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  1. @Steve Herschbach my vote goes to the graveyard. As much as I miss White’s and wished things would have turned out differently, the company is out of business and should be folded into the likes of Compass, Tesoro, and maybe Fisher soon. Hats off to the other American brand for taking the fight to the Ozzies. Hopefully some of the things we were working on at WE will aide them in representing yanks in the industry.
  2. Pepitas espectaculares, amigo. ¿Por qué están ellos ahí? ¿Qué tipo de geología hay? Awesome nuggets. Why are they there? What kind of geology is it?
  3. It looks like they used the ground window we developed for the GM24k. Instead of tracking one ground point it tracks multiple and opens or closes the window depending on how variable the ground is. Great way to add stability in areas with hot rocks or variable ground.
  4. I will take a wild guess and do some math. @Steve Herschbach's (challenge in this thread * inflation) + chip shortages + fuel prices - Minelab tax = $2499.
  5. I would like to see a good P.I. "wife detector" from Garrett. Not to detect a potential spouse, but something simple and with a rock solid threshold. Or maybe no threshold at all! I let my wife use one of my detectors made by another brand that is notorious for having a ratty threshold and picks up any EMI within a 100 mile radius. Even at the expense of being less sensitive, stability and ease of use would make a new prospecting detector a good sell for some of the artisanal gold mining markets in Africa, Middle East, South America, and elsewhere. Or my wife. The biggest question I get with noobies is "why is it making that sound?" Something that is not only simple to operate but simple to hear targets, but also lightweight, with a price tag under $2500 would be perfect. I think trying to knock the other brand's hat off is not going to happen, so going for the legs and mid-section is a great tactic. It also may provide some downward price pressure if Garrett can release something that is solid and has a good value (which is what they are good at) versus aiming too high. Innovation takes time and I am rooting for Garrett to strike a good blow with this new machine.
  6. Guys you are missing a huge part of Garrett's marketing expertise - MOST POWERFUL does not equal most sensitive. Expect it to take 12 D Cells, they only need to be replaced once per month.
  7. Couple ideas since they bought some IP from White's. My NDA has been expired for a while now and I remember some of what we were working on. @Geotech might also have a few ideas! Half-Sine 'hybrid" detector - combined both a high voltage pulse with a vlf's discrimination. Not a Garrett move as it would be really pushing technology forward. (doubt) TDI/ATX mashup - maybe with that funky coil White's released right before they shut down TDI repackage - this would be more of a Garrett move- repackage something and dress it up a bit. TDI Pro Max AT? TDI Mega "Top Dog" Duck Dynasty Edition? *now with more camo* ATX repackaged in a cheaper, light chassis like Steve has been asking for maybe ten years. (likely) "Most powerful" - maybe it requires 12 D Cells this time. Good find Phrunt, I'm interested to see what they have planned.
  8. I have an assault pack like this one and some romeo boots. But some good hiking shoes work well and might keep your feet more comfortable. And my bright orange WalMart backpack lasted about five years, it doesn't have to be anything special. I normally have about 40 lbs in my backpack so I hang it on a tree or put it on some high ground with a bright colored hankie to help me locate it. A GPS marker works too if I will be far from it. I would recommend not detecting with your backpack on for long periods. Even if it's lightweight you will sweat more since it'll be right on your back... doubly so if it's also clipped into your harness. I like to hike in and then really focus on a small area, then move to the next.
  9. That's why buying cheap rigs for cash is a good idea. More money for fuel! I never understood the mindset of buying a $50k vehicle that gets better MPG than a $5k one. Even at 10mpg I am money ahead.
  10. I put mine on the bottom of the handle. Tried bolts, JB Weld, etc on the metal head or blade of the pick and no matter what it eventually slides off since I am often hacking through tree roots or broken rock. The dirt I'm digging is extremely magnetic and coats a magnet in minutes, so I only want it to get dirty when I really need it. On the pick head would negate its use as a magnet quickly as it gets coated with serpentine dust. One nice thing about it being on the bottom of the wood handle is I can stick it in a very small hole to ping any small bits of iron. For fluffy dirt like you will be in it maybe doesn't matter too much.
  11. No lengthy work of fiction, truth-stretching, or tall tales. Just dirty fingernails and a pan full of hard work.
  12. No contest, the 6000. I spend most of my time chasing pocket gold in the PNW woods. No harness, just a backpack and GPX in hand. Try swinging a GPZ with the harness, bungee, and swing arm for a few hours in the brush. Or even just bushwhacking to that mine a mile up the mountain. I did for a year and then got a GPX6000 when it came out. That and the fact that you are chasing small gold makes it an easy choice to me. Keep in mind if the areas you are detecting have been worked, you will have days where you dig hundreds of pieces of iron, lead, and tin. I just got off one of those trips and it can be frustrating. But the days where you find some nice gold make it worth it!
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