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  1. At some point it would seem Garrett would have to figure out whether or how long to keep the Whites name alive. Steve is right about the awkward sounding double brand should they go that route. In some ways it’s a difficult decision. If it were me I’d want to keep the name alive separately out of sentimentality, but how do you do that when your main brand is Garrett, and Whites clearly has some superior products in many opinions. Whites cannot be a Cadillac brand in Garrett’s own house. Yet, you have the bullseye TRX with an inch and a half range over the Carrot (marketing genius kept it
  2. For a while I regretted selling my Fisher F-75 LTD, but it was more for sentimental reasons than performance. I’m very happy with my current lineup. V3i, Nox 800, CTX-3030 and soon to add a Simplex just to have a dedicated single frequency machine to mess around with. Note that even now I won’t look back at the F-75, and I’m choosing to go with a $254 machine over it.
  3. I might be speaking out of my bum here, so please do correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the understanding I have of coils like Minelab’s Equinox 12” x 15” coil, and Minelab’s CTX-3030 13” x 17” coil as well as other tapered coils in general. We shouldn’t expect much in the way of depth increase because in reality the 12” x 15” is really just a 15” long 12” coil, and the 13” x 17” is really just a 17” long 13” coil. Where we see increased performance with such coils would be in ground coverage. Indeed that’s the performance characteristics I’ve noted with such coils. Very little depth increas
  4. I’m surprised at the tolerance Amazon has for this. I was about to finish up my order which would’ve included “10,000 mAh batteries” had you not commented on it. I’m also lucky I didn’t notice this last time I ordered the 3,000 mAh. You saved me some unnecessary and misplaced expense
  5. Thank you for raising a red flag on that. It would appear that when the batteries are sold in sets of 4 for example they are multiplying 2,500 mAh by 4 and misleadingly labeling them 10,000 mah. Comment edited so I don’t contribute to the problem
  6. A week or so ago I had ordered a 3D printed battery pack for whites machines, obviously including my V3i. It uses 3 of the large lithium rechargeable 18650 batteries. I received it already even though it was shipped from Ukraine. It has a rugged, premium feel to it. This is my first 3D printed anything, and the quality surprised me. Definitely not a flimsy piece of kit. It fits in my V3i perfectly. Right now I’m using 2,500 to 3,000. I’ll let you know how these hold up and how higher MAH versions hold up once they arrive. I’m pretty excited about these in comparison to competing packs that top
  7. How to make a Detector Prospector app on an iPhone. 1. Go to the website using Safari. 2. Hit the forward icon (arrow and box symbol) at bottom of screen 3. Scroll down until you see “add to Home Screen” 4. Select “add to Home Screen” Thats it. Safari will make you an app icon to tap right from the Home Screen like any other app. This just makes it more convenient. This will work for any website by the way. You can add things KellyCo, Minelab etc. any website not found in App Store. One last tip. Be sure you are on the page of the website you want to start from b
  8. There’s a guy who makes holders for rechargeable lithium 18650 batteries. I have tons of them from my stepdaughters vaping phase and tearing down laptop battery cases, which contain 6-8 18650s in series. Or obviously you could just order 3 brand new, which I’ve also done. In any event I’ll be patiently waiting to receive the holder. I’ll let you guys know how that goes when it arrives from Ukraine if I’m not mistaken. So far anyone who has bought one was singing its praises, particularly how long the charge lasts. I thought about the RNB rechargeable lithium battery case for whites machines bu
  9. And I honestly expect the price to go up even further absent any guidance from Garrett about a future for the TRX.
  10. If this observation represents a move away from dealers and ramping up big box stock, it might be a smart move to free up some capital, but I don’t like it as a long term solution. My own experience has been that big box store employees know the least about the metal detectors compared with the rest of their sporting goods, but they do know that what sells and what doesn’t given some time on the shelves. Sales can’t be what they once were, or if they are, it’s hard to see that trend continuing as competition has really ramped up both in terms of performance and price. Fisher especially needs t
  11. I find myself using the Equinox 800 more than anything, but very often it’s more out of anxiety over the future of the V3i and maintenance of a machine like the CTX, should it need any. I’m keeping the miles on the latter two as low as possible. Once I’m comfortable that I have enough parts to keep the V3i alive I’ll give it hell again. Still my favorite model. I do enjoy the CTX-3030 w/13”x17” coil over large fields. It’s just a really fun machine to run and learn. Now with the Bullseye TRX being in such demand with no apparent supply, I might have to ease off it for a while too, and use the
  12. I’m amazed at how fast these pinpointers have sold out everywhere. Tells you a lot. I still think it’s the best pinpointer ever made. I hope Garrett will pick up where whites left off and improve it even more. I doubt much more depth than it already pushes is possible, but a Z-link or some form of wireless version would be nice. Meantime I plan to track down a spare and some shells etc to keep them alive as long as possible. Same with the V3i.
  13. This beauty here. Converts from a pinpointer to a handheld pulse induction diver with either a 5.5" coil or 8" coil. The loop conversion is optional. You could buy just the pinpointer for around $100 and the option to purchase the loop separately is always there.
  14. Well, I took the plunge and bought my first Nokta-Makro product. I went to my nearest dealer and he had one left. Just the base pinpointer without coil. This actually worked out better for me because I was primarily interested in the 8" coil and didn't want to have to purchase the 5.5" which I doubt I'll ever use. So I paid just $99 for the base unit and he ordered me a coil for $84. This way I pay $183 and get the coil I want, rather than $160 and $84 = $244. Doing it this way, you would not get the nifty carry case however. You'd have to order that separate if you want it. In a few days when
  15. Better get those TRXs while you can. They really are that good. The F-Pulse and Tek-Point are really it's only competition for what it does. I'm going to put at least 1 additional unit away along with a couple shells. Keep your eyes out for any of Whites famous Garage sales as well. As an aside, I could see a company like Garrett being interested in some of what Whites leaves behind. This seems to have been in the works of months if you think back. Garrett has the will to survive. They've shown that. I now find myself more worried about FT in the hobby arena anyway. Maybe there is no mon
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