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  1. The best improvements they could make would be: 1. Wireless audio. I was not given a necessary budget to include a Qualcomm aptX LL chip, though we did have a prototype built with it included! 2. Improve coil manufacturing. White's process involved a lot of 1970's technology, with no automation - all hand-made and tuned. Watching the production workers hand tune the coils with ferrite, wire, and foil made me wince every time. Did you know that the dielectric constant of epoxy changes over temperature? 3. Improve the battery system and housing. A rechargeable LiPO will be cheaper
  2. Follow up for JP and Steve if you both have time. A few of the places I detect are right on a serpentine/greenstone contact. The gold is specimen and tends to be right on this contact or close to it. Even with carefully "quarantining" my detecting to each side of the contact there are pockets of different ground intermixed, and this wide variability causes issues with GB. Does the 6k's GeoSense help smooth out some of this variability better/worse/similar to the Zed and 5k? How quick would you say it tracks, and does this effect small target recovery? How does the 6k deal with the ground
  3. It's like the Big Lez Show... but with gold nuggets. On ya for sharing, mate.
  4. We tried really hard to get this prototype back up and running for two years. However, due to the lack of proper documentation and engineering turnover it was very difficult. The knowledge didn’t get written down, passed down, or shared. It was all locked up in the brains of people who no longer worked at White’s! The biggest lesson I learned from that is when you have a project, document it. Without documentation it might as well not exist. When the company’s engineering documentation consists of a shoe box full of pcb’s, paper notebooks and seven different “SMPI firmware v2 copy3.bi
  5. Steve I have been using VLF's to find gold for only four years, but I hunt wooded areas a lot. You have to be willing to do more research, dig more holes, and work harder than the other guys. Every time I've been lazy I walk away with less gold. If the spot is hard to get to, trashy, or requires moving overburden I have a better chance. Most people are lazy, or older, or too out of shape to clear off a few hundred square feet of good ground to detect or even hike a few miles uphill to get to the good spots. They want a place they can drive right up to, get out and in ten feet find nuggets on t
  6. I found this on a quick adventure in between jobs. It’s the prettiest nugget in my collection. Weighs under a gram but man it was fun! I found that running the EQ800 in single frequency really helped stability in this red hot ground. Here it is fresh out of the ground. On the 6 inch coil which helped me get between boulders to find it. After some toothbrush action almost looks like one of the 50 fired bullets I found today. But I’ll call it a flowing hair nugget instead. Maybe the coin shooters will let me hunt with them. Weigh in on the cheapo scale
  7. I hear dealers are taking preorders now even though they don’t have a solid release date, have no idea how many units will be shipped to each country, and also have not used it or heard from any testers yet.
  8. High impedance cans require more power than most wireless solutions can give. And to be honest high impedance headphones for what amounts to beeps and zips is overkill. A good set of low impedance ones will give you everything you need. I think a lot of what people like about using a powerful amp with high impedance headphones comes down to volume. Louder is better! I use high impedance headphones for critical audio engineering work. For a simple sine wave beep I would put them in the same category as dowsing rods.
  9. I think that will depend on lumber prices and also when engineering wraps up the project. They're working on it 24/7 from what I could tell... 24 hours a month, 7 months a year. Maybe I will get a pass since I worked for one of them before I retired. I know the info is preliminary but I felt it was my duty to share. I think my NDA is expired now.
  10. 4-1-21, EL PASO, TX. - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Consolidating the former "Big Three" of metal detecting (Fisher, Garrett, and remnants of White's Electronics) into one cohesive engineering force, the United States manufacturers are aiming to put themselves back on the map with a brand new detecting technology. With Minelab leading technological developments in metal detecting for the past two decades, U.S. companies have struggled to meet the performance benchmarks set by the Australian company. In recent years we have even seen companies that in the past, took the crown of metal detec
  11. The fact is that you sell where you can make the most profit. Africa and other emerging markets like Brazil, Mongolia, and SE Asia have little mining regulations, and lots of undiscovered gold. Think of taking a GPZ to the Sierras in 1840. Yes, that level of gold rush is happening in these areas of the world. I got to see it first hand when I worked for White's. So if it was your company, would you ship dozens of 40 foot conex containers to Africa and Brazil, where the detectors will sell for 2x retail, or send 100 units to the US for retail? It's an easy choice. Maybe even a SMART choice
  12. Check this patent out, which I believe is for the GPX6000. There are a couple things to take from this, one of which is that the "sensitivity" control affects multiple detector settings (gain + ground cancellation, and likely some DSP stuff like audio smoothing/threshold settings). The more interesting patent to me is this one, which presents a possible way a GPZ (or "P.I.-like signal") could be further developed to discriminate. Here is an excerpt (prior art refers to past patents): While the prior art offers a form of discrimination, the present invention offers an alternative. In
  13. They are saving iron discrim for the next GPZ. Gotta differentiate the products to justify the price difference.
  14. Fire season means no campfires up here. Single burner stove will do in a pinch for brekkie though.
  15. Thank you guys for all the suggestions. I know when I am older (and probably rounder) I may want to cook good food and drink beer after a day of digging. But for the next 20 years or so I will leave the gourmet meals and single malt for the true sensualists. Most places I go aren't trailer/RV friendly. Traveling light, conserving water, space and energy are important. I almost see time out in the bush as my "40 days in the desert" - a spiritual fast even (and I often lose a few pounds). This thread is giving me better ideas for how I can expand beyond a diet of beans, peanut butter, torti
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