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    Whites New 10" D2 Coil

    Thanks for the information.
  2. Steelheader

    Whites New 10" D2 Coil

    It's not really a new coil. Whites just slimmed down the original 10" D2 coil a little bit to cut down on the weight, from what I heard.
  3. Steelheader

    Whites New 10" D2 Coil

    Does anyone here know what the weight is for the new slimmed down D2 coil. I know the old one was really heavy. Is the new one much lighter?
  4. Steelheader

    Hello Everyone

    Just thought I should introduce myself. I am a new member on this forum. I have been a member on the Finds Forum and the AHRPS forum for some time, and I just found this forum. I live in Corvallis, Oregon. I belong to the Beaver State Coin Shooters metal detecting club here in Corvallis. I do mostly coin and jewelry hunting at local parks and schools. I retired from Oregon State University in 2001 after working 30+ years there. My other main hobbies besides metal detecting are fishing, hunting, and traditional archery.