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  1. I've used and found gold with all of the mentioned detectors. It all comes down to the size of gold you compare them on and how bad the ground is. The Manticore will find small shallow gold neither of the other 2 will even see. The 5000 on the other hand will see bigger deeper gold than the other 2 especially in high mineral or hot rock infested ground. IMO you really can't do an overall comparison and declare one winner for all situations. Now if you just want to know which one is the most versatile for the majority of the situations, I'd say the 6000 is the clear choice.
  2. All Equinox coils are supposed to work on the X-Terra Elite.
  3. The dealer I use has 1 person on the list for a Vortex. Looking like I could still get one pretty easy if I wanted one.
  4. At some point I may get one. I was on a list, but decided to drop from it last week. I'm sure it will be a great machine, I just don't see it replacing anything I already have, so I'm not in a big hurry to get a Vortex.
  5. Well said Steve. Pretty much agree with all that's been said so far. I don't mind when people give their opinion and a friendly conversation materializes. But, when they all out attack another person or company with uneducated comments it does no good for all involved.
  6. Nice find Steve! Those large cents are hard to come by out west.
  7. Nice results Dave. I unfortunately rarely have that kind of luck in spots I hunker down on work a magnet and rake through. You must have hit a hot spot. There always seems to be plenty of ghost town related stuff and very few coins when I go to that kind of work. But it does give a person hope to see 2 coins and other interesting stuff show up within your raked out site. Quarter is a nice bonus and you didn't have to work as hard for it.
  8. I had a CZ 6a (basic same tech as the CZ 3D) as my main machine for 10 some odd years. Loved it on the beach, but had a love hate relationship with it park and relic hunting as it loved deep rusty nails. I don't think I would even pay $299 for one anymore.
  9. I've been on a list with a dealer since before Garrett even confirmed a new machine was actually a thing. At first I thought I'll pass. But now I'm thinking might as well try it out and support Garrett. The price is reasonable, so not much at stake even if I don't like it.
  10. This may have already been said, but who's to say that Garrett doesn't have a VX11 and VX13 in the works with even more features that can be bought in an upgrade. They certainly have plenty of room for added features. I can see them adding audio options, iron bias, more speed settings, etc. in future versions. The nice thing is that anyone who has a Vortex can upgrade as new models come out.
  11. I was able to listen to the video on my phone while I was working, so I may have missed some stuff. But I think my first impressions are promising for Garrett and priced right. That being said I'll pass on the Vortex.
  12. Geez probably will have to catch that after it's over. Going to be hard for me to dedicate 1.5 hours on a Tuesday morning. I'm really hoping Garrett hits a home run on this one.
  13. Garrett needs to produce a machine that people want to use in lieu of everything else that's available. I personally don't want to hear about another low or mid priced metal detector. The market is flooded with them already. So many have been released in the past 2 years I don't even pay attention to them anymore. If Garrett wants to remain a viable competitor, mediocre won't do at this point. It's got to have something that sets it apart from the competition.
  14. I may end up wanting one. But it will all depend on the release info next week. If it really looks like Garrett has something new to offer, I'll be interested in trying it out. If it's just another SMF with the usual features, I'll most likely just stick with the tried and true detectors I already have. I really hope Garrett has something to offer, because I'm tired of supporting foreign made manufactures.
  15. Well they couldn't call it the Storm because the name is already trade marked by Ground EFX metal detectors. Cyclone is also trade marked. But more that likely they will name all of the detectors in the series after some kind of storm.
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