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  1. So then after a week detecting in Arizona,Ive decided to take the plunge and buy the GPZ 7000.So time to sell up my GPX 5000 if im gonna afford that price tag Comes with: Stock DD commander coil,16 " coiltek mono coil(awesome piece of gear)Gold screamer amplifier and external speaker and comes with 2 batteries ,charger and cover.Usual ware and in good condition ,fantastic detector all round.Works like a charm and will be missed.Got a few extra plastic nuts and bolts and a foam handle cover. Not into lengthy negotiations and no low balling please.if your in the market for a GPX 5000,drop me a message Happy Detecting tic nuts, bolts and foam handle grip.New armrest cover with little use
  2. Hi Forum Not sure if this is the right place for this topic. I’m heading out Arizona way for some gold detecting, flown in from South Africa so I need some guidance.Im looking for a good claims club and BLM land to detect on. I’m visiting Wickenburg area as a starting point. Roadrunners has been suggested by a few friends. BLM land also important and options.If any one can shed some light this would be great.Off the beaten track no worries Thanks and look forward to any help offered
  3. Hi forum, I’m desperately looking for a good condition LI battery full size for my GPX 5000. I travelled half way across the world to do some winter detecting Arizona way and my airline refused my battery at check in; both hold and carry on were not permitted. Any one got a battery for sale this would help me out massively. Don't want to buy a new one as I’m only here for a month and can re-unite with mine back home. Many thanks Anton
  4. Gday folks and Merry Xmas to all Could anybody please tell me who the manufacturer of the Hook and Spoon red tipped crevice tool is, this would be mostly appreciated thanks
  5. Hi Everyone Im trying to find Angus Mckirk sluice boxes on the west coast, has anybody got any ideas who sells the and where to find them.Even a few second hand ones will do Thanks
  6. Hi there, yes I have made more than 500, believe it or not.We sell and manufacture recreational sluicing products in Scotland UK.Do you need help with plans ect.The only problem here in the USA is your pipe diameter.Its Imperial as apposed to metric.We use 68mm downpipe and a tennis ball fits in the tube perfectly once tightened on a threaded bar(M8 size).We sell them for about $40 a piece.Message me and I can guide you through it no worries
  7. So its puzzled me why panning classifiers are solely made for gold prospecting.Surely the manufacturers must be going out of business to make these items solely for the prospecting industry.Well this is not the case.I did some in depth investigation and spoke to a friend of mine in the plastics industry in China and showed him a pic of a classifier.What he came back to me with was quite interesting. Classifiers are actually made for the pyrotechnic/firework industry hence there manufacture origin in China.Kaboom and off it goes.They are used for milling black powder and other pyro ingredients.So if you want a set of classifiers and don't want to pay $24 a piece, then check out a pyro supplies store on the internet and you will be pretty surprised when the exact same classifiers /screens we purchase for prospecting cost around $12 a piece or cheaper.
  8. thanks for that, all manufacturers seem to be LA side,will defo make the trip soon
  9. Thats awesome,Thanks for the info.Im sure its worth a trip
  10. Alot of folk seem to be waiting patiently,I wonder whether their stock levels will be enough to feed the demand
  11. for sure, just my thoughts.Is there a pre order system or do we do this with our local dealer.
  12. Anybody know when we can expect to see them in US stores.I heard from a mate in Aussie that they are gonna be released early December(now mi mate drinks a lot of beer so im not taking his word on it) in time to fill your stocking.
  13. Ok thanks,I will check it out.Roustabout shed some info on the Roadrunner claims and membership.One would hope that for the cost of membership there is good prospecting to be had.Im deffo gonna check it out and contact the club.
  14. also looking at a new detector,GPZ is tempting but the price tag is kinda daunting
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