried it but its not like many say it works. . The rods are moved by hot rocks and heavy minerilization and gold. Basically Anything that its metalic. I have also used it in dredging and noticed i was able to locate virgen ground in a river with the rods. They wont active where we have dredged before. I marked an area and dredge it and we continue to find virgen ground in a paystreak.
  6. Minelab have been the major brand and believe they dont need to spend probably extra cash advertising since their products has spoken for itself and will continue to do so...
  7. One common practice is.. lunch technology slowly to make it produce the most out of it.. They have already what is going to be the next detector when they lunch one.. As soon gold and detectors become more dead i bet you they would lunch something that goes deeper then all detectors available today.. and sell it for more cash then the GPZ.
  8. I dont see how this detector could be any better then the currently PI machines in the field. You cant even use aftermarket coils meaning you are limited to the 2 only coils. I also dont see it being better then the GPZ.. We are being feed old technology everytime by these companies and we always fall into buying them all the time.
  9. I need me a collection like that.. these books which are hard to find should be free to the public.. or there should be a webpage with all these books information put into for the masses. Everyone is promoting metao detectors and finds but very little information on how to detect while looking for the metal
  10. Austrailia its that sweet..they sure have some interesting grounds i wouldnt care detecting days in those kind of conditiones..
  11. Metal detectors seem to loose depth as the ground gets more mineralized. Dark red clay with lots of black sand and hot rocks.. This would probably be a ground that it havent been tested on but having atleast 8 feet of depth will be nice anyway .. Just wonder what a patch of gold ranging of a 1- 3 gram gold nuggets look like. If the machine could visualize im sure its a winner for me.. we search deeper ground in the forest areas.
  12. most of the gold is coming from surface mining using gravel pumps out there .. lots of valleys are washed away with those equipments .. i saw at one page talking about 7000 ounces plus ...
  13. i had a GM and found gold with it and sold it to buy a QED. i have'nt found nothing yet with the PI. with the GM anything on the iron side i would walk right over it ...hot rock,ground noise and iron.. ima have to buy a VLF now...
  14. Yes !! 3 acres is a large deposit for me. I havent really been using my Metal detector since i dont have much knowledge in where to detect. I have been to shallow gold deposits here but most of the paygravel is like above a pipe clay. Thats the best sign i have learned to find shallow ground. But im looking forward to buying some books to learn more. . I have seen people speak about searching where the hillslopes ends and the benches start.. Its the only place i didnt focus detecting in my metal detecting experience.
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