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  1. I've had the V3i for a few years now, and just recently acquired the Ultimate 13. Prior to that I was experimenting with all the in house coils. I didn't want to run coils larger than those in its menu selection. More of a neurosis of mine. But people were praising it. I suspected hyperbole until I actually got my hands on one. I was impressed enough before. This coil has completely transformed my V3i. I don't want to take it off. I doubt I ever will.
  2. I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss First Texas with Carl and Dave Johnson et. al. On board. Carl did help bring the V3i, a 3 frequency machine, to market, and while I do not find it to be as stable across multiple environments as my Equinox, it is still my go to for most inland hunting. There are tasks the V3i is better at too. It is the best discriminator I've ever used in mild to moderate soil because of its tools and it's 3 frequencies. I find it's VDI to be unusually accurate. Of course I've dedicated a lot of time to that machine, but it's been worth it. And that 13" ultimate Detech brings the V3i to life in a way that no stock coils do, remarkably so. Dave did bring the CZs to market, which have stood the test of time. The F75 is a single frequency machine that operates like a multi in many ways. Still one of the very best machines out there. Additionally, It is not common knowledge that Whites would be a lot further in the game if they hadn't stifled their engineers to a point where they felt the need to exit and/or go elsewhere. I have no doubt that the day is coming when First Texas is sitting in the catbird seat because of people like Carl. The things they were working on over there at Whites when everyone left, the world may never see from Whites now. The company gave away more than many companies accomplish. I agree with Carl in some respects and I agree with Steve in some. Though it is the performance that makes the machine, and I'm a happy Equinox owner, I don't care for the marketing tactics. They are disingenuous, as are many others,' and many units are sold based on marketing alone. I have spent a lot of time on social media and various forums to see people say they picked a particular machine solely on the basis of the number of frequencies it claims to run. In fact, this even affects Minelab purchase decisions as many people who own FBS products will not buy an Equinox saying things like "there's no way a 5 frequency machine can do better than a 28 frequency machine." If they understood the technical truth of the matter sooner they'd find that neither of them are either of that, and that the Equinox does actually have strengths that the even the CTX lacks. So my position would be that, yes most, if not all marketing departments use hyperbole, mislead, etc., it is important for there to be a rebuttal of those tactics by competitors when it comes to specific claims or implied claims that are being used for purchase decisions. A little bit of knowledge is dangerous and that's what the vast majority of us have. Enough to be mislead, until we arrive at a point Steve has, where you say there's more to this than meets the eye without a full time career in it. I'll just stick to informed purchase decisions and what works. Learning not only are some machines not running as many as we've been misled to believe, but that it's also not a frequency numbers game to begin with is part of an informed purchase decision. Don't look at the numbers, but how people are saying it works. I do however think that going forward it's important for consumers understand that. If something better than the Equinox comes along running less than 5 frequencies or less than 28 in the case of marketing of FBS, many people will be cheating themselves going by specs that aren't easily understood until the real world checks in. Often unless there's a revolutionary difference it never does for some people until they read a thread like this and begin to question what they thought they knew. I've done a lot of research not only on metal detector technology, but the history behind companies and engineers. I've always found Carl himself to want to be accurate, honest and helpful. I don't think he's motivated solely by self promotion or promotion of FTP.
  3. Is that what NASA Tom is talking about here? http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,152652,page=1
  4. ☠ Cipher

    What Is Your Wish List From White’s In 2019

    The decision makers at Whites really finally need to jump into the 21st century and give us a machine that can be updated, waterproof as a matter of course, wireless headphones as a matter of course, create wireless coils with a wired option (like others do with headphones, because wired is still the only solution in and under water, but with wireless coils you can upgrade hardware via coil change with coils that are tuned to their specific applications), create an app so that people can choose to use either a remote or phone to control their coil. Create a V4 or V5 that addresses the V3i shortcomings. It's still my favorite machine, but it needs improving to stay competitive. Keep the spectrograph, Polar Plot, etc., but also add an imaging program like Target Trace. Integrating with cell phone applications would be awesome. Open a metal detecting app market for developers. This worked wonders for cell phones. Look at all that's available now as people were given a platform to display their coding talents. This could work for metal detectors with optional cell phone control. Create a pinpointer that communicates with the host machines and adapts their disc settings. Add a small LCD to pinpointer. Do these things, or others will, or already are working on it.
  5. Whether Tesoro or any other brand, I've always found objective air tests, test gardens and nail boards to be instructive and predictive. It is no accident that the machines that do the best in this regard also tend to be the best in the field. There are exceptions. I won't get into those here because they don't include Tesoro's. I've always found testing of Tesoro's to be predictive and instructive in general hunting. The key is you have to either conduct them yourself and/or follow someone who wants to and knows how to conduct them objectively. They have gotten a bad name from people who get the results they want or don't know how to conduct them. You'll find that a lot on YouTube, so it's easy to write them off and throw everyone into a testing basket of deplorables. Personally, I like the performance of Tesoros. They will do as well as anything else out there in mild to moderate mineralization and in heavy trash. I no longer own Tesoro for the same reason I don't own any First Texas Machines (other than Carl's new pinpointer). They aren't multifrequency, and in Tesoro's case they don't have the kind of disc tools that you can only get from digital machines.
  6. ☠ Cipher

    Findmall Closes All White’s Forums

    In the forums/social media shakeup, those that stay in the forum game will reap the rewards. Forums that stay focused on organizing information, and filtering trolls without becoming draconian about their rules will survive and grow. This is one of those. Forums like Findmall, TreasureNet, etc will die out with the old timers due to their own silliness, draconian style, and focus on the bottom line rather than the hobby itself. I like the combo myself. I like coming here for serious business (research, fruitful, engaging,conversation) and organization, and I like the freedom of social media. The endless scrolling of social media is the reason good forums will continue to exist in the short term, until social media learns to provide methods to organize. Serious troll free engagement is the reason some will always survive.
  7. I'm curious how AI will come into play in metal detector technology if you have any insight. I've seen some evidence that Minelab is playing around with it, was unaware First Texas is. Find it fascinating as I love electronic technology period. As an aside on this overall thread it is true that US companies are having a hard time keeping up in part due to companies outsourcing labor overseas, and State funding/subsidies. Companies with state funding have a distinct advantage in many ways. This has been partly what has propelled Nokta/Makro this far, and enabled them to bring concepts like the Simplex to market. It is going to effect the low end market like the Equinox has the mid-range and outward. At some point one machine offers so much more than others it can no longer be overlooked. The Simplex will force others to offer more or get out of the game. That's not as good for US business as it is for innovation. US companies have had to cope in ways they find embarrassing and won't readily admit, like having some of their boards made overseas. I just hope they get a handle on it all and produce. So far foreign companies have benefitted more from free trade than the United States has. Forced technology transfers in China many of which are then sold to other companies in other nations have irreparably harmed US innovators.
  8. ☠ Cipher

    Lol.... The Idiot Is Back Guys!

    I agree with Steve. I look at metal detecting as a thinking person's hobby and this a thinking person's forum. There's something about name calling that subtracts from that. I can't say that I've always been beyond a tit for tat when someone gets belligerent in an exchange of ideas in other forums, but I try to avoid going there as a matter of course. Most guys who have stuck with this hobby are pretty sharp and so I generally trust them to pick up on whether an individual or their post is credible. I've gotten into some pretty lively debates on the Equinox. Particularly Equinox vs Deus. Most recently I joined a club. Something I've resisted for many years because this particular club is run by an individual who uses the club as a platform to sell the Deus to members, especially new members. Those who don't own one are hounded until they do. On the FB page a new member and I were discussing his new Equinox and sure enough the president (who doesn't read forums) jumped in telling us we shoulda bought Deus', and trying to diminish the Equinox. Now, I'm new to a club, not new to detecting. Because of my interest in metal detector technology in general, the time I've spent in its study and use of most machines of note I came off as quite a bit more knowledgeable on both machines than he did. I made the case that I have the right machine for me quite well and he realized he stepped in it, and publicly, this time. Because of his ego and how he perceives debate, and himself, when all was said and done I had him screaming at me in private messages and erasing what other members agreed was perfectly clean, respectful intellectual analysis from the page to look as though he called me out and I had no answers. I was very tempted to lash out publicly using much stronger language than we are talking about here. I even entertained intimidation and humiliation at the next club meeting. It got my goat. In the end, such tactics are a short term bandaid for frustration in a long game hobby. Acting as he did I'm sure it wasn't an isolated incident and that his reputation precedes him. Sure enough it does, and not in many good ways. People in the club know who he is by now. In time they will know me for who I am too. It won't be for crudeness and treating people poorly. These things have a way of sorting themselves out without the labels. In the end facts, ideas and results will win.
  9. ☠ Cipher

    Equinox Interference In A Group Hunt

    I ran into this issue at a seeded hunt with a few other Equinox users. Noise cancel worked until another Equinox came within range. Then I'd have to do it again. As I sit here I do now know if the equinox has a frequency shift separate from noise cancel, but this did prove to be a problem that cost me very valuable time. I still did extremely well for my first seeded hunt (over $250 in silver and prizes for a $70 hunt), and the issue hasn't come up again since. I'm sure it will so I'll be looking into it with you as I would like to continue to use the Equinox for seeded hunts, and partner/group hunting, but wouldn't be able to if there's not a better working solution.
  10. I live in upstate NY unfortunately, so no alligators for me haha. I live in the Schoharie Valley, which is absolutely stunning landscape with plenty of Native American, Colonial, and Revolutionary War history. I'm about a 20 minute walk or 5-10 minute bike ride from an awesome kayak trail. It's a blessing and a curse. All of that is a blessing, but the curse is that we have very harsh winters, so the water is either frozen or close to it from as soon as November to as late as April. I might have a good month or two at most to get in the water and mess around. Then I'll spend the winter preparing for next year. I'll be doing as much tank/hookah diving and kayaking for treasure as I can and I'll be pretty new to both forms. This winter can't pass fast enough with all the gear I'm assembling
  11. This idea for added boyancy in the rear was submitted to me. Looks like one idea. Under the kayak is also a space where a mount could be connected via PVC and built out into an optional stabilizer system, so I think a neater version of this could be created and mounted without drilling a single hole. Could also be removed when I'm not using the outboard.
  12. ☠ Cipher

    Hacking The White's V3i

    I started a topic. Forgot to link to it, but I'm sure it you search "kayak" it will come right up.
  13. In the latter part of the Summer/early Autumn I found myself thinking more about a kayak for river hunting and magnet fishing. It was probably all those Aquachigger videos that did it. So I set my mind toward finding one before the leaves began to change much. I found a barely used Sundolphin Aruba 8 SS for $100. Next I began looking at sources of propulsion. I found a used Kota Minn 17ib thrust trolling motor for $35. I pulled a battery from a klunker for a trial power source and installed it hidden behind the seat. I cut a 7"x7" slit to slide the battery in on top of a thick foam seat pad. Then I found an old wheelchair to cut down and use as a kayak dolly to tow behind my mountain bike. Also, as a second source of propulsion I've rigged up a cordless drill trolling attachment, which works far better than I could've imagined. Everything else has worked on a rudimentary level so far, but some refinements are needed. The motor Kota Minn 17ib thrust does power the kayak sufficiently enough, but I find myself wishing I'd gone for a used 30ib thrust. And there are now wireless remote kits for trolling motors these days. Secondly, because I have a very light sit-in kayak the back end sags in the water more than I'd like, so I have to increase the boyancy back there and possibly even move the battery up to the very front of the boat. I'm intent on keeping the motor mounted in the back and out of my way when I use it. The Sundolphin Aruba 8 is the only sit in kayak I've seen that can mount a trolling motor (with a special kind of dual vice) in the back without cutting a bunch of holes and creating more fuss. I also need to settle on a way to steer the boat. For now I've extended the steering handle above my head and it works well enough, but is awkward. I've seen some guys use bicycle wire attached to pedal, some use remotes etc. I'm also considering the drill method as a more permanent power source with some electrical refinements. It is actually just as powerful as a trolling motor, if not more. A trip to Harbor Freight could net you a drill and several batteries for less than $60. Each battery powers the boat for 20 min or so at a speed of around 4-5 mph. A full sized trolling motor and battery will power the boat for around 2-3 hours on max speed of a few mph or so. More photos and and video will follow, but here's a couple pics from early on in the project
  14. ☠ Cipher

    Hacking The White's V3i

    I will do that. My intent is actually treasure hunting related. I plan to use it for waterway hunts and magnet fishing.
  15. ☠ Cipher

    Rattlesnakes And Coil Bump Falsing - Nox 800

    It's funny you mention it. My 600 did this a lot. It would do it if I bumped into anything ever so slightly, and it would do it if there were any slight downward pressure on the coil such as if I were to switch arms with the machine standing upright on the ground. My greatest problem with it was that it did it while brushing the ground ever so slightly too, so I had to be sure to keep it up higher during my swing than other machines. It was not as forgiving if it brushed the grass on a low swing, or while investigating deeper signals. I felt that it ought not do that but others said theirs did too and one claimed it was the sensitivity of the machine and coil configuration. I argued that the coil housing is not robust enough and some machines are reflecting it more than others. That I've had other sensitive machines that did not do it to such an extent. Turning the sensitivity down did help, but not until it was down to below 18, usually around 14. In any case, it only behaved this way if I bumped it or put pressure on it, so I let it slide and I guess I learned to adapt to it. Now I've moved up to the 800, and I've noticed that it does not do what the 600 did. Not even close. It is closer to what I've been used to from other "sensitive" machines, so I still wonder whether I was right in my feeling that something was off. I brought it up very early on, on a Facebook page and the keepers of the great obsoletor were guarding the portals, jumping on anyone who dared complain about the collar locks or any other issue.