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  1. I've had both but not at the same time. Got rid of both too. Although I didn't compare them head to head at the same time. I do have a coin garden I ran both of them through and spend hours changing settings and modes to optimize depth. In either case the bigger coils got very little depth advantage over the stock 11" in my soil on a dime sized target. If I had to chose I think I would go with the ML 12 x 15 coil just because it's a little lighter. The only reason I can see getting a bigger coil for the Equinox is for ground coverage. Unlike a PI, I generally see very little depth advanta
  2. Simultaneous multi frequency would seem to be the logical choice, given every other mfg is coming out with them. Now if they made the coil attached with a cable and 100% proof that would be awesome.
  3. I took it out relic hunting for about 2 hours and after those 2 hours my arm was done. I ended up selling it. To me the extra coverage and slight depth advantage was not worth the extra coil weight. I can swing the 11" all day and even a big 14" on the GPX without a bungee. That big coil really throws of the balance and makes it very nose heavy (more so than the 12 x 15). Yea I could have added a counterweight if I really wanted to keep it. But when I say slightly deeper than the 11" I mean just that. On a dime sized target in my soil we're talking maybe a 1/2 inch deeper. On a silver dollar s
  4. I think it's going to depend on your soil minerals as to the depth you get. I've had all the coils made for the XP Deus. In my area the 11 x 13 is no deeper than even the 9 round. I've settled on the 9" round and elliptical coil for all my detecting. I really think the Deus was designed around the 9" round. It's well balanced and performs well in most scenarios.
  5. Got out again this weekend and dug more bottle and did a little metal detecting too.
  6. Got the 15" a few days ago. I've been testing it out in my yard. Appears to be slightly deeper than the 11" but is also heavier. Hoping to get it out in the field this weekend and see how long I can swing it.
  7. Yea I got an email myself and passed. This is the second time I've been offered the AQ in the last 3 months. So maybe they are having a hard time selling them. Yes it's the limited they are still trying to get out there. I really have no interest in the AQ at this point, I'm waiting for the land version.
  8. We think it was a dumping spot on the outskirts of town. Industrial building are now being built in the area.
  9. I normally don't dig for bottles but when my Brother-In-Law told me about all the glass they were seeing at this site, I decided to go take a look. The site dates from and the bottle we were digging are from 1850's to about 1900. Nothing real valuable came out but there were some real heartbreakers (broken bottles) like log cabin bitters, California bitters and a few others. We also recovered marbles, coins and tokens, but nothing real exciting to mention specifically. We used a trenching method to recover the bottles. There was about 8-10 inches of topsoil then a layer of trash that exte
  10. The ORX (you may already know this) has 2 preset gold programs. They are Gold and Fine Gold, very similar to the Gold Field program on the Deus. It's basically an all metal motion mode. On the ORX Gold is set at recovery 2 and Fine Gold recovery 2.5. Fine Gold does give a sharper response to the targets and I believe that is due to recovery speed. The machine also runs quieter in mineralized soil and hot rocks are easier to ID. Yes the meteorite is nice sized. One of the reasons the meteorite was still there is due to so many hot rocks being in the same area. I found 5 rocks that gave a n
  11. Maybe this should be in the Detector Prospector section but wanted to keep the XP section alive. I was in Las Vegas last weekend and decided to swing over to the Gold Basin area and do a little metal detecting. There were 3 of us and we didn't find much. But we did manage to find some gold and meteorites. The ORX is turning out to be a pretty good machine. Not as deep on the really small stuff, like a Gold Monster would pick up but it's not far behind.
  12. Thanks, Tom yes fairly rare although I have a few older sites around me that have given up some Spanish silver. This is my second 2R. I've also found 3 1/2 R's and a 1R. This last coin however is the oldest I've found.
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