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  1. I've conversed with Monte a few times about these videos that Garrett released and why Garrett seems to do so much better than what I got or even he got. I think I already posted (I can't remember) about my nail board being smaller than the official Monte Nail Board so Monte sent me one. Sure enough the Apex does do better on his official sized board I can get 6 out of 8 rather than 4 out of 8. But on the flip side the Simplex and the F19 do even better. The other thing that makes the Apex perform better in iron is coil height above the ground. We found that if you hold the coil approximately
  2. I think a lot of people have lost interest in the Apex. With any metal detector I get I like to put it through all my tests and hunting grounds to see where it fits with the other units I have. I've taken it to parks to coin hunt, a really trashy ghost town and an old relic site. At this point I can say that it wouldn't be my first choice in any of those scenarios but you can make it work and you will find stuff. I'm going to hang onto it and see if they bring out some new coils for it. But as it stands it's a mediocre performer as it should be at the price. It's been a long time since I used
  3. If you want to see the Apex in the action in the field here is a video I did over the weekend. Didn't compare it to anything in this video just got out and hunted with it.
  4. When I coin hunt it's usually only for older coins. So I want a metal detector that can not only go deep but have an accurate ID at depth in my bad soil. Equinox 800 fits that bill for me, nothing else but a FBS machine can come close.
  5. The Apex is a great detector with lots of nice features. Get to know it and enjoy it. I personally am critical of metal detectors because of the tough conditions I use them in. But for someone just getting into the hobby it's a great one to start with.
  6. I said I was done with the videos about the Apex but I had to do one more that does show some improvement on the in-line nail coin test. I have no problem admitting that sometimes there's a better way to do things, I would like to see Garrett succeed just as much the next guy, so anything that shows improved performance is welcome. If you're only interested in those results skip to 2:46 in the video. FYI Monte Berry posted somewhat of a review on metaldetectingforum.com that pretty much matches what I've been saying about the Apex. He's also the one who suggested using iron audi
  7. Update on the chatter issue I talked about earlier with the Apex. I took the Equinox to the same park and definitely EMI. Equinox was almost as bad, noise cancel made no difference. Lowered sensitivity on the Equinox to 14 and ran in 15 KHz just to make it bearable but even then still chatty. Must be a cellphone tower or underground high voltage line in the area.
  8. Last night I took the Apex out to a local park for about an hour (remember I have bad ground). Boy was I lost in all the noise that thing was making and I know my way around metal detectors pretty well. Could have been EMI could have been the ground minerals or iron/junk in the ground I don't know. I tried everything, different modes, sensitivity down, different KHz, turned it off and on, etc. It definitely is not this bad at my house. I contacted another person who I know has the Apex to see if they had experienced anything like that themselves, haven't heard back yet. But I also came across
  9. The Apex in coin or jewelry mode vs the Simplex in Park 1 or Park 2 mode actually gets it's butt kicked worse. Apex in pro zero is actually the best performing mode in iron and that's why it was used.
  10. I'm thinking EMI. I can't run the Equinox in multi frequency in one of the parks close to me because the EMI is so bad. You should try using it in a single frequency like 15 or 20 KHz and see if that makes a difference.
  11. Yea well since the question was raised I figured I would go ahead and put that to rest. In all honesty it did make it hit one more direction, Hurray now we're up to 50% on the NBPT. I run iron audio on with all my detectors and it makes absolutely no difference on separation performance. So if this is an issue with Garrett detectors they better get it fixed.
  12. I've got a lot of extra time on my hands right now. Transition between seasons and school starting is slow for my business this time of year. So I've been spending some time metal detecting and making videos. Hope you like it. Book value is $500 plus.
  13. OK new comparison and probably the last one for me. Doing this one because Monte made a comment on another forum about the Apex needing to have iron audio off in order for it to perform better on the nail board test. I thought I would throw the F19 into this video since it's in the price range of the Apex. IMO the Apex is just another choice in the $250-450 price range and it's going to come down to the features and performance you want as to which metal detector you chose. Like Steve, I feel like it's closest competition is the Vanquish 540 at $369 and to me the Apex isn't worth the extra mon
  14. I appreciate the work you put into the graph. Sorry, I kind of rushed through my evaluation on some of the detectors because I was mostly concerned with comparing the Apex and the Simplex. Your red squares with no signal aren't exactly accurate (not that you didn't read my report right) but because I didn't give enough information. The Deus can see all the targets it's just that the ones in red gave a high 90's ID which could be anything so I would say marginal signal. Same goes for the Racer 2 red should be marginal signal. F19 marginal signal on the 6" nickel and quarter, the rest red as you
  15. Garrett Ace Apex Review Part 2 Part 2 is the Apex depth test and comparison. Let me say right up front that my soil is 4-5 bars on the F75, so not mild ground. So, you’ll probably get different results if you have really hot ground or mild ground. The multi frequency feature of the Apex is what most interests me. I want to see how it compares against the Equinox (for target ID and depth) and other single frequency machines with similar sized coils. I’ve got a test garden in my yard of buried items, some in polluted holes. They are quarters buried at 2, 4, *6 & 8 inches. Dimes buried a
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