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    Coin-shooting on beaches and prospecting the Island's old gold diggings
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    Equinox 600, Chinese Gold Bug Pro, GoFind 44, PI-iKing

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  1. El Nino77, these coils look very similar to those produced by FOXMD.. have you to tried converting them to work with an Equinox?
  2. Chase, I did ask FOXMD some of these questions in my email, particularly about the depth ranges on some of their larger coils for on the beach.. You saw the reply i received but according to their website the larger coils punch 40% deeper than the 'standard' coil (i guess they mean the 11" coil).. Like you, I'd also never heard about this company but it turns out they are very popular in Russia, manufacturing two detectors of their own as well as aftermarket coils.. sounds like a Russian version of QED.. 😄
  3. I've read elsewhere (see link below) that the Vanquish 340 operates on 7, 18 and 75 kHz.. http://thesilverfiend.com/upcoming-minelab-vanquish-metal-detector/
  4. FOXMD responded to my inquiry into coils for the Equinox.. this is what they had to say: "We temporarily stopped the manufacture of coils for equinox. Please remind in a month". Can't imagine getting a reply from Minelab like that one.. but at least they did reply and the dream of cheap coils in a huge range of sizes remains alive.. at least i can save up a bit and maybe go mad and spend a couple of hundred bucks and buy 3 or 4.. just for the sheer joy of being able to reach for the right coil for the job at hand (without going completely broke)..
  5. I've just emailed them explaining in very simple English that I might be interested in some of their coils (and adaptors) for my Foxy Noxy.. We'll see if we get a nibble.. I promise i'm holding back on this one, just curious to see what these coils are all about.. And i do admire their honesty in explaining how they adapt Minelab coils to fit your purpose (unlike our Chinese friends)..
  6. $320 for a DD 20, can't go wrong.. how do you go about ordering any of these coils? I've tried to have a look at some of these coils for my Foxy Noxy but when you go to the specifications of each coil (by clicking on the image) it shows that it is made for a whole range of Minelab detectors except the Equinox.. Maybe it's all lost in translation somehow? You can't ask them as there is no way to leave a message..
  7. Crikey, that's quite a recommendation! Considering your aversion to Chinese knockoffs, are you being sarcastic? If not, that's an awesome range of coil sizes.. Do they work as good as the real deal? or is it like anything else, you get what you pay for? For a cheapskate like me these coils could be a dream come true..
  8. G'day Chase, is this really the case? are Vanquish and Equinox coils interchangeable? If it is it could be a cheap option to obtain a smaller coil for my Foxy Noxy.. I could get the Vanquish Pro Pack with two coils ( 8" and 12" DD Smart Coils) for nearly the same price as the smallest Equinox coil (and add another detector to the arsenal).. Am hoping this could work as both detectors are Multi-IQ (unless not all Multi-IQ is created equal).. I've read elsewhere (see link below) that the Vanquish 340 operates on 7, 18 and 75 kHz (i'm assuming these frequencies are the same for the other models).. Maybe these frequencies would cause havoc with Foxy Noxy which operates on 5, 10 and 15 kHz.. I'll admit to being a bit of a frequency freak but i'm with some of the others on this forum who'd also like to know what frequency or frequencies their machines are operating on.. In my mind this also applies to Multi-IQ, what's the great secret with the Vanquish? Does keeping the operating frequencies a closely guarded enigma create extra mystique for potential customers? I'd say just get out with it and tell the good folks what frequencies the thing operates on.. let the punters decide from there.. http://thesilverfiend.com/upcoming-minelab-vanquish-metal-detector/
  9. What a great mission! It's great to see your whole family is involved and why wouldn't you be when everything to get the yellow stuff is up on offer, from detecting to panning to sluicing.. and in such fantastic country too.. you're a very lucky man!
  10. This is what my first gold ring looks like up close under a magnifying glass.. bit of a shaky shot but it does show the little diamonds.. this and the little sixpence have more than paid for the Equinox 600 many times over.. if only in the sheer joy of finding them.. The Equinox is far out-performing its high expectations.. i've taken to calling it 'Foxy Noxy' (i'm sure i'm not the first)..
  11. Thanks 2Valen, the gold ring and the one with a stone were found at Alma Bay.. am still not sure about what it is.. don't think it's a diamond because it is set in a sterling silver ring (925).. it turns out the gold ring is the one with diamonds, six tiny ones set in little 'love hearts'.. i didn't see them at first but had a closer look with my reading glasses and there they were! I'd been waiting for an opportunity to search in the surf zone and around the granite boulders that people jump off at high tide.. the sand doesn't slope as steeply into the sea at Alma as it does in other bays and there's a deep gully where the sand meets the sea floor.. when the Equinox arrived it was open season on the wet stuff.. i've been following the low tides around all the island's bays but some are very hard to get to with access roads washed out.. I also found a George VI Australian Sixpence (1952) on a beach which keeps getting washed away in storms.. i think it could have been in amongst the dredged sand from the boat channel into the marina, they're using this sand to constantly rebuild the beach.. the sixpence was hardly recognisable from what it's supposed to look like and has lost its silvery appearance.. still one of my best finds, so far.. if only when i think about the horrors this little sixpence underwent before it joined my collection..
  12. Another ring at Alma Bay! could this be a diamond? didn't have much luck in the stinger nets at low tide.. just a few coins.. seems the jewellery is on those beaches with a bit of surf where people get tossed about, as opposed to those where people just stand around like water buffalo.. this is no hard and fast theory yet, just an observation.. been out with a head torch the last few mornings at 2:30 am, 3:00 am and today at 3:30 am to make the most of the very low tides (full moon)..
  13. This morning's finds on Matey's home turf.. i was almost not going to bother searching at Horseshoe Bay as there was a long line of unfilled holes (Matey's calling card) but then thought it would be a great chance to compare the Equinox 600 against his GoFind 44.. I noticed he sticks to the dry sand so this left the wet stuff for me.. once again i can't believe just how good the Equinox handles the beach (much better than the Chinese GBP).. I found 2 more rings (both silver) and an earring as well as $14.40 worth in coins.. Considering that i'd never managed to find any jewellery before, since i've had the Equinox 600 i'm almost starting to count on finding a piece every time I go out..
  14. Yesterday's finds.. including an Australian 2 cent piece.. i haven't seen one of them for years (they were withdrawn from circulation in 1992)..
  15. The Equinox 600 arrived yesterday.. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE MACHINE.. I took it for a spin at Alma Bay not expecting to find much more as i was pretty certain the Chinese GBP had already cleaned it out.. MORE FOOL ME! Within 15 minutes I'd found my FIRST GOLD RING then a few minutes later another ring followed by a a cross necklace.. as well as a few coins that i'd obviously missed before.. This machine ups the ante big time! Will take it for another outing this afternoon at the site of the old cottage that was destroyed in a cyclone during the early 1950s..
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