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  1. It was probably me in the video. I think I remember this control requiring the following steps: 1. Hold the DISC button for about 3 seconds to enter disc edit mode 2. Tap the LOCK button to engage the wraparound feature 3. Hit the pinpoint button to exit the disc edit mode
  2. Red clay is GPX/ATX territory. A used TDI would also be a good look if the price was right (day $800 or so). Every time I went to DIV it was 80%+ GPX. In Culpepper and other areas with that thick red clay it will pull bullets pretty deep. It would be nice to have Steve’s extremely reasonable, affordable, lightweight GB PI. But I am not convinced any manufacturers are going to hit that mark with a quality product anytime soon. It’s a niche within a niche in a shrinking hobby, and making plastic coin shooters or high dollar nugget machines make for better profits I reckon.
  3. I have an Equinox, and it suffers from the same issues as all VLF's in mineralized ground. It does have some features that help with this, but it's still a VLF detector. Just a really good one.
  4. Simple answer: MultiQ is VLF, but uses multiple frequencies and advanced signal processing to determine ground and target information. Think of it like looking at something from different angles instead of just one. A deeper discussion of this requires some mathematics and is above my IQ level.
  5. Looks good but it fails a speed test on gtmetrix: 1. Optimize your images to decrease load times and server usage 2. Defer parsing of js 3. Use browser caching 4. Serve scaled images Since you built it using Wordpress there are some easy plugins to fix these issue, just takes some research.
  6. I have worked on a few detecting catalogs, and around Christmas it's important to have stuff for people who already have their favorite detector. Diggers, pouches, aptX LL earbuds, scoops, pinpointers, finds containers, mini display cases, or special deals on coils for the most popular models. Items below $150 (below $75 is even better) with pictures can be volume sellers. If it fits in a stocking, push it. You may consider doing a guide where you highlight what to get people with certain machines. Dad has an Equinox? Here are 3 options or better yet a ready-made stocking stuffer package
  7. Not trolling, just have a hunch. @Steve Herschbach how hard is it to merge forums? Asking for a friend.
  8. My spidey sense is tingling. October 16th, 2020. Keep your ear on the threshold.
  9. I was not prepared for the amount of ads in that publication!
  10. Sometimes it is quicker to do some test pans to see if the gold goes up the hillside. Some of the nuggets in your shot are water worn and some rough so it could be that they are from small scattered stringers that are both eroding from the hillsides (rough) and collecting on bedrock (tumbled). Just this year I started seeing a pattern in one of my spots where I had better luck on area of the hillside that is just before it flattened out, quite a ways out of the wash. I found it by walking contour lines parallel to the water flow. Here is an amazing piece of art that demonstrates my t
  11. Gaia GPS does this. You can see in my screenshot I have overlayed the bedrock geology, PLSS Grid, and land ownership onto the USFS topo.
  12. I have been looking into these. My current pack is all on my shoulders and can weigh around 30lbs on longer trips. A frame pack is a good idea.
  13. A few areas have semi-clean water so I can either drink it straight or add iodine if I’m not feeling like Rambo. But many are dry or have extremely gross water. I have found that when the temperature is over 95 I can go through about 2 gallons per day - depending on how many holes I dig and how deep. But still a great idea to keep the treatment in the pack, very small and lightweight.
  14. I could use some advice from the true adventurers out there. I have used a regular backpack for the past 4 years and it has gone with me all over the West (and even in the Amazon jungles of Brazil) on my detecting adventures. Inside I carry food, water, first aid, extra coil, TP, and other essentials. I have strapped sleeping bags and gold pans to the outside. I have it ready to go for at least one or two nights sleeping in mild weather. But the miles have taken their toll. For those of you who venture far from your vehicle into the bush, I would like to know what kind of pack you use. Pi
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