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    Coin and jewellery detecting on beaches and prospecting around Queensland's old gold diggings..
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  1. I hope so Palzynski, since you pointed it out I've had another sleepless night! I'll let you know if one battery is shorter or not when they arrive..
  2. You're absolutely right Chase, guess I took my local ML dealer on his word that to his knowledge no one, not even ML Support (Australia), were selling individual Equinox batteries.. I went to their homepage just to try anyway and got directed back to my local ML dealer for any enquiries regarding parts.. I should have explained this in my original post.. but at that point I thought it hopeless to call ML Support direct to see if I could score a freebie battery.. I also headed the advice of the British man in the Youtube video who tells you not to change the batteries yourself whilst the d
  3. G'day Phrunt and Chase, your responses to my post have really got me thinking (and worried).. but a close up of the Ebay batteries clearly show the yellow wire! another problem solved.. you can stop shaking your head now Chase 😁..
  4. Thanks Phrunt, you're right! I didn't look too closely at the wires, just made sure the numbers on the side of the battery were the same.. could they be knockoffs?
  5. G'day Chase, thanks for your advice.. I contacted our local ML dealer on the mainland who didn't sell Equinox batteries separately nor did he know anyone who did.. The only place I could find them was online from people based in the US or the UK, that's why I was so surprised to see these two turn up here in Australia (just down the road).. I also thought that once you remove the battery yourself or crack the seals the unit is no longer under warranty.. none of my second-hand detectors came with warranty papers (I bought them online), which also makes it awkward when dealing with ML or their
  6. Some folk believe that their prayers are rewarded, others claim that if you ask the Universe for anything it’ll respond.. But when you need a new battery for your Foxy Noxy, these methods don't work anywhere near as good as keeping an eye out on Ebay.. Since that awful day last month when the battery on my Nox 800 stopped charging I’ve considered many options, including an external power-pack (expensive), soldering the plug-in cable to other lithium batteries (deadly), and to keep on swapping with the battery from my Nox 600 (pain in ass).. This afternoon I searched on Ebay and score
  7. Not sure how a F75 would go on the beach.. I know the Nox (600 and 800) with big coils (both ML and Coiltek) punch deep on the beach, not matter how wet or salty the sand.. All my silver coins were found on the beach with a Nox and I've compared them to the Gold Bug Pro, Gold Monster, Gofind and a X-Terra 705 in the same location.. The F75 is an unknown beast for me.. but I don't think I'd swap it for a Nox for beach detecting..
  8. Thanks Badger, I didn't know that.. another steep learning curve..
  9. Thanks rvpopeye, these finds were over a few days at different bays around the island.. the coin was at a place i've called the 'silver mine' where i was trying out my new 15'' Coiltex coil on my Foxy Noxy.. early days yet but it does seem to punch a bit deeper than the largest Minelab coil, at least on the beach.. also found a few silver 'ram's head' shillings and an assortment of 6 and 3 pence..
  10. Thanks for your advice F350Platinum (and others), but my Foxy Noxy was bought second hand (like all my detectors).. I'm thinking about pulling the battery out of my Nox 600 and putting it in the Nox 800.. and just share it between the two.. I've seen the videos on youtube on how to replace the battery but I can't find that particular battery in Oz..
  11. My Equinox 800 no longer charges, the green light flicks on and off as if its doing its job but the battery is not holding a charge.. as soon as i turn it on i get the 'battery flat' sign.. I'm one of those pedantic bastards who always runs their battery flat and then fully recharges it, for fear that otherwise it'll create a 'memory' half full.. Is there anything I can do about this? or is my poor old Foxy Noxy a write off? Any advice will be much appreciated.. even slaughtering a black chicken at midnight during a full moon, if it works I'll be a very happy man!
  12. This digging everything malarkey is working out well.. here's some more finds over the last few days.. the best one is the silver 1 florin - 2 shilling coin (King George 1912).. I had no idea there was such a coin.. another great find was the other butterfly brooch, just like the one I found a few months back.. they've got to be a pair.. there was also a Ripcurl watch and a radio from a weather balloon..
  13. These second-hand detectors are for sale in a 500km radius from Townsville, North Queensland.. including a GPZ for $6900..
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