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  1. I used mine in Oregon rain off and on for over a year.
  2. Here in the states 98% of detectorists are over 55, have bad knees, and only detect within 100ft of their rig... The other 2% find gold. 😋 I try to make it a point to detect in places not frequented by other humans, but when I have gone to flogged areas they usually seem fairly tidy, save for some unfilled holes and big iron left out. Maybe we just don't have the bogan infestation you ozzies do.
  3. I use fishing sinkers pounded flat to simulate placer gold. Bringing gold back to the goldfields is bad luck, it seems to want to get back in the dirt one way or another!
  4. General advice is dig all pull tab signals! You don't want to risk leaving a gold ring in the ground. With the V3i you can use the polar plot feature to help a little bit. In 3 frequency mode the pull tabs will be all over the place whereas the rings more often show a nice tight pattern. This is assuming the ring is flat, it's big enough, and good quality. You still risk leaving a ring behind, but it may help you out some.
  5. Looks like it's mixed with ironstone, which can fool some P.I.s.
  6. Any connector in between the PCB and coil would create resistance. Without the connector it's like running straight pipes on a hot rod - you get a little more grunt.
  7. Josh Bohmker is a friend of mine and his name is at the top of a lawsuit against the State of Oregon. I wanted to let you guys know what's going on with this and how you can help. Back story - in 2016 Oregon banned motorized mining on many public lands, basically taking away the main gold reclamation methods that have been in use since 1872. This is similar to the California ban, though until recently Oregon has been much more pro-mining. The big issue with this is that it gives away the decision making of how we use public lands to a select group of interested state parties without federal oversight. You can read more about this lawsuit here: http://galicemining.x10.mx/main.html The Supreme Court has refused to even look at this case, and because of this there is a short window to drum up support for the cause. If you would like the SCOTUS to look at this case, please write the President and let him know. https://www.whitehouse.gov/get-involved/write-or-call/ I'm not big on politics but since this one hits a little close to home it is important to me, and may be important to some of you guys as well. A letter, call, or email to the President doesn't take much effort but if we get enough it will help.
  8. I've been there mate. Spent a whole summer working bedrock and dropped a glass vial once - never again! I take plastic out in the field and save the glass ones for home. It's been a busy spring with working my new gig so trips have been rare, but I'm hoping to get out more once things slow down.
  9. I have been working an old area that mostly has fine gold, though I have detected and recovered a few nuggets up there. But it's not a big producer. There are bench deposits of old river gravels on bedrock above the main channel, so naturally I worked to bedrock. The deeper I dug, the worse values turned up. Bedrock is key, right? Not here. Turns out the gold is actually sitting on top of the ancient hard pack! Once I learned that whenever the gold was deposited, it could go no deeper than the crunchy stuff I was able to get some nice chunky gold out to add to my collection. Hope this helps someone else out. Interesting that it must have weathered after the river bed was cemented, and it's rough enough to show that it hasn't travelled far.
  10. Gore vent! This allows air to escape but does not let water in.
  11. Monte, let's hit a ghost town this summer!
  12. I appreciate that. If I can convince my wife to move to Northern Nevada that would help.
  13. Thanks! I'm excited to spend more time in the bush looking for gold.
  14. Well guys, it's been quite a ride the past 3 years! Working at White's has been the most fun and most challenging job I've ever had, and I am glad I took that path. But my career is taking a new and exciting turn and as of February 1st, 2019, I will no longer be employed at White's HQ in Sweet Home. I have gained a lifelong hobby, many friendships, and learned from some of the best detectorists out there. The great thing about this change is that I will have more time for detecting, so even though I will no longer be posting on DP as a representative for White's Electronics, I'm hoping to share my finds and trips with you as a "civilian." I wish White's the best of luck in 2019 and beyond. First trip to Nevada with Tim (far right) the guy who introduced me to metal detecting. The other guys allowed us to detect the ghost town on the ranch. Me in Brasil testing the GM24k. Last nugget found working for White's. Steve H. hunted with me and it is an experience I will never forget! That guy will forget more than most of us will ever know. Bonus pic of me in my winning 2017 Halloween costume. Don't get any funny ideas, I'm married and straight (but what I do for fun on weekends is my own business).
  15. Sorry I have not been as active online. We had two additions to the family and I have been busy with work. In 2018 White's released two new detectors, the TDI BeachHunter and the Goldmaster® 24k. I have been seeing some decent finds with both, in spite of the cold weather. How is White's doing compared to other US brands as far as releasing new products? There is increasing competition from offshore brands, and they set a high standard that all brands should aim to beat. Yes they have the benefit of corporate/government funding, but that's no excuse. Always room for improvement in this department, especially from the US manufacturers. Look what happened with Case/Komatsu and GMC/Toyota. Foreign competition breeds innovation. Multifrequency has been around for ages, ditto with PI. To me the big question in 2019 is - will a company will release something revolutionary?
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