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  1. Nice haul! reminds me of the days I used to beach hunt more. over 100 gold rings a year were common now I'm lucky to find 5 a year with as little as I beach hunt.
  2. Iron Blanks out on the GPX when iron rejection is used and yes it works. But you're not going to want to wade into a sea of iron with a GPX or it will be one long blank. Where it reins Supreme is areas with high mineralization and deep targets. I can work an area with 2 pieces of iron per swing but it's slow going. If you need the depth and a VLF won't cut it a PI will. The thing that's neat about a PI is that once you learn what timings to use, you can actually make some iron disappear. Take for instance rust flakes. With the right timing I can see right through them where VLF is blinded by them.
  3. Agree strongly with Hugh about iron rejection. Something I would also like to see is a waterproof or at least rainproof. Also light weight, under 4 lbs for sure and under 3 if possible. Even though the GPX's are pretty adjustable I would like a new PI even more so. I don't want it going the direction of the GPX 6000 where it does all the thinking for you. That might be fine for a gold specific version but I also want to use a PI for beach and relic hunting and be able to set it up for those conditions. Wireless headphones and rechargeable batteries. I know tall order but hey why not ask for it all.
  4. I gave the Tarsacci 2 chances about a year apart from each other. Used it at the beach maybe 10 hours, no complaints there. But most of my hours (200 or so) spent with the Tarsacci was relic hunting bad dirt. I compared it to the Deus, Equinox and GPX quite a bit. It absolutely spanked the Deus for depth in my dirt and had the Equinox beat by maybe an inch. But the GPX with a 14" coil left the Tarsacci in the dust for depth. So in the end if I need depth I grab the GPX. Why screw around with a machine that is maybe an inch deeper than the Equinox and is like Steve said a nightmare to get it tuned right. I too could never mesh with the tones and the constant high tone chirp of falsing on mineralization. I ran it in Culpeper 10 hours one day in the rain and fought it the whole time adjusting the ground and salt balance to keep it quiet. I did find stuff down to about 9 inches and struggled to tell if it was ferrous or nonferrous at that depth. The GPX will push 14 plus inches in that dirt no problem and IMO is easier to ID iron. So for me that's why the Tarsacci was quietly sold.
  5. I get down that way a few times a year. But I would say a good place to start would be to join a few or all of the gold clubs down there. GPAA, MPA Mohave Prospects Association and GSSN Gold Searches of Southern Nevada all have claims there. GSSN actually has an outing planned this next weekend Jan 22nd. I was going to try and make it but not looking like it's going to happen. Would be a good way for you to get introduced to the area if you join their club this week.
  6. The bigger issue for me is making changes to the program tone breaks and tone pitch. I usually have to grab glasses to see those small number on the Deus 1.
  7. Thanks for the report. I've read and looked at so many reports and videos at this point that I can't remember what's been covered by who or if it was covered at all. But you bring up some good points without even taking the Deus 2 out for a walk yet. 1st is the display which was a concern of mine with the first Deus. The display is too small and it looks like that is going to be an issue with the Deus 2 as well. I'm getting older and my eye sight isn't what it used to be so the bigger display of the Equinox has always been a plus. 2nd is the buttons. On the original Deus they were a real pain to access with gloves on and although the buttons have been redesigned on the Deus 2 it still sounds like there are issues with the ergonomics of pressing them. The final thing for me is the price (which someone else brought up). $600 more for the Deus 2 which I do plan to get. Yea people have said there are certain upgraded you need to do on the Equinox and it puts it closer to the Deus 2 price. But guess what I haven't upgraded anything on my Equinox and it works just fine out of the box for what I use it for. IMO the Equinox is a pretty fair contender. Now that assessment may change once I have one of my own to test. I have certain sites/conditions I plan to use the Deus 2 for. They are either highly mineralized, full of junk or both. So these sites will be the true test of performance for me. I think the separation in junk question has been answered. But the Deus 2 handling of mineralization is still a bit foggy IMO.
  8. Did they give any clue as to when the 2nd shipment will go out?
  9. Well there you have it. Good luck getting a Deus 2 on the first shipment.
  10. That's what we needed to see. Rule out the possibilities of false signals and now we don't have to wonder. Looking like a great machine for your beaches. I may have missed the coil size on the Deus 2 was that the 11"
  11. I've gone back and forth but settled on the 11 myself.
  12. I've heard from 2 different sources, one back East and one in the West that the initial lot of Deus 2's are going to be the 11" coil version. So if you're on the list for a 9" coil version you probably won't get one with the initial batch unless your are 1st on the list. Additionally a dealer I know back East told me they expect to only get 4 total machines with their 1st shipment. So the 1000's that have been shipped are most likely worldwide.
  13. If it were me, and I have had both. I would opt to go straight to the Deus 2 unless you're on a budget. But it's going to depend on what you're using it for. The ORX is a very capable machine and simple to use. If you need adjustability for tough sites I would opt for the Deus. The ORX has a lot less things you can adjust on it vs the Deus. I would take the Deus just for the multiple tone options alone because I personally don't use 3 tones and I'm constantly changing my tone breaks based on the sites I hunt. Some people only use factory programs and never want to change anything and that's fine. So if you want simple get the ORX if you like to tinker with adjustments, you'll be happier with the Deus.
  14. I don't know if you can revert back to 2.77. Honestly if there was a real problem with version 2.78 don't you think Nokta Makro would resolve the issue? I tend to believe the chatty and jumpy target ID was the result of EMI more than anything. Like I said I never noticed any real issues with version 2.78. Nokta Makro detectors are a little chatty just by nature than other machines, at least all of them that I've owned.
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