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  1. How do you go with lower tones? I found lowering the tone to about 40 on the detector helped a great deal. Also using a set of quality noise cancelling earbuds was a huge help too. I usually run the volume on about 10 without a booster and between 6 & 7 with a booster to lift the threshold and any potential target noises.
  2. That explains why the Axiom I was having a go with the other day wanted absolutely nothing to do with the .5g nugget we’d found on the nose or tail of the coil. It was the same in the scoop aswell as in the ground. Not ideal having it use the centre of the coil to reduce a scoop of dirt.
  3. This popped up on my Facebook news feed from the Minelab page this morning.
  4. I don’t know where this idea comes from that the 6000 is simply not a deep machine… 1.2 grammer, Georgetown QLD last year in a heavily mineralised area, with the standard GPX11 coil @ 10 inches on 3/4 manual sensitivity. Nearly the entirety of the coil was in the hole on edge while I was pintpointing. While it may not have the depth edge of the 7000, I still found this very acceptable for a nugget that size and depth and the area I was working in.
  5. The only coil available at the moment from NF for the 6000 is the 12x7. The 16x10 shouldn’t be to far away though. I look forward to the 16x10, the tester I used was a fantastic coil.
  6. Limited numbers of the 12x7 XCeed coil have been released, this should increase over time. I expect to pick mine up next week.
  7. Surprised no one’s jumped on it yet, but the 12x7 XCeed coil has been released in limited numbers. I expect to puck mine up next week some time.
  8. I need to say this… all this information is third hand information that is very likely incorrect. While these people may have said it on a facebook group, they haven’t backed it up, and hey, no one lies on the internet. I’m sick to death of seeing all this bologna posted all over facebook and forums. It does irreparable damage to a company, and especially a small business like Nugget Finder. If Rohan shut up shop tomorrow over all the negativity that’s been posted, I wouldn’t blame him in the least. It seriously needs to stop. They’re working towards making sure there is a quality product on sale (and there will be, I’ve had the privilege of using a tester coil, and it was great), but seriously, for there to be a quality product go on sale, this parroting third hand information and negative posting needs to end. I’m saying this to everyone, not just phrunt. I apologise Steve, I needed to say something.
  9. No, only the speaker. It does seem to have improved the detector overall though as I’m now able to run it with full manual sensitivity where as before I was only able to use it on about 2/3rds.
  10. Yes, we have Starlink in Australia, I’ll be getting it for my camper when it’s built, though I can’t say that’s been an issue as I’ve never had ‘random’ EMI spikes. It’s always been atmospherically induced (storms etc) or synthetically (other detectors etc) I was having the issues of my detector going bananas when I laid it on the ground, the update seems to have fixed that aswell. My detector seems to have been a good one anyway, as it was running stable when using it, it just didn’t like being put down.
  11. I purchased mine about 4ish months after initial release. When I rang up, I asked about this and was told if your machine had been bought or manufactured in the last fortnight, it will have the update, if not, it wont. That was on the 28/9/22 (9/28/22 for US readers). So in essence, any machine manufactured before mid September is affected.
  12. An update on getting my 6000 back from receiving the update. Took it out for a swing for an hour or so while I was in Clermont this morning on other matters. Definitely an improvement. I ran the external speaker without issue and picked up two pieces in the process. I set the machine down to test if the stability held and it did. I never had the issue of EMI while detecting. I ran the machine on full manual sensitivity where I normally only run between half to three quarters. I’m yet to use it with headphones to see if there is a difference as I didn’t have them on me (a friend of mine has one that had the update before mine and he reckons there is a difference even with headphones). If you are yet to get it in to have the update, I highly recommend it, it’s a totally different machine.
  13. And it’s SOOOO much nicer to use than the 19” coil too, especially being the same weight as the 14x13. I’ll be strapping one on myself when I head west.
  14. I apologise, I can’t find anything official, but it’s been mentioned on Facebook groups and here by others. I’ve also tested this theory myself and have found a stark difference between scrubbing the coil and not scrubbing the coil. In my experience, scrubbing the coil induces chatter and unwanted noise, aswell as picking up the hotrocks you wouldn’t normally pick up.
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