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    Have: Dēus 9HF, Vanquish 540, Equinox 800 and Gpx 5000

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  1. You probably heard from youtube... I saw a video from a guy wearing a Minelab cap saying that... if i remember correctly, on his background he had some look like pink curtains... it's not true.
  2. Thank you mate! Someone told me exactly the same! The 15 round is lighter... 🍻
  3. Thank you mate! Wish that i could write better English... 🍻
  4. Hope y'all doing great! Guys, I'm on my way to bed and catch some sleep... So i copied the text from my original post. Hey wassup guys!😀 Hope y'all doing great!🙏 Here it is, yesterday's result with my brand new Coiltek coil for the Minelab Equinox! (14x9) Before anything else, let me say that i could had found way more stuff (another patch at around 500m away from where I've been yesterday), but i was determined to try this coil on a area where i have searched many times before. (I have some old footage here, it's same area where i used my GPX 5000 with the 14" DD Goldstalker), and no, I'm not saying that the Equinox is better than the GPX 5000! 2 different worlds! I simply didn't walk over these with the Gpx 5000. The GPX will not produce any signal coming from mineralized pottery. ( I have to say this because my post will be shared on some other groups ) Most of these Medieval coins didn't have a solid ID, because they were either deep or amongst mineralized pottery fragments... mostly +30cm deep. Had one on edge at around 23cm if i remember correctly... The only coins that i had a solid ID were: Little silver hammered coin at +-20cm that was surrounded by few bits of iron (when it locked, i had a ID 13-14), and that little hammered coin with a short cross (while heading back home i came across a ID 4). I also took the Minelab's 15" Coil with me to compare some signals, it seemed like there was little to no difference regarding depth (to me that's a good thing) but, i noticed a much greater separation on the Coiltek 14x9! The thing is, some coins were amongst mineralized pottery fragments (produces negative signals/ID ), so the 14x9 could separate better, therefore i would get a much better response.👍 I'm guessing this coil will work excellent at the beach. This time i had to include some of the trash that i found... all those little bits that you see on the right side!😀 Excellent sensitivity!!!!!!😀👌 Another 2 things that i really need to mention... It's a heavy coil, so if you are a skinny person, well, use a bungee or a harness. I didn't need to use my bungee, but at the end of the day i was knackered!😂 Do i mind? Definitely not, as long it does the job, that's what matters. 👍 I've noticed that some people are worried about the coil ears... Well, i don't think you should worry about that... although this is a new coil for the Minelab Equinox, these coils have been around for several years on some other Minelab detectors!😉 Ctx 3030, Etrac, Safari and the list goes on... I'm very pleased with my coil!😀👌 I even bought a nice red dress for my "Coilteka"😂 a protection called Flexbump (made of PETG) that absorbs any impact against rocks at the forest and beach! EDIT I was using mainly the Field 2. 0 F3 & F2. 6 Recovery Speed. I did use a little bit the Field 1 and Beach 1, but i was having a better result using the Field 2 on that area. Thank you Trevor Coiltek and Coiltek Team for this amazing coil!👍😎 Best regards!
  5. Hope you doing great mate. Read my previous reply here. Michael aka IffySignals knows me. (I'm Fabio)
  6. He is not getting a signal from the coin... he getting a signal from the mineralization. I did a live video on facebook explaining about that. I'm from Europe and i hunt on Ancient soils... i have the Dēus, Nox and Gpx 5000. Had the Kruzer, the Anfibio and several other machines... im quite known on Facebook metal detect groups. I tried to contact Calabash couple of times but in vain... (he is one of my role models btw). If you pay attention, both units won't get a signal while running "normal programs " but they do receive a signal while both in All Metal mode. You can tweak the nox to work exactly the same by setting your ferrous tone from -9 to -8 and your low tone from starting at -7 (for example). Let's say that his test garden area is 99% mild soil... what happens is that he concentrated alot of mineralization in a hole. So now he has a 1% that is very mineralized. That's why he gets a signal. Would really like to see a re test of this video. Because he influences alot of people outside the USA. If anyone wants to check it (1h long😬), sorry about my English... https://www.facebook.com/groups/143201786120973/permalink/1143676712740137/
  7. I use mainly the wm08 module because it's way faster than the Bluetooth. I can hear the difference on polluted ancient sites. (Mineralization and iron) Wired directly to the control box or using just the speaker is way more faster, but i don't like being Wired directly to my machine because i would have to remove the headphones every time, i don't like using the speaker because i want to pay attention to what I'm listening, ambiance sounds like the wind can be a problem and i won't be as much focused as i am while using the headphones.
  8. Hi guys! Hope y'all doing great! I came across this website: https://www.geosense.nl And it got me thinking... When i see the word Geosense, Geology is what comes to my mind! Geology involves minerals right? What if this new method has the ability to see/scan iron? And then it would disc or reproduce any characteristic sound or any type of visual information, this without necessarily having the need to use a DD coil.🤔 I mean, we are talking about Minelab... the ones who keep revolutionizing the metal detect world with their unique methods. Another link from the same company: http://www.geosense.nl/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Geosense_Geological_mapping.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjwpNn-x6_uAhVbVBUIHZO8CX0QFjADegQIBxAC&usg=AOvVaw2X712XE9HJ89iuL69n398e Geosense technology in metal detect would be like a down to earth satelite transforming earth's surface as the sky.😄 I'm crazy I know... Best regards
  9. Just saw couple of Turkish resellers on Facebook saying that it has iron reject 🤔
  10. The guy on the video making the presentation is called Ali Ibrahim. Development ManagerMinelab MEA Check him out here: https://egypt-mining.com/speakers.html
  11. I can always send you a customized Kinder Suprise Egg with couple of hammered coins and some gold!😂
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