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  1. I would like to see what any of you have created as far as displaying your metal detectors at home. I'm looking for creative ideas to make a home display myself. I'm entertaining many ideas from open to closed displays, even using Curio cabinets. To be clear, I'm looking for ways to display machines primarily, which could be mixed with finds as well.
  2. I'm in this same boat. I really don't need another machine of the type Simplex is, but the price and build, vibration, built in flashlight etc is proving too tempting. I too would like to have the PulseDive and to be able to use it with the headphones. A nice ecosystem is developing and the Simplex is an inexpensive yet effective and competent foot in. It's like Apple Vs. Android, or Mac vs. Windows vs Linux etc. Ive always thought, why not both or why not all. I admire innovation in all its flavors. I appreciate the technology as much as what it does. Can't get enough of it. It's the same illness that causes me to have Apple TV in one room, Roku in another, Android TV in another, and firestick in yet another. By the way Chase, it looks like those glasses are coming from Apple soon.
  3. Underwater units are a whole different ball game. If we are processing the design of underwater units through the lens of land ergonomics it's hard to make sense of them. Straight shafts make perfect sense where you want to have your body and your machine parallel to the sea or lake floor and also create as little drag as possible when swinging side to side. With machines like aquanaut and CZ20-21 weight is much less of an issue due to buoyancy. The aquanaut was pretty comfortable to use underwater for me. Initially I thought I'd like it under the cuff so I bought the adapter (3rd party I believe, but does exist). For whatever reason I couldn't get comfortable with it. I couldn't make adjustments comfortably, wasn't as parallel as I'd like, and I couldn't see the LED. I was also afraid to scrape the housing up or damage it under my arm. For an under the arm mount to work better for me it would require an S shaft (with unit mounted just below the hand grip) which I do prefer on land but don't care for underwater.
  4. I agree that VLF has really just about reached its peak in terms of what it can offer us, but when it comes to how the information is conveyed to us, and even machine learning, interaction between the host machine and pinpointer or peripherals we are not even scratching the surface of what could be done via wireless data transfer, glasses, applications, and more. The first company to exploit these methods, enhancing the user experience in this way, is going to advance this hobby into the 21st century. Most of the technology platforms to create this exists. It's now about who will have the vision to forge partnerships to implement them.
  5. I love the idea of peripherals and add ons. That kind of innovation could really revolutionize how we detect. As a gadget geek I'd be clamoring for that stuff
  6. I really like your idea Chase. This would actually be pretty smart and beneficial to all. Manufacturers could use the same shell and hardware from low end to high end and users can start where they can afford software wise. As you progress and as your budget allows you could buy upgrade packages downloadable over the internet. Start with something like the Simplex and as that feature set is mastered maybe some people would want extra single frequencies, or control over reactivity, or what have you. Those who never would've been able to afford a $700-$1,500 machine could invest in their base machine over time via software packages. It would even be nice to see companies making use of integrated cell phone apps to add features like a crude imaging program, spectrograph etc. Things you can only do with color. I think NM is talented and driven enough to pull that off.
  7. If depth is what you're after you can't do better than the F-Pulse and Tek-Point. The only one that is on point or close is the TRX, which is my other pinpointer.
  8. For me, that was basically the primary reason. I needed a water machine. Didn't want to take my V3i anywhere near water. If I had to choose only one machine, it would still be the V3i with that 13" Detech. But I couldn't ignore the Equinox and all it offers for the price. Same reason I likely won't be able to ignore the Simplex. Nice backup all terrain from all we are hearing from respected names in the hobby.
  9. Whites gives away vintage magazines once in a while on Mondays on their Facebook page but I don't know if you're looking to go back that far. They give away lots of cool stuff actually, if they like your comment. So far they've given me several vintage mags, a copper Roman coin, an Indian head cent, a bumper sticker, and little round Whites speaker cover stickers. All in the span of less than a year.
  10. How to access the new iron bias settings: 1. Access recovery speed in settings. 2. Long press settings button. 3. Release once FE is displayed. 4. Quick press accept/reject button and F2 will be displayed. (Quick press accept/reject to exit F2 to FE.)
  11. If your MUU says you're up to date at 1.7.5, follow this link to update your MUU. 2.0 will be able to be installed from the links provided on this page. https://www.minelab.com/usa/equinox-software-update-2-0
  12. https://www.minelab.com/metal-detectors/equinox-800 https://www.minelab.com/usa/metal-detectors/equinox-600 Click downloads, then software deals with bottle caps, nails etc by adding a new category to iron bias (F2) in addition to FE also corrects backlight issues with Nox 600
  13. I have the V3i and the Equinox 800. I have not found the Equinox to be a replacement for the V3i even after being well acquainted with it by now. Equinox is faster, and stock coil to stock coil, a bit deeper than V3i in multi operation. Equinox can also get wet. So I see it as more of a complement to a V3i. Nothing aside from a CTX provides the kind of graphic target info and disc tools a V3i does. I still prefer it for most inland hunting particualrly with the 13" detech. I have also found that what it lacks in ordinary separation methods it makes up for in 3 frequency pinpoint. Where the bars shift it is easy to tell where one object ends and an adjacent target begins. I do strongly recommend an Equinox 800 to anyone with a V3i though. What a deadly duo. Never been happier or more productive than with this combo.
  14. There are signs that Whites is in trouble. For one, they've pulled back support of forums and rallies. It has been said that it's been more beneficial to concentrate on free social media platforms, and you do see them interacting on their Facebook page. Still, pulling back from all forums is a mistake and is either a sign of financial trouble or poor judgment. For another, you only have to look at the last several releases to get the sense that the same stubborn attitude toward integrating technology into their machines persists to this day. The lack of wireless, lithium ion, at home updates just for starters. The lack of any specificity of what they have in store for the near future has been disheartening. This is a mistake all US manufacturers seem to be making at the moment. When you're notably lagging behind competitors and have a loyal base of users waiting for you to make a showing, you owe it to them to keep them in some kind of a loop. The excuse that they don't want to give too much away to the competition is thin and wearing thinner when release after release the competition is outstripping them anyway. In this industry, with the limitations imposed by physics, when you're talking about companies like Whites, FTP, etc., you're not going to be entertaining anything the leading guys are not also entertaining. You're not going to be working on anything the leading guys are not also working on. To the extent that a product launch is imminent, throwing the user base a bone or two can be helpful and encouraging. Any anti-espionage benefit to radio silence is outweighed by the demoralization of users who are watching thier beloved companies get spanked time and again despite this curious strategy. It would be different if everything were kept under wraps and then out of nowhere comes this kick ass top of the line new flagship. That's not happening though. Users are left sitting in the dark, trying to be loyal, and watching others run away with all the advances while not being given the time of day by the company they love. It doesn't take a relationship specialist to tell you where this is headed. Users are going to cheat. I still love my V3i, and using it to this day, but I'm also seeing the Equinox on the side. Won't be long and I'll also be looking at a Pulsedive. A Mini-Horde could be in the cards for my kid as it seems to address a lot of the problems I see with kids machines. Either too heavy or no arm support and can't get wet.
  15. I think that too often U.S. companies exploit patriotism, and they've gotten away with it to a large extent. There is also the reality that there are soils where any advantages of muli or selectable is very minimal to non-existent. A machine like the F-75 is a persistent thorn in the side of those who place more emphasis on the technology itself rather than what it does. There are many circumstances where it does better than a CTX-3030, for example. Enter the Equinox, and now the arguments for an F75 become all the more limited because the Equinox balanced the FBS bias toward silver and against small gold, while negating complaints that FBS was too slow to perform in dense iron. These are complaints that drove people away from FBS to an F75 or T2. The depth difference in mild soils was more pronounced between the F75 and FBS machines. In ideal conditions the F75 and T2 represented the pinnacle of VLF depth. It has been more within the last several years that it has been obvious First Texas and others have hit a brick wall. The Equinox demands a response from the industry in a way that the Deus and CTX-3030 didn't. For all their glory those machines didn't do too much to hamper the success of the AT lineup in the United States. Now you see those machines being sold left and right. And not so oddly, at the same time as you're seeing more F75s and AT Pros up for sale, Im seeing an increase in interest or a kind of second look at the Spectra series on the second hand market. It's the kind of sweet spot I find myself in. I'm extremely happy with my V3i and Equinox duo. I know that if I didn't have a V3i I would still have an E-trac or a CTX-3030. There's a complimentary relationship there that cannot be denied. In mild to moderate soil I've found no particular advantage in using FBS over Spectra. When the conditions become more severe the Equinox picks up where Spectra leaves off. I find that a V3i and Equinox pairing maintains sensitivity to small gold and micro jewelry. Whites overestimated the number of people who would be interested in a very technical platform. They weren't wrong about the advantages we could gain from it if we were. As younger, more tech oriented people enter into the hobby the V3i is getting another look not only as a compliment to the Equinox, but as an either or. Whites ate itself by not developing the platform further, for inhibiting and second guessing its talent. A lot of their patents were sold off to make XP products, which could've been their success. The Mi6 was made with an abandoned whites patent which was supposed to be for the TRX. I still believe that if any US company has the talent to get back into the upper echelons of the industry it is First Texas. What we see Whites doing is rebuilding their brand from the bottom up and probably because that's where their talents are at right now. First Texas has done that already and their guys know quite a bit about the technology they need to put out there, although they did waste more time than they should've denying that waterproofing was important. Garrett I think will fade into either obscurity or specialty markets without a complete change in paradigm about multi and single selectable.
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