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  1. I grew up in FNQ, I know the sort of country you’re talking about, Shipton’s Flat and Cedar Bay up near Cooktown come to mind.
  2. Alot of people are using trailered campers, either soft or hard tops or use something similar to Norvic’s set up. Biggest thing we want is access to areas, and to do it this way is easiest. I know there are people that have the RV set ups aswell (one of my friends has a full off-grid set up in a 40ft bus with a 4WD he tows on a trailer, the thing is a mansion on wheels). It all depends on the individual I suppose. Pictured is what my outfit looks like folded up. I’ll have everything I need on it from water to solar power, a fold out kitchen on the tailgate and most importantly, a com
  3. I was hoping to not need a gennie but seeing as everyone is recommending it... I do have a nice little Honda 2kVa available which should be more than enough.
  4. Jeez now you’ve got me wondering if it is going to be enough 🤔😕
  5. I was more worried about keeping stuff cold but yes should be more than enough. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a nice morning brew out of it too 😉
  6. Just ordered my system today, 2 x 100ah Enerdrive lithium batteries, enerdrive dc/dc charger and 340W worth of solar, hopefully it works 🤞🏻 Need to find a few ounces to pay it back 😅😂
  7. I’m yet to take it camping, but this is one that I made out of 4 car rims stacked on top of one another. Can be cooked on and glows red when stacked up with decent hard firewood. Also good for getting the smoke up and out of eyes. Other than that, I love me a traditional campfire on the ground.
  8. Honestly, I feel the same, I just walked past the GPZ which had escaped its travel bag and it yelled at me for not picking it up, so I did and it started swinging around on its own. Bloody thing thinks it runs the show 🤦🏼‍♂️
  9. Aah thanks mate, mine will be on my camper trailer set up so won’t have any worries with moving on a vehicle.
  10. What size solar system have you got on there?
  11. I was about 13 or 14 and was handed a detector to ‘have a go’ and have held an interest since. Last year, at 31 I picked the hobby up full time.
  12. https://www.minelab.com/anzea/countermine/detectors/mds-10 There is this one from ML...
  13. Two, a GPX5000 and currently a GPZ7000. Soon to be three.
  14. No I doubt they would, but hearing the stories getting around now (I know they’re just rumours), there’s a possibility. As I said, wait and see.
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