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    Magnetic Island, North Queensland
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    Coin and jewellery detecting on beaches and prospecting around Queensland's old gold diggings..
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    GPX 5000, Equinox 800 & 600, Chinese Gold Bug Pro, PulseDive and GoFind 44

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  1. A recent post offering advice to newbies has inspired me to put in my own two cents worth.. My advice to those wanting to take up metal detecting is: Don’t! You’ll be far better off trying another hobby like banging your head against a brick wall, pulling out your hair in sheer frustration, or crying yourself to sleep at night.. Of course I’m only joking but any newbie has to prepare for the never-ending toil of digging junk, lots of it.. If you can handle this without having a nervous breakdown or flinging your detector out to sea, you’ll be amply rewarded when you finally hear that magic sound telling you there’s buried treasure below your feet.. A hard-won experience like no other! Metal detecting truly is a game where dogged determination and persistence will eventually pay off.. The only problem is that when you finally get to this stage, all you’ll ever think and dream about is metal detecting.. Your marriage will fail and your kids will starve but none of this matters as long as you can get a few more swings in.. In metal detecting there’s no such thing as an unhealthy obsession.. A house filled to the brim with all the latest detectors that you’ll never use is not weird at all.. Just rest assured that there’s many others just like you!
  2. No, he was the real deal.. he described exactly where he lost it.. it got buried in the sand whilst he and his mates were partying on the island..
  3. Alma Bay continues to spit out lost property.. Although not as weird as a gold medal for women's cricket, this Iphone was lost on the same beach.. I found it this morning buried in the sand just above the high-tide mark.. It's already been claimed by a mighty happy chappy! At least he was very easy to find.. Always good to spread the joy!
  4. If the Lightning's simultaneous multi-frequency (SMF) includes higher and lower frequencies than the Equinox 800, I'd definitely be interested.. My wish list would also include a SMF Scuba Unit to complement the PulseDive.. 😁
  5. Climate change and gold prospecting… Welcome to the Bonanza! Although many people worry about climate change, it is nothing but great news for gold prospectors.. Climate change will not just open new areas or expose more gold, it will also make prospectors wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.. Those who might doubt my wise words should consider the following facts before shaking their heads.. Fact 1: Climate change will bring more bush fires! We’ve all been secretly pleased when our favourite patch burns to the ground, no more trees or ground cover makes it far easier to swing our coils.. Climate change will up the ante even more, huge areas previously covered by 'green things that get in the way' will now be accessible.. Fact 2: Climate change will bring more droughts! For many gold bearing areas this is great news because it will see a mass-exodus of people who hate prospectors.. No more asking for permission from cranky landowners or government authorities, just vast uninhabited prairies, savanna and pastures waiting to be dug up.. Fact 3: Climate change means it’ll get hotter! Whilst some people bemoan this fact, they forget that night temperatures will get hotter too.. No more cold desert nights! Those places too hot to prospect during the day will see the ever resourceful prospector venture out during balmy nights.. This is no great hardship as hot days will be spent in the air conditioned comfort of your Winnebago, drinking cold beers whilst browsing DetectorProspector.. Fact 4: Climate change will bring more storms and floods! This really is Geology at its best, all this non-stop erosion will make finding gold a breeze.. Areas previously covered by thick layers of rocks and soils will be washed away (like in a giant sluice) leaving behind nuggets the size of boulders.. No more waiting around for millions of years, now you’ll be able to find gold every time it rains! Fact 5: Climate change will raise sea-levels! Since there’s not much gold to be found on a beach, this only affects beach detectorists and is of no concern to prospectors..
  6. I haven't found any real difference between the ML 12x15'' coil and the Coiltek 15'' coil.. I was hoping it would punch a bit deeper but I'm not digging any deeper holes than I did with the ML coil.. maybe in perfect laboratory conditions it might be a bit better but in my experience in the field there's no difference.. I'm pissed off at myself I believed the hype and sales pitches surrounding this coil.. it turned into an expensive little exercise which only served to make the salesmen richer.. more fool me.. This is not to say that Coiltek coils are rubbish, far from it.. Most of my coils for my GPX 5000 are made by Coiltek and they've been excellent..
  7. I've just weighted and measured it before sending it back.. weight: 21.47 grams.. diameter: 4.7 cm.. thickness: 0.5 cm..
  8. Not sure what it is.. it's not very heavy.. how can you work out what base metals are in it?
  9. I've just had a reply from the college! It turns out the gold medal winner is a lady called Joan.. I'll send it back first thing tomorrow morning.. Heaps of good Karma coming my way! 😁
  10. If only it was gold.. don't think I'd be returning it in a hurry if it was real.. I'd probably melt it down instead.. 😆
  11. This morning I was surprised to find a gold medal along the beach at Alma Bay on Magnetic Island.. It's a gold medal for women's cricket (that's a weird batting sport here in Oz).. Whoever won it was the 'best on the ground'.. On the reverse is the name of a college in rural Victoria (on the other side of the country).. I suppose neither them or the island were under a Covid lockdown at the time she was here.. To be honest the gold medal is a bit of a consolation price.. I'm not supposed to be on the island but rather in the goldfields with my son.. as I mention in another post I was on my way up there when I broke down.. nursed the 4WD back to the island where I can work on it but will be out of action for a while.. I've contacted the college so I can return it to the rightful winner.. hope I get to meet her! I've never met a gold medal winner before..
  12. Great post Phrunt, especially the 'start to finish' video.. it's also always nice to see where other people are prospecting.. despite the shotgun pellets you're a lucky man to be where you are..
  13. No kidding.. and that's not counting vehicle breakdowns.. I just managed to limp my 4x4 back home after I broke down heading for the goldfields in North Queensland.. I was planning on a month long prospecting trip with my son, but unfortunately water got into the transfer case after a few too many deep creek crossings (faulty breather).. The expense of fixing this has stopped our little expedition in its tracks.. You'd have to make a very good living out of prospecting to cover unforeseen breakdowns such as this (and also have the basic know-how to fix your vehicle when in remote areas)..
  14. My renewed effort to 'dig the bloody lot' keeps on yielding jewellery, sadly during the last few weeks it's all been fake bling-bling.. and also bucket load of dollar coins, both $1 and $2.. This is after a Covid lockdown when tourists were allowed back on the island.. it shows how dependent we are on tourists to drop their stuff for our beach hunting..
  15. It'll be the intrigue of the whole thing that'll keep you going.. anyway, you're committed now! maybe the girl just lost her car keys? whatever it turns out to be, keep us posted.. otherwise we'll always be wondering what she dropped.. 😁
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