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  1. That’s a hell of a nice case/visor for your Deus. Where did you get that, if you don’t mind me asking?
  2. I forget what name(s) I even picked. I want to say “Multiplex” haha.
  3. I wondered how those CTX screens started popping up. Now I know. Right on time too. Some of the early models should soon start to experience issues.
  4. I’m glad I posted as I’ve learned a lot more here than I did watching videos. If the two box attachment only has works in all metal mode and disc was that impotent anyway, I’d definitely have to rethink whether this setup holds any particular advantage. I really had no intent on using it as a regular metal detector. If all the above is the case, I’d have to agree that maybe it’s time to retire the 2500 and begin manufacturing the TM-808. I’ll have to keep my eye out for one. They do come up every now and then while I’m scanning everything from eBay to Facebook buy, sell, trade, pages and beyond. Goodwill online used to be a great place to score amazing metal detectors dirt cheap, but too many people caught on and now bid everything up well beyond its value. Every now and then a good deal can be had. There tend to be many older metal detectors as people clean out grand dad’s garage etc. Could one day score an 808 with cave mode.
  5. I really like the setup you have in the back to keep your machines in order. I’m definitely copying that rack.
  6. The only thing I would question from the link I last posted is that the SMF machine would be lighter than the Simplex, which would seem impossible. Simplex weighs 2.9 ibs. To the Simplex housing you’re also adding an external battery in waterproof casing and presumably slightly more electronics. The weight from some of the latest interviews of 3.8-3.9 pounds sounds more feasible. But then maybe it sounded as heavy to them as it does to some of us. I could see them trying to get it down to 3.5, but lighter than Simplex seems out of reach, though I can’t say anything for certain.
  7. Hard to tell how this one will go over. Choosing your own base frequency with complimentary harmonic combo is intriguing, but also kind of what Multi-IQ does from mode to mode with frequency weighting. It looks not to be a waterproof. It also has an old(ish) school rear arm battery pack and looks weighty, which many won’t receive well. Still, I’ve got my eye on it, and I’m interested to see how other get on with it.
  8. We shouldn’t punish Nokta Makro for our own speculation or the speculation of other sites. They’ve only said “the countdown has begun,” and set by the end of the year as their launch goal. It did make Detectival more interesting to watch thinking there was a chance, but they never promised that. There’s still plenty to be excited about. It seems like in some ways Nokta Makro has already surpassed American companies. It seems that way when we look at the capability and quality of their VLF hobby machines. Nobody thought it was possible for anyone to eek out any more depth with these kinds of machines than the T2 and F75 has, yet the Anfibio did manage to improve on it. If we asked First Texas to waterproof their line from top to bottom they’d spit their coffee before we finished our sentence. NM has a little ways to go in some areas, and more in others, but when it comes to hobby flagship if I had to choose between an Anfibio, F75 LTD, or an AT Max, without hesitation I’d have to pick the Anfibio. I might even pick the Simplex. These are things I hate to admit, but I have to.
  9. The sentiment that this location is a disappointment being echoed by just about anyone of note. Many describing it as “empty fields.” This area is rich in Roman and medieval history. It looks very promising on lidar and supposedly has not been disturbed to anyone’s knowledge. However, the lucrative finds in UK has been a great motivator to what they call “night hawkers.” I’d have to agree that it is very possible this site may have been picked over in some unauthorized capacity based on everything I’ve seen and know about the site beforehand. A lot went into ensuring this site would be an otherwise productive one. But that can also never be guaranteed, and night hawkers are a very sore subject in the UK. Anything loosely connected with it and seemingly innocuous here can lead down the rabbit hole of suspicion and resentment there, from camouflage gear to flashlight holders even to Simplex due to its ability to vibrate quietly and light up the ground. It’s been called “a night hawkers dream” by some. Anyone who has spent any time in a UK forum has come across the term many times over and seen how widespread a concern it has become as it threatens to destroy the hobby on many levels.
  10. Despite the promising historical location nothing of note by UK standards has been recovered. No hoards etc. Of course that’s by UK standards. Any of us in the US would be thrilled to find what they take for granted. Still, this has been an awfully uneventful Detectival by Detectival standards. I do like the sounds of the new Rutus and it may quite well end up in my hands. Sooner or later the features it boasts should become industry standards for the high end. Why they haven’t already is beyond me.
  11. Nokta Makro gave away a multifrequency detector “when it’s released. It will be out before the end of the year. Keep your eye on social media.”
  12. I see why there’s such a dearth of live feeds. All the people who usually live stream are now working for the companies in their tents. I’m having to watch live feeds in other languages. Thankfully the interviews are in English
  13. Minelab personnel has been asked if they will be releasing anything this weekend. They said it “top Secret” and can’t say one way or another. XP was then asked. They said no, not this weekend. Just a new $50 thinner and lighter backpack. The second representative then looked over at the big Minelab display and said “when we have an announcement we’ll quietly post it on Facebook or our YouTube channel. There’s an old saying that ‘those who shout the loudest have the least to say.’” While this was clever and well placed, you only have to look around to see what the Equinox has done to XP marketshare in the UK where Deus used to be nearly ubiquitous. It is now a split market, half holding an equinox, half holding an XP.
  14. New Rutus details from 7:00-12:00. Updates via WiFi over computer or phone. Color screen. Dual frequency. You pick the base frequency and the machine picks a complimentary harmonic. Will have a color signagraph. Will have all the functionality of the Alter 71 and more. I like the sound of this one. This could be a breakthrough product for them.
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