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  1. Just to let you know I wrote that last post before I saw you changed the date. Again, best of luck Terry. I think you’re gonna have some fun!
  2. Congrats Terry! I’m glad you got your machine, bud! In case Kellyco is reading this thread I want them to know my name is Richard Revenson and I ordered (paid in full w/DD-214) on November 7, 2017. Still waiting! Terry, for you I’m ecstatic you got it!! Just want Kellyco to send me one, too!
  3. Same here. Ordered mine Nov 7. Sent a couple inquiries last week. No reply.
  4. ricardoman

    Some Equinox Videos Done By Purchasers

    After all these years, never did I consider the tiny .....CLASP... on those thin, gold chains as being the possible source of the signaling. There was so much competition at low tide.. I was so intent on getting signals that the source of it never occurred to me. I've got some thicker ones that sound off (sans clasp)... but those FINE CHAINS.. no go. Very interesting. Used the Excal. Excellent machine IMO. note: Excuse my injecting comments in this excellent video thread, these experiences seem to relate to the gold chain part of this informative video.
  5. ricardoman

    Gent's First Day Thoughts Video- Equinox 800

    EQUINOX for beach and water hunting https://www.minelab.com/go-minelabbing/treasure-talk/equinox-for-beach-and-water-hunting
  6. ricardoman

    Equinox 800 Park Hunt Video

    Both clad dimes flickered between 25-26, exactly the same way. I find that interesting. The TID on a shallow target should be rock solid (according to all we have read). Therefore, I think that Minelab may have calibrated the clad dime to fall BETWEEN 25-26. Steve H. are you at liberty to scan a clad dime and see if that is true? btw, if they can calibrate a target to fall between two numbers then the 40 points may theoretically be 80. If I saw a flickering 25-26 every time, that would excite me! I don't know for sure what the silver dime TID is (I think it may be 26-27). Assuming the 26 being the median, If it falls 26-25 it's clad, if it tips 26-27 it's silver (I'm guessing).
  7. ricardoman

    Hitler Upset At Minelab

    Back by popular demand..Part 2!
  8. Hi Steve, Lot of interesting discussion here. I have a question about using the notch (whether or not you are allowed to answer yet I don't know). You said, "The target id on this thing has hair splitting accuracy and stability with solid id locks on all but borderline targets." That statement made me think about notching. Can the Equinox notch out a single number (as opposed to two or three in sequence). What is the minimum notch you can do? Thank you. Rich