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  1. I can’t see the batteries being much cheaper than say a CTX battery (if at all) as they’re about the same capacity and has all the charger built into it. Someone with more knowledge could probably weigh in on this.
  2. Sardines (especially the ones in tomato sauce) on hot toast with a sprinkling of pepper make for a fantastic filling and nutritious breakfast (no I’m not being sarcastic, I grew up on the stuff and love them, plus they have the benefits of eating fish) Also spread on crackers while out and about make for a good belly filler. Just don’t let the missus near you afterwards or she might gag. Back on topic, that’s a great little write up @Northeast and full of great information once again.
  3. That was a brilliant video showing how similar the performances are though I feel if the swings were slowed down on both coils a bit, they would’ve yielded better results. Take that with a very big grain of salt though as I’m still perfecting and slowing down my swing.
  4. As I said yesterday on another post, it’s a great weapon to add to a good prospector’s arsenal. I was impressed with it in the very small amount of time I got to see it and cannot wait to get my hands on one. Lookout gullies and creeks!
  5. I also feel it’s another weapon a good prospector can add to their inventory. Not every day someone will feel like getting suited up for the GPZ when you can just pick up the X6 and go and still be rewarded for the effort. Bread and butter over the glory for me 👌🏻 and I’m sure many others feel the same (though the hope of that big one is always there).
  6. That is exactly the way a good friend is acquainted here though. Much of our banter here would get a gun drawn on you in other parts of the world.
  7. That little snippet brought the whole X-Coils thing into perspective for me atleast and now you have me thinking 🤔
  8. Jeez, one slip and something else could be caught on that 😖
  9. All that smaller stuff towards the bottom of the collection would’ve been clustered together I presume?
  10. I was prescribe Meloxicam aswell for a back injury I received about 8 weeks ago (sleep in good quality beds people!) Amazing stuff. Pain was gone within 10 minutes of taking the tablet. I no longer require it, but it’s there for when I need it.
  11. Great write up once again Steve and pretty much answered all my questions (and reiterated what I thought of the machine from the very limited amount of time I used one). Seems that it would be a great patch hunter (ergonomics here) and gully basher (ergonomics again) and then once the patch is found, introduce the Z. Hoping upon all hope to have one in my hands before the end of the year. Regards to All, Shep
  12. GPZ owner and hopefully a 6000 owner as soon as the bank balance allows. I was fortunate enough to have a go with one and it sold me simply on the ergonomics of the machine and the way it pinged the small bits. Clear crisp signals nearly every time. The nitpickers honestly don’t know what they’re missing and I reckon their mind would be changed the moment they pick a 6000 up. Some great write ups here once again.
  13. Apparently carrying the PLB in a Faraday bag helps alleviate the problem aswell.
  14. I magically had one appear in my other car’s EGR aswell 🤔 completely unsure how that happened.
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