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  1. Thanks. I kept looking for v. 1.1 and couldn’t find it. I got it all updated to 1.1 now.
  2. When I go on the XP website and click on update, it only shows v. 1.0. How do I get to the 1.1 update?
  3. How do you get to the 1.1 update? When I go on the xp website, and go to updates, it only shows v. 1.0.
  4. I have set of bone conduction headphones. I only used them once or twice. I got them to try using while wearing my hearing aids. They worked OK with my hearing aids but I didn’t really care for them. I looked online and they are selling for $70.00 with free shipping. If you are interested, make me an offer.
  5. The counterweight definitely helps with the 11” and 11x13” coils. I got a custom straight shaft for my Deus 2 from Steve with the counterweight option. I have the 9”and 11” coils. The 9”coil is fine without the counterweight. I tried the 11” coil both without and with the counterweight. The counterweight definitely makes a big difference for me with the 11” coil. I am using a total counterweight of 13 oz..
  6. I guess I will just keep my Equinox 800 then. I use the module all the time with my earphones.
  7. Can you use the wm 08 wireless module with the Equinox 900 and 700 detectors?
  8. I worked at OSU for 30+ years and retired from there in 2001. I started metal detecting in 2001 and my first detector was the XLT. I still have one but I don’t use it much anymore. The detector I was using before the Deus 2 was the Deus, so I didn’t have any problems transitioning to the Deus 2. Before that I was using the Equinox 800. I don’t know why people keep saying that the Deus and Deus 2 are too complicated . I didn’t have any problems figuring them out, and I am not very technologically knowledgeable.
  9. I hunt mostly parks and schools in my area. There is not a lot of relic hunting to do here. Iron is not a big problem here, but I like to hear it. I have the iron volume set at 2. Bottle caps are a problem, and I have the bottle cap reject set at 3.
  10. Yes, I have notched 11-40, and I dig everything above 40. You have to dig a lot of trash in order to get gold.
  11. Yesterday I went to a park in Albany, OR. I was using my custom General program. Discrimination at 10, 11 through 40 notched out, Sensitivity at 95, reactivity at 2, and pitch tone. It was about 6 inches down in the ground. It came in at 54 vdi. When I opened the plug, I could see it shining in the bottom of the hole. It is a 10K white gold mans ring with a star sapphire stone.
  12. I’m not an engineer, so I can’t speak on the technical aspects of the S rod vs the straight shaft. All I can say is that the straight shaft just feels better to me when swinging my detector. Others probably prefer the S shaft over the straight shaft.
  13. Back in October I was talking to Steve via email about his carbon fiber shaft for the Deus 2. I told him that I prefer a straight shaft instead of the S shaft and asked him about doing a one time custom order straight shaft for me. After checking into it he said that he thought it could be done, so I went ahead and ordered it. Also, I am not very tall so I didn’t need the extra length. He custom made it to my measurements that I gave him. It arrived yesterday and I was blown away about how it turned out. It feels so nice to swing. I ordered it with the counterweight ready option since I already had a counterweight. I don’t really need it with the 9” coil, but I will use it if I get the 11” coil.
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