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    Had: Ace 400i, Spectra V3i, Ctx3030, Dēus 11" LF, Golden Mask 1+ 15khz Uk Editon, Multi Kruzer, Deus 13" x35, Nokta/Makro Anfibio.

    Have: Dēus 9HF, Vanquish 540, Equinox 800 and Gpx 5000

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  1. Thank you mate! Still history though... And i know how hard it is to find those targets back there! 🍻
  2. Thank you mate! Had alot of people asking for this... This Dēus II is really something else! Jackie is a she, Jackie Danielle! (Yup from the Jack Daniels) 🍻
  3. Thank you mate! Bare in mind that this will make you dig coke. Good luck and a happy 2022!
  4. I forgot to say: Then drop down your tone break to the ID you didn't had before (that should be your coin)
  5. Can't remember if was or not. But a re test without the coin would be great. Last Saturday i went over a little mineralized pottery fragment and o could get a soft signal from it on Relic mode
  6. By the way, this is a Dēus II, and there's something about this Relic mode... i don't know why, but i think those "00" show up for a reason... (only Dēus II testers will understand this)
  7. That's why is best to see how does the machine reacts without the coin. I've showed couple of examples yesterday. I'm from Europe and i do alot of hunt in mineralized and highly mineralized roman/medieval soils. There's a reason why i have a GPX 5000 as backup... oh and i don't search for native gold
  8. Oh men... I'm sorry for asking this... and PLEASE, don't take this wrong... can you re do this test? Without the coin too... and if possible, showing the ID. I love all your videos related to metal detect, but there was a video that you recorded back in the days using Anfibio Gen Delta Mode, Deus with gold field and the nox that i believe you had it wrong... both Anfibio and the deus had a signal because both were running a mode that uses threshold, that's why you had a signal... (and you didn't check the soil without the silver coin). You actually concentrated alot of mineralization in a certain area, while the surrounding is mild soil. Try use beach 2 (it uses very low frequencies, so that's why you will experience even more EMI), and see what negative ID's you get from the soil without the coin (example -9 , -8) then try with coin, if you see a negative or positive ID that you didn't had before ( for example -1 or 0 or 1) that should be your coin affected by the wrap effect (depth and mineralization acts as subtraction) and the more deep it is, the more mineralization will be over a target. Something similar as diving (the deep you dive, the more presure) A lower Reactivity can make mineralization sound as something a target. For more ideas, check out this video that i recorded! I'm very familiar with mineralized soils back here in Europe. Keep up the good work mate!
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