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    Coin-shooting on beaches and prospecting the Island's old gold diggings
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    Equinox 600, Chinese Gold Bug Pro, GoFind 44, PI-iKing

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  1. all you need is an equinox (a 600 will do) with an 15’’ X 12’’ coil.. and it's easy digging on beaches, compared to gold country.. even a garden trowel with a long handle works fine for digging big deep holes in wet sand..
  2. i got one a few weeks ago with the same idea in mind; as a good coil for a 800.. i've found some pennies and a shilling with it on a historical site where the ground was too trashy for the 11" coil.. it was just too noisy hitting multiple targets with every sweep.. i haven't been up to the old gold diggings with the 600 yet.. but will do so soon..
  3. 1) What detectors you have purchased in the past couple of years? And 2) Where you happy with your purchase(s)? After a lot of umming and ahing on what detector to buy as newbie to the game, I finally decided on a Gold Bug Pro after reading Steve’s ‘Short List of The Prospecting Metal Detectors January 2019’ (this was before I joined this forum). It came in as number 2 on his list as a “category 2, basic general purpose”. I thought to myself “if there’s anything worth finding on this island this machine will do it in great style”. Steve was spot on and it serves its purpose very nicely, still getting regular outings even though it turned out to be a Chinese knockoff. Next came a GoFind 44 after meeting an old hand who flogged the pants of me in an informal ‘coin shooting’ challenge. Somewhat desperate to replicate his success this was I humbly admit a bit of a panic buy, but it has also done a very good job and now belongs to my son who is very happy with it. This was followed by a PI-iKing, a scuba diving detector which has proven its weight in gold with the sheer number of lead sinkers it has found (I never realised the ocean is full of them, nearly as many as there are grains of sand). This fine machine is now also in the capable hands of my son who uses it to salvage anything salvageable beneath the waves. Then came the game changer: my Foxy Noxy. Straight away I started finding jewellery (which had been bloody elusive until then) and old coins (including an ancient Chinese beauty which still baffles me on how it ended up on the island before the pommies got here). I could go on and on about the Equinox 600 but I’m sure you already know that it has very few competitors for what it is designed to do. Although I am saving up for an 800 to have another shot at the island’s old gold diggings. 3) Have you had to do a warranty claim on it, how'd that go? Nope, all good so far. 4) If you had your time again would you still buy those detectors or do you regret it? No regrets with any of them, even the GoFind turned out very capable despite the opinion of vast numbers of ‘serious/professional’ detectorists who scoff it for being a toy. 5) Do you still use any of your other detectors, if so why? Sure do! I like the Gold Bug Pro as it was the machine I learned on and for its ‘old-school’ dials. Even though it squawks and squeaks like a mad cockatoo compared to Foxy Noxy, I’ll always have a soft spot for it. 6) Your favourite detector of all time? And 7) What's your next detector? As a newbie I can’t really answer this yet, but until I get my hands on an Equinox 800 it has to be its little sister.
  4. Found this on social media.. had a bit of a chuckle, humour will see us through this thing..
  5. Just been trying to find out what a Ch'ien-lung coin is worth, I had dreams of making my fortune but it’s only worth around $11 on eBay.. Nonetheless it’s still one of my best finds yet, if only thinking about the story behind it and how it ended up on Magnetic Island (if only it could talk).. The only thing that puzzles me is that it has a character on the top of the reverse side which none of the others on that site have, maybe it was a limited edition and might be worth a fortune after all.. 😃 It’s dated from around the time when the first fleet got to Australia in 1788 and way before this part of the country was first settled (from 1864).. It’s pretty mind boggling to say the least.. Also had another good morning at Alma Bay, found another tungsten carbine ring (they seem to be popular), gold rimmed Ray Ban sunglasses and a few dollars’ worth of coins..
  6. Phrunt, you were spot on again, it is that coin! That site recons it was made during the reign of the Ch'ien-lung Emperor (AD 1736-1795).. Thanks a lot for your excellent research! You spotted it way before i did.. This is a little blurb about him that i found online: The Ch'ien-lung Emperor was the sixth Emperor of the Qing dynasty, and the fourth Qing emperor to rule over China proper, reigned from 1735 to 1796. Ch'ien-lung is thought of as one of the most brilliant rulers in Chinese history. He was a patron of the arts, which reached a very high level during his reign. His is also one of the few Chinese emperors to abdicate the throne, which he did to honor K'ang Hsi (his father) by ending his reign just before it would have exceeded the length of K'ang Hsi's reign. It boggles my mind how that coin ended up in Radical Bay of all places..
  7. it's gonna be a long night.. wonder how it ended up in Radical Bay.. you were spot on about concentrating on old coins.. didn't think they'd be Chinese though..
  8. just reading what it says on that site: The most commonly encountered Chinese cash date from the Ching Dynasty and have the Manchurian "BOO" character on the reverse left hand side..
  9. Crikey! this one doesn't have the same characters as the ones shown on the site.. this doesn't mean it's not an old Chinese coin.. am looking further into it.. could be my best find yet if it turns out something ancient.. thanks a lot for your help here mate!.. i thought it was a gimmicky medallion of some sort..
  10. Thanks a million mate, you've made me a wealthy man! I'm not sure what the Chinese coin is.. or even if it is a coin.. can't find anything resembling it online.. maybe some sort of medallion.. there were some rumours of a Chinese Fleet having visited Townsville in the 1420s but I'm not holding my breath on that one.. 😜
  11. the coins were worth $10.20.. my maths has always been crap.. but it turns out i'm richer than i thought.. enough for a few hard-earned beers anyway..
  12. This morning’s haul at Radical Bay, nowhere near as many silver coins as I’d expected (a total of $9.90) but I didn’t spend as much time there as on the last trip because tourists were starting to arrive and I hate being a preforming monkey (I’m just shy that way).. By far the best finds today were a ring with little diamonds all around it and some nice shells on the beach.. Some odd things were a padlock and a little pulley, just some of the weird things people take camping I guess.. I’d paddled my kayak out there as I’m not a great fan of hiking up and down steep hills.. took about twice as long but paddling around the island is no great hardship (just dodging the weekend boaties is a bit of a pain in the arse).. I’ll be back at Radical Bay next week as I’m sure there’s a lot more there, including ‘old’ coins like the few 2 cent pieces which were in the camping area.. In the meantime I'm off to my home bay (Alma Bay) early tomorrow morning to make the most of the very low tide (1:55 am), this allows me to search where people have been swimming and hopefully find a lost a ring or two.. I think the Germans call this 'schadenfreude' where you take delight in another person's misfortune, something gold detector prospectors never have to worry about..
  13. its a shame you can't post videos on this forum.. i tried to post it by linking it to my facebook page but it obviously hasn't worked.. here's a video snapshot of what it was all about..
  14. This is Radical Bay, my favourite bay on the island (not just because of all the coins to be found there).. the photo shows the camping areas behind the bay and the Palm Islands in the background.. I'm going back there tomorrow on my kayak for all the silver coins i left behind last time.. will also hit the beach this time and not just the camping areas..
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