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  1. I’m yet to see anything scary here in QLD, except for big mother paper wasps that were about as big as my thumb. I’ve heard some pretty out there stories though, some that would properly make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.
  2. Just a thought on the EMI/feedback here…I heard this the day you first showed me the 6000 JP and my new one did it the other day just after I picked it up aswell. General detecting with the external speaker wasn’t to bad, but the moment I put the detector down to dig, man oh man the feedback/EMI, whatever you want to call it, went off its head, bad enough I couldn’t hear the target in the scoop. As soon as I picked the machine up and started detecting, all was good again. It never did this with the headphones (love the complete wireless set up by the way, I just dislike headphones completely due to sweaty ears 😖). The headphones also take the guess work away with any EMI that may be created by the speaker, and again are a good thing, just not my cup of tea.
  3. Pretty sure it does, just above the lock nut on the shaft it should strap on. I remember someone posting some photos somewhere of it attached 🤔
  4. There are some VERY questionable things people call clothing, or undergarments. Facebook has been full spamming me with that for the last 6 months and it is damn annoying.
  5. That is one of the most odd shaped nuggets I think I’ve seen. Can anyone explain how it would end up that shape?
  6. Are you using the external speaker or headphones?
  7. I’ve just come back from Georgetown. The caravans I saw travelling on that road past Mount Garnet and between Georgetown and Forsayth was mind boggling. I reckon the whole population of south eastern Australia is hiding up there.
  8. It’ll probably be the lifestyle more than the gold that’ll make you want to stay (though the gold is a huge help). I miss the FNQ lifestyle, it’s so much more laid back than anywhere I’ve been, but work has drawn me away unfortunately.
  9. It was a great time out and time away, and much needed. Just a shame I had to come back to reality 😅😂
  10. Well, I’ve just recently returned from my 6 week jaunt away. As it turns out, COVID put the stop to my plan on going to Western Australia, so I had to put a Plan B in place. Turns out it was probably one of the best things I could’ve done as I had an absolute blast. I got to catch up with family as well as spend 4 full weeks out in the bush detecting with mates. The first 2 weeks away was a bit of a struggle for me in getting my head around new ground and only managing to find about 10 grams. Not to worry though as one mate had an absolute cracker of a trip and managed to snag himself a PB nugget and a PB day, and the other mate snagged a reef/leader next to a quite sizeable quartz blow. The intermission between time out bush was great as I used this to catch up with family and old friends in the tropics of FNQ. I only wish my boat was running as the weather for fishing was superb. Next up, we spent another 2 weeks out in the bush this time on some different ground. With the guidance of a well revered prospector (thanks again mate, you know who you are) I managed to do much better though my mate struggled quite a bit getting his head around the new ground. I managed 37g (approx, there were a few specis in this lot), managed a PB piece and PB day. All up for the trip I snagged 47g (approx, there are specis in the mix). Highly recommend anyone thinking about basing a trip away solely around prospecting, just do it. This one was an absolute blast and I can’t wait to get out again. Our first camp set up. And a cracker sunset on the hill we had phone reception. Gold from the first trip (I thought it was about 10g, there may be a nugget missing in this photo) Second camp and trip, not as nice spot as the first but still a great spot. The first 3 that got the monkey off my back on the second trip and after receiving the much needed guidance. My total all up for the trip away. Again, had an absolute blast.
  11. I generally only go two wraps, this gives me a time frame that once the tape is starting to look battered, it’s time to rotate my skid plate anyway.
  12. Yes sure can, were you anywhere near Georgetown? I just came back from a trip up there for a month. Some of those benign looking granite grounds can be ridiculously hot. Look for the iron pebbles! This generally gives away what‘s going on underneath.
  13. I honestly haven’t chased it up, I probably should but it hasn’t caused me any major problems.
  14. Got to make sure those pins stay in place too, mine have already tried to come out a couple of times and my detector is only about 7 mths old, and is used less than most.
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