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  1. No thanks needed, now I feel like I earned my lunch break today.
  2. Hey Mike, best bet is to call the factory and ask to talk to a repair tech - 541-367-6121. For reference here is a YouTube video that goes through the menu system -
  3. tboykin

    Hey Whites , Got An Idea

    I made the Quick Start guide pocket-sized for just this reason. It really helped us test the machine with different people quickly.
  4. tboykin

    Findmall Closes All White’s Forums

    As many of you know forums cost money to maintain, and some forums will not host company-specific sub-forums if the company does not offer financial sponsorship. If you choose to look at this as paying a toll, well that is one way to see things. I think this is a testament to Steve's DP forum in that he spends so much time as admin doing work for free, and we all reap the benefits of the platform! Carl and a few others pointed out the reach of social media being farther than forums. This is also true, though it can be more difficult to find relevant info on Facebook/Instagram/YouTube. The great thing about forum posts is that they should in a perfect world last forever. I can't tell you how many times I have found good detecting tips, vehicle maintenance, or construction advice on a post that is 5 plus years old. Good luck finding the same info on Facebook's infinite scroll! But the times they are a-changin' and whether we like it or not, more people spend their time on social media than forums. This is backed up by traffic statistics as well as growth numbers across multiple channels. It is sad that this particular forum in question decided to nuke the White's forums, but even sadder still is that very few people will notice (present company excluded, who prove by their presence that forums still serve a valuable purpose).
  5. Steve if this isn't Kosher please delete it. Anyone who wants to help out can click the GoFundMe I set up below: https://www.gofundme.com/manage/paradise-fire-digger-bobmjd
  6. I just talked with John on the phone. The fire destroyed John's coil business, all of his detectors, and basically everything he owned except for what he could carry on his back as he fled the fire. Vehicles were stuck on the highway and both he and Digger Bob had to get out of town on quads. John asked me to pass on the word that his coil business will be on hold since all of his molds, winders, and material was destroyed by the flames. Please don't order any coils from his website until he checks in with an update, his internet access is spotty and he is unable to post an update on his site or Ebay store. Digger Bob lost his house and detector business in the fire. I stayed with him last year when we went out to find nuggets in the Sierras. These are two guys who taught me a lot about nugget shooting and I am glad they made it out, especially as the death toll mounts in the Paradise area. The fire was just too fast for everyone to get out in time. White's will be selling the last TDI SL Special Editions while we have stock on the MJD 8x14 folded mono coils, and I will work with the company to provide assistance to both Miner John and Digger Bob however we can.
  7. They are safe. But Paradise is gone.
  8. tboykin

    White’s I Need A Senior Citizen Detector

    Our aluminum rods weigh less than carbon fiber. I think people just like the pretty weave pattern that comes with most carbon fiber rods.
  9. tboykin

    Coin And Jewelry / Trash Mode

    Chuck's method is best in heavy iron. A large amount of nails in the ground can mess with your automatic ground balance, so find some clean ground, get a balance, lock it, then start swinging. An option to Relic mode is to enable Reject Volume. This will let you hear some iron in addition to the regular ToneID. Here is a video on how this can help ID iron -
  10. I would suggest the Six Shooter for cellar holes. Headphones are a personal preference! https://www.whiteselectronics.com/product/mx-six-shooter-6-concentric-coil/
  11. I think this is an ancient snorkel used by shamans to travel to distant lands, circa 1978AD. Legend has it that these travelers often suffered extreme hunger, paranoia, and appreciation for a local musical troupe called Los Muertos Agradecidos.
  12. tboykin

    Goldmaster 24K

    Hey Buzzard! I have found that a medium to fast sweep speed works best until I locate a good patch. Sweep speed is somewhat dependent on your SAT setting. A faster SAT setting will require a faster sweep speed. Once you locate an area that you want to really work, slow down the SAT and your speed speed and listen for those little zips.
  13. tboykin

    Tips For MX Sport Relic Mode?

    Another tip - try increasing the SAT along with decreasing the sensitivity as Steve suggested. Should smooth things over!
  14. tboykin

    Question For Whites

    We usually announce specials to our email list. You can sign up for these notifications on our website - https://www.whiteselectronics.com/newsletter-signup/
  15. I know of a ghost ranch north of town if you're interested. A very eccentric man lived out there so there might be some good stuff buried on the grounds... It's either BLM or Forest Service land and very little graffiti.