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  1. Mike Buck

    Equinox Too Noisy?

    While I'm sweeping Mark. It's silent until I start swinging. Seems like it's 70% chatter and 30% signals if I had to guess. I can definitely tell when I'm over a good signal but it's just very noisy otherwise. I'm in Ohio and we just got some snow last evening. I still might try to get a video and out it up on here to show how hot it seems to be running. Thanks.
  2. Mike Buck

    Equinox Too Noisy?

    Really appreciate the responses guys. A lot of good feedback and info. I'll have to see if I can get a better noise cancel next time and maybe try switching through the single frequencies to see if that calms the chatter. It is a very hot detector but I've picked up 3 flat buttons and 4 wheats in the past 3 days in a yard I've pounded to death. I'm learning the language of the detector. This is my first VLF machine and I still couldn't be happier. I'm just glad to see that others have been noticing the same as me. Thanks!
  3. Mike Buck

    Equinox Too Noisy?

    Hey all. So I've had my 600 for a few days now and have gotten out 3 times. I've made some great finds so far in my yard which I previously hunted numerous times. I've noticed that this machine is very noisy and chatters a lot. The machines I've used before were a lot older Whites machines and were nowhere near this noisy. I noise cancelled my machine, have the tracking ground balance on and even turned the sensitivity down to about 15 and this thing is very chattery still. I was mainly searching in Park 1 mode but switched to some other modes to see if it was the same... and it was. When I get over a good target, I know it. It's just very noisy otherwise. Not sure if this is something I just need to get used to or if I'm just doing something wrong. Does anyone else have any input with how noisy their machine has been or what they have been seeing/hearing? Thanks guys!
  4. Mike Buck

    Second Time Out With The 600

    Thanks Ted. Not yet, I just went with the Park 1 today to get used to it first... after I get a little more comfortable I will be changing modes. Hopefully I can get to a field soon and try out the field mode.
  5. Mike Buck

    Second Time Out With The 600

    I was getting a lower tone right next to the wheat and there were a bunch of scratchy tones near it.... the wheat was just a little squeak in the mess of junk.... I think the only reason I pulled it was because of the recovery speed. It was the most interesting target I had all day and gave me an idea of how this thing can separate targets and pull them out of the junk.
  6. Well I was able to search my yard for a few hours today and really give it a good go today to see what my older machines were missing. I was VERY impressed with how the 600 performed in a yard that I have pounded many times. I started off with a very small flat button about 8 inches deep. Was a great signal and registered 14-15. I ended up getting 4 wheats in places I KNOW I have been over numerous times with my other detectors, some were deep and some were right next to trash but the recovery speed directly helped me get one of these between two pieces of iron. I was pulling out some very deep signals. And was very impressed. I was in Park 1 mode in 5 tone in multi. I'm finding out my yard is either much more trashy than I originally thought or the equinox is a little noisy. I'm assuming it's the trash. I had to turn the sensitivity down to about 17 to keep it somewhat stable. It still rang loud and clear for those great signals though! Need to try and mess with the settings some. It honestly feels like I'm searching a brand new yard with all the signals that opened up. I'll have a lot more exploring to do and hopefully I can squeak out some silver soon! So far so good though! Thanks guys!
  7. Mike Buck

    First Find With The 600

    Daryl, I will be using it and can do my best to tell you how it performs. I have never used a VLF detector before so this is my first one. Like I said I probably only got about 10 minutes to swing yesterday but plan on giving it a good run through here soon. For my experience level, the 600 is all I need. Like Steve said, it's basically the same machine under the hood. If your a more experienced hunter and have had some nicer machines, the 800 may want to be your choice with some of the customizable features, but for me, the 600 will serve me well. Thanks!
  8. Hey all, received my 600 today and had just a few minutes to play with it before having other things to attend to. Searched my yard where I have pounded with my older Whites detectors and got a solid 21-22 signal in Park 1 mode. Out popped this button! Got it ID'd as a Golden Age Button dating from 1834-1843. Needless to say for my very first and only hole for the day I was very happy. Will hopefully get a chance to get out tomorrow and mess around some more and see what else I missed!
  9. Hello all, My dealer is shipping out my 600 I purchased tomorrow and I will have mine by the end of the week. I know it's not the 800 as most of you have ordered but still would like to know what videos/tests you are most looking forward to. I've seen some nice ones so far but wanted to get some input on what people want or haven't seen yet. Thanks!
  10. Chase, No worries! I think we have all been pretty excited for this machine and this forum has been a great resource to help clarify all the information that is floating around out there! HH - Mike
  11. I called a dealer last week and they said they had 50+ pre orders for the 800 but only 4-5 for the 600. I feel like the availability of the 600 will be better depending on how many units dealers are getting. I've detected on and off for about 15 years and have only used entry level machines (Whites Classic ID and Whites Prizm V). I'm finally looking to upgrade and I think the 600 will fit the bill just fine. Seems like it will have all the bells and whistles I will need for now. I've never had a machine with a VDI readout, but look forward to learning this machine. Maybe if I really get back into the hobby all the extra features of the 800 will spark an interest, but for the amount of experience I have and type of hunting I do (coin-shooting and relic), the 600 will keep me busy without a big dent in the wallet. Just depends on the persons experience and what type of detecting they do.
  12. Chase, You have me wondering now, but the Multi IQ diagram taken from Minelab's site seems to imply my statement earlier that the 20 and 40 just aren't available as single frequency options on the 600, but will run in the multi frequency for it. Steve - Can you clarify for us? I would like to get purchase the 600, but if it won't run the 20 and 40 in multi, that may change my mind. Thanks!!!
  13. Chase, I'm pretty sure the 600 will be able to run 20 and 40 khz in multi - you just can't run them as individual frequencies like you can on the 800. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure this is what I've been understanding from a few threads posted on here. Thanks - Mike.
  14. Mike Buck

    Looking To Order An Equinox

    Thanks guys! I haven't bought a detector in about 10 years. They were all pretty basic as well (Whites Classic ID and Whites Prizm V). This would be my first purchase of one in this price range so I'm a bit lost on how to proceed. Seems like finding a few dealers and picking up the phone may be my best option. Thanks for the help! M Mike
  15. Hello all! Christmas has come and gone and now I have a bit of money put aside to go ahead an order one. It's been years since I've ordered a detector and ones that I've bought prior have all been machines that I could purchase instantly. Are there any recommendations on who I could, or who has a good reputation to order from? I know they aren't shipping until late January so if I place an order now who knows when I'll get one. I tried finding a dealer near me but there is only one about 2 hours from my current location. I've heard of Kellyco but am hesitant to order from them seeing how long it took some users to get their AT Max. I'm hoping to squeak in somewhere with a dealer who may have some extras coming in on their first batch - long shot I know. Nonetheless just looking to be pointed in the right direction! Thanks everyone!