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    Coin-shooting on beaches and prospecting Queensland's old gold diggings
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  1. With all the rain over the last week it feels like Magnetic Island is the wettest place in the world right now.. I've had a hunt in the Bartle Frere area with my Foxy Noxy whilst my son runs his sluices.. You're spot on in saying the area is very dense with rainforest and very steep.. We figured this might stop other prospectors from looking too hard in this area but it does get pretty daunting.. I like your advice to try some flatter and less vegetated areas further west in better known historical gold sites.. Thanks..
  2. I've managed to get a hold of a second hand GPX 5000 with 4 coils for AU$ 4400.. Now I'm really ready to go out where the Big Boys play.. Can anyone recommend any areas in North Queensland where I could go to learn how to use it? It's going to be a steep learning curve but I've got this year set aside to finally find that nugget with my name on it!
  3. At 1:30am this morning I made the most of a very low tide (22cm) to hunt inside the stinger net at Horseshoe Bay.. Once again I only went for gold coins and 50c.. The total for a one hour hunt was $64.50.. not too shabby..
  4. I took the keys to the pub across the road to see if they could find the owner.. the bar staff told me they were claimed last night by an 'old bloke' who was at least 70 years old.. you can never tell, obviously the man is a bit of a stud..
  5. Found something at Jeffrey Bay this morning that made me laugh.. Whoever the keys belong to: It was no doubt my pleasure!
  6. Dear Mr Klunker There's a carrier pigeon on its way to you with a large kangaroo shaped nugget.. It should be there in a few months.. If you need your compensation a bit faster, I suggest you break out the gold spray-paint and spray a few pebbles.. Even the most experienced detectorist won't have a clue.. Best regards, Sir Erik
  7. I humbly apologize for this video, not just because of all the shaking but mainly because it’s a FRAUD.. Yes, that’s right! I admit it.. I know it’s very hard to tell but the huge ‘nugget’ is really a concrete garden statue that I spray-painted with gold paint.. I buried a bag of silver coins underneath it to make the detector sound nice and loud to complete the deception.. I’m surprised everyone fell for it, there were clues everywhere.. If you can get past all the shaking you can see the paint can early in the video.. I would also like to apologize to all those high bidders, I real
  8. Thanks a million Steve, your support always means a lot.. the shaking was because of my uncontrollable excitement at finding my first nugget! I can't describe the feeling.. I doubt I'll ever get over it.. ps.. do you know anyone who I can sell it to? cash only..
  9. I'm finding that i have the most luck searching after really high tides.. even if there was nothing to be found the days before, the high tides seem to remove just enough sand to get a bit deeper.. I've also noticed that along a few beaches here the sand gets stripped from one side and deposited further along the other side.. these beaches are constantly moving and i've found they're the best for detecting as objects don't get a chance to settle too deep to detect..
  10. I'm a bit stuck with the range of coils i can get for the Nox.. we've mainly been using the 6'' coil for detecting bedrock in rainforest country and the 15x12'' coil in open country out west.. we've also have a couple of 11'' coils which my son uses on the Nox 600 when i'm using the other coils.. thanks again for the kmz files, they've saved a lot of leg-work in getting to these mine sites.. according to one old matey up here, we're the first with detectors in some of these places.. they're certainly bloody hard work to get to, which makes it all the more worthwhile..
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