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  1. If he had just responded to my inquiry messages, explaining that he was behind on orders, or on vacation, or feeling under the weather or any other reasonable explanation, and that my order was still coming, I would have been fine with that. But to just ignore me was not OK. I felt that my only recourse was to go through PayPal and start a claim with them. And that’s when I finally got a response from him with tracking information.
  2. Finally!! PayPal contacted Detecting DooDads yesterday, and today I got a tracking number from them. So I should be getting it soon. I don’t think I will be ordering anything else from them.
  3. On June 21 I ordered a locking shoe for my Deus 2 and I paid extra for 2 day shipping. It has now been 2 weeks and I still have not received the item. I have sent them 2 messages and haven’t received any response. Has anyone else had a problem receiving their order from detecting doodads? At this point I am going to contact them through PayPal and request a refund. I don’t know what is going on with them, but their customer service stinks.
  4. My XP Deus ll on a Andersons detector shaft and lower rod. I like it!! I had to modify the Andersons shaft a little bit. Even in the last button hole it was way to long for me. I am not a tall person. I almost sent it back because if you don't use the button holes the only thing holding the lower rod is the little thumb screw on the side and it is not strong enough to keep the coil from moving around. I happened to remember that I had a Pluggers shaft lock that I had purchased several years ago. So I removed the Andersons shaft lock and replaced it with the Pluggers. So now I can adjust it wherever I want without using the button holes. I also used a Dremel tool to make the end that attaches to the coil smaller so it doesn't rub on the top of the coil.
  5. I just did the. .07 update and I had to re-pair the ws6. And I lost all my custom programs, so I have to do them all over again. Are we going to have to go through this every time there is an update? It is a pain in the rear if we have to do this every time.
  6. Took the Deus ll to Riverfront Park here in Corvallis, OR. It is a popular place where people like to eat lunch, hang out, lay on the grass, play catch and take their pets. There is a large grassy area that I have detected before, but never actually covered it thoroughly. I just had a feeling that there could be a ring in there. This time I started at one end and started working my across back and forth, moving over a few steps each time across, working towards the other end. I had covered about 3/4 of the area when I got a 67 signal on the Deus ll. About 4 inches down was this man's wedding ring. It is marked "Benchmark 10k", and weighs 6.9 grams. It looks more gold colored in the picture because of the lighting, but it is actually 10K white gold.
  7. I discovered something today. I was having trouble with the MI6 connecting with the Deus ll when I turned it on. Sometimes it would take several seconds to connect with the remote. I would turn it on and then sit there waiting and waiting for it to connect, which was frustrating. Then I discovered that if I pointed the pinpointer at the remote when I turned it on it had no problem connecting. After that I didn’t have any problem with it. I never had to do that with the Deus.
  8. I took one off of my ws4 and put it on my ws6. Works fine.
  9. Yes. That is one downside. You are tethered to the detector by the cord. But it is worth it for me to be able to use my hearing aids while I’m detecting.
  10. I posted a while back that I had purchased the bone phones to try with my hearing aids. I just got my Deus 2 a couple of days ago. Today I tried the bone phones for the first time. They work wonderfully with my hearing aids. Now I can wear my hearing aids when I am detecting. That is a big difference for me when I am detecting. I am very happy with them.
  11. Part of my hearing aid sits behind my ear and when I wear the ws4 with the headband it presses my ear down onto my hearing aid. It doesn’t take very long before my ears start hurting from the pressure. The larger headphones that fit completely over the ears don’t make my ears hurt, but they cause feedback which is a high pitched squealing noise that is very annoying. According to my hearing doctor my hearing loss is pretty severe.
  12. That is what I am hoping for. That XP or someone else will make an adapter to convert the bone phone plug to a 1/8 plug for land use, so I can plug it into my ws6 puck.
  13. Yes, that is the place. I ordered it on eBay. The shipping was a little more because it was coming from France ($35) but at least I will have it when I get my Deus ll. I figured that after they start shipping the detectors to the US, it will probably be a while before the accessories become available here. I tried them on my head and the the band has a curve that goes over the top of my ears and my hearing aids, so they don’t interfere with my hearing aids. I am very hopeful that these will be my solution as far as headphones go. I won’t know until I get the Deus ll and can actually try them.
  14. I will have to plug it in to the remote, so I will be tethered to the detector. But if I can wear my hearing aids, I am OK with that. I am hoping that later on someone will come up with an adapter to connect the bone phones into the ws6 puck.
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