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  1. Had two Mojave's, one bought brand new the other used, I think new they were $285 if I remember right. I can't imagine paying more than about $300 for one no matter what the condition. But that's just me. Beep and digs can be both fun and frustrating. I'm all for the new tech now, Target ID, wireless headphones, multiple target tones, etc. I don't think I could go back.
  2. I've heard the same thing only it was supposed to be earlier in the year like in July. But that obviously got pushed back.
  3. I had absolutely no issues with the headphones coming unpaired unless I was too far away from the unit. One time I walked back to my truck and left the Apex sitting about 50 yards away. Of course it lost the connection when I got too far out. But as soon I was back in range it paired right back up.
  4. When I had the Apex I mostly compared it to other metal detectors in it's price range on video. I also did my own comparisons to the Equinox but I knew that wasn't the market Garrett was going after. The amount of coils available for the Apex is amazing! I also hear the recent update has solved a few early issues. I didn't have a lot of the issues others have complained about such as uncontrolled chatter and jumpy ID on targets less than about 5" deep. I've even contemplated buying another Apex but at this point with Nokta Makro, XP and Minelab slated to come out with new models. I figure why bother.
  5. Yea western ghost towns tend to have the targets laying on top of or just below the surface. So the 2D test is very relevant for those situations. Hunting a ploughed field is a different story and in that scenario I've found that some detectors do well while others don't. Mineralization also plays a big part and can often mask targets just like iron does.
  6. I own a 4000 and have put 1000's of hours on it. But have also borrowed the 4500 and 5000 from friends on multiple occasions. Never saw the need to get either the 4500 or 5000 because I was never after the small gold in bad ground. That being said I have played with the different timings and noted that certain targets switch from a high tone to a low tones and visa versa. If I'm relic hunting and there is a lot of small wire/nails I will usually run the salt timing and it will knock most of that stuff out or make it sound broken with a DD coil using iron disc. I've had a lot of relic hunters say they will run enhanced timing in the Virginia soil so that most all the targets (buttons and bullets) they are after sound the same. I would assume they are also losing some depth running that aggressive timing. I will usually run normal of sensitive smooth since that VA soil isn't bad enough to run aggressive timings IMO. Kind of makes me want to get a 6000 so I can experiment. If it proves that it can be used effectively for relics/beach hunting I just might get one in the future.
  7. I don't have the GPX 6000 but if I did I would definitely be experimenting. One question Steve. On the forth set I find it interesting that the quarters, dimes, etc move to a high tone on difficult, the same as the foil and small gold. Seems like it would remain a low tone. It's almost like it wrapping back around. Can you explain why it's doing that? Or maybe there is no explanation. On the 4000-5000 I always just used Salt, Normal or sensitive extra for beach or relic hunting. Most coins would always stay a low tone. I never used sensitive smooth or fine gold as the ground has never been bad enough to use those settings. But maybe the older GPX's do a similar thing on the difficult ground settings.
  8. I think anymore just because it's SMF doesn't mean it's better. We can see this in the Apex, CZ and DFX platforms. Yea they handle salt water beaches better than a single frequency machine. But it's now about the signal processing and what's happening internally. Minelab is decades ahead of the other manufactures in this regard. No other manufacture can process out the ground signal (and other variables) and deliver as accurate ID as the ML machines can or as deep. Yea the ML machines struggle in tough iron infested sites, we have other machines that we can choose from to fit that bill. It's going to be tough for NM to top that with their first attempt IMHO. As seen with the Apex, regardless as to whether they were trying to give the Equinox/Vanquish a run for the money or not, makes little difference. That's what many perceived was happening and that's what the Apex was/is measured up against. I think it would be to NM benefit to they make sure they get it right the first time and delay introduction until thy are happy with the results. We already see it being/hoping it's competition for the Equinox and we don't even know when it will be released yet. For NM to release it and it not being able to compete with the Vanquish/Equinox platform would be a mistake IMHO.
  9. I've dug 4 now with the Equinox 800 and all of them bounced between 17 and 18.
  10. I've owned all 3 and used all 3 enough to know the in's and out's of them. Of the 3 I still have a Simplex. But of the 3 I would recommend the Vanquish 540 over the rest. The only reason I don't have the 540 anymore is because it's too close in operation to the Equinox and I already have the 800. IMO and from the feedback I've received from those I've lent them to. The Vanquish is the easiest to operate and you dig the least amount of trash. The target ID on the Vanquish is very accurate to almost full depth and that's in my mineralized soil. They all have their pluses and minuses. The Apex is a great feeling and well packaged machine. But honestly the audio is a little tricky for a beginner and the modes available don't really give it that much versatility compared to the modes on the other 2. I let one of my friends that has been metal detecting a bit try out the Apex when I had it and his comment was this thing is all over the place with the audio. We were at a park and he was really having a hard time isolating targets in all the trash. The Simplex is waterproof has all the latest features like rechargeable batteries, wireless audio, etc. just like the others. But it's a little nose heavy and the lower shaft is a noodle so upgrade to the carbon fiber if you get it. The ground balance and modes available on the Simplex give it great versatility as well. It's Really simple to use and all a beginner has to do is change modes based on the site conditions and hunt. No need to change a bunch of settings to make it work. Great in iron trash (the best you'll find at the price) and respectable depth. The Vanquish 540 lacks ground balance but I never had a place where I felt like I had to have it. The modes available are a lot like the Simplex, it's very versatile, even more so than the Simplex in some cases (Saltwater beach hunting). It struggles a little in iron trash at separation. But when it locks on to a target it really lets you know and the ID doesn't get dragged down as bad or the Simplex or Apex. The Vanquish is a little nose heavy and the overall appearance looks dated but overall I feel like it's the best choice for a beginner.
  11. If I'm reading your post right. When you use discrimation on the Tarsacci and run it above zero it becomes a notch discrimination. It notches out 4 numbers at a time.. So if you run it up to +30 it's going to disc out +28 to +30. If you run it up to +10 it will notch out +8 to +12. So when you set the disc at a number all targets within a plus or minus 2 will be silenced. Also everything below zero will also be silenced.. Hope that helps.
  12. Thanks Jeff Yea the Simplex is quite capable at most detecting scenarios and handles iron well. I just prefer the more accurate ID of the Equinox when park hunting. Most of the old coins I'm digging are at about the 6" plus range. But otherwise the Simplex will handle parks, just not my preference.
  13. I probably would be horrified at what you toss. But I'm sure coins and token make into your pocket LOL. I'm glad you enjoyed the video. Had to cut a lot out so it wasn't 2 hours long.
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