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  1. It will always be an issue with electric. I won’t continue that subject though, this certainly isn’t the forum for it.
  2. One of the best things for any Veteran I’ve seen is to get out into the wilderness and get swinging. I have a couple of veteran friends here and they say it’s one of the best things they’ve ever done for themselves.
  3. Jeez I wish fuel was that cheap here in Aus, we’re staring at approx $2.10/L ($8AUD/gallon). Not cheap when you plan a big trip like I have coming up later in the year (2828km/1757mi round trip).
  4. Usually when I’m out bush, i use the solar system I’ve built into my camper. I also made a box with standard 12V outlets and usb outlets that I can plug in and charge all my stuff off of. Makes it easier instead of taking up all the other outlets I need for other things.
  5. Same here but operated harvesting machinery most of my working life so far, I’m 33. My last hearing test, the tester was surprised I could still hear the high pitched faint noises the machine created. I can hear the buzz of a fluorescent light or the high pitched squeal of an older tube type TV, but don’t pick up the hiss that Simon’s talking about, which still tells me there is something wrong with his machine.
  6. 5. The coil will also pick up the cable with it routed as in phrunt’s video, thus giving you a false signal when swivelling the coil towards the shaft/cable. See the attached photo. Even mine is a touch tight. Use a longer loop if you ever run the GPX17 to keep the cable away from the coil.
  7. And noise cancelling when it becomes ratty. I’ve also had the privelege of and am thankful for the help JP has given me with the machines I’ve bought through him.
  8. I still feel you need to send it in for repairs/replacement. I never touch the noise cancel button that often in a session, though I do live on the quick track button. That noise you hear when down near the coil is actually the output of the machine/coil and the frequency it pulses at. I picked it up the first time I used it with headphones and then heard it again while watching a prospecting TV show recently (The Weekend Prospector if anyone’s interested, also not expecting to hear it through the TV). I also picked the GPZ’s frequency up when I started wearing headphones/earbuds aswell, though not as loud. That did take me off guard before I worked out what it was. I haven’t heard the ‘hiss’ that you speak of though.
  9. I’m about 2 hours drive from Clermont but climate is the same. Anything less than 30 deg C is cold 😂 Queensland’s weather in winter is absolute perfection, apart from when it decides to rain. If it was like that all year round it’d be great.
  10. No stubbies here mate 😂 Shirt on aswell, it’s just starting to cool off, plus, I’m sure no one wants to see my man boobs anyway. That was only meant as a quick demo for Simon. I’ll be doing some videoing of undug targets on my next outing, whenever that may be.
  11. Difficult is what I usually use for my general detecting as for my using it. The .05g piece was the smallest piece I could find in a hurry 🙂
  12. I went out and made a quick little video to demonstrate what my machine does in less than ideal circumastances. I wasn’t far from town and the road noise wasn’t great either and I hope you can hear everything. Also attached is a piece of the gold that I used for the demo. I believe because your machine is faulty @phrunt you won’t be getting the desired result. I ran mine in Difficult, manual sensitivity turned all the way up and volume on full.
  13. I’d expect a better target response out of my 6000 with a target sitting on the surface like that, even for its size. Small rusty wire is an absolute pain in my rear end. I unfortunately don’t have video of it. I also consider the edge of the coil absolute fire for getting into edges where targets may be hiding (and have found them). Being that you are also relatively close in proximity to powerlines won’t be helping you any at all. That threshold is also pretty standard for the external speaker, and I don’t use it at all. The machine is totally different with headphones. Something I’ve also found with the 6000 compared to the Z, that yes, while the target response is better on small stuff, when you get a loud surface target, the volume stays the same on the 6000. The Z tends to damn near blow your ear drums out when it comes across one of these. I’m not sure if others have noticed this aswell.
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