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    Coin-shooting on beaches and prospecting the Island's old gold diggings
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  1. no worries.. queen Victoria shilling - 26/27 king George shilling - 27/28 queen Elizabeth shilling - 20/21 king George florin - 27/28 queen Elizabeth florin - 28/29 king George sixpence (1942) - 22/23/24 king George sixpence (1946) - 21/22
  2. I've just noticed the small 'D' on the 1942 sixpence.. these Australian coins were minted in the USA.. Coins struck at the San Francisco mint (1942–1944) carry a small S below the coat of arms, while those from the Denver mint (1942–1943) have a small D in the same place..
  3. i don't think this little patch has a patch on Phrunt's cointopia.. but i'll give him a good run for his roses.. 🌹 🌹
  4. there's a gold rush happening up in Queensland as well.. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-08-05/gold-rush-in-outback-queensland-as-prospectors-comb-cloncurry/12518732?fbclid=IwAR0ThohnSK_uXPVGZ9RRP8vGWAlfcEseLqbvpP6hox_yxxNAZenqamK4Hec
  5. I'm exaggerating a bit of course but this little patch has yielded a few silver coins each time i search there.. this morning's haul..
  6. back at my secret little patch.. just after a really high-tide, seems there could be a few more coins there..
  7. I was wrong again.. it's another florin.. i'll get it right one day!
  8. It's soaking in vinegar at moment.. i'll post a pic when it's nice and shiny..
  9. what a great adventure Phrunt.. love the mini monster, what a beauty! did the same with a gofind 44 but didn't work out anywhere near as beautiful as your mini monster.. you continue to amaze me with improving detectors/gear to suit your needs.. hats off to your ingenuity..
  10. Thanks Hunterjunk.. I went back to the patch yesterday morning, found a few more pennies and 6 & 3-pence.. I've yet to get off the beach itself and onto the grassy area that runs along side it.. i'll leave that until i find no more coins in this patch.. i'm sure there's more silver there and hopefully a sovereign.. i'm digging every faint bleep, even if there's no target ID number on the display.. there's very little metal rubbish on this beach compared to the others, so digging is usually rewarded..
  11. thanks again for all your advice there Phrunt.. i'll keep those target IDs in mind when i go back there on Monday morning.. i'm gathering more info on what that bay looked like a hundred years ago and where the first buildings were.. finding out about the local history has been just as much fun as finding these old coins.. shame about the sovereign this time, i really thought i'd finally found one.. but i'll find one yet!
  12. Talking to an old timer at the pub last night, it turns out that the little patch near the old boat ramp was the site of the island's first hostel.. he recons that in the old days this was one of the more popular bays.. funny how perceptions change as to what makes a nice bay.. these days only the locals walk along it and all the action is just down the road at Alma Bay.. i'll widen my search around this patch to include the actual site of the first hostel.. there's a sovereign somewhere there just waiting for me to find it..
  13. Goldpick has worked it out.. it's not a half-sovereign, it's a silver shilling.. that'd nicely explains the very high target ID..
  14. you're spot on Goldpick, it's a bit of a shame bit i'm still stoked with it.. that would also explain the high target ID.. I'll keep hunting for those sovereigns..
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