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    Had: Ace 400i, Spectra V3i, Ctx3030, Dēus 11" LF, Golden Mask 1+ 15khz Uk Editon, Multi Kruzer, Deus 13" x35, Nokta/Makro Anfibio.

    Have: Dēus 9HF, Vanquish 540, Equinox 800 and Gpx 5000

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  1. Nice! Yesterday i was only digging until 19. I skipped everything above! I guess your rings are less than 19kt? Less kt have higher copper content = higher ID
  2. Well done mate! What are the ID's of those gold rings? Low? Cheers
  3. Ok, yesterday I did a fast test and came to a conclusion. I have buried a small 19,2kt ring ( 7 ID) at around 25cm, wet. On Beach 2, Max sens, 50 tones, FE&F2 at 0, Recovery speed at 5. My Ferrous tone is set from -9 to 0. I had no issues picking up the ring. I switched then to Field 2 with same settings, but with standard tone break ( Ferrous tone set from -9 to 1). I had no signal from the ring and there was alot of falsing coming in 2 ID! I guess everything was just fine and completely normal, I mean, the higher frequencies will pick up to much salt mineralization and
  4. I'm sure that he is not joking, he a great guy! I only see two options: 1. There's a misunderstanding and can't explain well... mineralization and EMI are 2 different things. 2. Bad coil.
  5. I know that... i did say: "Why? The probabilities of finding gold at low ID's is very high. I know that some gold rings can give 17 or much higher ID's... if I get a bouncing signal mixed with Ferrous and some non ferrous (very low numbers), i dig, it could be some deep gold or a gold ring on edge..." 😀
  6. Hi mate, thank you! Equinox 800 😃 Cheers
  7. Thank you mate! It's 19,2k (Deer Head 800)
  8. Hi guys! Hope y'all doing great! So, today I went to the beach again for the third time! Managed to pull these 2 beauties! Today I didn't use no discrimination because I was getting bored! Haha. Although I was All Metal, I avoided most of the high IDs, I don't really look for coins (did pull a few tough), my gold is to dig the low IDs and the iffy signals. It was fun! If you have any questions, let me know! Best regards
  9. Hi everyone! Hope y'all doing great! Has anyone tried Field 2 at the Beach (Wet)? I know that Field 2 can run ok on Dry, but at Wet it will false alot... "Ghost" signals at 1 and 2 ID's. (I have my Ferrous from -9 to 0, something like the Vanquish 540 Jewelry Mode). When I hit the Beach, my goal is to find gold and not coins, so i use a specific config on wet... Beach 1 or Beach 2, i set a disc from -9 to -3, open from -2 to 16, disc again from 17 to 40, recovery speed at 7, 0 FE and F2, 2 Tones and max sens. Why? The probabilities of finding gold at low ID's is ver
  10. I tried for a couple of minutes. Impressive Kit!!! I am totally satisfied!❤ Cheers
  11. Hi! Hope y'all doing great! So, today i got a package from the USA! I was recommended to get this kit! Can't wait to try it on my GPX 5000!!! Anyone here runs one of these? Best regards
  12. "A Dream Come True" European treasure hunter unearths hoard of 400-700 year-old hammered coins Chicago, IL (September 1, 2020) - From the time one picks up his or her first metal detector, detectorists dream of making “the big find”. Big means different things to different people. Some aspire to find a huge gold nugget in a dry creek bed. Others hope to discover an unhunted Civil War battlefield full of bullets, buttons, and buckles. For some, a recovered diamond ring would make them happy. Others dream of finding a posthole bank containing a can of gold and silver coins. Who knows exactly wha
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